We are tired of paying the price.


I am….Sick literally sick.. and I am tired, emotionally, physically tired … as I am sure are many others.

The bombs, the guns, the killing utensils, the blood, the youth, the tears, the pain of heart ache, the so many displaced, the deceit, the lies, the self indulgence of immorality, the so many affected, the few protected from the affects, the so many unprotected  from the ravages of these elements, all this ..For what??? For what??? …for two “Books” Yes two books the “Koran” the “Bible”

For a few  thousand  years of fighting over these dogmatic elements, humans have been  plagued.  For what.. The only reality that these “Books” even collectively hold, is the reality of where this absurd doctrine has lead the simple minded and the lethargic masses. Yes I am saying that any and all that hold real facet to these books, is a closed minded as well as brain strung fool… look what this doctrine has delivered, all of these developed elements.. Each “Book” wants you to believe in love and peace however each delivers only hate and warring. So any carry forward of these insane doctrines, can and will deliver only more of the same destructive elements. These elements have over the time broken down good will and intention. These elements have demised and diminished human existence.

If an intelligent being were to appeared before me to ask why … I would beg that they avert their eyes when viewing the history books of humankind … for we humans have nothing to be proud of not a damm thing. We do however have a lot to be ashamed of. That of which we have done to ourselves and this beautiful planet a “Galactic Tragedy” N.A.S.A. should, on behalf of human dignity, be sending out, to the galactic space, each and every day an S.O.S, S.O.S, That may be the only real possibility of hope for a decent rescue.

In the mean time while we are waiting for salvation there are things that we could do to alleviate the “Elements”…

# 1 private practice of your own faith in your own place.. not in a congregation… as we all know now religion is just a vessel of  the “Elements” that are so destructive. The need to band or group together always has had it’s suspicious nature anyway. These are fanatical gangs nothing more.. There is no god that would approve of their practices …none.  Why, if one holds true and real believe in something, does one have to have the approval of another to hold sacred ones belief. If it is so real to you then you should not need the support of others.. hmmm or is it that your belief is so weak that you need to prop it up with others. And then use the strength in numbers attitude to bring this weak belief into the realms of the everyday person and affect them with this weak belief. Always to some kind of advantage always.. I mean all this stuff is documented in records for anyone examine. Bloodletting after Bloodletting … two books and barrels of oil, now that is one hell of an environmental disaster.

#2 is to take a stand against the corporate rulers stop buying their shit ….tell your wife’s, husbands, children, friends , and all, to just say NO to corporate destruction of our natural existence.. Just say NO…stop buying their shit…with out the power the corporate would not have the leverage over Gov. that is how you get it back in “The Peoples Hands.”

I am tired of paying the price. I am tired of watching the blood of the youth spilling and the innocence burning up like flash paper. I am tired of hearing about the ill gained money lost and misappropriated never to be recovered or anyone held in accountability for those losses. I am tired of the humans that think they are doing something great for man kind but only grasping at their egos because they are so frail within their own makeup, that this dire need for recognition and a place in history books over shadows their good intent. This then becomes another disastrous page in the books of human events.

I have always liked to think that I was thinking and acting with my common sense of being. Now I have to wonder if I have any common sense at all. What I do know form the history books is .. That if we keep doing what we are doing, then we will keep getting what we are getting, Bad results. This is proven fact. The “Bible” and The “Koran” are not …”Proven Facts ,” they are touched by human hands therefore tainted and unreliable “Intel”

In closing I would like to add two solutions that would be fail proof if implemented.. However I will not hold my breath waiting for them to happen. #1 Ban all Religion practices to ones own dwellings. There is no need to bring your beliefs to others .. they have theirs too. Believe and let Believe. #2 The most responsible thing that any human could do at this point, if they want to help save human kind and the Earth from suffering anymore harsh human induced “Elements” is to render their procreation abilities sterile. 120 years from now the last human will cease to exist… no humans no problems……

In the mean time however we can all continue to work together to bring some comforts to those who have borne the brunt of these harsh elements of human existence. That means taking care of our war wounded now!!!


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