Where’s Your OUTRAGE Regarding Your Financial Situation?


by Lorimer Wilson


The mainstream media and our politicians are not telling us the truth. We are being told that we just need to accept our lower standard of living and most Americans seem willing to accept that reality because they keep sending most of the exact same bozos back to Washington D.C….Why are they not screaming to their political “representatives” that they are as mad as hell and not willing to take it any more?

To make ends meet many American families are going into even more debt and more American families than ever are turning to government assistance.  In fact, right now, more Americans than at any other point since World War II are flat broke and have lost hope.  Until this changes, the frustration level in this country is going to continue to grow.

Below are 10 facts about the financial condition of American families that will blow your mind:

  1. Only 58% have a job
  2. Only 56% are currently covered by employer-provided health insurance
  3. The median yearly wage is $26,261
  4. The average household debt is $75,600
  5. Only 5% of households have earned enough additional income to match the rise in housing costs since 1975
  6. Families are approximately $7.7 trillion poorer than they were back in early 2007
  7. The poorest 50% now own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States
  8. Approximately 21% of all children in the United States were living below the poverty line in 2010
  9. More than 44 million are living on food stamps, and nearly half of them are children
  10. Close to 20% of all men between the ages of 25 and 54 do not have a job

Where in the world did all of the good jobs go? Well, the truth is that millions of them have been shipped overseas. Our politicians promised us that merging our economy with the economies of other nations where it is legal to pay slave labor wages to workers would not create more unemployment inside America. They were dead wrong – the job losses continue to get worse – and as the U.S. economy has started to slow down again we are starting to see another huge wave of layoffs all over America.

It is not just the globalization of the economy that is destroying our jobs. The federal government bureaucracy has become so oppressive that hiring workers has become so complicated and so expensive that many small business owners want to avoid it at all cost. Frankly, it is amazing that anyone is still willing to hire workers in this day and age…Indeed, if you are a blue collar worker, you should give up hope that things are going to get better. The system has failed you – and you can stop waiting for the “good jobs” to come back. They aren’t coming back.

As our economic system continues to degenerate, Americans are going to become increasingly desperate and, sadly, desperate people do desperate things.  Already we are beginning to see signs that the fabric of American society is starting to be ripped to shreds.

There are many out there that still believe that America has a bright future ahead – but it is getting really hard to see why anyone could possibly believe that. While politicians gloat about our “recovery,” our poor are getting poorer, our average wages are still falling behind inflation, and social mobility is at an all-time low…

A look at some facts about life in the United States reveal some disturbing realities. Below are 15 charts that show the sad state of affairs in the United Staes today:

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