9/11: How or Who?

Questions on the destruction of the World Trade Center


The original report by the National Institute of Standards, describing the destruction of the World Trade Center as resulting from heat from jet fuel fires, a relatively low temperature source of short duration, weakening hundreds of tons of steel, even turning much of it molten as films show, is simply silly.

There is more than minor evidence that the report, now rejected as outlandish by hundreds of architects and scientists, was a “whitewash” and is, in itself traced to members of the Bush administration believed complicit in a very real conspiracy.

Under any normal circumstances, such individuals would have had to prove their innocence in a court of law.  Such processes, law, justice and such ended on 9/11.

The remaining questions are how three buildings, one with only slight damage, didn’t just burn for days, leaving massive twisted towers but virtually disappeared.  Nothing in the official report remotely addresses this.

Thus, we are left with theories.

Perhaps a more important issue is why the “how” has become the only focus of the most massive controversy and “sea of speculation” in history while discussion of who is relegated to the oft spoken mouthings of “Bush-Cheney” or “Israel did it.”

History has left us vast evidence of conspiracy, enough evidence of treason around the invasion of Iraq itself to clean half of Washington out, not just prison but real treason,


executions, however we do it now, hanging, electrocution, big names, “French Revolution” stuff.

“Off with their heads!”

Instead, the dialog, the controversy, relegated to the independent or alternative news, is dominated by the magic word “nano-thermite.”

We return to the basics here.  Why are we asking “how,” asking it over and over, even deciding on a solution, an elegant one with lots of prestigious people behind it, scientific journals, peer reviewed papers and such and there is virtually nothing about “who?”

I am not going to explain “nano-thermite.”  My own inquiries led me to our top secret weapons labs where I get only rumors that a substance, originally designed as a propellant, first for rocket engines, then for experimental battlefield weapons, has an application for dissolving steel.

Old style thermite is the stuff we see in the war movies, canister grenades left on enemy canon, pull the pin, the mixture inside catches fire, melts the steel and a howitzer becomes a lawn ornament, frozen stiff, welded solid.


A decade after the 9/11 attacks, to those who follow controversy and apply some brain power to things other than sports scores, the science and engineering “out there” says that, though planes may have hit the World Trade Center, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know – I only believe what I see with my own eyes and only part of that anymore – the “flying aluminum beer cans,” aircraft made of thin and flexible aluminum can’t cut steel, no matter how fast, and jet fuel, a form of cheap heating oil actually, can’t melt it either.

Go to Home Depot and tell them you want to cut steel.  Ask them what aisle the kerosene torches are in.  See if they send you to the marshmallow hammer section.

See, we are doing it again, seduced, sucked in, chasing the “how” when the “who” is staring us in the face.

The “why” has always been there.  Since 9/11, America has been a virtual dictatorship, trillions of dollars missing, nobody asking about that either, it “dissolved” much like the buildings on 9/11.

Two million people are dead, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan plus so many Americans, Canadians, Poles, even Indians from the Mumbai attacks.

We should add Gaza, a couple of thousand Israeli citizens dead there and how many Iranians killed in terror attacks?

It is all connected, whether the “theory” is the “global chessboard” or “Greater Israel,” the trail of deceit, of lies and secrets, the trail of endless corruption more widespread than anything yet imagined is there.

Whether it is defense “overruns” or stolen oil or American complicity in the new drug cartels, built from nothing and now peddling heroin, $100 billion a year, delivered, not by donkeys but American jets, money not carried in briefcases but moved by wire transfer right under the “noses” of UN organizations tasked with eliminating such things.

The trail leads to areas now that few have the courage to approach.  Journalists now speculate that Osama bin Laden has been dead all along.  It was in the newspapers a decade ago, Benazir Bhutto announced it on television to David Frost.  Video and audio recordings of bin Laden, released during the last decade have been successfully tied to both Israel and the CIA.

Moreover, the world terrorist organization itself, the one we call “Al Qaeda,” may never have existed either, a product of TV soap operas and the wild imaginations of the liars who invented the WMDs in Iraq and created the heroin trade in Afghanistan.

In fact, much of the terrorism tied to the decade of conflict, the London and Madrid bombings, Mumbai, Alexandria, a thousand bombings in Iraq, a thousand more in Pakistan and, perhaps even many of those in Afghanistan are now placed at the door of “rogue” groups, CIA, American political extremists with strong ties to Israel or the intelligence services of Israel and India working together.

Secret reports shuffled back and forth in Washington, Islamabad, Kabul, Baghdad and London have been saying this all along, reports immediately classified as very secret because they are very true.

Then we return to the greatest single crime of all, perhaps of all time and the curious affair of “nano-thermite.”

Again note; while the “nano-thermite” discussion is going on, nobody has been arrested, not anyone really important, really complicit, though really important crimes have obviously been committed.  In fact, the criminals have been more than a bit successful at derailing any pointed inquiries about their criminal acts themselves, perhaps aided by the “convenient” and seemingly endless controversy over “how” that takes up everyone’s time.

What does this say about those who push “how” over “who?”

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Perhaps we can stop for a moment and do a “tasking” for the groups paralyzed with “how” and inexplicably less than “curious” about “who.”

With hundreds of scientists and engineers, architects who design buildings, perhaps even some that know how to tear them down, let’s get a few of the initial questions out there for them.  If “bad guys” used “nano-thermite” to melt these massive structures, a bit more “how” needs to be asked.

This “how” should have immediately been followed by a “who” inquiry.  We can talk a little about that one too.

The government’s cover story, the one that started out with airplanes and box cutters, hijackers, missing airport video, pristine passports floating from the sky while steel girders glow and sizzle, pouring down like fireworks, we can put this aside, to the sane at least, with a short analogy.

This is an experiment you can try in your own home.  Get a candle, a screwdriver, Craftsman from Sears preferably, any size, oven mitts and a match.

Light the candle and place the metal from the screwdriver into the flame.  Hold it there for two hours.  You may need two candles, who knows.

You may need the oven mitts but probably not.

What you have done is recreate the fires that we are told brought down the twin towers.

Oh, you can put the screw driver back into the drawer, let it cool for a minute or two.  No, it didn’t melt or twist or buckle.  It may not even have discolored.  It certainly didn’t light up like a sparkler on the 4th of July.

Sometimes engineers aren’t the brightest people in the world.  Education and common sense are often at odds.  Let’s take a second to look at this from another direction.  Anyone out there ever work on electronics?  Ever use a soldering iron?  Heat travels and dissipates.  If you heat one section of a metal object, it cools rapidly as energy moves down its length.

Nothing was longer than the twin towers, the worlds largest “heat sink.”  Look inside your computer.  Your super-hot processor is sitting in a heat sink.  Now imagine one 110 stories tall, structural steel held together by plates, interlaced and clad with aluminum, the best heat radiating material known.  Ask a carpenter why aluminum windows and doors are a problem, no engineer needed.

If you held a huge blowtorch to the twin towers, the heat would have flowed down the struture, quite evenly I suspect, and radiated across lower Manhattan.

These obvious failings in the “government’s” skewed engineering are why “nano-thermite” is such an elegant explanation.

Where would we start if we were going to prove “nano-thermite” was the “how?”

We would get an amount of “nano-thermite” and test it.  We are told we can’t get “nano-thermite” to test.  This is actually understandable, I guess.  If it is secret “stuff,” then we can’t have it.

Jonathan Cole went to an incredible and highly laudable effort to show how conventional thermite can cut structural steel.

YouTube - Veterans Today -


This added legitimacy to the controversy and showed that one mind was thinking in a rational direction.

This is what “step two” should have been;

  • A cursory engineering study showing the placement necessary to achieve the observable results on all three buildings.  This includes the controlled demolition that Larry Silverstein told TV audiences that he ordered for Building 7, demolition impossible under any imaginable conventional means.
  • The study should show how the needed surfaces were accessed, behind dry wall, through floors, perhaps crawling down heating ducts, not just the “endoskeleton” around the elevators but the massive “exoskeleton” the WTC was noted for.  Using the “Cole” video as a reference, placement for the thermite “charges” or whatever we call them, can be expressed through computer modeling.
  • Such an endeavor, placing hundreds, perhaps thousands of charges in and  around structural steel, most of which has not been exposed since initial construction, had to be witnessed by building staff, numbering in hundreds or by building tenants, over 44,000 people.  Each of the areas accessed was under control or observation, office workers, maintenance, video, security guards.  List the locations, list the potential evidence, video, witnesses, who was there.
  • “I ain’t no architect” but we know how much steel was used in the initial construction.  We also know how much was removed from the scene.  Moreover, we have endless photos, endless witnesses to the damage, the condition of the massive steel beams.  Do the model, the computer model, account for the missing steel, the melting and twisting, all three buildings, not just two.
  • Then show how many man hours, what kind of access and what would be needed to perform the tasks, reach every critical area, place the “charges” needed to duplicate what was witnessed on 9/11.
  • Then figure out how all of it was done with no witnesses, not a secretary or an electrician or a heating contractor noticing.

With trillions of dollars involved, if it could be done, it certainly was.  In fact, there is absolutely NOTHING I am willing to overlook other than hijacked planes made out of aluminum I can easily punch through with my slightly discolored Craftsman screwdriver.

Then, finally, can we start making arrests and let juries decide “who?”


  1. Jeff Prager is positioned to do Leno, Letterman,that Charley Rose oral flatulence rude person, and the rest. Too bad the TV is controlled by anti-Semitic wankers who would turn to dust if they stepped into the light.

  2. Jeff Prager is positioned to do Leno, Letterman,that Charley Rose oral flatulence rude person, and the rest. Remember the CFR is in control and they will do the most expedient thing to make sure this does not happen. Copy and distribute this stuff STAT. Take care Jeff prager, whereever you are. Stay safe and avoid being alone or out of sight until the coast is clear it isn’t now. I have been getting the old world ‘evil eye’ from some local old people who ignored me before the recent revelations.

  3. CNN was caught using phonied up film for ratings purposes. These fims are fake, but they are just films. Jets hit, retriggering set off the preset and retriggered charges. The nukes in the basement were set off I don’t know exactly how. Other videos mistranslate the mirror finish of the jet’s wings and record nothing. See 12160.com Jeff Prager. Hold on tight. This guy has it nailed on more than anybody. And his case has no weaknesses. Though he leaves alot of vital facts alone and that also is out of wisdom.

  4. It all fits. Except main demolition placed during construction. If you offered me a 1959 Ferrari GTO and another million dollars, I still would not be able to find any patriotism on the part of the Bush family. Just psychopath.

  5. I just finished book one.It should be required reading in American high schools. It is tough to read in the banking practice parts. I only knew about Wanta and the huge pile of scrip and gold . Not enough to piece together a situation to get there. WWII gold accumulation and the rest really sets a perspective. I still don’t quite understand some of the banking dealings but I am getting there.
    Please read Activist Post ; Architects and Engineers Question… and read my comments. 1960’s thermite technology with further more recent placements of the other grades of ordinance seems like the seamless explanation of truth. If you have ever built walls, you would immediately see the folly in believing there was no charges set duriong construction. Spraying of the floor pans with thermite should have stopped any debate long ago. Take care. Be careful and please stay out of small planes. I have benn approached by two different very mean looking jews who should understand the old alliances between the Bushes and Israel and jew bankers and how participation in the events of 9-11-2001 were not limited to jews or the Bush family and their employees. They knew me. I had never spoken to them. Peace. I am spreading word about these books. Great stuff.

  6. Today I down-loaded some VERY promising material and I LEARNED WHY The New York Port Authority was not checked for records of the placing of demolitions in the WTC’s. A jet flew into the room and destroyed everything! Just like at the Pentagon with the invoice auditing to find Rumsfeld’s missing 2.3 trillion dollars. And just WTC building 7 being intentionally dropped to facilitate and smoke-screen the disappearance of the Enron money, Bush’s HUD fraud, and everything else. Billions of loot went to British protectorates and the doors slammed shut.
    Since the headquarters and economic basis for these attacks has been a foreign corporate entity, it stands to reason that Pres. Dover, first name Ben, is too busy servicing clients traitorous to the United States to report for duty. And the Vice-president? They don’t call him that for nothing. And since Hillary has been involved with wearing upside down crosses and all THAT entails, she would appear inappropriate as a Commander in Chief, as she was inappropriate as Sec.State. Keep her away from weapons and bondage gear. This is a friendly warning. Do not put your fingers in the rat trap.
    Who flies The Jolly Roger? And why?

  7. Dude! They would not have seen a plane if they were on another side of the building. They would have seen burning kerosene, etc. exploding out a side or 2.

  8. Could one of you folks please post a picture of a burnt piece of jet, too big to fit in a freight elevator? Or at least point out that such pictures exist and let the ‘No Planers’ chase that cat toy for awhile.

  9. Dmitri, I checked out the garbage people are sending in as comments again. You are in the top 2% as quality goes and even higher if you throw out the ‘no planes’ until further evidence is available. Remember polished aluminum wing surfaces can disappear from recorded video images.

  10. Dmitri, thanx for the 26 part nuke lesson. Go to Activist Post: Architects and Engineers Question…. and you will see the first and final story which will need actual participant testimony under oath with accessory to 3,000 counts of murder charges leveled immediately for anyone caught lying.
    The jetplane wreckage found scattered about the WTC’s is convincing enough and we know the original ‘firemen’s tape’ was doctored for subsequent television showings. We also know several other footages were photoshopped to boost different news network’s ratings. Please concentrate on the nuke aspects of what occured. I have known of this for over 40 years and you are the first person to come out and independently verify that of which I speak in over 30 years. What a relief!
    Judges throw out testimony of witnesses caught lying on the stand. Good judges anyway. Please go find more debris photos from the WTC’s. The evidence of live
    passengers on these jets has been proven to be falsified, though there may have been live passengers on these jets. Please walk softly and carry a big stick. We don’t want these perps getting away.

  11. FACT: The nukes were installed during construction to facilitate destruction of cement integrity below ground level to create a place for the upper structure. Dr. Ed Ward, M.D. can verify this and provide details as to the U.S./U.S.S.R. treaties and inspections that went into it.
    This whole WTC project was constructed and demolished with total contempt for the personal safetyof bystanders and other non perpetrators. Also see Activist Post: Architects and Engineers Question…. Also Chris Bollyn and that bad tempered Ryan Dawson fellow has amassed a huge amount of vital material and other evidence nailing the perps. The nukes were installed under the guidance of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. governments by personnel more concerned about their own ‘bigness’ and self-image than the high likelyhood that this thing was going to kill thousands of people so they could give their own egos a boost. I and hundreds od others have known about this for over 40 years.
    I, thankfully, was not coerced into involvement and was far enough out of the loop to not lead the charge to arrest these swine. Since they feel no guilt, I hereby put my blessing (for what it’s worth) on those rousting out of bed and arresting the perpatrators of this self-centered display of ethnocentric expedience leading to the sole cause of over 3,000 counts of first degree murder and another +1 million counts of conspiracy to commit murder, insurance fraud, public indangerment, property destruction, and the rest.
    Local jurisdiction knew of the preset chatges and basement nukes but through their ethnocentric bigotry, do not consider non-orthodox(PLACE THE FORBIDDEN WORD HERE)as anything but filthgy animals, unworthy of concern. Read their book. The one they used to kill outsiders for reading. Therefore, do not expect the preset jurisdictions to react.Don’t expect much from a pig beyond a grunt.

    Khalezov’s help is more vital than 90% of the comments on the net, including mine. As far as nailing the perps, My comments are in the top 89% or better. I have NO political clout in a nation ruled by mewling, lying little pigs.

  12. Saw your 26 part movie. Thank you. Are you sure that the phonied up news films used to get attention and viewers were made to hide use of cruise missles? There have been at least 2 news networks use phony film to boost ratings. The Pentagon clip was shown to be a hasty composite of 4 or 5 pieces of film from different sites. The film depicting a jet travelling too fast to be observed could have been with the jet editted out,since that jet could not fly that fast without breaking up in mid-flight. Other shots indicate the firemen’s film was later messed with. With the ‘white flash’ removed, and another with the jet made invisible on approach. I don’t know.. I forgot the double aluminum and steel exterior wall structure. Does a military 737-300 have armored reinforced wings?
    Don’t let the circle-jerkers get you down. They’re living in the past.

  13. Saw your 26 part movie. Thank you. Are you sure that the phonied up news films used to get attention and viewers were made to hide use of cruise missles? There have been at least 2 news networks use phony film to boost ratings. The Pentagon clip was shown to be a hasty composite of 4 or 5 pieces of film from different sites. The film depicting a jet travelling too fast to be observed could have been with the jet editted out,since that jet could not fly that fast without breaking up in mid-flight. Other shots indicate the firemen’s film was later messed with. With the ‘white flash’ removed, and another with the jet made invisible on approach. I don’t know.. I forgot the double aluminum and steel exterior wall structure. Does a military 737-300 have armored reinforced wings?

  14. I have seen at least 3 phonied up pieces of film of jets hitting buildings. Jets which could not reach 500 plus mph. But all the jet parts at the WTC’s don’t lie. At the Pentagon? Maybe a cruise missle with an A-3 sky warrior painted up as a commuterjet mock-up? Raytheon and the Pentagon had about ten commuterjet A-3’s. All had first year 737 jet engines. And other 757’s corporate logos did not match rivot patterns and logos on the scant debris at the pentagon. These logos and numbers are oriented by the rivot patterns. And the photos taken of the drop-away ceilings installed in the recent pentagon
    remodel(Anybody still have these?) tell a tale beyond the papers unburned by the ‘intense flames’ in the Pentagon. It is a puzzle for sure. It was a jet. Yes. That flew across half the U.S. and spiralled. Like an A-3 could.
    No flight recorders showed the cockpit doors opening after the pilots entered. None of the pilots flipped the ‘hijacking-in-progress’ buttons and had plenty of time to do so since the cockpit doors had not opened.

  15. If I was going to hunt down that money the first place I would look is the set of books managed by the ugliest White People in the world. Prince Challlz the Hooter and his mom the queen of England, and follow the deposit slips to the Coutts bank and then its off to the British protectorates for a serious audit by the pool. Maybe stop by and see cousin Beatrice on the way.

  16. Hey, take it easy on D. Kharzokov. He was the second person I found who truthfully published that there were nukes in the basements of WTC I, II and 7. I was the first. And he is correct. Right down to the treaty details. For reference, consult Dr. Ed Ward, M.D.. His research on commercial nukes will shape you up in several problem areas. Read Activist Post; Architects and Engineers Question…. None of what I wrote is based on supposition. And beyond that stuff, I got to play on a simple Boeing flight simulator program at the Boeing plant in Seattle one night about 22 years ago. Drunk. It was fun. They flew a 747 from L.A. to JFK and landed it by computer, way back in the 1970’s. Have you ever tried to land a 747 simulator on even the longest runway in America ?Try out the Microsoft-X program/ Lots of fun. Landing a 747? Impossible without instruction. Even a 757 would be next to impossible. 737? With a little practice.
    Computerized demolition equipment was installed during construction and it behaved as planned, right on cue. The entire project/jobsite was a disgraceful exhibition of an ‘uber alles’ attitude. To this very day, the infectiousness of the spirit these pigs still manifest clouds the thinking and obscures access to reason through the corporate media. Likewise, The Chicago Sears towewr is loaded. I guess they removed the nukes. Check THAT out if you want top billing for awhile.
    The engineers at the WTC’s and Sears tower worked for pay. Not godliness. Read my post. Mr. Kharzakov’s 26 part movie is well worth the view. Chris Bollyn’s bravery and dogged persistence as well as several others’ gave me no choice but to get in this fray web-wide. I am poorly equipped to be a central participant and have blabbed all I knew since 9-11-2001. I am NOT a central witness. And our top civilian justice department walks with cloven hooves.
    The engineers who built that mess should all be arrested immediately. I know the painters were NOT told what they were applying as primer. And the presence of nano-therma(i)te throughout Manhattan Island does NOT prove that nano-thermite dropped the world trade center buildings. It proves that it was present in the buildings while a precise demolition was carried out. The shear size and total lack of witnesses precludes a more recent complete nano-thermite based job.
    There is no doubt in my mind that the mass-majority of Americans are on the really stupid side. They deserve the truth as much as anyone so they don’t have to put up with the delays in their lives that would be necessary for them all to digest this material like those gifted or carrying ax-handle ass whipping authority. I see who the ‘Bad Guys’ are. And they need to learn that the devil does not share his toys.
    One more thing. OS. Pay attention to my above comments about cloven hooves and the top justice department.

  17. Jeff,

    Can’t wait to read your books. There is so much info out there I can’t keep up, but just glancing at the first page of your book tells me you are “right on the money” (pun intended). As I wrote in my previous post, I agree with Gordon that the WHO and the HOW must be exposed. Your book seems to take the approach that if you know the WHO and the WHY, the HOW is secondary.

    The infighting and rants on this forum are unnecessary and counterproductive, but the shills have to make a living, eh?

  18. I wrote two books describing who did this. The research is impeccable and supported by hundreds of verifiable footnotes and links. I know who did it. Gordon’s right. With trillions at their disposal they can do anything. Of course one needs to read to understand this event. The truth will not be televised. They might own the media but they don’t own me. I name everyone involved. Most people are clueless as to who perpetrated this event. Read my books. I’ll challenge anyone to debate these issues.

    A forensic financial investigation of 911, Parts 1 & 2:



  19. Not to be a dick – I think the no plane crowd are nuts – but in all fairness that’s a water jet mixed with abrasives. I’m a cnc guy.

  20. Signing out for now with my closing comment:

    None of this would have happened if the Air Force had shown up.


  21. OK Mike, you win. Aluminum oxide is harder than aluminum sheet metal. Why are you even arguing about this ridiculously insignificant point? I just tried to use the waterjet as an example that your intuition isn’t always correct when dealing with massive high speed projectiles. Apparently it was a bad example since you’re so upset over it. I still maintain that the planes could’ve easily penetrated the building. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that a 300,000 pound, 500mph stick of butter would’ve penetrated the building. The steel support structure was designed to support static axial loads, not perpendicular explosions of energy. There are weak links (bolts, welds, etc) connecting each and every support beam that absolutely could not stand up to the force of a jetliner smashing into them perpendicular to the loads they were designed to support. This should all be very clear considering we saw these massive steel supports shoot outwards and become projectiles themselves once the demolition charges went off. Thats right, explosive, high speed AIR had enough energy to dislodge the perimeter columns and send them flying, and you’re on here trying to convince people that a 300,000 lb jetliner travelling at 500mph didn’t have enough energy?

    Now, as the article said, the question we should be asking is WHO did this, not HOW it was accomplished. So WHO do you think was responsible Mike?

  22. Hello Mr. Gordon Duff!

    Here I have three examples to hear, not to watch; if you know somebody, who is blind,
    please, let him hear all three videos. He/she would be capable, to understand, what I mean!

    My idea is this: Because our brain changes pictures, which maybe do not have nothing common, in motion. But when we only hear, it is something else!
    So, my idea is, that if the video from 9/11 was faked, it has a mistake:
    You hear a missile comming, not a plane!
    If that video is not faked, though you hear a missile comming!

    Proof please by yourself!

    Thank you!




  23. J.F.E. I think you have hit on the key issues that point to the purpose of it all. A poster above noted that the key to the big lie technique is to mix the lie you want to spread with some truth, and then keep pushing the big lie until it is made credible and believed based on the facts mixed with it.

    They key to this big lie is that they seek to discredit the critical truth that Mossad was behind 911. So you mix that truth with lies like the no planes hit the buildings and mini nukes used to blow it up that are told in a way that is then discredited. When it is discredited, so is the truth mixed with it that it was a Mossad job.

    Another purpose of the disinformation campaign involving no planes and mininukes is that it sidetracks the real discussion that should be taking place about who into worthless effort on whether planes hit the building, etc.

    I have previously commented on this above, but the no plane hit the WTC is a pure canard. Complete nonsense. There is also no mystery to the conflicting eyewitness accounts about what hit the building. What people unfamiliar with the layout of the area do not realize is that Broadway is not called the CANYON of heroes for nothing. It’s because all the streets in the area are lined up to the sidewalk with tall buildings that severly limit the field of vision of anyone standing on the sidewalk. So almost everyone present who would even had a chance to see it would at most have caught a glimps of a plane hitting the Towers. Moreover, since no one would have expected a plane to barrel into the towers on a completely clear day (TOTALLY UNTHINABLE) very few if anyone would have been lookig into the sky so they could have gotten a clear glimpse of the planes coming in.

    That’s why when I got off the subway at Wall Street and noticed people looking at the sky, I immediately did the same and saw the smoke rising from the north tower. I also heard some people say they thought a small plane some even described as a Cessna hit the tower. No one standing where i was could, of copurse have seen it, so they were just guessing. My conclusion is that not one bystander expected the tower could possibly have been hit by a passenger pane – that was just too ridiculous since pilots flying those planes simply would not have been incompentent enough to fly into those towers on a clear day. So people simply expected that the only possible reasonable explanation was that some small plane pilot did something stupid, and simply jumped to the conclusion it was a small plane rather than actually knowing what it was. Indeed, I doubt if more than a handful of people actually saw the first plane strike because of the narrow field of vision gave them too litle time to actually react to something that unexpected.

    Even the crash of the 2nd plane was undoubtedly witnessed by very few people. First, there were very few people coming out of the subway since it was already past 9:00 am when the vast majority of office workers would alrfeady have come to work. Second, Only pedople standing north of Exchange and at a street corner with Broadway and cross streets would have seen the plane because their views would have been completely blocked by the buildings. Inded, no one south of Exchange place would have seen the crash at all.

    As I have also pointed out, it is precisly because of the very limited field of vision to any standing in the street that made it impossible for anyone to have taken an accidental picture or video of the plane crashing. The time was just too short to get the camera ready for a shot.

    That is also precisely what the perptrators were counting on so they could create phony vidoes without fear of being contradicted.

    I am certain that all the pictures are fakes, especially those that showed up well aftert the event. There were indeed very few that showed up right afterward. The planes did, however, crash into the buildings. The imprint they made into the buildings is there for all to see, and those pictures are definitely real.

    So let’s stop buying into the big lie meant to distract the public from the truth about 911.


  24. P.S. you are ready to believe the “witnesses” who allegedly “saw” the planes. But why do you disregard witnesses who DID NOT SEE any plane? Are they not “witnesses” in your opinion? Here is a collection of nice video clips with the real witnesses who did not see any planes. It is fare more reliable evidence than the claims of the “sayanim” and the Freemasonic actors. Here are all earlier witnesses from each major news outlet who DID NOT SEE ANY PLANE:



  25. I don’t really understand why gullible people rely so heavily on the “witnesses'” testimonies. Don’t you realize that the United States is full of the Freemasons and “sayanim”? Do you think it would be really difficult for the so-called “good guys” to find a couple of hundred of fake witnesses would claim “we saw a plane”? Why you are so naive? Now you have the basic point. You know that the US officials and those who stay behind and around are capable of lying to you. You need a proof? The 9/11 Commission. It is an OFFICIAL body that is full of desperate, most shameless liars who are ready to lie under oath. You want more? The Pentagon attack. There are many “eye-witnesses” who “saw” ho a plane was “flying low” and hit the wall of the Pentagon. But all of you are sound enought to realize that the 9/11 Commissioners are liars (along with the NIST commissioners), and the so-called “eye-witnesses” in the Pentagon case are liars too, because it is known to everyone the Pentagon was hit by a missile, not by a plane. So now you have a basic premise: the liars in the United States do exist and they could go as far as lying under oath and produce false official public statements. What else do you need to just go one more step further and to conclude that the WTC witnesses who “saw the planes” are just another kind of liars? How about common sense, folks?

  26. The witness testimony was all over the road. Very few actually reported both seeing and hearing the planes. One even reported that he didn’t know it was a plane until the news guy told him. The point is the media was in on it. And the media is the most powerful secret weapon of them all. For the interested, this is a good interview analyzing what was cherry picked by the media to foster their Myth of Arab with Box-cutters hijacking planes and Osama bin Laden with his Burro in his Cave Complex. So Cool with his Raybans™ is Osama’s Burro!


  27. J.F.E

    I don’t know if something hit WTC or not.
    Maybe yes maybe no.

    What I am sure off – it wasn’t a big commercial passenger (or any other big) plane

    And there is solid evidence to back up the claim
    that the image of planes we saw on TV were faked.

    Do you understand the significance of this revelation?

  28. J. F. E. says:
    March 7, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Steve P, if I need to explain where the wrecked plane parts came from which were laying on top of or right next to crushed cars in the streets around the Twin Towers, then you have identified yourself as a full-fledged “no planer”, instead of your ‘cover’ of just wanting to fully explore the issue.

    Yes, you do need verify that the wreckage reported by the firefighters came from Flight 175 or Flight 11, and not label me because of the questions I ask that you continue to dodge.

    Do you really think that landing gear from F11 was able to penetrate and fly completely through WTC 1, and land several blocks away without even scorching the rubber on the tire?

    Even NIST considered this scenario impossible, saying the only alternative was that the wheel had been planted.

    Do you think it is impossible that the buildings could have been seeded with airplane parts? Do you think it is impossible or even improbable that misleading evidence could have been introduced to the crime scene?

    You dodge my questions, but want me answer yours:

    Steve, since I have you here, too, you need to explain the documented multiple 911 witness statesments of varying accounts of seeing & hearing something approaching & hitting the buildings. How do those varying accounts of something approaching & hitting the buildings translate into nothing, absolutely nothing hitting the buildings.

    I have never said that nothing hit the buildings. My operating assumption has been that aircraft were used, but there is no iron-clad proof, like that wreckage would be if it could be firmly tied to F11, F175, or a 767.

    I would think that this hardware would be the talisman you seek to demolish the no-planers. If a firm ID can be made, the no-plane theory suffers a serious blow.

    But the wreckage seems radioactive.

    Wonder why?


  29. Still no verifiable parts from the alleged aircraft have been produced as I predicted.
    Pictures, and what firemen saw is hearsay, not evidence.

    ONE PART will shut us up forever. Will anyone who wants to silence us bring a real piece of evidence for analysis?

    I would have to agree with the figure of 90% of “truth” sites banning no plane theory info – from personal experience. That is why the 10% of us who know the real truth must scream at the top of our lungs and work together. No-one will agree on every aspect of a theory, so please no plane researchers, let’s get over our differences and work together!

  30. You are not considering several important FACTS here, Blane.

    1. The plane was not only interacting with the perimeter columns, it was interacting with a STRUCTURE consisting of 14″ perimeter box columns, 39″ on center, connected by spandrel belts, bolted and welded to trusses bolted and welded to the 47 column heavily braced core, with 4″ (8″ depth in wells of floor pans) steel reinforced concrete floors. The “plane” hit at least 6 of these floors.

    2. In the real world, the deceleration should have been easily detectable, the speed would go to zero as it did with the bomber that hit the Empire State building. Think of a bug hitting your windshield. So the deceleration would not have been so subtle that it would need high speed cameras to detect.

    3. There was no rotation, twisting, or parts falling off. The “plane” simply continued on the same path programmed by the producers of the videos, erasing itself as it hit the layer mask.

    4. No 767 can withstand the force of 500 MPH near sea level even in a dive; see Egypt Air 990 a 767 which exceeded it’s maximum operating limits causing in-flight structural failure, of which data is available to compare to the WTC Attack Aircraft.

    Egypt Air 990 (EA990) is a 767 which was reported to have entered a dive and accelerated to a peak speed of .99 Mach at 22,000 feet. Boeing sets maximum operating speeds for the 767 as 360 Knots and .86 Mach. The reason for two airspeed limitations is due to air density at lower vs. higher altitudes. To understand equivalent dynamic pressures on an airframe of low vs. high altitude, there is an airspeed appropriately titled “Equivalent Airspeed” or EAS[1]. EAS is defined as the airspeed at sea level which produces the same dynamic pressure acting on the airframe as the true airspeed at high altitudes.[2]

    Pilots For 9/11 Truth have calculated the Equivalent Airspeed for EA990 peak speed of .99 Mach at 22,000 feet as the equivalent dynamic effects of 425 knots at or near sea level. This airspeed is 65 knots over max operating for a 767, 85 knots less than the alleged United 175, and 5 knots less than the alleged American 11. Although it may be probable for the alleged American 11 to achieve such speed as 430 knots is only 5 knots over that of EA990 peak speed, It is impossible for the alleged United 175 to achieve the speeds reported by the NTSB using EA990 as a benchmark.

    Pilots For 9/11 Truth have further studied if a 767 could continue controlled flight at such reported speeds. According to the NTSB, EA990 wreckage was found in two distinct debris fields, indicating in-flight structural failure which has been determined to have occurred a few seconds after recording peak speed. Based on EA990, it is impossible for the alleged United 175 to have continued controlled flight at more than 85 knots over the speed which failed the structure of EA990.

    source: http://pilotsfor911truth.org/wtc_speed

  31. Thanks for your well reasoned input, Ron. 🙂

    Here’s a study done proving the power of fake video to alter eyewitness accounts:

    More powerful computers and affordable digital-video equipment means that desktop-video editing is now accessible and popular. In two experiments, we investigated whether seeing fake-video evidence, or simply being told that video evidence exists, could lead people to believe they committed an act they never did. Subjects completed a computerized gambling task, and when they returned later the same day, we falsely accused them of cheating on the task. All of the subjects were told that incriminating video evidence existed, and half were also exposed to a fake video. See-video subjects were more likely to confess without resistance, and to internalize the act than told-video subjects, and see-video subjects tended to confabulate details more often than told-video subjects. We offer a metacognitive-based account of our results. Copyright # 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


    and the Video: http://911scholars.ning.com/video/fake-videos-alters-eyewitness

  32. J. F. E. says:
    March 7, 2011 at 1:04 am

    All the firemen who saw plane debris, wrecked parts on crushed cars and on the ground.

    Yes, but which plane debris, and which wrecked parts did the firemen see?

    Can you offer proof – a firm ID – that any of the recovered debris has been tied to F11, F175, or a 767?


  33. Dimitri,

    In my opinion, your theory relies way too heavily on the flawed assumption that massive aluminum planes couldn’t penetrate relatively small steel supports. If you swung a 50kg aluminum axe at a 1mm steel wire in tension, the wire would break. Period. The same phenomenon occurred on 9/11. The aluminum doesn’t have to actually shear the steel, it just has to break the bolts and weak links that hold the steel supports together.

    Also, your claim that the plane did not experience any deceleration is impossible to prove without footage captured by a camera with extremely high shutter speed and frame rate that would allow you to capture a 500mph projectile and then play it back in extremely slow motion. These cameras cost tens of thousands of dollars so I doubt anyone actually took a video with this equipment. Please explain how you came to the conclusion that the plane experienced no deceleration.

  34. BTW
    I do dispute Shack that the Collapse footage is fake.

    And i even confronted him on his own blog.
    I have showed him evidence of his erroneous conclusion of that (which he was not very happy to see to say the least).

    But his work on the Planes fakery is surgical and precise.

  35. J.F.E

    “90% of 911 Truth sites ban TV fakery”

    Please provide a reference to that claim.

    I do believe you are full of it and you just invented that
    to try to discredit the fakery reality without addressing the abundant evidence supporting it

  36. March 6, 2011 at 3:22 pm
    J. F. E. says:

    Steve p, I seem to remember you tried to sell the Hall video, remember that?

    I remember, but you seem to mis-remember.

    The Hall video was on a link you first posted (J.F.E.February 19, 2011 at 5:17 pm. in the Two State Khalezov Effect comments)

    I merely expressed surprise, and raised a question about the video and link you posted, because they did not contain what you seemed to suggest. (Steve P says: March 2, 2011 at 8:20 am & March 2, 2011 at 4:22 pm)

    I wasn’t asking for your analysis of the Hall video, I was asking why you were linking to it, because it seemed not to support your point of view. I had already made some comments about the Hall video, so no further remarks about it were necessary.

    I certainly wasn’t trying to sell the Hall video. That is a mischaracterization.

    J. F. E. says:
    March 6, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    Frankly, when a comment makes a specific point with supporting evidence and it’s not answered, that tells me the interlocutors can’t successfully challenge the evidence or conclusion

    Steve P says:
    March 2, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    I was wondering if you were going to address Christopher Bollyn’s point about the molten metal seen pouring from the Fuji Bank suites, now that you’ve incorporated the observation that more than one country may have been involved?

    J. F. E. says:
    March 6, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    Notice “no planers” rarely get to other issues besides their “no plane” dogma. Yes, sometimes they do, but mostly they are fixated on “no planes”. And, they rarely challenge anybody elses evidence, unless…you guessed it, it’s about the planes.

    (The pot calls the kettle black; circular “logic”)

    Steve P says:
    March 5, 2011 at 8:57 pm
    March 5, 2011 at 7:01 am
    March 3, 2011 at 1:01 pm
    (All these posts asking about the airplane wreckage, or junk)

    J.F.E. says:

    …it is bs, that has been banned at 90% of other websites.

    I have no idea if that number is accurate, or where you got it – well, almost no idea – but as I’ve expressed elsewhere, the truth neither needs nor seeks exemption or protection from discussion.

    Only those with something to hide resort to this tactic.


  37. J. F. E.

    I have posted a few detailed and well referenced comments together with the comment you just answered me (Steven Jones).
    It has yet to be approved by VT.

    So we wait

  38. Hi gang,

    For context, a little background info is warranted. I have been following the “Khalezov debate” on VT ever since I first heard the name Khalezov a couple months back. Before that I was reading Chris Bollyn’s 911 book. I can’t believe that a short 3 months ago I was just another “dumbed down” American who thought Israel was our friend and ally and the Muslims were our enemy. Only when my eyes were opened (mostly by Bollyn and Jeff Gates) to the Zionist evil did everything start falling into place.

    Now on to my post. Thank you, Gordon, for VT and all you do. VT is a conduit for the truth, no matter how diverse and contradictory the comments that follow the articles. There are a couple important incontrovertible points that I have learned from this forum:

    – 911 was an inside job done by Mossad with U.S. complicity. Thank you, Dr. Sabrosky, for helping to make that crystal clear. His message must go viral.
    – Nukes of some kind were involved. Honestly, I first entertained the idea of nukes when I Googled “WTC nuclear demolition” late last year and came across Tahil’s article.
    – We can all agree with Gordon that we must know both the HOW and the WHO of 911.

    I believe the WHO must take priority. When investigating a murder, you examine evidence from the crime to help find the murderer but you don’t have to tie up every loose end before making an arrest.

  39. No planes crashed on 9/11. No hijackings took place and there were no hijackers. No planes also means that no passengers were flying inside them. No people flew to their death out of the empty WTC towers – since empty buildings do not contain people. Yet, we all fell for the computer imagery aired on TV. Planes? Fliers? No. The only real fliers of that day turned up elsewhere – in the tens of thousands – plastered on the walls of Manhattan.

    On the evening of 9/11 all around “Ground Zero”, candle vigils were being held for the “thousands of casualties” while clusters of fliers appeared all over the city walls: xeroxed portraits of men and women with big “MISSING” headings. A typical flier would read: “MISSING: My husband John Brown, height (so and so) hair (so and so) eyes (so and so) and a contact number. Lower Manhattan was literally blanketed with those Xerox copies – an allegedly “spontaneous effort by family members to trace their lost loved ones”. The world was left silently watching, sharing the human grief. This was no time to ponder over the possible purpose of those flimsy fliers pleading for help to recover lost loved ones – much as one might do for errant cats and dogs.

    Naturally, those intensely emotional hours allowed no space for rational – and much less – cynical thought. To most people, at the time, these fliers covering the city walls seemed like the most natural thing in the world. But this was civilized New York City – not some barren beachfront washed away by a tsunami. What sort of results were these fliers supposed to achieve? Were they the carriers of some desperate, irrational hope? Wait – perhaps a widow’s expectation was to receive a call from some sharp-eyed NYC shopkeeper…“Hello ma’am, an errant gentleman that looks like your missing husband just walked into my grocery-store in a daze. He’s covered in dust and looks hungry. Come over and pick him up!“

    So what was the deal with those fliers? What sort of collective phenomena would have caused hundreds of families to reach for downtown Manhattan, on the evening of the tragedy, to plaster the city with “MISSING” fliers? If we are to have a rational discourse about this matter, we must first tackle one basic, elementary question: is this what people usually do when buildings collapse ? or even in the aftermath of earthquakes or other calamities? No. It is something you might (possibly) do when a stray kid is feared abducted, kidnapped or on the run. Even in such circumstances, families will prefer to rely on the authorities – not on fliers. Such neighborhood pamphlets are usually reserved for pets gone astray.

    This issue merits serious consideration and needs to be resolved once and for all: we cannot keep on pretending that it was all part of the natural order of things. Let’s face it, the whole idea of these “MISSING” fliers is preposterous in the extreme. It was one thing to swallow the “spontaneous” nature of this bizarre, collective behavior in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. It is another to accept it as such today. So do we have any lead to follow as to finding out who might have been behind this manifestly staged operation?

    It would seem so. And – lo and behold! – it leads us straight to the website of Steven Rosenbaum – the boss of Camera Planet. It so happens that his friend and fellow ‘curator’ Louis Nevaer, apparently, saved 5200 of those fliers from destruction just in time before the rains set in a few days later. But before we get to know Dr. Nevaer, let me first remind you about Rosenbaum and his vast 9/11 video collection he purportedly acquired…by putting up fliers all around NYC…

    As the story goes, in the aftermath of 9/11, Rosenbaum put up posters and fliers in NYC and placed an ad in The Village Voice “urgently requesting images that captured the attack, its aftermath and the mood of the city”. That effort seems to have worked out nicely. His 1,700 video clips of 9/11 constitute, he says, “the largest archive of my now dormant television production company, CameraPlanet”. His website tells us that seventy-six people contributed to these “500 hours of videos”, which are owned by Mr. Rosenbaum and his wife, Pamela Yoder. Mr. Rosenbaum happily boasts that two appraisers have valued his archive in excess of $1 million. In fact, he explains, he is working out an agreement with Bank of America, the company’s primary lender. He wants to structure a deal with a donor or a buyer that would keep the collection from being sold piecemeal, repay his company’s debt of more than $500,000 and make the videos available to researchers, filmmakers and the public.

    But Mr. Rosenbaum hastens to point out: “It’s not about money. This collection is about five years of my life. We don’t have the resources to make it available to researchers and other documentarians, and we are very selective in giving approval to use our video.” Too bad. Mr. Rosenbaum apparently cares about documentarians and researchers; he just doesn’t have the “resources” to lend them his videos. What a crying shame. Inexplicably, his website mentions nothing about the history of the videos themselves. Not a single author of the 1,700 clips is cited anywhere. It appears that “the Best Documented Catastrophe in History” has a little problem; no one has a clue about who documented the unique, defining piece of history which Mr. Rosenbaum keeps in his custody.

    We also learn from Mr. Rosenbaum’s website that his company, BNN TV, employs over 80 people and occupies five floors of a Fifth Avenue building in Manhattan. The proud slogan of his company is “BNN TV Changes the Way Stories Are Told”. His clients include CNN, CBS News, MSNBC, HBO and Court TV. His state-of-the-art video studio was among the first to adopt the advanced “Avid Media Composer nonlinear editing system”. Here’s an extract of Mr. Rosenbaum’s biography:

    “Steve Rosenbaum is passionate about telling authentic visual stories. Raised in a family of storytellers (his mother was a writer; his uncle a White House correspondent), Rosenbaum was a filmmaker and magician before he began his career as an intern in an edit room at CBS News over 20 years ago. It was in this rarefied news environment that Rosenbaum discovered an unexpected gap between visual storytellers and the tools needed to produce a broadcast news story.”

    But let’s return to the “MISSING” fliers stuck all over Manhattan. Rosenbaum’s Camera Planet website also mentions this different and curious 9/11 collection. Its curator, Dr. Nevaer, apparently collected 5,200 of those “MISSING” fliers which covered the walls of New York City in the aftermath of the disaster. He then neatly restored them, framed them and took them on tour ? an 18-month travelling exhibition around the world. Here is Dr. Nevaer’s story, as narrated on the Camera Planet website:

    “Dr.Louis Nevaer is also seeking a home for his collection. He is curator of an archive that contains 5,200 missing-persons fliers and related artifacts from the days after the attack in Lower Manhattan. An exhibition derived from it, “Missing: Last Seen at the World Trade Center,” travelled for 18 months to 17 American cities, to Mexico City and Milan.”These fliers were going to be discarded as litter, and if we didn’t save them, then they’d be lost,” Dr. Nevaer said. The flier collection has been catalogued and stored in climate-controlled warehouses in New York and Miami, “and we’re negotiating with several museums,” he said.”We won’t permit it to go to any institution that charges admission,” Dr. Nevaer said. That rules out the 9/11 National Memorial & Museum planned for ground zero.”

    What Dr. Nevaer fails to tell us is that his “flier-tour” was prematurely cancelled, after being repeatedly slashed by critics for its tackiness and bad taste. Dr. Nevaer is apparently an expert on Hispanic immigration in the US – and is rumored to have been a CIA informer. It would seem like an odd, sentimental hobby for such a character to arrange exhibits of “climate-controlled” xerox copies… On the website listing the venues of Dr. Nevaer’s bizarre, travelling exhibition. we may read:

    The Fliers in New York For New Yorkers the fliers were a constant and powerful reminder of their lost neighbors. Although only 500-700 families could get to New York to create fliers, approximately 90,000 were hung. These fliers covered walls, lampposts, subway stops and phone booths all over the city. It was nearly impossible to go about life without encountering them.”

    We can only marvel over Dr. Nevaer’s acuteness. Did he come to that “90,000” figure by estimating the city areas covered by the fliers? Did he ask each of the 700 families how many they had xeroxed? Did he stroll around Manhattan, counting them one by one? Or could he possibly have had any role in the gigantic “MISSING” fliers propaganda operation? In any case, the man who plausibly created the hypnotic 9/11 “amateur videos” and the man who plausibly directed the “MISSING” flier mass-hypnosis are no strangers to each other.
    9/11 was but a foul skullduggery played out by a gang of quack magicians with friends in – very – high places. The ploy was as vile as can be: to distort reality using the full clout of the mass media. It aimed to convey the perception of loss: the loss of planes, the loss of lives, the loss of freedoms. On LIVE TV, animated imagery replaced the real-life events of the morning; a handful of frames simulating a digital airplane exploding in a digital tower sufficed to convey ‘the loss of planes’. The ‘loss of lives’ was stage-managed in the streets for public consumption – and the stage was Manhattan itself. Behind a smokey stage curtain, a redundant building complex was bombed to oblivion – and went missing in action. People and planes went missing on fliers: missing in fiction.

  40. J. F. E.

    Very well.

    Here is a nice buffet spread of comments concerning the reality of TV fakery :

    The 4 live shots:


    most important live shot busted – in depth look

    cover up of that exceptional screw up live shot – exposed


    The so called amateur shots

    Alleged WTC plane debris

    Impossible flight speed and maneuvers (flight 175 WTC)

    Impossible wing tips steel penetration


    the bullshit roadrunner style wing cut profile on WTC:

    2001 interview with photographer

    Seeing is believing :

    Just to spice up the post little more :

    The absurd cell phone calls

    Please take your time – and address all of the above

  41. J. F. E.

    Also according to your methodology

    If Steven E. Jones had declared he found a water pistol in WTC dust and even though it couldn’t explain anything observed in WTC collapse and actually contradicts later observed phenomena (15 weeks of underground heat)

    We should all support his find.

    Water pistol manufacturer would surly lead us to the preps (China..Taiwan..)
    Everything else is pure disinfo.

  42. Hi to everyone.

    It seems that the shills got tired accusing me of being a “paid shill of Larry Silverstein and of the Mossad” (as they used to do continuously for the last few days) and decided to finally relegate me to a “useless nobody” status. And they think that they could really insure me with this relegation… Poor folks… I don’t really care what shills think about me. In fact, the shills don’ really understand why I am arguing with them here. Well, I tell you the small secret. I am proud of actually four things that I did regarding the 9/11 truth:

    1. I explained the dustification mechanism of steel (which nobody has done before me). I managed to connect “crushed” and “damaged” zones of an underground nuclear explosion to the fact the WTC was “unexplainably” pulverized. Now it is no longer “unexplainable”. All those who have ears have heard it and got the point.

    2. I attracted the attention of general public to the “ground zero” definition and, what is the most important – I attracted its attention to the manipulation attempt in post-9/11 dictionaries. Of course, many people knew what is “ground zero” even before that, but nobody so far caught the US Government red-handed with its attempt to re-define ground zero in post-9/11 dictionaries. It was me who did this. And I am proud of this fact.

    3. Before my appearance on the scene the “no-planers” were social outcasts. They were indeed ridiculed and banished by all those “professional”, full-time 9/11 folks from their 9/11 societies and forums. The shill here absolutely rightly noticed this fact. Indeed it was so. And even famous movies of infamous Simon Shack were not enough to improve the social status of “no-planers”. However, when I came up with my video on the nuclear demolition of the WTC in which I clearly stated that aluminum can not penetrates steel – the no-planers’ camp grew immediately. In only a few days the “no-planers” began to grow in a social status as well. They are no longer banished from forums and no longer ostracized and ridiculed (unless in some rare cases they are ridiculed by desperate shills). More and more prominent people join the no-planers ranks. The shills grew mad over this fact, they bark like mad dogs, but they can not stop this process. The no-planes truth is out and it is being acknowledged by more and more people. Simon Shack was not able to achieve this mass effect with his series on YouTube, but Dimitri Khalezov was able to achieve this with his single phrase: “aluminum can not penetrate steel”. And, I would say, I am extremely proud of this fact. It was because of me the “no-planers” grew in a social status.

    4. I do even more important job now. Before my appearance on the scene many people could not imagine that all Internet forums and all 9/11-related truth societies are infested with professional, full-time shills. Some observant people could, perhaps, guess that certain prominent leaders like Jones or Gage were shills, but they could not even imagine that just rank-and-file Internet forums visitors could be professional shills as well. It was such an outrageous thought that most of innocent people simply did not allow it to enter their minds. Now it is about to change. It was me again who started to point out to everyone that there are shills, shills, shills, shills around and you have to be careful, guys and gals. At first people did not pay much attention to my warnings. It seemed to bizarre for them that the US Government would go as low as to maintain a little army of full-time Internet trolls. But thanks to my postings on several forums shills’ eventually grew so aggressive and so desperate that they could no longer pretend to be “casual visitors” of the forums. The shills activities on the Internet forums became clearly visible and the Internet trolls became clearly distinguishable as full time, professional shills who are maintained by the government at the expense of the gullible US taxpayer. I would say that before me most of the innocent people did not see shills. Now they see them. At last. And I am more than proud of this fact. To point out that the gullible US taxpayer pays for the monthly salaries of the shills that protect the 9/11 lies is more than to reveal the truth about post-9/11 manipulations with “ground zero” definitions. Because to maintain the Internet trolls is more outrageous than to re-print the English dictionaries. So while I argue with the shills I do not actually intend to change their opinions, since it is impossible by definition. All I wanted to do is to involve them into discussion and to reveal in the process that the shills indeed do exist. So that innocent people, who do not believe yet that they are paying monthly salaries of the shills from their own pocket, will realize this sad fact, at last.

    Anyway, let’s imagine that the shills are right. Just for a joke. What we will see?

    Let’s summarize what shills offer instead of my what they call “theory” (it is merely a witness testimony as I have mentioned previously). The shills basically say this (I mean the latest concoction of the shills after they had to take into account “ground zero” definition and the fact of the underground cavities’ existence – which they used to hide from you till very recent):

    1) The aluminum (or, sorry, shills, “titanium-duraluminum-depleted-uranium”) planes approached the Twin Towers at their full cruise speeds at the altitudes shown in available official videos and penetrated the steel perimeters of the Twin Towers (twice as thick as a typical tank’s armor) without decreasing their speed and totally disappeared iside the buildings.

    2) The evil US Government well in advance placed a complicated demolition system inside each of the Twin Towers. The system at least included: so-called “mirco-nukes” (of actual yield undisclosed), so-called “nano-thermite”, and certain conventional explosives.

    3) The evil US Government decided to make a mockery of people by demolishing the Twin Towers in the wrong order – the South Tower (that was hit second) collapsed first, while the North Tower (that was hit first) collapsed second. This particular irregularity was done either on purpose (just to mock the gullible plebs in the most cynical manner), or, perhaps, it was done by the mistake of the plane pilots – the hijacking crews targeted wrong Towers so their collapse did not correspond.

    4) The evil US Government detonated the explosives, set off so-called “micro-nukes” of unknown yield, and ignited (or detonated?) so called “nano-thermite”. The combination of their events caused instantaneous pulverization of the structural steel (not all, but some), as well as that of concrete, furniture, carpets, stair-cases, lifts, cables, wires, office utilities and human beings.

    5) For some unknown reason the evil US Government decided not to place the combination of the “micro-nukes” of unknown yield, so-called “nano-thermite”, and other explosives into the top of the Twin Towers. Perhaps the US Government did not want also to pulverize the very tops of the Twins in the same manner as it pulverized the major parts of the Twins bodies.

    6) As a result of this strange decision of the evil US Government the heavy tops of the Twins remained undamaged and fell down to the ground with near the speed of free-fall. As if under them were not remnants of structural steel, concrete slabs of the floors, staircases, lift shafts, cables, etc. but only air alone. On their way down the heavy undamaged tops of the Twins (spared by the eveil US Government) understandably crushed and scattered dust and even some debris – sending them flying all around Manhattan. Perhaps, conventional explosives also contributed to this process – they exploded sending the dust and debris flying around.

    7) So the actual work was divided between the components as follows:

    7.1. So-called “micro-nukes” of unknown yield were not actually needed, but they were, nonetheless, instrumental – because without them there would be impossible for the Civil Defense’s dosimetrists to designated the place as “ground zero”. Nukes apparently were required for linguistic purposes. However, other shills argue and claim that nukes were not really needed for that reason, because “ground zero” could have been used merely on account of the fact that the Twin Towers being used as targets of projectiles (the terrorist planes), so that “ground zero” usage was justified even without the “micro-nukes”. Yet more shills argue that even this was not really necessary, because in the 10th edition of the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (printed allegedly before 9/11) “ground zero” was allowed to use in the figurative meaning. So the Manhattan ground zero could have been used without any nukes whatsoever. Still, some shills disagree and claim that the so-called “micro-nukes” (of unknown yield) were really there and they were really required.

    7.2. So-called “nano-thermite” was required to turn steel to dust. So that the so-called “nano-thermite” was the main component of the WTC demolition scheme. The shills do not explain how actually the so-called nano-thermite was applied to the multiple steel columns (perimeter- and core- ones), they can not explain how the so-called “nano-thermite” was ignited or detonated. They can not even explain if the so-called “nano-thermite” is an incendiary or an explosive. Then can neither explain the exact mechanism of its pulverizing the structural steel. But they stubbornly insist that the so-called “nano-thermite” was found “unreacted” in the WTC dust by the Los-Alamos nuclear scientist Prof. Steven Jones in 2007 (rather than in 2002) and his findings are allegedly “peer-reviewed”. All what the shills claim – is that the so-called “nano-thermite” instantly melted the structural of the WTC steel into complete, fluffy microscopic dust.

    7.3. Ordinary explosives were required too. Because the shills can not be sure if the so-called “nano-thermite” was an explosive or incendiary. And what if it was “incendiary”? Then the explosives would be additionally required. Why? To justify those visible squibs that looked like “explosions” that occurred from time to time on the Tower’s facades shortly before the crushing down tops of the Towers would pulverized the respective areas. Thus the ordinary explosives were the third important component of the demolition scheme – next after the “micro-nukes” and so-called “nano-thermite”.

    7.4. Leukemia, myeloma and other types of cancers in ground zero responders were caused by asbestos dust (according to some shills) or by radiation (according to other shills who resort to “micro-nukes” version), yet some other shills insist that these were caused by “benzene vapors”.

    7.5. Hot temperatures under the WTC buildings debris that used to melt boots of the firefighters for about 3 months after 9/11, as well as to melt steel in deeper levels of the Pile, were, of course due to the so-called “nano-thermite” that was yet unreacted fully and was slowly reacting for four months. At this point both types of the shills – those who accept the “micro-nukes” and those who deny it – agree. The high temperatures were because of the so-called “nano-thermite”, and not because of the “micro-nukes”.

    7.6. And underground cavities under the WTC buildings with their walls covered in smooth rock were because of some ancient rivers, or, perhaps, some ancient glaciers. They were caused by neither “micro-nukes”, nor by so-called “nano-thermite”.

    That is what the shills basically want to believe you.

    I offer rather simple version – that all processes described above were caused by a single (per each building) detonation of a 150 kiloton thermo-nuclear charge 77 meters below the ground level. So that no “mirco-nukes”, no explosives, no so-called “nano-thermite”, no ancient glaciers, no ancient rivers, no asbestos dust, no benzene vapors were required.
    The 150 kiloton thermonuclear explosions deep underground were responsible for all the observed effects:
    – for “ground zero” name awarded to the site by the Civil Defense dosimetrists;
    – for instant dustification of structural steel and the rest of materials – both organic and inorganic;
    – for the fact that the very tops of the Twin Towers were not damaged and remained solid (because they were too far away from hypocenters of the underground thermonuclear explosions and crushing wave was not able to reach them);
    – for deep underground cavities filled with molten rock;
    – for hot temperatures underground that persisted for almost 4-5 months;
    – for molten steel;
    – for melting firefighters’ boots;
    – for chronic radiation sickness in gullible ground zero responders;
    – and, finally, for an unprecedented cover-up undertaken by desperate US Government, its spin-doctors, and their shills and full time Internet-trolls (paid from the pocket of the gullible US taxpayer).

    Whose version would you prefer after comparing the two? Mine or that of Steven Jones and Co.?

    Oh, we forgot the argument about the planes-no-planes. Sorry, folks. Aluminum can not penetrate steel. This is first. Second – the planes were not needed to collapse the Twin Towers. They could not physically contribute to their collapse. The “planes” could have only contributed morally. The “planes” were needed to convince some human beings to press the red buttons. In this case physical planes were not actually needed. It is pure logic. The digital planes would suffice. So why would you use planes, if the planes were not really needed?

    And for those who could not still discard that notion that there were no planes in the WTC case, please, make sure to watch these three videos:

    This one must definitely go first, before any other:


    And then these:



    The shills can bark as mad dogs at me accusing me of being an impostor, a dreamer, a plagiarist, and even a child molester. Whatever. But aluminum can not penetrate steel. And the WTC was demolished by the three 150 kilotons thermonuclear explosions… And these obvious facts have nothing to do with me personally, even if I were the worst kind of shill, impostor, plagiarist and a child-molester of both – girls and boys, it would not change anything. Don’t look at me personally like those spiteful shills do. Look at the facts directly. And you will get the point.

    Best wishes.
    Dimitri Khalezov.

  43. J. F. E.

    This has been ignored here before (has been posted earlier)

    So i post it again – specifically for you to comment on :

    Mini nuke theory is debunked with one simple demonstration


    where was that immense light flash when WTC fell down (multiple mini nukes down the tower…)?

    where is was that huge boom sound?

  44. I think many people have difficulties beleiving live shots on MSM were faked.
    it just sounds too much sci-fi.

    But is it really ?

    This Article covers this corner quite nicely.

    From January 2000 :

    “When TV brings you the news as it didn’t happen
    Broadcasters are using virtual imaging technology to alter live broadcasts –
    and not even the news is safe from tampering

    Viewers tuning into American broadcaster CBS’s recent news coverage of the millennium celebrations in New York witnessed a televisual sleight of hand which enabled CBS to alter the reality of what they saw. Using “virtual imaging” technology, the broadcaster seamlessly adjusted live video images to include an apparently real promotion for itself in Times Square. The move has sparked debate about the ethics of using advances in broadcast technology to alter reality without telling viewers that what they are seeing isn’t really there”


  45. ..he, thus far, is the only person offering anything of use..

    I’m not so sure. In my view, for different reasons, neither DK nor JFE has earned much credibility here, and JFE has squandered any he had with his ad hom attacks, and shrill, uneducated style.

    Once the question of ‘Who?’ got a little traction on this thread, there was another big volley of long posts from these guys arguing about the ‘How?’

    But we still can’t get anybody to touch that airplane junk.

    If it’s real, that says one thing; and if it’s phony junk, well, that says something else. I wonder if any of our Dancing Israelis or their cohorts just happened to be in the neighborhood? Under questioning, one of them claimed they had been on the Westside Highway…

    Airplane junk would seem to be a nuts ‘n’ bolts issue, with at least some chance of resolving the questions about what kind of airplanes was it used on. I think the engine found near the WTC had been tentatively identified as a CFM56, not used on 767s, but perhaps this has all been debunked.

    Maybe you guys with all your inside contacts could ask some of them take a look at that junk, and let us know what they think.

    Pynchon had it spot on.


  46. ron
    prager’s work needs to be distilled…good from bad…
    as with khalezov…there is gold there
    …all this is making everyone paranoid
    there are too many ‘pretend spies’ working on 9/11
    …no more dogma….

  47. jim
    dimtri drives us crazy. however, he is also good people. he is actually a very nice person. i try to separate …when it is an issue of jouranalistic integrity…oh god, did i say that…

  48. J. F. E.

    you say – “were large commercial airplanes”

    You are no innocent researcher.

    Finish Military expert talks of destruction of WTC due to Neutrons expanding Concrete.
    off course that was not observed.

    Khalezov discusses pulverization due to instant mechanical pressure.
    That has been observed.
    And in his presentation for observed collapse of WTC1,2&7 is well explained.

    You also got details explanations debunking the 5 Plane remains that were found further up the comments.
    And yet you choose to ignore them.

    We must distinguish between Khalezov expertise , eye witness and personal opinion.
    1. Harari and Granit missile – Eye witness.
    2.Underground Nuke – expertise & eyes witness
    3.No planes – personal opinions.

    No planes , or not the planes we saw on TV is completely substantiated via eye witnesses, TV fakery and expert aviation opinion

    You give praise to Gordon Duff of his past judgment and yet you make him an idiot in the case of Khalezov.

    Perhaps you are the one wearing the idiots hat at the moment.
    You accept formal explanation to phenomena related to 9/11
    passenger planes, “unique ice age crater” etc.

  49. Today after thinking about 911, I came to realize in a Eureka type moment there was neither a plane nor a missile (one of the conspiracy theories) that hit the WTC buildings. I know for a fact passenger jets never hit either building. All footage of both hits is totally contrived and unrealistic as to make one laugh. Watch them, again, if you wish to see what I am talking about.

    Yes, the second hit looks like a plane hitting a building (more than the Naudet film at least, for the latter doesn’t really look like anything realistic, but only a blur hitting the first building, which was probably purposely done to keep people off the truth–911 Truthers talking nonsense about nonsense is what the perpetrators wanted! Duh). So the first hit and the film of it was just to show something (anything hitting) but it meant nothing. A blur was enough. More effort went into contriving the second hit as this involved every news media outlet in that the perpetrators had the technology to feed in the fake footage of a plane hitting the buildings in real time to make it seem live though it really wasn’t. (just collusion of a single engineer at each station, if that) Also, think about this. NYC is a big city as is the surrounding metropolitan area, yet, there are no real witnesses or believable film of anything hitting the second building from the average Joe Six Pack. Nothing except the mass media and contrived “amateur films”– the latter being important to give the official story more validity. Go on to Youtube and watch the second hit and you will find nothing that is at all conclusive, yet one would expect there to be at least 10 if not 100 amateur videos showing a plane traveling for at least 10 seconds if not 20 in the approach and the final hit. There is no such video, which defies all explanation when the whole area is looking at the buildings. My God, the whole world was looking at these two building and there is no one clear video!? Give me a break. They don’t exist because planes never hit the buildings in the first place. Duh. Watch the ones that you have sizzled into your brains with an open mind and you can see they are fake. They really and honestly do not look real. Notice many of them–the real salient ones you have seen a hundred if not a thousand times– are a) only right at the impact; and b) at an angle that doesn’t clearly show a path of a large commercial jet flying from afar and striking the WTC building with any real clarity. In short, most of the shots are in the last seconds and the ones that show a longer flight path look so phony and contrived. Thus, I conclude they are fakes since there is no real video that shows what really looks to be a commercial jet flying into the buildings from afar. They simply don’t exist because 911 is an out and out lie. If one of the conspiracy theories (missiles fired at the buildings) is correct, why would the government shoot missiles if they can fake everything after the fact? Shooting missiles has no merit. For one, there is no point in doing so as there would be too many witnesses to them and second shooting a missile would not form the impact area looking like a plane hit. It would just be a relatively small and circular hole, much like we saw at the Pentagon. What happened at the Pentagon is another story but it is a lie, too. NO doubts whatsoever. But, but ,,, think!… just having spectacular explosions in both buildings would be enough! The charges pre-planted in the building are placed in the shape of a jet (more charges in the center to make the main hole, and less where the wings supposedly hit) and there is only a need for a major explosion to simulate the impact for the shock and awe effect. But nobody saw anything; only after the fact. Ingenious. That is all they needed to do! Eureka! Later, the news media simply feeds the story with lies that jets hit the buildings and the official story of 911 is off and running. The interviews and phone conversations with “live witnesses” are all contrived and could have even been made without the witnesses’ knowledge. In the drills being run that day or even more prior, they could have been actors with a script calling the story for drill purposes and they would not even have known! Think about it. The same might have been true of all the passengers on those flights and all the phone calls from the plane could have been done as simple practice calls as part of the drills to make it as real as possible. Would they know? No, of course not. It might have been just a drill to them for all they knew. Think about that. So where all these passengers are is not relevant at all to whether or not 911 is a lie. They all might be dead or living underground in facilities in the event of a nuclear war, near Washington.
    Now sworn to secrecy and destined to live in prison underground still serving the country. Who knows?

    Also, if the official story is true, major efforts would have been made to airlift the people off the top of both WTC buildings yet no such attempt was made. The people in these floors had to die so they could not tell their stories. Any 911 call that spoke of steel burning in floors nowhere near the impact would have been intercepted or blocked with existing technology. I would even bet that any survivors of the fall (people have lived on rare occasions from even higher falls parachuting) were killed by the “firemen” waiting below so they could not tell their story. The “firemen” highlighted in the Naudet documentary film probably had this role. Remember the JFK assassination when so many conspiracy theories were put forth? What they mainly did was to muddle everything. People talked about too many things when all the evidence was right before their eyes. Keep it simple. … They never investigated 911, nor did anyone else for that matter. The 911 Commission was just another Warren Commission. The police and firemen who know the truth are mostly silent for they do not wish to lose their pensions. I rest my case. 911 is a lie. Oh, and just to let you know, aluminum wings of commercial jets could never ever, ever have sliced through steel beams. Ever. Hey, sorry, what time is it? I think Jerry Springer is on now. Sorry, got to run! I hope you enjoyed this post.

  50. I’ve always considered Willy Rodrigues’s testimony of the guys with the hanging skin to be highly credible. A few seconds before the first impact — impact, mind you. And the explosions below would be to disconnect the base of the tower from the ground, as you say.

    I’m still stumped how that molten ferrous metal maintained itself for 15 weeks if it only as shallow as the rubble pile above the present obvious geological folded ocean bottom material in the Moss.pdf, though. That was the biggest appetizer for me on the DK version — that giant mass of melt below the surface, now just a disappointment. Clearly, it left no trace in the geological column.

  51. My problem is not with the who, but the what. Given the present state of the granite, I am having trouble with the China Syndrome again, insofar as — the molten stuff must have been quite shallow, whatever and whencever it was.

    When it finally cooled, it must have — MUST HAVE welded a giant pile of material together. If only the criminals had not covered all that excavation with a cloak of criminal secrecy on the order of Ceaucescu, we could answer these questions in a scientific way. I hate them with perfect hatred.

  52. the only ‘no plane’ guy i know is dimitri
    but..note…you must separate his beliefs from his testimony
    dimitri works hard to build theories like anyone else
    and..when he theorizes…like anyone else..
    his answers are no better than anyone else
    except…he, thus far, is the only person offering anything of use..
    …get the prager piece…
    email me for the address

  53. jim
    jeff prager’s magazine piece takes down ‘thermite only’ with far more science and engineering than either NIST or jones
    he sent it to me yesterday and i have smarter people redoing his math

    thus far it flies..

    he does exactly what i asked of the 9/11 truth group privately…analyze energy expended at ground zero..
    planes..13% if ‘0’ loss…
    thermite…no residual heat…which was measured at 2800 degrees and lasted until December 19, 2001

  54. Again, once you realize that all of these videos have been faked, you can clearly see exactly how highly improbable, if not downright impossible, the circumstances behind these videos are. It becomes almost comical when you begin imagine how these guys could have had the presence of mind to detect and subsequently film an incoming plane, yet not even think to say a word to each other about it until more than a second after it hits WTC2?

    14. “…I can only describe as, it sounded like a missile, not an airplane….it was definitely not the sound of a prop plane or anything like that….I grew up on military bases and I know the sound of jets and I’ve been in war zones and heard those kinds of different sounds….the sound itself was not of a prop plane , it was perhaps a jet, but it could have been a missile as well….it was high pitched, but it had a…er…a…whooshing sound, not, not like a prop plane…”- Don Dahler, LIVE on ABC TV

    You know,once I compared this, because it is important, to hear only, and you could take some blind man, to proof it better, as I can:


  56. Afterword.

    There is a tremendous amount of evidence very similar to this instance that anyone can extract from all of these “As it Happened” videos. Once you are able to accept that no big Boeings crashed anywhere on 9/11/01, all of this evidence suddenly becomes obvious, as if someone has lifted a fog from in front of your eyes and removed plugs from your ears.

  57. Conclusion

    To summarize my beliefs, “Jim Friedl” is lying in this eyewitness interview. He lied about both where he was and what he saw. Regardless of whether he is a media, military or some other type of government employee, he was a part of the 9/11 operation. Everybody in that studio had to know that after hearing that call to Chopper 5. The media was also in on the 9/11 operation. Their job was to sell us on the fake planes and to sell us stories from fake eyewitnesses… like “Jim Friedl.”

  58. 9/11 WNYW FOX5 Blooper – “Jim Friedl”: Eyewitness or Member of the TV Fakery WESCAM Crew?

    After much deliberation and an exhaustive effort to seek out trustworthy voice identification experts and/or linguistic profilers, I have decided to post this article for review by the general public without “expert” verification. Before I get into the details of what I suspect to be a smoking gun which incriminates the mainstream media, I want to be very clear that this analysis depends largely on my opinion regarding voice identification. However, 100% of the relatively small group of people I trusted enough to share this information with prior to this post agree with my opinion. Whether or not you agree this analysis will likewise depend on your own opinions of voice identification after you hear the audio from the source footage I am about to present.

    My discovery of this evidence was purely accidental. I was in the process of multitasking, simultaneously reviewing “9/11 – As it Happened” videos for two purposes. My first goal was to ascertain exactly when the first video that showed both the alleged UA175 and the WTC2 “impact hole” was released to the public (still unsure.. 9/12?). My second goal was to amass a list of witnesses who claim to have seen big Boeings flying into the towers, figuring that they would make great candidates for lie detector tests come prosecution time (my favorite lie detector candidate: Stanley Praimnath).

    I’m sure many of you are familiar with at least part of this footage, including the commentary. However, many of these clips end before they get to the dialogue I am about to analyze. The video I am referring to is here. I found it at Killtown’s “2nd Hit” webpage (video group 2, far right).


    In the first 2 ½ minutes of this video, anchorman Jim Ryan (WNYW in NY) is interviewing an alleged eyewitness “Jim Friedl,” who supposedly saw the first big Boeing “bank sharply” and then “fly directly” into WTC1, from a vantage point somewhere in Hoboken, NJ.

    Jim Ryan then goes on to summarize the previous interview until 3:02 of the video, at which time we observe the fireball from the alleged second plane impact.

    Nine seconds later, at 3:11 of the video, “Jim Friedl” appears to still be on the air, asking “Was that a plane?” Thirteen seconds after that, he again pipes up, saying “Oh, my God!”

    Nothing unusual so far here… until seventeen seconds later at 3:41 of the video, when a man speaks into a radio, saying the following: “[Grade] 9, Chopper 5… Is anybody on?”

    This is what immediately caught my attention. Although there is some distortion due to the fact that this man was speaking into a radio, his voice sounded much the same as the voice of “Jim Friedl,” the same “witness” they had just interviewed and was still on the line 17 seconds earlier.

    Notice how quickly the chopper radio call is faded out. The fact that it was faded out at all proves that this voice came from an incoming feed to the studio, meaning that it cannot be claimed that this voice came from inside the studio.

    Furthermore, notice that there are no audible “clicks” of any kind that would indicate either the termination of the “Jim Friedl” phone connection or the initiation of any new audio connection from which the chopper radio call may have been picked up.

    As if this weren’t suspicious enough, pay attention to the reaction of Lyn Brown (Jim Ryan’s female co-anchor) immediately after the radio communication. Was that “mmph” an attempt to retroactively cover up a FOX blooper? Or was it the equivalent of “Oh, my God… did we ever just screw up”

    On this point, perhaps I need to point something out. There is another source of this audio on YouTube which has a different video feed and begins 4:56 prior to the video which I was analyzing and have linked to above.

    This new source of audio, with a completely different video feed, was posted to YouTube on October 3, 2006. In this new video, I counted a remarkable nine “mmph”s from Lyn in a span of 1:38 (3:10-4:48). Either Jim Ryan is poking her with a sharp stick during that time or she briefly developed a toned down variety of Tourette Syndrome. However, over the next 4 minutes, she only gives us two “mmph”s, once in response to Jim Ryan saying “My goodness,” and her most emphatic of all “mmph”s after “Jim Friedl” radios to Chopper 5.

    Regardless of whether or not the audio has been altered in this newly released video, my argument remains unchanged. If the voice of the man communicating with Chopper 5 is indeed still “Jim Friedl,” this would add even further to proof of involvement of the mainstream media in the crimes of 9/11.

    Not only did they produce images of fake planes that were never there; they would also have produced fake eyewitnesses!

    Form Your Own Opinion

    Under the Reference heading at the end of this article, I have included links to help aid you in forming your own opinion. I have created a timeline that ties every point I have referenced from the original source file to a specific time, so that you can find it more easily. Also, there are three files which isolate “Jim’s” voice from critical points in the audio. I highly recommend the use of headphones during all audio review.

    Questions About “Jim Friedl”

    Even if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that “Jim Friedl” was in direct radio contact with Chopper 5, there is still much left to debate.

    First of all, what was Chopper 5? Was it FOX 5’s only chopper, thus aptly named? Was it a military chopper? Could it have been a FEMA chopper?

    Secondly, where was “Jim Friedl,” and why did he have so many means of communication at his disposal? 53 seconds into the video, we hear a phone ring. This seems to distract “Jim,” causing him to stop and restart his sentence at the word “directly.” If you turn your volume up and listen closely, you will hear a second phone ringing with a slightly higher pitch in the background. Anyone who has ever had more than one phone connected to the same line should be able to attest to the fact that they don’t always ring in perfect harmony. Often times, the rings are staggered. Notice the higher pitched phone is still ringing after the phone closest to “Jim” stops.

    So let’s see. Two phones on the same line plus the cell phone he was using for the interview plus the radio he needed to communicate with the chopper. Does it sound like “Jim Friedl” was just an ordinary citizen at home in Hoboken?

    If that was “Jim” talking to Chopper 5, my guess is that he had a bird’s eye view of the entire scene. This is reinforced by the fact that it would have been impossible for him to have seen “debris flying out the other side,” since “the other side” is the backside from Hoboken. If he can really see through buildings, he and Stanley Praimnath should get together and compare superpowers. Based on the two land line phones, he was most likely either indoors or on a balcony. Having two phones attached to the same line is extremely rare in office buildings, so I’m guessing he was either in an apartment building or a hotel room. Having two phones in one apartment also seems somewhat rare, so I definitely lean toward a large hotel room, possibly a suite.

    Finally, who was “Jim Friedl?” Well, if he lied about seeing a large plane hit WTC1, and he lied about being in Hoboken, and he was most likely in contact with the chopper that fed us the live image with the inserted CGI, do you really think he’d tell the truth about his name?

    He identifies himself as Grade 9 when he hails Chopper 5. This could open up speculation of military association (E9 Grade is the pay scale for a Sergeant Major or Command Sergeant Major in the Army), which would lead to speculation of the chopper also being military. It could also be a call sign he chose for himself if he worked for either a media or FEMA chopper crew.

    I’m no linguistic profiler or anything, but that won’t stop me from coming to these two basic conclusions based on the audio:

    1.) His accent does not sound like that of a native NY/NJ resident.
    2.) His diction indicates to me that he is well educated.

    An “expert” linguistic profiler should be able to conclude much more than I have, certainly not as detailed as his home address, but possibly as detailed as his home state and his educational background.

    As far as any additional task that “Jim Friedl” may have performed in the operation (besides providing a fake eyewitness account), I couldn’t even begin to speculate as to what he might have been doing in the 37 seconds between the instant he finished the interview and the instant of detonation of the explosions inside WTC2, because I honestly have no idea. In order to determine that, we would need answers to at least some of the many questions I’ve raised here for debate.

  59. the only plane we saw on 9/11 was nothing more than various CGI images of a plane disappearing into WTC2. It shouldn’t take a genius to connect the dots and realize that if they faked that “crash,” then the other “crashes” were also just “stories.”

    In my opinion, there is no benefit in pursuing any other aspects of 9/11 until this fact becomes common knowledge. I would urge any of the upcoming talented video creators to use any of the concepts and/or imagery from my articles to help in making this common knowledge.

    If you were to build a house of cards with all the lies and disinformation floating around about 9/11, this is the one card that will bring the entire house down. That is why I have never strayed from my efforts to prove this, regardless of how easy it would be to prove other falsehoods.

    Of course they blew up the towers. Of course nothing crashed into the Pentagon. Of course nothing crashed in Shanksville. Of course the 9/11 Truth Movement is infested with people spewing even more lies than the original story.

    None of that means anything… until you can prove that it all began with a Hollywood explosion.

  60. Michael J Volz says:
    March 4, 2011 at 9:08 am
    PENLOPE??????????? Were you trying to spell “penelope” when you made up that shill moniker??? A lot of israeli shills are unfamiliar with the spelling of certain names in English. Are you one of them? Why not use your real name, as I have?

    Khalezov has added absolutely nothing to the truth movement except wasted time and disinformation. He has pretty much been thoroughly discredited by real patriots on VT


    Hi Mike!

    :)) No, I am not from Israel!
    I took my “penlope” because I am not an important person as Penelope was.
    I am sure, that I am not Penelope, so I cannot spell myself Penelope.
    But pen-lope is great, I think, because it is a “loping pen”, you understand?
    Pen, like penclub, and that pen is loping, you know, as a horse.
    Or do you not understand this humor?

    To this:
    “Khalezov has added absolutely nothing to the truth movement except wasted time and disinformation. He has pretty much been thoroughly discredited by real patriots on VT”

    I am looking around sometimes here and there, and try to make some conclusions here and there. I am not so important, so it is not important, what I think.

    But can you, please, give me an answer to this my question:

    Why says somebody, that a plane did penetrate the Pentagon, when there is a hole in the wall, which was extra prepared before to withstand a missile attack?

    I do not understand it.

    Thank you.

    J.F.E. told, I think, something in his reply, that I am “a scum”.
    That does not touche me much, because I do not think in these categories.

    And Israel?

    A little land with many problems! Not my problem.

  61. Apparently that wheel is supposed to be from Flight 11, and was found at the corner of Recter and West.

    If I understand, the NIST account claims the wheel apparently penetrated and passed completely through WTC 1, maintaining enough speed to continue airborne for a few blocks, where it finally plunked down, looking not that much worse for the wear, considering its seemingly miraculous journey, which the NIST acknowledges.

    The little wheel that could not, from Ningen’s Blog:


    Uh huh. Magic Tire, anyone?


  62. (Damn this comment system with no edit button)

    What’s the common thread here? Must I suspect everything that, say, smacks of “falsification by a certain group” or a certain opinion? Is paranoia the safe mental state?

    Objective is no longer safe? We have to assume EVERYBODY is lying, because, well, what if they are and we fail to suspect them???

    That’s the Cheney 1% doctrine. “If there’s a 1% chance that any country will attack us, we must invade.”

    Your doctrine is, “if there’s a 1% chance that the same forces that did the NIST report are behind it, we have to assume it’s an expensive and elaborate fraud.”

    OK, so how is DK exempt from this rubric? What if he’s a clever plot to discredit VT and GD because they have become such a threat to Mossad? What if GD was slipped some “inside info” that prepped him to accept DK as the real deal? We know he’s a steamroller, and sometimes they don’t have good brakes.

    I am profoundly sympathetic with GD because I still believe in his work, generally. But I fear someone has slipped him a mikhail.

  63. “But I wonder why you also don’t accept the 10000 Page NIST report as well.

    It too went through a vigorous study has many nice diagrams, charts and photos, hey they even have a computer model , wow!”

    It’s very telling that you would come to me with this kind of language. Academics say that Edward III won the Battle of Crecy in 1346. Is that also in doubt now, because of NIST? If I accept that account, I should also accept the NIST report?

    Do I now have to reject everything that was ever written, and every photograph that shall ever be published in future? Would that make you happy? What’s the criterion? Just reject things that disagree with you, and leave the rest alone?

  64. You think that this report is fraudulent to that extent? Do you realize what extent that is? Their cross section shows a depth from street of 320-205 (above sea level) = 155 ft. = 35 m. The alleged center alone of the blast would have been 77 m from street, or 253 ft., and the bottom of DK’s alleged “crush zone” would have been 127 m or 417 ft. Quite a discrepancy.

    Look at the rocks that Dimitri himself adduced as proof of melt. How many geologists, seeing that well known picture, would choose DK’s explanation of surface over that of Ms. Moss? I have to choose, not between ALL of academia on one hand, and our pet whistleblower on the other, but one explanation with abundant materials vs. another with very little.

    To quote Joschka Fischer, “Excuse me, but I’m not convinced.”

  65. Dear J.F.E. You can relax. Finnish Military Expert is in fact a very nice guy. I consider him my personal friend (you don’t even know his real name, while I do) because he gave me the most invaluable advice when he first saw my video-interview on YouTube. He indeed gave me the good advice that would seriously protect me from the shills. If not him I might really suffer. But to claim that I allegedly “copied” Finnish Military Expert’s ideas it too much for the shills. That Finnish guy simply expressed his opinion. And in fact he did a good job – he attracted attentions of thousands of real truth-seekers to the possibility of using of nuclear devices in the WTC demolition. However, Finland is not a nuclear state, as you know, so the Finnish people, even the most highly military educated know little about nuclear explosions in general and next to nothing about undergound nuclear tests and their physical properties. So it was me who first explained how an underground nuclear explosion could pulverize structural steel. Finnish Military Expert could not do it. He does not know. Besides, he was claiming it was “mini-nukes” while I stated it was 150 kiloton nukes. A big difference, hah? The shills can relax. When it comes to the point that I claim that planes could not penetrate steel, while Finnish Military Expert does not claim such thing it again does not mean anything (but at least it additionally confirms that I have an opinion of my own which I do not need to copy from anyone). Finnish Military Expert is a clever man and he knows too that aluminium can not penetrate steel. The fact that he did not mention it does not say anything. He was busy with the nukes problems, not with the planes problem. But I tried to address both problems in the same time. Hence the difference.

    When it comes to Harari – the shills can bark like mad dogs, choking with their spite and saliva. But it will not help their cause. I have all documents, moreoever, registered in the court of law, that Harari was here, in Bangkok, and I and he were the same gang. So the shills could really relax. They have no chance here. I understand that they are simply working off their salaries, but in any case this is just a loss of precious time. You better spend it on something else.

    And in any case the shills have no chance because they don’t know what I have in my stock 🙂 Relax, shills. I really have something. I will reveal it in the court-room, when the time comes 🙂

    Best wishes.
    Dimitri Khalezov.

  66. ProudPrimate

    I am not trying to answer for Khalezov.

    But I wonder why you also don’t accept the 10000 Page NIST report as well.

    It too went through a vigorous study has many nice diagrams, charts and photos, hey they even have a computer model , wow !

    Friend, take a step backwards – and see the big picture.

  67. Thanks Dimitri for this. May he rest in peace, with the millions of other ‘DUPES OF JUDAH” FNNY was in on the crime, but only the upper level new the truth, and they did not lose hundreds on 911- that was a lie

  68. Dimitri —

    I am sorry to read this post of yours. Looking at the time stamp (March 3, 2011 at 1:52 pm) I see that I have hitherto overlooked it for two days, something believable given the large amount of text in this thread. Your long comment includes statements that require me to distance myself from you, which I am very reluctant to do. Nevertheless I must answer some of this:

    And how would the three heavy skyscraper stood on top of a cavity for so many years? I thought they used to stand on a solid granite bedrock

    Those who have been engaged in the 9/11 story for any length of time are very familiar with the so-called “bathtub” surrounding the sub basement of the WTC. Consider this text from http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/arch/foundation.html

    About half of the superblock that the World Trade Center occupied contained a deep basement, the so-called bathtub. It was a skewed rectangle with sides about 980 and 520 feet, and a depth of about seven stories. 1

    The bathtub is the 9-block area of the World Trade Center site that is excavated down to bedrock and hard soils and ringed by the slurry wall. The bathtub was created to enable the building of the Twin Towers’ foundations, and was ultimately filled with seven stories of basements housing the parking garage, mall, and building services. Since the ground water level at the World Trade Center site was just a few feet below the surface, while bedrock was about 70 feet below the surface, creating the bathtub required first building a 7-story dam below the water level of the adjacent Hudson River — the slurry wall. Ground excavated to make the bathtub was deposited west of West Street to make the land on which the World Financial Center and Battery Park now stand: 1,000,000 cubic yards moved in 100,000 truck loads filled a 700- by 1400-foot area, creating $90,000,000 worth of land. 2
    Four of the World Trade Center buildings — the Towers and Buildings 3 and 6 — rested on foundations entirely within the bathtub.

    After the collapse of the towers, a major, years-long project began, to remove the debris from the “bathtub” and prepare for the building of the “Freedom Tower” (so-called!) and in the process, the geological team of Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, 14 Penn Plaza, in collaboration with the Geology Department of Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, did extensive study, producing this PDF titled 50 Ka Till-Filled Pleistocene Plunge Pools and Potholes Found Beneath the World Trade Center Site, New York, NY, Ka being the abbreviation for “kilo-years ago”. Included are not only extensive photographs, but tables and charts showing the depth relative to sea level at a certain USGS datum point in New Jersey. This article in the New York Times, At Ground Zero, Scenes From the Ice Age was published on September 21, 2008.

    The idea that you can brush this sort of evidence away by a mixture of ridicule and intimidation (“Santa Claus peeing”) is a big disappointment for me, who had invested a considerable amount of hope and expectation in your account of the matter.

  69. Hello BlaneReigns!

    Do you have some pictures to illustrate this?
    How do these 2 steel plates look after a crush?
    Which sort of steel do you/did you use?
    What does happen to the broken wings?
    What is the difference to penetrate a steel plate
    or to penetrate a steel column?

    Thank you for your precise answer!


  70. Quite right.

    As I’ve noted elsewhere in this thread, there are a number of images on the web of various wrecked parts – presumably from the WTC 767s – found on the streets of NYC in the aftermath of 9/11, including what looks to be a substantial fragment of a jet engine assembly sitting vertically and pictured near a damaged Murray St. street sign.

    According to a 12-14-2005 Power Hour press release:

    “The engine found at the Trade Center was a CFM-56, which is not utilized on a Boeing 767”

    Other images also appear to show a Boeing part number.

    Power Hour: www d thepowerhour d com fs press_release fs press13 d htm

    Part #? – debris d 0catch d com fs

    I can’t attest to the veracity of the images or the analysis at the links above, so please, take it FWIW, and Caveat emptor.


  71. The two live shots (WNYW’s Chopper 5, and ABC’s Chopper 7) were a prerecorded plane composited in real time on the live video of WTC 2 exploding. (Chopper 4, NBC, was live but didn’t show a plane, only an explosion.) Of course, the archived footage of all of these have been altered. Cnn/Herzikhani and all the rest of the videos were composited in the hours, days, months and years following.

  72. I am really Shallel. I do correspond with Lear though. Thanks for the compliment.

    I think Gordon is the real heavy hitter! Heroic, in fact.

  73. I highly doubt Gordon or any other intelligent individual here would like you to use the term “We” ,and be associated with a childish persona like you Mr. FartBreather

    Here’s a [$̲̅(̲̅1̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] go play Video games and leave the adults alone.

  74. Dimitri, the book you wrote had you Sunsteining perfectly, but then your Sunstein took a dive when you went with the no-planes. If you were going for a 50-50 split of 1/2 credible and 1/2 discreditable information to get the cognitive dissonance rolling then you almost pulled off your Sunstein.

  75. Exactly. It would end the discussion if the plane part proved to be from the aircraft that took off as the commercial flight that allegedly crashed the site. But suppose the actual plane that crashed was not the one that took off. the perpetrators could not then afford to list a single part that would be from a different plane. That is why no parts documented to have been installed in the actual planes that took off have been identified. Not that none have been found. There is a photo of a wheel assemby found on a stree near the WTC. It would have had numerous parts identidied as having been installed in the plane that took off. The failure to provide identification numbers proves either that the part came from a different plane, or that the part was planted (which is what I suspect because of the condition of the surrounding area where it was found).


  76. Ron, in my previous post I offered to watch the videos and added that the shills would choke to death with spite after watching them. But as you can see now they pretended not to watch them, but choking with spite, still.

    Now the shills invented a new argument – that the VT and Gordon Duff allegedly damaged their reputation because of talking about my ideas… It seems that the shills have no other argumentation anymore.

    However, the problem is this (and the shills and those who pays them realize it). The shills could easily concenrtate their efforts on a single discussion or two. And it will appear outwardly that the shills allegedly represent opinion of the absolute majority of people in general. But it is not so, as you might guess. The problem is that on a single forum there could be, let’s say, 10 active participants, 4 of them posting irregularly because they are busy with their normal life (they are not paid shills and have to work normally). While the remaining 6 are shills, urgently dispatched to derail a dangerous discussion. And, unlike normal people, the shills are very active on the forum, posting continuously (because it is their job and they can spend as long time as necessary – they are getting paid for it). Of course, all of it creates an appearance that the shills are winning on every particular forum (and indeed it is – the GLP thread were we consumed 70+ pages was merely a rare exception, since the shills were dealt with in the most serious manner there, but on other forums it is not the case – usually shills get absolute majority very quickly).

    However, this should not dupe anyone. Shills indeed could create a high concentration on a single dangerous spot of defense. But they have not enough human power to defend the entire frontline. Because 90-95% of innocent people accept the Truth immediately when they learn it. And the Truth is spreading rapidly. For example, I have over 2000 downloads of my pdf book per day. Meaning that more than a million people have read it. And the same thing is with the videos. And this digit is growing rapidly. Do you think that 2-3 thousand of shills could cope with this number of people? They have no chance.

    What the shills do now – they only create temporary and actually bogus “majority” on some dangerous forums. Just to get their salaries and to calm down their masters by showing them that they are still “in charge”. But in reality the situation on the front-line is desperate for the shills. They have no chance. And they understand this.

    By the way – the most shills are anonymous, so only prominent ones like Jones or Gage will be eventually disgraced, because they used their real names while shilling. The rest of the anonymous shills will simply disappear from the scene and we will never know their names… This is the sad fact. But it does not matter – let the shills make their last fun. I don’t mind.

  77. Standard protocol for hijacked aircraft,

    If plane is recovered, check for explosives.

    If plane is crashed or otherwise, check for explosive residues to track substance to source.

    This is performed to understand the ways and methods of hijackers, and for tracking suppliers who could be involved.

    These are normal operating procedures, you can verify. Former Military OS, counter terrorist hijacked aircraft.

    Furthermore, if the story applies as with WTC 1& 2, why isn’t the NIST following standard procedures.

    Is this criminal negligence?

    So why would NIST refuse to test for thermite or explosive substances, and follow normal operating procedures?

  78. ..and Shallel (I”m not sure who he really is)
    but he is very well informed ..perhaps John Lear himself…

  79. Gordon.

    You managed to pull here all the heavy hitters in the article talkbacks :

    Khalezov , Simon Shack, KillTown.

    We just need them to all work together – their solid info combined ,gives us bulletproof multidimensional evidence to take to court of law.

  80. I don’t appreciate someone using my nick (the fake ronisrael 10:45pm)

    Gordon can verify him as an imposer via comparing my email address.

  81. Stick to the facts!
    Israel-Mossad, CIA, Mitre, RAND, CFR, FBI did 911
    There were no planes, just professional actors on the ground saying they saw planes
    Hollywood special effects
    Bush and Cheney lied

    It was a media hoax

  82. The willful destruction of evidence in the mass murder case is a terrific place to start to unravel the WTC conspiracy. To get this started, haul Giuliani, Bernie Kerick and other NYPD and NYC official in charge of the removal before a grand jury on charges of destroying evidence in a criminal investigation and co-conspiracy after the fact charges for covering it up.

    Let’s find out who ordered them to destroy the evidence, and then start going up the ladder. Also bring in Silverstain on the same charges.

    You will unravel this in no time if you were to put real pressure on these conspirators after the fact. Prien

  83. Keep in mind the building in that picture was still standing when I saw it in 1993 as the Hiroshima monument. It was about 100 feet from the T-bridge crossing over a river that was the aiming point of the bomb that blew just above it. That just gives you an inkling of how difficult it is to knock down steel skeleton buildings. And the WTC buildings were knocked down by kerosene based fires that melted the structure so it would collapse.

    Not even thinking brain dead morons are dumb enough to believe it.


  84. SHILLS do not address Dimitri No Plane just shown Evidence.
    They just stick to shit talking.

    Gordon – VT is infested with mediocre government shills
    but is normal – every high class resort pulls in some hookers too.

  85. Nonsense.

    You how many plane debris did they find from WTC event ?

    5-4 pieces some found on roof tops …
    Easiest place to plant evidence.


    And even the engine was not the right one planted lol
    (start min 5:30)

    And no way the heavy stuff flew through the tower steel core:

    “NIST NCSTAR 1-2, p. 273. Update: NIST NCSTAR 1-2, p. 273 said that in all their simulations, all the landing gear was stopped “inside, or just outside, the core.”


    Shallel knows what he is talking about.
    plz stop arguing with him you sound retarded

  86. My comment had nothing to do with planes or no planes. Truth is, I don’t really care about these details, I just know we have been duped by our government and I want to see the perps. hang. I’m not spreading any garbage because I don’t really know. I saw planes on the t.v., that’s all I know.

  87. Popular Mechanics!! Good one Vin. Those fools tried their hand at 9/11 debunking and failed miserably. But doesn’t wood cutting aluminum just prove my point that less dense materials can cut more dense materials under the right circumstances?

    Mike, I know waterjets work with a variety of abrasives, but they also work with water alone for many materials. Actually sometimes they even use Aluminum oxide as an abrasive, which should say something about the cutting power of aluminum.

  88. Once it’s determined any person supplied falsified information and statements regarding criminal case, this is considered a crime in the United States.

  89. penlope,

    Dimitri be arrested immediately.

    And this due to the content of his statements and documents, and the possibility he maybe linked to those involved in the 911 incident. At this time, he could bring witnesses supporting his documents and statements as evidence, or otherwise be charged with falsifying documents, perjury, and misrepresentation, as to hinder ongoing investigations.

    However, through the bargaining process we would assess a reduced penalty for his co-operation to expose any associates that maybe linked to the events of 911.

    I am certain the Russian Intelligence Agency would co-operate with the US to determine his credibility or criminal actions likewise.

  90. If the “US People” want their democracy back,

    We need to immediately call for the arrest of the man who made the decision to destroy Building (7) and (Federal Evidence) for high level criminal cases. By no means did this man have the authority to call for the destruction of (Federal Evidence, the property of US people), and yet there is overwhelming prove, video and recording, that he committed this crime.

    After the arrest,

    An investigation of this incident should include substances such as thermite, explosives, and other, and performed by the 911 Committee designated by the people. There should also be an investigation of those previously appointed this responsibility, to determine whether evidence was withheld and thus criminal acts were committed as well.

    This will determine whether the law applies to all…

  91. Dimitri isn’t even mentioned in this article but thermite is? Is Gordon going to give us an explanation on his overnight 180° reversal?

    Also, I’d like to address the claim that aluminum airplanes can’t penetrate steel support columns. I’m a mechanical engineer. My company has a tool called a water-jet that is capable of cutting through 2″ steel plate with a high speed jet of water. I can assure you that an airplane wing filled with fuel, travelling at 500mph, has more than enough kinetic energy to penetrate the steel perimeter columns of the towers.

  92. You guys? How can I find out if I’m a shill?

    ‘Are you guilty?’ said Winston.

    ‘Of course I’m guilty!’ cried Parsons with a servile glance at the telescreen. ‘You don’t think the Party would arrest an innocent man, do you?’ His frog-like face grew calmer, and even took on a slightly sanctimonious expression. ‘Thoughtcrime is a dreadful thing, old man,’ he said sententiously. ‘It’s insidious. It can get hold of you without your even knowing it. Do you know how it got hold of me? In my sleep! Yes, that’s a fact. There I was, working away, trying to do my bit — never knew I had any bad stuff in my mind at all. And then I started talking in my sleep. Do you know what they heard me saying?’

    He sank his voice, like someone who is obliged for medical reasons to utter an obscenity.

    “Down with Big Brother!” Yes, I said that! Said it over and over again, it seems. Between you and me, old man, I’m glad they got me before it went any further. Do you know what I’m going to say to them when I go up before the tribunal? “Thank you,” I’m going to say, “thank you for saving me before it was too late.”

  93. As to what “self-assembly” means, think of the difference between polycrystalline silicon, where the crystal lattice is not uniform throughout, but consists of many dis-aligned lattices with each their own center, and amorphous silicon, which has little if any lattice, these on one hand, and on the other the monocrystal boule grown (“pulled”) by the Czochralski method, where a single crystal is selected, cut, and polished under a microscope, mounted in one of several orientations, and suspended in a pool of melt, such that the atoms create the tetrahedral structure by natural atomic forces, and the growing boule is raised to accommodate growth until it reaches several feet in length, with essentially every atom in perfect geometric alignment. True perfection is very difficult to achieve, with earth tremors among a large number of disturbances and contaminants that can injure the growing structure.

  94. Just one plane part would end the discussion, but I doubt anyone will produce one, since if they had a plane part traceable to any of the alleged suicide jets, I think they would have produced it already! Same with all the confiscated Pentagon videos.

  95. Because of the damned delay when posting links, I’ll simply cut & paste this from a 2-26 posting on the thread about the Barrett-Khalezov-Duff podcast:

    Where Dimitri says in the above quote from his book, “Supporters of this theory can’t even audibly explain what the so-called “nano-thermite” actually is – whether it is a kind of incendiary (like commonly known themite or napalm), or it is a kind of explosive (like dynamite, TNT, RDX or C4).” Niels Harrit does audibly sort out some of these issues in his interview with Kevin Barrett last week,

    Harrit: [14:47] “All that I’m talking about here is the rather old-fashioned way of making chemical explosive process. In nanotechnology, you follow a different procedure. Nanotechnology is not old wine in new bottles. It’s a fundamentally new approach to making materials. That is, you’re building the materials from the atomic scale and upwards, eventually tricking — uh, yeah — fooling the molecules to get them to do what you want them to do, applying a principle called “self-assembly”. But if you build the materials from the bottom up, there are two consequences — uh, two advantages of this procedure: first, everything is much smaller, which means that the reaction partners, in this case aluminum and iron oxide, the particles are smaller, much more intimately mixed, meaning that they react faster, and the temperature automatically gets higher. Second, everything is embedded in what we call a polymer matrix, a kind of plastic where [things are lying(?-inaudible-?)] And you have the option then during production to mix in other chemicals. So you actually can, I would say, turn the internal — the energy of the chemical reaction into an explosive effect. We have to distinguish here between an incendiary and an explosive. The old-fashioned thermite is an incendiary. It destroys steel by means of heat, while an explosive knocks things over.
    Harrit does go on to say shortly later that all of the options available to the manufacturers of the nanothermite are not known to the investigators, as to what explosive enhancements may have been added to the binder.

  96. RE EMP:

    (NYT)””I had my cellphone in one hand, and it was useless, and my BlackBerry in the other, and it was my lifeline that day,” Ms. Federman recalled.”

    Heavy calling traffic could account for cell-phone failure, but EMP would have taken out Blackberries too, right?

  97. I suggest everyone watching this small video which is one of the best analyses of the planes’ theory:


    This guy does not say anything and he does not criticise anything. He only shows something. And this “somthing” will get the shills extremely annoyed, I promise. But the “no-planers” will be very happy to get this new point. And a music is nice there too.

    And if you want to watch more, watch these two:


    They are very illustrative. The shills might choke to death with spite after watching them.


  98. “Nucleotides are molecules that, when joined together, make up the structural units of RNA and DNA.” (wikipedia) You meant “nuclides”.

    EMP evidence? Is there significant reporting of electronic devices ruined by an EMP? I haven’t seen it, but would archive it if I did. I’ll do a search.

    “China Syndrome” — so you posit a sufficient residual nuclear activity from, what, uranium or plutonium device to provide this self-sustaining heat 15 weeks down line? Have you sketched out in your mind the details? Are micro-nukes fission, or fusion devices? What residual nuclides would be expected in the neighborhood if that were the case? A fission device would leave a lot more radioactive detritus around, wouldn’t it? But a fusion device would have a lot shorter denouement, I assume, because of lack of heavy elements.

  99. “Talmudic cultists” simply do not believe in God. So an “oath” is nothing to them. They are not going to be punished anyway (in their own opinion). When it comes to real believing Jews, they have a reservation. When they are forced to testify to the unbelievers under oath they could still violate the oath and lie, and it is justified by the fact that they are in a court where judges are unbelievers, so they have simply no right to demand anything related to God, such as an oath. This is pure logic. An oath means nothing in the 20th and 21st centuries. But these guys – like Cheney and Bush, and also all those “amateur” cameramen did all their best to return torture and making it a part of the judicial practice. So why not to torture them into confession?

  100. James, I agree! I can’t keep up with all of the details. I admire those who dig into it, they have more knowledge on those things than I do. But we know something is terribly wrong, don’t we? I for one, can’t stand this dragging out much longer as the people in charge are going full tilt on us. I want this to end and I want the guilty to hang!

  101. Wow! That’s all I can say! Have you been visiting this site very long? I look forward to further posts.

  102. The nano-nuke, as I say, is a new wrinkle for me. Dr. Nur pointed me to Joe Vialls’ excellent work, about the Bali and Beirut bombings, such as the parking garage with the re-bar totally stripped of concrete at, what, fifty yards was it? I’m still a bit of a novice at these specs, but clearly — look, I was until a month ago one of the great unlearned that thought Nagasaki was the most recent nuclear detonation-in-anger. Imagine my surprise!

  103. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t involved myself in the micro-nuke study until this Khalezov info came to me through this website. As to the Granit, I don’t care whose camp it belongs in, or what other rationales it associates with. To me, it is a drastic improvement in the explanation of the narrow, deep penetration of those six very resilient walls. It the Granit is correct and the 150k’s under the WTC are wrong, so be it. The failure of the one does not functionally preclude the other. The very existence, the knowledge of the existence of such an able penetrator (high mass, high hardness) is cause for celebration to me, insofar as the impossibility of the evidence melts away before it.

    The thing about the crater is a profoundly sorrowful matter for me, because it casts a very dismal light on the judgment of GD, someone who has become for me a bright beacon of hope. What are we to make of this? If as you affirm, Dimitri is way off the mark, how is it than GD was so thoroughly captured? His credentials are that he has insider info, such that he was not limited to making either a good or bad guess about DK’s story.

    I am deeply reluctant to go there. I don’t want to go there. But without a crater, we have not story. I don’t see any alternative right now. But the whole scenario is becoming so bizarre — the no-planes crowd back from the grave and all . . . I just shake my head and sit stunned.

  104. Well, FB, I will never cease to hold, for example, Bob Dylan in the highest regard, for his courageous stand against the “Masters of War” and the “Idiot Wind” that represents America and humanity in general. Granted, he never raised a hand against Israel per se, so perhaps that is a weakness. Two Jews that constantly rail against the abuses of Israel, make that three, are Dennis Bernstein and Nora Barrows Friedman of FLASHPOINTS at Pacifica Radio, who often receive death threats and are slandered as “self-hating Jews”, the third being Stephen Lendman at Progressive Radio, formerly co-host with Michel Chossudovsky, another truth-telling and very eloquent Jewish voice against the crimes of the NWO. Any of these, and any other, to which one might add Amy Goodman, can be charged with imperfections, glossing over issues, “picking their battles” too gingerly. I’m not convinced that such deviations from my opinion about things constitutes betrayal of conscience or even of good use of life’s resources of time and media opportunity.

    But generally speaking, I have to say, mighty fine summary you have put together there. I’d like to add one extra perspective: the British legacy. Cecil Rhodes left his money to Lords Milner and Rothschild to pursue his goals, foremost of which was the “recovery of North America” for the British Empire. He was perhaps at the top but certainly not the only member of that aristocracy that resented the loss of America and the resulting democratic freedom we used to enjoy. Here’s a quote from his Confessions of Faith (1877):

    The idea gleaming and dancing before ones eyes like a will-of-the-wisp at last frames itself into a plan. Why should we not form a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule for the recovery of the United States for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire. What a dream, but yet it is probable, it is possible. I once heard it argued by a fellow in my own college … that it was a good thing for us that we have lost the United States. … But even from an American’s point of view just picture what they have lost, look at their government, are not the frauds that yearly come before the public view a disgrace to any country and especially their’s which is the finest in the world. Would they have occurred had they remained under English rule great as they have become how infinitely greater they would have been with the softening and elevating influences of English rule, think of those countless 000’s (thousands) of Englishmen that during the last 100 years would have crossed the Atlantic and settled and populated the United States. Would they have not made without any prejudice a finer country of it than the low class Irish and German emigrants? All this we have lost and that country loses owing to whom? Owing to two or three ignorant pigheaded statesmen of the last century, at their door lies the blame. Do you ever feel mad? Do you ever feel murderous? I think I do with those men. I bring facts to prove my assertion. Does an English father when his sons wish to emigrate ever think of suggesting emigration to a country under another flag, never-it would seem a disgrace to suggest such a thing I think that we all think that poverty is better under our own flag than wealth under a foreign one.

  105. I read the report. It definitely does not prove the “no-plane” theory. If anything, the report suggests they invented a bunch of dead people to increase the death doll, thereby increasing support for the wars they were about to launch. I always suspected 3000+ was way more than really died anyway. It’s entirely possible that the planes were empty, and the towers collapsed over an hour after the impacts leaving plenty of time for evacuation. The towers didn’t tip over, they came straight down onto an evacuated area. Also, every video shows a clear blue sky with the smoke blowing south, which is exactly what the conditions of the day were. I live in NJ, I saw the aftermath with my own eyes. What if it had been a cloudy day? Every video would be useless. Are you also suggesting all the building 7 collapse videos are fake? What kind of morons would fabricate a collapse video showing free-fall acceleration into the buildings own footprint? One more thing. Dimitri says the govt was fooled on 9/11 into bringing down the towers because the pentagon situation led them to believe there were nuclear warheads inside. If thats the case, how could they have prepared all these collapse videos beforehand?

    Hopefully your just gullible and not getting paid to promulgate this nonsense…

  106. Talmudic cultists don’t subscribe to oaths, (See: “Kol Nidre”) so you’d need something more coercive to extract any relevant and useful information from them.

  107. I love the argument about the crater.

    I wonder how they managed to build wtc4 foundations on top of an “ice age” molten crater..

    and why the hell they need to fill it with concrete now.

    What, the amazing technology of the 60’s – grounding a sky scraper in in mid air all of a sudden is obsolete ??


  108. Mike I guess even Gordon got tired of the house Shill.

    I mean how much “friendly” bullshit can one take in a day…

  109. It gets discouraging to see all the trash talk about how this could happen and how that could happen. All it really says is that the whole story stinks. Just open a new and proper investigation. Who cares about speculation when every right thinking person knows that we don’t know sweet f all. Cheney knows plenty. Bush knows alot even if he doesn’t realize that he does. All the dual citizens involved as well should be rounded up, and forced to answer questions under oath.
    All that is required is for afew bad men to face the death penalty and the story will come out. Right now they are more afraid of their fellow conspirators than they are of us.

  110. You’re welcome. I wish I wrote it. It’s a copy paste. The pen name of the author is Simon Shack, the posts below re Mitre are by an author with pen name Hoi.Polloi, both from September clues site

  111. On September 11, 2001, two Mitre-guided COCOM bases materialized out of nowhere. Florida based U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) was joined by a mysterious place called U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) in Omaha, Nebraska and a pre-outfitted base on the U.S.-Canadian border called U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM). After the alleged ‘classroom incident,’ Bush was apparently taken to USSTRATCOM to monitor the unfolding situation. One can assume such an urgent delivery of the executive branch was to peer through the war games with Ralph Ed “pocket-rocket” Eberhart and assure a successful “sell” of the 9/11 tale as it was being piped through television, radio, press and Internet distributors – perhaps via lucrative arrangements with Eberhart and Powell’s ObjectVideo chips.

    As a sort of ultimate addendum to the embarrassingly misfired “industrial revolution” that is still traumatizing our sensitive species, the final purpose of mechanization – which had been left unfulfilled by humanity’s inherent safety measures against self-abuse – is now being pushed to its deadly extremes by a group forever persisting beyond humanity’s means. Allegedly to the ends of exploration and knowledge, we have agreed with their sad dependencies in the hopes of becoming untangled by tolerating their thrashing. We are requested on a daily basis to regard their abuses, exploitations, vast material wealth and paranoid security systems as merely coincident with humanitarian goals. Based on the well-known but just-as-well-denied consideration that power corrupts, we might consider the true motivations of those we’ve granted power in exchange for the occasional second-hand power high.

    This is an age-old relationship, one that might be narrated in the following way: “I don’t want personal responsibility to something I need to survive, and others are happy to feign the ability to provide it. I am happy to pretend their offer matches my needs, even as it does me and my community harm – because I just want to belong to such a cool, interesting group that gives me so much.”

    Thus, our desire for predictable and safe pleasures keeps us in a few irreconcilable cycles of self-destruction:
    1. Life loses its mystery. Inspiration is replaced by jaded and cynical thoughts that cripple the imagination, our prime survival tool (not to mention a great deal of fun!)

    2. Because we lack inspiration, we lose the inability to process lows. Depression and sadness hit harder and its effects are felt longer. Those around us cannot help us, because they are just as confused about the constant pressure to feel happy and satisfied.

    3. Survival itself loses meaning. We turn to thoughts of past, future and alternative lives not our own, and focus on finding justification and survivalist meaning in our addictions, no matter how self-destructive.

    In exchange for this living hell, we give all our life force, energy and spare time (not spent indulging in our addictions) to the support of the system which provides them. In this case, that system is a series of gangs defining and maintaining distinct “nationhoods” – actually an artificial mockery of true nations – each comprised of a culturally engineered and tested set of addictive substances, services and “news events” to ensure that none of us escapes the “World Dynamics” model and the collective high we experience as “life.”

  112. @OS

    How did you get this idea?
    Do you think, that that is an extra conspiracy?

    “There maybe direct link between who you work for, and those involved in 911.”

    One conspiracy or two?

    Do you think, some more conspiracies?

  113. Hi J.F.E.!

    The most interesting point of Mr. Khalezov is, that he is bringing the discussion on a higher level.

    The fact is, that rhetorical capabilities are very important, too, when you want to bring “the truth” up to the point, where you want to have it.

    Somebody should look after rhetoric in every “truth”, and not only in special incident.

    You must ask, if the rhetorics are good enough to underline the point, which somebody wants to make you to believe!

    So you can find out the “truth” much better!

  114. PLACE: Mitre Corporation, Bedford, MA
    TIME: 1996, Annual Report Board Meeting

    The time has come to discuss Mitre’s next steps in the implementation of their masters’ ambitions for a global military tech-tatorship. The cover of their 1995 Annual Report gleefully portrays an eruption of smoke from what looks like the top of a certain familiar complex in New York City. Given the previous Mitre sim-bombing of the WTC just three years earlier, one can assume that the graphic isn’t a mere “insensitivity” but a boastful glorification of their decades-long preparation of what would soon become the advancement of the COCOM agenda.

    The 1996 Board of Trustee Membership looked like this at the time of the meeting (unintroduced in bold):

    • Victor A. DeMarines – newly appointed President and CEO of Mitre

    • James R. “too much money” Schlesinger – former CIA director

    • Doctor Jack P. “psychoacoustics” Ruina – Lick collaborator on the foundation of DARPA and Internet

    • General Paul F. Gorman (retired) – U.S. SOUTHCOM commander

    • General Robert T. Marsh (retired) – executive director Air Force Aid Society

    • Admiral James B. Busey IV (retired) – “Permanent Director” of the AFCEA and GEOINT slot-keeper

    • Doctor Richard J. Kerr – former principal deputy director to the CIA

    • Doctor David V. Ragone – mission critical venture capitalist and MIT senior lecturer

    • Doctor William “we need more carbon dioxide” Happer, Junior

    • Doctor George H. Heilmeier – CEO of Bellcore and standardizer of nation’s communication lines

    • Doctor Lewis M. Branscomb – director of General Foods, Mobil Oil, RAND, Mitre and LordCorp

    and Honorary Trustees:

    • Robert E. Everett – Mitre’s adoptive father

    • William J. McCune, Junior – high ranking Masonic leader

    Equipped with such connections, it should come as no surprise that on 9/11, Mitre pal “Ed” Eberhart engaged U.S. NorthCom into the COCOM fold under the pretense of the Northwoods “war drill”, while Bush somewhat “christened” cybernetics and media control center U.S. StratCom, all while the media fakery “unfolded” over the course of September 11, 2001, baffling and distracting even those in the military who might have had some knowledge about the mini “revolution”. By 2001, the 1996 Mitre reports had long ago established the conquering language of their viral sim-framework: known as the “Synthetic Theater of War” (or STOW), and its ambitions were always much larger than the United States; indeed their declaration of intent to format both the DOD and UK’s MOD intelligence networks C4ISR and C4ISTAR respectively into an “understandable” (read: measurable and controllable) version of their Mitre-grown “Architectural Framework” was met with unheralded and perfectly journalist-ignored success. It is 2009 as I write this, and several globalist-invented TV fakery events are occurring every year.

  115. How could penetrate a plane a wall in Pentagon, which was extra preparated to withstand a nuclear missile attack?


    Q: “What about the 4 flights – and the passengers on those flights? Where did they go? Do we have any solid documentation certifying their very existence?”

    A: Before asking oneself these questions – one must of course verify the available, relevant official data. Prominent researchers have revealed (throughout years of cross-examined investigations) that both flights and passengers lack the required data necessary to establish the alleged flights’and passengers’ very existence.


    The 4 purported hijacked flights have grave problems as far as their authenticity is concerned: A long list of documentation (or plain lack of it) reveals inconsistent NTSB, BTS and FAA data. The 2 American Airlines flights lacked records of required airport log data such as taxi-off and wheels-off times. The 2 United Airlines flights were not deregistered until October 2005, as of official FAA records. Both should have been listed, by law, as ‘destroyed’. Shortly thereafter, the FAA rectified this ‘oversight’ in a peculiar manner : in place of ‘destroyed’, the wording used was ‘cancelled’. This evidence has not been challenged, to this day, by any of those air-regulating agencies nor by the airlines themselves.


    Since no evidence has been forthcoming of the very existence of the 4 ‘hijacked’ airplanes, the question of the passengers allegedly on board of them should be moot. However, multiple and repeated people-searches have attempted to backtrack and contact the alleged families of those passengers – to no avail. Thus, the prevailing indications of those longstanding investigations suggest that none of these people have ever existed. Moreover, the stories created around the alleged passengers simply do not stand up to scrutiny. As for the cell phone calls that they allegedly placed to their loved ones, they have by now been established as a technical impossibility.

    Q: “What about the thousands of eye-witnesses in Manhattan ?”

    A: There is no denying the existence of a large amount of eye-witness testimonies reported by the mainstream media – and even by more credible, independent sources. The vast majority refer to the sightings of the 2nd event at WTC2 – while strikingly few refer to the 1st event at WTC1. With this in mind – and permitting that witness reports might be a reliable source of information – we should concentrate on the available witness reports.

    Of course, eye-witness testimonies are notoriously unreliable, particularly in the case of brief, rapidly unfolding events. In spite of this commonly-accepted fact, many people seem to be strongly attached to what (they perceive) was reported by “thousands” of eye-witnesses in Manhattan. A key question should be raised: Did most people report a “large passenger airliner?” The firm answer to this is: No.

    Of those people who provided details of the object they saw, the majority reported anything but a large airliner. I submit below a cross-section of such testimonies: Of course, this selective list is only meant to get an idea of the variety of the 9/11 eye-witness reports – and is not intended to establish any conclusive proof. However, it goes to show that there was no general consensus on what precisely hit WTC2 :

    1. “At that point we were still not sure that it was a plane that had hit the tower. There was some talk from the civilians coming down that a plane hit. The consensus was that it was a small plane.”- Credited to: Roy Chelson

    2. “Numerous civilians were telling me that a plane had hit the building. There were discrepancies as to the type of plane. Some were saying it was a Cessna or Lear jet type, a small jet plane. Some said it was a large passenger plane. One person actually said that it was like a military style plane that actually shot missiles into the building”. – Credited to: Anthony Bartolomey

    3. “I saw it come up from the left, and I saw the plane coming through to the building, go inside, a small plane….no, no, it was plane, you know, like they teach the people to pilot a plane, a small plane, you know, it was that kind of plane…, and I never saw that plane before. It’s like something, I don’t know, it’s like they worked with the motors, I never saw a plane like that before!”- Credited to: Karim Arraki

    4. “I was on my way to work…traffic was excellent…I received a call saying a small Cessna had hit the World trade Center…I was asked to go and man the Office of Emergency Management at the World Trade Center 7 on its 23d floor…” – Credited to: Barry Jennings

    5. “I was waiting a table and I literally saw a, it seemed to be a small plane. I just heard a couple of noises, it looked like it like it ‘bounced’ off the building and then I heard a, I just saw a huge like ball of fire on top and then the smoke seemed to simmer down…it just seemed like a smaller plane, I don’t think it was anything commercial.”- Stuart Nurick, LIVE on CBS NEWS

    6. “…We saw a plane flying low overhead which caught all of our attention. We looked up. It was making a b-line for the World Trade Centre. It was very low, extremely low, not a big plane like an airliner …uh… but not a tiny propeller plane, a small, small jet plane.”- Credited to: Mary Cozza

    7. “I mean, I hate to admit this, but I’m sitting there hoping that someone has made a mistake; there has been an accident; that this isn’t the hijacked airplane, because there is confusion. We were told it was a light commuter airplane.” Credited to: (news report)

    8. “I thought it could have been an accident…I thought the plane was much smaller…”- Credited to: Sid Bedingfield

    9. “I was told by somebody that we had an eyewitness who happened to be an off-duty firefighter who told me that he saw the first building get hit and it was hit by a prop jet, which I think turned out to be the wrong information, but everybody sees things differently.”- Credited to: Steven Mosiello

    10. “And we went to a high point in our building, which is on the 25th floor, and you had a clear view of both World Trade Centers and the one that was smoking hard, and there was another plane that was flying low, and we just looked at it, and before we know it, it was just kamikaze, boom, right into the other tower… but it didn’t seem like a big passenger jet. It was a smaller type plane, because it made some pretty radical turn, and flying low…” – Credited to: Mr. Tractsonburg

    11. “We’re walking the dogs and we saw a plane flying really low, a jet, a small jet, and it flew directly into the World Trade Center..”- Credited to: (news report)

    12. I got out of the car, and I told Larry I saw an FBI agent and I was going to start talking to him. I gave him my card, and he gave me a card. I said I thought that that second plane that went into the south tower was a military plane, like a transport or small cargo military. – Credited to: Battalion Chief Brian O’Flaherty

    13. “Hey Grandpa, I’ll tell you what woke me up. They bombed the World Trade Centre. I’m looking at it and Mi-Kyung’s video taping it. Terrible. I heard, Grandpa, I saw it. It could have been a plane, but I think it was a bomb…a missile…er…this could be world war three.”- Credited to: Mi Kyung Heller

    14. “…I can only describe as, it sounded like a missile, not an airplane….it was definitely not the sound of a prop plane or anything like that….I grew up on military bases and I know the sound of jets and I’ve been in war zones and heard those kinds of different sounds….the sound itself was not of a prop plane , it was perhaps a jet, but it could have been a missile as well….it was high pitched, but it had a…er…a…whooshing sound, not, not like a prop plane…”- Don Dahler, LIVE on ABC TV

    15. “It was a big fireball or something from the plane I guess, came from across the street in front of our rig, and as we get out of the rig, there’s a cop, city police officer, in the street. He’s telling us, “I’m getting out of here. I just saw a rocket.” He said he saw it come off the Woolworth Building and hit the tower”. – Credited to: Peter Fallucca

    16. “At that point I assumed you can’t have two — it can’t be an accident to have two planes. So, I don’t know if there’s planes or missiles or what but something was hitting this thing. You saw debris was falling down.“ – Credited to: Brian Dixon

    17. ”I was saying to him, “That plane is closer to us. It’s really not a big plane going towards the building.” Two seconds later it rammed into the building. “- Credited to: James Murphy

    18. ” Some people thought they saw a missile, now I don’t know how they could differentiate, but we might leave open the possibility that this was a missile attack on these buildings …” Dick Oliver, LIVE on FOX News

    19. “I saw two other planes. One came in one way, and the other came in the other way, and there was a plane in the middle that was way far off in the distance. Then the plane in the middle just disappeared into a little fireball. It looked like the size of a golf ball from where I could see it. And the other two planes veered off into opposite directions.” – Credited to: Patricia Ondrovic

    See: Report on NYC First Responder 9-11 Accounts (PDF 4,79 MB)

    Note that ‘missile’ is mentioned in no uncertain terms even by a few newsmedia people: What to do with those? Did they simply tell the truth? Or were they actually instructed to do so? The latter option is theorized by some and may well be contemplated: If a “Joe Public” had very clearly seen a missile, he would undoubtedly find comfort in the fact that even war-zone experts like ABC’s Don Dahler had been initially ‘mistaken’ as to what he saw. The endless TV replays of the BOEING 767 animation would have eventually put Joe’s torments to rest. The TV images would have “cleansed” his recollections.

    Generally speaking, the eye-witnesses on record reported a smaller airborne object than a wide-body passenger airliner. This fact alone is, to say the least, rather puzzling : how can a large, low-flying and very loud BOEING 767 be mistaken for a “small aircraft” by so many people? Try to picture yourself in New York that day: would you possibly have mistaken a 767 passing 700ft above you for a “small plane”?

    Take “Flight 11”, for instance (the first alleged “hijacked plane”): It would have roared across the full length of Manhattan – from tip to toe, at full thrust and extremely low altitude: tens of thousands should recall that deafening event – yet hardly any witnesses on record (but a handful of newsmedia people) ever mention it. Here’s just to get an idea of what it should have sounded (and approximately looked) like:
    FACT: The only documented reports of a “Large Passenger Airplane” came from newsmedia employees.
    (See: September Clues part D).

    THE MISSILE HYPOTHESIS Arguably, what witnesses saw was a winged, plane-shaped missile. Interestingly, one such missile existed in 2001: Lockheed Martin’s flagship at the time was the JASSM AGM158, a precision-guided cruise missile with a titanium penetrator warhead. Its speed was 550mph and its CEP (Center Error Probable) as little as 8ft; of course, a pre-placed homing device in the WTC would have reduced that margin of error to zero. The point is, the AGM 158 could have undoubtedly by relied upon to hit a target as wide as the WTC (208ft) with utmost precision. Of course, such a winged missile – though considerably smaller than a Boeing 767 – would have effectively generated real eyewitnesses reporting “some sort of airplane” striking the tower. The JASSM AGM 158
    We may only wonder why we have so many witness reports of a small aircraft. Since there is no photographic record of it, determining just what hit the WTC2 (if anything at all) will remain in the domain of speculation. In any event, anyone lending relevance to the available witnesses must do the effort to read their statements: Out of those who specify anything about the size of the object seen impacting the WTC2, most describe some sort of small aircraft. Consequently, at this stage and with the elements at hand, the missile hypothesis cannot be discounted. Ultimately, determining the precise object that flew into the WTC is a secondary issue: the bottom line is that the bulk of witness reports provide no support to the official ‘BOEING 767’ story.

    The WTC2 tower collapsed at 9:59AM – the WTC1 at 10:28AM. By that time, there is no question that Lower Manhattan had been comprehensively evacuated. In fact, some witnesses (blocks away from the WTC complex) are on record reporting just a smoke-filled scene and little else. Since all the available collapse videos are also proven fabrications (see: COLLAPSE ANIMATIONS), we cannot know exactly what – and how much detail – was seen in reality from the streets of Manhattan. We may reasonably surmise that the 9/11 planners had no wish to show anyone the exact dynamics of the WTC destruction – and that some form of smokescreen was built up in the hour-long timelapse between the “planecrashes” and the collapses. The picture below – whether part of the fake footage or not – may give us an idea of what might have been the only sight anyone had of the tower collapses: just an impenetrable wall of smoke.

    Q: “What about the many private videos of the 9/11 events showing the plane crash?”

    A: All the alleged “Amateur” stills and videos depicting crucial moments of the day (“planes”/“tower collapses”) are forgeries – and demonstrably so. The “9/11 plotters” manufactured a large image-pool to be attributed to private cameramen for three main purposes :
    • 1: To imprint the notion that many bystanders captured the event on film
    • 2: To supply more shocking and memorable close-up views of the event
    • 3: To outweigh the poor LIVE TV show with a great number of shots

    The skeptics argue that “too many videos of the airplane were captured, therefore all cannot be fake …” Too many indeed: there are a simply ludicrous amount of “lucky” shots. In fact, the sheer amount of existing ‘airplane’ images is grossly absurd in itself: We now have more than 45 “amateur videos” (some of which were released – inexplicably – as late as June 2008!). We also have at least 10 still pictures depicting alleged “Flight 175” “in its very last second of flight”:
    Here’s where any rational-minded person should stop and ponder: What are the odds that so many amateur cameramen would capture a clear shot of an unexpected 550mph airplane[1] in its very last second of flight – both ‘plane’ and towers nicely framed – with no apparent motion blur of either? There are, for instance, no such precedents in the history of motorsport photography: no speedway crash has ever been captured by 55+ cameramen, in crowded arenas where hundreds of lenses are aimed right at the action. On most occasions, only a handful of professionals will capture an image sharp enough for publication.

    2) IMPOSSIBLE PHYSICS: Other “amateur” shots depict the actual impact of the “airplane” on the tower façade: The aluminum airframe is seen integrally penetrating the steel tower with no deceleration – without as much as a rear aileron breaking off. This is, of course, utterly absurd and makes a joke of the laws of physics. This ‘shortcut compromise’ was chosen by the fakery crew for obvious reasons: More realistic forgeries (with many bits and pieces shredding at impact) would have required vastly superior computing power in order to simulate convincingly all the various viewing angles of the “planecrash”.
    3) CONFLICTING VISUALS: The rest of the alleged “amateur” shots disqualify each other by the way of irreconcilable discrepancies and aberrations. All kinds of parameters simply fail to add up as one compares the different shots (all of which – of course – are supposed to depict the same “airplane”) : trajectories, angles, pitch, yaw, speeds, lighting, hues – to name a few. Here’s a trajectory comparison between two well-known videos – the last 7 seconds of “Flight175″…according to two different ‘cameramen’:

    About 90% of the alleged authors of these “amateur videos” are people linked to the newsmedia and the film/video industry. A mere coincidence? Not likely. A more rational hypothesis is that they were chosen as credible scapegoats should any of those forgeries be publicly exposed – since all could be plausibly suspected of faking pictures for personal fame and gain. So why don’t we have a single authentic video of the crucial 9/11 events? Most likely, electromagnetic technology (commonly used in war zones to jam the enemy’s electronics) prevented any private footage being recorded at the time of the tower strikes. In fact, several electronic disruptions occured in NYC on the day. See: Visual Control of 9/11.

    ALLEGED AUTHORS OF 9/11 “AMATEUR” SHOTS (on public record):

    computer graphics animator. Clients: Comedy Central, MTV, TCM and HBO.

    On 9/11, worked for KSK VIDEO STUDIOS, New York City: “Creative programming solutions for television, interactive and multimedia.” Photographer with world renowned Magnum agency.

    3D visual arts expert. Inventor of “Panoscope360”, a sophisticated 3-D installation which simulates “alternative life experiences”.

    ABC TV video technician. 3-D motion expert and software designer. Clients: ABC and US NAVY.

    Events manager at Scharff Weisberg, Inc., a NYC-based video production company, whose slogan reads: “Whether you’re looking to dazzle the ears, mind or eyes, we’ve got the latest equipment and the expertise to make it work for you.”

    Director/founder with “SPELLBOUND” pictures. Independent television producer.

    Emmy award-winning filmmakers. Caught 1st and 2nd ‘airplanes’ and ‘WTC7 ‘collapse’ on film.

    Multimedia journalist at New York Times. Specializes in ‘desktop virtual news.’ Embedded with US military in war zones.

    Pulitzer Prize winning photo-journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Time, Newsweek.

    Worked for 9 years as ‘photo retoucher’ (in her own words) for the Associated Press. Award winning 9/11 photographer.

    Swedish photojournalist in New York City. Works for Norwegian populistic tabloid VG.

    National Geographic photographer based in New York City. Works with the world’s leading magazines including Time, Sports Illustrated, French Geo, Vanity Fair, Stern, Der Spiegel.

    BFA degree in sculpture and photography from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford.

    Founder of ADAIR film & Video productions. Consultant in digital media and visual effects.

    Professional award-winning photographer.

    Professional photographer.

    Photojournalist for New York Daily News. Took picture of South Tower exploding right underneath it. No plane is seen in picture. He says he did not see any plane.

    [1] 550 mph at 700 feet above sea level is a physical, aerodynamic and mechanical impossibility for any passenger airplane. In fact, as noted by qualified pilots and engineers, both the steep roll angles (banking) and speeds seen on the various available ‘plane’ videos are totally unrealistic. Various official sources set the speed of “Flight175” at around 550mph Incidentally, the winged JASSM AGM-158 precision missile travels at 550 mph. See: Eye-witnesses
    The morning TV broadcasts of airplane graphics cannot be rendered into retro-active physical existence by any number of alleged amateurs “capturing” the impossible event, nor by pseudo-scientific articles published by the increasingly desperate efforts of the 9/11 cover-up crew.

  117. Your answers are always delayed, because someone else is writing them.

    I vote to have you arrested and find out who is behind your conspiracy. There maybe direct link between who you work for, and those involved in 911.

  118. No, sorry, but YOU must be FU**ING JOKING, “ronisrael”. The website you link to above is run by a British crypto-Jew from Bristol, England who still thinks he owns the so-called 9-11 “truth movement” after he lifted every piece of Bollyn’s indispensable research he could feast his beady eyes on and rebranded it as his own. He’s nothing but a two-shekel shill and a full-time character assassin, as well as a full blown meshuggeneh.

    If it wasn’t for one good ol’ red blooded American boy named Christoper Bollyn giving a bloody shite, America would have already conveniently forgotten about 9-11.

    I don’t need to tell you to get lost, because you already are, “ronisrael”

  119. I remember hearing somewhere that an exceptionally high proportion of passengers on one or more of the 911 flights were military personnel. That would perhaps fit a scenario of complicity, changed names, plastic surgery, &c.

  120. I repeat.

    Here’s two criminal acts, 1) Withholding evidence in criminal case, and 2) The destruction of building (7). The act of destroying evidence for the criminal cases and files contained in this building. Let’s start here.

    So when will the person who demanded the destruction of Building (7) be arrested? There’s evidence he committed a crime, enough to have him arrested and detained until other evidence is processed. And he should be detained without bond, the crime is too serious.

    Is he above the law? Why is this man running free, there is no reason?

    Dam it Gordon, every time I try to leave, you pull me back in.

    Stop it.

  121. Here’s two criminal acts, 1) Withholding evidence in criminal case, and 2) The destruction of building (7). The act of destroying evidence for the criminal cases and files contained in this building. Let’s start here.

    So when will the person who demanded the destruction of Building (7) be arrested? There’s evidence he committed a crime, enough to have him arrested and detained until other evidence is processed. And he should be detained without bond, the crime is too serious.

    Is he above the law? Why is this man running free, there is no reason?

    Dam it Gordon, every time I try to leave, you pull me back in.

    Stop it.

  122. I have to admit, the duration factor is a real puzzle. I can’t see the nuclear cavity anymore, given the geological evidence from the Moss PDF. But then again, 15 weeks, or even 6 weeks, is a long time to keep a thermite fire going. That stuff moves like a magnesium ribbon. What could stall the burnout that long? Right now, I’m totally boggled, because nothing I can think of could support that duration of heat.

  123. Well, hmmm.

    One thing I definitely disagree with you about is the spelling of “sayonara”. On the other stuff, I’m feeling a lot less bold than I was. What about the red hot stuff weeks later?

  124. Well, at the beginning, being swayed by the idea of the long molten material, I got Bruce Campbell to agree with me that Dimitri probably didn’t really mean that the USG was innocent, but was trying to give the FBI an escape clause, because he hoped to get them off his trail, insofar as he fears the same fate as Viktor Bout is now facing.

    But if you have spotted my today’s comments in this thread, I have seen a number of stumblers, most notably the geologists entraptured by the glacier-scoured cavity under WTC4, including the lovely red green purple &c polished cobblestones typical of glaciers, and even more the fact that the cavity is not filled with “the crush zone” nor does it extend 127 meters below street level. In fact, the supposed detonation point, some 77 meters below street, or 253 feet is 130 feet below the current bedrock, according to a very detailed, interesting, and beautiful PDF put out by the geology company hired for the job. www DOT geo DOT sunysb DOT edu SLASH lig SLASH Conferences SLASH abstracts-09 SLASH moss DOT pdf

    Great pictures, charts, nothing that allows for a 100 meter diameter crush zone. I am embarrassed for myself and for all of us who entertained that, now that I see these pictures and geological treatment of the subject.

    The Granit missile, though, is still the best solution I’ve seen of the six capital walls of the Pentagram.

  125. Well, at the beginning, being swayed by the idea of the long molten material, I got Bruce Campbell to agree with me that Dimitri probably didn’t really mean that the USG was innocent, but was trying to give the FBI an escape clause, because he hoped to get them off his trail, insofar as he fears the same fate as Viktor Bout is now facing.

    But if you have spotted my today’s comments in this thread, I have seen a number of stumblers, most notably the geologists entraptured by the glacier-scoured cavity under WTC4, including the lovely red green purple &c polished cobblestones typical of glaciers, and even more the fact that the cavity is not filled with “the crush zone” nor does it extend 127 meters below street level. In fact, the supposed detonation point, some 77 meters below street, or 253 feet is 130 feet below the current bedrock, according to a very detailed, interesting, and beautiful PDF put out by the geology company hired for the job. http://www.geo.sunysb.edu/lig/Conferences/abstracts-09/moss DOT pdf

    Great pictures, charts, nothing that allows for a 100 meter diameter crush zone. I am embarrassed for myself and for all of us who entertained that, now that I see these pictures and geological treatment of the subject.

    The Granit missile, though, is still the best solution I’ve seen of the six capital walls of the Pentagram.

  126. One of the reasons the architect who designed the towers was so surprised the buildings came down at all was that they were designed to absorb multiple fully loaded jets, that would easily penetrate them, but without doing cataclysmic damage. “Like a pencil jammed through a screen door.”

    The notion, you pretend to have, that the many hundreds of thousands of pounds of mass traveling at near 500 miles an hour wouldn’t penetrate the building is false.

    But you know all that. Shill.

  127. Mike,

    NIST refuses to test for thermite or high explosives, and this simply means potential evidence is being hidden from the public. Arrest need to be made, but this requires citizens’ to form 911 Committee and vote for the appropriate actions, Washington obviously can’t perform the job, and investigation needs removed from their responsibility. Any disagreement and their voted out of office.

    I’m certain in near future US Citizens will realize they are the decision makers in this country, and not officials who are no longer serving the publics interest. We need competent professionals in our committee, and we need to fund the investigation.

    How long will it take before US people figure this out, you are the decision makers, not small group of people taking your tax dollars.

  128. Why would the government fake crashing planes into the WTC towers and thereby also having to fake all the crash videos when it would be much easier for them to crash real planes into them?”

    Here is why they didn’t use real planes to crash into the WTC and used TV fakery instead:


    Why do most of Americans still think planes brought down the Twin Towers? Because to them, the official story of why the Towers collapsed was believable. Large aircraft loaded with lots of fuel crashed into the Towers at high speeds and penetrated inside before exploding thereby causing extensive internal damage. Then the resulting fire weakened the steel causing the top sections to collapse down thereby pulverizing the rest of the buildings. Then debris from the falling North Tower pelted the WTC 7 causing massive structural damage and causing it to catch fire and eventually collapse.
    Most people who believe 9/11 was an inside job probably believe that the WTC 1, 2, and 7 were pulled (i.e. brought down by some kind of controlled demolition method) and therefore should also agree that the collapse of all three of these buildings was arguably the most important goal of the perps that day.

    For 9/11 conspiracists who believe planes hit the towers, I would say that almost all of them believe these planes were flown by some kind of remote control or on-board computer guidance system and they either believe it was Flight 175 with all the passengers that was electronically hijacked similar to the Lone Gunmen ‘Pilot’ episode, or it was some kind of empty Boeing 767 drone painted in United Airlines colors.

    So if crashing large aircraft loaded with fuel into the WTC was enough to make most people believe that planes crashing and fire caused the Twin Towers to collapse, what logic is there to argue no planes crashed there? It’s quite simple actually.

    ‘Penetration’ is the Key
    Look at some of the WTC crash videos. Observe not just that we see a plane crashing into the Twin Towers, but how these planes crashed into the towers:
    The videos show that these planes that hit the towers supposedly at 470mph (Flight 11/North Tower) and 590mph (Flight 175/South Tower) penetrated all the way into the buildings which gave the perception that these planes were able to cause enough internal damage to cause both towers to collapse because the videos showed the world that these planes had penetrated all the way into the buildings before their fuel tanks exploded.

    With the following questions, you’ll understand why the perps could not have used real planes to make the official collapse theory believable:

    • What if any of the planes missed hitting the towers? Do you think the perps would have pulled both towers? What if the plane aiming for the North Tower missed, you think the perps would still have pulled the WTC 7?

    • What if the planes hit, but they mostly blew up on the outside? Would most reasonable people believe that planes mostly blowing up on the outside would be able to cause the towers to collapse? Just think of how many people at first questioned how the towers could have collapsed even though they saw the planes in the videos crash and penetrate all the way into the buildings. Imagine if the planes didn’t penetrate enough of the way through? As one person accurately puts it, it is this penetration that the official story rests on and the perps had to use a method that would guarantee penetration into the towers.

    • What if the perps used two drone 767’s and any of them missed their targets or didn’t completely penetrate all the way through the towers and pieces of it landed outside on the ground thereby exposing it as a drone? Game over for the perps.

    • How could the perps be absolutely certain that Boeing 767’s would not miss their targets and that their relatively delicate fuel tanks in the wings would be able to fully penetrate the steel facades and concrete encased floor slabs before exploding? Do you think the perps would trust that 767’s would be able to penetrate through two buildings without doing a real world test run to see if they would be able to penetrate? Or do you think the perps actually built replicas of portions of the Twin Towers’ facade and crashed 767’s into them to see if they would actual penetrate inside before blowing up?

    Only using computer generated imagery (CGI) of planes instead of real planes would guarantee penetration into the Twin Towers and since this operation would be done on a computer, the perps could rehearse their plan over and over and over again and the CGI plane would always penetrate through the WTC because you can make pixels do anything.
    owever, imagine the cost, time, complexity, and secrecy the perps would had to undertake from simulating real planes flown via remote control crashing into some kind of “WTC replica” over and over again until they could guarantee the planes would penetrate (if they ever could).
    Airing fake scenarios on TV is known as “TV fakery” (a term that has been used back since at least 1998). The concept of simulating a fake attack on computer and broadcasting it to the world is nothing new. The military had talked about using TV fakery well before 9/11:
    Prof George J. Stein, AWC
    Airpower Journal – Spring 1995

    Let us take just one example of how current technologies could be used for strategic-level information warfare. If, say, the capabilities of already well-known Hollywood technologies to simulate reality were added to our arsenal, a genuinely revolutionary new form of warfare would become possible. Today, the techniques of combining live actors with computer-generated video graphics can easily create a “virtual” news conference, summit meeting, or perhaps even a battle that would exist in “effect” though not in physical fact. Stored video images can be recombined or “morphed” endlessly to produce any effect chosen. This moves well beyond traditional military deception, and now, perhaps, “pictures” will be worth a thousand tanks.

    Digitally altering live TV events has been possible since at least 1998.

  129. Also, what about the thousands of people in Jersey City and Hoboken that dropped everything they were doing to stare at the first tower burning? Jersey City and Hoboken are on the opposite bank of the Hudson River, meaning all those witnesses had a panoramic view of the action, and not a single person has come forward in 10 years claiming it was a missile and not a plane. As far as I’m concerned, “the planes were actually missiles” theory is ludicrous because there would surely be some witnesses on the ground that saw the missiles. But if the Sears tower comes down while Rahm is in charge, maybe I’ll consider buying into you underground thermonuclear devices claim…

  130. Excellent point.

    If nothing else, the few trillion dollars that went missing on the watch of Rumsfeld and Zakheim must have left a messy money trail – may have even paid for some lap dances, who knows? – and many have noted the ominous conjunction between Rumsfeld’s announcement of the missing dough on 9/10/2001, and the following day’s destruction of the accounting offices at the Pentagon in the 9/11 attacks.

    It’s all just too darn diabolical, you must admit, but here we are, 10 Years After, still arguing about the murder weapon.

    A method or murder weapon cannot be put on trial. That institutionalized ordeal is reserved for human beings. Only a person can be put on trial, put under oath, and brought to justice.

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for the guilty.

    And they hear it.


  131. Dimitri, I turned on the news immediately after the first plane hit, and was glued to the TV before the second tower was even struck. I watched the second plane hit live. Every TV station had live footage of the second plane hitting as a result of focusing their cameras on the first tower burning. There is no way it could have been faked before hand because every view of the second plane hitting shows the other tower burning in the background. Are we really expected to believe all these fake videos were created in a few minutes after the first tower was struck?

  132. Susan Lindauer Interview NoLiesRadio (Kevin Barrett)
    “While I was writing my book I met a high ranking State Dept. official who has a very, very high — top top top — security classification, and I cannot name him for you because I don’t want to hurt his rep — I don’t want to hurt his — he’s close to retirement, he’s gonna have a pension, he’s gonna — y’know, they would crush him if he was ever exposed I suspect. He thinks this too. But he says a couple of weeks before 9/11, at the end of August for about two weeks — two weeks strange vans were arriving at the World Trade Center at three o’clock in the morning. And they were staying — they were — he swore to me, they were staying from 3 to about 5 o’clock, 4:30, 5. They were coming in for a brief period, and he swore to me that he personally had investigated — he personally had investigated the janitorial services and that — and, he saId, “And I know first hand how many janitorial — how many employees the janitorial service had, what their trucks look like, what their revenues are like, where they live”, he said “I could tell you — we know the addresses — we are confident that none of these people of these janitorial services were tied to these trucks.” And he said that they arrived for about — it had never happened before it was a unique thing, this was not a constant thing that [break in recording] year, over a six-month period. This was a strange anomaly right before the World Trade Center. And he was convinced that this was government level thermite, this was government-level weapons, put into either the stairwells or the elevator shafts.

    I gotta go to work, but google the titles — I usually put in links, but I’m tired of waiting for the security to clear them, so just google them.

  133. The center was 77 meters, plus the 50 meter radius, the hole should be 127 meters below ground. 3 meters is 10 feet, that’s 420 feet below ground. If it was rubble, maybe, but geologically intact granite?

    Oops — this is a BIG glitch in a story I have hitherto received with open mind. The plot thickens

  134. “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do . He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” – Jesus to his Disciples (John 8:44)

    Jesus dialogues with his disciples: The prayer of thanksgiving or the eucharist
    One day he was with his disciples in Judea, and he found them gathered together and
    seated in pious observance. When he [approached] his disciples, [34] gathered together
    and seated and offering a prayer of thanksgiving over the bread, [he] laughed.
    The disciples said to [him], “Master, why are you laughing at [our] prayer of
    thanksgiving? We have done what is right.”
    He answered and said to them, “I am not laughing at you. are not doing this
    because of your own will but because it is through this that your god [will be] praised.”
    They said, “Master, you are […] the son of our god.”
    Jesus said to them, “How do you know me? Truly [I] say to you, no generation of the
    people that are among you will know me.” Gospel of Judas, Scene 1

  135. Hi to everyone. Sorry for delayed answer. Was very busy. But even though I am very busy now, I have no choice than to address all this spiteful criticism. Please, see my answers below.

    Quoting J.F.E. who says:
    March 1, 2011 at 9:00 pm
    Dimitri Khalezov:

    Tahil’s paper came out and was available by paying for it in 2006, ——————– I don’t know it. When it comes to me personally, I first time noticed Tahil’s book in April 2007 and it was only a “free” version – just a few teasers in one file, little by little from every chapter. I became interested, of course, and I wanted to buy his book (it was 30 bucks or something like this). I sent him a letter saying I wanted to buy his book, but he never replied, so I was not able to buy it, despite of repeating my letter at least 5 (five) times. The shills would not believe me of course, because I have no chance to prove it, but I can’t care less about the shills and their opinions, because I have a much more effective way to prove that I can’t borrow Mr Tahil’s ideas. It is because I found his book by googling for a combination of the key-words “nuclear+demolition”. And, I guess, even shills understand that unless you know that you can combine “nuclear” and “demolition” into one searchable phrase you can not discover Mr. Tahil’s book, because it was (and still is) very obscure. And as long as you already know how to search for “nuclear demolition” it means that at minimum you know that such a concept (the “nuclear demolition”) exists. Otherwise, why would you search for it? The shills could argue till their deaths but they have no chance to argue against logic. Eventually I found that full edition of Mr Tahil’s book became available for free and I downloaded it only in 2009. The actual PDF file of the full version of his book is with me and I can check the pdf properties of the file. It was created 16 of February, 2008. The shills could really relax in regard to this point.

    So, in that respect it was available for you and your purposes. Although, as I already stated, your James Bond movie plot is your own (or it was supplied by somebody else). ——————— so if my “movie plot” is allegedly “my own” or “supplied” why you try so hard to connect me to Mr Tahil’s ideas? I don’t see any logic in your behavior. All I see is just an unprecedented level of spite. You are ready to accuse me of anything whether reasonable or unreasonable. It is really strange behavior (at least for a male).

    Now, were these 150 kiloton nuclear divices 50 meters deep or 75 meters deep? ——————- 50 meters deeper than the lowest underground floor of the Twin Towers.

    Seems, you can’t keep your story straight. ————————— I can. Don’t worry.

    At any rate, the pictures of the pits, likely from river or glacier erosion, —————— and not from “mini-nukes”, and not from your beloved so-called “nano-thermite”? But from “rivers”? or from “glacier erosion”? Why not from Santa-Claus’ peeing with acid? And how would the three heavy skyscraper stood on top of a cavity for so many years? I thought they used to stand on a solid granite bedrock…. Stupid me… You are opening my eyes now…

    …are not 75 meter below street level. That would be over 230 feet below street level. The pictures clearly show the pits aren’t anywhere near that deep. —————————- I was the one who discovered these pictures on Larry’s web site and brought these precious to public attention to the dismay of all shills. And you dare to claim that you know better than me how deep were the cavities? Are you not ashamed? Were you the one who took the pictures? Were you there with the measurement-rod to measure their exact depths? What data your claims are based on? And why anyone should believe you that the cavities were as deep as you claim? Who you are? And what if I say that the cavities were not even 75, but minimum 85 meters deep, or even 90 meters? What would you say? Do you no where the photographer used to stay at the moment he took the picture? What if he was standing on the ladder? Or what if he was standing on the concrete that was used to fill up the cavities? And by the time the picture was taken it has been already half-filled? Relax, man. You have no chance here.

    And, of course, you never bothered to explain why the pits were smooth & worn, instead of rough and embedded with metal debris, if they had re-solidified after being molten. ———————————— it is useless to answer this question to the shills, because the shills will not accept any answer anyway, but I will still answer it for some normal people who are innocent but might be interested. The cavities’s walls were covered with former molten rock that was set. So the rock is smooth now. I don’t see any reason whatsoever why would the walls be embedded with metal debris. Even if debris fell into the cavities they would be on its bottom, not on its walls. The shills can relax again.

    Also, if the pits were really craters from a nuclear detonation, the rockes would have been highly fractured from the shock wave, but the pits are not highly fractured, instead they are consistent with natural erosion. ————————- no, the shills can relax again. After a nuclear explosion the rocks will have exactly the same texture as shown on the disputed pictures.

    You never explained the “emergency nuclear demolition scheme,” which is as far-fetched as the rest of your story. ————————— I explained it in the most precise detail. And everyone who was interested and watched the 26 parts of my movie got the point immediately and told that it was the best explanation ever. Only shills could continue to claim that I allegedly still owe them more explanation. But they are badly mistaken. I do not owe them anything.

    Mr. Khalezov, your school of thought is how to make a buck. —————————- I am from a Communist country, after all. From childhood we were taught that money are not the most important thing in This life. I doubt that you, J.F.E. have same attitude and could do anything for free. I am sure you have a salary. If not for shilling, but at least for you r main professional work. Unlike you, I am a total “amateur” since 1992. Since then I do everything for fun only. Fun-vouchers are necessary too, of course, because I like to pay for my own coffee, but they are not self-purpose in my life, at least they are not as important as in your own case.

    I’m sorry, Mr. Khalezov, you screwed up when you threw in with the “no planes” gambit. ———————————- you do not feel ‘sorry’. Don’t lie. Your feeling could be better described as “gloating delight” rather than “sorrow”. I hope you realize it. But you don’t have to worry. I didn’t “screw” anything at all. First of all, I am not a theoretician to promote “theories”. I am an eye-witness who produces another type of stuff: “an eye-witness’ testimony”. The shills can not see any difference, of course, but the judicially minded people will see this difference, don’t even doubt. As I have said that: 1) I am a former commissioned officer of the Soviet Special Control Service (the organization responsible, besides of all for controlling of observance of the “Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty between the USSR and USA”) and I indeed knew from my former service about the WTC emergency nuclear demolition scheme; 2) I personally knew Mike Harari, the deputy chief of the Mossad; 3) Harari got acquainted with me for no other reason than because of that described in the Clause 1); and 4) I used to celebrate with Mike Harari his successful operation on September 12, 2001. And I will prove all of what I claim (not to the shills, but to the judges in the court-room). In this light it does not really matter whether aluminum could indeed penetrate steel or could cut through the steel without decreasing its full cruise speed – I mean it does not matter whether I am right claiming that planes could not penetrate steel, or the shills are right that it can – because the planes argument goes separately. While my witness testimony goes separately. They influence each other only for the shills. But not for the judges in the court.

    Of course, you never expain how dozens of firemen saw plane debris from the wrecked commerical plane parts around the WTC complex, there are pictures of the plane debris. ————————- why I can not explain it? I can. The Freemasons brought the plane’s parts and scattered them in all necessary places. I don’t see anything wrong that after that some witnesses indeed saw and even touched those planes parts.

    Mr. Khalezove, you haven’t displayed much ability at critical thinking or analysis, rather, from what I’ve seen, your ability is primarily limited to calling anybody who disagrees with you a “shill”, which likely is psychological projection on your part. ——————- when I call someone a “shill” it is not because he does not disagree with me. It is because of another reason. Because the people who want to find the Truth while arguing prefer another approach: they RESPECTFULLY disagree with an opponent while still keeping an option that an opponent might be right. The shills do not behave that way. They deny everything blatantly and spitefully, hurl personal insults, undermine credibility of an opponent, and use various other methods unbecoming to a gentleman. Do you see the difference? And so do I. When I see an innocent person willing to argue I would never call him a “shill”. But when I see a shill I call him a shill. I hope you realize what I mean. Moreover, I have never call anyone particularly a “shill” except only two persons – Prof. Steven Jones, and Architect Richard Gage. Yes, these two I called shills, because they were established as shills. But when it comes to you, to Mike, and to others who argue with me here in the most spiteful manner, I do not call you “shills”. I talked about the “shills” in the third person – such as “shills can relax” and so on. It does not mean that it is addressed personally to you. It is addressed to the shills in general. But you got my point anyway.

    Mr. Khalezov’s first and last line of defense is to call everybody a “shill”, if they challenge his stinking pile of garbage. —————— answered above.

    Face it, Ivan, your story is a bunch of bullshit. A story from a man who is a self-admitted cheater and a liar out to make a buck. ———————– first of all my name is not Ivan. Secondly I have never admitted to be a liar. Thirdly I have never claimed that I want to make a buck from this discussion. I want to make some money from selling copies of my book, of course, but any author of any book wants to get some money from it and I am no exception. In fact I would make my book free if I were a bit rich. Unfortunately, I am not rich, so I have to sell it for a price. Sorry, guys. You will not be any poorer by paying a few bucks (end even a few tens of bucks considering your American salaries of thousands of USD per months) for a book that explains to you how the US Government re-defined “ground zero” in all English dictionaries, for example. This info worth a few bucks, isn’t it?

    Your story is complete crap. ————————— are you a judge in a Supreme Court? And you serve the humanity by establishing the truth in the last instance? Isn’t it?

    Let’s start at the beginning: The U. S. government is not involved in the scheme, because if they were, then obviously, they would know there were “no planes”, but according to your story, the U. S. government was suckered like everybody else, and thought commerical jet planes hit the buildings, when in reality, it was all an elaborate illusion. —————————- yes. Precisely. However, I want to make one reservation. If some Mossad agents or the Freemasons who penetrated the US Government did something to facilitate the perpetration, I accept it. Though it should not mean that the US Government as a “GOVERNMENT” had anything to do with 9/11. It only means that some hostile treasonous agents within the government had something to do with 9/11.

    Then, according to your story, Dick Cheney did not allow the “plane”, likely, an American cruise missle, to hit the Pentagon, ————————– no, it is not according to my story. It is according to YOUR story.

    instead, Cheney was caught unaware (as opposed to Tranportation Sec. Mineta, who testified under oath that Cheney was warned a plane was coming in, but had given a stand down order) ————————- this misunderstanding does not come from me. It comes from Jessie Ventura’s video on the Pentagon missile attack. I have nothing to do with his ideas. Moreover, I strongly disagree with him. Jessie Ventura is a respectable person, he is by no means a shill, however, in this particular case he is badly mistaken. The missile was detected by NORAD 6-7 minutes before it hit the Pentagon. Cheney was not in a bunker yet at this moment and neither was Mineta. NORAD rang the atomic alert and ordered to scramble the Doomsday plane. In the same time Secret Service agents burst into the office of Cheney and quickly push him into an anti-atomic bunker (a procedure that would take not less than 3-4 minutes). By the time Cheney get into a bunker and got accustomed to a new place the missile hit the wall of the Pentagon. Mineta arrived to the bunker a few minutes later. And only after that Cheney issued the order to shoot down all commercial aircraft. And after that there was a report that the 2nd plane is approaching Washington. The young man (described by Mineta) came to Cheney and requested him to confirm the order. Cheney confirmed by saying the order would stand. They young man requested it once more – because it was serious – they were about to make a decision to shoot down the plane over Pennsylvania. So, the shoot the plane. Thanks to the confirmation that Cheney’s shoot-down order would stand. Now Jessie Ventura mixed it all up because he did not check the time-line and now the shills would take an advantage of that mistake? Well. It might work. But not with me, guys.

    then American personell investigated the Pentagon impact and discovered there was an unexploded nuclear warhead in the Granit cruise missle, so then, thinking that the planes that crashed into WTC 1 & 2 (that didn’t really crash into the buildings according to Ivan), also had nuclear devices, so ordered the nuclear devices detonated that were part of the “emergency nuclear demolition scheme”, to prevent having the “terrorist” nukes from the non-existent planes blow up. ————————– something like this. Perhaps, not exactly. May be they decided to demolish the Tower even before discovering the nuclear warhead of the missile in the Pentagon. The mere fact that the missile (supersonic missile – a high-end technology) was shot at the United States was serious enough to make some tough decisions. I was not there, so the shills should not bother accusing me of not knowing any precise details. I indeed don’t know exactly. But approximately, yes, it was like that.

    Let’s see, according to Ivan’s story, the U. S. government’s only wrong action was to set off the emergency nukes in the basements of the WTC, and that was on the false assumption, the planes which hit the WTC had nukes, but there weren’t any real planes, so, the U. S. government was acting out of humanitarian impulses, to save New Yorkers from “terrorist” nukes at the top of the towers, and misguidedly, because they were suckered like everybody else, set off nukes in the basements. ————————– yes, correct. Except that it is not “Ivan’s” story. This is the Mossad’s story. And also the French story. These two “friendly” secret services fed the gullible US colleagues with this info. So the US colleagues just believed it.

    Ya, the U. S. government bought into a hoax of planes hitting the WTC, which they later discovered, from the “Granit” rogue cruise missile, might have nuclear warheads, so they nuked the basements of the twin towers to save New Yorkers from even worse nukes at the top of the buildings —————————————- not sure if they did it after discovering the nuclear warhead of the missile, I would rather presume that the mere fact of the missile attack (even without having a close look at its actual warhead) was enough to make such a decision.

    — but since there weren’t any planes, according to Ivan, then, there weren’t any nukes. —————————- I don’t know who is “Ivan”. But if the shills want to find any discrepancy here, it will not work with a man named “Dimitri”. Because it is not the first attempt of the shills to jump into this seeming discrepancy. And the shills were always defeated before and they will be again defeated now. The point is that there were no planes became obvious only after some time. When the initial shock subsided and people realized there were no flight data supporting the WTC hits (coupled with the rational thought that aluminum can not penetrate steel by definition) it was too late. Because by than the Towers have been already demolished. But at the height of the panic people were too pre-occupied with the unprecedented events to suspect that they were fooled with the “planes”. So they took that for real. I hope it will not convince the shills, but it is not intended for the shills. It is intended for the thinking people who are friendly with common sense.

    It was all a tragic mistake on the part of the U. S. government. —————————– yes, all except post-9/11 behavior. The disgusting cover-up, disgusting demolition of the WTC-7 and disgusting mass murder – by sending unprotected gullible people to clean “ground zero” (still in low-case letters by then), yes, they were by no means “mistakes”. They were premeditated crimes. But when it comes to the Twin Towers demolitions – yes, it was a tragic mistake. I confirm that my claims are exactly like this. No ambiguity.

    And, Dick Cheney was really a hero. ————————— no, his is a cowardly disgusting asshole. Upon receiving a notice of an atomic alert he only hid his precious skin alone in an anti-atomic bunker while telling the rest of the White House stuff to run out (to meet their imminent thermo-nuclear incineration in the open). And he is twice cowardly disgusting asshole because he sent unprotected workers to clean “ground zero”. And one more time – because now he makes money on the war on so-called “terror”. No, he is not a “hero”. At least not for me. But I am fair. Cheney did not plan 9/11. I do not accuse innocent.

    And, Donald Rumsfeld was courageous. ————————— yes, he was courageous. At least at the first moment. If he belonged to the JI generation, he should shoot himself after that – at least not to be responsible for sending “ground zero” responders to clean a place of a recent nuclear explosion, and also for sending gullible soldiers to die in Iraq for 9/11 cover-up. But Donald Rumseld is a bit younger – in his generation to do “the right thing” was not a common approach. So, instead of shooting himself he just continued to participate in this bullshit. It is a pity, indeed. But on 9/11 he was courageous. You have to give him his due.

    You’re so full of shit, Ivan, it makes me sick. ———————— I don’t know who is “Ivan” and who is full of shit.

    Donald Rumsfeld, I guess he was just lucky being in the opposite side of the Pentagon at the time of the impact. ————————— yes, I think so. He was lucky. The missile was automatic and it could hit at any spot of the building at its own discretion. It could have been Rumsfeld’s office as well.

    Just bad timing, that Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon was missing 2.3 trillion dollars on September the 10th. ————————- I don’t think there was any malicious intent on the part of Rumsfeld in this sense. It was most probably a clever Freemasonic setup. The Freemasons love this kind of bad jokes. Some of his numerous advisors could have arranged that.

    And, that the place where the Pentagon was hit and where all the people who were killed was in the financial accounting section — the one section and people who could catch Rummy, Cheney, and their cabal of treasonous bastards. ————————– I am not an American and I know little about Rumsfeld. Outwardly he looks quite sympathetic to my taste. Cheney, by contrast, looks disgusting for me. At least outwardly. But you, Americans, know better than me who is who. Sorry, my opinion in this sense has a little value. When it comes to the financial accounting section that the missile allegedly hit – I am not sure about it. It could be just a deliberate lie. Like many other lies. The Pentagon top brass might have used the opportunity of the missile hit to sign-off the entire affair and claim that the “documentation was destroyed because it was in the impact sector”. But why should you believe them? And what if they lie and it was not so? Were you there personally to confirm this claim? I was not. So I can’t confirm it.

    Ya, Bush was left having a press session after reading My Pet Goat, for 30 minutes without the Secret Service wisking him away to a safe location, when America was supposedly under attack “Pearl Habor” style. —————————– I am not sure about Bush. But he behaved like a typical moron at the first moment, I don’t think he is such a good actor as to be involved in 9/11 planning and in the same time behave in such a silly, genuinely silly manner. Judging that Bush is not too clever and he is not an actor by his profession, I would presume that Bush is just a moron and he behaved accordingly. His behavior was a behavior of a genuine moron. I would not bet that he knew anything in advance.

    Dimitri Khalezov: “I am a quite cold-blooded rascal.” Don’t forget a lying sack of shit. ————————— I guess that everyone from now on understands that the shills has finally existed their argumentation and what remains for them? Only personal insults…

    If Khalezov ever met Mossad’s Harari, it was likely, that Harari provided Khalezov with this cock-n-bull story to spread around to discredit the micro-nuke theory, which we know is the Mossad’s weapon of choice. Hell, given that Khalezov’s story acts to discredit the micro-nuke theory, and put the U. S. government in a sympathetic light as only dupes who mistakenly tried to spare New York worse devastation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cheney and Runsfeld, through their private intermediaries, weren’t also in on Khalezov’s ruse. ——————————— the “mini-nukes” theory was not a theory of choice of the shills before my appearance. Only a very few social outcast used to pursue the “mini-nukes” theory before my appearance on the scene. And these “mini-nukers” were ridiculed and ostracized by Jones, Gage and by the majority of the main-stream “truthers”. Now it is really strange to see how the shills began, at last, to defend the “mini-nuke” theory that they used to fight so bitterly just a year ago…

    Ivans only do something for a buck. —————————— it seems that this guy has finally exhausted not only his argumentation, but even his imagination. Can’t he invent something funnier than that?

    I can hear it now (in a thick drunken Russsian accent): “I can discredit the micro-nuke story, trust me, $25,000 now, and $25,000 later. Trust me, I can live good in Bangkok, be satisfied on $50,000 for long time, visit many prostitute. No worry, I will never admit it’s a scam, I have it all worked out, they are all shills. No one can beat me, I can lie with the best of them. After I’m done, the nuke story will be a joke. —————————– yes, this one is much funnier. I like the humor, actually. But I suspect it was not invented by this guy. If you compare the level of his “humor” above and the level of his humor here you will see that they do not match. Perhaps, it was a fruit of a collective effort, not personal. But I like the second joke.

    Don’t worry that my story is full of shit, it doesn’t need to be believable, that is the beauty of it, there are marks who will believe, there always are, willing to suck up a pile of shit, you see, and for the rest I will go into my shill routine, ‘they are all shills.’

    The others will be so disgusted and turned off, that any real micro-nuke story that could be traced back to you, will never be followed up or believed. I throw dust up in America, just like WTC dust, you wait and see. I earn my keep, ha ha.

    I throw smart people off the trail and the fools will only make self-repecting people stay away from nuke story. You see. I know you pay me later, or maybe I lie not so well, but, not to worry, I know you will pay me, I do good job. You see.

    One thing, though, I need the money in gold bullion. —————————— the narration is nice. I liked it. Not from the point of the truth, but just from the point of the imagination and the way how it was narrated. But when it comes to the actual value it is another story. When I first appeared with my claims the shills took it very seriously. They were particularly annoyed when I was able to explain the dustification mechanics (how the crushing wave of a nuclear explosion could pulverize hard materials). This was in sharp contrast with poor attempt of nuclear scientist Steven Jones which can not offer any plausible mechanism of how would his so-called “nano-thermite” instantly melt steel into fluffy microscopic dust. The shills were annoyed even more when I umasked their manipulations with “ground zero” definition in post-9/11 dictionaries. And they just could not bear it that I disclosed the pictures of the underground cavities under the three WTC buildings. So now you can imagine how much the shills are annoyed with me. Now they had to re-evaluate even the most hated “mini-nukes” theory and to mix the “mini-nukes” with so-called “nano-thermite” into one (before my appearance they were happy with the “nano-thermite” alone, but since I brought the “ground zero” definition to the discussion table they had no choice than to get the “mini-nukes” to be able to explain the “ground zero” usage). And additionally, I forced the shills to add here the “ancient rivers” and “ancient glaciers” – to be able to explain the underground cavities with smooth rock. And who would dare to claim that I did little? The mere fact that I put the shills in such a desperate situation already deserve the some good reward. If not in gold bullions, at least in a few expressions of thanks. Isn’t it?

    Khalezov, go back to the gutter where you belong. —————————– thanks for you suggestion. I will think about it 🙂

    I can’t believe anybody takes your dribble seriously. It makess me wonder about them… ————————– this guy still thinks that he is winning the argument. Poor chap….

    Sincerely yours,
    Dimitri Khalezov.

  136. Mike, I can see the haze lifting! Good Coffee today?

    “I will not discount anything true Tesla.”

    I take it you’re not talking Hutchison!

    Here’s the youtube for the Jew Plane….watch?v=Ip6HTAwyxw8&feature=fvst

  137. I credit John Lear for the info, I am an engineer – not a pilot, but my Dad was a B17 Navigator. He was actually on the mission where Joe Kennedy was killed. (Operation Aphrodite).

    Here one video of the plane not hitting FWIW, Larry Silverware just sent it to me.

  138. Points well taken. The literal Khalezov summary does have that contradiction, sc. that the “innocent duped” USG had to have been fooled into thinking there were planes.

    I and Bruce Campbell have the belief that Khalezov is mixing his metaphors, specifically telling the truth about the Granit, and the no-planes video fraud, but pulling his punch about the USG knowing all this, so as to give the FBI whom he fears most an out, in the hopes that they will leave him alone.

    What’s your take on that possibility?

  139. Speaking of the engines, has a positive ID ever been made of the specific jet-engine type found near the WTC? Reports from firemen indicate an engine landed on a police car.

    There is a thread on Pilots for 9/11 Truth, but no definitive answer that I could see. There are numerous pictures on the web of this engine.


  140. Last night I enjoyed reading all of the comments, and posted some questions and comments myself. Today only a very few comments show up from today only. Could we get all of the comments restored? Thanks.

  141. This is excellent. Expand that out for me if you will. Is there a chart or graph of parasite drag and parasite power vs altitude with airspeed on the x axis? What values are realistic, to start with?

    Obviously, even if the fuselage were an actual beer can with the mass of liquid within, and the argument is one of momentum of that mass, the wing tips would never penetrate the perimeter columns, so the vids have got to be bogus — even as September Clues shows them being drawn in with the pencil tool after the impact and fire are past tense.

    But these turbulence and air resistance arguments deserve a far more expanded hearing in the discussions than we — make that “I” have seen.

  142. You’re using the number of destroyed buildings to quantify which event was worse? How about the number of destroyed lives? I think you’re being a little selfish here. Maybe 9/11 had a more profound effect on your life, but in terms of the cumulative impact on humanity, I don’t see how you can argue that 9/11 was worse than Hiroshima. 9/11 is no doubt a national disgrace, but Hiroshima was a genocide.

    “Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, with roughly half of the deaths in each city occurring on the first day. During the following months, large numbers died from the effect of burns, radiation sickness, and other injuries, compounded by illness.”

  143. This is for a friend, hope he is OK..

    Jon Jon, he`s long gone,
    Gone to Indiana, ain`t never comin`home.

    from “Gun Street Girl” by Tom Waitts..

  144. ..FEMA overseeing the barges going to Fresh Kills and he tells me that there was steel being hauled away.

    Yes, and as I recall, despite protests, the removal of the severed sections of steel beams from the WTC debris heap was not stopped, and the steel was shipped to China, but not before a few samples were retrieved from the dump.

    The crime scene at the WTC was controlled, photography was restricted, and it appears clear that evidence was removed, and destroyed.

    I’m disappointed to see a few posters here resorting to the familiar tactic of declaring certain topics off-limits to discussion, a method not usually associated with those who are seeking the truth, but rather with those who are promoting a myth, or defending a lie.

    The truth does not need – nor does it seek – protection from discussion.

    The more someone tries to prevent discussion of something, the more likely I am to peer closer, and not only at the forbidden topic.

    If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers
    –T. Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

    The best plan is to keep an open mind about that which is not incontrovertible.

    Fortunately, an abundance of seemingly indisputable evidence – both direct and circumstantial – appears to be lying in plain site. So much so that the fascinating issues of airplanes and explosives can be set aside for the time being – since they entail some uncertainty – and we can direct our attention and suspicions on those who were in charge.

    Thoreau noted that “There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” The root of the 9/11 Conspiracy is comprised of the people who were in charge, and they are also its achilles heel.

    Strike at the Root!


  145. This article addressed the “Who,” yet nearly every post is still arguing the “How?” Lets take the thread in another direction. I’ll start with Rabbi Dov Zakheim. While serving as Comptroller of the Pentagon in 2001 he was concurrently CEO of SPC International, a defense contractor that sells remote control flight technology to the pentagon. Dov is also a co-author of the infamous PNAC document advocating a “New Pearl Harbor” to expedite their imperialist agenda. In your opinion, how close was Dov to the top of the chain of command for the false flag 9/11 event?

  146. Lets get down to what we know and don’t know regarding passengers:

    Here is the part from LooseChange :
    Flight 93 landed in Cleveland airport

    Official deaths :
    “NY based researcher Vincent Sammartino claims that the government seems to have faked the number of plane victims and also faked the number who claimed victim compensation. According to Sammartino, of the 266 official names of passengers and crew who were supposed to have died in the four passenger jets, only 52 names have appeared on the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), a privately owned website not affiliated with the Social Security Administration.

    According to Sammartino, of the 52 listed as dead in the SSDI, which has an accuracy rate of about 83%, only 11 of the family members have claimed victim compensation (not counting 9/11 plane crash widow, Ellen Mariani, who has pointedly refused compensation”

    Phil Jayhan research :
    Question # 1. Do we have any evidence that shows the passengers at the airport, boarding terminals or boarding the planes?

    Answer: No – Not on any of the “4 flights” of 911 [Is this not a huge red flag already?] If such footage existed, and by all means if the governments story is true, there is indeed footage of all the passengers at the airports and boarding terminals. Yet not an inch of footage of this video has ever once been produced.] **The answer why there is no video of any of the passengers at any of the terminals or airports is because it simply does not exist and never did exist.

    Question # 2. How does a passenger purchase a ticket for a Flight which will not fly on 9/11?

    This is conceivably possible. Flights are canceled all the time and combined with other flights according to the dictates of the airlines and passenger loads any given day. Yet there are no records of any such occurrences on 9/11. The official story is set in stone. The people boarded Flight 11. They boarded AT Flight 11’s gate.

    Question #3. How does a passenger fly on a flight which never takes off on 911?

    Now this is impossible. This is where the tougher questions are needed. The passengers all disappeared and that, seamlessly, on 911. This is beyond dispute. And yet they never could have boarded a flight that did not take off. They might have conceivably purchased tickets for these flights, but they could have never actually gotten onto flight 11, boarded and then taken off. Why? Because the BTS database is accurate and also definite. Flight 11 did not depart on 911. Unfortunately this presents a conundrum and a wall of confusion that none stepped over till now.

    Question # 4. Where did the passengers go, if not onto flight 11?

    Were they herded into rooms at the airports as some theorists have assumed? Were they tricked onto boarding another flight, which they thought was flight 11, a sort of ‘patsy plane’ if you will? These are all legitimate questions because we do after all have the collective disappearance of of 92 souls. They had to have gone somewhere, because they couldn’t have gone nowhere. They didn’t board or fly on flight 11. We have no reports of any disturbances at any of the airports, much less Boston Logan, which would likely happen if airport officials tried to sequester 92 people trying to board a flight inside an International airport with hundreds of witnesses all around, and yet they collectively disappeared. Not onto flight 11. And not sequestered at the airports. Then where?

    At this point we are running out of ground to walk on unless we pass over the most difficult bridge of all and ask the most unpleasant of all questions;

    Question # 5. Were any of the passengers on flight 11 or any of the 4 planes part of the conspiracy of 9/11?

    As an investigator, all things need to be considered. Regardless of peoples emotions, and all lines need to be investigated. The fact that there were no disruptions at any of the airports, indicates that the passengers disappeared seamlessly. Without struggle. Without commotion. Without notice. And without video surveillance. The fact the government has not produced a single video showing any of the passengers is likely because if they did so, it would prove upon analysis that the passengers were in a part of the airport they never should have been on 9/11. This is why the government cannot produce the video of any of the passengers on 911 at the airports, with the possible exception of Flight 93 which we will touch on later.

    The fact that the passengers disappeared seamlessly would indicate that they were willing participants by and large. It is plausible to believe that some passengers were just regular people, and randomly chosen for death & disappearance on 9/11. The planners after all were doing as much for 3000 people at the World trade Center. A few more is nothing to them. But it is not plausible to believe this is the case for all of the passengers


    Cell phone calls:
    The 9/11 Commission Report confirms that passengers started placing calls with cell and air phones shortly after 9.32am, four minutes after the Report’s confirmation of the plane’s attitude of 35,000 feet. In other words, the calls started some 9 minutes before the Cleveland Center lost UAL 93’s transponder signal (9.41) and approximately 30 minutes before the crash in Pennsylvania (10.03)

    According to the American Airline / Qualcomm announcement, the technology for cell phone transmission at high altitude will only be available aboard commercial aircraft in 2006. This is an inescapable fact.

    Prof’ david Ray Griffin talks about the Cell phone Fiasco on CBC

  147. Meet your beloved Chris Bollyn :

    Eric Hufschmid & Christopher Bollyn –

    “Two suspected Zionist infiltrators come on to the anti-Zionist 9/11 truth scene within a year of 9/11, both collaborate for years after 9/11 – from 2002 to 2007 at least, and both are using a standard COINTELPRO tactic from the 1960s of smearing genuine activists as “agents”. Both of them are proven liars who promote disinformation and are a liability to the truth movement. And it turns out that both of these Judas Goats are connected to billionaire Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch. ”

    Read the full article here:

    You take Chris Bollyn research as evidence ?
    You must be FU**ING JOKING

  148. I consider this to be the million dollar question. planes hit the building and I think everyone pretty much agrees that they weren’t commercial flights (faked videos or not) so what happened to the people. I remember one of the loose change versions stated something to the effect that there was an alert situation in some Ohio airport (if I am not mistaken) and that the planes landed there. what happened to the planes? I know they weren’t filled to capacity, but where did they go? and what happened to the peoples on them. they were some reports here and there that the missing people on the plane weren’t some random joes and janes. were they just executed or were they used as ginnipigs in some waked experiments or perhaps even turned into super secret agents. out of all the mysteries that occurred on 911 I think this one perks my curiosity the most.

  149. Premised that I do not attribute any particular importance to the planes/no planes controversy (since both parts agree that the towers did not collapse due to the planes), I find the “planer” “logic” ludicrous:
    They refute the no planers because they fear that their grandma would not believe them if told that she saw just a cartoon on TV on 9/11.

    While I expect that their grandma is much smarter than they think, my suggestion is to show her (or whoever does not believe that media lies) the TV talking heads announcing the collapse of WTC7 with the building still standing in the background.

    I am curious to know the name and the arguments of the authorithy who discredited Dmitri.

    I personally questioned him just about the pentagon missile in a previous post, just because his account seeems quite far-fetched, and I keep a suspension of judgement on that part of his account until he will offer some more evidence (beyond the remarkable wall penetration capabilities of the missile), but this has to be kept separated from his nuke explanation of the collapse, which in my view remain the most plausible, for the reasons he showed.

  150. I need to learn more about just what a thermite cutting charge is. I always thought of a cutting charge as being a shaped charge using high explosives. Here is a youtube video that helps to show what a shaped charge is.


    But there is another link on this page for a thermite cutting charge which is demonstrated, although the size of the member it severs is very small. The effect shown here appears to be an incendiary effect.


    I am not sure if I would say that what I have presented supports any particular theory.

    I am familiar with the writings of the Anonymous Physicist, and he thinks that multiple mini nukes were used in the core and conventional high explosive were used toward the outside of the building. I had not heard of a “micro nuke thermitic material theory” before reading your post. Is that theory being promoted by a particular researcher or web site? Presumably that theory would be similar to the Anonymous Physicist except having incendiary/low explosive nanothermite charges toward the outside of the building instead of the conventional high explosives. Thermite produces very bright light so we might have expected to see evidence of this if these were going off toward the outside surface of the buildings.

    I do feel that the tremendous amounts of fine dust could be explained by massive quantities of conventional high explosives or by mini nukes, which would be very good at producing dust.

  151. Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin both endorse the findings of Craig Ranke and CIT National Security Alert, go to their website and check out their movies and be sure to watch the extended video of their interview with Lloyd England.

  152. The engines of the Boeing 767 that struck the South Tower weigh 6 tons each and they are made of a titanium steel alloy which has a higher tensile strength rating than structural steel. The outer perimeter of the towers wasn’t a pure steel wall, it was composed of hollow box columns about a foot diameter with spaces in between them for the windows. The engines of flight 175 traveling at 580 mph ARE going to slam through the outer perimeter wall of the towers and into the building, creating the outline of the plane that everybody saw in all the videos. The outer perimeter columns were definitely damaged by the plane impacts, but the huge inner core columns were not affected significantly at all.

  153. I’m more interested in the why and think it’s more important to explain the why to people as opposed to the science of how it happened. The science is important but if people cannot understand the warped strategic logic of staging such an event, they will view it as imaginative conspiracy theory and the science is ignored.

  154. I’m more interested in the why and think it’s more important to explain the why to people as opposed to the science of how it happened. The science is important but if people cannot understand the warped strategic logic of staging such an event, they will view it as imaginative conspiracy theory and the science is ignored.

  155. Bravo, you nailed it.

    From the beginning, when 911 issues get technical, TOO technical, I felt a circle game running. Because till we swear out warrants, issue subpeonas and actually haul these buggers into courts with prosecutors and juries, we are being invited to spin our wheels and get nowhere.

    Arguing went out of the window for me when George W. Bush gave SECRET testimony to the 911 commission. Secret testimony? For what? Cheney’s secret decoder ring?

    You are right the money is surely there. HOW MUCH of the US money supply is run through the DoD? At least 2.3 trillion on 9/10, because that was not DoD’s money. So whose WAS it? It’s Israel’s now, surely, but before? What was the cover story for THAT amazing fund transfer?

    We’ll find out when most of the old Bush regime is in Gitmo being quizzed.

  156. The 9/11 Memorials listing the alleged victims are essentially computer databases of fictitious identities. They are comprehensively analyzed by my fellow researcher Hoi Polloi here: The Vicsim Report. My longstanding 9/11 photo/video research has progressively exposed the level of deception the 9/11 perpetrators had in mind: an illusion imposed on the world’s population by means of fake imagery. This page will further demonstrate what 9/11 was all about: a total, newsmedia-backed simulation which had the following, basic objectives:
    1: Demolish the WTC complex in cheap fashion (against all rules and regulations).

    2: Blame the demolition on 19 simulated “suicidal terrorists” with a grudge against America.

    3: Generate incalculable profits for the perpetrators and their cronies – for years to come.

    4: Simulate the death of about 3,000 Americans allegedly “trapped in the WTC” in order to generate worldwide outrage and the ‘righteous necessity’ for retaliation (i.e. murderous wars and pillaging of key resources in foreign countries). The “3000 casualties” were, of course, essential to generate a popular consensus for war.

  157. WHO?
    No single study of the 9/11 lie can have the pretense to pinpoint each and every accomplice of such a gigantic scam. Nevertheless, the evidence presented in this research establishes beyond any reasonable doubt the pro-active complicity of the news industry – to an extent previously considered unthinkable. The realization that the news media would play along with that queer gang of megalomaniacs improperly called “the world elite” takes many people by surprise. Some will object: “Wait a minute, wasn’t journalism’s original duty precisely that of checking each and every move of politicians and governing bodies?” In principle, yes. Yet, today, anyone still believing this old fairy tale must be – with no offense intended – daydreaming persons of the very naïve kind. Whatever idealism may have existed in journalism’s heydays has slumped into blind subservience to the rogue warmongers of this world.

    This is how one could summarize the current, sorry state of affairs : Today, the self-titled “world elite”, their favored military top brass and a gang of media moguls form a rogue triad which, to use their own terminology, may truly deserve the tag of ‘axis of evil’. Of course, large corporations of all kinds cling to this obligatory power-bandwagon of business opportunities. The news media represents its trusty propaganda arm, tasked with keeping the public ‘happy’, misinformed and apathetic. Their unchallenged power of mass control is routinely used to accomodate the triad’s common, compulsive disorder : a pathological lust for greed and power. This gang of coalesced misfits live in a world of their own and have been playing havoc with the civilized society for too long. It is for the men & women of soundness, integrity and excellence to stop this madness.

    The implications of all this are, of course, rather disturbing: many people will either refuse to assess them point blank, shrug them away in resignation and retreat into a “What-could-I-ever-do-about-it?”-mode. This is most unfortunate since it is akin to saying : “I am an impotent dupe and I have no solution for it”. I doubt any self-respecting individual would feel comfortable with such a stance. Possible solutions? A first, smart & simple action would be to disarm that Weapon of Mass Distraction sitting in everyone’s living room: switch it off for good – or at the very least tune it to the rare, unharmful channels only. Your life – and that of your children – will fare all the better for it.

    Why 9/11? Remarkably, there are still people wondering what motivations could possibly be behind the largest embezzlement scheme in world history. So, here are a few points to get the ‘why’ question out of the way: Do we all remember that 9/11 started two still ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Who profits from them? The invaders or the invaded? Who profits from the reconstruction contracts? Who cashed-in on the special WTC buildings’ terrorist-insurance? Who capitalized on the massive viewer-ratings of the spectacular and longlasting TV coverage of the event? Who speculated and scored on mysterious put options placed prior to 9/11? Who remembers the post 9/11 billion-dollar federal bailouts which saved many airlines from bankruptcy? And how many recall Donald Rumsfeld’s announcement – on Sept.10 2001 – that $2.3 trillion worth of Pentagon transactions were unaccounted for? The list goes on and on. By now, it should be clear to anyone that 9/11 was a big bonanza for everyone involved – just a grand, sick, money-making machine.

    Fortunately, a little solace may be found in the latest findings of this research : it is gradually emerging (see the Vicsim Report) that the list of 9/11 victims (approx. 2,928) is a mostly forged database of fictitious identities and forged/morphed photographs. The 9/11 perpetrators are of course close chums with the bankers who hired space in the WTC towers – a ‘genocide’ of their own employees never was an envisaged proposition. Another comforting aspect of this research is that the relentlessly-publicized “War on Terror” is a hoax. All we have to do is clean up our own act – for our own good. No world-threatening ‘foreign terror-cells’ exist – the existing ones have no potential whatsoever to threaten our “Western way of life”. The privileged Western individuals we have allowed to govern our lives are dangerous – but they are very few and highly vulnerable. Their plan to make the “War on Terror” a constant torment of our lives has now failed.

    How many? Presumably just as many as were needed. Since the TV images would have effectively deceived most unwitting, low-ranking operatives of the scheme, the numbers of those fully ‘in the know’ would not need to be staggering. Having said this, the vast resources available to this multi-billion dollar operation would have attracted – and allowed for – a substantial number of participants (briefed on a strict need-to-know basis). Any risks of leaks and whistleblowing would be securely controlled with cold cash and personal threats. Historically, such methods have been routinely employed by far smaller crime rings: In Sicily, for instance, thousands of people in any given Mafia-infested town know exactly where and who the Mafia-bosses are – yet all mouths are kept nicely shut. This is plain, common knowledge.

    It is my intimate conviction that this sorry state of affairs cannot endure indefinitely. Time will come when this perverse spiral of corruption will implode from within, fizzling away just as suddenly and unexpectedly as a pandemic virus. Of course, the steady dedication of individuals of superior integrity will help this day come true. One thing must be kept in mind for that day: the media moguls heading the news corporations share equal responsibility with the higher echelons of power who hired their propaganda machine to deceive humanity.

  158. Here is what I have been able to learn from the publicly available technical literature. Thermite is an incendiary. It gets very got but does not release expanding gases so as to “explode” even as a low explosive. If you can make the particles of aluminum and iron oxide small enough (down to the nanoscale) and mix them thoroughly, the thermite reaction will go faster, perhaps must faster than regular thermite, but it will still be an incendiary, just a faster reacting one. But if you start adding organics to the nanothermite, the fast reacting thermite will heat and decompose the organics producing expanding gases and you start moving in the direction of having a low explosive. I have found one technical paper where a “nanothermite” can become a high explosive when the organic added to the recipe is itself a high explosive (RDX) and enough of it is added to it. I have heard a video interview with Niels Harrit where he says that he thinks it is clear that both incendiaries and explosives were used. The Harrit et al paper makes it clear in the last paragraph that they feel that what they found in the dust was a pyrotechnic or explosive. So they were not able to determine for sure that what they found was an explosive. Just because they were able to heat up a chip of the material and get it to react does not prove it to be an explosive. That’s why they carefully used the word “or” in that last sentence of their paper. I would just like to see the distinctions made between high explosive and low explosive and incendiary. I could envision an incendiary nanothermite or possibly something moving in the direction of a very low explosive nanothermite that could cut a steel member by a melting action, and possibly a jetting action by the low explosive effect. This would I think require some sort of special holder for the stuff to direct itself towards cutting the member as it reacts. Whether such a melting/jetting effect could cut the members quickly enough and reliably enough to get the well sequenced top down destruction I question. On the other hand, if it was a high explosive nanothermite (which would require it to be actually mostly made up of a conventional explosive like RDX) then its mode of action of severing a steel member would have to be by incorporating it into a shaped charge. So the mode of action would be different depending upon whether it is a high explosive or an incendiary/low explosive. Anyway, below is the citation from the Journal article that I mentioned above.

    Energetic nano-materials: Opportunities for enhanced performances
    Denis Spitzer n, Marc Comet, Christian Baras, Vincent Pichot, Nelly
    Institut franco-allemand de recherches de Saint-Louis (ISL), UMR
    ISL/CNRS 3208, 5, rue du General Cassagnou, 68301 Saint-Louis, France
    Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 71 (2010) 100–108

    On page 104 of the paper this is a good quote.

    “3. Gas generating nano-thermites
    Thermites are energetic materials, which do not release
    gaseous species when they decompose. However, explosives can
    be blended in thermites to give them blasting properties.”

    And on page 103, Figure 5 is a plot of decomposition velocity in m/s
    versus RDX content of the “nanothermite.”  Notice that the
    “nanothermite” transitions from being a deflagrating explosive to a
    detonating explosive at about 40% RDX with a decomposition velocity of
    just a little above 1000 m/s.  It is clear from this plot that the
    “nanothermite” needs the RDX in order to be explosive.  If it had no RDX
    in it, it would not be explosive at all.

    If you look up on wikipedia “relative effectiveness factor”

    you will notice that RDX has a detonation velocity of 8750 m/s, greater
    than the highest value show on the plot, which is about 6300 m/s. So the nanothermite even with the highest RDX content still is less powerful in terms of detonation velocity that the base explosive RDX.

    You will also notice from the wikipedia page that the detonation velocity of a nuclear weapon is more than ten times greater than the highest of the chemical explosives.


    The 9/11 TV imagery (of the crucial morning events) was just a computer-animated, pre-fabricated movie. It featured for the most part what were meant to be “chopper shots” of the smoking towers – and very little else. The sum total of “Action Shots” (“Planecrash” and “Tower collapses”) amounted to little over 30secs of the entire morning’s TV broadcasts ! Needless to say, much as the rest of the animation movie, none of these “Action Shots” depicted any sort of reality. Now, it may be difficult for many to understand why the 9/11 plotters needed to fake even the tower collapses; yet this was undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of the entire operation – and needs to be fully understood in its plain logic: The unprecedented WTC demolition job was far too risky an affair to be shown on LIVE TV – (or to let any amateur cameraman capture it on film). The 9/11 conspirators had no intention whatsoever to offer such a “pyrotechnical” spectacle to world scrutiny – just imagine how unspeakably foolish this would have been. Thus, in all probability, the oldest trick in the manuals of covert military ops was used: smokescreens. More recent technology deactivated temporarily all cameras within sight of the area. In reality, the towers were most likely enveloped in thick smoke (military obscurants) as they collapsed – and no real footage exists of that brief event. Thankfully – for all normal people of this world – the 9/11 planners hired a poorly skilled animation crew : in their efforts to simulate reality, their crass ‘artistry’ and countless mistakes provide ample and repeatable proof of the trickery – forever engraved in the TV archives.

    WHY FAKE THE NEWS BROADCASTS ? The 9/11 TV broadcasts were designed to ‘sell’ a fictitious terror attack to the world– by replacing the real-life events of the day (the WTC demolitions) with fake imagery. The official story was quite surreal – as were the TV images of the day and the preposterous tale of 19 kids roundly outfoxing the US Air Defense. It is essential to judge with one’s own eyes the broadcasts actually aired by ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CNN.

    WHAT ABOUT THE “AMATEUR” VIDEOS ? All the other videos (endlessly replayed on TV) were released only later. They have all been extensively analyzed by scores of video analysts; each and every video snippet of “amateur imagery” has been methodically dissected and compared – and empirically proved to be nothing else than computer-generated fabrications.

    HOW WERE PRIVATE VIDEOS IMPEDED ? In order for the 9/11 TV-deception to succeed, full visual control of the Manhattan area had to be in place. The existence of EMP/HERF technology is undisputable: only the hypothesis of it being used on 9/11 remains unverifiable. It is, however, a reasonable postulation supported by a series of electronic blackouts which occurred in NYC that morning. In any event, the logic of using EMP/HERF holds water and effectively explains the ruse with disarming simplicity: NO private photography of the real-life events was allowed: thus, the imagery aired by the TV networks feared no comparison and was passed off as reality.

  161. Those who say everything is connected are right, it is, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya.. quite a list and I probably left out some, with probably more to come.. we are all Palestinians, brothers..

  162. I agree,

    Do you know one composition stated above will burn, it will ignite, but will not explode unless compression is applied. Some what like thermite, but burns slower. Some specialized explosives are classified, and require minimal time to configure.

  163. J.F.E.

    When you say

    “Micro-nukes in tandem with thermitic material cutting charges explains all the effects/evidence at the scene of the World Trade Center annihilation.”

    Do you envision the “thermitic material cutting charges” as being of a high explosive nature, i.e. detonating at supersonic velocities, or being of a low explosive nature, i.e. deflagrating at subsonic velocities?

    Thank you.

  164. This question is for J.F.E.

    When you say

    “Micro-nukes in tandem with thermitic material cutting charges explains all the effects/evidence at the scene of the World Trade Center annihilation.”

    Do you envision the “thermitic material cutting charges” as being of a high explosive nature, i.e. detonating at supersonic velocities, or being of a low explosive nature, i.e. deflagrating at subsonic velocities?

    Thank you.

  165. This is what I mean, the no-planer doesn’t care to persuade you there are no planes. The no-planer is working to provide the coward, who has been forced by a friend to watch Bldg. 7 fall, with an easy way out.

    This is why the igor’s are so ham-fisted, so truculently dumb. There is no motivation to convince anyone who critically thinks. The igors are Ambien for those who don’t want to know.

    Igor’s hollowness is because he not only knows it was staged, he’s part of creating a kooked up alternate reality meant to dissuade others who seek justice. 3,000 dead on 911 are a stain on the Igors of this world.

  166. Sorry, my grammar was a bit amiss in the above posting. My CO just told me to get on with the cleaning and stop blogging. We all answer to someone…

  167. I think you may mean, Rothschild’s Corporate Fascism, Ron Paul 2012.
    And one of the legally untouchable lieutenants lives right here in Australia 9 months of the year. The one time zionist terrorist and billionaire, frank lowe (no capital letters deliberate). Almost everyone in Australia crawls to this man). Its sickening and even the fraud scandal involving the ‘great man’ involving banks in (the occupied country formally know as Palestine) was remained unquestioned in the media here. Its always viewed as anti-semitism
    and “not newsworthy”.

  168. They cut the heavy columns diagonally in order for them to fall down safely.

    The same happens when chopping down a big tree.

  169. I can confirm the GPS on the trucks going to Staten Island, Ron, I witnessed it. Back then GPS was big and noticeable. I remember one guy reportedly stopped for lunch and was descended on by FEMA. Agree or disagree with Judy Wood, I have to recommend her new book, it is quite a resource and beautifully done!

  170. I know what I will be watching/searching for the rest of the night. Thanks for the insightful comments JFE. With me it is almost “preaching to the choir”, but I will pass this along to others. Thanks again!

  171. We should eliminate the thermite and HE theory, the problem is NIST refuses to test for either.

    Good story Gordon, had to make one last comment. However, the real problem is the “who”, and their actions before and thereafter. It seems a proper investigation wasn’t performed, else some of the “who” would be in prison.

  172. Shallel,

    No fair. That’s cheating. You are not supposed to show up all the professionals who come to this site. They’ve got to earn their paychecks.

    And you have to love some of their arguments. “No physical evidence for “no planes” means no science.” What would constitute evidence for nothing? I have “no physical evidence” that Santa chose a different route than usual last Christmas, so I guess he came over Newfoundland that time. End of story, unless you prove a different route for him.

  173. I wonder if Gordon`s “flavour of the day” is for the out of control psychopaths to once again use tanks, bombs, white phosphorous, DIME etc. against half-starved, trapped and terrified civilians..

  174. Thermite doesn’t lead very far for several reasons. The problem we face is that intelligence types and Congresscritters think they are fighting a war against underground terror networks that have micro-nukes. Everyone knows the buildings were demolished, but why? Was it to save NY from the terrorists who almost blew up Washington, or was it to implement a NWO?

  175. thanks Pen.. The Israelis “own” most of Palestine, have control of most of Palestines resources, now, it seems, they want to “own” the Palestinians as well.. As Tom Waitts would say: “wipe out every trace..”

  176. Yak yak yak. But you may be proud in your quests for the truth. A and E for 9-11 truth have been covering for the engineers and others involved with constructing the WTC’s and Sears tower AND INSTALLING THE DEMOLITIONS. Apparently stupid is contagious. Too bad. I hope they die sick.
    I have known, as have many others, hat WTC’s I,II and 7 and the Chicago Sears tower were loaded with their own demolition rigs during construction. See Activist Post Architects and Engineers Question Official… from Sept.11, 2010. I stand behind this info and soon will have a ATT and Vorizon line back up to answer further questions. Please read these comments in this article until you remember all points raised. There is a lot of material to master to comfortably deflect hostile questioning. It is al true. The loading of building WTC#6 just before 9-11 morning proves intent to commit genocide. Just as the Congress beween mewling sessions proved the DH blowout was an intentional attack on the U.S.

    The head engineers of the WTC’s are in danger. Help them out, even considering they sucked the devil for pay.

  177. A couple years ago I attended a seminar at Stanford University, there was a Nuclear Physicist/Chemical Engineer in attendance and he stated that the collapse of the twin towers, and the way they came down, is impossible with just a commercial aluminum jet, and jet fuel alone. He believed the bush administration, the CIA, and the military were the only ones who could tell America the real truth behind the collapse of the twin towers….George Bush & Dick Cheney should be in prison !!!

  178. Very well put JFE, I appreciate & understand your explanation. Another thing I can appreciate about Dr Wood has been her consistant reveiw of the evidence, and not speculating about who, what & why.
    I believe the terms nuclear & energy go hand & hand. This may be a round about sort of way to have the evidence re-examined with out “crying wolf”. We have all seen evidence of DU in many of our ongoing conflicts. I don’t think the masses could comprehend the intellegence agencies using these weapons in our own back yard. Hence the success of the psyops in tandem with the MSM.
    Thank you for the comments and I look forward to your reply.

  179. TV Fakery is a Diversionary sideshow ?
    You Sir are the Diversionary sideshow .

    Those planes didn’t penetrate those towers like a hot knife to butter

    Those Towers were not made out of glazed sugar

    Aluminum cannot penetrate steel by definition. Period.

    or maybe you know something the army doesn’t :

    ” Armor-piercing ammunition consists of a penetrator constructed of hardened steel, tungsten carbide, or depleted uranium, enclosed within a softer jacket, such as copper or aluminium. Armor-piercing ammunition can range from rifle- and pistol-caliber rounds all the way up to tank rounds. ”


  180. I was wondering if you were going to address Christopher Bollyn’s point about the molten metal seen pouring from the Fuji Bank suites, now that you’ve incorporated the observation that more than one country may have been involved?

  181. How about you provide one provable piece of wreckage from one of the jets?

    There are 9 million parts between the four alleged flights (3 million parts each for the 767 and 1.5 million parts for the 757. In addition to the parts there should be 60 miles of wiring for each 757 or 120 miles for both. There is 90 miles of wiring
    on each 767 which makes 180 miles for both 767’s. Wiring is stamped every 12
    inches or so with data which includes where it is going, where it is coming
    from and its maximum load capacity), all I am asking for is ONE!

    Every single part on a Transport Category airplane which means it is
    certificated to the standards of CFR14 (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 25
    of the U.S. Federal Air Regulations and to be certificated either it has to
    be made by the factory (Boeing) itself or subcontracted to another parts
    maker. If it is made by another parts maker that parts maker has to be
    inspected by the FAA and given PMA Parts Manufacturer Authority.

    Every single part on a U.S Transport must have a Parts Number stamped,
    engraved, embossed or otherwise identified so that an FAA inspector can
    pick up a part and immediately identify whether or not that parts meets
    conformity. Every single rivet and screw and other type fastener has their
    own code of identification for the type. Every single forging, must be
    stamped just like ever other piece of the airplane must be clearly
    identified with a parts number, either engraved, painted, stamped, etc. This
    is so that an FAA inspector can immediately tell whether or not that part
    meets conformity. This includes every single part of an engine, auxiliary
    power unit, door, safety belt, wheel, hydraulic pump or whatever.

    It is also because in the investigation of an accident each remaining part
    is inspected for conformity.

    Parts numbers must be stamped, engraved, painted in a manner that even if it
    is mutilated that the part number is still visible. The alleged Boeing 767
    fuselage section, allegedly having been thrown clear of the accident to the
    top of building 5 will have part numbers somewhere on that piece. You will
    notice that it is not burnt so identification should be easy.

    Regarding the alleged engine on Murray street is extremely difficult to
    understand how an engine that size could break in half behind the fan
    section, considering the shaft is one piece. But whatever the case there
    should be identification numbers on all of the remaining parts of the
    engine. Each Boeing 767 engine weighs about 9000 pounds. The takeoff
    internal temperature of the 767 engine is over 900 C so it is highly
    unlikely that any of the alleged 3 remaining engine in the WTC were burned
    to any extent. Forgings much larger than the Boeing 767 engine should have
    been visible in the wreckage of the WTC buildings, particularly the wing
    attachment to fuselage forging.

    Thanks to Veteran and distinguished pilot, John Lear, for the facts.

  182. JD
    A comment with a link needs to get manual approval by VT.
    And it does – it just takes some time (in my experience)

    Khalezov talks about Israeli Mossad and French Secret Service involvment in 9/11

    Here is another good one for you :


  183. Those columns were cut by the clean up crew (using Thermic lance).


    The nuke was not placed exactly under the tower so a few bottom corners were spared. (watch part 16 in Khalezov presentation)



    Khalezov and TV fakery are most attacked because they bust the case wide open.

    Don’t allow anyone to drive you away from even checking out their evidence, and try make you feel like a “kook” by association.

    Do not buy into the Thermite Disinfo – it is easily Debunked by Government Shills, and was there in order to kill the Truth movement momentum.
    This is why the Shills here are pushing for you to keep on believing in it.

    Super Duper Nano Thermite is so easily debunked :

    How much Super nano Thermite is needed to hold 1500 Degrees F under the rubble for 15 weeks?

    ” invisible super top secret super thermate would have to have been 2.14 Million miles long and would to have weighed approximately 1.176 Billion pounds. ”

  184. How ironic that you include the pictures from 2 seperate ground zeros.
    The New Pearl Harbor ss actually the New Hiroshima.
    Pancakes, thermite, jet fuel, molten metals, all part of the psyops.
    Do you think the masses are traumatized beyond the point of no return?
    Are you familiar with Dr.Judy Wood & Canadian John Hutchinson and what they discribe as DEW, direct energy weapons?

  185. Still sticking to SCIENCE – not politics, not ad hominems, not termite movement talking points,
    not compromises, not propaganda, but real scientific method: considering all the evidence and eliminating the impossible until what remains, however improbable are provable facts.

    Popularity contests, what looks “kooky”, and guidelines from truth movement celebrities are never considered in true scientific analysis!

  186. They’ll post eventually, but there is a mechanical hold put on them, till a human confirms they’re not bogus or harmful. Hours will pass sometimes.

  187. Chris Bollyn’s coverage of this steel disposal is very detailed and documented. He did a yeoman’s job of it. He brings up another aspect of nano-thermite and details the Israeli companies that make it. Kevin Barrett had him on for a long discussion of this.

  188. Wow! Good point. If the nuke consumed the tower from below, the only steel would be what fell from formerly above the crush zone. But those pics look like the 2.25″ thickness of the ground end (the upper tip tapered to .25″ — the 91st floor, where the planes supposedly hit would have been about .63).

    The size of the box remained the same all the way up, but the wall thickness tapered. These look quite thick compared with the size of the box, suggesting strongly that these were indeed ground mounted stubs. How does that square with being consumed from beneath?

    Excellent catch, RP12

  189. Whoa! Wait a minute! What are those geologists saying? That the entire cavity is perfectly normal glaciated “scour”, complete with nice polished round boulders?

    Shiny pretty boulders in a nuclear vaporization cavity? I remember those from the lead photo in the Barrett Interview article. Now I think it doesn’t match the story line so good. That’s another wrinkle that needs some addressing, don’t you think?

  190. Something else: This is way outside the performance envelope of a 767 –
    Vmo (max operating) for a 767 is 360 Kts,below 30,000 feet altitude, 0.86 Mach above 30,000 feet.

    You are the one comparing beer cans to commercial aircraft.
    I am simply stating no 767 can achieve 570 MPH at low altitude.

    The argument that the energy of the mass of the Boeing 767
    at a speed of 570 mph fails because:

    a. No Boeing 767 could attain that speed at 1000 feet
    above sea level because of parasite drag which doubles
    with velocity and parasite power which cubes with

    b. The fan portion of the engine is not designed to accept
    the volume of dense air at that altitude and speed.

  191. God damn!
    The videos were GONE that quick? WTF?
    Post them somewhere else and let us know.
    Everyday that goes by I trust Google less and less.


  192. I know someone who met someone whose uncle witnessed things being placed
    above the drop ceilings in the towers for weeks while he was doing his own contracting work there. Who would have thought these nice young men might be preparing the demolition of their building! You would assume they’re busy doing routine maintenance or repairs, and I suppose they would have a prepared plausible explanation for any curious bond trader who happend to ask what he was doing.

  193. Mike Rivero often quotes arch-“american”-zionist Louis Brandeis. That tells me all I need to know about that insufferable fool.

    Btw, there’s some sort of spyware attached to this vt site — that tells me all I need to know as well.

  194. Newton’s Second Law of Motion: F = ma

    Take any video of “Flight 175” in profile and count how many frames it takes to fly through it’s own length in air, then count again as it first “contacts” the building. You will find it is the same number of frames. The plane does not decelerate.

    F = m(0) = 0 : There is no force available to damage plane or building.

    There is no crash occurring, the plane simply erases itself. These are “bad special effects” to coin a phrase by Evan Fairbanks.

    Try it yourself!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTbm5ewcIeU (starting @ 0:30)

  195. Ron Paul 2012 says: “I’m going to give G the benefit of the doubt on this one.”

    So am I not. He can SPIN things anyway he’s told to or wants, but he and MOST of his crew are clearly full of sh*t. Yeah, they’re all mostly spooks – that should tell you… what?

    As for Dmitri “No Planes” “Khalezov” — give me a fecking break.

  196. Mike, in your opinion, (1) is an aluminum airplane, not much more than a glorified soda can, capable of tearing through 5/8″ structural steel columns, even out to the wing tips, like the roadrunner leaving his silhouette in a screen door? And, (2) what accounts for boot-melting heat under the pile six weeks after the event, and videos of the fire-chief pointing to the “red hot” material coming up in the back hoe?

  197. Thanks Pen. You’re a scholar and a gentleman.

    Guess it’s kinda like: ‘Meet the new Jew, same as the old Jew…times two’

  198. I agree RP 2012 it was most likely a conspiracy of several parties each with their own motivations and goals , BTW both videos you provided links for have been taken off.

  199. Amen to that. My admiration only grows with everything I read of yours, Gordon. Extremely careful and even-handed treatment of the nano-thermite position, after the heated exchanges between Dimitri and Mike in the Barrett interview thread. It was during the passage of that time that I discovered and became convinced, ten years late but better than never, thanks to the wonderful work posted as “September Clues”, that planes can’t plow through structural steel, and the video the world fed on was quite clearly fake — clumsy, amateurish fake.

    I am not of a mind to accuse the Harrit, Jones, Ryan, & al. team of outright falsification, but I think thermitic material may have played only a limited role, such as in pencilling out the wing silhouettes in the outer walls. Remember too, Willy Rodriguez talking about the explosions in the deep basements several seconds before the “planes” struck, causing workers to emerge with their skin burned off? This is complicated by a lot of disparate stuff going on. A simple 1-2-3 explanation is not adequate. Likewise the early explosions in Building 7, described by the late and lamented Barry Jennings, who had no reason to make that up.

    The amount of thermite of any kind that would provide a pool of boot-melting heat six weeks later, though, is off the charts, sort of like the Herculean efforts used by Ptolemy to explain the motion of the planets with epicycles, earth at the center. The math doesn’t work.

    Nothing comes close to Dimitri’s nuclear demolition scenario for explaining that, which is to me, the hardest nut to crack. A 100 m pool of molten/vaporized granite would suffice quite well to do that job, I’m guessing. Nothing else comes close.

  200. We now are at the ‘Who and the How’ phase of our research. We know Why, If we read the PNAC documents planning for a ‘catastrophic event’ such as 911. The Who; We know the Who, some have even admitted to being involved; Mr. Silverstein whom admitted; “We had to pull it”. Rumsfeld admitting to shooting down flight 77 and last week stating, after being asked about building seven, that he had never heard of Building Seven, “Building What?” Yea, right, Secretary of Defense did not know that three towers were demolished on 911. Yep, a demolition! Brave, Reputable scientists with peer reviewed papers, Architects, Engineers, Pilots, Writers and Researchers…enough evidence a plenty! Plenty of eyewitnesses that will need to be protected and So, maybe we should quit attacking each other and focus on the trial thats coming and what part we will play with our patience and attention. Somewhere in this great country or world there is an attorney general or another Sam Ervin, what a great american Senator, whom will take this baton and carry it forward for everyone, everywhere. We have everything we need to get these lowlifes into a courtroom if we can find the way and plenty of security. This cabal has been in power for a long time and they are not about to give this up without a fight. So..onto the next stage..expose the players, (The How and The Who) Wolfowitz, Perle and the rest of the planners, of course Mr. Dick Cheney whom stood down our air defenses on 911 and one of the main planners and of course our President, Mr. George Bush Junior, reading stories while America was attacked by the Mossad whom cheered from the banks of the East River while filming the ‘event’. Mr. Chertoff, now selling radiation scanners for our airports and leading the charge for a ‘Homeland Security System’ as our constitution and rights are trampled under their bloodstained feet. So, lets get the courtroom ready and plan on long drawn out testimony that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. Best Wishes for Peace and Justice, Doug Thanks Gordon for the ‘How and Who’ theme!

  201. Not bloodline no, but proliferation of instruction yes. The Pharisaic tradition led to the codification of the Talmud, which was in Jesus’ day merely the “oral law” (the Mishna). By the time it reached the Khazars it had long evolved in the “Rabbinical” tradition we know today.

    Jesus did hint at the propensity to which this pharisaic-based tradition was wholly invested when he said to them:

    “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.”

    Those we know as “Jews” today are the descendants of those for whom the “rabbinical” tradition crossed continents to convert.

  202. And if we go further up the chain of command, Israel is subordinate to Rothschild…and the Rothschilds set an honorary place at their dining table for Lucifer (aka Satan).

    We are battling against more than flesh and blood here…and that is why they may get away with 9/11…the same way they got away with blowing JFK’s brains out.

  203. Thermite, hydrogen bombs, or 45 degree angle cutter charges are all just distractions when we all agree we are confronted with obvious controlled demolitions on 9/11. How they did it is almost totally beside the point.

  204. Pen, do you think there is any link between say the Pharisees and money-changers of Jesus’ day…the Hebrews/Arameans who had the Christ crucified, and the Khazarians who adopted Judaism in 740 AD?

    By that I mean, there seems to be a common thread of the Talmudic attitude of superiority and justification to lie to, cheat, and kill non-jews and a seemingly anti-life, evil agenda?

    I ponder this because the ‘New Jew’, ca 740 AD, seems an awful lot like the ‘Old Jew’, the Hebrews/Arameans who couldn’t tolerate the gospel of the Christ and demanded his death. Do you think there may be some sort of bloodline connection between the two?

  205. lol…seems to be the plan.

    Yeah, let’s forget about it…let’s give em a mulligan and move on.

  206. Yes, 160 tons at 560miles/hour seems pretty much kinetic energy, but in relation to what? What was the mass of the towers? Didn’t they were designed to sustain just this kind of event?

    The “planers” have to explain how the 767 could fly at sea level at that speed without disintegrating themselves long before touching the towers, and then explain how they could penetrate the towers. I suggest an experiment: try to shoot some cave aluminium bullets on a solid steel target and then tell us about the result.

    Anyway, the planer/no-planer controversy is another distraction to derail the inquiry from who did it (my opinion is that the “why” could help to find the answer).

    The nukes were definitely not micro. Read Khalezov.

  207. Another excellent article Gordon.

    9/11 wasn’t just a inside job done inside of America if you look at the coalition of the willing and other countries in this crime the network goes far and wide.

    Anybody politically wise that spouts “stake holder, rule of law, P3, Tax Cuts, etc” are automatically included on this list and the not so funny thing is they are all Ultra right wing globalist.


  208. Great stuff, Gordon ~ we are still in the truth gathering stage of the great 9/11 cover up and this is an excellent summation of where we are in the process of exposing THE GREAT LIE OF 9/11.
    Now we must get to the cast of characters or co-conspirators of the great lie of 9/11 ~ which certainly must include Dr. Philip Zelikow’s key role of covering up and not allowing key evidence to be presented to the 9/11 commission. Of course, it goes without saying that all of these 9/11 threads will eventually lead to Darth Vader himself ~ Dick Cheney.
    This is the year the truth of 9/11 will finally emerge and this, in turn, will shock and wake up the American public ~ who will finally take to the streets and demand justice.

  209. RP, Michael Moore is like Jessie Ventura, he indicts everyone but you know who! It keeps them healthy, wealthy, and “dumbed dowm”.

  210. God only knows the real truth. And anybody that can hear it from him knows. Can I speak with those individuals please. Rumors, innuendos, speculation..whatever. We
    cannot change what happened..it happened. I was/am saddened by it all. If this
    speculation is true, and I believe it is, then what we have is a conspiracy to
    facilitate attrition. Sort of like Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan. The “MAN” will come
    down hard and heavy when the time comes. Those idiots from the prior Administration will pay the piper. Bush, Cheney, Rummy and all the others that
    have colluded and conspired to make millons of dollars off the dead and wounded.
    Assholes…the whole lot !! BURN IN HELL YOU BASTARDS !! Semper Fi..

  211. Actually it’s not a “fact” kraq. There were no “Jews” in Jesus’ day, only Judeans and (Edomite) Samaritans (former Northern Kingdom of Israel, which Christ condemned for its pagan practices). His fellow Hebrews/Arameans killed Jesus, not “Jews” (Comprised of post-Babylonian gentile converts of wholly non-Semitic origin).

    Let’s try to cease from using post-renaissance English mistransliterations to assert non-existent modern-day links to the biblical era. Thanks.

  212. Like all crimes, all you have to do is look at the people who profited from the crime and you’ll have your answer. Did Larry Silverstein really collect 6 billion dollars of insurance money on the towers? What a speculative hunch?

  213. I really hate to be pessimistic, but fear that the 9/11 coverup will be successful, just as coverups of 3 Kennedy assassinations have been successful. There are countless
    other ongoing coverups in progress, and even when they become untenable, there are seldom any charged, and then only underlings. Hope I’m wrong, would really like to see some of the real vermin go down.

  214. Exactly!
    Everyday there seem to be a new conspiracy theory.
    This achieves two purposes:

    1. ALL 911 Truthers are put under the same umbrella (Kooks)
    2. Inside fighting between 911 Truthers

    They have accomplished BOTH goals.


    The truth will come out once a new investigation goes underway.
    But there will be NO investigation if all there is to show is a group of nonsense, blabbering kooks that don’t have their case together.


  215. So stating a Fact “jews killed jesus” will be a crime….
    These are interesting times we are living under….

    Of course the Zionist whores will say “The Romans did it”…

    “By Way of Deception, We Shall do War”
    That statement goes back to the time of Jesus…


  216. not yet. they’re trying to make it a hate crime. saying jews killed jesus will be part of it. (in germany, if you say, “599,999,999 jews were killed in the holocaust, you can be thrown in jail.) btw, semite does not mean jew. a semite, is a person who speaks a semitic (or traced back to shem, a son of noah) language. palestinians, lebanese, syrians, many others, both muslim and christian, are semites. helen thomas is a semite.

  217. Lloyde England and His Taxi Cab: The Eye of the Storm

    “This video was released as a follow-up to our presentation The First Known Accomplice? It chronicles our surreal, intense, and disturbing personal experience with Lloyde England in 2008 when we confronted him with the north side evidence, which proves that the plane did not fly anywhere near the light pole that allegedly speared the windshield of his cab on 9/11. Includes an extended version our 2008 interview with Lloyde (excerpts of which are featured in National Security Alert), and footage of our road trip to his property in the country to examine the cab.”

  218. ingrid
    is the ‘flavor of the day’ going after despots who use tanks against their own citizens?

  219. Missing Links (by Mike Delaney)
    911missinglinks dot c o m / watch – movie

    prothink dot o r g / must-watch-videos /

    National Security Alert (by Craig Ranke)
    citizeninvestigationteam dot c o m / praise.html

    Lloyde England and His Taxi Cab: The Eye of the Storm
    citizeninvestigationteam dot c o m / videos-eyeofthestorm

  220. The no-planers job is not to convince people there were no planes, it is to convince people that Truthers are kooks.

  221. Hate to be picky but, couldn`t help picking up on the following:

    “We should add Gaza, a couple of thousand Israeli citizens dead there” : Israeli citizens? In Gaza?? When did the citizens of Gaza become Israeli?? You are a clever guy Gordon, so maybe it was a slip of the tougue/pen..

    Then there was:

    “Each of the areas accessed was under control or observation, office workers, maintenance, video, security guards.” : Didn`t they all die?? which would be convenient, no witnesses..

  222. Can someone please answer this for me:
    Is anti-Semitism a crime in US?? I know you can be kicked out of the job but can you be charged for it???

  223. Thermite, thermate, nano-thermite, nukes, I know nothing about that. I can be fooled very easily by someone who appears to have knowledge about those things, with credentials to back it up.

    Who was involved and how are we going to make sure justice is served? That’s what matters to me!

  224. Notwithstanding that important sociological phenomenon, let us also remember that both towers were largely empty. They were not home to 44,000 daily workers, perhaps 1/10th of that number is more valid.

    With buildings and entire sections barren of any potential witnesses and a well documented and confirmed power down in the weeks prior to 911, those who perpetrated this vicious crime to advance the PNAC agenda had free-hand to come and go 24/7 without being seen by more than perhaps a handful of people (including the janitor who admitted on deposition to these comings and goings).

    If you want the “who” then start by nabbing Marvin Bush and his cousin and doing what the military does best, torture the hell out of them until they squeal like the pigs they are. They most certainly know the next persons up the chain because they had to have obtained instruction from someone. Then move on to Daddy Bush, arch capo and terrorist godfather of the parasitic Bush clan. Perhaps throw David Rockefeller into the mix for good measure, but go slow with him, he’s quite old.

    Follow their money, all of it, onshore and off, US-based and Swiss (check Cancun as well), it will lead to others who were involved. If that isn’t enough then round up the JCS and squeeze them till the fancy medals pop off their chests. Sooner or later they’ll squeal too.

  225. Unless he is a Muslim or accused of consorting with such (which can be anyone these days). At that point, “secret evidence” to which the accused (and his attorney) are denied access leads to closed tribunals where guilt is the starting presumption which must be somehow disproved, all courtesy of the Patriot Acts.

    Time to wake up and smell the betrayal of our founding principles.

  226. Then what was causing fires to still burn at the WTC THREE MONTHS LATER? That’s after the NYFD poured tens of millions of gallons of water on the site, yet couldn’t extinguish the fires until December.

    Don’t tell this retrired career firefighter that it was left over gasoline and diesel from the cars inside the parking bays, because that is total BS.

  227. If that’s true, then why are criminal suspects kept in jail while awaiting trial?

    It’s because the “presumption of innocence”, to the extent it actually exists in any meaningful sense at all, is a very narrow, highly qualified, legal technicality.

    BTW, all of our “rights” have been “curtailed”.

  228. Its going on 10 years now isn’t it?? !! WoW and look at the world… Patriotism…. what a Sham that is
    The last bastion of the scoundrel…

    We need to come up with a new game, one that doesn’t allow wealth. Property is a Sham too.
    We are ALL part of something so much bigger than this arguing about Semantics. Clearly no truth
    has been received from the power structure, they look upon the world as their possession, see property above.

    Dimitri and Gordon and so many others are working steadfastly at keeping the light shining brightly.

    This Show is about to come to a close and we’re all part of the solution. And the solution is the end
    of domination, of private property, of privilege, of apartheid, of money.

    We’re “ALL” in this together and we “WILL” make it through this. All people worldwide have the same needs, we are no different from each other.

    All of YOU, keep it up, we WILL make it through….

  229. Only the REAL perps behind 9/11 know the exact method(s) used to bring down the ‘Twins,’ and they’re not talking, except to tell more lies to bolster the orginal lies.

    Our government has been hijacked by liars, thieves and mass-murderers, whose only allegiance is to money and power.

    They proved on 9/11 how sadistic they are, just like they wanted to do back in the 1960’s during “Operation Northwoods,” again using a FALSE FLAG to excite Americans into invading Cuba and nuking Soviet Russia.
    JFK said NO to these madmen and that is one of the reasons he was murdered and not by the CIA patsy Oswald.

    Operation Northwoods Information Center

    Follow the links provided below to declassified Pentagon documents and an ABC News article on Operation Northwoods. Approved by the top Pentagon chiefs, Operation Northwoods proposed fabricating terrorism in US cities and killing innocent citizens to trick the public into supporting a war against Cuba in the early 1960s. Operation Northwoods even proposed blowing up a US ship and hijacking planes as a false pretext for war. First coming to light in the year 2000 through a Freedom of Information Act request, key excerpts from the Operation Northwoods documents are provided below.

    As you read, ask yourself if similar tactics to those listed below could have been used in regards to 9/11.

    Page 13 of 15-page GWU file on Operation Northwoods (page 10 of Pentagon report)

    Hijacking attempts against civil air and surface craft should appear to continue as harassing measures condoned by the government of Cuba.

    It is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner enroute from the United States. The destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan to cross Cuba. The passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday.

    An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area. At the designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. The actual aircraft would be converted to a drone.

    More on “Operations Northwoods” available here:

  230. I have posted this link several times at VT but I think there are new people here so I strongly encourage them to read this excellent book by the sagacious Christopher Bollyn. He provides plenty of information about the Mossad and Zionists and the 911 attacks. Most people are unaware of a lot of the information he provides. Get a free download of the book:

    Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World. A must read. He is one of the best 911 investigators.


  231. who ever mike harari (not hariri) is, he is damned old.

    partial from wikiP:

    Michael “Mike” Harari (born 1927) was an Israeli intelligence officer in the Mossad. Harari was involved in several notable operations, including the failed Lillehammer affair and the rescue of hostages at Entebbe.

    Harari began his intelligence work facilitating illegal Jewish immigration to Israel after World War II. He then spent time in the army and Shin Bet before being recruited by the Mossad in the 1960s. During his time in the Mossad he ran agents in Europe, eventually advancing to the head of the Operations Branch. It was during this time that he helped build and lead teams in Operation Wrath of God, the Israeli response to the Munich Massacre in 1972. In what became known as the Lillehammer affair, Harari led a team into Norway where they believed Ali Hassan Salameh, the chief of Black September operations was living. After identifying and assassinating the target, it was revealed that they had killed an innocent waiter, Ahmed Bouchiki, who only resembled Salameh. While authorities arrested many of Harari’s team, he escaped back to Israel. A Norwegian case against him was dismissed in January 1999 because of a lack of evidence.

  232. 911 was and is a Mossad false flag operation with a few MIC accomplices for profit. The details are really irrelevant, just ask one of the “dancing Israeli’s!

  233. Very good article.

    From the article:

    Perhaps a more important issue is why the “how” has become the only focus of the most massive controversy and “sea of speculation” in history while discussion of who is relegated to the oft spoken mouthings of “Bush-Cheney” or “Israel did it.”

    People say Israel did it because the evidence indicates 911 was a Mossad operation. The Mossad messed up and left too many big clues.

    Great quote form the article:“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
    — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    It reminds me of one of my favorite comments regarding the 911 truth movement provided by Gordon Duff: There are more Mossad agents in the 911 truth movement than FBI agents in the KKK.

    I believe the Mossad and Sayanim are major players in focusing the 911 thruthers on how the building were demolished and not on the “who did it.” I have been banned from 911 forums for providing information that shows that the Mossad is by far the #1 suspect. I don’t think I was banned by Muslims.

  234. What’s goin on? This comment section won’t let me post anything with links, I even tried putting spaces in the links and it still wouldn’t let me post them.

  235. WHAT?
    Khalezov already relegated to a role od DISINFO SHILL? How come? BY WHOM, Mr. Volz?

    Gordon Duff is not mentioning Dimitri K. with one word. What happened? Mr. Duff was pretty much enthusiastic about Khalezov. Let us outsiders know what tf. happened?

    Mr. Duff, you write: “Then, finally, can we start making arrests and let juries decide “who?””

    Who is going to make these arrests and who is going to be judge? The corrupt judges you have over in the US? Do you happen to have a REALISTIC plan of action?

    (Just asking ).

  236. Gordon and also Dimitri if you’re reading this,

    Have you watched Mike Delaney’s movie Missing Links? It is currently the most in depth and comprehensive movie about the Jewish/Israeli connection to 9/11. If you haven’t seen it you should definitely check it out and tell us your feedback.

    Dimitri, in order to validate your nuke theory, you need to find for us the specific documentation of the US/USSR treaty, the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Explosions for the use of nukes to demolish tall buildings, the World Trade Center and the Sears Tower, and that these devices were built into the foundation. (Since Larry Silverstein owns the Sears Tower and Rahm Emanuel is now the Mayor of Chicago, it’s high time for somebody to initiate a thorough inspection of the Sears Tower)

    Also, I don’t know if Veterans Today has seen this but there’s a movie about the Pentagon attack called National Security Alert, Citizen Investigation Team, where they interview many eyewitnesses to the Pentagon attack and all of them (except for Lloyd England) confirm a north side approach path, which is completely inconsistent with the official south side path that caused the downed light poles. They interview the cab driver Lloyd England, his windshield was allegedly speared by one of the light poles hit by Flight 77 as it flew over the highway, and there are several photos placing him and his cab at the scene in the south side approach path. But the CIT investigators confront England that his story has to be false because all the other witnesses described the plane approaching from the north side. England then changes his story and attempts to align it with the north side approach witness testimony and he even goes so far as to indirectly admit to the CIT investigators that he was an accomplice involved with “very powerful people” in the 9/11 Pentagon Attack. You guys gotta check out this movie, it has mindblowing information. I’ll post links below for National Security Alert and Missing Links.

  237. Mike, we know that the concrete pulverized into dust (and not from pancaking)and GD did not intend to make us think that all of the steel vaporized, just how the massive structure failed. A family member of mine worked for FEMA overseeing the barges going to Fresh Kills and he tells me that there was steel being hauled away. He was there in 1993 and said he could not believe the building was still standing. The entire basement was cleared only the outer part holding strong. This is why you can clearly see the corners popping when they took them down in ’01. He also said no bodies, lots of rings, and no office equipment except for very small pieces(1/2 phone pad).
    I think there was a combination of explosives used, micro-nukes, nano-thermate and conventional. The rare cancers 1st responders lead to nukes. Thermate can be seen, and if true, Jones’ dust sampling. Almost all of the search dogs died from cancer. And the cancers, human and dog, were not the asbestos related types.
    Let us focus on putting some of these criminals behind bars. That is the one thing I do not see anybody doing.

  238. Off course we are.
    They have been busted in the live shots and the so called amateur ones too.

    But don’t tell me:
    You are certain that the second plane hitting was flight 175 right ?

    Even though flight 175 is a Boeing 767-200 series

    And we can clearly see in the video that its the longer 767-300 series.

    check out photo

    and illustration

    Read all about it here

    The game is over guys.
    you had your little fun in the last 10 years.
    Now its time for the big boys.

  239. We really need a panel of metalurgists and ironworkers in this discussion. Myself, I cut and weld steel in a shop.
    Also, somewhere there is a paper trail accounting for the tonnage of scrap steel that was shipped. We already know that about a million tons of steel went into construction.
    The debris heaps of each building would have been hundreds of feet high and wide if the steel was still there. We all saw the pictures. Where were the debris heaps?
    Next; there is a paper trail of those who bought a massive amount of ‘puts’ on airline and insurance insurance companies. These ‘puts’ paid a big profit on the decline in the share price of these companies. Arrest the clerks and accountants first. They will talk best and easiest. They know who and how much.

  240. Spoken like a real Bush.

    “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty.”

    – George W. Bush, November 11, 2001

  241. Steel vaporized


    I highly suspect the amount of the steel scrap declared being shipped is false.

    I can presume That is why they delivered it hush hush to India and China – bribe the scrap yards easily

    And they “manage” to do it so fast while columns are still red hot dripping molten metal…

    No wonder they had a short leash on the truck drivers

  242. One problem for getting anyone who may have seen anything in the prepping of the explosions is the mindset of, “I didn’t see anything” which is bred into everyone who is raised or works in the tri state area; especially NYC. I grew up there, and the phrase was actually, “I didn’t see nothing”, was known by every three year old. Those that speak up usually die. Many already know the “who”, yet the DOJ will never be allowed to follow through, simply because businessman Silverstien owns them too.

  243. Thermite theory is Hogwash .

    This is how a little bit of Thermite ignited looks like:

    We should have seen WTC lit up like a X-Mass tree when it collapsed –
    and we didn’t


    And there should have been 1500 degrees F. on top of the debris too not only 15 feet deep if it were Super Duper Dano Thermite.

    Who ever is pushing Themite theory is either a complete moron or a paid Shill.

  244. Gordon.
    I wrote a big comment with some links – I hope it didn’t automatically go to the junk mail.

  245. Thank you Gordon for not forgetting and keeping this on the radar. I love the way you keep it real and simple. You do not murk-up the waters with theories upon theories. My major complaint is yours and that is when will the whos be indicted? It is apparent that the how has been established, well, whichever version you subscribe. But, it is very clear we know how- not- it happened.

  246. “Under any normal circumstances, such individuals would have had to prove their innocence in a court of law. Such processes, law, justice and such ended on 9/11.”

    I’m sure you know that under our judicial system, the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and also has the right to confront the accuser in open court. These rights have not yet been curtailed, even with the passage of the Patriot Act.

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