Netanyahu: “Piddling” on Congress


Can You Blame Him?  We All Want to Do It But We’d Be Arrested

(See the new Anthony Lawson video)


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau, a former furniture salesman, addressed congress recently.  He received 29 standing ovations.  His speech?  Speech?

What Netanyahu actually did was drag it out of his pants and hose them down.  Why did he do it?  The answer is simple, because he could!  Was it wrong?  Caligula put his horse in the Roman senate.  American’s never get the whole horse, just the horse’s ass.

Can we blame Netanyahu for noticing?

Watch this excellent video by Anthony Lawson:

[youtube iK7SRYp4sBc]

One of my good friends was Netanyahu’s neighbor for years.  He said Netanyahu was a funny guy, “ha ha funny,” not that other kind.  I believe him, especially after seeing this video.

Maybe Netanyahu doesn’t hate America as much as some think.  With new proof about 9/11 running from Israeli foreknowledge to full complicity, one can only guess Netanyahu’s role in the 3000 American deaths and the two subsequent wars.

I can’t hate the guy, not like Bush and Cheney.  He seems to care about his own people, the Jewish ones at least, or at least some of the Jewish ones whereas Bush and Cheney obviously despise all humanity, particularly Americans.

Netanyahu and Hitler are much the same in this way.  Hitler loved Germans like Nethanhu loves Jews.  Without unfair comparisons which, according to revisionist historians, might be unfavorable to either, we can clearly say that both leaders are responsible for their nation’s great strides while portions of their population suffered castigation and internment based on racial or religious theories.

These guys aren’t alone, this goes on everywhere, always has.

This year the American congress dragged itself to its feet 29 times to cheer a leader who orders killings based on race and religion and may have been fully complicit in the murder of thousands of Americans.

Does that surprise anyone?

In 1940, Adolf Hitler, not only could have kept congress on their feet in continual cheering, he could easily have been elected president of the United States.  He only needed the right birth certificate and a few English lessons, not too many.

There are parakeets that speak better English than former President George “W” Bush.

We will be avoiding another unfair comparison here.  Hitler was a war hero, wounded in action, who loved the “German” people.

Comparisons are funny things.  With our history largely fabricated, our news totally falsified and even President Obama, the “reasonable man” having said so many totally ignorant and duplicitous things during his short tenure in office, there can be no certainty.

Netanyahu, a genuinely clever guy, goes before congress, blithers like a trained ape for a few minutes, giggling under his breath.  I would have given anything for an open mike when he was done;

“I almost feel sorry for Americans, what a pack of turds.  This was too easy.”

Without the occasional polemic by Ron Paul, where he dances around “third rail” issues like Israel or 9/11, almost everything said in Congress is as stupid as Netanyahu’s speech.

I give the guy credit.  He has managed to get congress to legalize Israeli spying, legalize bribery then outmaneuvered every other special interest so that congress works for and answers to him only.  He even rents  congress out.  He has a couple of dozen members working for his buddy Gaddafi.  Note Gaddafi’s silence on Israel lately?  Last year, Gaddafi’s son paid for an aid ship to Gaza.

Israel phoned up dad and the mission was called off.

The best part, he used American foreign aid to finance the whole thing.

Congress now has this down pat.  The more given to Israel, not just cash but bloated defense contracts, $10 billion at a time, the more money they get back.  Give Netanyahu a billion and he gets one of his friends to hire your wife for $150,000 a year to lick envelopes (among other things).

Israel didn’t invent this game.  Do some research.  When former president “W” Bush went broke at his only attempt at holding a job, bin Laden paid his bills and kept him out of bankruptcy.  Why do you think the huge bin Laden family was flown out of the country on 9/12/2001?

It was all Bush could do, having scapegoated them.

When Netanyahu arrived in America, he came to a country where the top celebrities were Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann.  He knows a freak show when he sees one.

Who could blame him for taking part.


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