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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I haven’t done one of these segments for awhile.  They don’t help readership numbers nor go viral, not like conspiracy pieces.  Increasingly, as I gain “followers,” what had been a “labor of love” becomes more “hard labor.”  With that goes any residual signs of wit or humor.

Whatever “funny” may have been around or may come back next week, Norway is a monstrous story to cover.  For the last few days, special interest groups have been sending me their careful edits of his “Plan from Mars 2083,” the great manifesto.

Berwick’s manifesto, particularly the historical perspective, mixed with too much childish insanity, is interesting and, in a sense, well worth looking at.  The document isn’t as bad as some say, it just has the wrong names on the characters.  Berwick has somehow ascribed to Muslims vast political influence and power, control of world banking, control of the media, it is as though he began seeing the world upside down.  Berwick is up to one thing, that’s clear, childish obfuscation.  Berwick is a liar, less psychopath or paranoid and more calculating and methodical.

Berwick is on a mission and his capture and continual outpourings are very much as planned.  He wasn’t captured by accident, the police knew his name, calling it out, long before they saw him.  He is now a parrot on a perch, placed there by a curious confederation.  “Norway” isn’t over.   It is as though we all walked into a theatre, bought tickets to a play and aren’t allowed to leave at intermission.

1500 pages, a script, a screenplay?  Berwick’s own worldview, his worship of Israel, his need to conceal his homosexuality, his admiration for America’s Tea Party,  hardly a showplace of racial elitism, none of it makes a lick of sense.

It is though he has a magic document, a “Protocols of the Elders of Islam” somewhere.  Who could have invented such a thing?  The imaginary multi-cultural conspiracy Berwick is said to represent, the armies of Marxists scouring the world for dispossessed Muslims desiring a life in Scandinavia smells a bit of Fox News conspiracy.  When tracked down a bit, this is exactly where it went.

Keeping this short, as it is boring as hell, Muslims in Europe are seen as a huge problem.  I have lived in several countries in Europe and have listened to hours of diatribe against Muslims.  I have also spent time with Muslims in Europe.

There are problems.  Certainly, in Germany, there are Turkish criminal gangs, especially those run out of Munich.  I have run across them.

However, the reality is that these gangs and the criminal threat they represent is miniscule compared to the Russian gangs which are a hundred times more powerful and reach into every corner of Europe.  I don’t hear a word about the Russians.  I just watch people hunker down, buy bigger locks for their doors, put shutters over their windows and change their lives.  Berwick seems to have “tunnel vision,” almost as though his beliefs had been tailored for a purpose, carefully groomed.

Europe is more “small town” than America is.  I have a couple of towns there I call home.  Over the years, things have changed, people have lost the feeling of community, of safety, the ability to take the deposit money to the bank after closing the shop, the ability to have kids walk to school, this is gone.

Americans know about this, one of the biggest issues in America over the last century has been what Europeans call “multiculturalism.”  The issue has been immigrants, some American born but not accepted, some “illegals,”  who turn to crime, be they “dirt poor” African Americans drawn to Detroit or Chicago on the promise of a better life, something observed in cities across Africa in recent decades, or the Italians or Jews or Irish who formed criminal organizations, seemingly to protect their “own people,’ and, eventually, to prey on them.

The Godfather movies portray this better than anything else.

The Irish gangs are gone.  The Italian Mafia survives, half its membership FBI informants.  The Jewish gangs, the real power of organized crime, as depicted in the HBO series, Boardwalk Empire, moved to Wall Street or operating out of safe havens in Israel.

Europeans saw everything change.  Men didn’t come back from the war.  Germany repopulated from Italy, Albania, Greece, Turkey.  There are very few Andrew Berwicks (Breivick) in Germany.  Nobody qualifies for SS membership with a “clean” genealogy, not anymore.  Germany is multi-cultural.

What is being lost, more than just national identity itself, is a feeling of control.  Muslim’s are easy to see, like the Jews were centuries ago, the obvious “threat” and the obvious group to blame.  That 90% of the real problems preying on Europe relate to the pretty criminal organization known as the European Union….

Thus, there is one thing you can point a finger at, those masses of Muslim immigrants living outside Paris or Rotterdam or in Marseilles or Genova or Aachen.  One change is visible and, though a thousand things are wrong, you hate what you can see.

Pointing the finger at Muslims while billions are stolen and economies are collapsed is a game in the EU.

Let’s talk conspiracy, finally, let’s talk Andy Berwick.  Breivik wrote under the name “Berwick,” so, lets move the quotation marks around and say “Breivik” wrote under the name Andrew Berwick or even better, that Andy Berwick may have been born “Breivik.”

An initial blast into the world of conspiracy;  we are not yet sure there is only one person here.  The multiple photos of Andy are not passing advanced facial recognition software.  We can only follow this story and see if someone finds a credible source.  When that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something to the story, it too often means that it is too dangerous to report.

Too much about Andy Berwick doesn’t come together.

Another “honorable mention” in the conspiracy category;  there have been more arrests, at least 7, perhaps more.  Not only that, the search had spread, initially to Sweden, then Denmark and finally to the UK.  All this has been suppressed, identities and background of those arrested withheld, even denied.  There is a conspiracy afoot, a very active conspiracy, within police and intelligence services to “sell” this incident as a “lone gunman” fairly tale.  The initial bomb itself is telling.

Wind Tunnel Model of the British Plane Designed to Deliver the "Tallboy"...Never Built..Based on the Spitfire

It was huge, equaling 10 tons of TNT or over 20 tons of “fertilizer bomb.”  This is a “Dr. Who” or “Tardis” problem.  For those unfamiliar, Dr. Who is a fictional character who travels through space and time in a police phone box that, inside, is exactly the same size as a large TV studio.

Math has one amount of fertilizer, with a larger amount than the whole taken away with a remainder being left.  Nobody would have gotten out of 2nd grade with this kind of thinking.  “6 takeaway 20 = 2.”

Another comparison, for the car bomb:

Q. How many elephants can you put in a Volkswagen (Beetle)? A.  Four.  Two in the front, two in the back.

For our amateur “counter-terrorism” sleuths:

Q.  How many tons of fertilizer and fuel oil can you put in a rental car?  A.  Take out the back seat, 20 tons or enough to fill an entire rail car.

22,000 Pound "GrandSlam" Bomb (WW2)

In order to sell these concepts, films and photos of the blast scene were carefully edited, catching the “broken window” side of a building that suffered catastrophic “Oklahoma City” damage on the “not so” photographed side.

There is also the problem of pretending a bomb is 200 meters from actual “ground zero” in order to explain blast damage equal to the largest and most scientifically designed conventional explosives every used.

This is pushing us off into a discussion of military ordnance, one perhaps more interesting than terrorism, real or “false flag.”

[youtube R-Mm-zFW_nA]

Today’s military ordnance, the bombs were are dropping on Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and half a dozen other places we aren’t naming or never heard of have some unique characteristics.  Some ordnance is configured for penetration, using depleted uranium combined with metals such as copper, increasing,  not only the kinetic energy but creating a plasma and, as with DU, an unpleasant radioactive gas as well.

"Tallboy," Massive WW2 Blockbuster

Other weapons like the “bunkerbuster” bombs used today are actually gun barrels, heavy artillery,  filled with explosives dropped from high altitude, that pass through many feet of reinforced concrete before exploding.  When the US developed a nuclear “bunkerbuster” and compared it to this relatively unsophisticated technology, the “rube goldberg/roadrunner/coyote” cannon barrel dropped from a balloon technology won out, hands down.

What’s a few billion dollars and years of research anyway, after all, it is all “billable.”

The old technologies from WW2, the “Tall Boy” and “Grand Slam” along with the bomber designs for hauling even larger weapons, even heavier than the 22,000 pound “Slam,” are all that we can compare in explosive power to Oklahoma City or Beirut or Bali or Oslo, the supposed acts of terror where the explosive power of the claimed weapon and the pattern of damage are exponentially out of scale.

Then again, 9/11 sold, thousands of tons of steel vaporized by a fire you might have used to barbecue chicken.  There is a reason boxes of nails and screws are loaded with car bombs.  They are what kills, not the bomb itself.  A blast in an open areas dissipates in ten yards, not half a kilometer.  Shockwaves that break windows, these were reflected shockwaves, hundreds of yards from the blast, breaking windows many floors above the ground, are caused only by, minimally, the highest quality military explosives, not even pure TNT and certainly not “fertilizer slurry” better adapted for stump removal.   Simple physics experiments could easily disprove any cover story, certainly all the car and truck bombs, or the Kennedy killings or 9/11.  In fact, almost nothing stands up to serious scrutiny, certainly nothing involving very needed terrorist attacks that orchestrate profitable world tensions and provide amusement for the public.

This is exactly what Norway has turned out to be, theatre, a puppet buffoon, a series of carefully scripted actors, media and their endless fingerpointing at Muslims, police and their imaginary “lone gunman” scenario or their “we forgot we had helicopters” story.

Talking a bit about Norway.  The media, if you can call the clowns that, has run home to mama, now trying to tie Berwick, I am going to call him that, to Islam.  The new story is best of all.  It it weren’t for the existence of Muslims, crazy people like Berwick wouldn’t need to kill people that oppose Israeli policy.

That isn’t exactly how they say it but it is what I hear.  The subtext for those in the industry, “counter-terrorism and intelligence,” where I work, tends to move toward the obvious questions:

“Who benefits.”

That one heads one direction, Israel.  As there is absolutely NO potential for any paying client to want that answer, not a news outlet nor national government, nobody is going to offer to find that answer.

You see, the “intelligence business” is one where you are paid to tell the client that the people he suspects are terrorists and that he is justified in killing them.  Doing anything else is suicide.  Nobody wants the truth.  What government wants to be told that everyone hates them because they are corrupt, viciously cruel and incompetent?

Privately, that was passed onto Bush, sugared up a bit, but certainly sent on.  Everyone doing such was relieved of command, died mysteriously or was charged with crimes related to terrorism.  A number of these people, formerly known to be loyal political insiders, are actually friends and I don’t know that many people.  Talking “reality” around “W” was a death sentence for some, simply destruction for others.  Anyone who disagreed with his preconceived notions of “conspiracy” and “evildoers” suffered the wrath of the Patriot Acts, FISA and Karl Rove’s Justice Department.

If you believe Washington to be totally bereft of honest and decent people, this might be why.  The Bush administration was little more than an 8 year witch hunt, silencing every honest voice and destroying every last bit of evidence that the United States had once existed as a free and independent nation.

Think back, a decade ago.  Remember the list of top military officers who opposed the wars, Afghanistan, Iraq, who had been forced into retirement for speaking up?  You have forgotten?  Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.  They forgot too.  They spoke once and then, for some reason, went “quiet.”

Years ago, when the Army’s top intel officer, General Stubblebein, said no plane hit the Pentagon….

Well, you can read his story here in legal documents and the video below:

[youtube daNr_TrBw6E]

This was the top guy, the top intel officer in the army who came out and said it, 9/11 was a scam, a government operation.

For it, he was ground up and spit out.  One of my friends, as a Colonel in Army Intelligence (don’t laugh) knew him well.  Try looking up Stubblebein.  You will be told he is a freak, a UFO nut, a ghost hunter.  He was the Army’s Chief of Intelligence, the best of the best until he spoke up on 9/11.

They actually went as far as to make a movie to take a whack at him. Did you see “Men Who Stare at Goats?”

As an aside, secrecy, in fact our biggest secrets, are leaked, often under ‘comic’ circumstances, when  they can discredit someone who has become a danger.  Without risking a total jump over the cliff myself, I will “hint” that our government has spent, not billions but hundreds of billions on “black” projects related to UFO technology, and general stuff we would all attribute to X Files.

Richard Dolan talks about this in the video below.  Pay no attention to anything he says and forget it all as quickly as possible.

[youtube DsJDsxmzMDw]

So when a conspiracy ‘nut’ talks about 9/11 or some other phenomenon that violates known physical laws or operates in the area of “fringe” science, do give a minor thought to the possibility that much of the science fiction, perhaps even the most nightmarish aspects of it, the “aliens and the anal probe,” might just have more than a bit of truth to them.

What Assange, back in November last year, threatened to leak:

The US government has reverse engineered “alien technology” using gravity as a source of energy.  You don’t have to be Einstein, Newton or Keppler to know it’s possible.  What any business school grad will tell you is that hydrocarbons, as an energy source, as a form of “complementary currency,” we are talking oil, gas, coal, are worthless if such a technology exists.

What I have been told is that it exists, we have had it for decades, we we have built aircraft using this principle and that everything on this went “dark” long ago.

This would mean we live in the world Dolan talks about, where secret groups in the government live in the world we should, the world we  thought we would grow up in, the Jetson world of flying cars and light speed travel, but those who run things, who value dirty sex and gold above achievement, the real “masters of the universe,” have decided that “we can’t handle the truth.”

It would be incompatible with our religious beliefs.

OK, ignore the last few paragraphs.  Forget the video.  I was just kidding.

Back to talking about Norway.  A few days ago, I said that news coverage itself, assuming my conspiratorial belief that “news coverage” is our closest connection to the grand conspiracies that wish us so much ill, would tell us who was ultimately responsible for managing the psychotic we know as Berwick.

The manifesto, in itself, is amazing.  Any and all, each and everyone, can find something they love there.  It is, in fact, a cornucopia of bunkum, populism and nonsense.  With the cover story, our budding author, producer of youtube movies on the Templars, author of a grand manifesto that reads like the output of a committee, some whose brains were obviously starved of oxygen, some showing signs of meth withdrawal and others, perhaps the majority, readers of The Sun or adherents to Fox News.

Behind it all, we get the whiff, stronger each day, of Murdoch.

Each day, as news about Norway is blocked, twisted and fabricated, efforts by the Murdoch empire, which I believe includes most of his supposed competitors as well, is derailed, “unfocused” and carefully detoured into areas of relative innocence, heartless, vicious but driven away from the real Murdoch “third rail” of political manipulation, espionage and world domination.

I do so love saying “world domination.”  What is it when a madman dictates to political leaders around the world, driving them into suicidal acts?

World Domination.

There is something almost biblical about this.  Britain was destroyed through its sexual repression and its addiction to smut.  America?  Fox/Murdoch got them through race hatred, not that the Brit’s don’t have their share but America was easy game.  With tens of millions of “Evanglicals,” a pseudo-Christian Taliban waiting to slap down those they deemed “unsaved” by putting in place religious courts that make the most backward interpretations of Sharia law a “walk in the park”…..

America already had millions, stoked up, ready to hate, ready to believe anything, already in a form of half rage and half stupor, having accepted a form of Christianity more “bible conspiracy” than gospel.

When the “Muslim’s did it” gang hit, before the shooting had stopped, a gang still going 8 days later, yes, an odd combination of conservatives, liberals, elitists, Bolton and Dershowitz, one time blood enemies, all singing the same tune…

They had one thing in common, at first.  They were tools of Rupert Murdoch.

None should have spoken at all, they spoke when they knew nothing and then they lied and lied when they knew those responsible were acting in the name of “Europe” and “Israel.”

When they kept blaming Muslims, when they knew it was a lie, when they kept blaming saying “lone gunman” when others were in custody, it became a conspiracy.

When we connected the Freemasons, those of us who knew recent European history felt a knot in our stomachs.  Not only did we have a conspiracy but we knew it crossed decades, crossed national borders and was steeped in the politics of the Cold War, not just Marxism but Israeli expansionism and staged false flag terror acts that made Europe a hell, not just through the 60s and 70s but Madrid and 7/7 London as well.

The nightmare written of in Secret Terror, the Price of Ignorance, had revisited and a threat well beyond Al Qaeda, real or imagined, was unleashed.

As much as many wish to follow the crumbs left for them, those leading to Tel Aviv, to the hatred there for Norway and its people, even this is a blind alley.

Libya, another potential culprit, is likely another blind alley.

More likely, it supersedes nationality.  When we saw the Freemason apron on Berwick, when we saw the references to the Templars, we knew we were in for a ride.

This was a script, not just the manifesto, but all of it, not just Berwick but the news stories, the police lies, the instant misdirection.  The most likely actor, the Murdoch empire, “striking back” as it were….

Getting Murdoch off the hook.

Is this a good enough reason to kill so many people?

Think about it.  Does Israel need to give Norway a “smackdown?”  There is no money to go after, in fact killing all those young people was totally senseless except for one thing.

The news story.

Who needed a big news story that week?

Would it be worth using up Berwick and a group of nutty biker gang punks, sayanim, for such an occasion?

Look at the world today.  Who has the most to lose, the most power at risk?

Israel?  Not hardly.


Who has the most to gain?  This is the question.  Who had means, motive and opportunity?

Whose news empire began the Muslim cover story and kept it alive, even at the risk of discrediting themselves?

Who was ready to orchestrate a coverup seconds after the killings?

Who had the most to gain?

Who is now “off the hook?”

Who is the real power?


[youtube Cj2qrl6Q2rk]

Readers note:  (For folks who with time to reach the bottom of a page.)

The LaVenda and Dolan videos were sent to me by “other than accident.”  I don’t have a lot of free time but found time to watch both completely.  I notice things, good suits, good makeup, slick presentations.  I have been told there is very real material in both.  Was I told the entire presentations were correct?


Was I told that these were “highly disturbing” to some?



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