John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 6)


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

– Here’s the first week of the series on the phenomenon known as John McCain, now running for his 5th term in the U.S. Senate –

Tempe, AZ.

Those who know him best agree that John McCain is too unstable for public office. “The thought of McCain being president sends a cold chill down my spine,” says fellow Republican Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi who has known McCain for four decades. “He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.”

McCain’s political path to the U.S. Senate offers a case study in organized crime, American-style. The damage he’s done is being chronicled in this Evil Doer series.

He’s long been an embarrassment on critical issues. He’s shown up in every major fraud since first elected to Congress in 1982. He sold us a war on false pretenses. He trades legislative favors for cash. He’s notoriously abusive to his staff.

In short, he’s a disaster on every front. Plus he’s incompetent when it most counts. Where was he during the subprime mortgage fraud? In Arizona, we’re told: Don’t ask, don’t tell.

But for a complicit media, his career-long support by transnational organized crime would be an international scandal. Here in Arizona, there’s dead silence.

Old-timers remember Don Bolles, the intrepid reporter who dared to detail statewide mob influence. He soon discovered the persuasive power of six sticks of dynamite. He lived 11 days.

This is ugly stuff. Domestic terrorism, compliments of the Sunbelt Mafia. In Arizona, The Outfit includes lots of Mormons, the self-styled Lost Tribe of Israel.

Who dares disturb our peace in the desert? No one, that’s who. Who dares make transparent the sordid underbelly of American politics? Ditto.

The Big Hush: the U.S. invasion of Iraq on false pretenses. The war’s most vocal cheerleaders in the Senate: John McCain and Zionist Senator Joe Lieberman. See one, you see the other.

Try saying Afghanistan without thinking “quagmire.” There’s a good chance Osama bin Laden was killed in December 2001. Think about it.

No one talks about this. No one covers ugly. Not the deep dark ugly in the minds of those who produce political assets like John McCain to sell us on wars that are against our interest.

Yet who wants to write about ugly? Or read about it—particularly when you’re coping with it?

Welcome to burned-out America brought to you, in part, by politicos from mobbed-up Arizona. McCain is bad but don’t forget Christian Zionist Senator Jon Kyl and former Governor Janet Napolitano, this syndicate’s top salesperson for insecurity—as Secretary of Homeland Security.

America’s field of dream is fast becoming a nightmare. No matter where in this trauma you turn, the hand of John McCain appears.

Doing Ugly

No one in mainstream media does True Ugly. At least not often. Nor well. It’s partly a ratings issue. Does truth sell feminine hygiene products or cures for erectile dysfunction?

The ugly truth is found largely in the unpaid press. Why is the highest value journalism now found free on the Internet?

Could that be why Joe Lieberman, John McCain’s sidekick, proposes a kill switch for the Internet? See one, you see the other.

The True Ugly is found on VT. And on thousands of sites that “mirror” what you first see here and on the Criminal State site.

Look for these facts in the mainstream press. Look for coverage on network media. What you see instead is Faux News featuring assets like McCain, Lieberman, Kyl, Napolitano and their ilk.

But then that’s what we should expect right? After all, McCain chaired the Senate Commerce Committee with jurisdiction over the nation’s airwaves, another key place his hand was shown.

His is not the sort of corruption made famous by William “Big Bill” Thompson, the mob-appointed mayor of Chicago. On his death in 1944, $1.5 million in cash was found in his two safe deposit boxes. That’s $18.6 million in today’s dollars.

McCain married into the mob-originated wealth of second wife Cindy Hensley, daughter of the nation’s fifth largest beer distributor. Their seven homes were easily affordable on her $16,438/day income and her personal wealth of $200 million.

Their pre-nuptial agreement exempts her Hensley & Co. fortune from reporting requirements for her husband’s financial disclosure. Few people are more desperate than a broke politician facing retirement, defeat or a divorce.

McCain’s anxiety may explain intelligence agency concerns that he and Lieberman are abusing their diplomatic immunity to ferry financial instruments from the Middle East to Israel and the U.S.

Corruption of the McCain type is more troublesome than conventional organized crime—and far more sinister. What would lead a U.S. Senator to sell us a war on false pretense?

Resignation would be the honorable way out. Will informed Arizonans urge that McCain withdraw from the race and resign? Or will he be driven from office and subject us to that spectacle?


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