Washington Post Shows U.S. Is a Rogue Nation on the Cusp of Madness


Philadelphia, Pa January 2011Washington Post reporter statement issued claims the “US Constitution has no binding power over anything.” The Washington Post a siren for the ultra underachieving bureaucratic apparatus bluff threat dynamic, confirms by reverse hate speech propaganda that the US is a rogue lawless nation on the cusp of absolute madness. Circumventing ‘We the People’ who lack a nation of laws are being lead by documented and self anointed admitted underachieving bureaucratic apparatus.

By Tommy Tucci

U.S. Constitution Articles Bill of Rights Protect ‘We the People” From The Government

The Washington Post subject title is extremely boring redundant lacks all merit, scholarship, sophistication and achieviement. In fact all pre-schoolers have a greater level of sophistication concerning the US Constitution Articles Bill of Rights. These are two-hundred-twenty-three-year laws to protect a great nation and ‘We the People’ from illegal underachieving government bureaucratic apparatus. Washington Post reporter statement issued claims the “US Constitution has no binding power over anything.” The Washington Post a siren for the ultra bluff threat dynamic confirms that the US is a rogue lawless nation on the cusp of absolute madness. Perpetuating underachieving bureaucratic apparatus false narratives of eternal victims who have now declared war on American citizenry and all humanity.

“When conservatives like [Robert] Bork treat rights as islands surrounded by a sea of government powers, they precisely reverse the view of the Founders as enshrined in the Constitution, wherein government powers are limited and specified and rendered as islands surrounded by a sea of individual rights.”
– Stephen Macedo
The New Right v. the Constitution

$10 Figure Stupidity
Circulating jingoistic banter by perpetuating particular negative images and buzz words serves no purpose than to impose particular negative results. Stupidity by the very same select exclusive self anointed select special interest group and self anointed reverse victims that are permitted to circulate guaranteed rights under “Free Speech.” Protection under the First Amendment to the US Constitution jingoistic banter and Islamophobic hate speech. “Stop Islamization of America both said they plan to run ads to counter the ad that touched off the controversy.” Posted by Seattle Times. Results such as divide and conquer by creating select exclusive special interest groups over the will and to the detriment of ‘We the People.’ The accelerated shadowing insecurity fear and reverse victim status of ‘select exclusive special interest agenda’ that America sirens throughout the world. “This systematic assault on free speech and destruction of a world wide resource of unmeasured value is, perhaps, one of the most serious acts of intellectual terrorism imaginable.” “VT bans wikipedia from all references.” Posted by VT

Select Exclusive Special Interests
Select exclusive special interest whims now shadowing through pious and sanctimonous self anointed reverse victims dynamic. The blatant example shown by the Washington Post declaring that US Constitution has no binding power over anything. The constant perpetuation of superiority-high-achievement-merit parody while simultaneously in the last 40 years America has been manufactured from the greatest creditor nation to the greatest debtor nation in recorded history. A flawed failed militaristic threat to the existence of the planet earth all its inhabitants, flora, fauna, and animal life.
Subjugated Collapsed Nation
So then, as all American citizens the question remains are we a “Beacon and Shining Light to the World” or are we being divided and subjugated into a failed collapsed nation. I served my country honorably with millions of Americans to protect a great Nation and the US Constitution. This service, honor, duty, spirit, country, family, community, religion is more than our current bureaucratic apparatus and military satrap underachievers of phony accolades, awards, flawed ideology, merit, and Noble prize parodies can claim.


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