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Insiders mislead US based on false CIA interrogation reports

- "Jim W. Dean said false reports generated from torture is one of the biggest threats that we face and they are always done by insider people."

NEO – Latest Terrorist Attack Inside Russia has All Marks of...

- Henry Kamens - America can’t survive without enemies, having discarded the one thing that could have replaced them--the positive values it claims to have, in whose name all its state-sponsored terrorism is committed.

CIA tortured innocents to hide 9/11 false flag

Long-term torture has only one purpose: "breaking" innocent suspects in order to brainwash them into believing they are guilty.

School of Hard Knocks

Human drama naturally abounds, but is purposely made dark – far darker than it need be. But to focus on a solution, however, one would have to be ignorant of their purpose in this realm.

NEO – America's Real Ties to ISIS

US CIA-trained Chechens are at the forefront of nearly every terrorist struggle, fighting against US forces in Afghanistan, leading ISIS brigades & tied to the Boston Marathon bombings.

WTC Demolition Participant Murdered?

The source "claimed he was part of a CIA-linked special ops team involved in placing vending machines containing detonation and relay switches inside the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center"

NEO – Old Tricks from Old Dogs: Afghanistan to Abkhazia

- " Seth Ferris takes us into the Black Sea backwater of Abkhazia which sided with the Russians in the US backed Georgian’s attack on South Ossetia ..."

The CIA Role in Narcotics Trafficking

"Deep state" is Part 2 of a five part documentary by Scott Noble called Counter-Intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations.

Counter-intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations

Counter-intelligence is a five-part documentary examining the history, structure and function of America’s National Security State.

False-flag attacks on women: From Malala to Isfahan

The war-on-Islam psy-oppers are mutilating women - and blaming it on their Muslim enemies.

Cocaine and Murder

Marine Colonel was a threat to blow the whistle on illegal narcotrafficking at El Toro. Forensic evidence supports murder; government called it a suicide before the body was autopsied and the crime scene investigation completed.

The History of CIA-Funded Foundations

Who Paid the Piper: The Cultural Cold War1 by Frances Stoner Saunders (1999) is about the covert "cultural" propaganda the CIA carried out between 1950 and 1967.

How Big Money Controls the White House

Presidential Puppetry by Andrew Kreig (Eagle View Books 2013 )is a comprehensive expose of the wealthy corporate interests who are the real power behind the federal government.

ISIS Follows Israeli/CIA Agenda (video)

In a Press TV interview, Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff, outlines the "dark agenda" of ISIS. Duff cites ISIS as following a pattern established by America's neocon extremists after 9/11.

al-Baghdadi: CIA mind-control slave?

Is al-Baghdadi an MK-Ultra victim?

US Dollar Suffers Serious Setback

- The five BRIC countries have long complained about the economic warfare the US and Europe wage against developing nations via the World Bank and IMF

The Al-Sabbah Brigade

Roman oligarchs relied, among other things, relied on murders to safeguard their disproportionate power and wealth. In the long run, their success led to the moral, spiritual, economic, and political decline of their country.

NEO – If You Build It They Will Come

- Henry Kamens - "The international arms market supplies terrorists and insurgents in a dozen African conflicts along with transshipment into stockpiles inside the EU."

NEO: Kiev Snipers Mystery Solved

- America's involvement in Georgia was pitiful for a once great nation, who like an aging heavy weight boxer wants to seek out someone weaker to fight...

Capitol Hill overrun with Israeli spies: US columnist

- "Capitol Hill is overrun with Israeli spies. They have them on staff. They have congressmen working very closely with Israeli intelligence, helping them get anything they want."