U.S. Oafs Confirm All Revolution Is From Top Down Not Bottom Up


Divide et Imperia” -Julius Caesar c.53BC ‘Divide and Conquer’

Bureaucratic oafs financial and banking “Newts” operating in Julius Caesar’s Century of ‘Divide and Conquer’ methodology strategy and tactics across the world spectrum accelerate their flawed myths through world death destruction and financial looting. see video here Politics of Deflection. Currently directing compound misery to US citizenry thereby confirming ‘All Revolution Is From The Top Down.” “See None Dare Call It Conspiracy” Published by Modern History Project and here Institute for Historical Review

US Oafs Siren The World ‘Divide et Imperia’ Misery Fails

Declaring war on humanity the US Government documents to the world “we are” historical criminal ‘rogues’ who are currently on a self implosion trajectory by attempting to shadow and conceal war crimes. Simultaneously, sirens to the global masses by incredulous focus to crimes against humanity, commits egregious war crimes and is complicit in a severe Philo-affinity complex with a “select exclusive special interest group.”  An ever expanding conflict against all International Laws, Nuremberg Tribunals, Geneva Conventions, Military Code of Honor, and UN Mandates.

Article paragraph: “Bradley Manning is accused of humiliating the political establishment by revealing the complicity of top U.S. officials in carrying out and covering up war crimes. In return for his act of conscience, the U.S. government is holding him in abusive solitary confinement, humiliating him and trying to keep him behind bars for life.” Posted by Alternet.

Conversely, by admitting to Middle Ages torture techniques incarcerating Bradley Manning America sirens blare loudly. ‘Compounding misery’ is an inherent egregious flaw that “we” continue to represent sustain and completely self admit with gleeful indifferent unabated misery and terrorism to US populace and the global masses.  08 Mar 2011 President Obama signed an executive order Monday that will create a formal system of indefinite detention for those held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who ‘continue to pose a significant threat to national security.  Breaking News reported by  legitgov.org Washington Post headliner.

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“Two Parts Eye Of Newt” Banking Cartel Spread Wailing Wall Street Misery

“Two parts the eye of a Newt” Homer A tragicomic from Illiad Odyssey.  A fast forward metaphor or 21st Century imitation, an ancient odyssey of tragic comedy historic welfare con men extraordinaire increasing misery worldwide.  Wailing a self anointed reverse victim complex that ‘We the People’ now must be held hostage. Hostages and bondage to Stockholm Syndrome of US/Zionist Trojan Horse ancient pretext formulas.  “Make Wall Street Pay! Angry Homeowners Shut Down BofA and Boehner’s Office.” Article Posted by Stephan C. Webster.  ” A new campaign kicked off with a splash as hundreds of fed up homeowners brought business to a halt at a major bank and the House speaker’s office.”

Subsequently, the ‘Trojan-Horse’ Imperial strategy of world conquest through ‘Divide and Conquer’ or the theft and confiscation of global labor property and hard assets is proving to have very meager returns for value and wealth accumulation in behalf of ‘We the People.’  Those meager return on investments i.e. trillion $ debt IOU looted from US taxpayers in return for exponential $ trillion debt IOU’s for illegal wars against humanity are placed into a never ending cycle of 360 degree spiral of failure, transferred to the organized crime overlords loot.   Subsequently, manufacturing the USA  into a ”global IOU non sufficient funds entity.’  The last 65 years confirm that the US has gone from the greatest creditor nation to the greatest debtor nation in recorded history.

Trojan-Horse Strategy Divide et Imperia Exposes Philo Affinity

The obvious U.S. 100 year flawed self anointed self defeating methodologies. Flawed tragic and obnoxious by Ancient Roman Imperial standards.  Nevertheless, includes a Trojan Horse concealment comedy, the inertia of select exclusive special interest group Israeli and US dual citizens the Congress, are sinking US world conquest into a deep grave of empire history. 21st Century tragicomic Obomb’em, one and all, peace prize laureate “Signals US to Intervene in Libya.” Posted by Washington Post.    Advertising and marketing indirectly to Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon, all  peoples uprisings in the world “all revolution is from the top down not the bottom up!”   US/Zionist Trojan Horse Philo-affinity in real time  “ISRAEL FLIES TO THE RESCUE OF KHADAFI, REAPING MILLIONS” Posted by My Catbird Seat

Article by Alan Hart; “Never before has an American President’s fear of offending the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress been so exposed as it was by Obama’s decision to veto to the Security Council resolution condemning continued, illegal Israeli settlement activities on the occupied West Bank and demanding that Israel “immediately and completely cease” all such activities. In a different America – an informed America – some might think, I do, that Obama should be impeached. The charge? TREASON.” Posted by Alan Hart VT

NPR Colludes with US/Zionists Declares War Against US Taxpayers

“Today the station has as many advertisements for corporate donors as a commercial station. It still pretends to be financed by listeners, but NPR is now part of the corporate media and sounds like the voice of Israel.” Posted by Dr Paul Craig Roberts Article “The New American Credo”

War against the public taxpayers an egregious example. National Public Radio one hour documentary on “A Covert Affair: When CIA Agents Fall In Love” Basically one hour staged and rehearsed interview of narcissistic self promotion revealing a CIA-Hollywood-Lazy Intellect-NPR-Government concealment conduit of successful book sales publishing with a follow up, financed produced and directed by select exclusive special interest deep pockets.  A movie shadowing and concealing US anti-Iranian propaganda with illegally hired murderers and torturers of humanity and war against peace. One hour interview NPR Radio

A reminder to NPR and its affiliate stations, guests, personalities and their exclusive subject matter.   No nation, person, entity, government, religion, creed, or  forum is above the law.

U.S. Under-Performers Alert Masses By Concealment Misery and Failure

Supreme and ultra flawed 21st Century strategy and tactics outlined in the following articles indicates the outrageous direction of forces currently declaring war and attacking its very own citizenry or revolution from the top down dynamic.

“The Global Economic Elite have launched a war on 99.9% of the US public, we must unite and rally together. Unions have played a key role in uprisings from Europe to the Middle East. We must seize this opportunity and let Wisconsin be a spark to light the fires of non-violent rebellion throughout the United States” There is a rule of war that many people are failing to understand: “Do not fight the last war.” Posted by David DeGraw Global Research

‘Divide and Conquer’ tactics cascades in Ohio, New Jersey, Wisconsin Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Restrict Public Unions –Ohio Senate passes bill to ban public workers from striking, restrict collective bargaining. Wisconsin’s Walker vows no compromise on unions 03 Mar 2011 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) vowed on Thursday, NEVER TO COMPROMISE, repeat never to compromise. Posted by legitgov.org

US Taxpayers Imaginary Revolt

Fulfilling a forced imaginary taxpayers destiny by US/CIA/ZPC/CFR operatives, cavalier academia, and bank cartel organized crime. Consequently, the two political Republican Democrat comedies and TEA party pompous interlopers promoting distractions, including militaristic war against humanity. diversions, genocides, war against peace, colluding with select special exclusive interest group US/ZPC deceptions, and the current attack against ‘We the People’ or the concealment confiscation and theft by wailing Wall Street of a lifetime of labors, property, and hard assets.

The US Government declares announces documents and sirens the world “we are” historical criminal ‘rogues’ who are currently on a self implosion trajectory by attempting to shadow and conceal war crimes, crimes against peace, and war against US taxpayers.. “US vetoes UN Mandates on Israeli Illegal Settlement Construction” Yahoo News

Incarcerating its citizenry for revealing extensive and ongoing war crimes committed by US military, illegal wars and occupation, repealing the US Constitution Articles Bill of Rights, revoking 800 years of Habeas Corpus, instigating world comedic US/Zionist Trojan-Horse revolution from top down, diverting focus and attention from the bowels of lower Manhattan’s wailing self anointed reverse welfare victims, harboring select exclusive special interest group quislings revealed in article  “Free Pollard Never” LA Times , and operating the distraction of US taxpayer imaginary revolt from the bottom up.

Conclusion Who Cares?

The obvious conclusion is a government of tragic and comedic self immolated demise.  A government that singularly projects complete absolute dismissal of all American core values of freedom, democracy, liberty, duty, honor, country, family, religion, community, and the spirit of America to the detriment of  ‘We the People.’  Notwithstanding, annulling any and all accountability of political, academic, financial, banking, and military professionalism, integrity, respect, and creativity.  To honor and obey the elected offices they took a solemn oath to serve.

Replacing  “We are accountable to serve and obey ‘We the People’ by strict laws of the US Constitution for what we say and do!”   Translation; “We conceal what we do, annul what we say and mean, and absolutely ignore and revoke all law related to our actions of what we say, do, or implement.” As the apathetic and oblivious US populace remain in a total self righteous self induced and sanctimonious dream the ‘magic of compound interest riches’ stupor.’  ‘Keep repeating, revolution from the top down not the bottom up, Who Cares????



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