By Gordon Duff Senior Editor VT

The brutality in Libya can’t be allowed to continue.  Colonel Gaddafi, through his sweetheart deals with oil companies and his “good friends” like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, has managed to remain in power for over 40 years.  America has prepared to topple his rule a dozen times, each time he has maneuvered, bribed and cajoled, each time he has managed to survive.

Now he is murdering his own people by the thousand.  He is doing so because he has no place to go in exile.  Nobody will have him.  He is fighting for his life like a caged animal.

When Saddam slaughtered the Kurds, Bush Sr. stood silent, called back our aircraft and watched.

We are now doing the same, talking sanctions but secretly hoping that Israel’s friend in North Africa will somehow survive while an American carrier battle group sits offshore.

This is the slaughter of the Kurds all over again.

America feels it no longer has moral authority to act for decent democracy loving people, not since the brutal and mindless acts of the Bush administration.  We can’t allow an era of criminality to define America as a castrated giant.

Over seventy years ago, American volunteers went to China to provide the only resistance to Japans air armada that was devastating China’s cities.  The American Volunteer Group (AVG) or “Flying Tigers” are still remembered in China, still revered as heroes.  Our “greatest generation,” those who fought in World War II, was a generation of heroes.

It can be this way again.

The United States has every right and reason to act unilaterally to eliminate Gaddafi and the cabal of gangsters that surround him.  Americans are dying every day, particularly in Afghanistan.  They are giving their lives in a war against a people who believe they are fighting for their own freedom.  President Obama, who had promised to end the conflict in Afghanistan has been trapped by his own timidity and in doing so has put reigned over continued injustice, seeking nonexistent solutions to an unwinnable war.

Libya is here and now.

Libya is right against wrong.

If Americans have to give their lives, if we have to see our dead returned to their families, let it not be as it was during the Bush era, secret planes sneaking back to America in the dark of night.

We can still be a nation of heroes if we are allowed to be, if we are led honorably.



Tony Blair ‘too close’ to Gaddafi regime, David Cameron claims

Tony Blair built too close a relationship with the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi, David Cameron has said.

By James Kirkup, Qatar 7:15PM GMT Wednesday 23 Feb 2011

-The Prime Minister criticised the way his predecessor established ties with the Libyan dictator, whose violence against his own people has turned the spotlight on Britain’s dealings with his regime under Labour.

Mr Blair famously restored relations with Col Gaddafi at a 2004 meeting in Tripoli dubbed the “deal in the desert.” That led to scores of British companies starting to do business in Libya, and was followed by the release in 2009 of the Lockerbie bomber.

Mr Cameron said that Mr Blair’s initial dealings with Col Gaddafi had been justified because they may have helped dissuade the Libyan leader from developing nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

But clear limits should have been imposed on Britain’s subsequent dealings with Tripoli, he said.

“In terms of what Tony Blair did, clearly it was right to encourage and then to welcome Libya to give up its weapons of mass destruction,” Mr Cameron said.


Please help us, my good friend Tony Blair:

Gaddafi’s son asks for former PM’s help to ‘crush enemies’

By Nabila Ramdani, Tim Shipman and Tom Leonard
Last updated at 8:38 AM on Friday 25th February 2011

Tony Blair is still a ‘good friend’ of the Libyan dictatorship and should broker a deal to keep it in power, according to a son of Colonel Gaddafi.

A close ally of Saif Gaddafi last night urged the former prime minister to help put his country on a ‘stable footing’.

The Tripoli-based official told the Mail: ‘Tony Blair was attending meetings with the Brother Leader until last year.

‘He is peacemaker in the Middle East, and should be able to use his talents for peacemaking here. We need his diplomatic skills now as we set about crushing our enemies…………


In January 2008, Mr Blair accepted a position as a consultant to the American bank JP Morgan Chase. He is understood to be paid about £2 million a year for his part-time consultancy work. The bank and its asset management arm are also members of the Libyan British Business Council, a lobby group set up to secure big money deals with the desert dictatorship.


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