Ghost Troop: The Art of Info-War


Preface: Strong and gratifying interest in Ghost Troop, the mostly unreported cybercavalry unit, can only be adequately answered by a reprint of the bold interview published by the lion of Texas newspapers, The Lone Star Iconoclast. It is without alteration except for an endnote and personal note from CFR geostrategist, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Dr. Steve Pieczenik, whom broadcaster Alex Jones credits with creating Infowars psychological operations.

Originally from Monday, August 14, 2006  by W. Leon Smith, Iconoclast Publisher

An Interview With Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop CO; and Kay Lucas, Director, Crawford Peace House

A martial arts expert, Captain May illustrates some moves with his fighting staff. — Iconoclast Photo By W. Leon Smith

CRAWFORD — What began as a unique way to acknowledge and honor the fallen soldiers in the Battle of Baghdad has evolved into an independent military movement aimed at fighting governmental propaganda — a/k/a info-war. Commanded by Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop consists of current and past high-level military professionals who claim expertise at reading governmental strategies and predicting what will happen next.

Cracking embedded codes plays a significant role, says Captain May, as does utilizing a highly sophisticated network of intelligence operatives and analyzing events that perhaps have a hidden agenda.

Last week, politics were heavy in Crawford — President Bush was at his Prairie Chapel ranch concerned with what many have suggested are the first phases of World War III — perhaps even the Apocalypse — with battles raging between Lebanon and Israel, while, nearer to Crawford, new McLennan County property owner Cindy Sheehan was, with the construction of Camp Casey III, beginning a sequel to last August’s 26-day vigil that ended with an unsuccessful quest to talk with Bush and learn first-hand “what noble cause” her son, Casey, died for in Iraq in 2004.

During a blistering 104-degree afternoon, The Crawford Peace House was like Grand Central Station, with peace proponents coming and going, planning events for the week, and working out the details, as loads of coal made their way down the nearby railroad tracks.

Iconoclast publisher W. Leon Smith spent about two hours on the lawn of The Peace House, learning about Ghost Troop’s uncanny success in its predictions, the history of the troop, and how it operates. He interviewed Captain May and Kay Lucas, who is in charge of the day-to-day operations of The Peace House.

Lucas, a charter member of The Peace House, pointed out, prior to the interview session, that she was speaking as an individual and not necessarily on behalf of The Peace House. She said, “I’m 63, I’m a grandmother. The reason I got involved in this is because I’m concerned about my granddaughters. I live near Moody, out in the country. I’ve lived here 5½ years. I moved here from Nevada in 2000. My husband wanted to come back to Texas.”

She says she is originally from the Texas Gulf Coast, having grown up “down there in the petro-chemical swamp.”

She has a varied background, from horticulture to journalism to graphic design.

“I’ve been a mule tender and all kinds of things,” she added.

Captain May is a military man from top to bottom, and a most irregular addition to the Peace House, although his Crawford credentials go back to 2003, when he and Kay Lucas met.

A martial artist as well as an intellectual, Captain May whiles away spare moments in the shade of a garden by effortlessly spinning a fighting staff like an airplane propeller. He is a former Texas state champion with the weapon. His hands are calloused from knuckle push-ups and brick-breaking exercises.

Born in Houston, he was a high-school leader at Smiley High School before he began his Army service under President Carter. All-American with attitude, he served as school president, editor of the school paper, and chairman of the Honors Society.

“The Army was my Harvard and my Yale,” he says, “and there’s little I’ve done since my first enlistment that hasn’t come from what I learned there.”

The interview:


ICONOCLAST: How was Ghost Troop organized and what is your background relating to the info-war theater of battle?

CAPT. MAY: April 4th, 2003, Friday night. I’d just finished teaching a Tai-Kwon-Do class. I’m a black belt. I teach.

When I came back, it was early Saturday morning, April 5th in Baghdad, and I was watching the CNN war. We had just surrounded Baghdad.

The Battle of Baghdad started that night when the 3/7 Cavalry was engaged by Iraqi forces at the Baghdad airport. I immediately knew they had covered up. There are 20 different indicators I put on the introduction of my website of why I knew it was being covered up, all of which I picked up as you would in your own area expertise if you knew something was being covered up. The biggest clue was Jessica Lynch. The media covered up the biggest U.S. battle in decades by contriving a human interest story. The Jessica Lynch story lasted until the Army had taken Baghdad and they were ready to pull down the statue of Saddam. It was a total propaganda job.

For the next two weeks I started taking up collections for these boys who had died taking Baghdad for Bush. Everybody acknowledged that we had taken Baghdad. Everybody knew that Baghdad had fallen. So I went out to the students at the University of Houston Honors College, where I had gone to college, and took up a collection for those taking Baghdad.

I discovered in 40 hours of taking up collections that they had given me $20 — these were those pampered kids in Houston. And to them, there was no Battle of Baghdad at all – since it wasn’t reported – let alone a tragedy of the 3/7 Cavalry. The media washed any thought of an Iraqi attack at the Baghdad airport away by saying that it was all a pack of lies told by “Baghdad Bob,” then shifted us to Jessica Lynch. No U.S. deaths were acknowledged, and I realize that that had been the propaganda objective. We weren’t functioning like a republic any more.

So I took a thousand mile bike ride to Ft. Stewart to confirm the battle. When I got there, after three weeks of riding, Ft. Stewart officials told me that there was a cover up, and then I knew that the Constitution was in the tank. This was a big war, they explained to me. They were going to control what we see, feel, and do, in that order, and if anybody got out of line they’d get whacked. That’s what they told me very early on. So I came home to think it over. When July of 2003 came around, national leaders looked like they were starting to get tired of this war. Bush had us in another Vietnam. Everybody who was informed could see that by the summer of 2003. That’s when they started getting desperate, doing the heavy-handed tactics in Iraq, because they were losing control.

I didn’t have a clue about 911 then, just that propaganda was reigning and vital information affecting the conduct of the war was not reaching the public, and that is illegal according to what I had been taught as a public affairs officer. I decided I had to act, and had to have some way of explaining that I was doing this out of a military sense of duty.

I figured that since my background was as a captain, I’d be a unit commander and would take up the 3/7 Cavalry since they had been wiped out and covered up. There were six troops – military units – in the 3/7 Cavalry: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot. I decided to form a seventh troop, made up of all the ghosts who died in the 3/7th Cavalry at Baghdad Airport, who weren’t receiving Christian honor or recognition who died doing their duty for their country.

So that became Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cavalry. After a while it became apparent that we would operate via the Internet to wage informational warfare for our country, so we later became Ghost Troop 3/7 Cyber-Cavalry.

ICONOCLAST: What about the “info” part of that? Do you have experience in the military?

CAPT. MAY: I went into the military in 1977 as a boy soldier, and became a boy scholar by learning a lot about politics and history in the Army. This was right down the road from Crawford at Ft. Hood, where I was with the 1st Cavalry Division for three years – which is where I got this 1st Cavalry belt buckle that I’ve worn since forming Ghost Troop to honor the covered up dead of the 3/7 Cavalry. I was chemical corps in that first of my military tours, so I have nuclear-bio chemical warfare expertise. I entered the University of Houston in 1980, where I received a first-rate classics education studying Latin and Greek classics. I was commissioned in 1983 and after graduation in 1985, I began a career in military intelligence, with a special background in Russian. After that, I worked five years with opposing forces scenarios doing high level war-games, exercises like you’re hearing about all over the country nowadays.

After my active duty military intelligence years, I started programs in Latin, Russian and Greek at a Houston Catholic school, Mount Carmel High, and received some public recognition. I was teacher of the year in 1991. Editors began to ask for and publish my education essays. This opened new doors for me, and I started publishing regular op-eds for the Houston Post and Houston Chronicle. My reserve unit sent me to public affairs school, and I became the division’s public affairs officer. After my Army and teaching days ended in the 1990s, I became an NBC editorial writer for a couple of years for Houston’s KPRC, as well as a ghost writer for some of the top political and industry leaders. I did a bit of writing for Ken Lay, and then there’s George W. Bush, since I interviewed with Karen Hughes, his media director, to become his speech writer back in 1996, when he was governor of Texas.

So info-war for me was simply a matter of understanding that all the powers of information and propaganda that I learned in years of information and intelligence specialties had been pulled into one coherent force for evil, to deceive the American people. The dark side had taken over.

Whereas I was a WMD expert, I discovered that WMD was a contrivance to justify war.

Whereas I was an intelligence expert, I discovered that bad intelligence had been adopted as if it were good intelligence just because it was a good mask for a bad war plan.

And whereas I was a public affairs expert, I discovered that public affairs had become psychological operations, not seeking to inform but to mislead the public.

So we weren’t involved in the doctrinal purpose of public affairs, which is giving correct information to the sovereign American people. We were involved in psychological operations intended to distort reality to break the will of an enemy population – which just happened to be the American people! So every level of my background allowed me to see just how deeply engaged that the Bush Administration had become in distorting the war and manipulating the people.

ICONOCLAST: What do you see as the importance of Ghost Troop?

CAPT. MAY: At our core, we have stood for the dignity of dead men’s souls, and maintained the honor of a dishonored Army. We stood for the honor of our nation when the nation was shitting on its own graves by denying its war dead. That’s really where it starts. Kay (Lucas) remembers seeing me here, at the Peace House, for the first time. I came to Crawford when Bush was in town back in August of 2003, and sat there at the burger joint with a protest sign about Baghdad, one man in my dress blues. I just wanted to see if they would kill me for trying to blow the whistle on the Battle of Baghdad cover up, because I was so mad at them. I figured it was dangerous, since Bush was in Crawford for his summer break then, as he is now, and the Bush administration has a reputation for being Mafioso. But I was so angry that I didn’t care. I didn’t get bushwhacked – all I got was a criminal trespass citation and a threat of jail. Kay and some of the other Peace House folks were afraid that my luck might not hold, so she made me leave town after a couple of days.

The only thing that kept me going, for the whole first year of the info-war, was outrage — outrage at what they had done to cover up the people who died at Baghdad and then to shut up their families, their widows and orphans back in the United States.

So the first mission of Ghost Troop was simply to defend the honor of the military and the honor of the country which had betrayed its pact of honor to the military.

The second mission is even bigger: exposing the 911 cabal, which a lot of people do as well as we do, probably better than we do. There’s an energized 911 Truth community that is getting the word out that we were set up by a treasonous war plan that culminated in the attacks of five years ago.

Our third mission is our most important – and is our specialty – 911-2B. Simply put, 911-2B is our mission code for predicting where the next 911 is going “to be” (therefore, 911-2B). After all, the corporate media tells us constantly that another 911 is going “to be,” it’s not a matter of if it’s going “to be,” but when it’s going “to be!”

If you want to know where Ghost Troop has become important, it’s because Ghost Troop learned how to fight info-war with BOBCUP – the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up – and all our experience paid off with 911-2B. My claim is simple, and Kay can tell you if it’s true or not. Sir, if Ghost Troop had not been working Mission 911-2B, World War III would have started by now.

Captain Eric May and Kay Lucas chat during an interview with The Iconoclast. — Iconoclast Photo By W. Leon Smith

LUCAS: I think you are probably right, although I think World War III has started or they are trying to start it. When he first came here, I could see that he was totally outraged, brimming over with anger and rage. I was just in awe of his intelligence and like I told him then, we are a mission of peace and it’s totally opposite of anything military. Military minds, to me, have been programmed to kill. That’s their sole purpose, to kill. And so that is not what we’re about. But I could see the potential that he was so outraged at his government that there was a possibility, at some point, that, hopefully, that peace was the only security. You cannot stop violence with violence, it just does not work. We’ve had too many wiser men and teachers, women too, than me to tell about it, and it’s just obvious to me.

CAPT. MAY: That’s a perennial debate in Ghost Troop.

LUCAS: And that’s been our perennial debate.

CAPT. MAY: I’m info-war and she is peace. But she is a Ghost Troop sergeant, and has been since I brought Ghost Troop to Crawford three years ago.

LUCAS: I understand about information, and I understand about manipulating and controlling it.

CAPT. MAY: You know this, if we hadn’t run the Ghost Troop mission, they would have popped 911-2B for sure.

LUCAS: But the thing is, is that what you are doing is saving lives, not taking lives, but using the tactics of the military, especially the information part of the military. To me it’s a wonderful use of taking that program and using it in a peaceful way.

CAPT. MAY: So 911-2B is undoubtedly our most important mission. Ghost Troop is the only coherent force in America directly putting itself between the Bush league and the 911-2B event. We’re defending the public just as surely as — do you remember Leonidas and the Spartans at the pass of Thermopylae? Do you know what Ghost Troop’s job is? To be the Spartans. There are 300 Ghost Troops just like there were 300 Spartans, and our job is simply to plug up that place, Thermopylae — that place that is so narrow that they have to get through there. 911-2B is our modern-day Thermopylae They have to come through us to get America. It’s that simple. They have to come through us. We work to prevent them, and God knows, with the number of people who are connected to Ghost Troop or are trying to get into Ghost Troop, we must be onto something.

ICONOCLAST: How do the activities and itineraries of Ghost Troop differ from those of other groups, such as Cindy Sheehan’s and those of the Crawford Peace House? Are yours and theirs simply different pieces of a larger puzzle or are they part of the same pieces?

CAPT. MAY: I would say that they are a larger category, more acceptable to the public.

The largest circle, of the concentric puzzle, is going to be the peace movement, like Cindy Sheehan who travels around and enhances the broad popular sentiment that has already developed against the war. A smaller circle is the anti-war movement, which becomes a more focused attack on the war. I think Cindy is still part of that. I think the Crawford Peace House is really peace/anti-war. Ever since I came to Camp Casey back when Cindy Sheehan left it for a while back in August, 2005, I’ve had a secret guilt about the place. Casey Sheehan was killed on April 4, 2004, a year after I picked up the Battle of Baghdad cover up. I imagine he and his comrades didn’t have a clue that the Iraqi Resistance might be more intense on the anniversary of that battle, because the Army was covering up reality even from the field commanders. If his commanders had been told that there was an anniversary date coming up, they would have been looking out better, and Casey might still be alive. Had Ghost Troop been able to do its mission of exposing that cover up better, he might have lived. It’s the kind of thinking that troubles anyone who has made decisions that affect lives, me included.

Within the peace circle and the antiwar circle there’s a smaller circle still, and that’s those who are waging info-war. Bush administration supporters call us a fifth column, although they prefer to avoid talking about us altogether. Infowarriors are rare, but you’ll find a few of us out here, in places like Crawford and Camp Casey. We’re people who are absolutely hip to 911 and we start with that. We are aware that there’s a war to get the truth out, and that the job of the Bush media is to suppress that truth, not help it along. Ghost Troop is the spearhead unit of the infowar, just like the 3/7 Cavalry was the spearhead unit for the attack on Iraq. Ours is a professionals’ war, an information aficionado’s war. We work with each other through the Internet. We’re like long-range reconnaissance patrols, each of us with a computer instead of a radio.

You know, when I named Ghost Troop “cyber-cavalry” that designation shaped our infowar tactics in the same way that the designation of “air cavalry” shaped the way that cavalry fought in Vietnam. Any cavalry unit’s job is two things: scouting and raids. Ghost Troop is constantly scouting by staying connected to this network of listening outposts called computers, manned by our people or our info-war allies, providing us with key information. They serve the same purpose in this pending world war that ham radio operators served in the last world war, or that telegraph operators served in the world war before that. When we’re in our scouting mode, we stay in touch with each other, exchange intelligence and analyze phenomena. Once we’ve detected something dangerous to the American people, we go into our raiding mode – which in our case means we initiate a public relations blitz with e-mails, articles and interviews to alert the American people to dangers.

In our scouting capacity, we’re a military intelligence unit; in our raiding capacity, we’re a public affairs unit. Those are my two Army officer specialties, and I’ve made them our two unit specialties – another case of falling back on my military training. We very much use military concepts. Ghost Troop is an organized info-war force. It’s a citizens’ militia comprised of dedicated activists, and led by professional leaders. We’ve got officers all the way across Ghost Troop, an Air Force captain from the Korean conflict, a Marine Corps captain who was a 911 witness, a sergeant major who flew air cavalry missions in Vietnam, to name just a few. We have many members who took an oath to defend America against domestic enemies who are living up to their oath by serving with us, including active duty military and police. We even have religious ministers. We’re an unusual anti-war group!

LUCAS: The Crawford Peace House is mainly about learning how to discover that peace is possible, since we’ve all been programmed to believe that war is inevitable, and that it’s always been and always will be. We don’t really believe that. I don’t personally believe that myself. I believe that once mankind’s consciousness opens up enough to believe that peace is possible, that people will want it so badly that nothing will stop it. And there will come a time when enough people who want that, that it will just happen. It can’t be stopped. It’s an energy thing. When it gets out there enough that enough people believe that this is possible and they want it so badly, then it will happen. Our leaders will not be able to have war unless they want to have their own wars between the leaders. If they want to fight, let them fight with each other.

ICONOCLAST: With Ghost Troop informants throughout the world, how is information distilled as credible?

CAPT. MAY: We have three years of experience that has been proved correct, so our work pretty much stands for itself nowadays. We have a reputation in our community for integrity. We’re never working an angle; we’re never pushing an agenda. We’re after the truth, pure and simple. It’s our job to give timely intelligence to our commanders – the American people. Everybody working in the current information system to deceive the American people hates us – and there is no greater mark of integrity than to be detested by them. There’s no one who works with us, there’s no one who likes us. Well, almost no one. For the most part we have no official government or media connections, and that gives us balance and integrity. We can occasionally be wrong, but we can never be crooked. If something is wrong, it doesn’t stay wrong for long. We constantly refine and perfect our process. We’ve been doing info-war a long time. Essentially, I started my info-war the day the troops got to Baghdad. But at this point, like every soldier in every war in history, I’ve gotten better and better with every day of operations, and so has Ghost Troop.

Ghost Troop couldn’t have done what it does now, at first. But now, we’ve gotten to the point that we are sure of our intelligence product because of our collection of top experts in Ghost Troop. It comes down to the integrity of the individuals who make up the inner cell of Ghost Troop, and there are others who are willing to jump into the front line if need be. We have several Ghost Troop members who are experts in their fields. Right now there are 200 people in the actual operational unit and about 150 in our various inquests.

Ghost Troup is really an analytic group. As a trained intelligence officer I serve as the chief analyst. As a trained public affairs officer I serve as the unit spokesman. What I put out is the distilled intelligence product of many Ghost Troops. They send me the reports and sometimes I do a little back-and-forth with them. They keep me informed,and I polish my ideas and Ghost Troop analysis with top experts in the field, sometimes across many countries and several continents.

Ghost Troop takes no money. I make no money, and, basically have lost all I had fighting the info-war. With something like Ghost Troop, once you start taking money, you no longer have intellectual integrity.

ICONOCLAST: Your published reports have indicated that behind-the-scenes strategies by various agencies of governments often utilize a code, such as with dates, that is based on numerics and that Ghost Troop has been able to dissect and identify many of these codes, which provides an ability to predict possibilities and probabilities of future problems based to a degree on information that some members of the mainstream media are putting out, either in written or broadcast format. Do you feel that there is a marriage of these elements?

CAPT. MAY: I am a conspiracy theorist, period, since my theory is that there has been a conspiracy to lead us to what I call a quicksand war in the Middle East. Virtually anything I read from anywhere nowadays says that there has been a conspiracy to lead us to, and keep us in, a disastrous war. To say that there has not been a conspiracy is to be a Bush apologist and nothing more. Clearly, there has been a conspiracy.

What we analyze is the “embedded code.” That’s our word for it, and its use is one of the key features of the war conspiracy that did 911 and put us in the quicksand of Iraq. The Bush administration is made up secret society members – Illuminati, mostly – who use a secret code such as those used by all secret societies. Sometimes its mere verbal trickery. For instance, the pending world war that they cleverly said was a “global war” is a perfect example of a subtle code. When they said “global war” they meant “world war,” and they all knew to decode the obscure phrase in their minds – but the American people didn’t. Had they told us that their global war was a code-name for a world war, we would have immediately impeached them! In reality, this is a millennial war by secret societies. They do use a code and it does tie their conspiracy together. They signal by the public means, which is called media. But media is really, in the Ghost Troop model, merely a part of the propaganda apparatus. When it named itself “embedded” before the Iraq war, it was really sending a coded acknowledgement that it would be embedded with code. The phrase “embedded media” simply means “coded media” to insiders. It’s the same in the pending world war as it was in the last world war, with broadcast and print carrying hidden messages and the public not knowing it.

ICONOCLAST: Is there more than one type of code?

CAPT. MAY: Yeah. The one we like to follow is numeric, but there is certainly an idiographic, or ideas code. Incidentally, this area in the military intelligence code is called cryptanalysis, from the words crypto in Greek, meaning secret, and analysis, meaning examination. The key thing for us is that we very seldom start with a code when we are predicting future events. We usually start with geopolitics and current events. The code is a thing that, if it falls into place, greatly enhances the scenario, There are often numeric confirmations of our predictions, and that strengthens them.

ICONOCLAST: Are these secret groups sitting there saying, “Okay, we have to match this event to a code to be able to go through with it?”

CAPT. MAY: There are natural cycles with the code. For instance, the Illuminati are freaks for master numbers, 11, 22, and 33. There’s a cycle that leads up to certain pivotal dates, like the most recent for us was 8-8, which was a really 8-8-8 since the year numbers of 2006 add up to a hidden 8. People say “it couldn’t be true,” but they’re not remembering that coding has already been proven true. Last year it was the 7-7 London bombings, which were really 7-7-7, since the year numbers add up to 7. It’s obvious that someone – whether you think it’s the government as we do or al Qaeda as the government wants you to – is using number/date codes. The coded event that opened my eyes was the Madrid bombing of 3/11/2004. Lots of military intelligence folks picked up on the “coincidences” of Madrid. The first was that 9/11 and 3/11 are “harmonics” of the same numbers, with the 11’s matching and the 9 and 3 being the square and square root of each other. The second was that there were exactly 911 days between the two events! The odds against that kind of “coincidence” are astronomical, and most of the other “terror” events carry the same coding. In addition to the 9/11 and 3/11 attacks, we had a 7/7 London attack in 2005 and a 7/11 Mumbai attack a year later. The two events could be numerically represented as “77” and 7 x 11 (which equals 77). We’ve even had a 9/11 backwards with the 11/9 bombing of Amman, Jordan in 2005. The embedded code runs through all these events, and the media occasionally mentions that there seems to be some kind of “al Qaeda code,” although they never investigate that code, as it would lead back to the Bush administration.

Their use of these codes allows them to time what they are going to do, and coordinate the people who are going to do it. They are not random codes. There are only so many permutations that are going to carry the kind of numeric signal they want. And to them, I very much think they consider those sacred days, holy days, good luck days, whatever kind of day.

LUCAS: Power days.

CAPT. MAY: Yes. Power days. It means that everybody who’s in on it, from the accountant at the bank, to the cop on the beat, all the way to the people calling the shots out at the Pentagon in D.C., all of them share in common that they are days of importance for great projects that are central to the New World Order. And then they use psychological manipulation to make it happen.

LUCAS: There was a famous philosopher who said that this is the very first thing that would start happening, and that people’s minds would be manipulated and we would not even know it, not even be aware of it. That’s what Madison Avenue is about. To sell products, it’s to manipulate the mind. It stands to reason, so why in the world wouldn’t someone use it? It’s the corporate structure.

CAPT. MAY: We call it breaking the embedded code. The Madrid bombings, when it turned out there are 911 days between 9/11 and 3/11. That’s when we started to break the code. That’s when we did the first Texas City mission, with the premise that the administration would turn to the Houston Metro area, which they control utterly, for the 911-2B attack. Kay, you remember when we broke the code, and we said there would be a Houston petro-chemical attack on 3/31/2004. It turned out to be Texas City, 3/30/2004, and British Petroleum exploded, driving gasoline prices to the highest levels in history. At that point we didn’t know we had broken an elaborate code. We figured we had just run a single mission where the numbers added up. We didn’t realize there was an ongoing code. At this point 2½ years further along the road? Shucks, I don’t even have to prove there’s a code anymore, do I — 7/11, 3/11, 9/11, 7/7. The code is an unmistakable feature.

Every facet of mind control that can be exerted through the mass media is exerted by the mass media. The code is what simply came to me first, since I had Latin, and Greek, Russian, Spanish, a bit of Korean, and grew up talking Ebonics in a black high school — I have a real high language IQ — in fact, I used to have the highest language IQ in the Army, or did when I took the IQ test, scoring 156 out of 160, the equivalent of a 1560 SAT test. To me, the code is just language. I taught four or five different grammars, I know four or five different vocabularies, I know idioms — code is a number language.

ICONOCLAST: By exposing elements such as possible terror dates and pointing out activities in the works based on your own Intel, do you think shining a light helps to scramble or delay some of the plans?

CAPT. MAY: (to Kay Lucas) How many times do you think we have prevented the 911-2B attack?

LUCAS: I think it’s been done, I surely do. Some might call me crazy, some of the people around here that don’t subscribe to any of this, and that’s their choice, but as far as I’m concerned, I do believe that. The more light you shine on something, the less darkness there will be.

CAPT. MAY: You see, Kay’s been in on every interdiction we’ve done, and we count eight of them at present – and hope to expose what’s happening so we won’t have to interdict any more.

ICONOCLAST: How would you define a false flag?

CAPT. MAY: “False flag” goes right along with “going live” as two key terms for our work. All the terror being done to further the war is being done under cover of military exercises. That goes back to the 9/11 event, which has been the most documented. The first term to make clear is what it means when an exercise “goes live.” An exercise goes live when the scenario that it is rehearsing suddenly occurs and the people involved in the exercise react to it by doing what they were training to do in the exercise. A “false flag” is simply when you carry out an attack and blame it on somebody else to lead your country to war against them.

LUCAS: Which has been done numerous times by various countries.

ICONOCLAST: You have said that you already have informants imbedded in various governmental and corporate entities. Are you seeking to expand upon these?

CAPT. MAY: At all times. Ghost Troop is a patriotic group and it’s the duty of everybody who can help to meet up with us. We receive, we don’t recruit. Our work is our recruiting poster, and motivated people are constantly seeking out and joining us. Some of the most prominent people in the 911 Truth Movement, for example, are Ghost Troops. We had a U.S. ambassador in the unit as chaplain for the first three years.

ICONOCLAST: What advice would you give to the general public when they are watching details of the latest terror threat on TV or when they read about it in newspapers? Should they accept what is being said, or should they look upon it with cynicism?

CAPT. MAY: The latter. Cynicism at all times. In times when we are dealing with a dictatorship set up by a 9/11 false flag attack, healthy skepticism has failed. You need cynicism. To show you how cynical I mean, when we who are informed have talk about al Qaeda, ever since the first year, we say Al-CIA-Duh. Anyone who doesn’t understand that much is still playing in the minor leagues and doesn’t understand info-war.

LUCAS: The CIA created Osama bin Laden. Our government has been implicated in so many of those operations using foreign or other branches of the government in other places in the world to instigate operations that can be used to justify wars or attacks. I would say to anybody, any authority figure that’s using fear to control or manipulate you. Anytime that fear is used, start questioning it. When someone is trying to scare me, it’s like saying the boogey man is going to get you if you go out in your yard when you are a little kid, it’s a way to manipulate. Healthy respect of snakes, for instance — it’s healthy to respect them for what they are and who they are and what they can do. But when you fear something, you lose all of your facilities of reason, because fear just blanks out the mind to common sense.

CAPT. MAY: Anytime there’s a terror report or terror incident now, I automatically suppose it’s the government trying to manipulate us into hating Muslims. How many times has it happened that the Bush people get put up against the wall by their mistakes and abuses, then some kind of al Qaeda boogeyman pops up out of the box? When people say, “That’s kind of cynical,” I can only tell you that if we had had that kind of cynicism years ago, our nation would be far better off today. Times may finally be changing, though, since apparently, co-chairmen of the 911 commission, Hamilton and Kean, have had a bit of cynicism affecting them. They’ve just published a book saying that 911 happened since we were too closely linked to Israel, and that military officers who reported the Pennsylvania Flight 93 details to them were covering up and lying in unison. Their cynicism would be labeled “conspiracy theory” if they weren’t the very men leading the 911 Commission. Given the current manipulated media, cynicism is simply objectivity, and conspiracy theory is just open-mindedness.

LUCAS: When the government lies to you one time after another after another, it becomes crucial that cynicism get mixed in with looking at what’s happening in the news.

CAPT. MAY: It’s our national character. The thing that’s amazing to Ghost Troop is that we sometimes are accused of being traitors or disloyal, when we are all risking our lives by being loyal to the fundamental principles of America. There’s nothing we are really saying that would have seemed radical to Thomas Paine. The idea that government could seek to carry out crimes against its own citizens to achieve self-motivated results is an old one. America started with the belief that the government was dangerous for just that reason. The thing that people who committed treason against us by doing 911 have forgotten – and I think to their own peril – is that the foundational document of America is not a malleable Constitution at all. The foundational document of America is a Declaration.

LUCAS: The Declaration of Independence.

CAPT. MAY: If they want to knock down the walls of the Constitution, they do so at their own peril, sir, because the Declaration is the bedrock of America. Trying to have tyranny over the American citizens is like herding cats, not herding cattle. It’s going to backfire. It has to backfire. I’m quoting a radical, Thomas Jefferson, to support that idea. It is inevitable. This is a grand cycle that has come about. It’s come to the point now that it’s going to engage the grand sentiments of American democracy. Right now, through the 911 treason, American democracy is at war with the American oligarchy. In fact, given that you have a guy named George who inherited the job from his father, you might say American democracy is at war with American monarchy.

LUCAS: They are related.

CAPT. MAY: We have a dual monarchy. They’re tying to set up a dynastic rule. What are they trying to do? Uh, Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton? I mean, (laughs) it goes right up there with John Kerry and George Bush being Skull and Bones cult brothers when they went into the 2004 elections, and Daddy Bush being a Skull and Bones cult brother before that. Their secret connections are becoming apparent, even though the media is purposely downplaying or omitting them.

ICONOCLAST: How would you sum up your involvement in Ghost Troop.

Captain Eric H. May, Commanding Officer, Ghost Troop — Iconoclast Photo By W. Leon Smith

CAPT. MAY: Ghost Troop members look at it this way. It’s a mission of conscience. You do it because you have to do it, not because you want to do it. I’ve tried to get out of the mission, but couldn’t. My wife and I have both been death-threatened, repeatedly, because of the mission. After Bush was returned to power in the 2004 elections, I went to a Jesuit priest, with whom I counseled for months, trying to find a reason to escape the mission. I found to my surprise, though, that he believed I should stay with it, no matter what it cost me. Still, I dropped out of the info-war for six months, then only returned after the London 7/7 bombings made it obvious to me that there would soon be another attack against the U.S., and I had to dedicate myself and my unit, Ghost Troop, to stopping it. The Jesuits baptized me after I made that decision, figuring that I might not come out of the mission alive. Like anyone who has ever taken a mission, though, I’ve learned not to think about it too much. Still, I keep the emergency baptismal certificate framed as a sign of where things have gone with our country. It’s a sad time when telling the truth is risking your life.

+ + +

Endnote, Friday the 13th, 5/13/11:

Six weeks after the interview, Captain May was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He is now a quadriplegic on a ventilator, who writes and speaks through an eye commanded computer. In 2010 W. Leon Smith published an editorial calling for Congress to award him the Medal of Honor; within the year  he would be the victim of an assassination attempt. The two became and remain close friends. Kay Lucas, though in failing health, is still both a Ghost Trooper and a peace activist.

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