How NATO Killed Qaddafi Family Members


Anatomy of a Murder: How Many Times Must a Parent Bury a Child?


by Cynthia McKinney


Well, in the case of Muammar Qaddafi it’s not only twice: once for his daughter, murdered by the United States bombing on his home in 1986, and again on 30 April 2011 when his youngest son, Saif al Arab, but yet again for three young children, grandbabies of Muammar Qaddafi killed along with Saif at the family home.

Now, I watched Cindy Sheehan as she bared her soul before us in her grief; I cried when Cindy cried. Now, how must Qaddafi and his wife feel? And the people of Libya, parents of all the nation’s children gone too soon. I don’t even want to imagine.

All my mother could say in astonishment was, “They killed the babies, they killed his grandbabies.”

The news reports, however, didn’t last more than one half of a news cycle because on 1 May, at a hastily assembled press conference, President Obama announced the murder of Osama bin Laden.

Well, I haven’t forgotten my empathy for Cindy Sheehan; I haven’t forgotten my concern for the children of Iraq that Madeleine Albright said were OK to kill by U.S. sanctions if U.S. geopolitical goals were achieved. I care about the children of Palestine who throw stones at Israeli soldiers and get laser-guided bullets to their brains in return. I care about the people of North Africa and West Asia who are ready to risk their lives for freedom. In fact, I care about all of the children — from Appalachia to the Cancer Alley, from New York City to San Diego, and everywhere in-between.



On 22 May 2011, I had the opportunity to visit the residence of the Qaddafi family, bombed to smithereens by NATO. For a leader, the house seemed small in comparison, say, to the former Clinton family home in Chappaqua or the Obama family home. It was a small whitewashed suburban type house in a typical residential area in metropolitan Tripoli. It was surrounded by dozens of other family homes.

I spoke with a neighbor who described how three separate smart bombs hit the home and exploded, another one not exploding. According to the BBC, the NATO military operations chief stated that a “command and control center” had been hit. That is a lie. As anyone who visits the home can see, this home had nothing to do with NATO’s war. The strike against this home had everything to do with NATO adopting a policy of targeted assassination and extra-judicial killing — clearly illegal.

The neighbor said he found Saif Al-Arab in his bedroom underneath rubble; the three young grandchildren were in a different room and they were shredded to pieces. He told of how he picked up as many pieces as he possibly could. He told us that there are still pieces there that he could not get. He asked us to note the smell — not the putrid smell of rotting flesh, but a sweet smell. I did smell it and thought there was an air freshener nearby. It smelled to me of roses. He asked me why this was done and who was going to hold NATO accountable.

Muammar Qaddafi was at the house. But he was outside near where the animals are kept. It is a miracle that he survived. From the looks of that house and the small guest house beside it, the strike was a complete success if the goal was to totally and thoroughly demolish the structure and everything inside it.

NATO wants us to believe that toys, items and clothing, an opened Holy Koran, and a soccer board game are the appointments found in military command and control offices. I wonder if we could find such articles in NATO’s office in Brussels.

The opened Holy Koran seemed to be frozen in time. In fact, there was a clock dangling from its cord — dangling in space. And indeed, for the four young people in that house at the time of NATO’s attack, time had stopped.

The concussion from the bombs were so great that eerie tile on the walls and floors of the home had been knocked from the walls. Black burn marks scorched the walls. The force broke a marble or granite countertop. The bathtub was literally split into two parts. Shards of the bomb were everywhere. I wondered if the place was now contaminated with depleted uranium.

Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

The Qaddafi home is a crime scene — a murder scene. The United States prisons are full of men and women who are innocent — even on death row. I wonder where the guilty who are never prosecuted go.

Now, if the International Court of Justice were really a repository of justice, it would be investigating this crime. Instead, it is looking for yet another African to prosecute. We in the United States are familiar with this: on our local news every night, we are saturated with photos of Black and Brown criminals with the implication being that White people don’t commit crime. The moment the face of someone arrested is not shown, then we know that the culprit is White. It’s the unwritten code that we people of color all live by wherever in the world we might happen to be. Global apartheid is alive and well and exists on many levels.

I left the house sick in my heart. As I was about to depart, the neighbor begged me, asked me over and over again, why had this happened? What had they done to deserve this? He seemed to not want me to leave. Honestly, I think I was his little piece of America, his little piece of President Obama and I could help him to understand why this course of action was necessary from my President’s point of view. He said NATO should just leave them alone and let them sort out their problems on their own.

I did leave his presence, but that man’s face will never leave me.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. warned, “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

In response to my previous article, I received the following quite about Buddha from Shiva Shankar who excerpted Walpola Rahula’s What The Buddha Taught:

… The Buddha not only taught non-violence and peace, but he even went to the field of battle itself and intervened personally, and prevented war, as in the case of the dispute between the Sakyas and the Koliyas, who were prepared to fight over the question of the waters of the Rohini. And his words once prevented King Ajatasattu from attacking the kingdom of the Vajjis. …

… Here is a lesson for the world today. The ruler of an empire publicly turning his back on war and violence and embraced the message of peace and non-violence. There is no historical evidence to show that any neighbouring king took advantage of Asoka’s piety to attack him militarily, or that there was any revolt or rebellion within his empire during his lifetime. On the contrary there was peace throughout the land, and even countries outside his empire seem to have accepted his benign leadership. …

Please don’t allow special interest press and war mongering gatekeepers of the left to blot out the tragedy unfolding in Libya. Please don’t allow them to take away our chance to live in peace throughout our land and with countries inside and outside our hemisphere. Congress should vote to end NATO’s action in Libya and barring that should assert its Constitutional prerogatives and require the President to come to it for authorization of this war. And then, Congress should heed the wisdom of the people of our country who are against this war and vote for peace.

Source: Dissident Voice

Cynthia McKinney was a presidential candidate for the Green Party in the 2008 election. Read other articles by Cynthia, or visit Cynthia’s website.


  1. So you believe that his daughter was killed in 1986? I can send you her recent photo if you want. The same lie again in 2011. Where is the body of Saif alarab? Why did not the morning father attend his son fake cermony (without a body)? If Gaddafi wants to save lives, it is easy he can leave Libya and stop the blood shed? But guess what; he liked it. Please give us our money back that Gaddafi gave to you to support him. We will get our money back from you as we get our freedom back from Gaddafi. Tell your Gaddafi to do a DNA test to prove that he is Libyan. I challenge him to do. You might be a good writer but you are a fake person. WAIT FOR US, THE GRANDSON OF OMER ALMOKHTAR.

  2. Article => “As anyone who visits the home can see, this home had nothing to do with NATO’s war. The strike against this home had everything to do with NATO adopting a policy of targeted assassination and extra-judicial killing — clearly illegal.”

    T.V. => You’re absolutely right on. And it was immediately covered up by the MSM OBummer lovers. The King Judge will NOT forget this at the time of the murderers’ passings.

  3. Cynthia,

    Please…..explain to me and the rest of the world how President Obama can pursue Qaddafi, and at the same time protect the number (1) International War Criminal wanted globally. You know who I’m talking about, the man who changed our government, took our freedoms away, to protect himself against war crimes. And all for oil monies.

    How can a country pursue one, and protect another. How can one man destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of people and not be brought into court? He took your freedoms away, to protect his crimes. It’s that simple.

    Explain this to the world?

  4. So true OS.

    Cynthia has an uncanny sense of the value of human life in the eyes of God, and the magnitude of the crime of taking it wantonly from innocents and children.

    And, the Empire, with all of its Black Knights, its voodoo-modern magical witchcraft and high tech death-devices, missed its primary target because he was out back feeding his camel or his crocodile.

  5. I’ve never been so ashamed to be an “American”…I don’t know how to get rid of the filthy Jew-inspired stench.

    Our rulers are nothing but a Ted Bundy or a Jeffrey Dahmer in a suit. In fact our rulers are actually worse than that. Words fail me.

    That such wicked, mentally and morally defective, filthy scumbags can so easily rise to the very top, and find themselves at the levers of power of the most powerful military force the world has ever seen, is, to me, terrifying beyond words.

    Think about that for a second: THE VERY WORST OF THE WORST RISE TO THE VERY TOP. In other words, we have “people”, who, if they answered the pre-employment questionnaire honestly, would likely be deemed unfit to push carts at Walmart, yet they somehow rise to a position of such political power that their moral depravity threatens to end the world as we know it. Moreover, the benighted masses don’t see it. And to the extent the do see it, they don’t want to see it and they ignore it. This situation we find ourselves in is nothing short of supernatural, IMO. It’s demonic.

    And as time passes and our madmen wax worse and worse, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for a reasonable, morally competent person to even live here. Let’s face it, they’ve already long ago purged the important ranks of government of anyone with any semblance of a conscience. No one with any kind of decent character can be allowed in ANY position of authority anywhere. And the purge will have to continue to the next level, and then the next level beyond that. Ultimately they will allow no dissent from anyone. That is simply the nature of evil. It is all-consuming and invariably self-destructive.

  6. When children become insignificant in pursuits of people, you have to ask yourself, who are the bad persons? We should be helping children around the world, not murdering them?

    Why is US involved in this activity?

    Some good people will risk their lives to save young ones, while others would murder them in cold blood to achieve objectives.

    There is no right and wrong, it’s all wrong………

  7. Cynthia McKinney’s analysis cuts to the core of many important developments where the cabal of organized criminals in charge of the world’s preeminent war machine now flaunt their capacity to evade all accountability for their killing sprees. The ICC seems to be replicating on the global stage the US system of disproportionately criminalizing Africans and those of African ancestry while protecting those in the guilded ghettos of monied privilege.

    The murder of the Gaddafi family serves to remind us, say, of the death sentence paced in Washington and Brussels on Congo’s Patrice Lumumba and the corresponding propping up of Mobutu with the help of White mercenaries from Rhodesia and South Africa. Che was in Congo with a Cuban unit to try to counter this regression. Che and the government that backed him understood the importance of Africa in the struggle for human liberation thoughout the world.

    The Tahrir Square Global Freedom movement is now well launched and the historic quest of Cynthia McKinney to globalize the struggles of, for instance, Toussaint L’Overture, Tecumseh, W.E.B. Du Bois, Nkrumah, Fanon, MLK, Martin, Leonard Peltier, and Bobby Kennedy keeps alive the spirit of the movement to throw off the chains of the empire of capital that enslaves many even as it concentrates huge wealth and privilege in a tiny minority that are effectively above the law.

  8. Thanks Cynthia for your words and perspective on the continued bombing of Libya by Nato and the U.S. ‘Perpetual War’, everywhere….that is the ‘modus operandi’ of the Imperial Elite who now control the United State Government, as seen by the sickening, bowing down to the 911 criminal Netanyahu in a joint session of the Congress. The truth will hopefully set us free to stand against the ongoing tyranny of war. Best Wishes for Peace and Justice! Doug

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