JB Campbell: Responsibility is the Key to Power




We are ruled by parasites. We are ruled by people who not only don’t work but expect us to work for them. This is totally irresponsible on our part. And we have been carefully trained to be irresponsible because responsibility is the key to power. We can gain total power over our lives but not without accepting full responsibility for everything.

Billions of dollars are spent to make us irresponsible. They are spent by us, that is, it’s our money that’s being spent. Churches, schools, unions, Hollywood, advertising, sports but mostly the government spend our money in ways to make us irresponsible. We spend away our power on meaningless things and harmful things. So much so that our money itself has become almost worthless, because the most important harmful things we buy are government bonds that are then given to the owners of the Federal Reserve Corporation as collateral on the paper they sell us that we call “dollars.” The FRC calls them “notes,” or IOUs. They’re not dollars, they’re not notes – they’re just paper that we either accept in trade or we don’t trade.

Just about every bad thing that’s happened to us can be traced back to bad money. Bad money makes bad things happen. When we allow loan sharks to be our only suppliers of currency, our culture rots. We can easily trace the rot. It began in 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was enacted by our elected representatives. I have written that the Masonic US Constitution is a masterpiece of deception without any redeeming features, which had to be tamed by the Bill of Rights. Patrick Henry called it a design for empire, which is what we have had ever since Lincoln invaded the Southern States. The closest the framers got to redemption was the rule they made that the Congress would mint coins and regulate the value thereof. The dollar was strong and worth something until 1913, when the Warburgs seized control of our currency on behalf of the Rothschild Group. A Colt Six-Shooter, for example, cost about twelve dollars. Today the same gun (made by US Fire Arms) costs a hundred times that. A Ford truck cost three hundred dollars. Today one costs more than thirty thousand dollars and even that isn’t enough to keep the company afloat because our currency is rotting.

Within four years we were in the first of many international wars. No coincidence. The loan sharks, at no cost to themselves, make war loans to governments that can never be repaid. They’re not supposed to be repaid, but only to put us all in permanent debt to them. Our debts to them from WWI still haven’t been repaid and can’t be repaid, due to the little add-on percentage thing they call “interest.” Interest wrecks everything for us, including our rotting money. If everyone has to pay back more than he borrowed – and everyone does – then the only way to have enough extra is to inflate the currency supply. And if you have to pay the loan sharks a percentage on top of that, and “taxes” on top of that, well, the whole thing spirals out of control pretty quickly. Which is where we are today. Out of control.

How do we get control back? There’s only one way. We men must assume total responsibility for everything.

One of the most irresponsible things we do is vote. Another is to pay taxes. Allowing policemen “to protect and serve” us. Putting our children in “public schools.” Listening to preachers, priests and ministers about anything. Might as well listen to a rabbi. All totally irresponsible. But that’s how we’re trained to live and that’s how we are controlled. We have to break out of this trap and start thinking as men, not slaves. And we are slaves, make no mistake. Heavily armed slaves.

Never in human history has a people been in our unique position: Americans are some of the most well-armed people in the world, maybe the most well-armed. People think this is a result of the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights and that is partly true. But the actual, modern, massive arming of the American population was done by the CIA.

A CIA agent by the name of Sam Cummings “resigned” from the agency and started a company called Interarms, based in Virginia, back in the 1950s. Cummings had toured European battlefields as a young man and scavenged discarded machine guns, rifles and anti-tank weapons. He simply put them in his car and made his way to England where he started storing them in a warehouse in Manchester. When he joined CIA he told the director, Allen Dulles, about all the guns over there. Dulles was surprised and gave him the assignment to go back and get a tally and buy them up. Cummings did so and then soon left the agency to start his massive surplus firearms importing and distribution company, based in both Manchester and Virginia. All machine guns, submachine guns, rifles and pistols entering this country came through Interarms to be distributed through various jobbers and retailers. There are probably more guns in this country than there are cars, and unlike cars, guns generally don’t wear out.

Allen Dulles and his brother were founding members of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921. The CIA has always been staffed, like the State Department, with CFR members at the top. That’s why it’s known as the Rockefeller Secret Police.

So why would the CFR want Americans to be so heavily armed? For the same reason it wanted Hitler’s Germany to be heavily armed and able to put up a convincing fight. There has to be a credible threat, as we learn in The Report From Iron Mountain. The people must believe it’s real. If another civil war is planned, then both sides have to be armed. And the designated loser can always be disarmed later if there’s no food. No food is the specialty of the Jews. Also, Americans have never demonstrated a propensity for attacking their oppressors, as we see below. We might defend ourselves a little, but we let ourselves be pushed around by cops, attorneys and judges. It hasn’t occurred to us to get even with the ones who sent us to Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq. We just take it, like good little boys. That has to stop.

America was literally flooded with cheap surplus military weapons and Cummings had a CIA-granted monopoly on this importation and distribution. Then he began to arm other countries and became the most infamous gun runner in the world. But Cummings always said, as he repeats in his biography, that he never sold or supplied weapons without the direct okay from the CIA, that is, from his patron, Allen Dulles, or John McCone or Richard Helms or George Bush.

Any questions?

On the other side of the coin, we have the anti-gun groups Handgun Control, Inc and the National Coalition to Ban Handguns. Both organizations were funded and founded by an active CIA agent named Edwin O. Welles. Both organizations admit that handguns are just the camel’s nose in the tent. They want all the guns, or so they say. All they managed to do was to disarm us mentally. I suspect that that was all they meant to do.

The result of this CIA activity is that we are at once heavily armed but mentally disarmed. We have the guns and the idea that we are armed and free but mysteriously we have no will to use them as they were meant to be used. I’m sure this is an interesting phenomenon to the CIA and Mossad psychiatrists who study us so carefully. Yes, our rulers are uneasy that we have all these great guns but time has shown that it hasn’t occurred to us to use them to liquidate our sadistic oppressors, the greedy loan sharks.

It occurred to me, which was why I started the militia movement in the 1980s. It seemed to me that American men were in a downhill slide into national cowardice, thanks to all the public education and religion and anti-heroic Hollywood movies, plus the outrageous prosecutions of gun owners and those few who did use guns to defend themselves and their loved ones. It all added up to making American men into cowards. Obviously a lot of us didn’t want to be cowards and millions of us came to consider ourselves members of the militia just as soon as I suggested it. The militia was really just a state of mind. But it was not the state of mind that I was trying to create. I wanted to create revolutionaries to help overthrow our renegade gangsters headquartered in Manhattan. I wanted to create a state of mind that would treat Gun Police as rats to be exterminated. Ultimately, we would have to exterminate the head gangsters. No doubt the gangsters understood the implications and, as former CIA director William Colby wrote to John DeCamp, the militia had to be dealt with, justly or otherwise, not because militiamen had guns and practiced with them, but because there were so many of them and because they were made up of “society’s ordinary, successful citizens.” It was definitely a trend and it had to be stopped. As I have written many times, it was stopped by the atrocity at Oklahoma City. Colby himself was stopped soon after some of his admissions were made public.

Ironically, what undoubtedly frightened Colby and the others more than the militia was the ’93 shootout in Waco. I don’t think anyone will claim that the followers of “David Koresh” were typical Christians, considering they made money for the cult by dealing in guns. I wouldn’t try to say that they were militia people, either. They were unusual, quiet fanatics. But they had the grit that we all need when the chips are down. They defended themselves and killed homicidal Yankee aggressors, just as the Afghans are doing today. The Mt. Carmel gunfight, siege and massacre amounted to the modern-day but even more ghastly Alamo. The psychological effect of the deaths of four with many other casualties on the swaggering Gun Police was devastating and orders went out to avoid such a catastrophe in the future. The psychological effect of the mass murder fifty-one days later certainly helped me in my efforts to grow the militia movement, which was suddenly taken much more seriously thanks to those great Waco martyrs.

But I still couldn’t sell my plan for the actual overthrow of the Manhattan gangsters. The militia became a defensive state of mind, not offensive. It was gaining momentum and strength of numbers right up through April 19, 1995, when explosives were detonated inside the Murrah Building, killing around 168 federal employees and their children. Then it was all over, overnight.

There was no depth to the militia movement, which name I used only because some men need the authority, or permission, to be men. The old word, “militia,” gave them that authority. The Militia Act of 1792 stated that one function of the militia was “to suppress combinations too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.” That seemed to fit my needs exactly, because I was trying to suppress the Council on Foreign Relations and its co-conspiracies which were definitely too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.

There was no training to provide the needed depth and heart for withstanding the psychological assault of the OKC massacre. American men had had no training for such an atrocity. American vets were not reliable because of their massive brainwashing and conditioning to follow orders and their reliance on rank. The militia idea was too radical to ex-soldiers and marines who tended to fall back on their military ways. The militia was paramilitary with no rank, no leadership, no cults of personality. It was pretty much the same as the Leaderless Resistance advocated by Louis Beam, who renewed the concept developed by Col. U.L. Amoss. The constant threat was infiltration and false leadership by police and federal agents. And there was just no action, but rather a lot of talk and running around and stockpiling guns and ammo. And so, it fell apart when the chips were down.

We don’t need the authority of “the militia” now. We have everything we need. Any guns and ammo we don’t already have are down at the armory, waiting for us to pick them up. All we need is action against the gangsters. But to get the action, there still is something lacking and that is our acceptance of responsibility.

In an essay called Jewish Rule, I wrote that American men have to accept responsibility for what the Jews have maneuvered our government to do to the rest of the world. One reader thought this was an outrageous idea and that it was in conflict with my accusation of the Jews for all their crimes against humanity. Yes, the Jews are responsible for all the death and destruction, but we are responsible for allowing them to have it done by our government, in our name. Either we are men or we are slaves to the Jews. Which one would you say we are?

What that reader didn’t understand is that the path to power is our acceptance of total responsibility for everything our government has done. This is not a gag, because we actually are responsible. Billions are spent to keep us from realizing that, as mentioned. But now there’s less and less excuse not to know. For example, there’s a huge wall the Jews built around what’s left of Palestine. A big prison wall. That’s the symbol of Jewish Rule. They are deliberately starving an entire people to death and a few months ago they slaughtered humanitarians who were trying to bring food and supplies to those people. We know and everyone knows that America approves of Jewish sadism against humans. We are responsible for all that suffering, whether we admit it or not. When we admit it, we take responsibility.

The Jews destroyed Lebanon again, just a few years ago. That’s what the Jews do. The Jews stole over two trillion dollars from the Pentagon. That’s also what they do. The Jews knocked down the World Trade Center because they didn’t want to pay to demolish it legally. That sort of insurance fraud is known as “Jewish lightning.” They just took it to a new level and parlayed it into a couple of anti-Moslem wars with one more about to break. But now a whole lot of us, thanks to the Internet, know a hell of a lot about these things. That puts us under a certain obligation to do something. Especially now that we know the following… The Jews want Iran destroyed by nuclear annihilation.

It’s their bomb, after all. They invented it and built it and dropped it on hundreds of thousands of civilians. And gave it to Stalin and made a few hundred for themselves. It’s their scientific claim to fame, the only important invention they can brag about. As we know, they keep quiet on that subject. But I digress. This is about responsibility.

The most responsible man in the world right now is an Iranian engineer named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That makes him the most powerful man in the world. He is the role model, the man we need to emulate. Not only is he the president of Iran, but he has been accused for years of being one of the revolutionaries who took the 52 American embassy personnel hostage and held them for 444 days.

All American diplomats are spies whose jobs are to subvert and undermine the countries in which they work, and to place paid stooges in power. What our government did to the Iranians was so outrageous, but it took them about twenty-five years to get even a little.

The Iranians had a very popular prime minister in the early ‘50s named Mohammad Mosaddeqh. The British government’s oil company, BP, had been hogging all the profits taken out of Iran and Mosaddeqh had asked for an equal share, the way Aramco did with the Saudis. The Brits refused and Mosaddeqh nationalized Iranian oil, offering the greedy Brits twenty-five percent. The British answer, after obtaining a UN starvation blockade identical to that against Iraq in the ‘90s, was to get Alan Dulles’ CIA to overthrow Mosaddeqh for them in 1953. Our CIA put Mosaddeqh in prison (solitary confinement) for three years and then permanent house arrest until his death. Dulles put the corrupt and Israel-friendly Shah in dictatorial power over the people for the next quarter-century, which only ended when their smoldering rage ignited into anti-American riots in ’79.

If Ahmadinejad did in fact take part in the hostage action, that makes him a man of action, not just a great theoretician, as he proved in his appearance at the United Nations. But what placed Mr. Ahmadinejad in the Hall of Fame was his courageous descent into the belly of the beast. He was, for some demented reason, invited a few years ago to address the Council on Foreign Relations after his tour d’force at the United Nations. He didn’t do this at their actual headquarters at 58 E. 68th Street, but at the Intercontinental Hotel on 48th Street. They probably didn’t want him to see their actual headquarters. Might give him ideas.

This, to me, was the most profound moment in modern history. The one important man in the world who understands exactly what the Council on Foreign Relations is and how it has destroyed our world was invited to speak and defend his past statements – to them.

He defended nothing but rather went on the attack. He continued to belittle the Jewish fairy tale of the Six Million and asked again why the Palestinians should pay the price for something that has never been established? He asked them if the Council on Foreign Relations had one voice of support for the Palestinians? Silence was their answer. The man knew that Israel is the CFR’s little monster. He was playing with them.

Brent Scowcroft, GHW Bush’s consiglieri, was left shaking his head. “He’s a master of counterpunch, deception and circumlocution.” Translation: We couldn’t handle him.

Some of them might have been a little uneasy at the thought of this clear-thinking, straight-talking man having captured and held State Department employees for over a year. After all, the Council on Foreign Relations was organized to run the US State Department. That’s what the word “Foreign” refers to, with the ultimate goal of merging our country with foreign countries. The CFR’s maiden effort toward this end was scheduled for this year, at which time we were to be merged with Mexico and Canada. Obviously this isn’t going to happen this year, but it’s still their plan – if we do not burn down the building known as Harold Pratt House before then. It will also have to be bulldozed because it’s made of stone. Again, the address of this den of iniquity is 58 E. 68th Street in Manhattan, which is actually on the corner of Park Avenue and 68th. Harold Pratt was a director of Standard Oil and a Rockefeller relative.

Many Jews were upset at the invitation to Ahmadinejad and claimed they considered resigning from the CFR! Sure. So the affair was billed as a “meeting,” rather than the customary dinner. The Jews said they would not eat with him. Hors d’oeuvres were offered but the president wouldn’t touch them. Touche.

“And as he left, it was with a jab to his hosts. ‘At the beginning of the session, you said you were an independent group,’ he said. ‘But almost everything that I was asked came from a government position.’ Then he smiled, thanked everyone and left the room with a light step.” [NY Times, 21 Sept 06]

Mr. Ahmadinejad knows that the Council on Foreign Relations is the de facto government of the United States. He knows that the nuclear attack that is planned for his country was designed by the members of this iniquitous club of Rothschild/Rockefeller. But he still went there and messed their minds up. He so enraged those pampered, perfumed pimps that one of them said later:

“‘If this man represents the prevailing government opinion in Tehran, we are heading for a massive confrontation with Iran,’ he said.” [ibid]

We know what that meant. It meant that the Iranians are going to be irradiated. The question is, are we going to allow our Manhattan gangsters to get away with it? They are certainly our responsibility. And of course, the CFR disclaims all responsibility while claiming all power. “We’re just a think-tank – a private study group.” But the fact is that you can’t have power without responsibility, once honest men figure out what you’ve been doing. They have to answer for their actions, and for their crimes against humanity. They have to answer to us. If they don’t answer to us, they’ll have to answer to some angry foreigners. You just can’t keep mass murdering for ninety years and building the empire and ruining other countries without someone stopping you. Not in this day and age. It has to be American men stopping them. If someone else came over and wiped out the CFR, we would be in permanent disgrace. Our manhood would be irretrievably lost.

The Iranians are perfectly within their rights to attack the United States based on the many reports of our and Israel’s plan to attack them. The fact is, though, that Moslems do not engage in unprovoked action. They generally don’t engage in very drastic action even when they are provoked, although they have flexed their muscles in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, purely in self-defense. But we have driven them into a corner, and even a rabbit will bite you if you give it no way out of a corner. If Moslems were as murderous as the Jews claim, Israel would no longer exist as a Zionist entity. It is the Jews and Judaized Americans and Englishmen who attack without provocation, as they continue to prove. Jews are the masters of murder, as they proved with the USS Liberty, 9/11, in Lebanon, not to mention their genocide of Palestinians, of Russians and Ukrainians – and Germans.

The CFR is funded with Rothschild/Rockefeller money laundered at the tax-exempt foundations, money from the Federal Reserve Corporation, the energy corporations and the narcotics corporations. They have all the money in the world. They have all of our money but it’s still not enough. A CFR member named Dov Zakheim couldn’t account for over two trillion dollars from the Pentagon. Imagine that! Its members are Jews, Freemasons and those sexual perverts from the Brotherhood of Death at Yale University, often combinations of all three. There are virtually no normal people in the Council on Foreign Relations; they are mainly psychopaths who must be stopped before they destroy us all. There was one guy who may have been in there by mistake, Matt Simmons, but he died suddenly this year following his denunciation of the BP destruction of the Gulf of Mexico.

We should have a little background on the world’s most homicidal organization, the Council on Foreign Relations… An interesting history of the CFR can be found on their own website, of all things:


It’s not how I would have told it, but it reveals a narcissistic self-fascination and is an admission that they have run this government for almost a hundred years. The 20th Century was a mountain, an Everest, of dead bodies, only because of Them. And they’re not done. The first generation’s dead, the second’s dying but the third’s just getting warmed up. We normal people may wonder why these ghouls would want to preside over a graveyard. Don’t bother. It’ll never make sense. Just deal with what they’ve already done. These guys have a depopulation program that will boggle your mind. They plan to kill about 90% of the world’s people – maybe more. That’s not why I want to kill them all, for I doubt that they can pull this off. Mainly I want to get even for the ones they’ve already killed.

Everyone dies. It’s how someone died that counts when it comes to getting even. The Council on Foreign Relations caused millions of people to die in the most horrific ways imaginable. Problem is, they died in our name. Our presidents, our congress, our military. Our State Department killed more than any of them by setting up and supporting every Communist government in the world, ever since the first one in 1917. That’s where the big killing was done, by our Communists. And the State Department is run by the Council on Foreign Relations. Don’t ever forget that.

And now Israel is guiding us into a nuclear holocaust. “Holocaust” means “burnt whole.”

Israel was created by the CFR, which has subsidized it with our money since 1948. Israel earns all those stolen billions by destabilizing the Middle East and inflating the price of oil, because the CFR represents oil and banking, which are pretty much the same thing. Oil is real wealth and banking is fake wealth, but we don’t get one without the other.

They don’t want any more oil. There’s too damn much oil. They want less oil. They want us to pay more for less oil. They don’t need any more money because there’s too much money and it’s not worth much anyway. They just don’t want us to have any money. If we have money then we can afford to go after them. If we’re broke, then we can’t. It’s that simple. Who is in charge of our currency supply? Ben Shalom Bernanke. And if we’re sick with man-made diseases with no cures, then we can’t go after them. Poisoning through medicine was perfected by Jews centuries ago. If there’s a food shortage then we can’t go after them. Remember what Joseph did to the Egyptians? Same as Kaganovich did to the Ukrainians, and Eisenhower to the Germans. So we have to go after them before we go broke, get sick or starve. It’s going to be a race.

Their oil war in Iraq is being fought to keep most Iraqi oil in the ground. A nuclear attack on Iran will keep Iranian oil in the ground. If they could have kept Chavez in jail after their coup, he wouldn’t have been giving Venezuelan oil away to our poor people, or offering to lower the price to a permanent level that would still make his huge heavy oil reserves viable. If the CFR kills Chavez then that heavy oil will stay in the ground. The oil price is intended to skyrocket again, which should throw our already crippled economy into total chaos again. And this will take our minds off the CFR’s planned merger of America with Mexico and Canada.

The path to power is our acceptance of total responsibility. That means, as Americans, we accept responsibility for what our government has done in the past – all the way back to the beginning – and for what it’s doing now. Wrongs have to be righted, not immediately but they must begin to be righted. Some wrongs can’t be righted all the way because we’ve killed a lot of people. We can’t right that. But we can acknowledge the wrong we’ve done to others as a first step. And we’ve done the wrongs, by proxy, at least. Our parents and their parents let them be done just as we have.

For starters, we ought to learn the truth about the great American family holiday called Thanksgiving. Learn about that and see how America has treated others, even before it was called America. Our government exterminated the Indians, starting with Thanksgiving. What was done to the Indians was done to the Germans. Our government waged total war on other Americans from 1861 to 1865. Our government’s Jewish agents did it to the Russians and then the Chinese and so many others, recently the Palestinians and now the Iraqis. But the whole thing started with the American genocide of the American Indians. Those we didn’t exterminate we exiled to barren “reservations” and gave rotten diets and bad medicine. They’re dying out, as they’re supposed to do. How do we right that? The first step is to own up to it. Then we very humbly go to the tribes and ask them how they want to proceed from here? (The casinos are as destructive as alcohol and are often controlled by the professional money-changers.)

The Indians were the ones who had true personal liberty. When our European ancestors got here, they were a bunch of repressed religious fanatics, self-righteous and holy. They were also control-freaks with minds totally warped by their insane Christianity, especially the Old Testament believers in the Chosen People. Of course, they thought they were the Chosen People, same as the Jews do. They soon found a people who were generous and what we now call “democratic.” Study for yourself the truth about the Native Americans which is easily available on the Internet. Those sanctimonious, psalm-singing sons of bitches began to kill the natives who kept them from starving because they showed a good way to live which threatened the control of the holy Joes in charge of the Europeans. This bunch of faithful killers became what today we call Yankees. The grasping, self-righteous Yankee mentality would become the scourge of America, eventually wiping out the natives and, in 1865, the idea of secession found in the Declaration of Independence. Don’t bring up Slavery because the Yankees wanted that Southern cotton at the cheapest price they could get, and you know what that meant. They just didn’t want the Southerners to keep buying goods from England and Europe instead of from them.

The Old Testament would prove to be the undoing of Russia, too. The Russian Jews who wandered over here first lived in Russia’s Pale of Settlement. That’s where the Russians let them live after they were run out of Khazaria by the Golden Horde. They were a bunch of converts to Judaism and were so hard-core that they eventually asked the Russian government if they could have the judicial power to execute those among them who were unbelievers in Yahweh. The Russians said, Hell no, you can’t do that! This prohibition on the rabbis to execute heretics and backsliders was the gravest of crimes, in “Orthodox” eyes, and led to what became the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, although many attempts at revolution were made by the Jews before that.

So we have this combination of Old Testament-guided people in the Council on Foreign Relations, a combination of Jews and Yankees – estimated at 70% Jews. That doesn’t make the CFR a religious organization, obviously. But its roots are in the totalitarian dictatorship of Deuteronomy and Leviticus. Zionism means that the Russian Jews must emigrate from Russia to Palestine, seize it from the Palestinians and change the name to Israel, or Zion. And from there they would make the Law go forth. The Law is Deuteronomy. At this point you should actually read Deuteronomy, just to see what the Palestinians, the Iraqis and the Iranians are up against. It’s what the Russians were up against when all those Trotsky Jews were shipped over to St. Petersburg from New York. What the Germans were up against when Eisenhower gave all those Morgenthau Jews the green light in 1945 to slaughter POWs and civilians, in accord with Theodore Kaufman’s manual, Germany Must Perish!. We’re going to be up against it, too.

The Council on Foreign Relations created the United Nations in 1945. The UN eventually set up shop on prime Manhattan real estate donated by the Rockefellers, themselves a strange combination of Yankees and Jews. Yankee CFR member and Soviet spy Alger Hiss was the UN’s first Secretary General! The first new nation that the United Nations created was “Israel” in 1948. It is a fake nation, a fake nation of parasites that does not deserve to exist, as it is sitting on a foundation of lies.

So, we are responsible. For one thing, the UN is in America. Israel is supported by American tax money and our unpayable debt. We must repudiate this debt because it was incurred by fraud. Israel is the greatest fraud in history, and the most vicious. The UN is just a fraud, but it is the framework for what the CFR has in mind for us. The first step is the North American Union in which we will degenerate into another Third World dump and answer to the US, Mexican and Canadian armies.

We are responsible for everything we’ve done except for the debt. The debt to the Federal Reserve Corporation and to the Wall Street lenders and the bonds we trade for their counterfeit cash are based on fraud. Fraud nullifies all contracts, with no statute of limitations. We must repudiate the debt by nationalizing it. The Federal Reserve Corp would cease to exist because most of its directors are CFR. The rest would get the message and quit.

The Council on Foreign Relations has had a great ride since 1921. Its founding members had seized control of the US government ten years earlier through their control of Woodrow Wilson. They created the Federal Reserve and its collection agency, the IRS. They got us to invade Mexico. They started World War I. They created the Communist dictatorship in Russia. They almost got us in the League of Nations. When that failed, they formed the Council on Foreign Relations to design a real world war and a new, improved League of Nations. That only took them twenty years. After ninety years of mass murder, with much more in store, however, it is time to call a halt to their crimes against humanity. This cannot be done politely or by civil suit or by filing charges against them. What federal agency would prosecute them?

No federal or state or county or local agency will prosecute them. It will be up to us.

This essay amounts to a warrant for the entire membership, regardless of ethnicity, of the Council on Foreign Relations. It is also my personal opinion. You can figure just what kind of warrant it should be. This will be up to the reader and it will eventually be up to the millions of men who never read this but who will demand to know who is responsible for the coming national suicide of America. The word will get out that engine of our destruction is this malignant, toxic, private ministry of war known as the CFR.

Maybe this man has put into words what some readers are thinking:

“Supposing that in fact, you indeed, stand by all of your claims; that is, you are indeed, a ‘true blue’ defender of all that is good and true, and even, beautiful, then I have a question: Given your suppositions about the alleged omnipotence of your adversaries: Would it not seem a little odd that you are allowed to make your claims so freely — given the Power you ascribe to Them? Might it be possible, if not likely, that what I see as ‘your work’ (I know you – not) on the Internet is in fact, a service to Them who would like to identify potential ‘terrorists’ and would-be troublemakers.

If so, you are, so far, only serving those that you so wildly denounce because you and the website[s] on which your work is posted are the most heavily surveilled on the planet.”

The answer to these questions is, regardless of who is writing something, does it sound true or not? If something’s true, then it doesn’t matter if the one saying it has one motive or another. Even if Netanyahu said something that’s true, it’s still true. If something doesn’t sound true, then ignore it. Find the truth your own way. But if something is true and you ignore it, then watch out because the truth’s going to get you eventually. Maybe sooner than eventually.

I never said that our adversaries are omnipotent. I just said they’re mass murderers. If I thought they were omnipotent I wouldn’t write anything about them. As a matter of fact, I think they are extremely vulnerable once their little magic spell they’ve got on us breaks. This is how you break it, by speaking truth to power. I think our power is far greater than theirs, in terms of both numbers and truth. Do your homework and speak the truth.

The answer to the question about maybe making things worse for us by speaking the truth is: most of us, if we have any sense, are afraid of danger. The idea is to get past the fear and learn to defeat the aggressor rather than fear him. I mean, guys ride bulls, don’t they? Race cars, climb mountains? They learn how to deal with the threat with new skills and techniques and become, if they survive the learning process, professionals or at least skilled amateurs. This just happens to be more meaningful than racing motorcycles or the other blood sports.

And, if some guys have the guts and skill to master the blood sports, why is it that they chicken out when it comes to bloody politics? They’re both life and death. One’s fun and the other is not so fun. You can make a lot of money as a bull rider or racing driver. Bloody politics will bankrupt you, so that’s a good reason. It can also get you arrested and/or killed.

The questioner asks why this writer hasn’t been arrested or killed so far, if what I write about them is true? They’ve thought about it. Two FBIs told me that in Montana in ’96. The Secret Service threatened to kill me in ’91 if I got near Bush’s old man. Maybe they don’t want another Waco. Maybe they need a bogeyman, a home-grown Osama. I won’t indulge them in what they think they need. I’ll just keep saying what I think they need, which is a real ass-whipping.

Maybe they’ve tried. I was attacked three times in 2003. Attacked by poison on my steering wheel. I developed severe kidney problems two times and was permanently disfigured. If I hadn’t been married to a great doctor/healer, I might have croaked. The third time I found it on the wheel in time. Typical Jewish MO, but it could have been the feds.

Let’s start accepting our responsibility. All of it. Taking responsibility for our government’s past crimes will give us total power over our future. We will change America’s role in the world from a colonizing, war criminal superpower to a responsible and respectful and independent nation. Our first responsibility is to give the Council on Foreign Relations and anyone who works for the CFR a real ass-whipping.

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