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Celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah in Government Buildings?

Jeffrey Goldberg: “[Obama] is the most Jewish president we’ve ever had (except for Rutherford B. Hayes)."

Uri Avnery – Splendid Isolation

- Jim W. Dean..."The EU Jewish lobbies just suffered a tremendous political defeat with the recent landslide EU vote for Palestine statehood."

US talk of droning ISIL chief a sideshow

- The purpose of this sideshow is to avoid the history of using terrorists as proxy regime-change troops as having been a complete disaster for the region.

Rabbi Schneerson, Terrorism, and Talmudic Metaphysics

"a non-Jew should be punished by death if he kills an embryo, even if the embryo is non-Jewish, while the Jew should not be, even if the embryo is Jewish."

PressTV: Kerry blasts Cheney for criticizing Obama

- In an interview with PBS, Kerry said Cheney is wrong about calling Obama's withdrawal plan from Afghanistan “stupid” and “unwise".

Masonic Ritual in the French Revolution and Its Implication in Modernity...

The Encyclopedists really wanted to cross the sexual Rubicon. For example, Diderot’s 1748 novel Les Bijous Indiscrets was later viewed as “midly pornographic…”

The Prosecution of Bush, Obama, and the Neoconservatives for Murder, Torture,...

The Obama administration has repeatedly declared that drone strikes have caused next to zero civilian casualties...

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Zionist Ideology

Elizabeth Wurtzel: “As a people, we are hopeless Talmudists, we examine all the arguments and try to sort out an answer.”

Was Ronald Reagan the Last Duly Elected President?

Did the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic, Cease to Exist on January 20, 1989 when a foreign-based criminal syndicate seized power illegitimately?

Between Putin, Assad, Obama, and the Pussy Riot

A bloody war with Syria is simply not an option precisely because the Zionist oligarchs cook up too many lies in order for the Western world to trust them.

Zionist Regime Destroyed Part of Middle East for Israel

Israel never ceased to wipe out the Palestinians. The 1982 massacre is a classic example, where Israeli military allowed Lebanese militia to attack Palestinian refugees; they “raped, killed and dismembered at least 800 civilians, while Israeli flares illuminated the camps’ narrow and darkened alleyways.

Western Democracies And Criminal Interventionism

We must form the necessary political instruments that would prevent our politicians from dragging us into foreign conflicts and world wars against our will and without our consent.

Trayvon Martin: Objections Overruled

Since intellectual and reasonable power can hardly be the sole reason why false claims about the Martin-Zimmerman case still exist, to expose all those false claims will require more than a merely intellectual exercise.

The Zionist Regime and the Israeli-Run NSA Busted (Part I)

If the U.S. is going to charge the NSA for violating the U.S. Constitutions, if the U.S. is going to charge the neoconservatives for lying about their perpetual wars in the Middle East.....

Israeli Big Brother is Watching You!

The West’s primary enemy is not Iran, or Russia, or even North Korea. The West’s primary is enemy is the country that can send missiles to any city in the West at any time—and that country is Israel.

America’s Bloodied Hands

As President Barack Obama steps off Air Force One and into the tarmac at Lod Airport, he should remember the bloodied hands of the United States, responsible directly and indirectly for the death and murder of tens of thousands of Israeli Jews and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, Lebanese, and Egyptians.

Tear Down This Wall

I am sure Israel will not dare blind fold President Barrack Obama as he crosses from Israel to the Israeli Occupied Territories to prevent him from seeing the barbered wires and the Apartheid Wall.

Press TV: US National Security Set for de-Israelization?

The current nominee for US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, and new CIA Director nominee, John Brennan, are apparently being tasked with “undoing” years of disastrous interference in US defense and intelligence functions, cited by Hagel as “political in nature,” in order to restore a semblance of American control over its national security.

Now it’s payback time! Why Obama should bust Netanyahu for 9/11

President Obama should destroy Netanyahu's career in the biggest, most spectacular way possible - by busting Netanyahu for 9/11.

Who Is The Middle Class

It's sad that Barak Obama had to be the first black to be elected president. Ever since he got into office, Obama has been leaning over backward to avoid being patronising, or looking like it, to African Americans.

Foreign Policy Debate, an Insult.

Home after such a long absence and of course I took the time to vote making sure that I cast my vote (Democratic ticket, because there was no credible alternative).

Barack Obama Lied About Religions

n Barack Obama's weekly address he spread lies about religions. He said, “But there is never any justification for violence. There is no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women.” This is a lie.

America, Seperate and Unequal

America was and for a long times is a two nations, separate and unequal. The US Supreme Court did rule in Brown vs. Board of Education that ‘separate” even if “equal” is unconstitutional.

Chicago’s First False Flag “Barack Attack”

Speculation continues to build that the Obama administration and its Israel Lobby handlers will use the 25th NATO Summit to carry out a false flag attack, and according to a recent Canada Free Press article, the Department of Homeland Security intends to strong-arm Americans soon.

Presidential Proclamation – Vietnam Veterans Day

On January 12, 1962, United States Army pilots lifted more than 1,000 South Vietnamese service members over jungle and underbrush to capture a National Liberation Front stronghold near Saigon.

Exclusive interview! Donald Rumsfeld Defends Predator Drones

I was lucky enough to catch up with Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense, at the Edward Teach Memorial Golf Course and Scuba Diving Facility outside of Kingston, Jamaica.

Zionist Bullets Shot Across Obama’s Bow?

Is the state of Israel threatening the life of the President of the United States?

Congress calls for ‘black’ covert ops against Iran

The US secret agenda for tightening its vice-like grip on the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken on an apparently new form after the anti-Iran alleged assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir, raised many eyebrows among experts and analysts around the world.

Bunkered Barack Obama Awaits World War

There are unsettling current events that make this presidential appearance in Denver seem like another command post exercise ready to go live for a false flag, world war or both.

Obama Is Tip Of Wall Street Iceberg

President Obama is in deep re-election trouble, for not only do the majority of Americans not trust the global elite and Wall Street but that mistrust also extends to Obama ~ whose re-election campaign pockets are lined with ongoing donations from his corporate base. In essence, American taxpayers are being ripped off by Wall Street and Obama is being paid off to look the other way.

It’s Time for President Obama to Clearly Define Himself

The nation is currently going through is a manufactured crisis. The GOP purposely dragged the country under the bus in order to justify attacking the programs put in place under the New Deal and later legislation.

Herman Cain: Black People Are Brainwashed? Please!

Most Black people have very little use for Black conservatives. It's not that we disagree with everything they say, but because we’re suspect of the reasons they're saying it.

Once Again Nader and West Team to Elect a Republican President

So Ralph Nader and Cornel West have teamed up yet again to sabotage the Democratic Party. They’re currently canvassing the country for Democratic opponents to challenge Obama in the primaries.

American People Being Flimflammed, Bamboozled, and Horswoggled by GOP

At the very outset I’d like to make an unequivocal assertion - entrusting our economy and the well being of the poor and middle class to the GOP is like entrusting the well being of a child to a convicted child molester.

Play the Barack BS Bingo game

Hate boring political speeches? Spice them up by playing BS Bingo! Missed Obama's Sep. 8th jobs speech? Be ready next time!

Mainstream Media, the Anti-War Hypocrites

Some question the lack of leftist anti-war activism seeking to end America's perpetual wars. They are right to ask why those activists are MIA now that Obama is leading the war charge. It's simple, really. They are mostly partisan hypocrites.

Dr. Cornel West and Intellectual Rice Cake

I thought I was done discussing the illustrious Dr. Cornel West, but he just won’t seem to go away. But that’s ok, because he’s serving a useful purpose. The Cornel West saga has served to open the eyes of many in the Black community to the petty, self-serving agenda of many of the so-called Black intellectuals, and none too soon.

A Manifesto for Revolutionary Emancipation

The record so far of the Barack Obama presidency demonstrates that the political culture, like the political economy of the United States, is in deep trouble.

A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother

A major publishing event: an unprecedented look into the life of the woman who most singularly shaped Barack Obama-his mother

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West: The Reign of Fools is Over

We should walk away from this moment with the clear understanding that Just because a person has letters behind their name, teach at a prestigious university, favor a garbled multi syllabic tongue, or host a television show, that doesn't mean that they have any more intelligence, or any more character than we do.

Does the West/Obama Controversy Constitute Blacks Airing Dirty Laundry?

The fact is, anyone who considers West's remarks toward President Obama merely an objective and scholarly critique of the political environment needs to go back and take a refresher course in both freshman English and forensics. The comments directed at President Obama by Cornel West was nothing short of a racist and petty personal tirade by a woefully presumptuous and undisciplined mind. His comments were not only less than constructive and nonspecific, but they were also saturated with unsubstantiated personal attacks against the president. They were, indeed, Palinesque in both nature and intent.

Prominent African American Academic, Woman, Victimized

The fact is, anyone who considers Dr. Cornel West’s remarks toward President Obama merely an objective and scholarly critique of the political environment needs to go back and take a refresher course in both freshman English and forensics. The comments directed at President Obama by Cornel West was nothing short of a racist and petty personal tirade by a woefully presumptuous and undisciplined mind.