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Pakistan’s Political Turmoil Accelerates  

     By Sajjad Shaukat, PAK VT It is due to the undemocratic actions, being taken by the coalition government of the PDM-an alliance led by the...

Bi-polarity to gasping uni-polarity

Jim W. Dean - Raja is known as one of the top strategic writers in Pakistan where intellectual competition is fierce. There is no flair and flash here at all, just lots and lots of information.

Pakistan Joins Russia, Condemns Any Attempts to Topple Assad in Syria

"Pakistan is also against foreign military intervention in Syria and fully supports the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic," Aizaz Chaudhry said during a meeting of the Senate...

Why Pakistan wants a weak government in Afghanistan

By Masud Wadan for VT The relation between two neighboring countries having ethnic, tribal and linguistic affinity, mostly on border region, has remained strained since...

 Terrorism: India, Undermining Pak-Afghan Stability  

America must abandon its faulty strategy in this region and double standard, and must check Indian secret strategy against Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and other Asian countries.

Free Zaid Hamid!

The bedouin butchers who misrule Arabia are taking out their frustrations for their failure in Yemen on Zaid Hamid.

Hoax: S. Arabia calls in off-the-shelf nuke option with Pakistan...

At the prospect of the international community’s nuclear deal with Iran, Saudi Arabia has reportedly taken a decision to call in an old favor from Pakistan and get some of its nuclear weapons.

India to develop Iran port despite US pressure

Jim W. Dean..."India is exhibiting some national pride to the American Sanctionistas, that it also has some interests that it would like to protect."

Former CIA Station Chief to Face Murder Charges in Pakistan

According to the Guardian, Pakistan’s high court justice Shaukat Asiz Siddi has ruled that murder charges be brought against Jonathan Banks, the former CIA station chief in Islamabad. The charges relate to CIA drone strikes against innocent civilians in North Waziristan.

Hundreds of Drone Operators Quit Air Force

“We didn’t even really know who we were firing at”

False-flag attacks on women: From Malala to Isfahan

The war-on-Islam psy-oppers are mutilating women - and blaming it on their Muslim enemies.

Evolving Regional Scenario Around Pakistan

Nawaz led team is thinking and talking high and has announced highly ambitious mega projects which it intends completing during its mandated five-year tenure expiring in May 2018.

Taliban “Maneuvers” at Peace Table

The Taliban’s (Pakistan Chapter) has lived up to the tagline of unpredictable from the battlefield to the negotiation table. Surrounded by smoke screen, the GOP finally was able to convince all stakeholders that peace shall be given the first slot through negotiations with TTP.

America At War – Home and Abroad.

Though the government (prosecution and defense) rested its case and the judge ruled on the evidence, the public jury remained unconvinced that the September 11, 2011 attack was not an inside job, a false flag Coup d’ Etate to justify America’s declaration of war on the world and on its own citizens.

Pakistan’s Cliffhanger: Between the Good & Bad Taliban

The stalemate stretching over the uncertain future for warzone Afghanistan has markedly matured in the past few months, credited to American realization (though with limitation) that inclusion of Taliban in accepted norms into power will guarantee a lasting solution.

Pakistan’s Cliffhanger: Between the Good & Bad Taliban

The stalemate stretching over the uncertain future for warzone Afghanistan has markedly matured in the past few months, credited to American realization (though with limitation) that inclusion of Taliban in accepted norms into power will guarantee a lasting solution.

India Building War Hysteria

For the past few days, Indian media and the parliament are going full blast to build a war hype against Pakistan for five of their soldiers got killed.

Pakistan should tread steps watchfully

Delving into the history of Pak-US relations spread over six decades one finds that the US relationship was always transactional in nature.

Pak India Surge: Pre Emption or Rhetoric

Borders, whether declared or symbolic have always played a pivotal role in the revolving dynamics of two nuclear armed neighbors from South Asia, India and Pakistan.

Baluchistan: Between Culprits; the Accomplices

Another day breaks across Pakistan’s largest province, but unlike associated with the dawn, little hope accompanies it.

Military Headline News: Week In Review

A Florida lawyer has written Congress alleging that some veterans are falsifying Department of Veterans Affairs benefit claims for sleep apnea.

Pakistan Vote Rigged by CIA to Defeat Imran Khan

Another story not reported in the west, hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis are protesting recent elections.

Army is Neutral and Has No Favorites

Sudden emergence of Tehrik-e-Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) in December 2007 under unknown Baitullah Mehsud (deceased) from nowhere was in reaction to Gen Musharraf’s pro-US policies and its continued vendetta is because of the role of liberal parties pursuing Musharraf’s policies.

Some Suggestions For the Next Government

Anti-Kalabagh dam (KBD) lobby in Pakistan has successfully scuttled plans to construct KBD which is technically most feasible, economically viable and beneficial for all the four provinces.

The Perils Of Containing China

The Obama Administration’s policy of “rebalancing” to the Asia-Pacific appears to be a nascent attempt to contain China. It would behoove US policymakers to recognise a key distinction between Washington’s current proto-containment of China and its successful containment of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Masters-Not-Friends: Musharaf Goes on Trial

Pakistan is less than a month away from one of its most narrowly contested general elections, scheduled for May 11, 2013. It’s the election fever which should have gripped a country on the eve of elections, but somehow out of the blue all gossips and rumors have been overcome by the unprecedented arrest and trial of former General/ President/ Dictator, Pervez Musharaf (PM).

Electoral Flaws Encourage Rigging in Elections

Going through the political history of Pakistan, one is constrained to learn that till 1956, Pakistan was without a constitution and it banked upon Government of India Act 1935 as an interim instrument to govern the country.

Pakistan No More Taken for Granted by USA

There is no denying the fact that Pakistan suffered from leadership crisis after the untimely death of Quaid-e-Azam in September 1948.

India’s History of Hostility Against Pakistan

India has a long history of aggressions against Pakistan since its inception in August 1947. Soon after partition, India burdened Pakistan with plethora of unsettling problems and then forced a war on newly born Pakistan in October 1947 by making illegal intrusion in princely state of Kashmir that was to become part of Pakistan in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiris and laws framed for princely states by outgoing British rulers.

Factors Expediting Timely Pullout of ISAF

Apart from hostile eastern border which has remained a chronic security concern for Pakistan since its inception, Pakistan’s western border has also remained a source of constant irritation and anxiety.

The New SAVAK in Pakistan

Who's really behind the "sectarian violence" in Pakistan? Hint: Real Muslims don't blow up mosques.

Conflicting Perceptions of Stakeholders in Afghanistan

Few thousands fighters under Taliban leader Mullah Omar and Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbadin Hikmatyar have been fighting the occupation forces and ANSF for twelve years.

Mossad’s Pakistani agent arrested in Lahore

The arrest of Mossad’s Pakistani spy, whose name has not been released, is a blow to Israeli attempts to destabilise Pakistan.

Perfect Storm Sets Over Islamabad

It will be premature to coin “Pakistan Spring”, but it has all the potential not to be much different. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is under siege. Hold on, it isn’t the Indians from across the fence or the war loving Taliban.

Sabotaging Relations Between India and Pakistan

The killings of the 2 Indian & 1 Pakistani soldier at the LOC and the rising tensions & rhetoric need to be analysed. The killings of the 3 soldiers have an agenda to target India-Pakistan relations & that is obvious. On the 15th of January onwards India & Pakistan were going to start issuing "VISAS ON ARRIVAL" for Senior Citizens.

US Will Again Ditch Pakistan

Eleven-year war has not only given tremendous experience of fighting guerrilla war to both Army and militants but also has removed inhibitions and fears of each other.

CIA’s brand of Taliban now come with tattoos

Muslim men, especially those who claim to be doing jihad, are not supposed to have such paintings on them since they cause problems for offering regular prayers.

Pakistan’s JF 17, A Jewel in the Sky

The JF-17s left for Zhuhai with a pride, braving some of the harshest climatic conditions en-route. The aircraft flew more than 5500 Kilometers high over the snow-covered mighty and majestic Himalayas, Thunders landed at Zhuhai, China with two refueling stops on the Chinese Bases.

Afghanistan: Is Creating a “Narco-State” Considered “Nation-building?”

If an occupation of a foreign land has patently failed to make ‘residual’ sense even for its cheerleaders, what would be a corrective action? To call it quits, and get the guys & gals back home?

America Invents Real-Life Matrix

They were lawless, brutal, unforgiving and a model for the governments they both battled and served. A few notable figures perfected terrorism unlike any before or after.