Louisiana Veterans Share War Memories with “Price of Freedom”


R-Squared Productions recently released a new documentary entitled Price of Freedom. Veterans from all branches, WWII to the present, united under our flag to share their experiences serving our country. The 8-minute short tugs the heart as men and women express their love for the country in the face of foreign captors and death. In addition, children who have received their veteran father’s memorial flag are also featured.

Director Rodney Ray was inspired to produce the short in light of the film Flag of My Father and his WWII father’s experiences in the South Pacific. Henry T.Everritt, a WWII Air Force veteran, spoke candidly about his stint as a prisoner of war. Everritt and 50 fellow captives were forced into a small box car for over a week long. According to Everritt, the cars were smaller than American boxcars and were referred to “40–8s.” Meaning, it holds 40 men or 8 horses. This great hero passed not soon after his interview was filmed.