Killing Pat Tillman


Today is the seventh anniversary of Pat Tillman’s assassination in Afghanistan. On April 22, 2004 Tillman and several other Army Rangers were given an odd order to split their motorized squad and proceed toward a village called Magarah. The original mission was to recover a broken-down Humvee from a rocky and almost impassable trail through a steep gorge. The Humvee was being towed by a local “jinga” truck, rather than by one of the working Humvees. Tillman and the others got to the village before the guys with the towed Humvee and were waiting for them when three Afghan kids fired an RPG, with an effective range of 250 yards, from 800 yards. It hit on the wall of the gorge and made some noise and loosened up some dirt and rocks. But, no harm done. Nevertheless, the vaunted Rangers lost control of themselves and fired their arsenal of a .50 caliber Browning, 40mm grenade machine gun, .30 caliber machine guns and .223 caliber machine guns plus their small .223 rifles, called M-4s. They fired until they were out of ammo and had to get into their reserve ammo supply.

Tillman and the other guys were watching this show from above. Tillman’s sergeant, Matthew Weeks, ordered him and Bryan O’Neal and an Afghan named Thani to go down on foot closer to the road, which they did. The lead Humvee came within view of Tillman and from a range of about one hundred feet, opened up on him and the two others, killing the Afghan and wounding Tillman after he waved his arms at them not to shoot. They dove behind a couple of one-foot high rocks and O’Neal asked if he was okay. One of Tillman’s legs was severely wounded. He threw a purple smoke grenade to show they were Americans and kept yelling at the nearby Humvee shooters. Both Tillman and O’Neal waved their arms at the Humvee. The Rangers in the Humvees stopped shooting for a minute. Tillman and O’Neal thought it was safe to show themselves.

Tillman identified himself loudly, saying “Hold your fire! I’m Pat f****** Tillman!” Specialist Trevor Alders opened up again with his .223 machine gun and hit Pat Tillman from about one hundred feet away. Now, both Tillman and O’Neal were in the same uniforms as the other Rangers, wearing the distinctive Kevlar helmets, carrying the same M-4 rifles. The Humvee guys knew that the other guys were up ahead and still they did this.

Here’s where it gets strange. The autopsy photos supposedly show three .223 holes in Tillman’s forehead, in a two- to three-inch group. I haven’t seen the photos. It is not possible to shoot a three-inch group into a guy’s forehead with a machine gun from one hundred feet, for several reasons. Number one, high-power rounds do not follow each other single file into the target; they veer off a little from the recoil of the one just before. Yes, once you get the gun settled down from the first few rounds, you can bring it to bear pretty closely but not that closely. A look at the rock next to Tillman’s position with about twenty hits on it shows the shotgun-like spread resulting from the weapons jumping around slightly. A hundred foot range allows a pretty good spread from any machine gun.

Number two, the Kevlar helmet covers the forehead and generally stops the .223 round. Number three, the guy drops from the first hit and you can’t follow him down to put the second and third rounds next to the first hole. Number four, a .223 round to the forehead doesn’t leave any forehead for the next two rounds to put holes in. The only way you can get a group of three .223 rifle bullets so tight is to kill the guy with the first shot and then shoot him again twice more when you get next to him. But three high-power holes in a tight little group? No way.

Now, the story has changed a little since the original lies were told. Now it’s said that the back of his head was missing, which would make sense after just one .223 hit him in the front, except for that helmet. Jack Kennedy was apparently hit with a .223 round from a Remington XP-100 and the back of his head was missing, too. But it’s come out that SPC O’Neal has said that all that was left of Tillman’s head was a flap of face-skin, which makes sense if three .223 rounds hit him in the head, so devastating is any high-power rifle round. Except for the helmet.

I didn’t know about the facial devastation until today. Like everyone else interested in this, I’d read that Tillman’s head looked pretty normal except for the three .223 bullet holes in his forehead, which meant only one thing: a low-power .22 pistol. The report that almost all of his head was gone indicates that he was not hit by Trevor Alders and his machine gun from a hundred feet but by someone else much closer with his M-4 carbine. The M-4 is just an M-16 with a short barrel and collapsible stock. The pathologist reported that the range of the shots was maybe five feet, which definitely makes it murder. How do you shoot holes in a guy’s forehead when he’s wearing a Kevlar helmet?

Stan Goff, a Ranger veteran writing for Counterpunch, assures us that Tillman was not assassinated but just killed by bad fire control, that the bizarre performance of the Rangers that day could not have been contrived to culminate in Tillman’s murder. He doesn’t explain how Pat f****** Tillman could be mistaken for a bad guy wearing what he was wearing, yelling and waving his arms, popping purple smoke in daylight, diving for cover behind a low rock, not shooting at anyone.

It didn’t have to happen that particular day. It just had to happen sometime when there were guns going off to make it “a mistake.” It was as good a day as any to kill Pat Tillman, because he had to be killed.

Tillman had naively made contact with the CIA’s Noam Chomsky to discuss his plans to reveal what he knew about the lies of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld in the War on Terror. He was apparently also angry about the US Army’s support of the Afghan opium trade, started up by the army after the Taliban had eradicated it one hundred percent during their four-year reign. The US Army authorized the Northern Alliance to resume poppy production, according to Fox News shortly after we invaded Afghanistan.

The thing was, if you’ve forgotten, Pat Tillman had forsaken his multi-million dollar pro-football contract with the Arizona Cardinals to join his brother Kevin in the Army Rangers to hunt down the CIA’s Osama bin Laden directly after the attack on the World Trade Center in late 2001. Never mind that Osama had immediately denied any involvement in the massacre and had in addition pointed to the US government and the Mossad, the latter’s role now confirmed by the revelations of Dimitri Khalezov.

Pat Tillman was probably the greatest recruiting asset that the Neo-Cons had, until they sent him and Kevin from Afghanistan to Iraq in ‘03. Tillman became quite bitter and outspoken about the invasion of Iraq, figuring Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11. So they were sent back to Afghanistan, where they discovered the opium trade being protected and supported by the US Army. Now, they’re both pretty upset. Pat Tillman went from the Neo-Con dream to nightmare and needed to be shut up before he could tell America about the lies of its leaders.

Ironically, the Tillman brothers were part of the security detail of the joint services “rescue” of Jessica Lynch from an Iraqi hospital in April ’03. The Lynch saga was clumsy neo-con propaganda, a totally fictional tale of non-existent heroics and sexual assault following a vehicle accident. The truth was that Iraqi doctors had treated Lynch properly and well, saving her life, and repeatedly notifying the Americans of her location and condition, urging them to come get her. The rescue was as phony as the legend cooked up by the DC liars. Lynch did perform heroically when she revealed the lies that had been told about her. She’d been knocked unconscious in the accident and never shot or stabbed anyone nor pulled grenade pins with her teeth, etc., etc.

The death of Pat Tillman got the same heroic legend as Jessica Lynch got, with the first version being that he was shot by the Taliban while getting out of his Humvee. The second version, told to the family about the time of the funeral, was that he was shot while leading a charge up the hill toward the enemy. The third lie was that it was “friendly fire.” Friendly fire refers to the accidental killing of your own guys, which happens all the time, since weapons training regarding safety and fire control are virtually non-existent in the military. Such things have to be trained from childhood, over years.

Mary Tillman, Pat’s mother, wrote a good book about all this in 2008 in which she suggested that her son was deliberately murdered by his fellow Rangers, reserving most of her anger for General Stanley McChrystal, who led the lying coverup of the murder. Since then, she appears to have dropped the charge of assassination, for what reason is not clear. But there can be no doubt that the Rangers shot Pat Tillman deliberately and with malice on April 22, 2004. They shot and wounded him first and then waited while he popped purple smoke to let them know he was “friendly.” Then they started shooting again and didn’t stop until he was dead. The army gave him a Mafia funeral with the same Mafia sanctimony that Johnny Torrio sent to Dion O’Bannion’s funeral. The family only found out weeks later that it wasn’t enemy fire that killed Pat. It took a little longer to realize it wasn’t friendly fire, either.


  1. Just look at what these sayanim operatives say and do, thats all there is to it. They are NOT American, or Canadian, French, German or English. They are Jewish first and foremost, and work collectively to achieve their new world order.

    They are VERY good at Psychological warfare. Some essential reading is the protocols of zion, you gentiles, the hidden tyranny and this book-

    The one thing Pat did not understand, is who his enemy actually is. He was starting to see the bigger picture, but as they said, they kept an eye on him. Most of the people in the so called truth movement have been disarmed mentally, and it’s slowing the natural process of truth, but they can’t stop it, and they know it.

    Do NOT forget about “all the politics, religions, neo-con, neo-liberal, Zionist, or anything else” as BW said. Learn that they are ALL CONNECTED, and are all run by the same tribe. Virtually everyone on tv is on THIER side, even if they say something you agree with.

    It’s what they DON’T SAY that matters most.

  2. Tillman was smart enough, and had enough courage to seek the TRUTH of things for himself. So, he went right in to the middle of the stuff to find out. His only mistake was to tell the wrong people what he intented to do with that truth. Yes, he was ASSASSINATED. Forget about all the politics, religions, neo-con, neo-liberal, Zionist, or anything else. Just follow the BIG MONEY all the way back to the top. The PSYCHOPATHS at the top have no loyalty to anything or anyone. They are self serving as absolute as possible. It is about the POWER and CONTROL that BIG MONEY can buy. Just do some research on your own. Start with Smedley Butler, and go from there. You should wind up somewhere around PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKING. Thomas Jefferson had some interesting things to say about that. GOOD LUCK to all of us. We are going to need it.

  3. Yes as army infantry all who been out know everyone is given a running password to use in battle in case things get confused OS is right on real names never used in combat mostly nicknames running passwords if in doubt of who is coming or you get separated.

  4. I can’t tell you when desired and not in this comment section, sorry. But would not have made that comment for no reason. Maybe the .45 and 9mm have the opposite affect, or maybe not. Good story, need to stop.

  5. We were issued several 9mm weapons – the P-38 Walther, the FN-made Uzi and the Sterling, if we wanted them. Most of us stuck with the FN FAL and I used a .45 Colt Auto and occasionally the FN-Browning A-5 shotgun.

    Most of the US small arms are now foreign. The two gas-operated SAWs are FN licenses and the pistol is Italian. A gunsmith friend of mine had one stripped on his counter and I thought his watch had blown up. Many parts to lose in the dark. I don’t know why the M-9 was adopted other than to help Italy with its trade balance. I can’t imagine the US Army or Marines using a 9mm pistol for any purpose and to answer your question, I don’t know how they’re supposed to be used. I suspected someone had a .22 pistol on that patrol until learning that PT’s head was destroyed.

  6. Wily2,

    Stage one, about one in ever one-thousand, Stage two about 25% of the first number. Lets leave it there.

  7. JB,

    In closing, as former BSA Police Officer, I know you have experience with weapon systems and applications. Do you know when 9mm weapon systems are used, and reasons when not desired?

    No answer, just give it some though. Good Bye, and good luck.

  8. Pat was obviously not as smart as you think he was… as a truly savvy individual would not have allowed the propaganda of zionists & neocons and sacrificed multimillion $ contract for opportunity to chase phantom “bad guys” in caves.

    Pat was just another dumb jock. Easily manipulated with attaboys and OOORAH’s. I’ve seen how the military and police academy shovel the malarkey about duty, honor, patriotism and service…magnificently sugar coating murder of innocent humans for corporate profit and empire building.

    Every merc, every contractor, every recon marine, seal and other trained killer would be wise to go after the few men that rule the world.

    Drop onto the estates of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, the Blankfeins, the Svanbergs and eviscerate even the pets of these bastards. Instead… you killers slaughter goat herders, children of nomads, wives of simple men living off the land. SHAME on you using DU armaments, million $ missiles to kill men in sandals living in homes with dirt floors.

    It’s like a kid in the inner city of Los Angeles joining MS trece and then one day telling everyone, “hey!…wait a minute, I didn’t join this gang to deal drugs, rob, car jack, murder” Wake up and smell reality all you prospects. US armed services/police are notnoble institutions serving humanity or protecting American citizens. You will rob, pillage, lie and murder for your corporate masters. You complain about it and/or develop a conscience, you will be pushed out of a 18 story apartment window or similar. Welcome to the Beast System.

    May Christ have mercy on our wretched souls.

    Don’t sign up to serve Satan you numbnuts.

  9. Marksman or ‘sharpshooters’? I question everything, do believe Scott was murdered, I believe (very sorry) that Tillman took the wrong approach, what a lose but all death’s of our service men and women are!

  10. Joe Cortina is spot on.

    Whenever any event takes place I alaways ask “where’s the jew”? I already knew that Pat had soured on the mission and figured out what the USA was really doing in Afghanistan, and I knew they killed him for it, much like General Patton found out what was really going on with the jewish communists, and the jewish takeover of Eastern Europe after world war 2.

    You said he contacted Norm Chomsky, who is a jew. Can you verify this JB? If so, this clearly shows the SAYANIM network, and the fact jews work together as a cohesive unit to get the job done. They are a mafia. They do the same after any event. They buddy up with survivors of an incident and steer them away from jews, and if that does not work, they kill them.

    I noticed the Tillman Story movie was made by the “Weinstein Company”. One guess who they are! Also it was directed by Amir Bar-Lev, another mafia tribal member. It is important to note they always control these sort of stories to make sure there is NEVER any mention of Israel or the jewish role in all this.

    Plus if you understand the psychology of jews like many do nowdays, this type of story is porn to them. They get off on it. They love to rub it in your face a second time by making a movie about events they had a hand in, and also, make $$$ of it.

    My hope is that US military personel will start to understand who they are actually working for, who is screwing up America, and do something about it. The war is not overseas, it’s in America right now!

    Most people abroad would love nothing more to see the US military (or homeland patriots) destroy the US government, IRS, UN etc and restore America to a common-law free country. The US government already sees ANYONE, including returning vets, who do not support their genocidal actions around the world, as terrorists.

    Im amazed it’s still going on today like it is.

  11. The second question is whether anyone was carrying a weapon fitted with suppressor? It’s not that common with exception of specific missions, as suppressor affects the weapons capability. However in some causes submachine guns are used (will not mention type) with suppressors and typically sniper carries specialized SMG, used for pre-engagement, has better accuracy even though fitted with suppressor. Stealth before engagement, these are items to take note when working with outsiders.

  12. JB,

    Yes, and that could be very different then what was stated. I watched your videos, and know something is wrong here, I estimate overall there were about 40 Rangers at this scene. With platoon of rangers in the area, and tight security they are well trained to maintain, I have some difficulty with how the incident started. Unless an outsider was involved (single person) to create the chaos, and this is possible. The reaction after the explosion is not normal operating procedure, someone else could be involved. That’s all I can say…..and do not believe this was ranger.

    The question is whether other person(s) were assigned to work with this platoon? When working in South America, a Navy Seal team was assigned to our group and others during missions. Were any contractors assigned to this platoon….or others? That would be my first question, because this is common.

  13. When you do evil, make it so huge, the sheeple will never believe it even with all facts laid bare. Excellent job usa government. You win again.

  14. They were lying on the scene, to the brother, before the debrief because of the mission itself, which was to kill Pat Tillman. The cover story was already made up: KIA.

  15. JB,

    (All) Ranger missions are classified, which means regardless of what happened, they are debriefed and thereafter told what can and can’t say. You should know the drill.

  16. Nelson,

    Do you know the difference between you and TJ?

    When dollar is placed in the slot, you give back 2-3 quarters. However, with TJ, when you place the dollar in slot, the dollar comes back out and the display says, “If you want any change, get the dam wrinkles out first!”

    It reminds me, that America still has a chance….

  17. This is going off point, as comments generally do. Someone questioned why Mary Tillman would back off her charge of deliberate murder. When you deliberately murder a significant person for a political reason it’s called assassination. Here is Mary getting mealy-mouthed:

    It was obviously an assassination because the guys who did it didn’t come right out and say, “Oh my God, we killed Pat Tillman by mistake! He was with that AMF with the AK!” Having anyone around these homicidal maniacs dress like an Afghan and carry an AK is total insanity. You can see where it leads. When in doubt, shoot at the AK. So that’s kind of plausible, since the Serial 2 guys had gone all hysterical. Of course, maybe they weren’t hysterical and were just creating a situation that could lead to somebody getting killed accidentally.

    What is not understandable was for Sergeant Weeks to send the Afghan down toward the approaching Humvees with all that shooting at nothing going on. As soon as they saw him, they killed him and then, right next to him – at a range of only about thirty yards – they zeroed in on PT. Hey, he was with the AMF.

    We’re supposed to believe they didn’t recognize their own AMF and they didn’t recognize Pat Tillman, the most famous soldier in the US Army, someone not exactly a stranger to them. They must have recognized Bryan O’Neal because they didn’t hit him.

    What I don’t get is that Kevin Tillman was on the scene and wasn’t even told his brother was dead for quite a while. How did that happen? Then when they broke it to him the Rangers had an immediate cover story – on the scene – that Pat and O’Neal were running up the hill toward the bad guys and Pat took three in the forehead. O’Neal immediately told him the same lie, under orders. I don’t get that part.

    We can understand the top brass wanting to cover up this thing, but the guys on the scene? From the brother? Why would Rangers want to bullshit Kevin Tillman, one of their own? Only one reason. Pat Tillman had to die. Kill Pat and Kevin will shut up. If not, we’ll kill him, too.

    What do you think Kevin Tillman must think about that “band of brothers” killing his real brother and lying about it? Not talking about Rumsfeld and McChrystal and the political pukes – the actual killers.

    The family, when the enormity of the assassination sank in, undoubtedly decided to cool it. Kevin and Pat Tillman made a really bad joint decision when they joined up, and they paid for it.

  18. Excuse me? Asshole? Moron? WTF? She did react…now she’s walked it back apparently and not following through..The article stated that she’s “dropped the charge of assassination..” Maybe your anger should be directed at the person who wrote the article…

  19. According to his Mother, Mary Tillman, “Pat had high ideals about the country; that’s why he did what he did.”

    But I guess you know more about him than his Mother, right goofball?

    BTW, speaking of Mothers, does your Mommy know you’re at the computer again, knucklehead?

  20. TJ,

    After departing the military, who wanted me to stay, I worked in emergency services and also in specialized reserve unit. Whom I will not give the name, this unit had some trigger happy people, and one even had bunker in their basement. After some time I departed this unit, do you know why? Because I knew in the future one of these people would accidentally shoot me in the back. That’s why you study people and know their strengths and weaknesses before you trust your life to them. If you have any reasonable doubt, then you stay away or avoid.

  21. That’s what I like about you Nelson, truly clueless. He was trying to watch out for and protect his brother. Do you have any brothers?

    Try and use your full brain this time….it’s works better.

  22. THANKS FOR THE ARTICLE, J. Bruce Campbell .

    As long as they show it and feel it and identify with America First I am more than willing to believe that American First Jews &/or those that are secular Jews that feel and believe the same are quite entitled to a “pass”, so to speak.
    (..and so I again offend many I don’t have any ‘beef’ with 🙂 )

  23. When your behind —- lines in small groups, you must have complete faith in your members, or you will die. What is there to understand.

  24. I’m simply saying, expert marksman don’t make leg shots. However, if someone (outsider) wanted to create a situation they can do so by first making that shot. Clearly with suppressed weapon, there can be many reasons for this, drawing attention while taking other shots. Another is to draw the team leader into the specific area. The result suggest they may have been after another person as well, likely the team leader.

    If fowl play is evident.

  25. Here’s one story, from O’Neal, the guy next to Tillman:

    He says they were shot at by the .50 cal Browning, also. Not sure how this guy survived, unscathed.

    Five weeks later, Kevin Tillman gets the word on “fratricide.”

    But in this one, Kevin says that he was told the “charging up the hill” lie at the scene by his sergeant. O’Neal also lied to him, saying they were “running up the hill.” So now, it’s possible that O’Neal actually shot Tillman, since he lied to Kevin (under orders). O’Neal was next to Tillman but did not get hit, although a couple of other guys farther uphill were wounded. But O’Neal was right next to him and lied.

  26. No TJ,

    It’s a very close brotherhood, but sometimes others (outsiders) are brought in for training, this includes SWAT, CIA, and others. Sometimes the close net rangers do not trust the outsiders, there’s a reason. Remember earlier when I stated we would not stay at the base camps, but in small groups some distance from the site. Sometimes would study the base camp for some time before entering. When you work in small groups if you are not invisible, you will likely be killed.

    You don’t understand the tight net of the rangers, it’s different then other units. And likewise, you don’t understand the missions, which I will not state in this comment section. Many are rescue operations, so the ones going to try and rescue other people, and soldiers your calling schizophrenic (tell that to the ones who died during these missions).

    Your description is completely wrong.

  27. Tillman – Reminds me – what happened to NORAD ?
    Weren’t they on the scene ?

    “What was their story ?”

    (And no one was even demoted)

  28. The problem now is – where do we go from here ?
    It’s like we’re all trapped in a bad movie.

    ( and…well..ok… this P Macdonald guy is getting a bit verbose)

  29. I only got interested in this when I read about three .22 caliber holes in his forehead in a tight group. Such a thing could only happen from a .22 pistol, not a rifle. Now the story is all over the place. It’s as messed up as every other description of an assassinated person. Unfortunately, we’d have to see the autopsy photos, which I for one do not want to see. But that’s what is required now.

  30. Sorry, didn’t mean to get graphic. But sounds like sniper tactics, and I know you understand this meaning JB.

  31. There are different versions and weights and ballistics of the .223 bullet. Some won’t even penetrate a car windshield. Even if the SS-109 version penetrated the helmet, it would be deformed and destabilized and could not make a .223 hole in a skull. His vest had a lot of bullet fragments in it, reportedly. There was also a .30 caliber MAG-58 shooting at him, and it’s safe to say that he was shot up like Clyde Barrow. So the report of three neat .223 holes in his forehead doesn’t sound right.

  32. Rangers don’t operate like this, at all. That’s why many of the stories are faulty, operate in silence, always study objective prior too entry, because aware of possible ambushes. Have done this many times. All rangers (have to be) expert marksman, few qualify for these units, and units are small. The brotherhood is very close, and trusts no one outside this brotherhood. The reaction after the ambush (signature) is also faulty; there is complete silence for observation. People are too experience for any of these scenarios, and stories don’t match operations. Some snipers for special missions use small caliber weapons with suppressors.

  33. If you read the actual account of that day’s events, and the days leading up to it, the strange decision to recover the vehicle at all costs, the outrageous behavior of the Rangers, you might conclude that SOP has changed.

  34. JB,

    Give me some more information, and will give you some input. Former Army Ranger, nothing sounds quite right. But can provide some possibilities, I have first hand knowledge of how units operate and react. Can tell you what may have occurred, based on my experience as ranger. None of the stories heard sound like ranger operation, unless some outsiders were involved. Example, ranger team will circle objective and monitor for hours before slowly sending one or two near the objective. That’s a fact. Also have tight teams that don’t trust any outsiders, also another fact, they in fact closely monitored their behavior.

  35. As I see it, the Tillman tragedy is the result of a clash between the mythological “America” and the real “America”.

    A courageous and “patriotic” but misguided, naive, let’s say utterly brainwashed American, apparently the product of a typically brainwashed family, from a typically brainwashed small-town USA, goes to war. He subsequently realizes that everything is a fraud, discovers the real “America”, starts making noises about it, and is murdered, before he can become an embarrassment to the state.

  36. Great comment Joe Cortina. The realities you speak of are unfortunately “alien” to most Americans. As you say, had Pat Tillman only known his true mission, he might still be alive today and never a Ranger in the first place. Ignorance is bliss but also very dangerous. As a believer in Jesus Christ, Joe, have a blessed Resurrection Sunday.

  37. It’s not worth much. His actions showed much more spirituality than a million bible thumpers sitting in their easy chairs pointing fingers.

  38. You might want to change your tactics. I find 5% of hard working activists refuse to acknowledge their tactics have just failed miserably, and then proceed to carry that around like a yellow star. Generally this is victim playing role that they just nut out on as they feel it puts them beyond criticism like you know who.

    The Vaughn Klingenberg guy is in the same mode, not only spamming but insisting he can’t take you off his list without your calling him first. Even his kids don’t have any influence. Guys this nutty are in about the 1 in 50 percentage. They waste everybody else’s time who are really getting some stuff done, sometimes out of spite I feel.

  39. No. You are playing into their hands then. That is already a provenly failed tact. They just put you in jail and use you as an example to scare everybody else from doing ANYTHING.

    More smarts are required. I run into two very consistent hurdles. First is fear…white knuckle fear. This is mainly from one of my main gigs in talking to important people about why nothing is done about the massive Israeli Intel operations here, and all the institutions they have infiltrated. You can literally watch the blood drain from their faces.

    And the second if apathy, that, ‘there is nothing you can do, they are too powerful, too wired it, you would just be throwing yourself away for nothing’.

    Part of this is due to the cowardliness shown when they gang up on somebody and no affiliated orgs will come to their defense. Media is a perfect example. When is the last time you saw a national media walk out because the Israeli pushed a button and ordered some reporter or editor hanged publicly (ie, career destroyed)??? They do these hangings every now and then just to show folks that everybody is still scared stiff.

    Safety in numbers is the only path way to salvation. And sendding a squad out to do a job that requires and army to do, is not a strategy. The good news is that there is a lot of movement going on with folks organizing beneath the radar and looking for the right Achilles heel. The problem is the Justice Dept has been compromised for years now. There is nowhere to do for a prosecution. They just will not do it.

    So the trick know is how do we create a new, totally independent law enforcement entity that is responsible solely to the people?… a permanent Speical prsecutors office but outside of Justice…as Justice would have to be one of their targets.

  40. There are alot of jealous people in army, political/civil society and anywhere at work that cannot stand their genetic or social superiors, or fear them. Those friendly firing troops, just like the local political situation I experienced, are a symptom of the insanity that continues apartheid, wars and ‘accidental’ murders. I’d ask all the people here to be aware of the below 3 Neurotech issue articles and vote by that criteria for candidates aware and ready to preempt laws AGAINST use and ownership of the technology :

  41. Well, speaking from personal experience, once you realize that the Department of Veterans Affairs has an unwritten rule to “dispose” of as many veterans as possible in a bid to reduce costs ( see Dr. Swango ), the proverbial cat is out the bag.

    Was Pat Tillman a problem for the war machine? Kill him! The military has plenty of back-stabbing little trolls filling the ranks, because thats all America is creating these days. Most will gladly kill their fellow soldiers for a few thousand bucks and a green card.

    Cops tazering and beating little old ladies, running guns and drugs through our towns, then raping cows and little girls on the side, ON CAMERA, and having the charges dropped (,0,5446417.story ). All with the help of the FBI and CIA of course. Now we have the TSA feeling up 6 year old kids.

    Another glorious day in the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave. Maybe I should move to Egypt where the people understand freedom, and how to deal with petty tyrants.

  42. So….. Let’s do something about it!! DON”T pay your taxes!!

    Stop supporting the Invasions

    Cut way back on consuming, get rid of your cell phone, throw out your t.v. plant a garden, buy silver and get a gun.

    And check out the youtube Life of Brian “Always Look on the Bright Side”

    We know who the Enemy is and he’s deathly afraid of us.

    The laws enacted by the shrub and the manchurian candidate oblama are “null and void”

    The new world order doesn’t include the machinations of the old world order.

    Defy , do NOT Comply…

    This is a game, have no fear just play it!

  43. Easy for me to say but I wish Pat’s mother would stop “suggesting” and start vehemently accusing…and talking to everyone fm Gordon Duff to Brother Kapner..The only way a mother would back down is if the life of her OTHER son was threatened…No mother wants to outlive both her sons..That’s probably what those SOB’s did..Shame on them..Pat Tillman, Rachel Corrie, the heros of the USS Liberty, JFK and RFK, and all the rest..Someday I hope there’s a museum in the capital for all the patriots who ran afoul of the slimy oligarchy that runs our country-and the conspiracies that covered-up the actual circumstances surrounding their deaths..

  44. Another “DUH” moment.

    When are our American Military Warriors going to realise that “Murder, Inc” has taken over the country? And that they have killed so many innocents that summary execution would be too good for them? Never is my guess.

    Answer this question; “Who killed James Vincent Forrestal?”, and you will know who the enemy is.

  45. I attended Arizona State University with Pat Tillmam. We shared the same major as well as many classes together. I was awed by not only his intelligence, but by his athleticism. I was deeply saddened by the news of his death. I pray for Pat’s family, friends and loved ones. He is a true American hero! Best to all!

  46. Somewhere I read that the deadliness of the 5.56mm military round is due to the fact that it tumbles, end over end, after hitting a target. It does not “mushroom” like a soft-point hunting type bullet would, because it has a full metal jacket.

    At close range, however, I understand that it doesn’t generally tumble, so it may leave both a clean entrance and a clean exit wound.

    As far as the kevlar helmet goes, are you sure it will stop a rifle bullet? Even at close range? I ask because I know that a kevlar vest won’t stop a rifle bullet.

    In any case, as I understand it, the pathologist that examined the body took the position that Tillman was murdered. Now if the Army didn’t subsequently investigate it as a murder, then what was the point of an autopsy in the first place?

    If an administrator sitting behind a desk somewhere knows better than the pathologist, then the pathologist should be severely reprimanded for shoddy work. And since the autopsy was apparently meaningless and completely unnecessary, Tillman’s parents should sue for “abuse of a corpse”.

  47. Another Tragedy…Thanks for remembering this young man on the anniversary of his murder. He has followed down the ‘lost trail’ of so many young men and women. I , again, pray that this truth will help ‘set us free’ from the dark tyranny that has fallen upon our land. Best, Doug

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