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VT Nuclear Education: The First Stages of the 2014 Investigation of...

- Everything we are told about nuclear weapons, who makes them, how they work and what they do is a lie. Truth is an orphan.

Trump could hang Bill Kristol over 9/11

Why is Bill Kristol terrorized by Trump? Because as Roger Stone recently said on the Alex Jones Show, 'Trump knows about 9/11.'

FFWN: “Boozing, pot-smoking Islamic fundamentalists wreak havoc”

America averages more than one mass shooting per day. But virtually the only ones we remember — due to Zionist media hype — are the ones blamed, however absurdly, on "extremely un-Islamic Islamic extremists."

Trump: Israel-did-9/11 protestor is a Trump guy

"Hey - Hey. Listen to me Trump! Five Jews Arrested on 9/11 In New Jersey, Not Muslims!"

Pynchon’s BLEEDING EDGE – the Great American 9/11 truth novel?

Kevin Barrett - It was Reality, not just America, that toppled in the controlled demolitions of September 11th, 2001... so why isn't Thomas Pynchon's book a NYT bestseller?? ...because the Powers that be don't want you to read it.

Hey Trump! ISRAELIS cheered 9/11 attacks, not Muslims

“That is an official admission from Israeli intelligence agents that they had foreknowledge of the destruction of the World Trade Center."

Israel was prime force behind 9/11 attacks: American scholar

Trump is right - somebody got caught celebrating the demolitions of 9/11. But it wasn't Arabs.

Press TV Debate: Dumbed-down West brainwashed into hating refugees

The United States has destroyed nation-states in the Middle Eastern and African countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan, but Washington refuses to shoulder its responsibility to the people who lost their countries as a result of the US foreign policy.

TRUTH JIHAD: Tribute to the late René Girard with poet/scholar Tom...

To understand the hidden elements behind the 9/11 human sacrifice, you need to read René Girard.

9/11 suspect Silverstein launches new $500 million WTC scam

Larry's back - and asking for LOTS of money. I'm only asking for a little.

Was British MP Michael Meacher murdered to cover up 9/11?

British 9/11 truth icon Michael Meacher, who was pushing for a new official inquest, has dropped dead "after a short illness."

Truth about 9/11 would take down the US as a global...

"9/11 truth has been a smoldering barrel of political dynamite. And now it’s smoldering a little bit harder, and it might just go off.”

“Donald Trump is a TRUTHER!” – 9/11 suspects Bush, Giuliani and...

The 9/11 perps are squealing like stuck pigs - because Donald Trump just "stuck a shiv into them."

Farrakhan’s “Justice or Else” march rocks DC

We already know 9/11 truth. Now it's time for "JUSTICE OR ELSE!"

Reflections from Nazi HQ @BerlinWall

"Nazi terror museum" beside the Berlin Wall: Monumental hypocrisy.

TRUTH JIHAD: Attorney John Remington Graham files motion: Free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev!

The FBI's own evidence proves Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent.

TRUTH JIHAD: “No statute of limitations on treason or murder!”

Karl Schwarz saw the neocons up close and personal when they were preparing 9/11 - and disaster for America - in the 1990s.

International TV channel broadcasts 9/11 truth on anniversary

On the anniversary, remember 9/11 (was an inside job).

TRUTH JIHAD: 9/11 Anniversary Special!

Host Kevin Barret speaks with Tony Gosling on the dark forces behind false flag terror

Dust Has Not Settled On 9/11

But the dust has not settled on 9/11 and it is the spirit of people like Marcy Borders, who refused to stay at her desk as instructed, and scrambled to safety from the North Tower on that fateful day in 2001 ~ that serve as a reminder that the truth of 9/11 will eventually emerge from the dust and that justice will eventually triumph

TRUTH JIHAD: Ibrahim Soudy on 9/11 Truth Coalition; Sander Hicks on...

"Why did Jeb Bush seize phony 'flight school' (CIA drug airstrip) records at 2 a.m. on September 12th, 2001?"

GOP candidates fighting to grab big piece of Zionist pie: American...

Repubnikins grovel shamelessly for Zionist moolah

West Point professors plan to bomb newsrooms, colleges stems from 9/11...

William Bradford, who wants to kill professors and journalists and bomb holy sites, is "American ISIS."

Iran deal deadlines: Hidden messages to neocon 9/11 perps?

If Iran deal is submitted to Congress Monday, the 60 day deadline to vote it down will be... September 11.

9/11 Science: Craters and Explosive Damage

Dazzle them with real science if all else fails

Truth Jihad: Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney on America’s post-2001 descent...

Exactly what happened to American democracy, and why, in the wake of the 9/11 false flag operation?

9/11, 28 pages cast shadows on Jeb2016 candidacy

Rand Paul's push to blow 9/11 open with the "28 pages": A shot across Jeb's bow?

Truth Jihad: Rand is Right, Release the 28 pages and expose...

Rand Paul, Walter Jones and the rest know that 9/11 was an inside job. The push to declassify the 28 pages is a back-door attempt to re-open 9/11.

Osama was a conspiracy theorist?!

The new face of the "conspiracy theorist" : Osama Bin Laden.

20th Anniversary THREE-Million Man March planned for Next October

A potential game-changer is coming to Washington, DC in October.

NEOConservatives Waging ‘War of Deception’ Against Americans

"These people should be punished not only by being voted out of office, but ultimately they’re traitors to the United States and they should be tried and sentenced for treason.”

Panicking ADL attacks “We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!”

The Anti-Defamation League is terrified by a new book exposing the lies surrounding January's shootings in Paris.

False flag fails: A new paradigm shift?

Will Bibi order a hit on Obama? Blow up the Sears Tower? Or have his hands been tied by the spread of false flag awareness?

9/11 was ‘mother of all false flag attacks’

The 15 Saudi patsies of 9/11 were in the US on CIA snitch visas - meaning they were CIA assets.

“9/11 on Iran to backfire” – Sen. Feinstein

Feinstein is warning Netanyahu in part because Netanyahu is very dangerous, always capable of mounting a false flag attack, 9/11 style, which he would try to blame on Iran.

Indictment of a U.S. President for Mass Murder

Bugliosi Presents a Case Against George W. Bush for Mass Murder

Bibi’s Hatred And Fear Mongering Goes Viral

The problem is that consummate liar Bibi does not have a credible moral leg to stand on and is increasingly becoming the highly visible rogue threat he is warning the world against....

Dear President Obama: Send Bibi to Gitmo!

Thanks to Bibi's nuking the World Trade Center on 9/11, you inherited "special powers." Go ahead and use them!

22 years of fake “Islamic terror”

On this day in history…the phony "war on terror" was launched.

Pro-9/11-Truth Director Denied “Best Film” at Oscars

As far as I can tell, there are only two genuinely great American directors: David Lynch and Richard Linklater – and both are 9/11 truthers.