The Reason for Revolution


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By Bruce Campbell


I’ve been a hard-core revolutionary since 1983, since writing a militia-starting book. Not that there was anything revolutionary about the militia, since that body was originally designed to give support to law enforcement to put down super-lawlessness. And without the old militia, George Washington would not have been able to defeat the English, as he reluctantly admitted. He preferred the march-or-die army over some guys who might split if the fighting didn’t make sense. The way generals tend to spend lives, it usually doesn’t.

The more I learned about the militia the less I liked it. The militia was an enemy of freedom during the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania as well as Shays’ Rebellion in Massachusetts. Alexander Hamilton instigated the Whiskey Rebellion in typical Federalist fashion by putting a tax on booze, of all things. George Washington and his stinking Federalists exploited Shays’ Rebellion to overthrow the Articles of Confederation and form a federal empire under the Constitution.

I only used the word “militia” because of the abuse of it by judges in the disarmament and imprisonment of American gun owners, thanks to the terrible and contradictory wording of the 2nd Amendment, which has served to confuse and misdirect us since 1791. It has done this by tying gun carrying with membership in a pretty much non-existent militia. By 1903, the “organized militia” was merged with the army under its new name, the National Guard. But that didn’t stop crooked judges from wondering how on earth this revolver could be part of a well-regulated militia? And sending its owner to prison.

In 1918, the Supreme Court said that it was okay to draft militiamen and send them to kill and be killed overseas. I became a revolutionary when I read about that.

What I was really trying to do with the new militia movement was to start a revolution against both the federal government and the private government by tying gun ownership with a hatred of those two forms of control that have robbed us of our freedom, many of our lives, our treasure and almost all of our common sense.

But, in the ‘80s and ‘90s, this was not to be. Americans hadn’t learned sufficiently to hate the official and private governments. The vast majority of Americans couldn’t see the problem, which didn’t get really obvious until the meltdown of 2008, with the financial collapse and the bailout of the billionaires. Then it started getting obvious. Still, no Egyptian moment.

What will it take to get to our Egyptian moment? I think I have the answer.

Now, as this is being written, a couple of nuclear power plants located on the overflowing Missouri River in Nebraska are at risk of going Fukushima. One of these, the Cooper Nuclear Station, is the same as the Fukushima reactor. The Fort Calhoun reactor is a pressurized water type rather than a boiling water type and it has likely already begun to self-destruct from the rising flood waters and fires in the switch gear room.

I’m not saying that we’re going to start hanging our CFR aristocrats over a couple of carcinogenic meltdowns, though it would be sufficient cause. The nuclear power industry was foisted on us by the same folks who dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who exploded hundreds of nukes in the atmosphere and in the ocean for twenty-five years. They conned us into believing that nuclear power was clean and safe and it did seem that way until the equipment started wearing out.

But what we didn’t know was the price paid by the guys who brought the uranium out of the ground, mostly American Indians in the Southwest who didn’t know how deadly the stuff was because the federal government didn’t tell them. The feds didn’t tell them because they wanted to make bombs. Then they wanted to make power. The ends justify the means with these guys. Eventually there was so much depleted uranium waste at the power plants that the feds decided to make bullets and artillery rounds of it, for penetrating power due to its density. The real reason was that there was no other lucrative way to dispose of it.

The effects of depleted uranium dust on humans are so catastrophic that it was the perfect excuse for a revolution against the warlords of Washington.

Still, if nukes make the lights go on and the AC blow cold, that was good enough for Americans, until maybe a couple of months ago. The Germans, the Swiss and the Italians have seen the light and decided to shut down their nuclear reactors. The Japanese, nuked three times in sixty-six years, will probably do the same, if they live that long. But that’s not going to make us into revolutionaries.

There’s something else.

All these people in Europe running around and getting tear-gassed and beat up are doing it because their money’s shot. Their treacherous governments decided to abandon their francs and lira and pesos and marks and drachmas and all go in on a common currency called the Euro, issued by the privately-owned European Central Bank. This company is owned by the same people who own “our” Federal Reserve System.

Just as Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists, in 1787, wanted a central government and a usurious central bank to lend to it at interest, the very same family for which he worked created the central government called the European Union back in 1987 and its companion central bank.

A few years ago I reported that this very same family intended to do the very same thing here, with something called the North American Union, our version of the European Union. The NAU will be the merger of Canada, Mexico and the US and the new currency will be called not the Euro but the Amero.

Now, in Europe, the Euro is collapsing because of the nature of private ownership of the currency and credit of all those former nations which are now just units in the European Union. When a private company is in charge of a country’s money, and is for some reason allowed to create that money out of thin air and lend it and charge interest on it, the country eventually goes broke. The reason for this is the interest paid to the private company, which does not issue enough currency to pay the interest.

That is, if everyone has to pay back more than he borrows, where does the extra come from? Answer: it doesn’t. When everyone has to pay back more than he borrows (interest), the private company must inflate its supply of money, which it is happy to do for a while. Then, when the time is right, the company begins to deflate, to collect the cash and destroy it.

When the new shortage of money hits the people, they cannot repay more than they borrowed and they lose the things they borrowed to buy. The private company “repossesses” the real and private property after putting up nothing in the first place. The loans were make-believe, but the pay-back is real.

So, based on what we see happening in Greece and Ireland and Spain and Iceland and Portugal and spreading to the more prosperous countries with the fraudulent currency called the Euro, we need to avoid this further economic disaster which would be worse than the one in which we already find ourselves.

Back in 2006, the thought of a new currency called the Amero seemed paranoid. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they ain’t gonna get you. A conspiracy theory stops being a theory when the CFR promotes it.

Foreign Affairs Magazine is the house organ of the Council on Foreign Relations. A plan is devised and presented at a Bilderberg meeting, such as the recent one in St. Moritz. Next, the plan is revealed in the pages of Foreign Affairs Magazine for the enlightened ones to read and follow.

Ben Steil, director of international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote an article in the May/June 2007 issue of Foreign Affairs entitled “The End of National Currency.” In this piece he promoted what would be the Amero.

“National currencies and global markets simply do not mix. In order to globalize safely, countries should abandon monetary nationalism and abolish unwanted currencies.”

And this idea logically followed from another CFR think piece from 2005 by the godfather of the North American Union, Robert Pastor. He calls it “a North American community approach to security!”

So you can plainly see that the North American Union and its companion currency, the Amero, are quite real. The NAU was supposed to have taken over last year but last month it was announced that 2012 will have us without northern or southern borders as we now know them. Mexican and Canadian police and soldiers will be sharing law enforcement duties with our friendly SWAT teams. You know, the homicidal jerks playing at neighborhood soldiers?

This, friends, is a reason for revolution. There is no nice way to put this. As I have written ad nauseum, the American revolution against tyranny must begin with the destruction of this malignant, megalo-maniacal collection of dictators the headquarters of which is at the corner of 68th Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan.

Every disaster, every invasion and occupation, every financial catastrophe known to modern man has originated in this den of iniquity. How have they gotten away with it? Simple: they invited the newspaper and television execs to join the club. David Rockefeller had the gall to thank his friends in the press who never said a word about the meetings they’d attended. He admitted that without their help, the New World Order could not have succeeded.

Does it need to be said that corrupt newsmen will be decorating bridges, trees and lampposts around the country? Those characters had a sacred duty to report what they knew and they deliberately betrayed us. All of what’s coming could have been avoided if the newsmen had told the truth. We could have handled it. Instead, we were fed a pack of lies. And now, everybody gets to pay the price.

At some point, which is coming soon, Americans are going to deal with this treason. Some of us are going to deal with it on back roads and in the cities, against the agents of the North American Union. These agents will of course be in uniform to make them appear official and legitimate. They will be official but they will not be legitimate.

But even right now, our home-grown terrorists are wearing uniforms paid for by us, carrying weapons paid for by us and invading peaceful homes and killing people just like us inside our homes, for no reason. Or in our cars or just walking down the street. These clowns are getting away with murder. This alone is a reason for revolution. It is far worse than the British behavior leading up to Lexington, which was extremely bad. But today is worse. Some of these guys, maybe most of them, derive gratification from inflicting pain and death on us.

So some of us will deal with official intimidation the way Americans are equipped to deal with it. Others of us will deal with the treason described above, both official and private. We will deal with what confronts us, wherever it confronts us.

This is not the militia movement of the 1980s and ‘90s. That idea died at Oklahoma City in 1995. The militia was just a semi-militant state of mind and a big stockpiling of guns and ammo. It was what we might call a good start. The name and the idea should be abandoned since there are so many federal agents masquerading as “militiamen.”

What we are going to do is resist. The tyrants are going to be destroyed. Big tyrants and little tyrants and tyrants in between. They’ve been having their way with us for various reasons. Mind control, diet, poisoned water, drugs, whatever. We haven’t been authorized to take them down.

The most radical thing I did with the militia was to point out that we don’t need authorization to defend ourselves. We have the natural right to defend ourselves and our loved ones and our friends. Once a deadly threat is detected, we have the natural right to defend with deadly force. We don’t care about legal rights anymore, because there are no dependable legal rights. Only the police and the military have legal rights to kill us and decent people everywhere. They use those rights to torture and murder with impunity.

Our authorization is the North American Union, which is an official declaration of war against the American people. Now that we know what is planned for us, that our own government is at war with us as surely as it is at war with Pakistan, we can respond in kind.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, Barack Obama and Canada’s Stephen Harper in February signed a declaration that put in place a new national security arrangement defined not by U.S. national borders, but by a continental view of a “North American perimeter” based on Robert Pastor’s CFR monster called the North American Union.

You realize, of course, this means war. The peaceful solution is to nationalize the Federal Reserve and have the Congress issue debt-free currency, which would kick the North American Union right in the head. But to get there, we’re probably going to have to do it the hard way, which would be Sic Semper Tyrannis.


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