CLAY DOUGLAS: The Murder of Jerry Kane


For the last twenty years I have been dealing with a Conundrum. What do you do when you are a law abiding citizen brought up to believe in truth justice and the American way and you come to realize that something is not right and the avenues to seek a redress of your grievances are not open to you or are rigged? Like when our laws, Congress and the courts are not there for YOUR protection?

I have been a pretty successful businessman most of my life. I lived on a canal in Miami, spent a lot of time out at sea in my Hatteras, fishing, and got my news from ABC, NBC and CNN and read the morning Miami Herald and believed I was intelligent, well informed and knowledgeable on world affairs.

Then I watched the incident at Waco as it developed and found myself becoming more frustrated on a daily basis. How could local law enforcement stand by and watch black-suited government troops attack a rural home of an established Christian church, living in peace with its neighbors for 50 years? Where were the Texas Rangers or the Sheriff? I heard the 911 recording of those parents inside begging for help! I saw the 50 caliber bullet holes in the ceiling of a living room filled with children. I watched as this home of 25 children went up in flames with troops surrounding it who made no move to help or rescue anyone inside, I vowed to my wife that I would never sit back and watch something like that happen again on television without trying to do something to help.

I helped start the Militia around the country with my Free American Magazine. And I began to experience the same kind of demonization that they used on too many others to name.

The attacks on me came from Abe Foxman’s Anti-Defamation League and Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center. (ADL & SPLC).  Although I had done nothing wrong, my involvement in advocating the formation of Militias protected and prescribed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights got me listed in their hate-filled diatribes with titles like “Armed and Dangerous” “False Patriots” and “Guide to Right Wing Extremists”. I called myself the “Canary in the Coal Mine” and warned people that if they were coming after me it was only a matter of time and they/you could be next.

I was not the first and won’t be the last. They did the same thing to Gordon Kahl and Randy Weaver.  In 2001 they killed my friend Bill Cooper. I believe the accident that ended my businesses and almost ended my life in 2004 were direct attacks on me. That story is told in its entirety in my book, “Mystery Babylon, The New World Order Unveiled”, written after successfully recovering from three months of drug induced coma . . . for 3 broken Ribs, but the ¾ million dollar hospital bills left me a pauper!

I did manage to restart the radio broadcasting. My guests have come from all over the world.

Now it seems that just being a guest on my show potentially puts you at risk in varying degrees. The people I interview may be controversial, but most are Patriotic, loyal Americans who love their Country, honor our Veterans and want to ensure their children grow up in a safe and free country.

Edgar Steele, Roger Christie, Donna Taylor and Donna Kane are the most recent examples.

Edgar Steele is on trial for his life, set up in an FBI sting by a scam artist who stole $50,000 dollars of silver, took $10,000 to the FBI and told them he was paid by Edgar to kill his wife.

Clay Douglas hosts an Edgar Steele Update with Cyndi Steele and her attorney, Wesley Hoyt.

Roger Christie started the THC Ministries in Hawaii. My son joined his “Church” while he was going to college in Hawaii. I had him my show and he allowed me to open the THC Ministries of Arizona as my blog. A few months later he was picked up by the FBI in Hawaii and held WITHOUT bail!

“The case boils down to the fact that the federal government took umbrage to Christie’s THC Ministry,” says Don Wirtshafter, an Ohio attorney and fellow marijuana activist. “His ministry was starting to get legs and people were starting to believe that cannabis could exist in this land of religious freedom.”

Wed. Dec. 8 Raymond William Christi from Cambodia Free Roger Christie

One of my scheduled guests was paid a visit by the FBI the night before he was to come on my show. They wanted to know why he was coming on my show. They told him they considered me a subversive!  Why does the FBI call Clay Subversive? Interview with  Ron Jackson

Donna Taylor was on my show talking about her son Mark, the first student shot at Columbine. She and Mark came through Arizona to meet me and on her way out Mark was taken to the emergency room and transferred, under fraudulent means, by Magellan Health Services, a “ leading, diversified specialty health care management organization.”

Thursday Evening March 3  Donna Taylor, COLUMBINE TRAGEDY COMPOUNDED : VT

Then, last year, a story hit the mainstream headlines about the murder of two police officers in West Memphis, Arkansas. A father and son were returning from a lecture in Las Vegas and were supposedly stopped in a drug interdiction operation in which the two officers were killed. A short distance away the two were gunned down by police. More bullets were fired at this father and son than were fired at Bonnie and Clyde!

Jerry Kane’s widow did not buy into the official explanation any more than Edgar Steele’s wife believed her loving husband hired a hit man to kill her. She launched her own investigation.

She told me, after appearing on my show that she believes, “This is a corrupt government targeting civilians who present a danger to their global scam. We will start with this police chief and see who he implicates”.. . if we can find some law enforcement that is NOT corrupt.

I believe this story is important. Following are Donna’s statements and her conversation with me. She is to be commended on her pursuit of the truth! If Eric Holder does NOT act on this information, it means that Jerry Kane’s murder was authorized and the cover up organized by the Justice Department and/or Homeland Security! Donna got angry at me for wanting to follow this angle all the way to the top. I responded to her in anger also and I would like to publicly extend my apologies for my rude comment. I was way past my bedtime and had another show to do that morning!

Around midnight Sunday Night, Donna Lee Kane called me to tell me, “I am giving Formal Notice & Demand for the US DOJ to criminally investigate this matter fully, based upon the info contained within this communication. The ‘Official’ main evidence in the Jerry and Joe Kane murder case of West Memphis, AR, May 20, 2010 is the recorded 911 eyewitness call, the ASP-Case Summary Report, the ASP Crime Laboratory Autopsy Reports & one engineered traffic stop dash cam, with no audio. There are glaring impossibilities within these four (4) ‘Official’ main pieces of evidence, also articles, audios and videos:

“Clay, you’re one of the few good guys left. If you want to help then please get it out as soon as possible, that’s what I’m freaking out about. This Chief said “If they want to come at us we’ll greet them the same way Brandon and Bill were greeted”, what does that tell you? Brandon and Bill were killed by Hispanics! This Chief is INCITING people to come after me, Clay! That’s why it’s so important to get some of the truth out as soon as humanly possible, Or I’m dead!” Donna Lee’s Complaint here:

Excerpt from her statement: “We have never disputed that two officers were killed. We have maintained all along that it was not the Kanes that killed the officers, that it was others. We couldn’t understand why, even when everything pointed to both the officers at the traffic stop and the Kanes both being killed, was slapped down as ridiculous. Then with sickening shock and horror, we realized why. If they admitted to the real scenario then that would make WMPD, CCSO, AR GAME & FISH, etc., guilty of Homicides. The wrong people were killed (and these rogue, vigilante cops would not admit that they cold bloodedly murdered the Kane’s so the effort has been to fabricate a connection to place the Kanes at an earlier place and time). Enter the faked dash cam that doesn’t match the eyewitness or Paudert’s accounts (with no audio whatsoever) comes into play.”  This needs to go viral! Donna’s life has been threatened by the Police Chief!

What raised the red flag for me was the involvement of Southern Poverty Law. This same organization is behind the set up of Edgar Steele and did their best to demonize me and Charles Collins, a Republican Presidential candidate in 1996 in their widely distributed “False Patriots. Now… The Southern Poverty Law Center has produced a video to educate police officers about domestic terrorists and cop killers. The 12:25 minute video focuses on the “sovereign citizen and is the most blatant example of demonization of Patriotic Americans Ever!

The Murder of Jerry and Joe Kane and the cover up by West Memphis Police Chief Paudert!

Monday April 25 Jerry Kane’s Murder

A look at the fatal outcome is here, in Donna Lee Kane’s Detailed Criminal Complaint to Attorney General Holder regarding the murder and cover up of her husband Jerry Kane and his son Joe, by the Chief of Police Paudert of West Memphis, who was working with the SPLC and about to be honored by Attorney General Eric Holder soon!

The police Version:.

According to the ASP Crime Lab Autopsy reports, Jerry and Joe Kane murders were a Double Homicide. Sole ‘Eyewitness’ Vincent Brown stated in his recorded 911 call ‘These guys just shot a cop.’ The dash cam shows a morbidly obese man, alleged to be Jerry Kane, clearly never with a weapon. **Either the Sole eyewitness is lying or the dash cam is faked. It is impossible for both to be true**

Chief Paudert, on May 26, 2010 Commercial Appeal video interview, said his officers Bill and Brandon “had them out and they were talking to them, Brandon on one side, Bill on the other, talking to them, when the guy in the back started shooting.” The dash cam never shows both of the Kanes out of the vehicle at the same time being talked to by Bill and Brandon. This describes a completely different scene with three (3) or more individuals, having nothing to do with the Kanes.  **Either Chief Paudert is lying or the dash cam is faked.**

According to the ASP Crime Laboratory autopsy report, the REAL Jerry Kane Jr., the one with the slightly obese abdomen, (not that obese actor that looked 12 months pregnant with breasts) had been shot below his thumb through the palm of his left hand. Jerry Kane, Jr. palm had to be facing toward Sheriff Busby and Wren in a defensive position, hands up in surrender mode, when Wren shot him. There were no calls for surrender from Busby and Wren. After Jerry Kane, Jr., held his hands up in a surrender mode, he was shot! Put down what weapons Chief? Are hands held up in surrender mode palms forward, now considered weapons? Jerry Kane, Jr. started to back his minivan away from the altercation, most likely horrified and very confused as to why his minivan had been cut off in the Walmart parking lot by an unmarked vehicle in the front of his minivan in the actions that a carjacker would utilize and why he was shot to begin with, with hands up, then the ‘Hero’ wildlife officer slammed his truck into the Kane’s minivan then proudly recited how he shot 30 rounds down at them. We have forensically analyzed the videos frame by frame and we also used FLIR technology. No shots came from the Kane’s minivan. However, many shots and shotgun loads were seen going into the Kane’s van. They were slaughtered with extreme prejudice because it was falsely believed they had killed Paudert and Evans at a prior stop. There were no calls for surrender. The Kanes had done nothing wrong to warrant surrender.

Chief Paudert grabbed his gun that day and said he was “Going to go down to the Wal-Mart and kill the suspects himself.” Who is the domestic terrorist here? No sense in letting petty things like facts or silly Due process of real Law (not Color of Law) get in the way.

Before he left, a SWAT officer came up to Chief Paudert and recounted how he had killed Jerry Kane. “I waited until he looked at me and then I blew his brains out” SWAT man said. Who is the domestic terrorist here? He didn’t say “I waited until he looked at me, asked him to surrender, he refused and then I blew his brains out.” Who is the Domestic Terrorist here?

Chief Paudert hugged and kissed the SWAT officer, telling him “Thank you,that is exactly what I would have done.” Who are the Domestic terrorists here? Again, no call for surrender ever came. Neither Jerry Kane nor Joe Kane raised a gun nor a rifle to anyone that day, nor any other day, EVER. Vigilante ‘justice’ is illegal and unlawful precisely because of horrific unimaginable injustices such as this. As printed in The Commercial Appeal article dated April 17, 2011 Chief Paudert goes around telling other officers that the Kanes were sovereign citizens, showing photos of their dead, bloody, bullet ridden corpses on a giant screen, calling them “scum and vomit”, no word is too vile to describe them. Chief Paudert warning officers and parading dead photos of an innocent man and an innocent child. Who is the Domestic Terrorist here? All in an obvious effort to be on the Offensive because he knows once he stops his vile lies, the cover up falls like a house of cards. He will be forever known as a murderer of innocents. This is his legacy.

Willfully, knowingly and deliberately attacks Sovereign citizens in concert with SPLC and ADL. Jerry Kane was not a Sovereign citizen. Jerry Kane said the term was ridiculous, like calling oneself a free slave.

The Commercial Appeal, April 17, 2011, article states the West Memphis Police                         Department keeps Jerry Kane’s Apostilled papers as ‘evidence.’  Within these papers, Jerry Kane, in his own   words, describes himself as a “National”, not a Sovereign citizen.

Jerry Kane and Joseph Kane specifically described themselves as Nationals.

Paudert says that people who consider themselves to be “Free” do not believe in any laws. To the contrary, Nationals absolutely hold themselves completely responsible if they harm people or property, in accordance with the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land!                                                What they do not agree with is the bizarre idea that a crime can be committed when there is no victim.

The Kanes were murdered after not even matching the description of the real Hispanic killers or the number of real suspect killers (3), despite reports of Hispanics/Mexicans running from the scene of the traffic shootings. Their vehicle did not match the vehicle description of the real killers with an ORANGE roof.

They were murdered even after the sole eyewitness told 911 no, to the killers having Ohio Tags! They were never at any traffic stop with Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans. This is the reason West Memphis Police produced one badly concocted video. West Memphis Police Department claims that neither police vehicle had audio recording and the backup patrol car had no dash cam.  Above all, the West Memphis Police Department did release a concocted video forty-one (41) days after the alleged traffic stop.

In the ASP-Case Summary report it states that when Brandon Paudert made the scene (as backup), he turned his dash cam off. Yet his patrol car lights were still flashing when the First Responders show up at the scene! A Sergeant turns off his dash cam when he makes a scene?    This is not credible as these men were “personally handpicked” by Chief Paudert.

In conclusion:

When it was found that the Kanes only had one (1) AK and one revolver, the officer down pages were altered to reflect same as above, except they stated the officers were killed with a long rifle and a handgun. When they were alerted to the fact that their newly revised version of events were now completely in conflict with the Sole eyewitness accounts, they changed it back to reflect the officers were killed with AK-47’s. They have constantly altered, lied, changed, rechanged, edited because the stories they put out at the beginning

Were all lies. Their statements describes completely different scenarios from both the traffic stop, 1st Responder and Walmart scene. APB out for three (3) Hispanics, orange roof. The videos are all faked. Every last one.

By the way, the real killers of Paudert and Evans, as well as the cops who committed the horrific police brutality Homicides on the Kanes are still at large. Is justice served in anybody’s minds other than Chief Paudert’s mind?

**We have syncd up the 911 call to the dash cam. It is impossible for the Kanes to be the killers** Donna Lee Wray-Kane  (727) 449-9419 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (727) 449-9419 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

*Express written Consent must be obtained prior to this Communication being distributed or printed*

[1:09:34 AM] Clayton Douglas: I think you have done a superb job. You should be able to get a half a dozen people that knew Jerry personally to add their statements that the person in the SPLC film and the “police” video WAS NOT Jerry Kane.  I will book you on a show in a week or so. Maybe you will get a response by then. You want me to put out an article on this to VT and on my site?

[1:10:53 AM] proveit88: Thank you Clay. I added one more thing:

[1:11:32 AM] Clayton Douglas: You need to give me this in writing as you stated above

[1:12:20 AM] proveit88: By the way, the real killers of Paudert and Evans, are still at large. The ongoing psychotic demonization, lies, false profiling and parading around innocent peoples death photos by public servants who purportedly swore to Protect and Defend the Constitution and people’s Rights, ends NOW. We demand a full Criminal Investigation!

[1:14:42 AM] Clayton Douglas: I think this is important…and it needs to be used now to show to what lengths SPLC will go to cover up their attacks on American Citizens. They are doing the same thing to Edgar Steele. His trial is going on now and they are not letting expert witnesses testify.

[1:15:06 AM] proveit88: I give you permission to post it (there it is in writing)

[1:15:23 AM] proveit88: We need to get this out far and wide

[1:15:25 AM] Clayton Douglas: Thank you.

[1:15:39 AM] proveit88: Fast and right now

[1:15:53 AM] proveit88: I’ll send it in a doc

[1:16:11 AM] Clayton Douglas: OK. I will start work on it in the morning

[1:17:35 AM] Clayton Douglas: And I just removed a guest to open a spot for you here:

[1:17:37 AM] Clayton Douglas: Tuesday May 3 Donna Lee Kane on the murder of her husband Jerry Kane

[1:18:12 AM] Clayton Douglas: Can you do it that day?

[1:20:29 AM] proveit88: I don’t know yet

[1:20:43 AM] proveit88: I won’t know either. I may be arrested

[1:27:00 AM] Clayton Douglas: For what? Demaniding justice?


[1:27:40 AM] proveit88: Don’t you know that is considered a Domestic Terrorist act nowadays?

[1:28:01 AM] Clayton Douglas: I was successful in getting Mark Taylor released after they held him for a year.

[1:28:19 AM] Clayton Douglas: I will put this story out.

[1:28:25 AM] proveit88: I am stressed and stretched to the breaking point

[1:28:54 AM] Clayton Douglas: With a few of my comments and observations on SPLC.

[1:29:33 AM] proveit88: Look at the last paragraph, I added in about the SPLC and ADL

[1:29:40 AM] proveit88: about them profiling AMERICANS

[1:30:14 AM] Clayton Douglas: Fits right in with what I have been planning to do. They have been trying to get the cops to kill me for years

[1:30:14 AM] proveit88: Crap, wait, have to change the thing I sent you

[1:37:41 AM] proveit88: Amazing, my pc crashed

[1:39:09 AM] Clayton Douglas: That kind of thing happens when you talk to me. I think I really frighten them. I have to get a couple more hours of sleep. I will check here in a few hours to download your altered text.

[1:40:07 AM] proveit88: Can you wait just a moment? I want to make sure it’s on yours as well. Just in case….

[1:40:26 AM] Clayton Douglas: OK

[1:42:17 AM] proveit88: While I’m doing this, can you tell me what you think are the 5 best points are in the Letter, from most important as #1 to #5

[1:43:31 AM] Clayton Douglas: I think they are all equally important. They show a consistency and deliberation and a pattern of deception

[1:43:56 AM] proveit88: Was there any that made you say OH SHIT?

[1:44:37 AM] Clayton Douglas: This is the New SPLC/Homeland Security Communistic style.

[1:46:17 AM] Clayton Douglas: This is just one case but it is important and if I handle it right Jerry Kane will be as much an American Icon as Gordon Kahl, Randy Weaver or the Branch Davidians. You have done a marevelous job of investigation.

[1:48:03 AM] Clayton Douglas: If you and others point out that the fat man on the police film is not Jerry Kane, then the rest of your narration of facts will resonate with the American people

[1:49:10 AM] Clayton Douglas: And you should be able to recognize your husband! A few more witnesses about that would be good.

[1:50:47 AM] Clayton Douglas: I will go over this many times in doing my next article.

[1:51:33 AM] Clayton Douglas: I have always thought of this as a war. You story proves my point

[1:52:45 AM] Clayton Douglas: Computer will be on. I have to grab a few winks. Been fighting with HempUSA in another window. They are trying to screw me over on their advertising.

[1:52:54 AM] *** proveit88 sent ERIC HOLDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION COMPLAINT.doc ***

[1:56:27 AM] proveit88: Isn’t it strange how the SPLC is the biggest Hate group out there, yet they keep track of Hate groups? Isn’t it strange how the Anti Defamation League goes around Defaming everybody all the time?

[1:57:09 AM] Clayton Douglas: You are a very talented lady. This is an excellent piece of investigative reporting.

[1:57:51 AM] proveit88: Thank you Clay, for that. I have spent thousands of hours going through everything, over and over, comparing, analyzing

[1:57:55 AM] Clayton Douglas: The attorney working with Steele’s wife and Donna Taylor says they ARE the Hate Group.

[1:58:04 AM] proveit88: Yes they are.

[1:58:23 AM] proveit88: I will be attacked for writing this Demand for an investigation.

[1:58:31 AM] *** Call to proveit88, duration 09:18. ***

[2:11:52 AM] Clayton Douglas: I will not alter your account in one iota.

[2:12:12 AM] Clayton Douglas: I will present it as you wrote it.

[2:12:48 AM] Clayton Douglas: But getting mad at me and hanging up on me is not the way to handle someone like me.

[2:13:07 AM] proveit88: You’re not the one with a lynch mob coming for you in the AM

[2:13:27 AM] proveit88: I’m not mad, I am stressed and stretched to the breaking point

[2:13:35 AM] Clayton Douglas: That’s right and I am not one of the lynch mob

[2:13:47 AM] proveit88: I just saw Jerry and Joe’s autopsy reports yesterday for the first time

[2:13:59 AM] Clayton Douglas: Send me a copy

[2:14:18 AM] proveit88: I just saw Jerry’s body due to that pig of a Chief parading their dead photos around to his conferences

[2:14:29 AM] proveit88:  I AM FURIOUS

[2:14:36 AM] Clayton Douglas: Do you have an attorney?

[2:14:48 AM] proveit88: I don’t need an attorney, no

[2:15:05 AM] proveit88: I wouldn’t have one of those scum for a trillion dollars

[2:15:23 AM] proveit88: Attorneys are the bulk of the problem

[2:15:26 AM] Clayton Douglas: Is the body you saw anything close to the man in the police video?

[2:15:51 AM] proveit88: I couldn’t tell, they blew Jerry’s head off. 3 shotgun blasts to his head.

[2:16:01 AM] Clayton Douglas: Maybe they shot them so many times to hide any discrepancies

[2:16:37 AM] proveit88: I know you wouldn’t alter anything I wrote, that’s not what I’m freaking out about

[2:16:59 AM] Clayton Douglas: I am on your side. I have enough hostility from everyone else

[2:17:03 AM] proveit88: Today is the day that the Pig chief gets his Discovery I sent, he’s going to go BALLISTIC

[2:17:27 AM] Clayton Douglas: I don’t need that from someone I am trying to help

[2:17:57 AM] Clayton Douglas: You need as much publicity as you can get.

[2:18:30 AM] Clayton Douglas: But no one ever tells me how to do my job. I have been doing this a long time.

[2:18:32 AM] proveit88: I know Clay, you’re one of the few good guys left. If you want to help then please get it out as soon as possible, that’s what I’m freaking out about.

[2:19:06 AM] proveit88: This Chief said “If they want to come at us we’ll greet them the same way Brandon and Bill were greeted”, what does that tell you?

[2:19:10 AM] Clayton Douglas: I agree with that. You know how many people I talk to at 2:00 in the morning?

[2:19:49 AM] proveit88: Brandon and Bill weren’t greeted with a lawsuit, Brandon and Bill were killed by Hispanics

[2:20:00 AM] proveit88: This Chief is INCITING people to come after me Clay

[2:20:10 AM] Clayton Douglas: The Chief will hang himself with that kind of words.

[2:20:25 AM] proveit88: That’s why it’s so important to get some of the truth out as soon as humanly possible

[2:20:29 AM] proveit88: Or I’m dead

[2:20:31 AM] Clayton Douglas: That is why you have to trust me on the articles

[2:20:45 AM] Clayton Douglas: I will get it out.

[2:21:15 AM] proveit88: I’ll send you $100 if you get it out in the next hour.

[2:21:34 AM] Clayton Douglas: OK

[2:21:38 AM] proveit88: lol

[2:21:56 AM] proveit88: 400,000 circulation for real?

[2:22:26 AM] Clayton Douglas: For real. But I cannot do that at 2:00 in the AM. It has to go to editors

[2:23:01 AM] proveit88: ahhhhhh sorry, I was thinking it was something you could post yourself.

[2:23:15 AM] proveit88: Pesky editors

[2:23:26 AM] Clayton Douglas: The Editor of Veterans today has been on my show twice and I have to structure a story around your brief.

[2:23:50 AM] Clayton Douglas: I can post it in the morning but I have a very limited e-mail list.

[2:24:30 AM] Clayton Douglas: I can make it part of my regular updates on my show but to get it out to major outlets will talk a little work and a few days

[2:24:51 AM] proveit88: I should just start faxing it to the newspapers

[2:25:04 AM] Clayton Douglas: Yes

[2:25:10 AM] proveit88: If they want to run it they’ll have to get my express permission in writing

[2:25:22 AM] Clayton Douglas: Make them pay for it.

[2:25:32 AM] Clayton Douglas: Here

[2:25:36 AM] proveit88: I could but I won’t

[2:25:39 AM] proveit88: do that

[2:25:58 AM] proveit88: I’d be accused of being a gold digger   lol

[2:26:34 AM] Clayton Douglas: You are going to be accused of a lot of things. Be very careful who you allow to get near to you

[2:26:41 AM] proveit88: With all the facts I have listed, it’s going to put Chief Paudert and the SPLC on front line damage control

[2:27:16 AM] Clayton Douglas: The man that set Edgar up for his murder for hire was an FBI informant and ADL operative.

[2:27:32 AM] proveit88: And if they continue falsely profiling me AFTER this complaint is put out, it will be very self-evident what they are

[2:27:47 AM] proveit88: SPLC better take all trace of Jerry and Joe off their site

[2:27:59 AM] Clayton Douglas: ADL/SPLC Abe Foxman/Morris Dees, slimiest people on Earth

[2:28:05 AM] proveit88: Nobody gets close to me

[2:28:13 AM] proveit88: I don’t accept visitors

[2:28:17 AM] Clayton Douglas: Good

[2:28:31 AM] Clayton Douglas: Let me know who tries

[2:28:34 AM] proveit88: I have situated myself where I don’t even need to leave my house for anything, and I mean anything

[2:28:42 AM] Clayton Douglas: Someone will try

[2:28:59 AM] proveit88: Ok. This will be very interesting to see who then.

[2:29:13 AM] proveit88: The FBI didn’t even get in my house

[2:29:48 AM] proveit88: I doubt anyone will try if skype can be unscrambled   lol

[2:30:10 AM] Clayton Douglas: I will start work on this in a few hours.

[2:30:52 AM] proveit88: They might not even accept it if they have a load of other things in line to go out

[2:31:21 AM] Clayton Douglas: And I will broach the subject and challenge other talk show hosts to carry this on my show tomorrow

[2:31:25 AM] Clayton Douglas: Or today

[2:31:49 AM] proveit88: Shoot, we can just send it out and see who calls

[2:32:08 AM] proveit88: Ask everyone we send it to, to send it everywhere they can

[2:32:29 AM] Clayton Douglas: That is what I intend to do

[2:32:57 AM] proveit88: Question:  If you were Chief Paudert and you read my Complaint, would you still be setting up Conferences to show dead photos of Jerry and Joe and call them Sovereign citizens?

[2:33:11 AM] Clayton Douglas: No

[2:33:35 AM] Clayton Douglas: This is a great example of “Demonization”

[2:33:51 AM] proveit88: ahhhhhh

[2:34:00 AM] proveit88: He has SO been on the Offense with this

[2:34:49 AM] Clayton Douglas: Yes. His job. The potential for advancement in his career. That is why he is talking to Holder

[2:34:59 AM] proveit88: Are you freaking serious?

[2:35:08 AM] Clayton Douglas: Yes

[2:35:15 AM] proveit88: Well, there goes that

[2:35:28 AM] Clayton Douglas: They are all in on this together

[2:35:39 AM] Clayton Douglas: Holder is not going to be on your side

[2:36:11 AM] proveit88: Holder won’t be able to avoid getting this. Surely he wouldn’t STILL keep the invitation for Chief to go to DC to talk to his ‘Domestic Terrorism Coordinator”

[2:36:28 AM] Clayton Douglas: But we can hold Holder accountable.

[2:36:37 AM] Clayton Douglas: Yes he will Donna

[2:36:58 AM] Clayton Douglas: They have to back the Chief. They put him up to it

[2:37:11 AM] proveit88: You know what runs downhill

[2:37:14 AM] Clayton Douglas: Jerry was a threat to the banksters.

[2:37:31 AM] Clayton Douglas: They control the FBI and CIA.

[2:37:39 AM] Clayton Douglas: We are their enemy.

[2:37:42 AM] proveit88: You said if you were Chief you wouldn’t do the Conferences any more

[2:37:51 AM] Clayton Douglas: And they are not Americans.

[2:38:00 AM] proveit88: I don’t think the Chief would still go to DC, he would look like an idiot

[2:38:06 AM] proveit88: Going on false pretenses

[2:38:17 AM] Clayton Douglas: If I was the Chief, Jerry would be alive

[2:38:18 AM] proveit88: Now made public

[2:38:51 AM] Clayton Douglas: Look what happened at Waco and the spin they put on 17 little children

[2:39:07 AM] Clayton Douglas: 85 people murdered

[2:39:26 AM] Clayton Douglas: Was anyone held accountable?

[2:39:51 AM] proveit88: A little podunk redneck chief of a tiny town of 28,000 is not important to them

[2:40:13 AM] Clayton Douglas: The chief did not plan Jerry and Joe’s murder.

[2:40:20 AM] Clayton Douglas: They used him

[2:40:26 AM] Clayton Douglas: used him

[2:40:28 AM] proveit88: I don’t give a shit who planned it, they carried it out

[2:41:11 AM] proveit88: ‘I was just following orders’ didn’t cut it at the Nuremburg trials. It was not the Order, it was the carrying out of the orders that made it happen.

[2:41:40 AM] Clayton Douglas: The Jews rigged Nuremburg

[2:41:53 AM] Clayton Douglas: Jews like Foxman and Dees

[2:42:40 AM] proveit88: A lot of real jews died, not the zionist fake ones.

[2:42:59 AM] proveit88: It looked like the zionist fakes wanted the real ones done away with.

[2:43:21 AM] Clayton Douglas: Yes. They do not hesitate to sacrifice the people they hide behind

[2:43:24 AM] proveit88: I never heard of Foxman. Dees is a Zionist I think

[2:43:39 AM] Clayton Douglas: Abe Foxman is the head of the ADL

[2:43:52 AM] Clayton Douglas: ADL/SPLC same thing

[2:44:22 AM] Clayton Douglas: Civilian arms of the Mossad. Mossad/CIA bankster/Zionist controlled

[2:44:36 AM] proveit88: I can’t think of the ADL guy who was on a video that said “People need to realize that the government has the ultimate control over their lives.”

[2:44:53 AM] proveit88: People were like WTF????? KMA you stupid B*stard    lol

[2:45:15 AM] proveit88: That right there, woke up a lot of people.

[2:45:20 AM] Clayton Douglas: America was created so WE would have control over the government

[2:46:24 AM] Clayton Douglas: WE were given a REPUBLIC…if we can keep it! Benjamin Franklin

[2:46:54 AM] Clayton Douglas: What was Jerry doing that was such a threat?

[2:47:22 AM] Clayton Douglas: Because someone wanted him dead.

[2:47:50 AM] Clayton Douglas: The cops on the street were fed bogus info.

[2:48:05 AM] proveit88: In the last month, he was advocating that we all own each other. For example, me and Jerry own you. You and Jerry own me. You and me own Jerry. He said that way they couldn’t lien us and shit.

[2:48:46 AM] Clayton Douglas: The chief would not have staged all this on his own. He had to be aware and following orders.

[2:49:16 AM] proveit88: *Also, 2 days before they were killed, the state trooper received the lawsuit Jerry was suing him on. From the Carrizozo New Mexico stop

[2:49:41 AM] Clayton Douglas: That wasn’t Sam Houston was it?

[2:49:47 AM] proveit88: Yep

[2:49:51 AM] proveit88: Sam Houston

[2:50:05 AM] Clayton Douglas: He is the state cop in NM that stopped me

[2:50:31 AM] Clayton Douglas: Got a copy of that?

[2:50:31 AM] proveit88: He lives in White Hills? White something or other (White Oaks, NM)

[2:50:46 AM] proveit88: Of what?

[2:51:03 AM] proveit88: Ticket, Complaint, Certified green card?

[2:51:34 AM] proveit88: His wife Gwen signed the Certified green card accepting the Criminal complaint on May 18, 2010

[2:52:02 AM] proveit88: That prick said Jerry was concealing his identity, lying fucker

[2:52:04 AM] Clayton Douglas: Yeah. A little Ghost town north of Carrizozo

[2:52:45 AM] proveit88: Jerry immediately handed him his A-1 priority Notice, officially Apostilled from the Secretary of the State of Ohio. His name is all over it, about 50 times!

[2:53:06 AM] proveit88: Then Jerry gave him his drivers license

[2:53:12 AM] proveit88: Did he give you a ticket?

[2:53:36 AM] Clayton Douglas: Yeah. For not putting my foot down at a red light

[2:53:47 AM] proveit88: foot down?

[2:53:50 AM] Clayton Douglas: I knew the Judge and beat it.

[2:53:58 AM] Clayton Douglas: On my bike.

[2:54:15 AM] proveit88: On a bicycle?

[2:54:20 AM] Clayton Douglas: Harley

[2:54:37 AM] proveit88: Were you balancing on it?   lol

[2:54:45 AM] Clayton Douglas: Yeah

[2:54:49 AM] proveit88: lmao

[2:55:02 AM] proveit88: Get a ticket because you have mad skills, right

[2:55:15 AM] Clayton Douglas: I can come to a complete stop without putting my foot down

[2:55:16 AM] proveit88: You have good balance, here’s your ticket

[2:55:28 AM] proveit88: Who was the injured party?

[2:55:32 AM] Clayton Douglas: Told me I smelled of alcohol

[2:56:00 AM] Clayton Douglas: I said, “I should. Just had a drink at that bar there in Carrizozo

[2:56:06 AM] proveit88: smelled of alcohol but could balance on a bike without putting your foot down…I see.

[2:56:18 AM] proveit88: lmao

[2:56:20 AM] Clayton Douglas: Made me do the stupid human tricks

[2:56:36 AM] proveit88: But you already did the balance trick on the bike

[2:56:44 AM] proveit88: Best road test I ever heard of

[2:57:10 AM] Clayton Douglas: Got a copy of that lawsuit?

[2:57:15 AM] proveit88: I’d sue his ass off for making you perform like a monkey when you had already clearly shown you were not inebriated.

[2:57:41 AM] Clayton Douglas: Interesting that both Jerry and I got stopped by the same guy

[2:57:49 AM] proveit88: Yes. Very.

[2:57:57 AM] proveit88: When were you stopped?

[2:58:08 AM] Clayton Douglas: 8 years ago

[2:58:30 AM] proveit88: Good old boy network

[2:58:32 AM] Clayton Douglas: No

[2:58:42 AM] Clayton Douglas: Make that 4 years

[2:59:50 AM] Clayton Douglas: Night.

[2:59:56 AM] proveit88: Clay, there’s no way they can weasel out of this Complaint, it’s their own evidence that conflicts with their own other evidence

[3:01:16 AM] proveit88: Night and sweet dreams. I should lay down too, I’m so freaking stressed out and I don’t want to have a stroke or a heart attack. Also, the 1 year anniversary is coming up too, and seeing the autopsy reports and Jerry’s body, it’s just horrific and I am dying inside even more.

[6:28:45 AM] Clayton Douglas: Rest. Take care of yourself

[6:38:52 AM] proveit88: I’m still up, no rest.

[6:39:02 AM] proveit88: I have the final version, this is killer. I’ll send to you in a few

[7:17:22 PM] proveit88: Took me all day just to finish this Homicide complaint

[7:17:43 PM] proveit88: I only had a one hour nap since we spoke

[7:18:46 PM] Clayton Douglas: I just finished a show and I will update everything early in the morning. Looks good. When this breaks in VT we  will see some action.

[7:19:20 PM] Clayton Douglas: I will write it so it will go into mainstream. Police Corruption

[7:19:36 PM] proveit88: This goes beyond police corruption

[7:19:48 PM] proveit88: This is premeditated murder

[7:20:08 PM] Clayton Douglas: You’ve done most of the work on this one. You will get a lot of the credit and credibility.

[7:20:48 PM] Clayton Douglas: How do we figure out WHO put him up to it? Who was tracking Jerry?

[7:20:51 PM] proveit88: The chief got on the radio that the suspects were cornered duh, stopped is more like it. He could have told his men to bring in the suspects. What does this fucker do? He grabs his pistol and says he planned to kill the suspects himself

[7:21:23 PM] proveit88: Thank you Clay. Jerry and Joe would have done no less for any of us.

[7:21:46 PM] proveit88: I am not concerned with who put who up to it. I am concerned who actually did the deeds.

[7:22:36 PM] Clayton Douglas: And you have made your point well. But I want to know why!

[7:22:55 PM] proveit88: It won’t change anything. I want these fuckers to FRY

[7:23:08 PM] proveit88: Who knows, maybe some will sing like canary’s

[7:23:21 PM] Clayton Douglas: And I want to follow it all the way to the top. And the top is the man you just sent this too.

[7:23:50 PM] Clayton Douglas: They will sing.

[7:26:41 PM] Clayton Douglas: They did the same thing to Gordon Kahl, Randy Weaver, Bill Cooper, Edgar Steele, Donna Taylor and me, in varying degrees. This is a corrupt government targeting civilians who present a danger to their global scam. We will start with this police chief and see who he implicates..if we can find some law enforcement that is NOT corrupt.

[7:27:10 PM] Clayton Douglas: The Conundrum!

Monday April 25 Jerry Kane’s Murder

A look at the fatal outcome is here, in Donna Lee Kane’s Detailed Criminal Complaint to Attorney General Holder regarding the murder and cover up of her husband Jerry Kane and his son Joe, by the Chief of Police Paudert of West Memphis, who was working with the SPLC and about to be honored by Attorney General Eric Holder soon!

Excerpt from a 1956 speech, “GEORGE WASHINGTON’S SURRENDER” by Senator Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957.) 

“At the turn of the twentieth century there appeared the Scofield Bible with a Jewish interpretation of the prophecies. With wide use of this “helpful” aid, all the American churches have silently become synagogues. We now have Baptist Jews, Methodist Jews, Church of God Jews, apostate Catholic Jews, and many Protestant Jews throughout America. We are aliens in our own country because of false religion. All are praying for divine deliverance into that “Divine Government” which Cornwallis knew to be the British Empire.

Cornwallis: “Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.”

Earlier in 1903 – Cyrus I. Scofield (commissioned by Rothschild Zionist Banking Dynasty, Jewish pretending to be Christian) revised the King James version of Bible by inserting pro-Zionist notes in the margins, between verses and chapters and on the bottom of the pages. It was published by Jewish publishing house, the Oxford Press under the name Scofield Reference Bible, which gave Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians ‘the divine’ right to expel 700,000 Muslim and Christian Palestinians in order to make space for the unwanted Jews in Europe.

History, we know, is written by the conquerors. There can be no remaining doubt about Jewish power in the western world today. Jewish leaders are the scripters of history and Christians are silent and cowed, submitting Gospels and traditions to Jewish scissors as if they mean nothing………”

Thanks, C….  I think that this is extremely important because my impression is that the Scofield Bible is responsible for leading many Christians into misunderstandings that have caused them to make disastrous alliances and allegiances.






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