Buzzards Descend on Norway Tragedy Corpses


Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Larceny Center (SPLC) Launches Fundraiser on Norway Dead Before They are Even Buried


by  Jim Dean, editor…VT


Morris Dees Milks Norway Dead for Cash

Morris Dees has a good con going. Raising money for poor people and then keeping most of it yourself and be honored for it, well…that takes talent. The fundraising letter below shows that he will even stoop to using unburied corpses to get ‘mo money’.

Dees started his legal career out representing the Klu Klux Klan and ended up milking them and his clients alike a goat. Along the way his divorce records claim he nailed a batch of female jurors, and had some young stepdaughter molesting attempts to teach her how to use a vibrator.

The Montgomery Advertiser newspaper (See Cult of Morris Dees) did a fabulous expose’ on Morris and the Poverty Palace in 1994, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

The story perculated up via contacts with the staff and local reporters that Dees was running the operation as a cash cow, using his George McGovern presidental fundraising list to literally retire on.

But despite having one of the largest endowments for his line of ‘work’, old Morris still likes to hustle a fast buck. When the civil rights money slowed down and the Klan died off he jumped on the militia bandwagon.

By the way, the militia movement was set up by the Pentagon as a backstop to all the reserves being deployed to the first Gulf War.

They even supplied them training and gave permission to purchase and have fully automatic weapons. The whole operation was run by a single army colonel out of the Pentagon.

This Vet is No Threat Morris Dees

Later Dees double dipped on this scam by discovering returning Gulf War vets as a major domestic terror threat.

Like a foreign enemy intelligence operation someone was able to get a Dept. of Homeland Security brochure published on this, which of course could be used as ‘proof’ that the Dee’s crowd was right.

I will let you guess who wrote the material up for DHS and whether they have been penetrated by this group, and others.

Next is Dees in a fluff interview with CBS. Harry the host is reading his questions, probably brought in already typed up by the Dees people. Watch how Morris slips in the PTSD and hard economy on his veteran terror scare. And see how he uses the Homeland security report, which our sources tell us came from the Dees people, to embellish his own credibility. What you are watching here folks is a very well done penetration of Homeland Security.


[youtube 1qQPeVJFHDs] – CBS fluf piece

But Morris is showing us now that he can sink even lower. He is using the corpses of the Norway killings as a fundraising hook, a new low even for someone like Dees.

VT Contest: Who is Exploiting the Norway Victims the Most?

We are thinking about running a contest at VT for which individuals and groups have most debased themselves through their cruel exploitation of these victims before they have even been buried.

Norway Dead - Hitler Youth

Glen Beck and Dees are in the running for the individual dirt bag list.  Beck shot himself in the head with the Hitler Youth camp comment to describe the young Labor Party activists, while their parents are still in shock. You jumped off a bridge on this one Glen. Goodbye.

And the Daily Beast is leading the group pack. They are having a writers orgy over there tagging right wing extremists as coming out of their closets to massacre us all.

We are asking our readers to send in their nominations through the comment section.

But Morris Dees has self nominated his favorite person, using the Norway dead to line the pockets of the SPLC with even more money for the endowment fund…his endowment fund. After the letter we have some intel on Morris waiting for you.

I Want More Money !!
July 26, 2011
Dear Friend,
The terrorist attack that took the lives of so many children in Norway is a sobering reminder that hate and extremism can drive people to commit unspeakable acts of violence.
The problem is just as grave in our country. For the first time, hate groups here have topped 1,000, and the potential for widespread damage is mounting. Just this year, a neo-Nazi was arrested for planting a bomb that could have killed hundreds along an MLK Day parade route in Spokane.
That’s why it’s so shocking that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has bowed to political pressure from conservatives and dramatically cut back the resources it’s devoting to the threat from right-wing extremists. We exposed DHS’ reckless decision in June and have called on the agency to reverse course.
The tragedy in Norway takes me back to the Oklahoma City bombing, the work of a right-wing fanatic that left 168 people dead. Months before that attack, we warned federal officials about the mounting danger from radical extremists. Now, with your help, we’re speaking out again. Too much is at stake to remain silent. Your voice — your support — is amplifying ours. Thank you for standing with us.
Morris Dees,  Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center 

[youtube FcI4v6JE6A4] – Wayne Lutton

Morris Dees’ Reputation Among Intel Professionals

Morris Dees is widely viewed as a ‘connected’ phony in the Intel world…and his SPLC as a political front and a disinformation intelligence operation. He has a long history of packing his threat numbers, and some suspect that ‘helpers’ assisted the SPLC by opening up militia group mail boxes across the heartland so they could publish their scare reports that have brought in that $150 to $200 million poverty fund he is sitting on, depending on what the markets are doing.

Laird Wilcox – The Original Extremist Group Expert With no Hidden Agenda

The difference between someone like a Morris Dees and a Laird Wilcox you would need a NASA scientist to calculate the distance. Laird donated his huge extremist group archive to the University of Kansas.  It required a federal grant of $350,000 just to index it. How much did Wilcox sell it for???….$1200.

How much did Morris Dees sell his $1.5 million in the red business for when he was transitioning into setting up the SPLC…$5.5 million. Now what do you think an intelligence analyst would suspect about that deal if he was worth his paycheck? Funding an ‘operation’ via paying a bundle for an in the red business is a standard penetration technique.

[youtube b3nrb69Wr3o] – Wilcox and Daughter interview

Laird Wilcox looks through his personal collection of political papers and paraphernalia at Kansas University's Spencer Research Library. Wilcox has been writing about and collecting materials on political extremists since the 1960s.

Laird Wilcox, one of the early extremist group experts, pulled Dee’s pants down (when Dees wasn’t doing this himself) when he exposed much of this in his The Watchdogs.

Every American needs to read this for self defense purposes as the tactics the Dees’ crowd uses are standard ones. This material needs to be integrated into high schools civics classes  so our kids do not have glass chins on subject, which is their preferred state for the watchdog creeps.

But what has made Dees special is how the media has aggressive promoted him over all these years and ignored all of his quite public dirty laundry.

In his own way he, and guys like Abe Foxman, have been mini Rupert Murdocks who have used the threat of their intelligence operations, a la Rupert Murdoch, to ward off any major investigations.

Operation Gladio - False Flag Terrorism
What I am saying is that creeps like these have been running their own versions of ‘hacking scandals’  for decades, with the knowledge of press, law enforcement, and politicians…all who have betrayed their oaths by allowing these gangsters to operate freely for a variety of reasons, none of them justifiable.


They have been part of an ongoing Gladio style subversive operation run right here in America while the European one was ongoing. See Gordon Duff’s fabulous piece, Secret Terror from July, 27th, 20011.

Strangely, while Operation Gladio has been exposed all over Europe, parallel operations here generally have not. Ours have been a different types of operations, but the public has been the target in both cases and it has included terrorism.

Reagan sold out the FBI went he ordered them to set up formal liaison between all of their field offices and the Anti-Defamation League.

J. Edgar Hoover with Kennedys
J. Edgar Hoover with Kennedys

Before then FBI director Hoover had forbidden it because they had caught the ADL slipping them bogus information in the past attempting to smear ideological opponents by having them investigated by the FBI.

Hoover always refused to be a guest at ADL events because he knew they were trying to misuse the prestige of the FBI…basically to run an infiltration operation by getting the camel’s nose in the tent. Today the ADL and SPLC lecture FBI recruits and sheriff’s orgs on hate groups, with their own deleted from the list of course.

This allowed these groups to not only infiltrate themselves politically, but also into law enforcement, conducting their own foreign policy, avoiding foreign agent registration, and the reports we have been hearing for years…espionage.

Their civil rights front has turned out to be not only a great smokescreen for them, but also to be self funding and the yellow brick road to living the good life.

Dee’s I think is getting like $350,000 a year for doing almost nothing. He avoids public exposure to avoid questions about molestation of his step daughter from his public divorce records…and any other embarrassing questions about his past.

College audiences especially provide security to screen out any anti-Dees protesters from those events. The media just bends over for the. I have never seen a tough interview our even another guest to grill him so the host does not get a career black mark.

Abe Foxman of the Defamation League
Abe Foxman is pulling down like $500,000 running an organization primarily focused on archiving vandalism reports and bad name calling.


When the American Jewish community is statistically the safest in America, and the most prosperous by average family income, groups like the ADL paint them as constantly under threat of their non Jewish neighbors.

The ADL has lobbied for laws where disagreement with their positions can trigger a possible hate crime prosecution. With neighbors like these, who needs Al Qaeda?

But to wrap things up, grave robbing is a talent these folks excel at, making a living off of dead people by robbing others, but Morris Dees can’t even wait until these Norway victims are buried. He fears somebody else might get the dough before he does. That such people are honored and protected by our institutions is a sign of the corruption and moral decay of our country.

Laird Wilcox and George Lincoln Rockwell, Commander of the American Nazi Party - Kansas Memorial Union Ballroom, February 20, 1964

We are going to be detailing the sordid history of Morris Dees, and Abe Foxman and crowd, as there is a mountain of open source material available on them that main stream media reporters just don’t seem able to discover, nor the elite hosts who introduce them at their events.

When Wilcox was hosting the Rockwell talk, he was not introduced as civil rights icon, or someone whose charity had been put on F lists for gobbling up most of the donations that came in for fundraising and administration…like 82%.

With Rockwell the audience knew what they were getting. But due to the soft glove treatment that Dees and Foxman have gotten from press, politicians and academia, the public has been deceived.

Dees and Foxman are just run of the mill hustlers who made it big. We will always have people like them, like the flu. But for all those who have supported them in our institutions, we should save some special contempt. They did not have to roll the red carpet out for them, but they chose to.

Let them wear the robe.


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