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Education in America, Drug Companies, and the Cosmic War Against Families

“A recent Reuters Business Insight report designed for drug company executives argued that the ability to ‘create new disease markets’ is bringing untold billions in soaring drug sales”

The Big Lie About Job Recovery

Based on Department of Labor statistics, it reveals that only 58.3% of working age Americans have a job.

U.S. Policies Contributed to Poverty in Latin America

The United States has worked across Latin America to enrich private clients at the expense of the pauperized masses, Professor of Sociology Emeritus James Petras of Binghamton University, N.Y., charges.

American Poverty, What the Brits Don’t Understand

Last week, the BBC news show, Panorama, supposedly told the story of America's poor.

America’s Welfare Reform Laws Deepening and Perpetuating Poverty

The tougher welfare laws instituted by President Bill Clinton with great fanfare have only worked to keep the poor poverty-stricken longer, a former welfare mother who knows the story from the inside, contends.

Darkness Behind Deceptive Screen of India Shining

On one hand India claiming to be champions of democracy, secularism and human rights propagates that India is shining, on the other it suffers from highest rate of poverty, illiteracy, infant mortality, inequalities in society.

Europe’s Quiet Revolution

The overarching challenge in the world today is: how do we advance the institutions and practices capable of enacting a desirable quality of life for a burgeoning global population of 6.5 billion people?

Where’s Your OUTRAGE Regarding Your Financial Situation?

The mainstream media and our politicians are not telling us the truth. We are being told that we just need to accept our lower standard of living and most Americans seem willing to accept that reality because they keep sending most of the exact same bozos back to Washington D.C


A GLOBAL NUCLEAR TINDERBOX FUELED BY ISRAEL By Alan Hart  (LISA Seminar on 14 July 2010) "Among the questions open and honest dialogue would need to...

The State corruption is preventing peace efforts in Afghanistan

By Hanan Habibzai STAFF WRITER Two years ago when I was working in Afghanistan as a journalist, I was woken up by calls from across...

Plight Of Black Poor Continues To Worsen

“The conditions now, in my view, are unquestionably worse in the inner cities,” attorney and civil rights stalwart David Ginsburg ...

Gordon Duff: Was America The “Golden Goose?”

AMERICA'S NEW "LOST GENERATION"  By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor The calendar says 2010 but it feels like 1955, not the real 1955, not by a...

Welfare “Reform” Act of 1996″ Keeping Poor From Good Jobs

Although “welfare reform is seen as a huge success,” Shaw said, “we’re not measuring the kinds of jobs that people are getting, whether they pay a living wage. We just look at the fact that the rolls are being reduced. Something like 60 percent of the people who are not on welfare anymore are not working either.”