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Top Ten Reasons To Vote in American Presidential Elections

There are many reasons to vote. Here are the top ten.

Zionist Bullets Shot Across Obama’s Bow?

Is the state of Israel threatening the life of the President of the United States?

Libyan New Mass Grave and the Cynthia McKinney International Brigade

Many friends have been killed, just because they did not like Gaddafi.

Video: Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War (Gordon Duff and...

My thanks to Heretic Productions for their effort. The piece itself, was never intended for wide audience.

VT Was Right – Again

Kucinich chief of staff Vic Edgerton would not confirm or deny that Kucinich did in fact have a conversation with a Qaddafi official

Cynthia McKinney: Gaddafi’s Useful Idiot

While Muammar Gaddafi grows ever more desperate as he loses key military support, former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is shamelessly serving as a propagandist for the Libyan tyrant’s regime.

McKinney, Farrakhan Said to be on Gaddafi’s “Pad”

What exactly is your motive? A charitable explanation is that you are just completely naïve to Gaddafi’s atrocities. Another reason is that you might support Gaddafi for ideological reasons, like Chavez or Castro. Or, worst case scenario, you could just be another tool on Gaddafi’s payroll. Whatever the case may be, we are extremely disheartened.

CIA Treachery in Texas

What more can be said about the performance last week in the Capitol Building by the agents appointed by Israel to represent the interests of Israel in our Congress? It was by everyone’s reaction a remarkable performance.

How NATO Killed Qaddafi Family Members

How many times must a parent bury a child? I had the opportunity to visit the residence of the Qaddafi family, bombed to smithereens by NATO. For a leader, the house seemed small in comparison, say, to the former Clinton family home in Chappaqua or the Obama family home.

George Krasnow: A Tribute to American Patriot:In Memory of Joe...

On February 23, 2011, Joe Sobran, a prominent American journalist, syndicated columnist, and writer, would have turned 65. He did not live to see this day. He died on September 30, 2010. Below is my eulogy that originally appeared on the site of FGF last November.