indian_machine_guns_150By Sohail Parwaz

During last year for quite some time the talk was in the air that American President Barrack Hussein Obama was resolute to send some more troops to Afghanistan. The presidential orders were issued, as soon as the New Year arrived and through these orders additional American troops something like seventeen thousand were allocated for their new duties in the most troubled waters of the world, a country known as Afghanistan. However this fresh pumping in of the troops was delayed quicker than its implementation, for an indefinite period because the Americans and the Europeans strongly believed (and they still believe) that merely the force is not an ultimate solution to deal with the militants in Afghanistan and the terrorists nesting in the trans-frontier adjacent tribal localities of Pakistan. This new American thinking is totally divergent to the mawkish Bush administration’s policies for Afghanistan and the other countries of the region and this could only be expected from bamboozled Barrack Hussein Obama, the Gorbachev of the West, who got Nobel Prize for Peace, for the achievements not known to him until now.


Another reason which fetched embarrassment to the American designs was their irrational demand from Pakistan, as a frontline partner to them in the war on terror, to ‘do more’ without realising the latter’s limitations. Americans probably didn’t remember that no government alone can take the decisions of the global significance without having the consent of their bureaucracy, establishment and above all the people. They chose to keep General Musharraf as their friend and partner and ignored Pakistani nation, the result was there. This war, despite Pakistan’s sincerest efforts, didn’t reveal the results desired by the Americans. Pakistan consistently appealed to the world community not to push Pakistan against the wall. A time came when a notable section of the western media also realised the grievance about their biased attitude, hence started vouching the Paki point.
If in all honesty, one looks back at the performance of Coalition Forces in the war on terror vis-à-vis Pakistan’s role during last seven years then any truthful conscience would find Pakistan’s performance, sacrifices and contribution alone, much more than the total output of the former. Hence one finds Pakistani president Zardari justified in saying that the western world should announce their achievements in the GWOT during the last seven years, which I fear they have very less.
The aim is not to put a feather in Pakistan’s cap for its role in this most hectic, lethal and bloody war but to make the world aware that Pakistan by itself is not in a position to deliver the goods, nevertheless the latter is delivering that to the best of its ability. Moreover, frankly speaking, primarily this was never our war, why Pakistan should have stuck its neck in a war that was not bothering us?  This question would always remain to be answered and may get some by the neck. Subsequently when we played wrong cards we were trapped through a good pincer move planned by the Zionist dominated US and NATO forces along with India and Israel that were always there to drag us into it. Our failure to read the situation got us into a war that was never ours.
The world at no point should forget that Pakistan is rendering these sacrifices to make world more peaceful. The smart and (some of them newlywed) young officers and the soldiers of Pakistan army are laying their lives not for any monetary benefits or gains. Our enemy is trying its best to turn every peaceful city and town into hell while the forces are furiously fighting every gunfight as the last gunfight at the OK Corral and their every stand is as firm and pitched as the last stand at Papago Wells. Why they are doing this all? Not merely for their own self. They are laying their precious lives to make this world more peaceful and secure for the generations to come. Sane are botched and unable to understand that why one must always be prompted every now and then that this is not Pakistan’s war only.   
As mentioned earlier that the main reason for the failure of the Western policy about the GWOT is the Euro-American discrimination while dealing with Pakistan. Some odd voice about not leaving Pakistan alone in this crucial time and the hour of need is hardly audible. The world must avoid treating Pakistan as a scapegoat. Pakistanis love peace, like any other citizen of the world does, but not at the cost of their humiliation and thanklessness. It really hurts them when they come across the irresponsible and humiliating write ups on every available media forgetting what they are doing and inanely asking them to ‘do more’.
The latest example is of Kerry-Lugar Bill through which Pakistan is granted an aid of 7.5 billion dollars for next five years – exactly comes to 1.5 billion dollar a year – which is nothing more than peanuts. The point to remember is that this aid is for the civil sector and not for the military ventures. Another query is that is this the amount which the Americans are spending directly for their own forces to fight the same war (unsuccessfully) at the multiple theatres around the world? Let’s not put out of our mind that neither anyone is giving this aid as a charity to Pakistan nor it is some kind of a favour. Every day with one odd suicide-bomber, are also blown off a score of innocent passer-bys and peaceful citizens. Do they give their lives for this petty aid? I am sure that fair folks would like this aid to commensurate Pakistan’s war. This double jeopardy here in Islamabad and elsewhere in Pakistan ensures safety, security and peace to their world mates in the US and Europe. Hence it is vital to get one thing down in our mind that this war is as good of the Americans and Europeans as it is of the Pakistanis.
There is yet another flaw in the American policies and that’s regarding their discriminatory attitude towards Pakistan as compared to their love lost for the Indians. The worrisome issue is the Indian ingress in Afghanistan, which is steadily increasing day by day. I would not hesitate in saying again that the Indians are working on a three-fold agenda – the Great Game-II, dismemberment of Pakistan and total influence in Afghanistan. The total influence in Afghanistan is a multi-purpose Indian objective, which is supporting the ‘Elimination Agenda’ as well as the ‘Great Game Nostalgia’. Since making that big a ‘hop’ is not possible for the Indians, hence the obliteration of the rest of Pakistan on the lines of the devastation of East Pakistan is considered obligatory by the Indian think tanks, who are foreseeing India as an active participant of the Great Game-II. It is a fact that the number of Indian consulates in Afghanistan is irrational if compared to the size of a ‘frying pan’ like Afghanistan.
More alarming is the opening of the Indian consulates close to Pakistan’s borders. It would be too farfetched to think that these consulates have any legitimate requirement for performing diplomatic activities. Usually the functions of the consulate of any country are confined to looking after commerce, taking care of its nationals residing in that country, and, handling the issues of visas. But these Indian consulates are distinctively active in sponsoring cross-border terrorism in Pakistan and stoking unrest in Balochistan and FATA.
During the last couple of years, India has set up a number of camps in Afghanistan to trainIndians in SAWAT Afghans and desperate Pakistanis, disguised as Taliban but actually as mutineers to destabilise Pakistan. The Indian training camps located inside Afghanistan at the Afghan military base of Qushila Jadid, north of Kabul; near Gereshk in Southern Helmand Province; in the Panjshir Valley, northeast of Kabul; and at Khahak and Hassan Killies in western Nimroz province are very well looked after by these Indian consulates. Establishing of Indian Bases in Central Asia has no logic for a country that can’t feed or shelter its millions of poor.
People here in Pakistan frustratingly ask one question that who is the frontline ally of the West in the ongoing war on terror? If it is Pakistan then why the Americans must have a needless romance with the Indians? If the Americans are genuinely keen to win this war on terror and to see the ‘Uncircumcised Taliban’ licking the dust then they must rein the Indians and that’s the bottom-line. So besides fully supporting Pakistan in this war, the world must strap those rouge powers that are adding fuel to the fire and practically funding and giving arms to the alien terrorists present anywhere in Pakistan.
It is high time that the world should remember that to win this war it should not count the obligation as a favour and should stand beside Pakistan devotedly to face and fight it, if they are serious to win it or else some other solitary survivor is likely to fall back on a stumbling pony.

Sohail Parwaz is an accomplished writer who writes regularly for Opinion Maker.


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