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World War II Negative Stereotype has to be Stopped

- Let us Put a Human Face on the Global War for Truth in History

Demonization: The Lobby’s Resourceful Weapon of War

Silencing One Man, Why is it So Important.

Rudolf Hess: The Führer’s Deputy

Until just a few weeks ago, an old man’s bones lay buried in a family grave in an impeccably kept cemetery in a Bavarian town called Wunsiedel.

A Modern Kidnapping on U.S. Soil

By the time the New Millennium rolled around, Ernst Zundel and I had been engaged for several years in a precarious but emotionally rewarding battle for Freedom of Speech, so poignantly described by Dr. Robert Faurisson, acknowledged “Dean of the Holocaust Deniers” world-wide, as “…. the great intellectual adventure at the end of the Twentieth Century.”

Germany’s Governments since 1945: Turncoats and Traitors, all!

Just as I predicted, "Holocaust-denying" Bishop Richard Williamson lost his appeal in court last week. The verdict did not please either side.

Guantanamo North

“An estimated 5,000 people have been subjected to detention since 9/11. Of those, only five, three non-citizens and two citizens were charged with terrorism-related crimes, and one was convicted.


A LITTLE TALK RADIO By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor As our readership is now half international, we have tended to move toward the sexy stuff...


ISRAEL'S WAR WITH ITSELF By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor It is easy to spot a liar if you are willing to take an honest look. ...