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Mark Taylor

The Continued victimization of Mark Taylor!

By Clay Douglas for VT

Free Mark Taylor

Clay Douglas’ interview of Donna Taylor here!

Mark Taylor was the first student shot at Columbine. He was shot 7 times. Bullets barely missed vital organs and one remains embedded in his body near his spine. Mark and has mother. Donna Taylor, believed that the actions of shooters, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, were directly related to the anti-depressant pharmaceuticals they were being given.

Mark appeared in the film, “Bowling at Columbine” by Michael Moore. Moore also used him in a publicity campaign to force K-Mart to stop selling ammunition in Colorado. Shamefully, Moore paid Mark nothing for his involvement.

Miraculously, he had a full recovery, went on a book tour, testified before the FDA and was interviewed on numerous television broadcasts.

Attorney John DeCamp handled a lawsuit against the Pharmaceutical companies and won a small settlement that wound up going somewhere other than the hands of Donna and Mark Taylor.

As an investigative reporter for twenty years, I rarely get involved in the personal lives of the people I interview. I can identify with, and relate with compassion, to the stories of Randy Weaver, the survivors and families of the Waco Massacre whom I have interviewed. But the injustice in this case is so great and so similar to what they tied to do to me personally that I had to get involved. I only hope that my skill at writing this article is sufficient to create that same urge in you to get involved and stop a runaway government and rogue Medical Establishment!

Many pages of my magazines and hours of my radio shows have been devoted to telling the stories of people victimized by governments and these corporate fascistic forces. Most those stories have occurred in the past and recounted with proper respect and consideration for the victims. A couple of them are included herein to let you know that if you fail to get outraged and proactive, the same thing could be happening to you and your family next.

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Such has been the case with Columbine and Mark Taylor. It happened over ten years ago. Mark wrote a book about his experience and shared his thoughts with millions of people through Michael Moore’s Movie Magic.

He was shot and laid there for two hours with bullets whizzing around him while he was bleeding from nearly a dozen bullet wounds. Some bullets remain embedded in his spine and near his Aorta. Because of the way the bullets ravaged Mark’s body, it was impossible for the surgeons to count the wounds. The estimated bullet count ranges from 8 to 13. Miraculously, he had a full recovery, went on a book tour, testified before the FDA and was interviewed on numerous television broadcasts.

But the real nightmare for Mark and his mother was just beginning!

Mark was lucky but he was also vocal, outspoken and unafraid. His involvement with Michael Moore may have had a positive effect on our understanding of the event as a whole. According to Howard Pankratz of the Denver Post in 2006, Mark Taylor is a living miracle!

“Despite the trauma and years that have passed, Mark Taylor still vividly remembers the day he was shot as many as 13 times outside Columbine High School. On Tuesday, Taylor recalled standing outside the school, enjoying a nice spring day with friends when a bullet slammed into his leg.

In the next second, he saw a bullet slam into the face of a friend, and then he felt several bullets rip into his own chest. ”I was stunned,” he said. “I wasn’t quite sure what had happened. I could see out of the side of my eyes the gunmen go over and shoot Rachel Scott.

”Taylor wants to be a pastor and a book he’s written has spiritual overtones. It’s called “I Asked, God Answered … a Columbine miracle.”

Taylor, now 22, recounts the horror of that day and a recovery that has required multiple surgeries, an initial hospital stay of two months and the anguish of having tubes thrust down his throat and tubes placed in his side. ”The horror of what I went through in the hospital, I can’t even put in words,” said Taylor, who was shot by Eric Harris on April 20, 1999.

But the book is about forgiveness. He has forgiven shooters Harris and Dylan Klebold and their families. He has talked to gang members and Vietnam veterans about forgiveness. He said he especially remembers the Vietnam Vets who have spent 30 years blaming the government for the friends they lost. Some have thanked him for the message. ”After hearing me on forgiveness and healing, it was able to help them,” he said.

Staff writer Howard Pankratz [email protected].

On the tenth anniversary of the Columbine shooting, Mark and Donna Taylor give an interview. This video documents Mark’s shocking decline after being forcibly hospitalized and ‘treated’ with psychiatric drugs in 2006 after the interview with Howard. Mark used to be coherent, give television interviews and be able to drive himself. Suddenly he’s in a very disconnected, almost zombie-like state.

[youtube vP4rW6PzmtI]

Now, once more, Mark has been illegally detained and drugged, this time for over a year. He has been declared an “incapacitated person.” WHY?

Mark has been imprisoned illegally and the “Government of Arizona,” violating so many of Donna and Mark’s Constitutional Rights it is almost unbelievable.

The following statement by Donna Taylor is comprehensive and will give you the available details on her and Mark’s current situation. What is happening to them is happening to many of the people I have interviewed, known personally, in one form or another. And it happened to me!

It seems that recently, my guests have been dropping like flies on flypaper or in a spider’s web.

Edgar Steele, controversial attorney and author of “Defensive Racism” first suffered a heart attack then, after being on my show, was arrested on a bogus charge of hiring a hit man to kill his wife. Here is what his wife had to say about that. She believes the whole thing to be a setup to silence Steele or punish him for his remarks.

Unfortunately, Mark’s case is NOT unique other that his status as a Columbine survivor. The list is endless and the methods vary very little.

Recently I interviewed an old friend, Paul Pantone, who was taken in much the same way as Mark Taylor and held for 3 ½ years in a mental institution because he refused to sign over the patents on his GEET device. I have known Paul for over 25 years and he is one of the sanest people I know. It took the combined efforts of thousands of people across the US to finally free him from that prison. after nearly three and a half years of incarceration, Paul was released on May 12, 2009 — thirty years to the day since he began his career as an inventor.
Paul was incarcerated on dubious charges in January of 2006, and kept incarcerated far longer than he was supposed to be. He ended up in Utah State Hospital in Provo. Judge Royal Hanson was trying to have Paul forcefully medicated – and we all know what happens when that is successful: a loon made so by the state – but Paul refused. Meanwhile, he had a foot injury and dental issues that went sorely neglected, which Paul’s son David, who is living in France, has been reporting. (Ref.) These things appear to have been used as a form of indirect torture, as a way to force Paul into compliance. They would not administer antibiotics, pain relief, or other needed medication unless he would also take the psychotropic drugs.
Well, now he’s out, and so are his teeth, and he’s got quite a story to tell – though the details will have to wait as he is under court order to keep his mouth shut on certain things, at least for a while. But that doesn’t keep David from talking, which he does openly at In addition to David’s work, another initiative that was monumental in securing Paul’s release was, which helped raise the funds and raised public awareness to get legal representation for Paul. Paul Pantone_of_Geet_released

We freed Paul and we will free Mark Taylor!

This is about big money. The medical establishment holding Mark is taking HIS social security that he and Donna had been living on for the last 10 years. They are also getting underwritten by the Feds and the State of Arizona. They are prescribing and feeding him drugs that will keep him confused and make him certifiable.

Is the reason revenge for the Taylor’s lawsuit against the Pharmaceutical companies or Mark’s statements, books and interviews about the Columbine tragedy being caused by the meds Klebold and Harris were on. . .or was this was just business as usual in our Medical and Legal Establishments?

I am not here to tell you what I personally have been through the last 7 years. I put all of that in my book. “Mystery Babylon”. I remarked I was really starting to identify with Ezra Pound, who was held for 13 years to silence him.

Whether my “accident” on May 20. 2004 was purposeful is immaterial to this story. What is material is the fact that the three hospitals ran up a ¾ million dollar hospital bill and kept me drugged on the SAME medication they administered to Mark that led to the drugged state he was in when they made this film!

They fed me Haldol, Halcyon and Morphine for 3 months. I have no memory of that time period. I am told that my survival, with my mental facilities reasonably intact, was nothing short of a miracle. What it did to Mark the first time is evident on that film. The question is what are they giving him now?

But what is not visible in these films is the love and support of a mother for a severely injured and traumatized son for 10 years. A mother that has had her son and constant companion ripped from her arms and life, being fed the same kind of drugs he spoke out against!


“I am Donna Taylor, a Colorado resident. My son, Mark Taylor was the first person to be shot at the Columbine High School Massacre on April 20, 1999. I have now hired a Colorado attorney as of February 15, 2011 who informed me that I needed to obtain guardianship over my son Mark Taylor who also is a Colorado resident. No one would tell me this for the past year; not Governor Jan Brewer’s Office, not the attorneys I hired and consulted, not the mental health workers, no one would tell me what my rights were. By Arizona law, I have priority to be appointed as Mark’s guardian, yet no one informed me. Worse yet, when the Arizona Public Fiduciary demanded guardianship of Mark on January 10, 2011, I was not notified by the attorneys or the mental health workers or the Superior Court or the Office of Human Rights; I was deliberately kept in the dark by those who work for and report to Gov. Brewer’s Office.

None of the many AZ attorneys and MH workers in the past year informed me that I needed to apply to be Mark’s guardian. At an AZ Superior Court hearing of January 13, 2011, Case No. PB-2011-000036, Renee Loncar, an employee of the Office of Human Rights, Arizona DOH, DBHS, testified falsely in court to have the AZ Public Fiduciary appointed as Mark’s Temp. Guardian. Renee Loncar is a liar and perjurer who had my contact information on January 13, 2011 and told the court neither she nor anyone connected with the case knew how to get hold of me.”


And of course the medical facility that is drugging Mark Taylor is refusing to provide his mother details on what kind of drugs they have him on. The video taken shortly after she removed him from their first attempt at hospitalizing him in Colorado shows what kind of condition they had put him in. He was unable to answer simple questions. He was not in that state when they came through Tucson to see me.

Donna was tricked into getting an address in Arizona because she thought they were trying to help Mark get over a case of methane poisoning from their previous apartment in New Mexico. They failed to notify Donna of the hearings in which the state gained custody of Mark. They lied when they told the court that they did not know how to get a hold of Donna.

Neither was she able to get any help or interest when she contacted the local newspapers, TV or radio when she contacted them at my suggestion. The main stream media acts to protect the establishment.

Donna Taylor’s statement goes on to say:

“I was deliberately excluded from the January 13th hearing by misconduct of Loncar. I was not given notice of that hearing nor was I notified that a petition for guardianship had been filed. The court record shows that Loncar represented that my address and/or phone number were “unknown”, which was a lie because I had spoken to her on numerous occasions during the past year.

Apparently, Loncar, based on false information and rumors she had heard but failed to check out, also lied by claiming that I had financially exploited my son. Every time I have spoken to her, Loncar has been nasty with me and now has cut me off from any communications with my son but she never asked me any questions about my son’s finances. If she had asked I would have sent her the proof that this rumor was not true.

For the past 10 years, both Mark and I have been on disability and have lived together. Over the past 9 years, my husband who could not deal with the stress of being the parent of a Columbine victim, and has been extremely hostile toward me. He divorced me in 2002 and essentially abandoned, Mark, rarely seeing him. My ex-husband even threatened to kill me twice since the divorce. I stay as far away from him as I can because he is overcome with grief that his life has been ruined by Columbine.

During the past year, Mark’s father did not come to visit him once, while I stayed in Arizona for five months, after Mark was kidnapped by the State of Arizona, trying to work with the doctors regarding Mark’s placement, naively thinking that they were trying to help him get better. I did not realize that it was Renee Loncar who was manipulating the situation to terminate the bond between Mark and I and cut me off from visitation.

For the past 9 years, Mark and I have had a very good living and working relationship and we each used our combined disability incomes to pay our current living expenses. Mark always received, as his own money from the sale of his book which amounted to tiny amounts ($50-80 per year) that came from the sales of his book.

Since Columbine, I have used all of my financial resources to protect Mark as much as I could especially since Mark insisted on public speaking as a coping mechanism for this great tragedy in his life. This past year (2010) I have used up all my money trying to find a way to bring Mark back to Colorado. Finally, I contacted attorney Wesley Hoyt, who informed me as to my true rights and has started the process of getting Mark back for me, so he can get out of the Arizona mental prison and have a life of his own. They drug him and abuse him and he has no one to protect him except Renee Loncar who is a part of the conspiracy to silence Mark and keep him in a group home.

I repeat, not one person in Arizona, not Renee Loncar the human rights worker, not any of the other mental health workers, not the many Arizona attorneys I contacted, would explain my rights to me or refer me to an attorney who would. I even paid the Arizona Bar for an attorney who, like all the other attorneys, said that this was not his area and failed to give me the name of someone knowledgeable in the Probate/Mental Health field. A great injustice has been done to Mark, he has been victimized by the Arizona Department of Health Services through the misconduct of its employee Renee Loncar (and others who were acting in concert with her to defeat my parental rights). I now have hired Arizona attorney Candess J. Hunter, who has, effective Friday, February 25, 2011, filed an Objection to the Public Fiduciary’s Petition for Guardianship and a Cross Petition for Temporary Guardianship on my behalf. Finally, thanks to these two attorneys, I now have representation. Solutions I want:

I want Renee Loncar removed and excluded from talking to anyone in the Department because she is so extremely prejudiced against me without any reason. Loncar needs to be removed from Mark’s case because she is impossible to deal with and because she has separated me from Mark, and cut me off so I could not even speak to him by phone or speak to his own brothers. Mark is the youngest of 7 children and his family loves him and has tried to stay in contact with him, even though it seems he is in a foreign country. Arizona is a hostile and dangerous place, where a person who happens to go to the hospital for treatment may be put in a mental institution against his will and be cut off from their family, as happened to Mark.

Because Renee Loncar willfully lied to the court about not having an address or phone number I also believe Loncar should be fired for what she has done to me and to Mark by deliberately cutting off all communications between us based on false information that Loncar failed to investigate. This past year, Mark begged me to get him out of the MH facility where he was housed. I called Renee Loncar Loncar (because I was naïve and thought she was working in Mark’s best interest and did not know she had her own agenda) and we did a three-way with Mark on the phone and he was still begging me to take him home to Colorado. Loncar had a staff member at the group home pull Mark off the phone for a moment and when he came back on, he said he did not want to leave the facility. There are many other similar incidents that now make it clear that Loncar was deliberately trying to manipulate Mark’s situation and systematically separating me from my son.

The irony is that Loncar is supposed to be a Human Rights worker who protects the human rights of others, instead, she is a willful violator of both my human rights and the human rights of my son Mark. She is an embarrassment to the Department of Health and to the State of Arizona and should never again be allowed to have power to destroy the lives of innocent people such as Mark and myself.


Wesley W. Hoyt born in Denver, Colorado in 1948, has been practicing law in Colorado and Idaho since 1972. Wesley is working on this case Pro Bono (free) AND the Steele Case in Idaho 7 days a week, 10-14 hour days.

Law Offices of Wesley W. Hoyt, Mobile: (303) 819-7400, Fax: (303) 531-2141,

Toll Free: (800) 220-4698
Colorado Offices: Englewood Office: Chase Bank Building, 333 W. Hampden Ave., Suite 710, Englewood, CO 80110-2335,

Tel: (303) 806-8886, Fax: (303) 531-2141

Please, I’m begging you, call her office, e-mail her office, go to her office, mail letters to her office.


Columbine Tragedy Compounded! Will you help rescue Mark Taylor?

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