By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

As our readership is now half international, we have tended to move toward the sexy stuff early on, the “flavor of the week” atrocities of which there are no shortages but a domestic issue hit me very much the wrong way.

This week, the GOP, the “folksy” name given to the Republican Party, did what every educated and rational person expected, moved to cut over $100 billion in military veterans support over the next decade beginning by ending health care for over 1.3 million American heroes.

This isn’t meant to offset hard choices for a more deserving group but rather to underwrite continued tax abatements for corporations and “high net worth” individuals.

The majority of veterans and nearly all military retirees support the Republican Party.  The “mainstream” veterans groups that receive large government subsidies, the ones who run gambling clubs and cheap bars but, in fact, do damned little else, are, in fact, part of the Republican Party.

They are now squealing like stuck pigs at this betrayal, or at least making the sounds.  In fact, though leading their membership to utter ruin and not for the first time, they are getting exactly what they expected, what they knew was coming and what they worked hard for but hide from their membership.

“Mainstream” veterans groups have been little but corporate “shills” since their inception.  Some supported Hitler, some were partially founded by Mussolini and the most powerful of them have been stabbing veterans in the backs all along.

The explanation?  The “veterans groups,” and I am using the term “veteran’ very loosely, are the worst of the worst, corrupt Washington insiders who have tied themselves to the “fatcat” circuit of lobbyists and corruption while duping their membership  with flag waving and war mongering.

It gets worse.  The 1.3 million families that lose their veteran health care were, in fact, covered for only that one member.  The rest of the family in almost every case, we are talking over 90%, have no health care at all.  Kids don’t see dentists, their teeth rot out of their mouths and the only health care is when someone is so sick they think they are going to die.

Then they show up at a local emergency room as a charity patient or risk bankruptcy.  The medical care they get is pitiful and inadequate, invariably substandard by any measure.   Everyone knows this!

The single largest source of bankruptcies in America is health care bills for the uninsured.  However, it is almost impossible for veterans and others to file bankruptcy anymore because of health care bills because of new laws pushed through by the Republican Party.

Instead, they lose their homes.

Here in Ohio, only 13% of folks belong to trade unions.  That number, with new laws outlawing worker organizations, our new “Third Reich,” that number is meant to go down to 6 or 7%.

Very few workers without union representation have comprehensive health insurance.  Some have “co-pay” and discount plans but only union workers have substantial benefits and those have been cut back for decades.

The veterans, the former union workers are all supposed to move to “Medicaid,” a program for low income and poor.

One might also ask why so many veterans and workers are poor.

One might also note that bills have been introduced to end Medicaid and even Social Security.

For those of you who voted for this “reverse Robin Hood” government, stealing from workers to give to the rich, I only hope your family is hit so hard between the eyes by your own stupidity that you learn something finally.


Last year, 800 “American” corporations moved to Zug, Switzerland.  Their offices?  Some have lawyers there, some have suites but many have a card table and folding chair.  This is their “headquarters.”  You see, most “American” corps are a series of corporations.  Few, anymore, have anything more than a minor American presence with their actual operations in the Cayman Islands, BVI (British Virgin Islands) or Vanuatu (yes, there is such a place, theoretically I work there myself but can’t find it on a map).

Haliburton and Blackwater?  They aren’t American.  In fact, the “big brand” corporations you recognize as being as American as mom or apple pie or race riots are now “technically” located in Dubai or some other “safe haven” with no regulations, loose corruption laws, no extradition and low or no taxes.

Last year, General Electric made $14 billion and, not only paid NO taxes but got a $3.2 billion dollar “bail out.”  The only thing American about General Electric is its logo.

Corporations, not only don’t employ many Americans anymore nor pay taxes here, their profits, especially those made doing business in the US,  are kept overseas, invested overseas and eventually spent overseas.

Problem is, Americas corrupt government taxes the rest of us to death to subsidize these same corporations.  For every regulator and inspector, there are ten “gimme” folks pushing contracts to their corporate buddies or doing favors such as sending American troops to fight wars for corporations that are no longer American at all.

When you wonder what kind of taxes a corporate fat-cat pays on is private jet or his beachfront place in the Hamptons, check into what a “holding company” is.  They own the jet.  They own the mansion.  The money that bought them was never taxed.  98% of what people think is America’s wealth lives “offshore.”

Why deal with America anyway, it’s poor, dirty, violent, has terrible health care for all but the rich and is “inconvenient,” except for a few “safe” spots like Jupiter Island or Brentwood, which are, of course, hardly part of America at all.  If you have trouble with a maid or houseboy, you can’t rape and murder them, not in most American towns anyway, something the wealthy and powerful seem to have a proclivity for.

Corporate America loves drug running and human trafficking, but that’s a story for another day.

Just think, those corporations that aren’t really American at all, not only have their own private political party, the good old “GOP,” but they also have millions of voters, addicted to propaganda about “socialism” who have pandered away their freedom and human dignity because of bad brain chemistry.  Nuff sed.


This week, the news for those who can find it, was largely about Gaza and Israel.  We will get into that in a bit.  Reading about Gaza usually makes people leave, so I will move it down the page.

What few Americans know is that hundreds, perhaps even a couple thousand people, mostly academics, are imprisoned around the world for “thought crimes.”  These folks aren’t locked up in China, Cuba or North Korea.  They are in jail in Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria and a dozen other “free” countries.  Their crime?  They taught history.

Am I kidding?

Most Americans haven’t heard of “holocaust denial” or if they have, they were told that the people involved were like the people who keep asking President Obama for a birth certificate “they” are willing to accept.

Holocaust Denial or “Historical Revisionism” is based on the belief that wartime propaganda against Germany, much of it totally crazy stuff out of Stalin’s Russia, was written into the history books after World War II as part of a plot.  Academics have risked removal or worse if they delve a bit too deeply into some mysterious and dark secrets about, not just the holocaust but even our ally Russia.  Many historians, including some of the best, openly advocate throwing out everything we think we know about Hitler, the holocaust, Stalin and who was who and what was what involving World War II.

Does their point of view make sense?  I leave that one up to you.  However it isn’t just “holocaust denialists” who get into trouble but rather highly respected very “conventional” historians as well.

One such individual was David Irving.  Many of us grew up on his books.  Irving is the best known World War II historian, his books have been made into films, always well researched and controversial.  Irving was riding high until he started researching Adolf Hitler.

Two things came to light:

  1. Hitler’s private papers, not only said nothing about killing off Jews, but quite the opposite.  His real history, the documents real scholars found showed Hitler, on one hand to be obsessed with a Jewish conspiracy he believed wanted to destroy the Christian world and, on the other showed “concern” for the welfare of Germany’s Jewish population.  Let me moderate the term “concern.”  If I am concerned about someone, I don’t have them thrown into a “camp.” All the speeches and meetings we see on TV and movies about the “final solution” have no basis in documents.  Most are based on the testimony of Rudolf Hoess, the man responsible for “gas chambers and lamp shades” being part of legally mandated and highly regulated “holocaust dogma.” Hoess was tortured and later executed by the Russians.  He recanted his testimony.  But you say, “everybody knows” about the holocaust.  Yes, I took my kids to Dachau like any good parent.
  2. Considerable documentation exists showing that Hitler cut a deal with the Zionists to establish the State of Israel as a German/Jewish colony in the Middle East, armed to the teeth, to offset the influence of the English and the French.  There is tons of hard documentation on this.  Hitler wanted Israel armed to the teeth to act as his “junkyard dog” controlling access to the Suez Canal and the region’s oil.  (much had been located by that time)

Irving was accused of “thought crimes” and imprisoned.  Letting this information go public, what ever “this information” is, had to be stopped.  A massive campaign of selling the holocaust and damning Christians and Muslims en masse has gone on for decades now.  Irving questioned “holocaust dogma” and went to jail.  Countries like Australia even send people to prison for criticizing Israel’s bombing of Gaza.  Sound outlandish?

If only I were making it up.  Check on it.

Another victim of “thought crime” persecution is Dr. Frederick Toben, a gentle and polite man whose specialty is 19th century Germany philosophers. Some equate Toben with Satan himself.  There are few people less threatening and less extremist than Toben.

Mark my words, these will be the real heroes of our age, albeit an unlikely group, bow ties and tweeds.  When our history was hijacked out of political expediency, our real heritage went with it.  One lie led to another and another until nothing true was left and truth itself became a crime.

The end result is that the history we teach in our schools regarding World War II is largely false.  Jews are made to believe they were hated and butchered by Germans out of total insanity.  Germans have been made to feel like a nation of pariahs.  Germans, enraged at the knowledge that millions of their people were murdered by the Soviets and starved to death by the Americans after the war, something entirely suppressed in history books, are likely to get fed up eventually.

There was a trial in Canada for a man called Ernst Zundel.  He claimed that much of the holocaust never happened.  The evidence brought out in this trial overturned everything we were all taught to believe.

The real loss is our history.  Israel has uses the holocaust as an excuse for behavior that has made them the most hated nation on earth.  The reasons for this?  Israel acts exactly like the nation Adolf Hitler planned for them to be.

Serious historians who question this are removed from their jobs, smeared, threatened, imprisoned and even murdered.  Many of them are Jews.

What is the real truth?  I don’t have a clue.  I do know that when I hear Israel say “Never Again,” I think to myself, what needs to stop is what they are doing right now.  Time “they” took their own advice.  Until that time, for those living in Canada, Europe and maybe even the United States, do not publicly discuss these last few paragraphs.  It could cost you your job and even your freedom.


Sources report that the election results in Wisconsin were tampered with.  As the election was to decide the makeup of the Supreme Court, the same judicial body that would hear any cases involving election tampering, phonying up election results was considered a safe bet, same as in Ohio in 2004 and 2000.

With President Obama’s hands tied because of the threatened shutdown of the government, he was blackmailed from sending in the FBI to investigate.

Rigging an election this publicly in the United States is unlikely to go unchallenged, and I don’t mean through the non-existent legal system.


Last week, Judge Goldstone, who had written a report claiming both Hamas and Israel were guilty of war crimes, rescinded his accusations against Israel based on what he claims was “new information” submitted by Israel.

That information was court documents exonerating IDF members charged with killings of Christians and Muslims in Israel or the occupied territories.

Omitted from this, of course, is the simple fact that killing Christians and Muslims is not illegal in Israel.  A Jew can shoot a Christian anywhere, anytime and be charged with nothing more than littering if he (or she) fails to pick up the shell casings.

Israel has a system of religious law, one never spoken of in America’s press, far more bizarre than Saudi Arabia.  Check on it.  See what kind of punishment Israelis receive for killing Christians and Muslims.  Expect to be surprised.

Buoyed by the propaganda victory of Goldstone’s recantation, Israel staged a phony school bus attack and blamed it on a mythical attack from Gaza.  (long story here, first mortar rounds, then anti-tank weapons, then homemade rockets…first Hamas apologies, then they “unapologize”…)

They then spent the next few days in a relentless attack on Muslim civilians meant to build up a population upset at Arab uprisings around them

The whole thing was a public relations campaign to help the ultra-nationalist Likud party keep a siege mentality going.  Somewhere, the grave of Adolf Hitler, Argentina maybe, a withered corpse smiled.








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