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After graduating from college, I joined Pakistan Army and was commissioned in a Tank Regiment.   I am a veteran of the Indo-Pakistan war. After leaving the Army, I joined IT as a profession. I was hired by Kuwait Air Force And Air Defence as an Adviser to computerize its entire operation.   Here I was the Chief Coordinator of the Project, Kuwait Automated Support System (KASS).   It was a state-of-the-art leading-edge technology where we established over 500 online terminals network with dedicated voice and data communications. It had Satellite linkups to connect with other systems and track the inventory movement for KAF & AD.   On this project, I was coordinating with the US Navy, IBM World, AT&T, and Martin Marietta for the development, deployment, and operation of the KASS.  Writing has always been a passion for me, been writing for 25 years for various newspapers and periodicals. Now for the last four years, I have formed my virtual Think Tank, Opinion Maker.  Here we have some renowned writers from Pakistan and abroad who contribute regularly that's helping the world opinion in some way.  I am a keen golfer may not be a good one but play on a daily basis. I am also fond of using the camera to picture nature and people.


Containers on wheels where these end up only time would tell.

India Building War Hysteria

For the past few days, Indian media and the parliament are going full blast to build a war hype against Pakistan for five of their soldiers got killed.

Pakistan’s JF 17, A Jewel in the Sky

The JF-17s left for Zhuhai with a pride, braving some of the harshest climatic conditions en-route. The aircraft flew more than 5500 Kilometers high over the snow-covered mighty and majestic Himalayas, Thunders landed at Zhuhai, China with two refueling stops on the Chinese Bases.

Pakistan: Attack on PAF Kamra

Pakistan Air Force Base at Kamra was attacked in the very early morning hours today.

Indo-Pak Terrorism Interpretation

The report recommended that Pakistan’s growing international isolation clearly indicates the increasing pressure upon it to act against terrorist groups which it considers as ‘strategic assets’.

Why Should America Burn?

A question that every American must ask that why America should burn for Israel.

Pakistan Navy: Ready To Face Challenges

Whenever any country acquires some ambitious role, be its own or playing proxy to some bigger power like the USA; it changes the dynamics of the region.

Bonn Conference: The Bone Of Contention

The role of all such conferences used to be deepening and boarding of support for a consensus on a view point so that when it comes to practical implementation stage a whole hearted participation is guaranteed.

Pakistan US Relations: New Paradigms

I was on CNBC News on Saturday in their Reporter’s Diary. The current situation and recent developments were analyzed in detail. Here I would say with complete satisfaction that over the past few years what I have been professing; now the entire focus is gravitating in that direction.

Raja Mujtaba on Jeff Rense Radio

9/11 has changed the course of the world; prior to 9/11, the world was much more peaceful and livable. The Zionists over a period of time have not only penetrated the American policy making and decision making hierarchy at every level but have become much more vocal and visible in and around White House.

Prepare For Armageddon

Most frightening of everything in this FSB report, however, is the reply Putin gave to Russia’s top generals yesterday when asked what preparations should be made and he answered…. “Prepare for Armageddon.”

Balochistan: The Backbone of Pakistan – PTV Talk Show

“If Kashmir Is The jugular Vein of Pakistan, then Balochistan is the Backbone of Pakistan.”

Pakistan: Strategic Battlefield

The statement of US Senator John McCain despite existing tense relationship reflects the version of most of the world leaders he said ‘I think it is very clear — it is clear at some level there is a relationship there…. So, our options are very limited. But we try to assist them — the other options are not really viable. For a ten year period we cut off relations with Pakistan, things got worse. And so to do that obviously would not be the answer’.

Post 9/11 Macavity

In India Former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police S M Mushrif wrote in “Who Killed Karkare-The Real Face of Terrorism in India” that all the reports that were available to him suggest that the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) was aware of the attack at least five days in advance.

Pakistan: De-Radicalization of Society

A three day seminar conducted by Pakistan Army at Swat. "The fundamental responsibility of a Muslim ruler is to create conditions conducive enough whereby the people can lead their lives according to 'Sirate Mustaqeem' (straight path)."

Common Sense on Afghanistan: Raja Mujtaba Talks on the War

The US blames Pakistan for not doing enough it simply sounds ridiculous and insulting. Pakistan has suffered much more casualties in human lives and virtually a complete collapse of economy due to this war.

America’s War on Pakistan in High Gear

Right from onset, this war had some deep hidden motives to encircle and destroy the Muslim world. After 9/11, George Bush in his State of the Union Address declared that it’s a crusade.

Afghan Terror Squads Hit Pakistan

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and some high officials have indicated that Pakistan’s “failure to stop insurgents from Pakistani side of the border” have resulted in a 40% rise in the militant attacks in east Afghanistan

Caution Pakistani Black Hole Ahead

Thanks to operation ‘Geronimo’, Pakistani leadership no longer enjoys blanket trust of the public in the context of handling this war. Mullen’s utterances triggered a nation-wide protest against any (mis)adventure in North Waziristan.

Pak-US Relations At a Critical Point

Guarantee for safe exit and lasting peace is possible only if the invaders and the aggressors such as, Russia, America, European Union, India and Pakistan, agree to pay the War Damages and find a place in the hearts of the Afghans, through massive reconstruction and rehabilitation works.

Fact File: Operations In Pakistan

The complicated US/PAK relationship moves on a thin rope of mistrust but both know that loosing each other close to exit timings from Afghanistan can cost them and this region heavily.

A Message from Veterans Of Pakistan Defence Services

On May 30, 2011 America celebrated Memorial Day to honor the men and women who laid down their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces. On that day, tributes were also paid to more than 1,400 soldiers, who died in combat in Afghanistan

Muslim Unity: A Basic Need For Peace

The unity of Muslims the world over is the need of the hour, not for any aggressive design but for own survival, salvation, growth and development. Only unity can bring them the glory that the world of Islam once enjoyed. There will then be a third -world bloc (of the Muslim countries) in this emerging multipolar world that would be powerful enough to stand the rigours and the pressures of Zionist dominated capitalistic bloc or any other power that has expansionists designs. This unity has to move beyond mere lip service but translated in concrete terms.

Afghan Stalemate

Last week Admiral Michael Mullen made rather blunt remarks in Islamabad that ISI’s continued links with the Haqqani network were at the core of Pakistan’s problematic relations with the United States.

India Accepts Pakistan Air Force is a Leading Force

“The Pakistan Air Force is stronger than ever. Since the last Indo-Pak air war of 1971, the Pakistan Air Force has with steely determination built up numbers, lethal capabilities and a combat force now counted as one of the most disciplined and well-trained air forces in the world. Headlines Today has a disturbing proof that all this has made India worried.” India Today 20th April 2011

Who Is Attacking Balochistan?

By Hamid Waheed Covert operations under media support have emerged as one of most powerful tool to psychologically defeat a community and force...

Libya’s Open Ended Fiasco

President Obama made a televised address from the National Defence University in Washington to explain why he took action against the forces of the Qaddafi regime that had begun attacking civilians for protesting against the regime.

Jihad and Terrorism

Its tragic that West has mutilated the meaning of Jihad and associated it with terrorism, so have they labeled the freedom movements in Kashmir, Gaza or any other struggle by the Muslims. The basic force behind all this is the Zionist agenda supported by the Neo-Cons for obvious ulterior motives. But a greater tragedy is that the Muslim scholars have not made any committed effort to educate the people not only in the West but in their home countries too.

The Main Aim Behind Davis’ Murderous Act

The murders committed by Raymond Davis on 27 January 2011 in Lahore were a pre-planned task. The killer was acting according to its script. The main aim, to be achieved through the ruthless killings, is highly sinister and is a part of the wider US design against Pakistan. It is a dire warning to the country’s policymakers.

Ugly American at Heart of US Pakistan Dysfunctional Relationship

Contemporary world has witnessed new heights of coercive diplomacy. A public statement by President Obama declaring Raymond Davis a diplomat and asking Pakistan for his repatriation was overkill; indeed it was a diplomatic faux pas. American media was forbidden to mention the killer’s connection to CIA; ‘free and fair’ media faithfully obliged the government, until British media spilled the beans.

PAKISTAN: Fissile Material Quandary

Proposing a Fissile Material Treaty... By Air Commodire Khalid Iqbal for VT and Opinion Maker Pakistan’s nuclear capability has been security driven and not status motivated....

Off The Net: End the American Raj

The developments in Tunisia and Egypt have provided the inspiration to Muslims all over the world that they can have their say. This is going to be a chain reaction in different Muslim countries of the world; a farewell to US puppets. Pakistan is considered to be a ripe case; Raymond Davis has come as a catalyst. The people of Pakistan have already tasted the fruit of street power through long marches that culminated on 16th of March, 2009 when the Judiciary was reinstated. Now the people feel that they too can react and bring about the change that’s more congenial, responsive and responsible towards the need of the people and the state of Pakistan.

Pak-US relations and Raymond Davis

By Hamid Waheed Pakistan and America, the front line collation partners presently having maximum resources and in future having optimum stakes in the war on...

Pakistan defeating terrorists

By Hamid Waheed The unfolding of events after 9/11 had a direct affect on Pakistan and the region. An increase in terrorist attacks in Pakistan...


A Silver Line for Pakistan Brig Samson S Sharaf The visit of the Chinese President Hu Jintao to USA will not live in memory for...

Why not talk to the Taliban?

“This war is going to leave in chaos…He leaned forward in his chair.  There’s young men dying in their thousands, men who...

US: Drones Kill But Terrorism Spreads

The western analysts and think tanks strongly support the drone strikes in tribal areas bordering Af-Pak for obvious success in terms of friend and foe casualties’. They project the drone as the most important weapon to eradicate terrorists and terrorism.


A QUANTUM LEAP IN TECHNOLOGICAL GROWTH By Air Commodore Sohail Malik, PAF Since coming into existence, the Pakistani nation has had its fair share of trials...

Analyzing the Analysts on Af-Pak

By Hamid Waheed Af-Pak remains the hottest issue for analysts and Think Tanks, where everything is discussed under umbrella of speculations and ambiguity. The fast...


Julian Assange ushering in a "new global information order?" By Wayne Madsen for www.opinion-maker.org The selective release of around a quarter million US State Department cables,...