“Got kids? How are they with guns? They are going to be needed again soon. The last batch is pretty much used up..”

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Its happening again.  Its starting.  America is being primed again, another “take down,” another mysterious and convenient terror attack, more bugaboo enemies, more gutless political hacks portrayed as heroic saviors by the media.  Get ready to say goodby to your job, your retirement account and your home, if you still have one.

Got kids?  How are they with guns?  They are going to be needed again soon.  The last batch is pretty much used up.

You would think we had enough by now.  You might even think “they” are afraid we may have wised up by now.  We have so little to lose, we have suffered so much, you might think America might reach out, like a hand from the grave.

But, then again, we all know better.  Look at the people around you.  Have they changed?  Do they look smarter?  For years, Glenn Beck told Americans to hide under their beds.

Now it’s my turn.  I’m telling you to be afraid, not of imaginary terrorists or even the very real radiation that has already begun poisoning America, a deadly menace spewing from Japan.  America’s real enemy has always been homegrown.  Lincoln and FDR warned about it, Kennedy’s were killed over it.  Our biggest enemy is ignorance, fed by fear, race hatred, class envy, regionalism but with a new twist.

Our modern day prophets, the trend setters, those who guide and educate, those once destined to lead, are little but jesters, cheerleaders and Judas goats. Nowadays, as we are all so well aware, positions of trust and responsibility are rationed out like writhing maggots to the starving.  Those who gratefully accept the meal and kiss the feet of the master believe they rule or “govern” as they call it.

We know better.  They “serve” and the ignorant among us, the thronging masses, are their “fodder.”

If you are seeking truth or prophesy, you might want to look to those whose views are described as “repugnant” or “loony.”  Were Christ with us today, there is little doubt he would be in prison or a mental hospital or have died, much as last time, but on the floor of a prison cell – Gitmo,” Bagram or a secret CIA detention facility in Egypt, Bulgaria or one of a dozen countries.

Christ might just be “doing time” in Australia for “Antisemitic Acts.”  He wouldn’t have had to physically throw the Pharisees, genuine Semites, out of the temple as described in the Gospel of John.  Me might just as well “suggested” that what they were doing was improper.  Even that is a crime in Australia (and dozens of other countries…soon America will join the list)

He would have gotten a 12 year sentence.  A judge would have called him “repugnant.”

America, what exists of the America those of us knew, is like a pig being led to the slaughter.  The continual decline in standard of living since 1980 isn’t an accident, no more than the look of hopelessness most Americans see in their children whose choices have dwindled to nothing.  America’s young are paying for the depredations of our “least generation,” for the frenzy of fear, hate and hubris that has characterized the post-Vietnam era.  Damned to a life of third rate education, fourth rate health care, dead end jobs, a life in a society of extremes, privilege and wealth for the few, endless war, poverty and despair for the majority, call it “conservative” or “neocon” if you will, the results are certainly biblical.

As Romans (6:23) tells us “the wages of sin is death,” so Proverbs, Galatians and even Dante denotes “greed” as chief among the faults noted by Paul as denying hope of achieving the “kingdom of heaven.”  The signs are there for those “with eyes to see and ears to hear.”

So base have many become that the notion of “free will” itself is denied.  According to scientists, decades of “thought control” may well have “genetically engineered” a new sub-species of human, one that stands upright but neither reasons nor shows any survival instinct:

[youtube 3X0DnB3-O9k]

An excuse?  A pardon?  Yesterday’s neocon morons, repudiated by the planet itself, are now resurfacing.  Hear the rocks turning over?

The peddlers of poisoned drugs-food-water-air-land, counterfeit money, nuclear power, the purveyors of unbridled greed have plans in motion.  Where are they taking us?  Look around you.  You may well be on the last ride, approaching the gates of the slaughterhouse.

Didn’t your mother tell you:

There is no free lunch.”

An America of homeless and starving, of closed schools, of crime ridden neighborhoods even for white suburbia, an America with NO health insurance, no minimum wage and no workers rights.

Expect an endless war in Iran, a war America will be “forced into” after one or more key assassinations and a nuclear “incident.”  We stumbled on this some time ago, it is now racing to fruition.  Stories out of Washington confirm that Bush & company had been “tasked” by their handlers, rumored to be a rough mixture of international super-villains, so called “Zionists” and the “usual suspects” with orchestrating a war with Iran.

Plans put into motion in 1999 were to include an attack on Iraq as a base against Iran and a series of “false flag” terror incidents to whip the American public into a war hysteria.  9/11 was one of these.  Another, set for a 2005-7 time frame, was to push America to war with Iran.  These plans, including a staged attack on American naval forces in the Persian Gulf and a terror attack on the American military in Bahrain, were thwarted.

Both attacks were tied directly to the White House and the Joint Special Special Operations Command.

The Obama presidency has, despite continual protestations by “conspiratorialists,” derailed, albeit temporarily, attempts to destroy the United States in stages:

  • Undermining the dollar and collapsing the credit markets
  • Gutting the economic power of the middle class (done!)
  • Destroying America’s institution, the free press (done!), rule of law (done!) and trust in government (done!)
  • “Balkanizing” the United States as was done with the Soviet Union

The American people, flawed as they are, are the victims of a calculated attack, call it “game theory warfare” or “psyops” or “propaganda and manipulation,” the plan is in motion, moving faster and faster each day.  The goals are clear, little question about them, it’s the methods that prove our stupidity.  Look at a few anomalies, things that would have any sane person scratching their heads:

  • The media is repackaging Donald Trump as a presidential frontrunner.  There is no other person in America who manages to be both rabidly pro-Israel and utterly “Hitleresque” than Trump.  When polls proved no qualified Republican could beat Obama, the really nasty special interests wrangled up Trump.  He is perfect.  He has never shown a single political or moral position in his life.  He can be anything they want him to be.  Expect the worst, he will exceed it easily.
  • After pushing America into bankruptcy and permanent war, the Republicans are now peddling the “snake oil” of “balanced budget.”  Their plan?  Re-deregulate the financial markets that killed us last time, eliminate Medicare and Social Security, crush trade unions and set up state governments under rule by private corporations that “rule by decree.”  Their real program is to find what few assets America’s middle class still has and bleed them into foreign banks for their globalist buddies.
  • The drug problem, the new “stealth” issue, has swollen to epidemic proportions yet is never mentioned.  With over two million Americans in the criminal justice system tied to drugs and the Social Security and healthcare systems as well overburdened, an overall annual cost including not only expenses but lost revenue of over $800 billion, no single issue, not even war, has so negatively impacted America economically.  However, the silence on America’s drug catastrophe is “deafening.”  What isn’t being said is that the “globalism” so often spoken of as “guns-oil-banking” is primarily drug revenue driven with our wars being more “turf wars” for our real allies, the drug cartels and the global banking issues more simply competition in the only real growth area anymore, laundering money.


“The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.”
Charles Baudelaire

Not a bible quote, though most remember it from the Kevin Spacey film, “The Usual Suspects.”

[youtube kl0H1EUQ_38]

Between now and the upcoming presidential election we will face challenges.  What you learn, think you learn, believe you know, even from sources purported to be altruistic and courageous, are likely to be “all but.”

The more dramatic, the more mythical and heroic, the more debased and false, that can be bet on.

How can you tell?  If you hear of them, see them, if they are written about or spoken of then they are Satan.

Expect openly Satanic figures to emerge on the scene.

Satan now believes he has only to prove he does exist.

It has already begun.

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