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Official Communique on Damascus Counterterrorism Conference

Jim W. Dean..."Mass media has continued its blackout on the Syrian Counter-Terrorism Conference but we continue to get the results publicized in alternative media."

PressTV: Counterterrorism conference in Syria

- “Only moderate Islam can defeat militant Islam & our big challenge is how can we assist them without undermining them?”

Has Washington just shot itself in the Oily foot?

- Jim W. Dean..."William Engdhal revists his American shale oil Ponzi scheme theme that he has been writing about for some time now."

Combat: The History of the Charge

- The Charge has always been the most incredible of military maneuvers, a story of the bond of trust built between men and their officers.

Would You Shoot a Baby – in Self Defense?

- The last thing that came in today, before 7 pm, was this YouTube from Paul, who I go way back with... 37,000,000 views. What could I say?

Growth of International Terrorist Threat from Syria

- New Eastern Outlook - The 100,000 dead in Syria will all agree they did not enjoy their brief flirtation with Western demoracy

Jim Dean Sunday Night Vimeo Picks

- This is a blast for the past, a three pack of wonderful films, all classics chosen from my many hours of cruising Vimeo material for gems

Time to bomb Israel – with truth

- “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”--Sir Walter Scott

Afghanistan – the Shadow of Evil

Jack Heart takes us on a magical mystery tour of the history of the Pashtuns, the tribe of the Taliban

Next Year in Nuremberg with Israelis in the Dock

- The message has to be sent to world leaders that if you stick with Israel...you are on a sinking ship.

Jewish Genome Myth Busted – A Dramatic Reading

- New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine

Cyber Warfare – the New ‘Yellowcake’ Scam

- Anything the the Russian and Chinese can't get from us, they can just buy from the Israelis

Unintended Consequences – the Double Edged Sword of Sanctions

- Senator Mike Gravel - Sanctions are the best thing that ever happened to Iran

Prisoner-X’s Death – The Cover Story Unravels

- Israeli, Australian and International Pressure are Forcing Cracks into the Real Story

Budget Cut Roulette – Is Israel on the Chopping Block?

- Pending March 1rst Budget Cuts Provide Intrigues Galore

The Importance of Holocaust Revisionism, a Reply

In the past two weeks, VT has published three pieces on Holocaust revisionism by Alan Hart, and one set of reflections by Jim Dean and Paul Eisen. Any discussion of this topic is welcome, given its central importance in American life today.

VT Concert Night – Jim W. Dean Picks

- VT weekend concerts start again with new talent Ellie Goulding, with Bryan Adams and The Who as backup - Enjoy

Uri Avnery Attends the New Knesset

- Uri Avnery - “Compared to the Knesset it could have been, this is a very good Knesset!”

Sheriffs’ Open Letter to Obama – Lock and Load Time

- Utah Sheriffs Willing to Die to Protect Traditional Constitutional Interpretation

Dear Abby is Gone – America’s Public Chat Room Lady

- The Friedman twin sisters became Ann Landers and Dear Abby. The rest was history.

Election Time in Israel – Boring says Uri Avnery

- Boring Elections Only Empower Those Already in Charge...by Design

Mother of twins shoots burglar five times

- Her husband says, "She's a hero. She protected her kids, she did what she was supposed to do."

Foo Fighters Live at Wimbley – a VT Weekend Break

- I was going to watch it again tonight and then figured, why not you, too? And get something good to drink.You deserve it.

They Called Them – Spitfires

- David Cundall Makes Spitfire History with Burma-Myanmar Buried Treasure Find

NeoCon Zionism – America’s 5th Column

- Israeli militants, American gangsters shaking pillars of United States

Is Pam Geller America’s Queen of Hate? – Ask Ted Pike

- Pam Geller’s anti-Islamic NYC transit ads say strict Muslim followers of the Quran are savages.

Declassified US Intel – Israel Always an Enemy

- US-Israel relations have been an ongoing tragedy despite our Intel archives being open since 1982

Israel’s deep cover agents inside the IAEA

- Why the IAEA is an onging fraud - a Tool to be used against some, and a free pass for others

Lieberman plays his EU Holocaust Card

- Israel's Racist Foreign Minister pretends to be anti-holocaust, when he is really pro-holocaust...for Palestinians

Egyptians on the Brink of a New Revolution?

- Egyptians have always carried moderate Islamist views and have never confronted each other in battle. This is the red line we will not cross.

Israeli Regime Receives First Sanction

- Fear of the Israeli Lobby is now ending. Holocaust manipulation will no longer be swallowed. People are refusing to be second class citizens in their own countries

It is Sanction Time for Israel

- The time has come to deal with the Israeli bullies - using their own methods

Zionist fingerprints all over U.S. led Iran sanctions

- It is time for Americans to use the sanctions weapon on the real enemy of America, the militant Zionists of Israel and their supporters

Jewish Lobby Bullying Exposed in Australia

- Australia’s Jewish groups have demanded a meeting with the premier to express their anger over her decision - Israeli embassy in Canberra was also angry

Is a WMD free Mid East a Cruel Charade?

- The U.S. helping Israel Hide its WMD Programs has been a Foreign Policy Disaster and Must be Reversed

Flight – A Peek Behind the Making of the Movie

- An Indirect Study into the Intricacies of Putting a Psy Ops Together

Another Fake Hate Crime – Someone Hated Themselves

- Sharmeka Moffitt Faked a KKK Hate Crime by Setting Herself on Fire. Who Taught Her to do This, and Why?

A New Declaration of Independence – The Video

- Hang on to your hats. The Pitchfork Brigade is primed and ready

Ted Gundy Gets Three Head Shots at a 1000 yards

- 85 year old WWII sniper shocks Army world champions with a three shot, five inch grouping on first attempt- Watch the video

American Church Leaders Challenge Israel and Congress

We urge an immediate investigation into possible violations by Israel...which respectively prohibit assistance to any country which engages in a consistent pattern of human rights violations.

Real Terror in America – Political Corruption and Incompetence

- Homeland Security Fusion Centers - Just Another Budget Scam

Revisiting Yom Kippur – The Grand Default with Uri Avnery

- Uri Avnery - In those days I called our government the ship of fools. Our current government is worse, much worse.