Lord of the Drugs
Hamid Karzai


By Colonel Eugene Khrushchev (ret) STAFF WRITER/Editor

With great gusto Karzai used to ‘play US like a fiddle’. Unabashed, he’ll continue to treat Uncle Sam as a sugar daddy – until the White House has the guts to face this worst kept secret fairly & squarely.

US Administration should face the music now and do it fast; between the midterm-election stupendous shellacking and pending AfPak strategy review come December – if it wants to avoid another debacle, this time in Afghanistan.

The hangover from the hand over

Unwittingly, the current commander in chief has adopted not only the Pentagon chief holdover, but his predecessor’s predilection for substituting policy for personality politics, especially in Pakistan & Afghanistan.
Remember the most ‘indispensable ally’ of the USA? That’s right, general Musharraff. The Bush Administration had propped him up till the last day – only to reap ‘the benefits’ of unprecedented anti-American sentiments in Pakistan. Ditto to Karzai, as far as the inevitable dénouement is concerned.

The difference between the two is worlds apart but somehow it has escaped Obama’s Afghan policy wonks: imported expat minion vs. home-grown native general, the poppy puppet vs. benign dictator, and the sly & capricious swindler vs. straight-shooting & dogmatic leader.

Obviously, Karzai is no match to Musharraff, but against heavy odds he somehow has outlived him politically and has surpassed him in the tail wags the dog chicanery vis-à-vis the White House presidents.

Despite the brazen record of flaunting, goading, cheating & blackmailing his political masters in Washington, Karzai Kabuli, has been neither ‘indispensable’ nor an ‘ally’ for anybody, anywhere, anytime.

This individual, as the Feds would say, has bamboozled his Langley case officers into suspension of disbelief, having sold the suckers on a fairy tale that in Afghanistan, free from Mother Teresa types, ‘though he’s a bastard, he’s an American bastard’, and, as one of a kind untouchable, he deserves an iron-clad protection & immunity for life from political reshuffling and criminal investigation.

What Wikileaks hasn’t noticed, is that so called [absent] US strategy in Afghanistan, has been usurped into Karzai’s strategy in and against America.

That’s how the unsavory deal with the devil was clinched: import of American democracy in exchange for export of Afghan drugs.

Whatever you call this nefarious project, Drugs for Democracy, or Democracy for Drugs, you got the picture, and it’s ugly either way.

What the State Department calls 3D vision, Defense, Democracy & Development, in CIA parlance that 3D vision stands, for the time being, for Destruction, Democracy & Drugs.

Long live the Lord of the Drugs, the Untouchable!



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