Why War Envelops the US Homeland?


By Sajjad Shaukat

On November 5, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great), opened fire on his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, in a US military base, killing 13 and injuring more than 24 persons. After fourteen hours, two people were killed and six were hurt in the second mass shooting in the United States in Orlando, Florida. But the deadliest incident especially at the US military base is shocking for every person, belonging to any religion.

Major Hasan was an educated American national who was brought up in the modern civilization. One of his cousins said that after 9/11 attacks, Hasan, a Muslim, complained of being harassed by some service members for his religion, and wanted a discharge. While a co-worker told that he had also expressed anger about the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and apparently did not want to be deployed to Afghanistan. Hasan spoke of the need for Muslims to “stand up and fight against the aggressor,” and the US.


However, this mayhem made it clear as to why the American war on terror has enveloped the US homeland. It needs an appropriate analysis so that American policy makers could change their ill-conceived policies, grasping reality.
Notably, in the US, Jews who control the media and every successive administration owing to their strong financial position influece the internal and external policies of the country. They were already in collusion with the Indians to exploit American strategy against the Islamic World, whilethe September 11 tragedy had provided them with a golden oppurtunity to manipulate the same against the Muslims in order to fulfill their collective designs against Pakistan, Palestine and Iran.
It was due to the manipulation of the Indo-Israeli nexus that just immediately after the September 11 events, the US media and the government became one, and launched an anti-Muslim campaign pointing to an obvious connection between those horrendous acts and the Islamic radicals. Afterwards, some investigation by an independent organization had proved that Jews were behind the incident as majority of them were on leave before the catastrophe.
However, posters of the most wanted terrorists regarding the 9/11 were Arabic in appearance and all had Muslim names. There had been an organized campaign against the Muslims in the United States. Its main themes were that Islam and the Muslims were the true cause of terrorism. American TV channels packed with horrendously unattractive and bloody-minded Arab terrorists. Even the US government failed to note that the whole of Muslim community could not be held responsible for the acts of a few. Nevertheless, Indian and Israeli atrocities on the Kashmiris and Palestinians were brushed aside both by the US Administration and the media.
Anti-Muslim campaign of the US media could also be judged from an article, titled: ‘Their Target: The Modern World’, published in the special issue of American weekly, ‘Newsweek’ in which Prof. Francis Fukuyama (The author of ‘The End of History and the Last Man’) wrote, “The real enemy: radical Islamists intolerant of all diversity and dissent, have become fascists of our day and that is what we are fighting against.”
Chauvinism and extremism in Americans resulted into retaliatory attacks on Islamic centers and the Muslims in various areas. All of a sudden, everyone with the Islamic faith found himself divested of his nationality, American or otherwise, and all that mattered was his faith, his origin, his name and his attire.
Impressed by the Indo-Israeli lobbies, Bush used the sentence, ‘crusade against the evil-doers’, adding to the perception that the war against terrorism is actually a war against Islam.
Moreover, arrests, detentions and harassment of the Muslims by the CIA and the FBI were other steps in that regard that still continue.
Nonetheless, American unity was being projected with such force as to allow very little questioning of US policy, which in many ways headed towards a series of unexpected events in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.
The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Kuala Lumpur in May 2002 had condemned the perceived link between the Muslim world and international terrorism. Afterwards US anti-Muslim policies were denounced by many leaders and statesmen of the Islamic states.
A report of the University of Michigan, released on July 29, 2004 based on a survey and thorough research said that the Muslims have experienced harassment or intimidation since 9/11. Derogatory remarks such as “go back where you come from” or “are you member of Al- Qaeda?” were common form of abuse. Some complained of job discrimination and some reported physical abuse in the US.
Despite all the attempts of the Bush Administration to show that its battle was not against Islam, but in practice he has been making it all about Islam.
According to the Muslim advocacy group, Muslims are worried about the situation in the US. It stated, “What they confront in the American society is byproduct of the Bush administration’s policies.”
Now, persecution of the Muslims under the pretext of American anti-terrorism legislation, intolerance of Islam and refusal of visas on racial bias show their official policy.
As regards the shooting at the Fort Hood, himself a psychiatrist, Major Hasan crossed the stage of fear and entered that of the fearlessness because since 9/11, like other Muslims, every day, he had been seeing that occupying forces are killing massive people in Afghanistan and Iraq. India and Israel have also been doing the same in the controlled territories of Kashmir and Palestine. Muslims in these areas have been watching the terrible inferno, being conducted by the alien forces equipped with latest weaponry. This scenario which has been radicalising the Muslims there, also started radicalising the American Muslims.
Secret agencies of India and Israel, RAW and Mossad which have established their tentacles in Afghanistan have intensified their campaign of manipulating US war against terrorism, and are regularly sending highly motivated militants in Pakistan because a ‘nuclearized’ Islamic country irks their eyes. Besides, with the cooperation of Indo-Israeli lobbies, these agencies still continue to exploit anti-Muslim propaganda of the US-led west to fulfill their collective designs against Pakistan, Palestine and Iran. In this respect, they want to entrap America in Afghanistan through their secret diplomacy.
Meanwhile, the incident at the US military base indicates a number of alarming dimensions.
In this regard, most dangerous aspect is that the American nuclear weapons have become unsafe, while the US high officials have so far been suspecting the safety of Pakistan’s atomic weapons which are, in fact, under tight security. The terror-event inside America has also allayed western mis-percieved propaganda that a plot could be prepared in Pakistan’s tribal areas to target European countries and the US.  
It is mentionable that in his special address to the Islamic World on June 4 this year, US President Barrack Obama had called for a “new beginning between the United States and Muslims by stating that tension “has been fed by colonialism that denied rights to many Muslims…without regard to their aspirations”.
No doubt, President Obama wants to improve the American image in the Muslim world by settling the disputes of Kashmir and Palestine, but he seems helpless before strong Indo-Israeli lobbies. It is due to these lobbies that Obama looks to implement the previous strategy of his predecessor.
Finally, deducing a lesson from ground realties like defeatism in Afghanistan; rising cost of war, financial crisis, and especially from this terrible-happening, America must withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. It must also resolve the issue of Kashmir and Palestine including Iranian nuclear problem positively. Otherwise, if he continued old anti-Muslim policies, he must know that war on terror has now enveloped the US homeland.

Sajjad Shaukat is a regular writer for Opinion Maker. He writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations



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