“Israeli company wins $350m. tender to produce APCs for Afghanistan troops”

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Banned from American “mainstream” news, the Jerusalem Post reports: The Israeli Palsan company won a tender to supply $350 million in armored personnel carriers to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, Israel Radio reported on Saturday. Another Israeli company, Panas, is a subcontractor of Palsan and produces ballistic protection sheets manufactured using a specialized technology.

Why was this kept secret from America?  This is American money buying American unemployment.  Why would a strict Islamic country that doesn’t recognize Israel be doing business with Israel?  What else is being kept from us?  We also aren’t being told that our new Afghan Police force is filled with,  not only Taliban, but gangsters and is terrorizing the country.  But, don’t stop there, this isn’t even the beginning.  Our allies, Israel and India are not only buying the phony Karzai government but the Taliban as well.

Let’s take a look at the statements below and see what one expert says.  Then we will see who he advised and who he works for and consider what this means:

I myself call it the neo-Taliban because I – the crux of what is in this place is that the Taliban that we are dealing with, the enemy that we are dealing with in Afghanistan and now in Pakistan, is not exactly the same Taliban that were in part – in charge of Afghanistan in the 1990s, but rather they’re – morphed into something else. They are different groups. Some of them have nothing to do with religious fanaticism. Some of them have nothing to do with even political power. There are some criminal gangs.

are the Taliban terrorists? But the State Department does not see them as terrorists. We see only one individual, Mullah Omar, but we do not see their organization as a terrorist organization, whereas some of the Pakistani Taliban are seen as terrorists.

You know, a U.S. – former U.S. general who is now our ambassador in Afghanistan said something a couple of years ago. He said it’s not the power of the insurgency; it’s lack of authority in Afghanistan that creates these voids, and it’s filled by somebody. Whether they’re drug lords, whether they’re war lords, whether they’re Islamists, they fill it. If you fill that with governance, with law and justice – and again, justice here doesn’t mean Western justice, it means the Afghan concept of justice – then the lure of this insurgency will be much less.

There is a problem. Afghanistan, as a whole, the national psyche of Afghanistan, what I can call it, the historical narrative of Afghanistan, sees Pakistan as an illegitimate state. They don’t even recognize the border between the two countries. Afghanistan does not recognize that boundary. They actually don’t even call it the Afghan-Pakistani border. They call it Durand Line. So there has to be a conceptual change that Pakistan is a legitimate country with very specific borders.

On the Pakistani side, the concept of Afghanistan is always as a country that is in cahoots with India and squeezing Pakistan from two sides, so Pakistan always – the Pakistani militancy sees Afghanistan as what they call at the strategic depth, that if India hits them, they always look – Pakistan’s main obsession and main problem is always with India, so they see Afghanistan as a place where they can fall back. And when Afghanistan becomes closer to Pakistan – sorry, to India, they get very, very jittery.

I think the solution, which is happening right now, because we have at least the leadership liking each other, is for these two countries to – they don’t have to love each other, but they have to respect each other’s states. Until that happens – and I am very unfortunate to say that – unless that happens, we’re going to always have a friction, if not an open conflict. If they can accept each other as states – and here is where Europe can help us – I think it’s a win-win situation. How Europe can help the solution of this border and all that is to forget about where is the border, make the border disappear like Europeans disappeared their borders through economic integration.

These two countries need each other. They will be a perfect – not union. I’m talking about two countries coming together, but working with each other.

The view we see here is a very different view of the Taliban and of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  This is not the view Americans are presented.  However, as this is the presentation fo Dr. Amin Tarzai, Middle East expert at the Marine Corps University at Quantico, it also means that this is the best the United States has to work from and seems to be ignoring it.

Did you know that some of the “Taliban” are being protected by the US while inside Afghanistan and are being trained and supplied by India to commit continual acts of terror against Pakistan, our primary ally?

Pakistan is continually demanding that the US force the Indian terror training camps in Afghanistan to be closed.  India calls them “border consulates.”  Maybe if bin Laden had called Tora Bora a “border consulate” he would still be around.

We have a new Taliban fighting the US in the south.  These guys are crossing the border from the Pakistani province of Baluchistan.  They used to be called the Baluchistan Liberation Army but now they are “Taliban.”

Who trains and supplies them?  Simple:  Israel.

Where is their leadership?

In April 2006 the Government of Balochistan in exile is set up with its offices in Jerusalem under one Azaad Khan Baloch.

What is their mission?  Simple, to tear Pakistan apart.  Who runs them?  India and Israel?  What is the real problem with them?  Well, simple:

They joined the Taliban and are fighting against the United States while being supplied by our allies, Israel and India.

What are the answers here?  Why is Karzai able to give huge American contracts to Israel?  This sounds totally unbelievable in a real world.  Nobody would allow it, yet it happened.  What explains it?  Think:  massive corruption, not only in Afghanistan but in the United States as well.

Why do we have 3 countries, Afghanistan, India and Israel more involved in a war against Pakistan than anything else?  While this is going on, anything the United States tries to accomplish in Afghanistan will be a waste of time.

Why are we letting them, India and Israel,  inside Afghanistan when the things they are doing is killing American troops?

Our own allies are not only arming terrorists to attack our other allies but ourselves as well.  What kind of influence does it take to get away with this and never have to read it in the newspapers?

Is it the kind of influence that could push a huge contract paid for by American dollars to Israel and manage to keep a massive scandal like this quiet?

Why isn’t Rush Limbaugh screaming and Glenn Beck jumping up and down?  Is it because they are employees of the Israeli run Fox News Corporation owned by Rupert Murdoch?

Have you heard anyone screaming about it in Congress?  Nobody talking about the thousands of jobs lost?  Maybe America doesn’t need jobs.  Maybe we can’t build armored personnel carriers.  We can sure pay for them, we know that much.

You don’t have to buy in on Zionist conspiracies to pick up the smell here.  Israel sells a billion dollars a year worth of weapons to India.  India and Afghansitan, with Israeli help, are helping organize the Taliban to attack Pakistan.

This is what India wants.  This is what Afghanistan wants.  This is what Israel wants.

The only problem:  It is the absolutely worst thing that could happen to America in the region.  Then why is it going on?  Why are we allowing it?

We don’t have to admit allowing anything when nothing is reported, when nobody knows anything, when secrecy allows people to pit both sides against the middle.

How do we know who our friends and enemies are, then?  Easy answer….we don’t

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues.duffster


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