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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Back in 2000, when the Bush machine was attacking John McCain for having fathered an inter-racial child and for being a homosexual, we had thought politics had reached the lowest levels possible.  This was Karl Rove’s work.  Ted Sampley, former Green Beret tells of Rove pushing him to expose McCain for wrongdoing while a POW.  Sampley, no longer with us, laughed about Rove and thought of him as a “weasel.”

With years of personal venom against the Clinton family and attacks on President Carter’s daughter Amy, not unlike those against Chelsea Clinton, nobody was safe from criticism, nobody but Laura Bush, daughter in law of former CIA director, George H. W. Bush.  However, the real problem wasn’t payoffs or destroying reputations.  The real problem was murderous thuggery.  Ronnie Moffit Karpen is an early example of how brazen “these people” are.

Think about what Lee Emil Wanta could tell about the Bush family.  Oh, you never heard of him either?  There is so much that never got out.  “Ratting out” Bush family crimes leads to unpleasant consequences sometimes.  If the truth about Wanta were to surface, the world’s financial structure would be shaken to its roots.

Ever hear of Henry Kok?  You aren’t likely to meet him.  Nobody will tell you why.  The list of people like this, these are names any journalist has, names like Jeff Gannon or Victor Ashe.  There are quite terrible things tied to these names and so many others.  Do we talk about Mike Connell or Jake Horton?  There have never been more timely plane crashes, except maybe for Ron Brown.  Why was Sibel Edmonds silenced by the Attorney General of the United States for years?   Why would reliable testimony of dozens of Bush officials being involved, not only in spying and drug dealing but in terrorism as well be silenced?

Anyone want to talk to Enron’s John Clifford Baxter?  Oops, he is gone too.

General James Rose could tell you how dangerous it is to have handled Bush military records.  He and several others could but are no longer with us.  We could ask Steve Kangas about it but he is gone as is Danny Casolaro.  People think war correspondents have a dangerous life, trying looking at the Bush family.

This goes so much further than corruption.  When I think about this and getting Warren Buffet and other stooges to run the Swift Boat ads, all proven lies.

With the family history of “accidents,” it is no mystery that Laura gets to make her confession decades later and in a self serving and convenient way.  There is an air of “Confessions of a Mafia Princess” about this.  Laura may have been a perfect match for Bush, tied early in life toYale “fratboy” hazing that got out of hand, to the point of torture, a theme that would stick around for a long time.  Laura Bush was hardly a First Lady dedicated to anything other than, well, we don’t really know.  Perhaps her attempts to “spin” the past might reveal something.

There is another version out therethat puts the accident into a different light:

Multiple accounts, including an unauthorized biography of Laura Bush, have quoted classmates or simply referred to Douglas as an ex-boyfriend.

After the police report was finally released to the Associated Press in 2000, Jim Vertuno wrote as his lead sentence, “At 17, Laura Bush ran a stop sign and crashed into another car, killing her boyfriend who was driving it, according to an accident report released to The Associated Press on Wednesday.”

From Snopes:

There has always been speculation about the nature of his relationship with Laura Welch. One rumor asserts the two had never dated, but that Laura had been romantically interested in him. Another claims he had been Laura’s boyfriend when he died, and another that he had once been her boyfriend but the couple had subsequently broken up. (The latter theory is advanced in the 2002 biography of the Bushes, George and Laura: Portrait of an American Marriage, which states Laura Welch and Michael Douglas had dated throughout early and mid-1963, but by the fall of that year Michael was going out with Regan Gammon, one of Miss Welch’s closest friends.)

… according to Gerhart’s book, “The police accident report notes that the pavement was dry and the visibility excellent on the night Laura flew through the stop sign at 50 miles per hour.”

The photos in the police file show an intersection bisecting the flat Texas landscape, a stop sign unobscured by buildings or shrubs, nothing but utility poles marching toward the horizon. They show the violence of the impact: Mike Douglas’s ’62 Corvair looks like one of those carcasses police departments put by the side of the road to scare people off drinking and driving. Its metal hood and right front side panel are crumpled like a ball of paper, its entire chassis wrenched out of shape.

Gerhart notes Laura Bush “was not charged, not even ticketed for running through the stop sign, although Douglas’ death was the second fatality at that intersection that year. The police reportedly found no evidence of drinking or excessive speed, although the report is inconclusive as to whether she was tested for alcohol.”

The Washington Post writer speculated, “Perhaps Mike Douglas’s parents, who lived out in the country and weren’t part of the more affluent set in town, didn’t have the right connections to press for a more vigorous investigation.”

Journalists knew of Laura Bush’s fatal car accident long ago but it was never reported.  We were told anyone publicly talking about it would “have an accident” or plane crash.  The story that was out there was not so similar to the one we are hearing now, decades later.  Keeping this out of the news involved death threats and payoffs and a massive cover-up.  Keeping the Bush name clean and shining meant hiding arrest records for drunken driving, cocaine charges, classifying military records and silencing lots of people.  With the Webster Tarpley biography of dad suppressed and Hatfield, the ex-felon who dug up a ton of verified information on Bush drug arrests, crooked business deals and worse, only to have his books pulled off the shelf and burned, giving any member of the Bush clan a free ride for a self serving confession is undeserved.

There is so much more to confess than a very edited version of a teenage error.  There are the threats and lives ruined covering it up and the years spent as the wife of the “Fortunate Son.”  Was Laura a “beard” for “W,” long suspected of being a homosexual?

What is it like being married to a torturer and war criminal?  Are these harsh terms?  Whenever I hear from a member of Dr. Aafia’s family, I think of Laura Bush.

Dr. Aafia is Pakistani national, PhD from MIT in microbiology, a scientist of some real esteem who, at the “secret orders” of George W. Bush, was kidnapped with her small children, bought from a criminal gang in Pakistan to spend years of torture in an illegal prison.  After 5 years of rape and torture, Aafia is put on trial, not for any crime, but for trying to murder those who were torturing and raping her, 7 of them.  Do you think Laura woke up every morning feeling guilt because of rape and torture ordered by her husband, written off by the two of them as though it were all a college prank.

Laura Bush was silent on this and the fate of over a million Iraqis killed by her husband.  I wonder if she ever asked him where he spent his time in the military during the Vietnam War?  Records show Bush failing a drug test and simply disappearing.  Those records will never be released but the math is simple, not AWOL, but deserter.  “Daddy, what did you do during the war?”

Aafia, the 100 pound, wheelchair bound hellion who had to be shot twice in the abdomen by her “translator” to keep her from murdering her “interrogators”….

Now wait a second.  They speak English in Pakistan.  Aafia lived in the US for years and has a doctorate from MIT.  I would bet any amount that she speaks English much better than George W. Bush, in fact so much better it isn’t funny.  In fact, this isn’t speculation, but a fact.  How many innocent Muslims were kidnapped and thrown into the Gulag when President Bush sent out a “casting call” for dupes to be thrown into the CIA gulag, nobody in particular, just “numbers” so Ashcroft and Gonzales could claim “terrorist suspect” arrests.

Torture, prisons, cover-ups, the Katrina disaster, the Iraq invasion, the incredible mishandling of Afghanistan and, of course, the financial collapse of America into a sea of debt, debt for the poor while the wealthy and powerful, especially our Israeli-American contingent raked it in, cover provided by the White House, cover like the plane loads of Israeli agents and bin Laden family members flown out of the US “secretly” after 9/11.

The real story on Laura, what is it?  This is 2010 and a fact in evidence for decades, something that might have been used unfairly against her is now released, her version.  What’s wrong with this?

With decades of acrimony and hate in every aspect of American politics, with Limbaugh and Rove orchestrating personal attacks on family members of any democratic politician, does anyone believe that terrible things weren’t done to keep this out of the news?

If Laura is going to tell a story, it should go like this:

“My husband’s father used to run the CIA.  His family, though now tied at the hip with Christian Zionists and Israeli extremists, were close business partners with the people who planned and executed the holocaust.  In fact, our family is one of those most complicit in the holocaust, were even cited for it during WW2.  In fact, calling us Nazis is about as accurate as you can get.

We love torture.  We even proved it was legal.  Thousands were tortured, many simply disappeared.  Very few ever came to trial you see, not everyone stands up well to torture and sometimes, OK, more than 90% of the time, we were torturing the wrong people.  Sorry about that.  Family habit.

There isn’t a disaster that has befallen America that our family wasn’t involved in.  We have been in business with the bin Ladens for decades.  9/11 and the strange and inexplicable aftermath, invading 2 wrong countries and years of calculated failures that brought America into bankruptcy and disrepute are our legacy.  Think of the money we saved America by cutting funding for veterans and having their records destroyed by the car load?  We do some good.  In fact we did this and so much more for veterans, so much it would take a stack of books to cover it all.

Because of this good work, we don’t have as many veterans to worry about anymore.  Veterans are boring, little people, unimportant people, not worth the time to write about.

When Saddam was buying anthrax and botulism, who do you think was involved?  When our “enemy,” Iran bought American weapons illegally, who do you think planned it?  When the world’s largest heroin dealer, a Pakistani received a secret pardon, who do you think signed it?  Ah, but I digress, I could go on forever.  This is all about a traffic accident and me talking about how upset I have been.  I won’t be talking about how this was kept out of the news for decades or what was done and who it was done to.

Maybe I can save this for another book.”


If this had been anyone but Laura Bush, can you imagine the media frenzy?  Half a dozen private investigators, funded by Swift Boat supporters would have been pushing cash all over Texas in an attempt to buy a murder charge.  You would Google “Laura Bush drunk murder boyfriend” and get thousands of websites.  Bloggers who carried the story would get free trips to Israel like hundreds of our members of government and the military.  I love hearing about these trips.  I picture a scene from a James Bond movie.  Bond opens the hotel door and, there, draped across the bed, naked, a:

  • Young girl
  • Young boy
  • Farm animal
  • Transvestite
  • Kidnapped and shackled Muslim waiting to be tortured
  • Any 2 or 3 of the above

Instead, there is decades of silence.  How was that silence paid for?  Was it money or blood or simply power and fear?

And so it goes.


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.