Toronto Hearings: A strange cast of characters among 9/11 Truth Leadership

9/11 Toronto Hearings: Long-awaited International Hearings Set for September, 2011


A strange cast of characters among 9/11 Truth Leaders See Letter sent to the Toronto Hearings Panel

by Zahir Ebrahim /Click here for Toronto

Caption Professor Steven Jones of BYU (standing second from left) officially appointed in 1989 by the President of the United States, George H.W. Bush Sr., as an establishmentarian scientist to lead the DOE investigation into the potentially revolutionizing discovery of Cold Fusion.

Can a George Bush Sr.’s trusted establishmentarian scientist suddenly become a genuine dissenting scientist against the same establishment in George Bush Jr.’s administration as anything other than controlled opposition? Steven Jones immediately rises to become the most prominent leader of 9/11 Truth seekers who even want to award him the Nobel Peace Prize! Hmmm…. watch the video above and click on the image of Steven Jones with Bush Sr. to read more about his previous role in Cold Fusion. We learn from history – or is that merely a cliché to use ex post facto in pedantic papers and history books?

Caption David Ray Griffin, the author of many famous books on 9/11 and the ‘Dean of 9/11 Studies’ according to many of his prominent cheerleaders who claim inspiration from him, is a self-admitted globalist seeking world government in the most eloquent Newspeak of Orwellian Establishmentarians. Hmmm…. watch David Ray Griffin proclaim world government in response to an audience question in the video above

Caption Vanilla or Chocolate is merely the icing on the devil’s cake! Is the brilliant Western intellect really so naive that it cannot see that they all principally serve the same globalist agenda? Click on image

Is this ten-year-old pursuit of what was already obvious on September 11, 2001, “Operation Canned Goods” look-alike, really relevant to derailing “imperial mobilization” to a one-world government that was irrevocably launched by that super terrorism of 9/11? Read what was already obvious on day one.

Even the Financial Times has argued that 9/11 finally enabled one-world government:

‘for the first time in my life, I think the formation of some sort of world government is plausible. … it is increasingly clear that the most difficult issues facing national governments are international in nature: there is global warming, a global financial crisis and a “global war on terror”’! Read Gideon Rachman’s ‘And now for a world government’.

Hear the bold proclamation on global governance by the EU president:

“2009 is also the first year of global governance…. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet.”

The only people who are evidently unaware of these real-world developments are the 9/11 Truth Movement born-again zealots – or, at least, they seem to behave that way when Pollyannaishly broaching their “new investigation” treadmill.

I haven’t paid much attention to the 9/11 Truth Movement people because I have found them patently silly in their prime demand: new investigation. By who? Of what? There is no crime scene hard evidence preserved. And when the judge, jury, executioner, Sherif, and posse, all work for the same club, the club of “imperial mobilization”, what sense does new investigation make?

The only sense of a red herring to keep more peoples occupied in specious pursuits, and administering some additional Hegelian mind-fck towards eroding national sovereignty by internationalizing the investigation, perhaps under the auspices of the vaunted UN, as baby-step towards accomplishing more world government. Now local crimes are investigated by a global body – a justification solidified since none of the national authorities are deemed capable of it for one reason or another! After my brief communication with the 9/11 Truth movement cheerleaders and scientists, I had given up on anything useful coming out of this lot except hard runs on the treadmills of inefficacy. And they are at it again.

What’s the point of the following stated agenda of the Toronto Hearings when all Western governments and international agencies are conniving to usher in world government which was enabled by 9/11:

‘(3) To submit a record and a summary of the Hearings, together with signed Statutory Declarations by witnesses, to relevant governments, groups and international agencies with the request that a full and impartial investigation be launched into the events of September 11, 2001’?

What is this farce of presenting the obvious by the learned foxes in hen’s feathers to other foxes all pretending to guard the henhouse amidst the cheering hens?

Only the sharp Western intellect can think of such absurdities and be taken seriously by useful idiots! For others, please click to read: The Poor-Man’s Guide to Modernity.

  • Click to read what the men and women of abundant conscience should really be worrying about concerning what’s up next, instead of wasting their time and energies on that which is already a fait accompli
  • Click to read what the men and women of abundant conscience should really be wrestling with instead of wasting their time and energies on fait accompli

Please see the full deconstruction of why I no longer trust Steven Jones and his coterie of Johnny come lately “experts” who have instantly acquired a following as if they were “collection agents” – and what have they been collecting?

I would suggest that they have been shepherding the well-intentioned conscionable peoples, citizens, anonymous good-hearted folks, who were and are waking up ex post facto of Iraq invasion of 2003, lest the sheep wake up too violently! Just get them to speciously demand a “new investigation”!

I wonder what these brilliant scholars and scientists and theologians were doing in September-October of 2001 when Afghanistan was being prepared to be bombed to smithereens? And in 2002-2003 when Iraq was being prepared to be “shock and awe[d]”? But suddenly, in 2004, these “experts” began to burst onto the public scene to become leaders of other ordinary mortals not endowed with brilliant titles like these scholars and scientists, who were also waking up slowly to the commonsense reality that no WMDs were found in Iraq? That steel building couldn’t just collapse like that? It took David Griffin to write the New Pearl Harbor three years after 9/11 when a simple attendance at any anti-war teach-in during 2001-2003 protest demonstrations would have informed anyone principled enough to oppose the slaughter of innocent ‘lesser peoples’ of that fact?

Imagine that Richard Gage advertised on his website, by implication of comparing Steven Jones to Linus Pauling, that a Nobel Peace Prize might be in it for the newcomer:

“Steven Jones’ call for a “serious investigation” of the hypothesis that the WTC 7 and the Twin Towers were brought down, not just by impact damage and fire, but through the use of pre-positioned cutter-charges” must be the rallying cry for all building design experts to speak out. Dr. Jones is following in the footsteps of Dr. Linus Pauling of the California Institute of Technology, who rallied his fellow scientists to oppose the development of the Hydrogen Bomb and the testing of nuclear weapons. He was later awarded the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize for these efforts.”

The same Dr. Jones who is pictured with George H. W. Bush Sr., above, being appointed by the heralded of the “New World Order” to scuttle the discovery of Cold Fusion? No – must be some other fellow.

But still, Nobel Peace Prize for what?

  • For co-opted fools and mercenaries without conscience suffering from the superiority complex of silently watching the spectacle of the genocidal slaughter of the ‘untermenschen’ on their telly and not uttering a public word of protest while Afghanistan and Iraq were decimated with “shock and awe”?
  • Or, for being further set-up as glorified “collection agents” for type-2 ordinary citizens; to attract those ordinary peoples who are finally waking up to the reality that 9/11 was an “Operations Canned Goods” as they lose their own skirts and shirts while their own nation descends into a police state? No they didn’t protest when it was happening to that other fellow over there, but Machiavelli knows that they will protest when it starts happening to them right here at home. He is ready!

See this report to understand “type-2” and the political science of manufacturing dissent as an integral part of social engineering of consent. “Type-2” is Adolph Hitler’s categorizing of people who “wake up”, who were formerly “type-1”, the flag-waiving and/or silent bystanders of the mainstream with their full faith in their government. They suddenly “wake up” with lost faith in government. Virtually the entire majority of “9/11 Truth Movement” rank and file appear to be mainstream waked-up citizens whose newly awakened conscience and skepticism is being corralled into expending their energies on specious pursuits of what is already a fait accompli. All “type-2”.

“color: #008000;”> These good and noble citizens of the empire, benefiting from its loot and plunder of the rest of the world – ahem, the hidden hand of the market backed by the hidden fist, as Thomas Freidman put it in the NYT – in what became known as the ‘American Dream’ (see Unveiling America’s Secret History), can no more think independently without a pied piper leading them as the new dissentstream, than they could as the silent majority of the mainstream. In either case they must be led. They look to “experts”. So “experts” are provided to them. And led they are, to the same pastures of ensuring that fait accompli of “imperial mobilization” is not impacted by their loss in faith in government. Read the aforementioned report to perceptively understand this straightforward mechanism of predatory statecraft in Western “democracies”.

And read this analysis to acutely comprehend the concept of fait accompli and the role of absurdities in political science. Unless you can insightfully understand that, and shrewdly begin to identify and eschew your fabricated leaders who are now your new pied-pipers, you will never comprehend how you are being taken for a ride no differently than when you were part of the flag-waiving mainstream! And it doesn’t matter how many credentials you have, or what your station in life is. These matters are not decided by socio-economic, race, or class status, but by indoctrination and ability to think independently. Both of which are entirely wealth and college degrees agnostic.

For today’s dissent-chiefs: It doesn’t matter if you have a Ph.D. from MIT or Caltech – the Nazi Scientists, hard and soft, meaning, from physicists to social-psychologists, were far more brilliant than many coveting the Nobel prize in Physics in America today. And they stood United with their Führer too, at the peak of the Third Reich’s hubris. Then they came over to America as defeated brilliance, often under new identities – “Operation Paperclip” – to run your science in America, blithely stating, and believing, as is famously quoted from the father of the rocket who ended up heading NASA to send America to the moon: “our job is to send it up, what does it matter where it comes down.”

If you didn’t speak-out then, didn’t protest then, didn’t put your jobs and your life on the line in orchestrating nation-wide protests of the kind witnessed during the tail-end of the Vietnam War when your own peoples’ body-bags were in ample display – a lesson many of you learnt while still in college during that most recent yesteryear – and you are suddenly prominent dissent-leaders today having silently watched tens of thousands of innocent ‘lesser’ civilians not even get a used body-bag, never mind a Muslim burial in DU soaked lands, I have to wonder about this sham.

It can only succeed in brain-washed, or perhaps brain-dead America!

The compromising image above, and the admission of being a globalist pitching the very message that David Rockefeller, the Council on Foreign Relations, the EU president, et. al., have been pitching loudly and publicly, indeed since the very founding of the Federal Reserve Bank that generations of bankster oligarchy has been pitching, condemn you as the vile assets of the Mighty Wurlitzer in the service of empire.

You only fool type-2, your primary mission.

Sorry – no brownie points for the silly Toronto Hearings. If you are genuine, you must prove it.

There is no reason for anyone to assume anything of anyone in an age when “deception is the state of mind and the mind of State”.

Convincingly answer the questions raised here by one whose ‘lesser peoples’ and civilizations have been bombed by your very first silence – and by the hubris of your elected representatives who “United We Stand” with their purse-strings right alongside your government which you install and replace every four years without a damn change occurring while you continually believe like damn fools that you are getting a change while the winner earns the 2008 Marketer of the Year award – before you head off to fool many more men and women of conscience on this Toronto journey. Stop fooling yourselves first, if indeed that’s what this is and not controlled dissent to run the fed-up public on glamorized treadmills for a healthy democratic exercise of the conscience.

Why should damn fool “leaders” be welcomed by ordinary peoples? Damn fools who are asking the same ruling powers to investigate a fait accompli – like asking the robber to investigate his own crime, and the judge is the robber’s father, the jury are his fraternity all having benefited from their brother’s crime, and the other rulers being appealed to are part of the same Mafioso pact?

Of course, I hope I am wrong. That damn fools will turn out to be wise savants! So show me the effective and practical path to derailing “imperial mobilization” from your silly obsession with unraveling the mysteries of “Operation Canned Goods” and I will be converted to your religion.

Just Look at the absurdity of this obsession in the larger global context:

  • the invasion of Poland is a fait accompli;
  • the slaughters of the ‘lesser peoples’ are continuing on both the Eastern and the Western front; France and Western Europe is militarily occupied;
  • the Allied fire-bombings of occupied cities and Germany is at its peak killing more innocent civilians in the most atrocious manner than those killed by the Nazis in their hideous concentration camps;
  • Nuremberg is a distant memory;
  • the next nations to fall to “democracy” and “revolutions” in prelude to invasion and occupation, are along the rapidly expanding “arc of crisis” in the “global zone of percolating violence” and already visible;

and some brilliant scholars are discussing the how-tos of “Operation Canned Goods”?

An even greater absurdity is that these wise savants are making appeals to the Reich’s henchmen installed all across the world for a “new investigation” of “Operation Canned Goods”?

And the greatest absurdity of it all is that they don’t see that “Operation Canned Good” enabled the world government of Mein Führer’s long-held dream, and all rulers in the dominion are now his lieutenants?

Those absurdities can only happen in two places in all of creation:

  • One, in Alice in Wonderland – the creation of the fertile imagination of an allegorical novelist for school children’s reading pleasure and adult contemplation.
  • Two, in a nation so dumbed-down that they can no longer even use an iota of commonsense to rationally add two plus two to come up with four – the creation of the diabolical imagination of Machiavelli and its social engineers to ensure that the self-inflated with superiority-complex public continually look only towards designated “experts” for the answer to even simple arithmetic, to be happy when they invariably get “five”, and run helter-skelter with their new discovery!

Yah – I am in the presence of greatness singing “Hallelujah” and “Hava Nagila” to the white man’s burden – give them all a Nobel Peace Prize. The prize given to the greatest mass murderers and henchmen in history!

Zahir Ebrahim


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The author, an ordinary researcher and writer on contemporary geopolitics, a minor justice activist, grew up in Pakistan, studied EECS at MIT, engineered for a while in high-tech Silicon Valley ( ), and retired early to pursue other responsible interests. His maiden 2003 book was rejected by six publishers and can be read on the web at He may be reached at Verbatim reproduction license at


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