screenhunter_08_nov._24_14.28_150AN OPEN LETTER TO GENERAL CONE


By Jeff Gates STAFF WRITER/Editor 

Soon after the mass murder of September 11, 2001, Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain emerged as early advocates for the invasion of Iraq. In response to that provocation, both men routinely cited "intelligence" that has since been proven false, flawed or "fixed" around an agenda sought by Jewish nationalists in pursuit of an expansive Greater Israel. 

With 24 hours of the mass murder at Fort Hood, Senator Lieberman called for hearings by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security to assess the military’s role in this tragedy and why our military commanders did not do a better job protecting people on a U.S. military base. Senator Lieberman made no mention of the role of civilian authorities in creating the underlying conditions.


As Committee Chair, he opened the November 19 hearings by portraying this incident as a "homegrown terrorist attack." The day before the hearings, committee member John McCain said in a speech at the University of Louisville that "We ought to make sure ‘political correctness’ never impedes national security."

In a series of recent analyses, readers have been exposed to facts that explain HOW national security has been undermined by those who are skilled at waging war "by way of deception" oftentimes through the manipulation of pliable and reliable "assets." See How Israel Wages War in Plain SightFort Hood Tragedy and the Introduction to Guilt By Association.

The facts suggest that the greatest threat to U.S. national security is the "political correctness" that precludes a rigorous investigation of the role that Israel has played in undermining national security by virtue of the influence wielded by the Israel lobby over our corrupted civilian leaders. Israel can do anything it wants and our military is expected to bear all the risks of their behavior and to clean up the consequences of their conduct. 

The letter below should be reviewed in conjunction with the letters addressed to Commander-in-Chief Obama (BELOW), National Security Adviser Jones (BELOW), Attorney General Holder (BELOW) and the chairman of the Nobel Committee in Oslo. (BELOW)

None of our senior civilian officials responded. Thus, when Mel Rockefeller saw the mass murder on Fort Hood, he wrote to Lieutenant General Cone to request a meeting. As no one with line responsibility in our civilian leadership has been willing to meet with Mr. Rockefeller, this letter requests a meeting to brief our military commanders on the common source of this threat to national security.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates announced that former Army Secretary Togo West and former Chief of Naval Operations Vernon Clark will lead a broad Pentagon review of the circumstances surrounding the shootings. Readers are urged to contact these men to ensure that the facts stated in Mr. Rockefeller’s letters are investigated and that he is interviewed on a public record-accessible by all-concerning the personal experiences he describes.

Mr. Rockefeller met in Baghdad in February 1997 with the nuclear physicist head of the industrial division that included Iraq’s mothballed nuclear weapons program. On his return with a program for removing Saddam without this war, federal officials (including FBI agents) sought to discredit him rather than engage the facts in his files.


His personal record suggests that-had the facts in his files been engaged in 1998-the 9-11 attack may have been prevented. Had his experiences been investigated in 2002, the war in Iraq could have been prevented. 

Here we are eight years after 9-11 and still no civilian official with line responsibility for law enforcement or national security will interview Mr. Rockefeller on a public record. The purpose of this correspondence is to bring that silence to an end


Note that the same Iman consulted by Major Nidal Hasan (with FBI knowledge) was consulted by the two San Diego-based 9-11 hijackers who piloted planes into the World Trade Center. San Diego FBI Special Agent Stephen Butler paid rent and cashed checks for those two hijackers.

This evidentiary trail suggests that what was experienced on 9-11 was not an "intelligence disconnect" but sophisticated treason that remains ongoing.

The consistency of the experience chronicled in his files points to Israel as the epicenter of terrorism globally. Thus the use of Criminal State as the name of the website and the book series. Here are  links to earlier analyses that provide useful background:

How the Israeli Lobby Controls US 

How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare

Today’s Ancient Warfare: Facts vs. Beliefs

Lawful Treason?

What is Israel’s Role in the Destabilization of Pakistan?

Readers are urged to read Guilt By Association, the first release in the Criminal State series. I have been researching Mr. Rockefeller’s experience since November 2002. Mr. Rockefeller is identified only as "John Doe" in the preface to this initial book. More facts and analyses are posted on the Criminal State website as well as excerpts from Guilt By Association. Those excerpts include a chapter exposing the long-running complicity of John McCain in this ongoing treason. See McCain Family Secret: The Coverup.

The letter to General Cone follows:

James M. Rockefeller

Tempe, Arizona  85281

November 16, 2009                                                                            

Lieutenant General Robert W. Cone

Office of the Commanding General

Fort Hood, Texas 76544

General Cone:

I write to request a meeting for my colleague, Jeff Gates, and I to discuss how the recent tragedy at Fort Hood may have been prevented and to suggest what may be done to prevent future incidents.

Had the facts and analyses in the accompanying evidentiary trail been engaged in good faith, the war in Iraq could have been prevented. Senator Joe Lieberman is mistaken. It is not military but civilian authorities that failed in their duties-particularly their incapacity to hold accountable a foreign government that has long exerted undue influence in the Congress and the Executive Branch.

I expect this same failure is traceable to many of the suicides experienced at Fort Hood, in Iraq and Afghanistan and the record levels of PTSD among returning troops. Americans know that something is fundamentally amiss, but are unable to identify the source. As confirmed by the facts you hold in your hands, we are not at war in the Middle East for U.S. interests but for another nation.

On U.S. bases, this nation is at war, but civilians are as detached from this war as Joe Lieberman and the Congress are detached from the values they took an oath to defend. The FBI reportedly identified Dr. Nidal Hasan as a potential threat yet did nothing to intervene prior to the recent tragedy. My experience over the past two decades explains the reason for that detachment.

What this nation experienced in the lead-up to war was not an intelligence "dot disconnect" but a form of systemic treason that remains ongoing. Those chronicled in the enclosed materials will continue on this course until forced to stop. The failure to engage consistent with these facts only aids those who depend on non-engagement for their success.

With his speech in Cairo, the current commander-in-chief gave great hope to the Muslim community, to the world and to Major Hasan. That hope was betrayed when he allowed the Israeli leadership to continue unimpeded their six decades of abuse. By undermining the Palestinian leadership, he aided the Israelis in this agent provocateur behavior.

Please first read my February 2009 letters to President Obama and National Security Adviser Jones, my June 2009 letter to Attorney General Holder and the draft letter I will send this week to the Nobel Committee in Oslo. Then review the accounts of my visit to Baghdad in early 1997 ("War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented and "Munther Ghazal"). This evidence was provided to the president and to General Jones.

Also, please note that I met for several days with the nuclear physicist who oversaw Iraq’s mothballed nuclear weapons program. The 9-11 Commission had that evidence in mid-April 2004. The Commission staff interviewed more than 1200 people but not myself. Only later did Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton concede they erred by failing to hold hearings on the motivation for 9-11 even though the U.S.-Israeli relationship was a key factor.

When the Congress endorsed a resolution on November 3rd urging that the U.N. not consider facts in the Goldstone Report evidencing war crimes and crimes against humanity, that vote put our troops at further risk both here and abroad. While nothing excuses Dr. Hasan’s behavior two days later, my experience helps explain how "assets" are identified, profiled and tasked-per the enclosed op-ed posted on Veterans Today. The entirety of this evidentiary trail is admissible to explain how this tragedy likely occurred and what must be done to prevent other such incidents.

Much as Saddam was the ‘fall guy’ to catalyze The Clash of Civilizations narrative required to persuade Americans to hate Muslims, Dr. Hasan is the next Evil Doer. After 9-11, Joe Lieberman was among the first to urge an invasion of Iraq to advance goals he embraced well before that mass murder. This case will be used to reconstitute the "Jihadist" theme required to sustain this narrative.

While Congress voted to cover up facts confirming behavior by a purported ally inconsistent with American values, we debated how many more Americans will die in a nation led by a corrupt leader we put in place. Is it any wonder the suicide rate is so high? Based on the known facts, including the common (pro-Israeli) source of the "fixed" intelligence that took us to war, how can our troops reconcile risking their lives for this nation when the actions of our civilian leaders are so inconsistent with our values? The truth is simple: our troops have been lied to-repeatedly.

Please review the summary of exhibits and Guilt By Association (enclosed), the first release in the Criminal State series where I am identified as "John Doe" in that ‘generic’ analysis.

Appended below are the phone numbers of three people to whom I urge you speak as part of your due diligence. Mr. Gates and I spent 120 hours in background discussions-at their request. Also  appended is the phone number for Ron Burd, my personal attorney since 1992. I also urge that you arrange to do what we proposed (until those chronicled intervened): videotape an interview with Munther Ghazal in San Diego to confirm the facts in the Iraq-related exhibits.

I also urge that you videotape interviews with myself, Mr. Gates and Ron Burd, my personal attorney since 1992. In the same way that this systemic corruption (and ongoing treason) can succeed only by operating non-transparently, we operate very transparently. It is for that reason that we will post this correspondence on Veterans Today and other sites and redact those copied below.

Should you decline to meet, your experience may mirror the commander in Hawaii in 1941 who found the Pearl Harbor warning in his in-box after that murderous attack commenced.

The war that needs to be fought is in the U.S. Our military commanders must be honest with themselves and with those under their command-particularly when it’s clear that neither Congress nor the commander-in-chief can be honest with themselves. Commanders owe it to their troops to speak candidly about why we are at war in the Middle East.

If our troops are expected to risk their lives for Israel regardless of its conduct, they have a right to know. If this nation intends to expend its blood and treasure despite such conduct, Americans have a right to know. In your position, I suggest that you have an obligation to your troops to speak truthfully. Absent that candor, our national security will continue to suffer from this "disconnect."

Should you determine that such candor is inconsistent with your oath of office, I suggest you tender your resignation and be candid as to why. I thank you for your service. It is much appreciated.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Best personal regards,

James M. Rockefeller

CC: John P. Galligan, Attorney of Record for Major Nidal Hasan


James M. Rockefeller

Tempe, AZ 85281


June 4, 2009                                                                Certified Mail 7008 1830 004 9005 8742


The Honorable Eric Holder

Office of the Attorney General

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001

Mr. Attorney General:

I write to request a meeting at your earliest convenience.  Agents of the Israeli government have stalked me for more than 27 years aided and abetted by local, state and federal authorities. The enclosed DVD features many of the key files that will be the focus of our discussion.

The stated mission of the Department of Justice is as follows:

To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans

Matters related to my person prove treason with our nation at war. The source of this threat is both foreign and domestic. If in 1998 I had been engaged in good faith by the Minneapolis office of the FBI, the mass murder of 911 could have been prevented. Had I been functionally engaged post-911, the March 2003 invasion of Iraq could have been avoided.

Please commence your review of the enclosed materials with the file titled, "War in Iraq Could have been Prevented" (paper copy attached). Based on the time-sensitive nature of this request and the gravity of the ongoing crimes proven by this evidentiary trail, I anticipate prompt, good faith engagement by your office.

I request that your office contact me no later than June 15th to set a meeting no later than June 30th. I will be accompanied by Ron Burd, my attorney since 1992, and by attorney Jeff Gates, author of Guilt By Association (enclosed), the first release in the six-book Criminal State series.

Best personal regards,

Mel Rockefeller


James M. Rockefeller

Tempe, Arizona 85281


February 20, 2009

The Honorable James L. Jones

National Security Council

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500.

General Jones:

Please review the attached materials provided to President Obama.

I write to request a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss facts of direct relevance to national security that should have been engaged on my return from Baghdad in February 1997. I propose to review with you how that engagement was obstructed by federal authorities on my return with information that may well have precluded the invasion of Iraq.

Similarly, I propose to brief you on my March 2001 meetings in Jakarta with intelligence chief Arie Kumaat following his discovery of evidence that Israel was working against U.S. interests in the Archipelagos. Please note the enclosed photo of me with General Kumaat in Indonesia.

I also ask that you review the enclosed April 5, 2001 email exchange between State Department Indonesian specialist Rick Haynes and myself. Note there the timing of Beijing’s release of 24 U.S. service people held captive until the day of our scheduled meeting on April 11. The last paragraph expresses my concern about the need to limit third party intervention so that the president receives genuine facts (vs. fixed intelligence), particularly during a crisis.

Also enclosed is one of several letters from Belgium Prime Minister Guy Verhofstat who was then president of the European Union. When, after 9/11, no one with line responsibility would meet with me in the U.S., I traveled to Europe and briefed officials there. The role Israel has played in undermining our national security is well understood in Europe and the Middle East.

Enclosed is Guilt By Association, the first release in the Criminal State series. A long-deceived American public will soon grasp the fact-displacing modus operandi by which this ongoing treason operates in plain sight yet, thus far, with impunity. Enclosed are acknowledgments from Middle East envoys George Mitchell and Tony Blair confirming they are reading Guilt.

In reviewing the enclosed summary of my trip to Baghdad ("War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented"). please pay particular attention to those who, under the cover of law, repeatedly deployed intimidation and harassment to silence Munther Ghazal who accompanied me to Iraq in early 1997. Note (at pp. 12-13) the well-timed calls and the numerous visits to his home, including a call to his home from the Defense Intelligence Agency on February 18, 2003 as I was driving to his home from a meeting in Tucson with Dr. Glenn Olds, my senior adviser from 1994 until his death in March 2006 and a friend of President G.H.W. Bush since 1947.

Of particular interest should be the identification of those federal officials who in 2006 used photographs of he and I touring Babylon in 1997 as a means to keep him from speaking with me about matters that remain of direct relevance to national security and to U.S.-Israeli relations. At the time, the clear implication was that, if he continued to speak with me, he would not be issued a U.S. passport and would have difficulty recovering the property he owns in Baghdad, including the Diana Hotel and the Baghdad Hotel, now at the center of the Green Zone. In a restored and secure Iraq, the value of those properties is several hundred million dollars.

As time is of the essence, I ask that you call to schedule our meeting as soon as possible.

Best personal regards,

James M. Rockefeller              


James M. Rockefeller

Tempe, Arizona  85281


February 19, 2009                                                                               Personal & Confidential

The Honorable Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I write to you to explain the need to meet and discuss the systemic treason that has our nation at the edge of an abyss. Matters related to my person-criminally obstructed by local, state and federal authorities pre- and post-911-prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Israel is our enemy.

During her tenure as Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security (whose homeland: ours or Israel’s?), aided and abetted capital crimes when her attorney general obstructed evidence of ongoing treason. Not only did her top law enforcement official refuse to engage matters related to me but my letters to Special Agent in Charge John Lewis and Supervisory Special Agent Julie A. Halferty of the FBI Phoenix office have since been refused or returned.

Dr. Glenn Olds worked with me the last 12 years of his life. He served four presidents, two from each party, and had known G.H.W. Bush for 59 years when he died in March 2006. His assessment of facts that the Napolitano administration refused to engage: "I cannot believe the depth of the treason." Depth is the operative word as the dominant modus operandi involves the displacement of facts with what people can be deceived to believe. He tried to help me stop the invasion of Iraq based on false, flawed and fixed intelligence. Dr. Olds’ CV is enclosed for your reference.

You appear to be sincere but your career is a product of the Chicago Outfit with Penny Pritzker and her family at the epicenter of Jewish organized crime since the 1920s. Enclosed is a copy of Guilt by Association by Jeff Gates chronicling only a few aspects of this trans-generational criminality and explaining how Chicago has long operated as a major node in this transnational network.

In your first press conference, Helen Thomas asked you a direct question, "What nation has nuclear weapons in the Middle East?" You avoided the question with the "Tel Aviv Two-Step." As a candidate of change, you are no more capable of discharging your constitutional duties than a long series of presidents who were surrounded by Zionist advisers and their campaign contributors. You were as non-responsive to the press as the SEC was to Mr. Markopolos who strongly suspected eight years ago that Bernie Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme. For 27 years, local, state and federal authorities have refused to engage matters related to me even though I have confirmed facts proving ongoing capital crimes against our nation.

Had I been engaged pre-9/11 (as Mr. Markopolos should have been by the SEC), the facts in my files could have uncovered the pre-staging of 9/11 and avoided our invasion of Iraq based on what I knew to be false, flawed and fixed intelligence. Let me briefly explain.

In January 1997, I traveled to Iraq (Dr. Olds arranged for my safe passage through Amman) with Munther Ghazal whose father built the Baghdad Hotel in the 1950s. Mr. Ghazal was then one of the closest people to Saddam living in the U.S. We met with representatives of Saddam’s regime, including Dr. Nadhal Al-Hamdani, the nuclear physicist in charge of Saddam’s industrial complex pre-Gulf War. She gave me access to everything Saddam had done and was doing and confirmed that Iraq did not have WMDs. I returned with a plan to remove Saddam peacefully without a war. Please review the enclosed report entitled, War In Iraq Could Have Been Prevented. In the attached photo of Dr. Hamdani, note that I made sure my briefcase was in this photo to prove I took it. I will bring the briefcase with me when we meet.

After I returned from Iraq, Secretary Albright’s State Department refused to meet with me to discuss the details of my visit at a time when it was illegal for a US citizen to travel to Iraq. I then traveled to Ottawa and met with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create a record of my trip and the offer made to remove Saddam without the need for an invasion based on phony intelligence. Please see the enclosed photocopy of Mr. Matuk’s facsimile confirming our meeting in April 1997.

On September 15, 2001, FBI Special Agent Stephen Butler of the San Diego Office came to the home of Munther Ghazal to inquire if he was funding me or my work. Mr. Ghazal was alarmed at the inquiry and told Mr. Butler that he should contact me directly. Neither Mr. Butler nor any other government agent ever did. Instead, alleged FBI agents began to harass and intimidate Mr. Ghazal to prevent him from speaking with me. Those identified in my files also targeted anyone who would help me expose the third parties who were pushing for the invasion of Iraq. On the same day that Agent Butler interrogated Mr. Ghazal, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was arguing at a principal’s meeting at Camp David that the U.S should invade Iraq in response to 9/11.

In October 2001 I traveled to Europe at my expense-again to try to stop the invasion of Iraq based on false intelligence. During that trip I met with numerous people, including (i) Johannes Vos, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, and (ii) Taco Westerhuis of the Western Hemisphere Department of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Enclosed are photocopies of their business cards and a letter dated December 19, 2001 that I received from Belgium Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt who was also then President of the European Union.

Still frustrated at the inability of federal law enforcement to engage confirmed facts, in early January 2003 my contact within the CIA told me that Homeland Security had informed the Secret Service that I was making threats against President Bush. [My contact, Carol Barr, was setting me up; she later defrauded me in Janet Napolitano’s jurisdiction with the assistance of state and local officials.] Ms. Barr said to expect a visit from the Secret Service. Fearing that I was being set up to be incarcerated, I promptly penned an email to Governor Jeb Bush confirming what I was told and assuring him that I was prepared to be interviewed on the record. The last paragraph of that email stated, "On tape I will most assuredly tell them that if the President attacks Iraq I will do my best to see him and his cabinet put against a wall and shot!" Enclosed is a photocopy of that email.

On January 30, 2001 Secret Service Agents Richard Sierze and Rob Holman arrived unexpectedly at my place of residence. I repeated what I had written to Governor Bush and urged that he charge me and take me before a federal magistrate in the hope that the facts on a court record would help stop the invasion of Iraq on what I knew to be intelligence fixed around a preconceived goal by those supporting the Zionist agenda for Greater Israel. Special Agent Sierze was surprised when he saw the evidence, but said that he only there to determine if I was a threat to the President.

I offered to put Agent Sierze on the phone with Dr. Glenn Olds, a former U.N. Ambassador who backed my mission to Iraq. Dr. Olds had also recruited 1000+ people for President Nixon (including Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger) on the condition that, if Nixon were elected, he would end the war in Vietnam and normalize relations with China. Agent Sierze declined my offer to speak with Dr. Olds. Please see the enclosed photocopy of my January 30, 2003 email to Governor Bush confirming what transpired during that meeting with Agent Sierze.

If you are sincere about change, the facts in my files will help you change our nation’s self-destructive course. My files prove that elite and extremist Zionist Jews have stalked me with impunity for more than a quarter-century in an effort to prevent their crimes from becoming transparent. Steps are being taken to ensure that you see a copy of this letter and the enclosures in the event your staff takes steps to prevent you from seeing the original. That is a necessary precaution for a White House staff headed by a man whose father is a former Irgun terrorist and who served with the Israel Defense Forces during the first Gulf War.

The consistency with which my files have been criminally obstructed prove beyond a reasonable doubt how "the people in between" (Robert Gates’ phrase) aided those who have denied me (and a nation) justice for more than a quarter century. If Israel were indeed an ally, why would Tel Aviv break the truce on Election Day, launch a killing spree the day after Christmas and again expand settlements in the West Bank? If not to embarrass and humiliate you in the eyes of the Arab world, why would Israel take steps to once again prove who controls U.S. foreign policy?

Note the enclosed review of a best-selling book by an Israeli historian who concludes that even the idea of a "Jewish people" is a myth. This entangled alliance has thoroughly undermined national security with the greatest of all myths: "Israel is our Special Friend."

I copied General James Jones who will receive his copy via a Marine who knows him to ensure that he receives his copy. I will also send him a copy of my letter to Colin Powell. I wrote that letter the same day that his credibility was deployed to deceive the U.N. Security Council. I knew his testimony was false as he gave it, although apparently he did not know it himself until much later.

With few resources, my intelligence has consistently proven better than the billions of dollars spent by "our" intelligence that was routinely "fixed" to ensure that we would avoid the elephant in the room: the US-Israeli special relationship. Why has my analysis routinely surpassed what you rely on as commander-in-chief? Because the same parties that I profiled who were stalking me are the same criminal syndicate responsible for imperiling national security-from the inside.

I look forward to a functional response from your staff no later than March 1st so that we can arrange to meet face-to-face no later than March 15th.  Thank you.


Best personal regards,

Mel Rockefeller




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  • 8. Business cards for Johannes Vos, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, and Taco Westerhuis of the Western Hemisphere Department of the Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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  • 14. Guilt by Association by Jeff Gates.


James M. Rockefeller


Tempe, Arizona  85281


November 17, 2009                                                                                         

Thorbjørn Jagland, Chairman

The Norwegian Nobel Committee

Henrik Ibsens Gate 51

0255 OSLO


The Nobel Peace Prize for Barack Obama

Mr. Jagland:

If the Nobel Committee proceeds with its award to Barack Obama, the credibility of this prestigious prize will be badly tainted. By not engaging the confirmed facts evidenced in the enclosures, President Obama aided and abetted ongoing treason by those who induced the U.S. to invade Iraq and now seek to expand this war to Iran and Pakistan. These are not the personal qualities appropriate to this prize.

Enclosed is my letter of February 19, 2009 to President Obama confirming facts sufficient to prove the common source of this trans-generational criminality. I also enclose my letters to National Security Adviser Jim Jones and Attorney General Eric Holder. The common source of this criminality continues to catalyze well-timed crises to advance a nontransparent agenda at odds with the values that the Committee purports to honor with this prize.

Also enclosed is a copy of my November 16 letter to Lieutenant General Robert W. Cone, commanding general of Fort Hood, Texas, site of a recent mass murder. Attached to that letter is a compilation of exhibits supporting the evidentiary trail confirming that Barack Obama is an inappropriate recipient.

Enclosed on DVD are the referenced materials along with a copy of Guilt By Association, the first release in the Criminal State series. This book provides a generic analysis of how wars can be catalyzed by way of deception yet in plain sight and, to date, with impunity. I am identified only as ‘John Doe’ in the preface. The author spent the past 82 months researching my experience. I have been profiling this transnational syndicate from the inside since 1982. I am related to the family but not their fortune.

I would be happy to answer any questions or to meet with those who-in light of these facts-suggest that this award ceremony should proceed as planned, to the great detriment of Norway and this prize.

Best regards,

James M. Rockefeller

CC: Haakon Magnus, Crown Prince



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