John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 9)

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

Why would John McCain, a senior member of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, sell us a war on false pretenses? Unless he purposely led us astray, why has he yet to apologize?

Here in Arizona, no one dares ask the hard questions of McCain, now elderly and in the midst of his fifth Senate campaign. By all accounts, being around him is like walking on eggshells. He’s long been a notoriously volatile emotional volcano prone to erupt at the slightest provocation.

No one knows the true military history of the man who insisted that our military invade Iraq. After four six-year terms in the Senate, his real life experience remains a mystery to most.

What’s known is the “McCain brand.” The brand features wrapped-in-the-flag testimonials and photo-op visuals associating him with truth, justice and the American way.

But who is the real deal behind this aging facade?

His political packagers branded him early on as a war hero—a photogenic son and grandson of U.S. Navy admirals and a Vietnam-era prisoner-of-war. Right out of Hollywood casting.

That worked. Why delve any deeper? Just wave the flag, mark your ballot and move on, sucker.

You’ll not find his real history in the mainstream press. Nor in the history books. Not yet.

However, when the pictographic International Dictionary of Organized Crime is released, his photo will be featured next to the word “asset.”

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What can you say about someone whose profiled personality dysfunctions enabled him to be manipulated by others throughout the entirety of his tenure in public office?

Hero, Traitor or a Classic Asset?

Even modest research confirms a life pattern of deception and duplicity. Desperation must now be settling in at the realization that the McCain charade is over.

Were he honorable, he would have retired by now. But then that’s why he is who he is.

The real McCain manipulated the American public with phony intelligence. He lied. We know it. He knows it. Yet no one talks about it, least of all him.

Did he intentionally defraud us? Or did he allow himself to be used to obscure a mega-fraud perpetrated by others? Neither is a great leadership trait.

Here’s what our senior military officers long ago figured out: McCain is a liar and a phony.

John McCain was weaned on a family secret of shocking deceit. In 1967, his father aided Israel in covering up her murder of 34 Americans aboard the USS liberty during the Six-Day Land Grab. The crew suffered more than 200 casualties.

When the cover-up succeeded, President Lyndon Johnson rewarded Admiral McCain with a broader command.

Johnson was then having an affair with former Irgun operative Mathilde Krim. The winsome blond was then married to Arthur Krim, president of United Artists and chair of the campaign finance committee for the Democratic Party—led by Johnson.

In the annals of crime, organized or not, the fabled Six-Day War was an inside job. That taking of land was a region-wide provocation aided by Zionist staff and advisers surrounding Johnson.

With the scent of his Israeli lover still fresh on him, Johnson ordered the recall of American fighter jets launched off a U.S. aircraft carrier. Those jets were dispatched in response to a distress call from a U.S. Navy ship under enemy attack—by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats.

That U.S. retreat marked a first in U.S. Navy history. That incident also assured Tel Aviv that they could get away with anything—including the mass murder of Americans—and not jeopardize U.S. support.

In his later years, Johnson’s Defense Secretary Robert McNamara claimed memory lapses around the USS Liberty “incident.” The memory of the USS Liberty survivors remains intact.

Rewarding the Deceivers

Johnson gave McCain’s father command of the Pacific fleet with oversight of personnel on the ground, sea and air in that theater, including the war in Vietnam. That’s a big job. To have McCain’s son as a POW was a big deal.

To have that son do dozens of broadcasts for North Vietnam was a huge propaganda victory and another first in U.S. Navy history. The McCain family legacy of lies appears to date from then.

That USS Liberty incident affected the status of U.S. forces worldwide when Johnson gave command of the Atlantic fleet to the head of the Navy Board of Inquiry who aided the cover-up.

With promotions given those aiding a cover-up of Israeli crimes against Americans, what signal did our civilian leaders send to our military leaders?

Be careful. Thinking too long about that may give you searing insights into the dynamics behind our latest war.

Though McCain is widely and rightly distrusted and disliked by senior military officers, their distaste is dwarfed by the disgust felt by well-informed veterans.

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