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Making Common Cents from Government Non-Sense


by Dex Artist

It’s so funny how drinking alcohol is widely accepted in our society but it’s linked to about 75,000 deaths per year in the United States of America. Yet, Marijuana is demonized an is linked to 0 deaths per year world wide.

Our society is set up that most people between the age of 18-35 go out every Friday & Saturday night to consume alcohol in a bingeful manner.

When you are intoxicated with alcohol you become impaired with your judgement and coordination; in some cases, belligerent. Marijuana, on the other hand, is most likely the safest sedative known to man.

I just can’t believe when I was growing up and in high school that I was taught that marijuana is a harmful drug. So when I was younger I had to evade from police and school staff on a regular basis to commit that “illegal act”.

But really it’s our constitutional right to smoke marijuana.

Learning over the years, I became aware that our constitution over-rules every law & act if you exercise your rights as a natural person.

“Free enterprise” is also in our constitution. Which begs the question “Is selling prohibited drugs actually your human right?”.  The answer is “YES it is!”.

I came to realize that to live the way you want to you must master and understand the Interpertation Act, CONTRACT Law, Admiralty Law, Bill of Rights, the Amendments & of course, the Constitution itself yada yada yada. I know, it sounds like a lot of work but it most definitely is worth the knowledge.

One of my most favourite statements I hear from people is “I think you should talk to a lawyer about this”. To be honest, it always cracks me up, because with a little self-knowledge, in most cases, no lawyer is ever needed.  You just need to know your rights.


Moving on, to another funny subject on this matter. People are convinced you have to “register” your business.

Well, I guess if you want the Queen of England to own your business and pay taxes then by all means do so. Taking a step back there is no law that says: you, a “natural person”, must  pay taxes.

“Paying your taxes is the law” is a fictional concept which almost every persons believes to be true.

However, it becomes the “law” when you CONTRACT with our GOVERNMENT also know as a CORPORATION OF THE CROWN. It becomes law for the CORPORATE ENTITY that is. Notice that on all your government identification your name is in all CAPITALS? This goes back to CONTRACT LAW & the Interperation Act.

You, a natural persons real name is not all CAPITALS, is it?

No, it is not.

Just keep in mind I don’t CONTRACT with the police at all anymore. What you have been all waiting for is here

Does debt apply to a “natural person”? No, it does not.

How about the question: “Do you need a license to drive a car?”. No, you do not.

The right to travel is a constitutional right.

I’m a firm libertarian that lives by the constitution. In a nutshell this means, do whatever you want to do as long as you are not infringing on anyone elses rights.

I believe the government should act only as our servant and never as our master, especially if we are paying them. Anyways I will leave you with this last message. Smoke marijuana, It’s your constitutional right.

About the Author: Dex Artist can be reached on Twitter at “@DexArtist” or via email at [email protected]


The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA) September 11, 2005 Greenbrier girls prove anyone can play a part A group of 9- and 10-year-old girls who swam together this summer at the Greenbrier Country Club used their last day before school started to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Katelyn Admire, a fifth-grader at Greenbrier Intermediate School, came up with the idea to sell household items to help people devastated along the Gulf Coast, said Jill Stewart, whose daughter Bailey joined the Labor Day effort. website michigan humane society

Katelyn, 10, offered to hold the one-day yard sale at her Emerald Green Greens home. She told Bailey about it and enlisted the help of Hannah Habeeb, 9; Katherine Robertson, 10; and Alyssa DeLeon, 10. They not only jumped on board and donated their families’ items for the sale but also recruited Alyssa’s neighbor Danielle Pompa, 9, and Bailey’s 5-year-old sister, Hallie.

“All of the kids brought items to the yard sale,” said Jill Stewart, who lives in nearby Kemp Woods. “Little items added up, plus several people just made contributions after they found out the dollars were going to the hurricane relief effort.” By day’s end the girls raised $495.65. Thanks to a local company that vowed to match whatever the girls collected, the effort will mean $1,000 will be given to the American Red Cross.

“All of the girls are very proud of their effort to assist in some way to the hurricane relief,” Stewart said. “I think all of the girls were made very aware of the difficulties that the hurricane brought to the Gulf Coast, and I think they all remember the devastation we had here from Hurricane Isabel two years ago.” – Kevin Armstrong Animals in Gulf Coast will receive help, too Humans are not the only ones reeling from Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of animals have also been left hungry, thirsty, injured and alone.

Local pet stores have joined the effort to try and send some relief to their furry friends.

“We’re trying to help with the ground efforts,” said Leslie Sykes, store manager of Pet Supplies Plus in Western Branch. “There are thousands and thousands of animals left victimized by the hurricane. They need food, water and TLC. We’re doing everything we can.” The relief effort through Pet Supplies Plus is headed by the Best Friends Animal Society and the Michigan Humane Society. The Best Friends Animal Society (based in Kanab, Utah) is coordinating efforts to get assistance to animal rescue groups in the hurricane area. The Michigan Humane Society is sending rescue teams to the Gulf region at the invitation of local animal rescue groups. michigan humane society

PETsMARTs nationwide are also accepting donations through checkout counter jars. All money aids animals. Two PETsMARTs are located in Chesapeake: 4300 Portsmouth Blvd. and 1236 Greenbrier Parkway.

“Pets are like family to a lot of people,” Sykes said. “They’re not just going to leave them out there alone to die.” – Frances Thrasher Norge


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