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A decade after 9/11, there is still a debate about how the towers were brought down, even though most aspects of the 9/11 Commission report have been discarded.  3000 murders are simply being ignored.  For certain, no aircraft did significant damage to the WTC.  Building 7 proved that beyond a doubt, even to the point where those selling the fantasy of box cutters and buildings melting from jet fuel are hiding behind shills, disinformationists and paid media blusterers.

They are, in fact, hiding behind criminals, each and every person who actively supports the tale of hijackers and falling buildings today may well be a co-conspirator in the largest crime in history.

One thing has changed, there are now witnesses to the conspiracy, testimony to those who planned and executed 9/11.

It isn’t just government “junk science” against the laws of physics and nature.  The conspirators blabbed about it and we know who they are and can prove it.

However, just to put a nail in the government’s phony science, Jonathan Cole as done this excellent video:

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  1. Previous discussion (J.F.E., February 16, 2011 at 7:21 pm) in this thread has touched on burned cars: “And cars, whole parking lots of cars, well away from WTC 1 and 2 that are burned. Mechanical gravity collapse would not cause the temperatures required to burn cars that far away from the footprints of the buildings.”

    The following is a witness statement quoting relevant passages describing exploding and burning cars.

    WTC Task Force Interview
    EMT Patricia Ondrovic
    Interview Date: October 11, 2001

    Ondrovic page 5: “As I was running up Vesey, the first car blew up on me on the corner of Vessey and the West Side Highway. That set my turnout coat on fire, that set my hair on fire, and that set my feet on fire. I kept running.”

    Ondrovic page 6: “I guess that’s North Park. It’s a big green, grassy area, and there’s nothing there. As I was running up here, two or three more cars exploded on me. They weren’t near any buildings at that point, they were just parked on the street. The traffic guys hadn’t gotten a chance to tow anything yet, cause this was all during the first hour I guess of this thing happening. So there were still cars parked on the street that were completely independent of that. Three cars blew up on me, stuff was being thrown.”

    What to make of these quoted passages of Ms. Ondrovic’s interview?

    First, the interview was exactly one month after 911, so is a relatively contemporaneous interview with the events in question. Second, “exploding” cars, burning cars, does not seem to be something you would make up. It’s so far away from average people’s experience, it seems hard to believe it was made up. The observations are so striking, that it seems impossible that Ms. Ondrovic was mistaken in her observations or recollections. So, taking the observations as accurate, then what caused the cars to explode?

    This is possible evidence of micro-nukes, and where an electro magnetic pulse (EMP) comes into play. An EMP could cause metal objects to electrically “short-out” and then lead to explosions and burning of the cars parked on the street and in parking lots. Clearly, mechanical gravity collapse could not cause or explain these cars exploding & burning.

  2. I have to correct myself. The crater in WTC 6 (8 story building) had to be caused by a large explosion (whatever the explosive material, possibly micro-nuke), but the explosion had to occur during the collapse of WTC 2 or while the subsequent pyroclastic flows were still prominent (and mass confusion reigned) so that the explosion was literally covered up by the nearby demolition of WTC 2.

    However, from the link provided above, there are two pictures which show blown out windows, distorted window frames, and blackened molding on WTC 6 before the collapse of WTC 2. What strength of explosion is hard to determine, but the cause was not likely the explosion that caused the crater in the middle of the building through all eight stories, the roof, and all sub-basements.

    Such an explosion which caused the crater would have been identified and noted by people in the vicinity unless there was a massive distraction (like WTC 2 collapse & pyroclastic flows).

    But, again, like WTC 7, if WCT 6 was an intentional demolition (whatever the exact mechanism) then the twin towers was also an intentional demolition.

  3. Exactly, lets not get stuck on the Semantics of this.. we’re ALL in agreement it was Mossad and fiends (sic) and they used whatever they deemed necessary to get the desired result.

    Now its onto Iran??

  4. The Mystery of WTC 6 by by Christopher Bollyn June 23 2009

    This link discusses photographic evidence of WTC 6 (never heard of it — it’s an example of evidence that rules out a specific cause for an event).

    “WTC 6 was evidently damaged before either tower fell and had an unexplained crater that went to the lowest basement level. The basement of the building appears to have experienced an explosion at the exact moment the South Tower collapsed.” — Caption for an over head photo of WTC 6 with a crater directly in the center.

    “The mystery plume seen rising over WTC 6 evidently occurred as the second tower began collapsing. It appears to be a sandy-colored plume rising from the area of the crater seen in WTC 6. The plume appears to be rising from the exact area of the huge crater. The same explosion probably caused the secondary light plume seen in the second photo by the late Bill Biggart, seen below.”

    What is important to note from the image (frozen video frame) is that a huge explosion happened in the 8 story building BEFORE either tower collapsed.

    No mechanical gravity collapse of either twin tower caused the explosion in WTC 6. If there are any official story readers, here, like, say, Texas Vet, please explain how WTC 6 exploded leaving a crater that reached 35 feet below street level into the sub-basements, which happened before either tower collapsed.

    There are two pictures in the link that suggest explosions hit WTC even before WTC 2’s collapse was initiated.

    Please study the link because WTC 6’s explosion & resulting crater rules out a mechanical gravity collapse for either twin tower. Why? Because WTC 6 is proof that demolition was carried out in part of the WTC complex, and if one building was bombed (either micro-nuke or conventional) in the WTC complex that RULES OUT the official story that all damage was due to the two plane strikes.

  5. Yes indeed I heard about the plane in Argentina.
    Do you have a link from that Journalist? Kawther Salam



  6. Several witnesses in the basement stated that others had, “hanging”, skin.

    Hanging skin is indicative of being exposed the radiation of nuclear device. Many survivors of Hiroshima were reported as having “hanging” skin.

    The following youtube:

    Is a powerful presentation:

    Watch the video to the end: Witness testimony is clear that a bomb (s) detonated in the basement, but, also, at 6:58 in the video, a live remote T. V. video feed from the morning of 911 is presented. You hear the first plane approaching, but an instant before the first plane hits, there is a “boom” type noise, but more important, an electromagnetic distortion briefly disrupts the video image, then the next instant the plane can be heard hitting the WTC 1.

    A plane hit at the top of the building would not cause an electromagnetic distortion on a remote live video, but a micro nuke would.

    This electro magnetic distortion is an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP)caused by a nuclear detonation. So, there it is, the initial nuclear detonation is caught on a live video feed tape (at the time).

    At 4:44 of the video, witness testimony describes “hanging” skin of person in the basement (and hearing & feeling an explosion below him [this witness was in the basement] and then another more distant explosion above him). Another witness in the basement reports a victim with “hanging” skin.

    (“Hanging” skin and “melting” skin were reported after the Hiroshima nuclear bomb bast in Japan at the end of WWII.)

    Off video, but documented in other videos and witness testimony: The China Syndrome, pools of molten metal in the footprints of all three WTC buildings. And cars, whole parking lots of cars, well away from WTC 1 and 2 that are burned. Mechanical gravity collapse would not cause the temperatures required to burn cars that far away from the footprints of the buildings.

    Cars, burned in unusual patterns, half the car burned, car doors popping out of their frames, cars burned, but rubber untouched, cars burned from the inside out. This suggests electromagnetic plasma (free electrons & ions) were present within the pyroclastic flows causing electrical “shorts” upon contact with the metal components of the cars and the potential of eddy electric currents due to changing magnetic fields within the pyroclasitic flows. Changing magnetic fields are caused by changing currents of charged particles which are present in electromagnetic plasma.

    Mechanical gravity collapse would not cause flows & currents of charged particles consistent with electromagnetic plasma within the pyroclastic flows.

    Watch the video to the end!

  7. Ron Paul 2012:

    The following paper is my source for the presence of Strontium & Barium (the paper also notes other elements found consistent with nuclear reaction):

    While the following may or may not be the exact mechanism (the hypothesis I favor involves multiple micro-nukes) of the micro-nuke demolition of WTC complex, it is a good discussion of the facts & evidence that supports the micro-nuke theory of the demolition of the WTC complex:

    Ground Zero: The Nuclear Demoltion of The World Trade Centre

    William Tahil, B. A.

    In addition, Ed Ward, M .D. reports on 55 times higher than background levels of tritium:

    Ron, as you know low level radiation exposure (and/or short duration exposure) generally doesn’t result instant cancer, rather, cancers appear over time.

  8. Very nice work, Jonathan. Lots of very fine skills that you have, especially the skill of wry persuasion (‘…I guess it can…’).

    Hey, you must have understanding and accommodating neighbors, with all of those explosions and light offs going on!

  9. Post the links, I would like to see it.
    Considering I was at ground zero many times right after the event I can assure you I’m not dead from radiation poisoning…

  10. Ron Paul 2012, we have real evidence of Strontium & Barium observed & measured by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) at ground zero and vicinity.

    Ron Paul 2012, How do you explain the presence of Strontium & Barium at ground zero and vicinity?

    How do you justify ingnoring this scientific evidence?

  11. Ingrid:
    Something is definitely UP in South America. This from Palestinian journalist, Kawther Salam:

    “Last week, a lawyer from Chile wrote me congratulating me for my journalistic work and informing me about the presence of so many Israeli soldiers which he encountered while in the south, whom he describes as impolite and rude.

    In Patagonia in Chile and Argentina you can see the IDF criminals piled everywhere, like heaps of garbage. In 2004 I saw the huge number of the Israeli troops spreading in the south of Chile.

    Some were carrying electronic equipment in their backpacks and under their T-shirts, as if they were on an official mission. I saw these Israeli criminals on ships, in the bus, on the streets of all towns and villages, at the coffee shops, in the restaurants, in hotels and … everywhere, right and left. Some of them identified me, and I also identified some of them who had been stationed in Hebron, but I kept my distance.”

  12. The evidence is clear, and the United States of Israel will forever be under the control of DHS as a result of it. Throughout world history millions of innocent people have been sent to the gallows. The few have always ruled the many. American freedom died when the US Supreme Court chose its president.

    The American spirit was crushed when the twin towers and building 7 were blown up. Waiting for some USA official office to agree with your findings and undo all this damage will never take place; as long as Israel remains in control of these official offices and office holders. They won, they beat America, they literally licked the shit out of us.

  13. Great video, thanks!

    WeAreChange is what Code Pink wanted to be and somehow magically disappeared after Obamas inauguration…


  14. @Dave

    Dimitri Khalezovs nuke theory is very interesting, and the chasm underneath the towers is something to think about.

    However, it doesn’t explain how the top of the towers fell first, not to mention the thermate evidence has been peer reviewed from an outside source. Of course there could have been mini-nukes planted throughout the building, but I haven’t found any concrete evidence of it.

    So lets stick with the real evidence we already have and look at the other theories with a grain of salt.

    No plane “September clues” posters will show up here in 3…2…1…

  15. Well said.

    Anybody now busy dot connecting the items you have laid down has the perspective of nearly 10 years of this deception to finally “GET IT”.

    The monumental crime of the century is unraveling in every direction and with each day the OFFICIAL LIE and its’ defenders come closer to their miserable end.

  16. I agree with that.

    After all, the real perps behind the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB didn’t want to chance the ‘Twins’ falling onto any of their Temples of Mammon, like the NYSE; the NY branch of the Federal Reserve or any of those “Too Big To Fail” Wall Street gangster bankster outfits.

    Those were needed to pull off the greatest heist in history; the looting of Americans 401k accounts and pension funds and money invested in the stock market, all hidden behind non-stop Zionist MSM reporting of al CIA Duh boogiemen, wanting to leap out from behind a BUSH and slit our throats.

    We were too scared to be concerned about what was going on in Wall Street, aided and abetted by SEC flunkies, a corrupt Congress and a drunken ignoramus in the White House.

  17. Cheney Confronted by 911 facts

    The testimony of Norman Mineta before the 9/11 Commission leaves compelling questions about former Vice President Dick Cheney’s actions on the day of 9/11. Then Transportation Secretary Mineta witnessed Cheney refuse to contradict an apparent stand down order as an aide warned of something incoming at the Pentagon. Cheney has given conflicting reports about what time he entered the PEOC bunker. Mineta later confirmed his suppressed 9/11 Commission testimony and refuted Cheney’s account of arriving later.

    Yesterday, confronted Cheney about these questions, which he refused to address.
    “Hey Mr. Cheney, what did you do in the underground bunker on 9/11? Dick Cheney we know what you did on 9/11 with the standdown order. Norman Mineta testified against you on the 9/11 Commission report. What happened on 9/11?”

  18. If there are MOSSAD agents running loose in the US, who knows where they will strike next.. I get the strong impression that they are crazy psychopaths who perfect the art of death and destruction..

  19. Speaking of Argentina, (and not wishing to detract from the importance of the subject of the video,) but, did anyone else hear the report yesterday about the US cargo plane which was searched in Argentina? Massive amounts of drugs and weapons were found. The Us government were asked for an explanation. Haven`t heard anymore..

  20. Dimitri needs to embark on a proper scientific study.He needs team of scientists led by the likes of Niels Harritt and produce a peer reviewed paper that cannot be disputed.He needs also to explain why he discounts the nano thermite theory.

  21. Not all the evidence was destroyed Dave.Profs Niels Harrit and Steven Jones got lots of dust from reliable sources.There is also on display the conglomerate of steel and concrete melted together known as the ‘metorite’ which would have much chemical evidence.

  22. But the deception is voluntary self-deception, denial. Any rational individual with an ounce of common sense knew what they were witnessing in the collapse of those buildings from day 1, with or without an engineering degree.

    It was more a matter of pre-positioned mouthpieces in media, academia (i.e. Thomas Eager the Bush Admin beneficiary from MIT who concocted the “pancake theory”) who reinforced the pre-scripted official line and led many astray with repetition of the lie (The Big Lie).

    Admittedly there are far too many with no understanding of history, leastwise political history, who could see the ghost of the Reichstag Fire illuminated in the burning towers. Even the political payoff was similar, with an admin near rock bottom popularity just prior, suddenly elevated through fear into one of unquestioned authority.

    The rest is history, one written in the blood not only of the thousands killed in NYC, but the millions slaughtered by our imperial military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Where this will go, after the passing of a decade, with so many disparate entities holding key pieces of evidence is anyone’s guess. One can only hope they are not “accidented” by those who stand to lose everything should the public come to its senses and find its cojones to do something about it.

  23. Nano Thermite or Micro nukes, who knows? Since the evidence was so quickly deliberately destroyed, we’ll never know for sure. The one thing we can all agree on is, it’s impossible for two plane loads of jet fuel to disintegrate three steel skyscrapers.

    September 11 was an inside job and the American Sheeple have been deceived.

  24. I’m waiting for a brazen Mossad agent to write a book about how the Mossad and their traitors in the US government did 911. Surely some Mossad agents want to boast about their evil accomplishment. Yes, they may use a moniker.

    I think Mossad headquarters is mildly pleased that some of the Mossad/911 information is out on the Internet. After all, to psychopaths it’s no fun murdering a large number of people in a dramatic fashion and not get credit for it. They know there’s really nothing Americans can do about it. This is the United States of Israel.

    If there’s any Mossad agents lurking here, I want to know if the Mossad used a multi stage shaped charge warhead device to make the hole in the Pentagon.

    Also, is this what happened in Mossad headquarters during the planning stages of the deranged event:

    Please use an appropriate fake name such as Frankist Luciferian in order to avoid the ire of Mossad headquarters. They could take away your Mossad coffee cup.

  25. I agree HP. There is photographic evidence of support columns having been totally sheared through along a 45 degree angle. Once the thermite cut through, a jolt from an explosion would knock the upper part of the column off the lower part thus initiating building collapse. Look at the picture on the link below to see what I mean.

    Kurt Sonnenfeld was a FEMA videographer who was allowed access to ground zero after 9/11 and in addition to the photographs and video he took on behalf of FEMA, he is reputed and claims to have taken additional video footage as well as numerous photographs. He claims that these recorded images will provide evidence about the nature of the Collapse of the World Trade Center when scrutinized by experts. As of August, 2010, he is seeking such experts to review his footage.

    Sonnenfeld believes that the US government wants the video footage that he still possesses and has sought to discredit him through his first wife’s suicide. The US government sought his extradition from Argentina, but the Argentine court ruled against it. His status is thus a political refugee from the United States living in Argentina.

  26. Certainly, thermite has been found in the WTC dust. But just as certainly elevated levels of Strontium & Barium, beyond naturally occuring background levels, was observed & measured by the United States Geological Survey in the immediate vicinity of the WTC complex.

    Strontium & Barium are known products of nuclear reactions. In fact, there is no known process that creates Strontium & Barium in those elevated levels besides nuclear reactions.

    So, yes, let’s “stick to the proven scientific facts.”

  27. They used thermate here to melt the steel.Nano thermite is many times more reactive.They didn’t use it here because even today it takes a highy sophistocated lab to produce it.How did cave dwellers in Afghanistan do it?

    Dimitri Khalezov discounts the nano thermite theory and says a mini nuke was placed 50m below the basement.We have scientific proof of nano thermite and we should stick to the facts.Dimitri maybe trying to confuse the issue thus making all theories look ridiculous, giving creedence to the official theory.

    So stick to the proven scientific facts.

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