DALE SUITER: Continued Frustration – but be encouraged!



By Dale R. Suiter STAFF WRITER

Working with Vets of different ages on an individual basis is rewarding. When a Vet “FINALLY” receives an entitlement or benefit it is a rewarding experience. Relief is a very common experience for Vets when the VA finally “kicks in”. Vets pay bills, get medical attention, go to college and obtain prescriptions buy a house and relax – or can they?

Often, following the granting of benefits Vets (and those that work to help them) develop an “over the shoulder” approach to life with the VA. There is an undercurrent of mistrust with the Vets I work with. I give in to it to. Why? Why do Vets not trust the one federal agency that many believe exists to improve the lives of very damaged military veterans? Forms, forms, forms and more forms.

Phone numbers, talk to machine after machine after machine after machine and on and on. For all those who work to help Vets – remember – it is all about the Vet and his or her family. Without individuals who work with Vets – many of them that do receive benefits would be destitute. Hang in there folks. When you (and the Vet) win one, sit back and enjoy the moment. They are not all that common.


Dale R. Suiter


  1. Thank you, William for your comments. One solution is to be persistent with appeals and claims until you get a yes.

    Remember – there are many good folks working in the military and VA medical systems. There are, of course, slugs too. The systems are hopeless, but are all that wounded and ill members of military and Vets have.

    Take care

    Dale R. Suiter

  2. Thank you, Mike for your comments. I agree – keep appointments and document everything. I view the VA system as adversarial. It is like lawyers that oppose each other in court. Vets are one side and the VA is the other. Many Vets I know view the VA as dangerous to their continued benefits. Fear is very real. It may not be the intent of the VA to cause disabled, ill, horribly wounded Vets fear, alarm, anixety, (yes, thoughts of suicide with some, i.e. loss of beneifits and as you describe, unempolyable)but for some, these issues are very real. I do not believe there is any attempt to “RELAX Vets when it comes to keeping their VA benefits. The system for some Vets is viewed as a life long issue that never goes away.

    Take care, Sir.


    Dale R. Suiter

  3. Vets must always “FORCE” government systems to comply with the promise(s) made to them as they enlist or were drafted. As I recall – back in 1966 the deal was free life time medical care. Just survive the war. I’ll bet I was under a misunderstanding, Dave. I am sure that MEANS TESTS, CO-PAYS, 2ND PARTY BILLING, (you make to much money)were explained to us in great detail.

    Wanna bet that Nationalized Health Care (Affordable Care Act) will eventually envolope VA Medical care too?

    Take care.

    Dale R. Suiter

  4. I like your positve swing on the article, Dale, BUT, I’m afraid my take matches Dave’s, Mike’s and William’s. The BVA or whatever one calls that mess, is a group of people either lost or incompetent. I don’t know which, because they appear to live in a large black hole. They show up to work whenever they want, step into their space ship, move the required ten folders per day across their desks (while tens of thousands, years old, sit in dusty piles), and they perhaps emerge from the vacuum at the end of the day. Who really knows? What a mess.


  5. When Veterans go through the claims system. they see the corruption and read the silly make beleave rulings by the VA. To take such a needed benifit and play games with it dangeling it in the vets face the way the VA does. I can tell you the fear of the VA stays with you forever. I have had benifits since 2001 and I’m still distrustful and it effects my health care. it took 25 years or me to get my first VA check. im 100% now and was supouse to be back in 1980 when I filed. But due to shredding and delberat violations of there own laws. Thats what happens when you rigged the process like that. IF you say that was the old VA or they dont due that no more. Just look at the court rulings on C&P. You cant get a claim approved wthou a C&P and the court find all the times claims being ruled on without a c&P. You know the way Military and VA Slaps on veterans medical file Personality disorder, You are dealing with a heartless orginization who is only looking at there bottom line.
    A coment on the Agent orange legislation. The legslatures say it is to costly to approve agent orange claims. I think this is the first time they have admitted a veterans right to comp is caped by cost restratints and not her qulifications. There should be a major uproar over this. Any one who wants to judgement proof themselfs, All they have to do is claim they dont have the money. Terry

  6. Part of it is even after they get the benefits they live with the fear that they will be called in for a C&P review and the new doctor will claim they have improved and reduce the compensation the veterans and their families are living on, and the vet knows his chances of being able to find a job now 2 – 5 years down the road will only make him less employable employers don;t like people with large vacant periods in work histories so if they get reduced from TDIU or 100% down to 50% or even to 30% the life they have is destroyed and there is no way to pay their house payments or auto payments keep food on the tabel buy the kids clothes and it’s a fear that doesn’t disappear they say a rating is NOT protected until the veterna has had it for 20 years after 10 years they are not supposed to reduce a compensation level based on one exam but once the VA gets one exam that shows improvement in the veteran they will schedule that 2nd exam real quick living in fear of losing your disability compensation when you are a mental wreck to start with PTSD or other mental health issues is a recipe for disaster some of us have multiple disabilities like me I have PTSD and cardiac issues that are not going to improve there is no surgical option and my heart is not going to repair itself and it will most likely only get worse as the years pass I am almost to the 10 year mark and am past age 55 so it is doubtful the VA would call me in for a re-exam and I was granted the P&T rating effective in Dec 2003, I keep all my VA doctor appts to maintain my treatment records and to show the current effects of my medical issues, many veterans cause their own problems by quitting treatment or going to any doctors VA or civlian once they get their VA claims granted and when the checks start coming in they stop all treatments what did the checks “cure” them? These are the same veterans that wonder why the VA calls them in for review if they had kept their medical condition documented by keeping their appts the VA would have their treatment records and would see there is no reason to review them with a new C&P exam as the records show they have not gotten better.

    The VA has a long history of treating veterans badly but many of the veterans help the VA cause them problems checks are not “cures” and quitting treatment does raise big red flags thats just a fact of life

  7. Vets don’t trust the government because they have a long history of making promises and not delivering that goes back to the Bonus Soldiers of WWI. The free Life Time health care promise for retiree’s is another Big Lie.

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