Rodeo Clowns Purveyors of “Holy Grail Mythology ” “Bin Laden Knocked Down The Towers”


Rodeo Clowns Purveyors of  “Holy Grail Mythology ” Bin Laden Knocked Down The Towers

Rodeo Clowns purveyors of  ”Bin Laden Knocked Down the Towers” the U.S. “Holy Grail” of myth discoveries.   Numeral Uno U.S. citizen and peace laureate O’Bomb’em-all grabs crotch to confirm his long Form and announces 05-02-2011 that mighty U.S. killed Osama Bin Laden. Another “Holy Grail” myth that  Bin Laden was discovered and his corpse was mysteriously buried at sea .  Bin Laden’s particular burial ground confirmed right alongside the 911 hoax of “Islamphobic box cutters” put to rest in the oceans.


Disgrace Announcing  Jingoistic  Delusions

A decade old U.S. treasonous disgrace, genocides, torture, and illegal wars announced under a shadow of new discovery.  An ultimate diversion of U.S. mythology or “Holy Grail” delusional flaws.. The pinnacle of hype that diverts attention away from the  boiling global cauldron of mixing toxins from Japan’s blown out Nuclear power boiling water plants, BP Gulf oil disaster, illegal wars on humanity, and delusional 911 Muslims “did it” poisons. .  Jingoistic pipe dreamers, ghost Wall Street traders, bureacratic  poltroons, parasites, and military satraps announce the fourth [4] discovery of Osama Bin Laden’s demise.  Burial at sea now adds to the extreme toxins damaging the planets oceans and inflicting delusional mental instability on the masses of American citizenry . Circus sirens blare out rigged markets to hit 36,000 on reports that “Bin Laden Knocked Down the Towers” is killed.

U.S. Mythology Celebrates Jubilant Festivities

Devoid of fundamental core values, all rationality, common sense,  overwhelmed by an undesirable jubilant rodeo clown mentality.  O Bomb’em-all, circus laureate of peace, distracts new illegal wars, human tortures, and crimes against U.S. citizenry.  Dismissing the Articles Bill of Rights under a  Nation of laws, with Patriot Act updated and a speech of unprecedented misinformation, and incoherent meaningless buzz hype copy to a jubilant bread and circus U.S. populace.

Celebrations reach the bowels of crime organization syndicates, and racial hatred cartels in lower Manhattan’s rigged banking and corrupt financial markets.  Jingostic pipe dreamers smoking hallucinogens and walking in the red hot desert sun see visions of “mythology” report “Holy Cow Grail” found in Cave Covenant on the Afghanistan Pakistan borders. This site is the most important “Holy Grail” discovery since Dow Jones muscle meter was uncovered in The Lost Dunkin Donut outside the ancient city of Bombini.

Mythlogy Pipe Dreams Hallucinogens Sun Stroke

“Look on this as a kindness, Americans no longer have to play “Where’s Waldo,” on the most dangerous landscape on Earth, perhaps giving their lives in the process…looking for a ghost.  Published article VT “PRESIDENT OBAMA ANNOUNCES: BIN LADEN STILL DEAD (updated continually, videos-photos)” Posted by Gordon Duff

Archaeologists, scientists, mathematicians, comupter engineers, financial banking barons, and political cronies from across the globe have begun scouring this Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine sites for other hidden ancient oil and opium treasures.  An analogy of robbing or transposing ancient treasures  of Holy Grail myth to increased U.S. Imperial theftand confiscations. It is suspected that the hallucinogenic U.S. operators of Temple of Doom have severe sun stroke and up to six Crystal Skulls may still remain undiscovered possibly to be used as future ghost traders juicing worthless fiat paper IOU’s. . Progress has been slow as workers have to out run U.S.Imperialistic war mongers [DU} munitions bombardment reality up to twelve times a day.



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