Pat Robertson: Haiti ‘cursed’ by pact with devil


Earthquake in India, 2001Last night the Associated Press released an article entitled Pat Robertson: Haiti ‘cursed’ by pact with devil that is printed in today’s Washington Post.  The comment is not very helpful is it?

Before you get into thinking that Robertson is a fringe element fruit cake you need to know that he is a former Marine Corps officer from the Korean War era, and a highly educated and respected American religious leader and social commentator.  The fact that he is more or less nuts with evangelical fervor is off the point.  Millions of Americans hang on this guy’s every word.  And that is the point I want to make here today.

This guy is more mainstream American than anyone writing for this web site and probably much more so than most people who read this web site regularly.  Does that scare you?     

Pretending that our Manifest Destiny, New Jerusalem, Shining City on the Hill political belief system is behind us is naive.  We are just as radically possessed of the notion that we are God’s special government as the Puritans were when the morning that they got here. 

Pat Robertson and his millions of minions are proof of that fact that we are still missionaries in any sense we wish to be.  His comment only reinforces for me the idea that we Americans believe, by the millions, that we have the right to make these judgments in the Name of God.  Can you imagine the hubris here?

So what is my ultimate point?  Well, only this.

Is it any wonder that we rush to launch these constant and never ending “wars of liberation” for people overseas when this kind of thinking is the bedrock of our traditionalist psychology for millions of Americans?  This is the kind of thinking and belief system which allows millions of us to see the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as necessary, righteous, holy and something of a needed Crusade against the hordes of Islam.

After all, even the Pope seems to think that Islam has some sort of morality defecit when compared to what we have in the West, and he has openly said so.

Doesn’t it all seem ridiculous after eight years of war based on a mangling of fundamentalist Christian beliefs that now appear more or less mythological on every level?

This is a comment stemming for a premier American Christian leader.

Can you live with that realization?

CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)


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