“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

In Wisconsin, State Police cars are searching for missing legislators. The fist pounding on the door in the middle of the night, reminders of Germany, 1936.

A state governor is tape recorded taking orders from an Israeli billionaire.  Children in state after state are being packed like cordwood into crowded classrooms as schools close.  Not just teachers but police and firemen also, await pay cuts, elimination of health insurance and even firing as state governments seem to be declaring war on their own people.

Government services across the Midwest are slated to virtually disappear.  Government protections, fire, safety, air, water, workplace and protection from frauds and financial abuses are on the chopping block.  The very roots of civilization, even law and order are being sabotaged.

A region the size of France and Germany faces a bizarre hybridization, half fascism, half feudalism, open warfare, rich against poor, powerful preying on the weak.

Is there more to the political battle in the Midwest than just workers’ rights and closing schools and rationing health care?  Have the new “extremist”  state governors, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, gone too far, combining huge tax breaks to their friends while closing schools, firing teachers and gutting public services?  What if the inflammatory measures taken by “reformist” Tea Party governors are, as many now believe, evidence that those who promised to “fix the system” are really tasked with a broader and more destructive agenda, that of bringing America to its knees?


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Who would want America’s government weak and compliant, divided, perhaps even under foreign domination yet with her military intact, ready to lash out in response to phony intelligence, imaginary threats or a new 9/11 style false flag attack, one we hear predictions of daily?

Is there evidence that the Tea Party “reformers” are, as is so often the case nowadays, a solution “chosen to fail?”

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Are those who gravitate toward cynicism and conspiracy simply “situationally aware” and no longer a paranoid fringe?  Have things in Washington deteriorated so far that only a handful of elected officials aren’t being bribed, blackmailed or both?  Are there that many?

The media has rushed to defend the Koch Brothers, tied to the Israeli lobby AIPAC with its spy scandals and heavy handed agenda of pushing for war on Iran, bagmen and conduits for the Zionist move against the Obama administration, now believed by Israel to be an unenthusiastic “partner.”

Obama may “veto” on demand to save Israel from UN sanctions for human rights violations but has not met expectations on Iran.  It will take a shipload of cluster bombs to do that, perhaps a bit more.

The “Koch boys” are tasked with closing that deal.   America will be broken, this is what is believed.  Thousands of Americans in the streets are saying a resounding “NO!”

As juicy as target as Iran may be, isolated, no air force, oil and gas wealth beyond imagination, America may well be easier to take down.

Defending the “Federal reserve franchise,” the gaggle of banks, many Rothschild controlled, that have repeatedly crushed America’s economy since 1913, the illegal and unconstitutional monstrosity that bleeds America dry, that is another task for Israel’s Tea Party commandos.

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan were never the real target of AIPAC with its media arms, the Murdoch/Fox empire and Wikileaks.  Drowning America in debt and war is, while Israel drowns in another way, in American cash and defense contracts.

Wikileaks is a sinister part of that empire too.  Wikileaks is regrouping, hoping the public will quickly forget their alliances with the media giants and their special “sensitivity” to the needs and desires of Israel’s covert intelligence organization, the Mossad.  Julian Assange says “sensitivity.”  We say “alliance.”

In today’s world of game theory warfare, where “psy-ops” are “politics as usual,” an American political scene that is increasingly global and increasingly brutal.  The “spin doctors” of the 80’s and 90’s have given way to “covert operatives” and “disinformation specialists,” products of the “War on Terror” years who are as quick with a gun or bomb as their predecessors were with briefcases filled with cash.

For years, Americans had been distracted by “boogeyman” terror scares, now appearing more than a bit overly “coincidental.”



America is broke, most people know that but don’t understand what it means.  One day Americans will wake up and money will be worthless.  When this happens and it is “when” and not “if,” a nuclear apocalypse would be an afterthought.

This will be the morning you wake up and find why the Department of Homeland Security was created.

What most Americans also know is that America is broke because of bank fraud, interest payments on debt caused by huge deficits run up under the Bush administration and the bloated military budget.  The two wars, that are still going on and on, paying for them and the interest on 15 trillion in national debt accounts for 99% of the waste.

America didn’t get this far gone by accident.  The greatest minds money could buy, insidious, evil, twisted, planned this every step of the way starting with Reagan’s “trickle down” economics.

Without a middle class and a viable industrial economy, America simply doesn’t exist.  America is now a nation of extremes, the very rich and the “less than poor,” a former middle class buried in debt and a working class with no jobs, a nation heading for disintegration, a nation posed for even more tyranny, more control and less and less freedom.


The last insult, defiling the corpse of America, the Supreme Court granted international corporations (with a US registered agent) unlimited access to buy and sell elected officials.  Drug money from Mexico and Afghanistan, profits from defective vaccines, price fixed oil, “bail out” money, has flooded into the political system of America ending the last hope for freedom and progress, over $200 million during the last midterm election alone, enough to swing 100 key races.

It is guaranteed, it is truly written, life in America will all be down hill from now on, phony terror attacks, endless wars, new laws, restrictions, new humiliations.  Expect the ultimate tax, runaway prices for everything, food, gas, utilities, tuition, more to pay with money now totally impossible for the average American to get.

Today we are drowning in money.  That will end.  Ask anyone who lived during the “great depression.”  Movies cost 5 cents.

Nobody had 5 cents.

The new ploy has a first step, divide and conquer.  The tool used, the Tea Party governors, now proven to be employees of the Israeli-American Koch brothers, tasked with orchestrating “the crash.”

“First we break the unions….”


When America’s patriotic resistance, those wanting a new 9/11 investigation and an end to illegal wars, massive debt and draconian rule at home formed the Tea Party, they created the means of their own destruction.   As soon as the network publicity machines, starting with Fox, went into gear and the money began to flow,  It was all over.

Real funding was not small donations from “grass roots” believers but “Israeli firster” bucks, the billionaire Koch brothers tied to Israeli ultra-nationalist Likudists picking up the bill.

“Them who pays, names the tune to be danced to.”

The Tea Party agenda went from ending constitutional abuses of the Patriot Acts, investigating the 9/11 coverup and ending massive federal deficits to “samo-samo” Neocon drivel, but with a twist.

Despite the Neocon appearance to the Tea Party, it is something entirely different.  There is nothing remotely conservative about feudalism.

Remember, there can be no feudalism without serfs.  Being a serf “sucks”…wait and see.

America, at her weakest since the “great depression” has been single out for destruction, destabilization, “balkanization” and class warfare.   America’s Midwest is the target zone, rolling back the clock in state after state, plunging what had been America’s industrial heartland into generations of poverty and decline.  We have seen the bank failures.  Will breadlines be next?

Are breadlines “socialism?”

No business will stay in, no business will move to a region with closed schools, no reliable police and fire departments, crumbling highways, a region pre-staged for social unrest, outbreaks of crime, a region pre-staged for class warfare.  This is no accident, not hardly.  Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin are only a beginning.

Wisconsin, from the folks who brought us Gaza…

Who could hate America this much?  Who profits from debt, from social unrest, from war, who makes money when Americans are sick, hungry, afraid and oppressed?


Has anyone noticed that the Tea Party didn’t just forget about its beginnings as a 9/11 Truth movement?  Did anyone notice that the Tea Party, not the minor “Ron Paul wing” but the “Koch Brothers Tea Party,” the real “Tea Party” is totally silent on the following issues:

  • The wars can go on forever despite the fact they are bleeding America dry and are morally despicable
  • Wiretapping, torture, airport groping, secret prisons, suspended habeas corpus, those “constitution” issues talked about so much, seem to have been forgotten
  • The biggest financial ripoffs, oil and pharmaceutical price fixing, military-industrial racketeering, Wall Street…not a word
  • If trillions were stolen, yes trillions, not billions, why isn’t anyone talking about arrests?  Isn’t stealing illegal anymore?

The number one issue is Obamacare?  Say what????


Their theory is that of the spiral, entropy, debt, depression and discord.  Decades of “dumbing down,” inferior schools, degenerate pop culture, propaganda and fear mongering are the tools.

The prize?

A population that hates, itself, each other, believes in nothing, trusts no one, fears everything, every group ready to enslave the other.


Destroy public education and America is permanently derailed, relegated to third world status, a “Soviet Union” for the 21st century, dumb as hell and armed to the teeth.

The political answer being sold to Americans is one most are very familiar with.  The “hate” list is getting out of hand.  Topping the list is the old standby, African Americans, the underpinnings of American politics for 150 years.  Every discussion of government spending, not counting the 80% stolen by banksters and the military industrial complex, is a “nod and wink” about “them.”

The race hatred from Americas shameful era of slavery is alive and well.  The unbridled hatred spewed at President Obama originates from geography every American knows very well.  “Red States” are where they hate “black people.”  (and Jews)

Sadder still, the greatest social advancement “some” people of color have achieved in recent decades has been brought about by the refocused hated since 9/11, “Islamophobia.”  It is though America, as a nation, existed as a macrocosm of an elementary school playground.  Kids were glad to stand by, even cheer on the school bully as he abused anyone weak or different.  The excuse; moral flexibility, more cowardice of course, kids who were simply glad to see someone, anyone, tortured instead of themselves.

We have an entire nation that, with rare exceptions, thinks like this.

Should African Americans feel relief because the media is now relentlessly focused on bashing Muslims, gays and Hispanics?

Now we have added trade unions to the list, another danger to public order, or so we are told by those who want to return to the past:

  • Millions of laborers in America lived in actual slavery.  Coal miners made $5 a week, lived in hovels rented from mine owners, shopped at the “company store.”
  • Milk in the United States was made with chalk.  Crackers used axle grease for shortening.  Bread was made from sawdust.

We forget how fragile our nation is.  Americans live as though things were always as they are.  But then, how are they?  Between 20 and 30 million homes are vacant, each housed an American family, over 80 million Americans cast adrift.

Where are they now?

Between 2 and 3 million Americans are in prison with another 7 million on parole or probation.

The Soviet gulags were never so full.

No one is asking why.

Over a million Americans serve in the armed forces, some with more deployed time than any military force in our history.  Most would leave the service if they didn’t face starvation.

Veterans from Vietnam, Gulf War I (Operation Desert Storm) and Gulf War II share the endless wait for veterans disability processing, some for illnesses and injuries over 40 years old.  3 generations wait, poisoned, vaccinated and irradiated to death.

They were last month’s target, before the move against the trade unions.

They will be targeted again.  They are weak, they are vulnerable.  They are expendable.

Will the children be next?  Of course they will.

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