9/11: Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon Leaked


10 Years Late, A Cruise Type Missile Hits Pentagon on 9/11

Suppressed video released below 10 years later clearly shows Pentagon attack was a cruise type missile; either a Tomahawk or Russian/Soviet Granit as described by Dimitri Khalezov

[youtube c7KDbHOUso8]

Gov. Jesse Ventura Proves 9/11 Cover-Up asks “Will America’s Government Fall?”

“thought it was a bomb…walked out through the hole..burning wreckage..no plane parts…threatened to keep silent”

Former Vice President Cheney Accused of Engineering Pentagon Attack


Donald Rumsfeld Cited as Possible Accomplice


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Confirmed sources in the Nigerian government tell us, in order to keep former Vice President Cheney out of prison for crimes involving Nigeria, $500,000,000 in bribes have been promised, negotiated by former President George H.W. Bush.

Now, only a day later, Cheney faces possible charges, so many charges they can only be imagined, for planning the Pentagon attack on 9/11.

TV host, Jesse Ventura, former Navy Seal, former Governor of Minnesota, on a one hour documentary on prime-time American television, makes an open and shut criminal case tying Cheney, Rumsfeld and officials throughout the US government with complicity in the planning, execution and subsequent cover-up of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

According to experts on 9/11, engineers, pilots, intelligence officers and members of our military, Jesse Ventura “hit the nail on the head.”  Ventura, using evidence developed over 9 years by hundreds of individuals, outlines the utter impossibility of the government’s cover story on 9/11 and systematically debunks it using testimony and scientific evidence.

Ventura cites, in an interview with a 9/11 commissioner, a possible motive for the Pentagon attack being included with the attacks on the World Trade Center.  $2,300,000,000,000, yes 2.3 trillion US dollars had disappeared, cited only the day before in a televised statement by Secretary Rumsfeld, money “gone missing” from the Pentagon’s accounting.  The area of the Pentagon hit by a missile or destroyed by explosives or both contained all records of this missing money.


Ventura proves, beyond any doubt that no airplane ever hit the Pentagon.  As the video shows, not even a highly trained airline pilot was capable of the maneuvers claimed.  Long before, it had been proven that the 757 was incapable of the task, either the maneuvers or the speed and trajectory.  The plane would have come apart, there is no disagreement with this and hasn’t been for some time, yet nothing had been done.  Why?

It is also clearly shown that there is absolutely no evidence of any kind showing a plane hit the Pentagon, no wreckage, no bodies, no luggage.  Items claimed to have been taken to Dover Air Force Base, bodies, plane parts, were never at the Pentagon as both video and testimony prove.

There is also proof that the government threatened witnesses, telling them to support the “aircraft scenario.”


The basis for the conspiracy theory regarding Muslim hijackers with box cutters was based on supposed phone calls made by Barbara Olson, wife of Bush Solicitor General.  Solicitor General Olson claimed he talked to his wife on a
cell phone, spoke with her at length, while she described the hijackings as now dramatized by Hollywood.

When it was proven that a cell phone is incapable of making such calls, Olson claimed it was a “seat back phone.”  When it was proven that there were no seat back phones on American Airlines 757 aircraft, nothing further was asked.

Then investigations shows he received one call, lasting “0″ seconds.  Ventura questions as to whether Olson was duped or complicit?  Should he be arrested too?  Was his wife, Barbara, ever really on the plane?

Then Ventura looks into the flight itself.  Not only was the flight recorder “dead” but during the flight itself, the transponder was turned off.  Even more suspicious, the plane disappeared from radar for 28 minutes.

There is no discussion of this 28 minutes, but speculation, perhaps no longer speculation, has long been that the flight landed.  As to what happened then, we cannot guess, or can we.  One of my friends, a former Pentagon official, had a
friend on that aircraft.  Not long ago, he asked me.

“Gordon, what do you think happened to him, do you think he was executed?  Bullet in the brain as they stepped off the plane or something even worse?”

Ventura didn’t go there.  None of us want to.  It requires visualizing a scene out of Auschwitz.

Can Americans be so brutal, so devious, so traitorous?  It isn’t just Jesse Ventura that is willing to risk his life to bring it out, Fox News journalist Geraldo Rivera, several weeks ago, debunked the Building 7 collapse at the World Trade Center as “controlled demolition.”

YouTube – Veterans Today –


Commission video’s redacted to remove testimony by the Secretary of Transportation, transcripts altered, witnesses blocked, evidence, tons of evidence of government conspiracy withheld, this is the case against the government.  Threats, intimidation, going on for years, this is proven.  Were there more than threats, murders, “heart attacks” or threats against families?

Ventura proves the Pentagon was a government conspiracy, he “names names.” Geraldo makes any other explanation for Building 7 other than “controlled demolition” pure insanity.


It isn’t as though the evidence presented by Governor Ventura and Geraldo Rivera or even the other stories, Judge Napolitano’s revelations of knowledge of the attacks as early as 1999, was new.  All has been know, all highly credible and all systematically ignored, attacked by the press, suppressed by courts, officials at every level.

9/11 and the recent revelations aren’t proof of a conspiracy by 2 men, or Israel.  It is proof that there never was an Al Qaeda and that the deaths, two wars, the 9/11 deaths and the carnage across the world wrought by the United States was part of a criminal conspiracy, one that could only be perpetrated by a dictatorship under the guise of representative democracy.

Everything we have seen, and millions around the world have watched, nobody can ignore it anymore, it all says that what has happened is something no American would allow, not if this still were America.  Jesse Ventura proved something startling to most, suspected by some.  He proved that, at some point in our past, 10 years, more, we don’t know, our government was overthrown.


The strongest and most vocal opponent of a new 9/11 investigation is Julian Assange of Wikleaks.  If any individual outside the US government were to be named as most complicit in a 9/11 cover-up, it would be Julian Assange.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Everything since then, certainly 9/11 and now, the news about Iran and, especially Wikileaks, all subterfuge.  When former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinsky cited Wikileaks on a PBS interview, televised nationally, that Wikileaks was the word of an intelligence agency, Israel never reported it or responded.

Instead, they attributed Brzezinski’s quote to me:

“Speaking to Haaretz, Duff added that ‘it sticks out like a sore thumb that WikiLeaks is obviously concocted by an intelligence agency.’”

This is what Brzezinski told Judy Woodruff of PBS:

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: But I think the most serious issues are not those which are getting the headlines right now. Who cares if Berlusconi is described as a clown. Most Italians agree with that.
Who cares if Putin is described as an alpha dog? He probably is flattered by it.

The real issue is, who is feeding Wikipedia on this issue — Wiki — Wiki — WikiLeaks on this issue? They’re getting a lot of information which seems trivial, inconsequential, but some of it seems surprisingly pointed. …The very pointed references to Arab leaders could have as their objective undermining
their political credibility at home, because this kind of public identification of their hostility towards Iran could actually play against them at home.

It’s, rather, a question of whether WikiLeaks are being manipulated by interested parties that want to either complicate our relationship with other governments or want to undermine some governments, because some of these items that are being emphasized and have surfaced are very pointed.

And I wonder whether, in fact, there aren’t some operations internationally, intelligence services, that are feeding stuff to WikiLeaks, because it is a unique opportunity to embarrass us, to embarrass our position, but also to undermine our relations with particular governments.


Barak Obama ran for president on a platform based on justice, ending the wars and bringing accountability to government after 8 years of scandals, deceit and what can only be called “hooliganism and piracy.”  Instead, he has done nothing, the wars continue, drugs are flowing from Afghanistan even faster than before, 9/11 evidence, now overwhelming and impossible to ignore is still ignored.

Americans looking for reform wonder if Bush left at all.  Those complicit are, though few admit it, disturbed by seeing America led by an African American.  The visible public face on the very well financed attacks on President Obama are all very much based on race hatred.  This has long been the most effective tool for keeping Americans divided and compliant.  How else could a major political movement be successful supporting the least popular and least successful policies in American history?

Who would want a return to policies enacted by the least successful president in American history, George W. Bush, who left office with an approval record listed at 22%.  Many would find a number lower, even half, more credible. President Clinton, after surviving impeachment for lying about sexual misconduct left office with 68% approval.  Thus, we connect the dots and wake up one morning, informed, enraged and utterly powerless.

Even through the assaults on President Obama, many financed by the Koch brothers,  tied to ultra-nationalists in Israel, whether there was a real change of government is not clear.  As Jesse Ventura pointed out, while Vice President Dick Cheney was getting reports of a plane approaching the Pentagon, seemingly even orchestrating the attack himself, President Bush was in Florida reading to school children.  Two years of Obama have been similar, too similar.

What can we assume from this?  Is, in fact, the President of the United States no longer Commander in Chief?  Did our government hand itself over to “shadow” rule with Bush or did it happen earlier, after President Reagan’s dementia made him unable to manage the cabal that surrounded him?  How long have we been operating under no Constitution at all?

The headline on today’s New York Times:


The headline on today’s Washington Post:


What is “their” message?  Certainly not “never again.”  In fact we know that “again” is just around the corner, an Iran war with or without a new 9/11, planned and executed by the same folks, older, not wiser and certainly more pathologically insane and murderous.

..and we continue to allow it.

[youtube _TGj4amvPMQ]


  1. “But I support his call for JUSTICE!-I am NOT KIDDING! Render CHENEY, BUSH, RUMSFELD, RICE and all the rest to the HAGUE!!!—”

    You left out the kast of Khazar kharacters that were involved!


  2. “The question for me is how was it done by a Mossad led operation? There was complicity of senior figures in the Bush administration, CIA and possibly military but launching a US cruise missile would have been difficult to both arrange and cover up. It could have been an IDF missile launched from thin the US, but NORAD is likely to have seen it unless it was fired from very close.”

    Do a Google search and download Dimitri Khalezov’s “The Third Truth about 9/11 and/or watch his 4hr video. It’s all explained.

    “What we need to stand up and say is not only did they attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at it’s headquarters, Marine Corps and I made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.” – Dr. Alan Sabrosky, March 14, 2010

    Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research.

    He is listed in WHO’S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky’s teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

    “The Israeli Mossad is ruthless and cunning, with the capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian-Arab act.” -Report issued by the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS); September 2001



  3. “Rex, Please don’t tell me that you don’t realize the Kapner is a spoof by certain people having fun demonstrating how easy it is to lead folks around by the nose. He’s an actor.”

    Irregardless of what you say, the articles I read are factually CORRECT.


  4. ” It requires visualizing a scene out of Auschwitz” .

    What the hell has that massive red herring remark got to do with the issue

    I agree. Totally uncalled for. The only visualization about Auschwitz is from what we’ve seen from Jewish Hollywood and their holocaust propanganda movies. I don’t buy it.


  5. “Of course start questioning such things and the Gordian knot of willful self deceit begins to unravel leaving one with the painful heartbreak of having to acknowledge systemic and systematic betrayal of our lifelong cherished myths of “American the land of the free…” etc.”

    Been there, done that. I follow the light and the truth wherever it leads. Many times painful, disturbing, demoralizing, frustrating, angering, etc.–yes. But still I go down that path rather than keep my head buried in the sand and believing our leaders are (always) the good guys, wearing the white hats, on the white horses, on the right mission.


  6. “Sorry Brian, and others insisting on a Commercial Jetliner making that hole in the Pentagon. You’ve not seen the reality of Titanium engines, eleven feet in diameter, leaving no trace of their existence on the walls.”

    Yeah, exactly, no damage to the building or impressions from the wings, just one hole. Yet those same wings on the planes that hit the WTC were able to cut through 2.5″ thick rectangular steel beams that formed the outer permimeter of the building, leaving a clear impression.

    Like a friend used to say: “Don’t piss in my ear and tell me it’s raining!”


  7. The headline on today’s New York Times:


    Hey, they finally did something right!


  8. “I know Dimitri very well.
    He exists…good people and, when speaking on personal experience, extremely dependable.
    Oddly, his guesses are too often proven right too.
    I no longer underestimate Dimitri Khalezov.
    His personal experience is well beyond 99% of our so-called experts”

    This, Gordon, you and me agree on.


  9. “Those complicit are, though few admit it, disturbed by seeing America led by an African American.”

    Yeah, same way our Founding Fathers would be “disturbed”…especially a black man who’s Marxist red on the inside, a bi-sexual*, with an oh, so ‘presidential’ Muslim/African first, middle and last name–and NOT a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution.

    “The visible public face on the very well financed attacks on President Obama are all very much based on race hatred.”

    A natural, normal, healthy reaction to this Obamanation. The same “race hatred” Blacks displayed by voting almost unanimously for this interloper.


    *Larry Sinclair admitted performing fellatio on him in the backseat of a limo while Hussein Obama toked on his crack pipe. And this man gets elected to the highest office in the land???

  10. I also think the missile is fake. I was able to find the images your talking about, they painted the missile with USA colours.
    Another weird thing is that the trajectory of the missile in this video in perpendicular to the pentagon, whereas the holes that appear in the various walls have ( maybe) a 45 degree angle.

  11. There was no molten steel. There was no free fall in the towers. Building What?

    If the facts or evidence doesn’t toe the official fairy tale of the gangster psychopaths in charge, it’s a hoax, antisemitic, and a holohoax, opps, holocaust denier. Throw in racist if you get the chance.

  12. Don’t forget Donald getting those nukes into N. Korea. He made sure the NK’s got holes in the ground for reactors. That was under Clinton, everyone seems to not know this?! Erksome.

  13. Flick of a switch Brian, flick of a switch. Transponder on, transponder off. With the insterted software on their scopes, santa had a part in this as well.

  14. I find it hard that you find it hard! Let’s illustrate….. Sean Boger, “PENTAGON tower chief” I can think of 5 million reasons for Mr. Boger to say things like that. We already have a civilian witness alluding to payment and threats. We have traffic stopped on the bridge. Why is traffic stopped before they even saw it comming? Both lanes? Reminds me of JFK’s limo slowing down precisely in the kill zone.

  15. Also, heavily involved in a Roosevelt Coup allied with Goodyear family, TPTB, etc. General Butler was hired for that duty. Big business coup back then, and now a foreign policy coup under his grandson, not hard to see or believe. And Prescott, got caught “2” times trading and betraying the country, not 1 time.

  16. I know Dimitri very well.
    He exists…good people and, when speaking on personal experience, extremely dependable.
    Oddly, his guesses are too often proven right too.
    I no longer underestimate Dimitri Khalezov.
    His personal experience is well beyond 99% of our so-called experts.

  17. your right about the Gov. hiding the truth. We got ahold of an authentic video taken live during the Branch Davidian raid. It blew our mind. Wasn’t anything like what the media was showing!!! I came home not long after and the cops were there. Said the neighbors reported a break in. You got it———- the tape was gone. Amagine that. Who would believe us anyways. Many times when Glenn Beck would have us look something up, within minutes it would some how be SCRUBBED off the web. Good luck…….. so many people are brainwashed now probably most people don’t know the truth when it slaps them in the face.

  18. Fact, Atta’s relations in Israel are in fact Mossad spies who work in Cointel against Palestinians in various camps.

  19. Inslaw aka latest generation promis software. But yes, someone still had to manipulate the key board and that falls under Cheney. Who so wanted control over NORAD in just this type of scenario. Never been done before, who puts the VP in charge of operations clearly suited for others? And just weeks before. See Minot AFB, or Barskdale AFB. Again, you can’t have an airman asking a general those questions, the general shoots down aircraft in that position, unless of course Israel has pictures of said general banging 12 yr old Philipino boys.

  20. I concur with this assessment. I now would consider this video of the missile hitting the Pentagon to be doctored and faked. This stock footage is definitely the same footage showing up in the “missile” video.
    Well done Rosalee.

  21. They laugh because of their power to oppose you, not because of their power to control you. How does one subpoena the devil incarnate? This is a struggle of exposure vs. our ability to do so. We, they, everyone knows what has transpired here. They’re laughing because you can prove nothing, and if you did, you will have no voice on any stage to prove it, period… The patriot act is there to guage your reaction, to see who is raising a real stink, and to destroy them when critical momentum gathers. To quell. To subvert and usurp, and as I’ve seen, it’s highly effective. That is why what Gordon did is so important. He named names, to a point. He stuck his neck out right or wrong. They are now in a defcon mode. Support is the game now, whether you think the fairy god mother did this is not an issue right now. The sheep scattering operation has to kick in now. Don’t get sidetracked.

  22. Mehtinks thou art onto something. That is my position so far anyways, barring any new evidence. That’s why the “witnesses” aren’t having heart attacks and shooting themselves in the back of the head twice. They learned from JFK and more. Plus, look who writes the checks for the “witnesses”. And the witnesses that contradict the plane that everyone else swears too? Crickets, chirp, chirp, chirp. Memory hole……..

  23. There’s a reason you find engineers (civil, structural, aeronautical, mechanical) on one side, and most folks on the polar opposite of this plane issue. Bam, that’s where all those religious republicrat voters are!??!

  24. A missile cloaked with a hologram wrapped around it to appear like a jet would be more plausible…. Hard to subpeona anyone with that supposition though. It’s absurd to say a plane did this, but, it’s absurd to say americans have a firm grasp of the laws of the physical universe as well. Tiring. They couldn’t have the bomb destroy the accountants at the pentagon by itself, they had to have an outside event cover up the bomb. I can guarentee, the plotters threw out an 757 as being possible. Sure, it could hit other parts of the pentagon with great difficulty. But see, the “nut” of it is that exact spot on the pentagon where the leakes were going to come from after the audits. Missile works, it’s the only way given the flight path and the “physical” possibility of hitting it. The argument that they had a plane to get rid of makes sense for a bit. It’s was gone during the 28 minutes of lost time. Enter missile, and Hanni. Had to get rid of Hanni somehow too. Can’t do it with a 757 though. I’m sure the actual pilot of flight 11 would say just that after working at the pentagon in defeating just such a plan. Can’t have that guy running around giving testimony as to the utter impossibility of a 757 doing this. I’m sure he would have talked about the IRON grid of SAMS surrounding D.C. for starters. With him around, the arguments and explanations wouldn’t even have gotten to the ridiculousness of a 757 achieving this. That was sure genious routing his aircraft into this coverup, 1000 birds with one stone at the pentagon. The one Israeli on that flight, look him up.

  25. There are 85 other videos that are being held back for fear of government threats. While it is understandable that people live in fear and their fear is preyed upon by those who use fear as a deceptive tactic, perhaps this ‘leaked’ video is a sign that someone ‘in the know’ has had enough, knows the government is corrupt and wicked, and is getting revenge. In a repeat video I watched yesterday, there is the footage of the small jet engine on the lawn outside the Pentagon that Boeing says is not from a 757 nor is it from the APU unit and also statements from Rolls Royce which supplies engines for the 757. But, it fits the dimensions of an engine from a global hawk( or a cruise missile; at the time this video was made, I don’t think a cruise missile was on the list yet). This is obviously Satanic deception coupled with fear to cause confusion and chaos. The devil is the author of confusion.

  26. Brian,
    You seem to deliberately ignore the fact that these planes CANNOT fly at those speeds and that altitude. Countless pilots have indicated this fact. So it doesn’t matter if 1000 witnesses said they saw a plane hit the pentagon. That is fact. Disprove that fact! Use objective science and disprove it.
    You’re not going to do that because you are either purposefully or unknowingly involved in a classic diversionary tactic.

    “All this was inspired by the principle–which is quite true within itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

    —Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X

  27. perhaps you can come up with one of the 85 videos showing the aircraft?
    until then, this seems to be the most credible single piece of evidence
    the one released shows what looks exactly like a cruise missile also…but the video released is, of course, a hoax, doctored with frames removed and resolution altered
    this leaves this one…the only camera in washington at the time..even the satellites must all have crashed and burned
    i call it…best evidence

  28. This was directed at Michael Rivero, sorry, I hit the reply button after his dismissal as a CGI effect. I just wanted to present alternative factors at play that can also account for the perceived issues. Until a professional panel of experts tells me it’s authentic, I won’t take it at face value. Just merely pointing out that many factors can alter legitimate footage, and passing it off as CGI is not completing the investigation. Forensic examination IS.

  29. Take this position, there are 85 other videos. If one shows a plane heading toward the pentagon, perhaps we should see it.
    Can you think of a single reason to keep them classified other than the obvious?

  30. During the past 2 years I had a lot of articles about 9/11 at my website, both in English and Dutch. When reading them again I came accross an article from this webiste: http://poorrichards-blog.blogspot.com/2011/01/mossad-ran-911-arab-hijacker-terrorist.html It suggests that Mohamed Atta was a Mossad agents. This is said: Atta maintained high-level contacts in Saudi intelligence and Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI), giving the Mossad plausible deniability of any relationship with Atta. FBI teams were denied access to the passenger manifest of the El Al plane that exfiltrated scores of Mossad agents from New York’s JFK airport to Tel Aviv in the afternoon of 9/11. There is reason by some FBI agents to believe that “Mohamed Atta” was among the passengers on the El Al escape flight. Is it not possible to get the names from the passenger’s list?

  31. That is NOT the only plausible explanation. You know that there are a number of factors here, including compression artifacts, lens distortion, plus the complicated moving camera/moving target distortions inherent in video recording (the source isn’t 1080p HD, it’s likely VHS – at least this blurred copy). The fact the the object is traveling at supersonic speed means it’s not being captured accurately by the limited frame count of the medium.

    Aside all of that, once the missile crosses the road it and it’s vapor trail both are partially obscured from the direction of the bottom of the frame, as between the camera and the missile, there’s some trees and foliage. This causes the missile and vapor trail to appear to change shape or course.

  32. JP fuel doesn’t burn orange and definately not dark orange, not unless you purchased it in Managua second hand from CIA. Could be the film though, but I doubt it after seeing the twins explosions.

  33. No nonnono, I’m eff’n with Mike. His site is my 1st site in the morning. Has been for a long time. Content, and updated fast.

  34. The truth is coming out even more and they are going to kick cheney,bush and rumsfeld for coordinating 9/11 and the missile that went into the penatgon. I heard that arrests are planned for september 11,2011 during the 10th anniversary.

  35. weeks prior to 9/11 W signed an executive order that in the event of a risk to Nat. Sec. The vice president, Dick, would take over the command of NORAD

  36. Yeah right PWS Fetzer just cant see the wood for the trees….only his cherished vision, there are none so blind as those that wont see and none so deaf as those that wont hear….he is a scammer and disinfo plague and really blows VT’s integrity apart but take note that Gordon has been putting up some funny stuff since Fetzer arrived on the scene too.

  37. Flag Etiquette
    It is flown upside down only as a distress signal.

    SEPT 11 2011 ?

  38. Flag Etiquette
    The Flag Code, which formalizes and unifies the traditional ways in which we give respect to the flag, also contains specific instructions on how the flag is not to be used. They are:

    The flag should never be dipped to any person or thing. It is flown upside down only as a distress signal.
    The flag should not be used as a drapery, or for covering a speakers desk, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general. Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes. The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top.
    The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose. It should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use. Advertising signs should not be attached to the staff or halyard

    SEPT 11 ,2011 It is flown upside down only as a distress signal. SEPT 11 ,2011
    SEPT 11 ,2011 It is flown upside down only as a distress signal. SEPT 11 ,2011

    SEPT 11 ,2011 ?

  39. would it be disrespectful for a few million Americans to hang the Flag in the distress position on this 911?

  40. Mr Rivero and I disagree on this issue and little else. I have NO reason to believe Michael Rivero is anything but who he says he is.

  41. I have intensified and blown up pictures of UAV’s hovering near the twin towers, I’d say they were taking realtime footage for the plungers and “documenting” for themselves perhaps. The UAV’s are the tripod kind that fly like a helicopter and look like R2-D2 in shape. 3 of them. BUT, sadly, I’d have to agree with Peter. Not real, or accurate. Do we really need a missile or a plane anymore though?

  42. TJ, Are you and Vinnie unaware that the Pentagon released those five frames, the first of which is conveniently labeled “plane”? It is too small to be a Boeing 757 (see “Seven Questions about 9/11”) but there is a white plume extending from it, which pilots and aeronautical engineers have told me is not exhaust from a jet (which is black) but appears to be the plume of a missile. If you watch this video, you will see the image of a small plane following in the same trajectory as the missile shown. So if a missile was fired at the Pentagon, then we have some (disputable) evidence about its origin.

  43. @ Jim Fetzer

    “…The projected image of a plane could do those things, but not a real plane.”

    Then tell us, please, about the projector.

  44. I hate to repeat myself – nor do I wish to be insistent like Fetzer, but the how and why of the situation on that fateful day of manouvres was realistically explained by AbelDanger in that there was the 3rd Man software which was inserted to re simulate the actions of all parties concerned with Air Traffic and Norad et al causing what was seen on screens to be different from what was casually seen from the ground and consequently recorded on digital media. It also allowed to change the order or information between two parties who believed they were in 1 to1 talk with each other but really permitted the “conspirators” to speak live to one party and then reinterpret said information…nence the change over of surrogate planes which were the ones that didnt go to targets…the original flights were transfered to an airport where both flights landed and were “handled” at different terminal points on that same airport. What happened to the pax is up for speculation but there is truth in “follow the money” or “take the money and run” !

    What is clear is that america saw two jets pile into the towers – that is what was seen by the great american audience and as a consequence was perpetually re affirmed by all news outlats and private video observers….what was never proven was that they were actually flown by 19 ragheads from a cave in Afghan…

    WTC7 went down as a result of Siverstein saying so and no terrorists brought it down – the pentagon was hit by a missile type explosive device under cover of a supposed 757 which left no evidence of its being…the very fact that all video camera recordings have never been produced is clear evidence that the Govt has something to hide because why else would they insist on it being a 757 when they refuse to prove it..or even allow the tapes to demonstrate the truth….all aircaft prangs leave evidence of a substantial amount that is fact as well as truth.

    Fetzer does the truth a serious dis-service with his permanent insistence on no planes …since the whole of america saw planes on digital recording material there is no possible reason to try and reconvince the people if it is not therefore a ploy to disinform…there has been far too much recorded and photographic evidence of a plausable nature to inculcate a different view of what really did happen.

    The start is always with some that will dragnet the rest into the net and press for the visible evidence and not for the subterfuged evidence which will make its way into the picture as the basic story unfolds.

  45. Exactly Brian – People get stubborn and don’t want to admit they might be wrong – you said it in one…so what they think they saw was not what they really saw…thus an aircraft may well have flown overheadf as a missile whipped in and made a small hole that would not have been made by a 757 nor was there ANY APPRECIABLE wreckage which ALL pranged aircraft leave – thats fact not just truth.

  46. You forget gentlemen that the Hague too is riddled with “assets” and that sending the “guilty” there will be nothing more than a diversion to the back door and paradise island retirement….remember that island in the Hawaii group that Dubya created a sanctuary area – quite some few thousand square miles of surface area and some islands that would be out of bounds for anyone except registered scientific studies – came as a big surprise to us marine ecologists and the like….

  47. Yes, duty.

    If the military had done its duty, none of this could have happened.

    It is the Department of Defense, after all, and we have spent untold trillions buying them weapons.

    The Japanese have a saying,

    If the stray dog gets in the garden
    Then the gate was not truly locked.

    The most basic military service is guard duty, but our guys failed in that duty on Black Tuesday, and nobody has been called on the carpet to explain those failures.

    The failures include the Commander-in-chief sitting tight, doing exactly nothing, trying to remain calm we are led to believe, instead of rallying the defense of our nation against the attacks.

    From that perspective, it doesn’t really matter what hit the Pentagon – plane, cruise missile, or simple bomb.

    No, what matters is the HQ of the world’s most powerful military couldn’t get off a shot in its own defense, even with the VP getting timely updates on the plane’s approach.

    Sitting ducks.

  48. Didnt AbelDanger sort that one out with the introduction of simulation software duringbthe “exercises” which allowed the two surrogate remote controlled aircraft to interlace withnthe air controllers “vision” and the two real flights both landed at the same airport but were handled at different ends of the airfield facility – there is a website for this (no, not the AbelDanger site), but it slips my attention at the mo so will try to find it and leave it in these comments…

  49. “and covered with airplane fuel”….that is so much bullshit it almost takes the top prize in ridiculousness…the great fiery explosion on those videos would have barbi-qued anyone who “was covered with aviation fuel”…

  50. One follow up on this for the skeptics:

    Let’s all think about “rules of engagement”. That’s a military term we are all familiar with due to movies, news, etc. A “rule of engagement” is put in place to ensure that proper procedures are followed in the event that a senior officer is not present. Quick decisions are paramount during warfare and “rules of engagement” are very important to protect facilities, troops, etc.

    I would think that all of us would agree that there were certain “rules of engagement” that were long ago agreed upon in the case of the Pentagon. Any threat within x miles of washington DC would be categorically assigned and destroyed asap. what is the x? 10 miles, 20 miles,100 miles…who knows, but you can bet that such a ‘rule of engagement” was established.

    The “rules of engagement” were thrown out the window on 9/11.


  51. Someone in the area may have accidentally captured the audio portion of the incident by accident. Many things have audio signatures…you would be amazed. Look in this direction for more evidence.

  52. Hey Gordo,

    Nice article, but old stuff for the old hands at this.

    I’m hoping you guys are coming up with something else in the coming days besides grainy videos like this one to prove the points.

    Someone above made some very good points about satellite coverage on 9/11. Where is that stuff? When are the insiders who have seen this going to come forward? Do any of you people care anymore?



  53. @ Brian

    Here is just one of numerous witnesses that I don’t think fit your analysis: Sean Boger, Air Traffic Controller and Pentagon tower chief – “I just looked up and I saw the big nose and the wings of the aircraft coming right at us and I just watched it hit the building.” “It exploded. I fell to the ground and covered my head.

    Or he saw it approach the building and saw an explosion, so his brain saw it hit the building and explode.

    Or not. After all, he’s a Pentagon employee. He wouldn’t dare say anything else.

    The threats against the survivors of Israel’s attack of the USS Liberty come to mind.

  54. Maybe Obummer does have the upper hand on Nutty Yahoo, thats why 81 shills were “sent” on holiday…after all more countries are backing Palestine now…for one pont.

  55. Perhaps this line from the article might help to “visualize” things PWS, because there are some pretty damning between the lines issues to be assessed from many articles…its all getting rather too suspicious…

    ” It requires visualizing a scene out of Auschwitz” .

    What the hell has that massive red herring remark got to do with the issue – either its stupid or its
    worse….please yourselves but that remark speaks volumes in whichever context….

  56. Sorry Brian, and others insisting on a Commercial Jetliner making that
    hole in the Pentagon. You’ve not seen the reality of Titanium engines,
    eleven feet in diameter, leaving no trace of their existence on the walls.
    You’ve not considered how they ordered a line of office-workers to comb
    the grass, picking up little bits of anything which might give away
    the truth of the situation. Lots of satanists exist within military ranks,
    gaining career prestige for their murdering ways.
    Thank God for VT. Wake up, Mike Castle.
    I say It’s all you guys’ DUTY to not be a go-along with the code of silence.
    When we say “Support the Troops”, it must mean Help them with
    DeBriefing and DeProgramming as to just what Our Mission WAS
    and now IS…WHO was pulling the Strings, commanding Demons
    to undermine our NORAD-response, WHO was a treasonous,
    battlefield infiltrator-saboteur spy, but came out with Promotions
    and Decorations and Millions of contractor Dollars?

  57. Foo, sorry if I offended you. In my family we call each other silly all the time and we don’t mean to be disrespectful. Besides I wrote “a little silly.” 🙂

    Anyway when you have time do the easy Google search for the article I mentioned and read what all these witnesses had to say. Too me it’s very compelling.

    Here is just one of numerous witnesses that I don’t think fit your analysis: Sean Boger, Air Traffic Controller and Pentagon tower chief – “I just looked up and I saw the big nose and the wings of the aircraft coming right at us and I just watched it hit the building.” “It exploded. I fell to the ground and covered my head.

  58. @ Brian

    “…no offense but this is a little silly…”

    How could one not be offended? “Silly” is a term of derision, of ridicule; from my viewpoint, that constitutes an ad hominem attack. It goes way beyond being disrespectful.

    Gordon had posted, “pentagon ‘planers’ are, to a man, PAID.” I wanted to cast doubt on that.

    Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable. Leaving aside the issue of being deliberately deceptive, a person can be completely honest and still be mistaken. One’s mood and one’s expectations affect the accuracy of what one’s brain sees.

    I chose the moonwalking bear example, because I considered it likely that many readers would be familiar with it. Even if one weren’t, my explanation of it would click.

    “…Not one person saw a missile at the Pentagon…”

    My point exactly. If there had been a missile at the Pentagon, would their brain have seen it?

    In legal proceedings, there is a term — “Best Evidence.” In this case, it would be video from the Pentagon roofline cameras, from the Citgo gas station camera or from the hotel camera. We ain’t got it, and we ain’t gonna get it, neither.

    I realize that I’m about to leave myself wide open here, and I’m going to say it anyway: I see nothing demeaning about honest ignorance. By that I mean that, lacking “Best Evidence,” I can accept uncertainty.

    I don’t need to know everything for sure, and I don’t need for everyone else to agree with me to validate myself.

    Back on topic, did a missile hit the Pentagon? I doubt it, and that blurry “leaked video” is about as far away from “Best Evidence” as I can imagine.

  59. @foo
    I think your on the right track. The target at the Pentagon was the accounting dept. The personnel, and the data records. The only way to ensure both are wiped out is by internal explosions. 18 hours prior the new civilian head Rumsfeld says he will bring in the data of the missing 2.5 Trillion. The people in that dept. would not find it strange to be told to gather all the records, and to come in early, for it had been some time in the making the loss of the funds. The auditors could have allowed their guard down, and brought in all the evidence they had to perhaps give a presentation. It was mentioned before congress on TV, they were in a very secure building, and it was a new DOD head, perhaps enough to allow the wariness any auditor feels when they discover malfeasance at the audited entity to bring in all their key pieces of evidence.

    The people that did this have global unlimited access to everything we can think of, plus a whole lot more we don’t know about. To say they could not have done this without the real airliners is just pure folly. They had the perfect cover, multiple drills. They diverted the real air cover, for a reason. They had what had to be took for a attack on the U.S with the planes flying into the WTC, so they could bring a whole security crack down, and arrests of anyone who protested without any suspicion. They have underground facilities, and airfields to use, to hide anything.

    We may have to give a real investigation of 9-11 up, if only so all the various witnesses are not killed, for surely they would be. They also know all the personnel who were on duty at all the various stations, and we don’t.

    Our best shot right now is to get Ron Paul in as President. We can start changing things that way, and maybe prevent these maniacs from destroying our infrastructure, and our way of life here.

  60. Simple questions like yours are the good ones.

    But we’ve been lured on snipe hunts, while the ducks who sat are still sitting.

  61. Not the Hague. It is owned and operated by those who have every reason to find technicalities to set Cheney free. Any trial of Cheney should be conducted by a Common Law Grand Jury excluding all participation by any globalist agencies or their minions.

    Better yet, send him to stand trial in the countries he helped to destroy under Sharia Law. 😉

  62. I agree Peter and it concerns me that while Gordon will cover fakes from mainstream news he then uses fakes in his own!! I wonder if this is deliberate to ensure that, when people jump on this as “proof” it can then easily be dismantled and, once more, the people who are sincerely trying to push for a new investigation and also trying to expose this criminality, are, once again, sidelined into the “nutjob” category? Gordon presents a lot of good, well resarched, stuff which is entirely factual but then spoils it with this sort of thing. He should damn well know better and i belive he does! The fact remains however, there was no plane that hit that building. Further to the vid, the hole shown is suggested as the entrance hole when, in fact, it is the hole that was in Ring C and is an “exit hole” of some kind.

  63. Aerodynamic realities and the easily verifiable laws of physics which apply do not depend on a three to four frame clip Jord. That is a specious counterargument.

    I suggest you go do some research on the well established forces which would preclude any 757 from having ever flown even remotely close to the necessary level at cruising speed without having broken apart well before any claimed impact.

  64. Agreed in part, bahmi. However, by the same token both Ventura and Rivera are equally branded under sensationalist labels. The bully pulpit they enjoy is thus somewhat tarnished both by their reputations as grandstanders (and not insignificantly Ventura’s past as a participant in the clownish spectacle of pro wrestling), an by their respective platforms.

    The fact that Ventura pontificates under the banner of “Conspiracy Theory” to my mind only disenfranchises him and the information he seeks to convey from significant swathes of the general public, allowing the media to showcase him as a means to discredit those who refer to his findings (however accurate they may be) as “tin foil hatters”. By the same token Rivera, under the Faux News label is relegated by many to the corner as a wingnut (which he is for the most part) thus again providing a means to undermine truthseekers.

    I think we do ourselves a great disservice by deferring to the cult of celebrity for endorsement of what is already a mountain of evidence long-since vetted by sheer critical analysis, well before it was held aloft by these two media darlings.

  65. Foo I think you make some good posts but no offense but this is a little silly. Do the Google search, find the article and read all of the eyewitness testimony. People get stubborn and don’t want to admit they might be wrong.

    To me the Mossad and sayanim either initiated or got on board early and pushed this unsubstantiated strange theory that a missile hit the Pentagon in order to implicate the U.S. government as the criminal and divert attention away from the real culprit the Israeli government.

    It seems a lot of people in the “missile hit the Pentagon” crowd base this on an air traffic controller essentially stating it required making a tight 320-degree turn while descending seven thousand feet, then leveling out so as to fly low enough over the highway just west of the Pentagon to knock down lamp posts. After crossing the highway the pilot had to take the plane to within inches of the ground so as to crash into the Pentagon at the first-floor level. Well many eyewitnesses in the area also saw the difficult maneuver.

    So what did they really see? Are they all lying? If so, why? Perhaps a plane swap? It’s possible.

    Where is the evidence a missile hit the Pentagon. Not one person saw a missile at the Pentagon. One person said the plane was acting like a missile and that quote has been exploited by some people in the missile hit the Pentagon crowd.

    Why would the culprits do something so incredibly risky as to hit the Pentagon with a missile and then try to convince the world it was hit by an airplane. It’s silly.

  66. Concerning the Pentagon eye-witnesses…

    Two different meanings of “truth” apply here. One is being honest; the other is being factually correct.

    You have a view of the Pentagon. It’s about 9:36, and you see a commercial airliner approaching the Pentagon. You have heard that two planes hit the WTC towers. As the plane gets even with the Pentagon, there’s a synchronized explosion from inside. There’s a fireball and black smoke. You don’t see the plane fly past the Pentagon.

    If you said that you saw the plane hit the Pentagon, then you would be telling the truth, in the sense that you weren’t lying. However, it would not be the truth in the factual sense of that word.

    We see with our brains, not with our eyes. Our eyes are just sensors.

    We’ve all seen the video of two teams passing a basketball back and forth. We’re told to count how many times that the ball is passed.

    Then we’re told that we didn’t see the moonwalking bear, and the scene is played again. Sure enough, there’s a guy in a bear suit, making his way through the teams.

    The people in the vicinity of the Pentagon had been told, by the reports of two planes’ hitting the WTC towers, what to look for, and that’s what they saw.

    Now, let’s say that a missile actually hit the Pentagon. (No need for inside explosives.) Given that people had been programmed to see a plane, they would have seen a plane.

  67. Penumbra – don’t make me laugh, its impossible for you to talk about aerodynamic consistency of an airliner with 3-4 frames of such low quality. The object in the above frames is too large to be a missile. Thats not to say Mossad didn’t implode the WTC and hijack the pilots controls – they did.

  68. Hi Truth Seeker,

    I couldn’t agree with you more-

    to me the video is blatantly a fake- and anyway, how could a passenger plane made of sophisticated plastics, aluminum and other light-weight materials suddenly morph into such a concentrated demolition charge capable of ripping through concrete and steel subsequently blowing rooms to smithereens and yet leave no traces?-

    as much as I normally respect Rivero’s opinions, he sometimes can’t see the forest because of all the trees and I bet he hasn’t considered for one second that the “eye witnesses” confirming an airline were part of a probably cleverly made pre-911 composite of coerced interviews (can we all say “money” for a promised cameo in an up-coming film?), the interviewees probably not having a clue about what the hell was about to happen-

    yep, they did appear as cameos in a film…

    as with many truth seekers in the internet, ego still plays a part and I think Rivero just does not want to admit he just might be wrong

  69. It is obviously cruise missile AGM-86B as a gift of ZIO-Illuminati masters to stupid american sheeple. Tora & Talmud teach jews during hundreds of years how to decieve and kill stupid Judeo-Christian slaves.

  70. It is obviously cruise missile AGM-86B. It is a gift of ZIO-Illuminati masters to stupid american sheeple. Tora & Talmud teach jews during hundreds of years how to decieve and kill stupid Goy.

  71. Good timing from Mossad & Jewish Anti-Natives Americans CIA: some truth mixed in the same mude smell more sweet, but remaining alway a poison!

    95% of the diabolic jewish plan has been done…”our” criminal masters are enjoyed to offer us some candies to the 10th Birthday of 11 September.

    10 Years after Hollywood/Manhatan with +3.000 poor workers assassination, the main stream Murdoch have to show us some movies, before to push us in an other direction (for them live is a sadic game), and to disorient for the next 10 years…911 WTC was planned to works well for almost 30 years, time to experiment a new appetizer crimes!

  72. We bicker like a bunch of silly old women. If we were men, we would be outraged at the 911 lawyer’s comment “the preservation of the State is more important than the truth”. We should not go to work on 911 and not go back until the government releases the confiscated video tapes so we can all see what actually hit the Pentagon. How’s that?

  73. Speaking of the stand-down, I came upon this interesting video clip which raises some serious questions about the performance that day of Colonel Robert Marr, commander of NORAD Northeast Sector who tried successfully several times to slow down or obstruct the military response to the hijackings on 9/11.

  74. If a Missile was fired, were was it fired from? from a Ship ? people some were would have seen it. what are people afraid of ???????? the truth will set you free. arrest all the GARBAGE. Hang all of them. did someone say TREASON against America and its people.

  75. A simple question to all:
    Cheney knew, as many others, that an unidentified aircraft was enroute toward the pentagon on 9/11. Cheney was being given the closing distance by a military individual several times and asking the VP if
    the orders still stood or something to that effect. With this information regarding the incoming aircraft know by those at the highest level of our government, explain to me why the Pentagon missile defence system was not deployed and this unidentified aircraft summarily shot out of the sky. Only someone with major authority inside our government had the power to authorize those controlling the missle system to stand down and not fire the weapons. Name that individual and note it as the primary starting point from which to solve the 911 stalemate.

  76. Not necessarily, a good definition video would give away all the flaws. If I were to fake a video like this I would keep it grainy and slightly out of focus. It does not resemble satellite footage because satellite can’t maneuver like that. Also why cut the video just at the point of entry, because this video was not recorded at the same time as the original strike. As a video professional I believe it is a fake. That said this article is “9/11 for dummies”.

    Jesse Ventura or Geraldo Rivera does not deserve any credit for the information that they presented on main stream networks. The information was out at least 9 years before. Don’t get me wrong its way past due but who would trust anyone that works for Fox news or used to be an entertainment wrestler. If anybody deserves credit for exposing 9/11 it is Eric Hufschmid’s Painful Deception, hate him or not he was the first to present a clear picture of more than enough evidence to convict the entire Bush White House on 9/11 as an inside job. Missing Links nailed most of the perps that should have been swinging from DC lamp post by 1/1/2003 at the latest. All the other 9/11 documentaries were modeled from Deceptions with a few more bits and pieces, longer narratives, excellent scoring and opinion.

    But the questions I have is why now? Are the preps stupid? Is it we finally busted them? What, the money ran out so the kosher banksters are going to crush us? Are they looting us because they know something we don’t? Is it because people are finally waking up after ten years or is it that the Americans are being set up? If the America people are the government, (by the people for the people) who is to blame for this war of destruction on the world and the murder of over 2 million people, just since 9/11?

  77. Dimitri Khalezov, Jim Fetzer and anybody else. They don’t really matter. As for what I saw (the cover up) and what I see now (the fake video), I believe the government lied about 9/11. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t the grandfather of W want to overthrow the government? I remember reading somewhere that W wanted to make his grandfathers wish come true. Is this true? I will be waiting for Gordon’s reply to my questions when he has the time to check on them. Thanks.

  78. You know, I just have to mention this. Everyone keeps talking about how Obama has failed the American people and how he is continuing the Bush policies and so on and so forth but has anyone ever really given much thought as to what Obama is up against? I honestly believe that he is for change but it is hard to implement the type of change that is necessary when you see that he really isn’t the one in control. Heis fighting the cia, nsa, military industrial complex and God knows who else. It’s easier to want to implement change than to actually do it once you’re in office, especially against such opposition. Perhaps his family and his life have been threatened. It wouldn’t be the first time a president has been killed.

  79. The funny thing is, this is what the perpetrators of this crime want everyone doing, which is arguing back and forth about who’s right and who’s wrong. Like a bunch of kids, can’t you just get along?

  80. Perhaps we should keep in mind that anyone who knows the truth about what happened on 9/11 is either dead, incapacitated, frozen in fearful silence, or happily enjoying their payoff.

    We’re all in the same boat here – looking for clues. Our theories may not be entirely correct but I think we can all agree that 9/11 was a professional militaristic hit on pre-planned targets. (PA being a failure.)

    We are being deliberately divided over the small stuff, which needs investigating but doesn’t take away from the grand theory: 9/11 was an inside job.

    Thanks Mr. Duff, for all you do.

  81. Wallytron, I would love to see seal team 5 make a citisens arrest on Cheney and a whole list of other criminals, too many to mention. Jesse Ventura said he could make Cheney confess too murdering President Lincoln if he waterboarded his face.

  82. Nice Work, Gordon! I love Jesse Ventura…..and you have got to love the way he ends the show, in your face! April Gallop’s testimony is scary…I hope they leave her alone……Dick Cheney was in charge of the stand down and the mossad set the explosives and charges in the towers. Thanks again, for having the courage to cover this issue, and let us hope someday soon we can get these criminals on trial. Excellent presentation! Thanks to VT for dogging this important issue. Doug

  83. Attention Seal Team 5!!!! Are you guys tired of all the press Seal Team 6 has been getting for a dead man and Big foot and dropping them into the ocean and no pictures to prove it?

    Here is a mission for you that will best Seal Team 6, Snatch former VP Cheney and rendition him to any country that will send his hide to the Hage to stand trial as a war criminal.

    Man Up Seal Team 5. Do what is right. Show this scum that they cant forkup our country

  84. Rex, Please don’t tell me that you don’t realize the Kapner is a spoof by certain people having fun demonstrating how easy it is to lead folks around by the nose. He’s an actor.

  85. @Garibaldi,
    Those are some great links people need to see. It’s very simple, the Pentagon has cameras all over the place, if there was a 757, or 767 there that day, they would have shown it. The F B I had two agents drive by within 5 min, and so were supposed to believe, that they drive by that whole mess, and pull video tapes from a gas station, and hotel, when they know the whole grounds is covered by cameras ?

    It’s is always the same with these operations, they collect photographic, and video evidence. Dealey Plaza had men flashing SS identity collecting cameras right afterwards. The tunnel Diana died in had 13 video cameras, and none are alleged to have functioned, I mean how can anyone believe these Official stories. Christ, no wonder these criminals just laugh at us. Then, we just argue amongst ourselves, over their B.S stories while they just run wild.

  86. Trowbridge Ford must be the most unreliable student of 9/11 I have ever encountered. There was no damage to the lawn, which anyone can see for themselves in “Seven Questions about 9/11”. The hit point was on the ground floor, not the second, as Trowbridge no doubt believes. A friend of mine from JFK research, Roy Schaeffer, wrote me long ago to explain that he had a trucker buddy, Dave Ball, who was in front of the Pentagon at the time and told of watching a large commercial carrier fly right toward the building but then swerve and fly over it. This has been confirmed by Pilots for 9/11 Truth’s study of the “black box data” given to them by the NTSB, which they discuss in “Pandora’s Black Box”, and the CIT documentary, “National Security Alert”. Major General Albert Stubbelbein, who was in charge of US photo image research, has confirmed that no Boeing hit the Pentagon, where I have a video of his discussion on “The Debate over 9/11 Truth: Kevin Ryan vs. Jim Fetzer”. David Ray Griffin has explained how we know that all the phone calls from all the planes were faked in Global Research, “Phone Calls from the 9/11 Airliners”, http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=16924
    I am sorry to say I find a pattern here of posts based upon massive ignorance or deliberate distortion.

  87. Is this the inverse of the original video? Notice the 2 trees on the right… they should actually be on the left according to most photos on the net of the damage.

  88. LOL! Once again,
    I don’t think he will mind, here is a comment Mike Rivero of whatreallyhappened.com. sent me in an email:

    Hundreds of people saw the plane fly towards the Pentagon. Not one witness saw it fly away. Where did it go if not into the building?

    Brian: None of the air traffic controller who watched the Pentagon plane said it flew away from the Pentagon. Oh my.

  89. You mean the “9/11 LIE” community?
    By the way, an airplane DID fly by/overhead as the missle hit the building. Misdirection works wonders.

  90. Mr. Gage [It’s all about Larry “Jewish Lightning” Silverstein],

    I commend you on your 9/11 production [http://tv.globalresearch.ca/2011/08/911-explosive-evidence-experts-speak-out]–although, I think somewhat weak in “essential” detail. What is that Orwellian term: “To support with faint criticism”? But I am also sure that you and your associates are under considerable pressure and one must move forward with care:

    When one of your experts states that one cannot melt steel with a kerosene/office furniture-based fire: She should have described the subject steel to which she referenced [central columns, etc.], i.e.: The thickness [2″s?], the width [48″?] the length [100 ft?] the weight [per column 100 tons?]. Hear the descriptive difference: “Steel” versus “Massive steel columns”. To the lay person–this is huge–the difference between a boat-in-the-bathtub and the Titanic!

    But the most glaring–and the most incriminating [the “motive”]– is the omission of Larry Silverstein’s admitted practice of [he did collect $6 billion from his brand new insurance policy]”Jewish Lightening”. It’s an old term used in the New York area, when there was some suspicion about a fire. This commercial TV-recorded admission of a crime [“…so we decided to pull the building”]– should be the lead frame in your film–with everything else– building around the perpetrator and the perpetration of the crime. I mean–he publicly [with authenticated recording] admitted to “pulling the trigger”. Ah, there it is, the proverbial smoking gun, with eyes wide open: In your face, suckers!

    It’s perfect: The “lone wolf”, the motive(s), the payoff(s), the connections, the circumstances, etc.,–where’s Elliot Spitzer or Fritzsimmons when we really need a white hat? Hey, if that’s the bone they threw us-then let’s go with it: Silverstein is the wedge in!

    Deception can be a deceiving phenomena: When [as with David Copperfield] in board daylight–becomes the most invisible. It’ psychological Mr. Gage–the whole thing is psychological–and psychology can shift with the wind.



  91. Trowbridge Ford –
    Hani Hanjour is a figment of Bush’s and quite possibly your imagination. Time magazine is controlled by TPTB. There were NO phone calls. Just because someone “says” something happened, without concrete evidence (of which they have none) doesn’t mean anything. 9/11 was a “Fairy Tale From Hell” and you don’t believe in fairy tales do you?

  92. I would definitely recommend Jones’s book even though it cost $56 with postage. It’s massive, at about 1,100 pages. Speaking of Sabbateans, on p. 468 Jones says they found justification for their deceit in the Lurianic Cabala and he quotes Gershon Scholem’s Sabbatai Sevi:The Mystical Messiah that the Lurianic Cabala “was not content with the defeat and submission of gentiles but exulted in the idea of their ultimate annihilation.” Judging by the fairly recent pronouncement by Israel’s Rabbi Odavia Yosef to this effect, it appears this is still the intent of orthodox Jewry and who knows who else. Your concept of “theolotics” makes sense and can be expanded to encompass the messianic idea of the Jewish people as collectively their own Messiah. Dostoevsky has one of his atheist characters in The Demons say that God is the collective consciousness of a people, as I recall, and the god of the Cabalists can be rather nasty and has been known to pull out the stick when the donkey no longer follows the carrot. It seems altogether consistent that modern day Cabalists, including gentile Freemasons, artfully work toward enslavement of their fellow man by deceitfuly preaching an outward message of healing and peace. Their “new” white magic, of course, is social engineering, surveillance, and control, where these great minds take on the role of the Grand Inquisitor. I wish we had space to develop these ideas, but I would mention Freud’s (insanely paranoid) Cabalistic/Talmudic hermeneutic of the human psyche, where he and his adepts presume that, while they hear what others say, they know what they’re actually thinking and can speak for their true motivations. No wonder paranoid neocons pull out the “anti-Semite” card at the drop of a hat, since they assume their critics intend to annihilate them as well. And then there’s Marx’ Cabalistic/Talmudic hermeneutic of history itself, where secular rabbis interpret every society not of their making as structures of oppression, and propose as a Talmudic remedy the annihilation of that society and its replacement with Talmudic-style regulations over every aspect of one’s waking life. As for Obama, yes, I agree he’s nothing but a groomed figurehead of these people intended, as you so well put it, “to reinforce a number of American myths in one fell swoop.” Great to see you back commenting on VT.

  93. A friend of mine, Mike Sparks, has informed me that the video footage of the missile strike is faked. I think Gordon’s article is an excellent summary overview and agree about Jesse’s show. But, even though it looks quite realistic and I believe that a missile was fired at the building–very much as the video suggests–this one is fake, which may lead many to infer that no missile hit the Pentagon. This is parallel to the retyping of Bush’s fitness report, which Dan Rather verified–word for work–with the CO who wrote it and the secretary who typed it. But it had been retyped with a newer font, which meant that the document was faked and many therefore inferred its content was false. This case is parallel.



    I’m looking for the forum that had this. It was a woman that made the vid & did the CGI. The aerial footage of the Pentagon was from a DOJ publicity film. The woman admitted it was fake.

    The DoD Stock Footage (no missile strike)


  94. Gordon refer to my rejoinder to your ridiculous comment about no credible witnesses. Oh you may be able to poke a hole in a few of the testimonies and perhaps a few people are phony witnesses who want to part of history, it happens, but read the vast number of eyewitness accounts, perhaps the best Pentagon eyewitness list ever produced. Contact some of these people and tell them they didn’t see an airplane, they’ll be stunned by your comment and probably hang up the telephone.

    Rivero is the common sense of the 911 truth community. He hasn’t been fooled by the Mossad/sayanim plot to convince people a missile hit the Pentagon.

  95. No most are just in self-denial because the ramifications of a US military self-attack are too destructive of deeply held myths for them to acknowledge.

  96. That is no commercial airliner, sorry. Not only is the size of the object inconsistent with a 757 but as stated before, aerodynamically impossible, end of.

  97. No relaible witnesses? People do this Google search: Eyewitnesses Accounts
    Eric Bart’s Pentagon Attack Eyewitness Account Compilation

    It’s at the wtc7.net website.

    Sean Boger, Air Traffic Controller and Pentagon tower chief – “I just looked up and I saw the big nose and the wings of the aircraft coming right at us and I just watched it hit the building.” “It exploded. I fell to the ground and covered my head.

    Staff Sgt. Chris Braman : The lawn was littered with twisted pieces of aluminum. He saw one chunk painted with the letter “A,” another with a “C.” It didn’t occur to Braman what the letters signified until a man in the crowd stooped to pick up one of the smaller metal shards. He examined it for a moment, then announced: “This was a jet.”

    One, Mark Bright, actually saw the plane hit the building. He had been manning the guard booth at the Mall Entrance to the building. “I saw the plane at the Navy Annex area,” he said. “I knew it was going to strike the building because it was very, very low — at the height of the street lights. It knocked a couple down.” The plane would have been seconds from impact — the annex is only a few hundred yards from the Pentagon. He said he heard the plane “power-up” just before it struck the Pentagon. “As soon as it struck the building I just called in an attack, because I knew it couldn’t be accidental,” Bright said. He jumped into his police cruiser and headed to the area.

    It was a passenger plane. I think an American Airways plane, Mr Campo said. “I was cutting the grass and it came in screaming over my head. I felt the impact. The whole ground shook and the whole area was full of fire. I could never imagine I would see anything like that here.”

    Michael DiPaula 41, project coordinator Pentagon Renovation Team – He left a meeting in the Pentagon just minutes before the crash, looking for an electrician who didn’t show, in a construction trailer less than 75 feet away. “Suddenly, an airplane roared into view, nearly shearing the roof off the trailer before slamming into the E ring. ‘It sounded like a missile,’ DiPaula recalls . . . Buried in debris and covered with airplane fuel, he was briefly listed by authorities as missing, but eventually crawled from the flaming debris and the shroud of black smoke unscathed.

    Col. Bruce Elliott, former commander of the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant who was reassigned to the Pentagon in July, watched in horror Tuesday as a hijacked 757 airliner crashed into the nerve center of the U.S. military command. Elliott, in a phone interview Wednesday, said he had just left the Pentagon and was about to board a shuttle van in a south parking lot when he saw the plane approach and slam into the west side of the structure. “I looked to my left and saw the plane coming in,” said Elliott, who watched it for several seconds. “It was banking and garnering speed. I felt it was headed for the Pentagon.” (…) “It was like a kamikaze pilot. I felt it was going to ram the Pentagon,” he said. He said the craft clipped a utility pole guide wire, which may have slowed it down a bit before it crashed into the building and burst into flames. (…) Elliott said the rubble was still smoldering Wednesday morning.

    There’s plenty more testimony at the web page.

  98. Yes it’s a “fake” video for sure. All security cameras (video) in the area surrounding the Pentagon were instantly snatched by the FBI. Now why would they want to do that? Because, they know, just as I figured out over six years ago that a missle hit the pentagon. Their brazzen lies with absolutely no evidence on this event is even more amplified by their BS non-plane crash in Shanksville. Only the US Regime could make a huge unsubstantiated claim like this, and never once have to provide one tiny piece of evidence to back up their BS. One correction, I do believe that the newly remodeled section housed the Office Of Navy Intelligence, not the UFO dept. Because it was the ONL who was investigating the 2-trillion dollars missing from the books and all of the investigative evidence was there and had to be destroyed. (along with a good share of the “investigators.” You are totally correct on Dimitri Khalezov and Jim Fetzer being disinfo agents. Neither of them have a clue to 9/11 or what time it is, and IMO, Fetzer and some other kook who posted a BS 9/11 article here last week have no business being writers for this website, if in fact VT is what we are told it is – the absolute truth. The absolute truth cannot contain ANY lies, ANY disinfo, and ANY gatekeepers, nor can it be associated with ANY of them aka A&E 9/11 Truth (Lies). So, VT – are you the TRUTH, or are you something else?
    Time to shit or get off the toilet!

  99. Perhaps they don’t have any video. Perhaps the Mossad and their pals in the Pentagon destroyed all the video or possibly disabled the cameras. I think the Mossad put explosives in the building and the plane was just for show, that’s their style. Video coverage may have revealed explosives causes most of the damage.

  100. brian,
    you and michael rivero living in your own world, tiny airplanes without wings and engines, no passengers making tiny holes with no wreckage

    kissing riveros very confused ass is a waste of time

    you discredit yourself with this and a few other beliefs unfounded in reality

  101. Trow,
    We debunked the calls long ago. We have Boeing engineers who debunked the flight.
    Watch the video.
    There was no plane…at the pentagon and NO reliable witnesses…

    but we do have many witnesses that say no plane….and a wealth of evidence to back it up

    as for the calls……you been watching too much TV.

    The Time article you refer to is fiction as was the movie.

  102. http://www.jetbombers.com/chapter6.html

    This video, which I think i sent you a couple of years ago, could use a technical review as it contains all the hard proof necessary to debunk any pentagon/airplane fantasies.

    as for the video….best we accept this video….which supports all our hypotheses very well and let others disprove it

    peter has good experience in this area but there are MANY platforms at ranges between 5 and 800 miles that could produce optical results of this type

    altitudes from 4000 feet to over 300 miles

    were a video to be faked….it would have been given much more detail….certainly more than a missile made of 8 pixels.


  103. Trowbridge Hani Hanjour was an incompetent small plane pilot, who could not have flown the plane to the Pentagon let alone do the difficult maneuvers at the Pentagon.

    Please read this: “In the second week of August 2001, Hanjour had attempted to rent a small plane from an airport in Bowie, MD. Flight instructors Sheri Baxter and Ben Conner declined his request, after taking Hanjour on three test runs, noting he had trouble controlling and landing the Cessna 172. Source”.

    Regarding hitting the Pentagon: “It required making a tight 320-degree turn while descending seven thousand feet, then leveling out so as to fly low enough over the highway just west of the Pentagon to knock down lamp posts. After crossing the highway the pilot had to take the plane to within inches of the ground so as to crash into the Pentagon at the first-floor level. Quite a feat for a flight school flunky who had never sat in the cockpit of a jet!”

    Source: 911research.wtc.net

    Why would terrorists ask incompetent pilots to fly the attacks planes? The Mossad used them as patsies because the planes were flown by remote control.

    It gets even more intriguing: Eddie Shalev was the man who certified the incompetent pilot Hanjour to rent a Cessna 172 just three days after Marcel Bernard the chief instructor at Freeway refused to rent Hanjour the very same plane. The shocker is that Eddie Shalev is an Israeli and served in the Israeli army.

    Source: globalresearch.ca

    All the planes were hijacked and flown by remote control.

  104. I love this site and find it almost unique in the range of topics it addresses and the open-minded approach which it follows.

    Having said that I do believe that the video clip at the top is a fake, although it is a rendering of what I believe did actually happen. Of course the Pentagon was a missile/drone. A very good comment is made above which hadn’t crossed my mind before – if video existed of a plane hitting the building, we would have seen it long ago.

    The question for me is how was it done by a Mossad led operation? There was complicity of senior figures in the Bush administration, CIA and possibly military but launching a US cruise missile would have been difficult to both arrange and cover up. It could have been an IDF missile launched from within the US, but NORAD is likely to have seen it unless it was fired from very close.

  105. If you look at the video at the 29 second mark, the object claimed to be the missile “swims” slightly against the background, indicating a composite shot with improper background tracking.

  106. Dan,

    No I haven’t read that work but I will pick it up, thanks for the referral.

    If so, what did you think, and in particular his demonstration of the connection between revolutionary, messianic movements and the kind of sexual depravity practiced by Zevi and his followers?

    What I postulate on my understanding of “theolotics” as it were (a term I developed for my own reference to the more despotic perversion of outward political expression informed by inward moral convictions) is that the Luciferian root of the Sabbatean ethos reduces the cosmology of its adherents down to the elevation of self as an all encompassing ontology, not above all else but to the exclusion of all else, or in other words a delusional solipsistic evolutionary “godness”.

    Out of this introspective hubris is therefor born any manner of self-justifiable intent and action, whether licentious debauchery or any other form of exploitative or destructive manipulation of others for presumed personal advancement.

    Thus I would say that not only sexual but all manner of personal excess pursued for presumed self advancement would lead to enslavement rather than liberty. Precisely why you see such effective control over the political system, irrespective of personages and their claimed partisan differences, by agencies/actors behind the scene who remain whilst the front men are periodically changed.

    As to your second question, my view on the appointment (for that as with any “election” is what is actually being conducted by the PTB despite the illusion of popular choice) of Obama is that it was to establish a more unassailable paradigm on top of the paradigm commenced on 9/11.

    The PTB needed a front man comprising all the appearances of an iconoclast to mollify growing popular unrest without disturbing the deepening effects of the total spectrum domination of global society. For this it is natural that a Kennedyesque figure would be groomed from childhood from the black community, so historically discriminated against, to reinforce a number of American myths in one fell swoop.

    I trust you are sufficiently aware of what those myths are, so I’ll leave it there.

    Hope that answered your questions.

  107. Brian,

    Let’s hope you are not really chugging Diet Dr. Pepper or any diet soda. Watching Gene Simmons aka Chaim Weitz promote Dr. Pepper products should be enough to turn you off, but there are health reasons.

    Aspartame is a slow killing poison which is a good reason Donald Rumsfeld bullied it through for FDA approval when he was at Searle Labs.

    The Donald just keeps on killing; it’s his legacy.

    Having a little fun here as you say.

  108. Fake or not I think Gordon makes the case that no plane hit the Pentagon regardless and he discusses this on the Mike Rivera show last year. In that interview he tell Mike that the Australian Air Force did tests for the US Government and the lowest a commercial plane could fly without the Wind Vortices ripping the wings off was 350 knots at 150 feet in a gentle dive (NO TURNING) which was considerably slower than what is widely reported about the Pentagon Plane.

    The B52 (strongest plane ever built) can only fly 350 knots at 350 feet without its wings being ripped off according to the US Air Force.

    So once again as with many of the 911 fairy tale facks, the laws of physics seem to have been suspended on 9/11/01 …

  109. I enjoy coming to VT and appreciate the forum Duff gives people like Ingrid Zündel and JB Campbell.

    If you want the bitter truth though of what international jewry has done to America as well as the world, then go read and listen to the massive documentation that Brother Nathanael Kapner has laid out on his website realzionistnews.com

    The secularists, protestants, and anti-religionists shun his work at their own peril.

    Check out his latest on the destruction of Libya.

    Sorry, but his work leaves VT in the dust folks.

  110. Gordon thanks for the humorous photograph of a missile hitting the Pentagon. It looks like a painting created by the wonderful impressionist painter Claude Monet but he died in 1926, but perhaps he had a vision of a missile hitting the Pentagon while in a drunken stupor, however, perhaps he didn’t even drink, I will investigate. If I sent this photograph to a thousand people and asked them what they think the object is NOBODY WOULD THINKS ITS A MISSILE.

    Jim you wrote: The radar people thinking it was a missile solely due to its maneuvering…and then all the pilots incredulous that a rookie pilot could fly like that, make for no shortage of hard to believe scenarios.

    Brian: I don’t remember the radar people saying it was a missile, they were just surprised a hijacker had the skills to make the maneuvers. By the way they didn’t say the maneuvers were impossible for a 757. It was flown by remote control. Some experts claim the onboard computer is capable of hundreds of calculations per second and that’s why it could fly so close to the ground without crashing.

    Gordon knows I can provide links to numerous compelling eye witness testimonies and photographs of the wreckage but it’s an old argument and I don’t want to get back into it.

    Debbie, perhaps you should have placed this missile at the Pentagon photograph in Mike’s birthday email. You probably know what he thinks of the missile hypothesis. 🙂 Yes, indeed Mike, a plane hit the Pentagon.

    Gordon, I enjoy your provocative articles and I’m having a little fun here. We just really disagree about what hit the Pentagon. Perhaps we can both agree Diet Dr. Pepper is the best diet soft drink. 🙂

  111. MPrck, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about first responders not being allowed at the 10 year anniversary event, possibly because Bloomberg was instructed not to allow them after government agents within or infiltrating their groups had determined the men would disrupt the ceremony by denouncing the cover up in front of the entire world, and by insisting they know for a fact that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition.

  112. Lets spin the clock back to August 12, 2010, to a response I submitted to Veterans Today about 9/11 imagery.(9/11 3D Analysis Suggests Top Secret Device Hit World Trade Center);

    “When the President recommended and the Senate recently confirmed former Air Force General Clapper to oversee all 16 Intelligence agencies, they were about the business of installing the man who headed the Pentagon’s National Geospatial Intelligence Agency during the 9/11 attack on his very Headquarters-the most highly defended and surveilled building on planet Earth. You would think a General with years of experience in interpreting photographic and video imaging would find out who within our own military, altered the released footage of whatever hit the Pentagon.

    I say that because every time I see that insult to our intelligence,I am reminded of the 3000 or more Americans whose deaths are left unavenged to this day.

    There is no way, a blurred, edited,photoshopped,distortion of nothingness will stand as evidence that a commercial airplane hit the Pentagon as the Official 9/11 story asserts. That should have been the first question asked by the Senate in the confirmation hearings, and why in all of his years at his post, did the General fail in that duty, to find who was responsible for the video alteration?
    Further, the General knows the capabilities of these cameras, he knows the range and resolution they are capable of documenting. We can see for miles and the General knows that too. Whatever hit the Pentagon, we probably saw 9 miles out.

    I challenge every American to view the released footage and tell me that is the best our government can do. The evidence in all of the cameras around the Pentagon has been confiscated and what video was released 4 years after the attack, is an altered, edited, treasonous hoax.

    Don’t believe me? – Watch the Pentagon video, then go ask the General why he is out all over the world hunting for the enemies of freedom and forgetting to look right inside Headquarters for nearly 10 years.

    For those who are having a hard time with the implications of the World Trade Center and the manipulation of the images of aircraft, those conclusions can be debated and never fully resolved until all of the broadcast footage is subjected to formal judicial review. That is why all of the dot connecting brings everyone to the same conclusions about 9/11, it cannot be sold anymore that a “GUY IN A CAVE WITH A CELL PHONE DID IT”.

    Unless you had a 6000 pound anvil fall on your skull, the Official Story cannot even be considered as fact. Left unchecked as part of our history, it will come back to haunt this nation and destroy our future.”


  113. Exactly, if they used three other remote controlled planes that day, why wouldn’t they use a fourth? Why risk all of the bumper to bumper rush hour traffic witnessing or possibly catching on video a missile. Besides, the Russian embassy perched high on a hill overlooking DC, probably has cameras on it 24/7.

  114. Penumbra,

    Re Sabbateans and, more generally, Jewish revolutionary/messianic movements over the centuries, have you read The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History by E. Michael Jones? If so, what did you think, and in particular his demonstration of the connection between revolutionary, messianic movements and the kind of sexual depravity practiced by Zevi and his followers? Dr. Jones’s telling of the Zevi story in chapter 11 left me feeling more pity than anything else toward those taken in by him, and toward those today who cannot see that sexual license is a calculated form of political bondage, which they mistake for their freedom. On another point, I wonder if you have any thoughts on the motivation for the assertion that anyone who opposes Obama’s policies is ipso facto a racist.

  115. My explanation, Jim, is that if the government released all the film it had of the hit, everyone would think that it WAS a grand inside job, not just a cockup by a bunch of CIA counterterrorists et al. trying to play copper with the 19 suicide bombers.

    It’s such incompetence that too few people believe it for what it is, making it the mother of all conspiracy theories

  116. If I could just point out – this is not new. This has been online for a few years, circulating more thoroughly on Russian internet. A higher resolution .GIF file of it exists.

  117. You’re right. I just figure that it was joint effort between elements in our government/military, Isreal and maybe others. If this does ever end up in court, it would be very important who might have provided the missile.

  118. Trow, I had remembered some of these eye witness reports on the car traffic driving over the bridge, and if I remember, some of it even stopped. But what always puzzled me on the Pentagon hit was the Gov holding back all the video footage in what must be some of the most videod real estate in the country.

    The radar people thinking it was a missile solely due to its maneuvering…and then all the pilots incredulous that a rookie pilot could fly like that, make for no shortage of hard to believe scenarios. When the no plane at the Pentagon claims came up, I kept waiting for the Gov to release all of their footage to put that to bed…and I waited…and waited…and then got 5 frames.

  119. The Official story of 9-11 is such a hoax. There is no aspect of it that is worth major debate, and that is why people who bring it up get shouted down. It is such a hoax they don’t even dare to let the first responders come to the 10 year event in NY, for fear of what they may say to the lame stream media.

    If the Official story of 9-11 was a film script, it would be rejected as unbelievable, and never even made. I think it would be rejected by Golem-Globus as unrealistic enough even for them.

  120. Just more incredible crap about the 9/11 attacks.

    Without bothering about the worse of it – e. g., no planes, planes converted into dromes by remote control, sospace weapons done it, and the like – I just want to write about American Flight 77, piloted by Hani Hanjour who had flown enough with an FAA examiner by 1999 to be awarded and issued a commericail pilot’s license – which crashed into the Pentagon, and the phone calls that were sent and received by persons on all the flights.

    Time reported this in its September ll, 2001 issue about what David Marra who had stopped his BMW on an I-395 exist just to the west of the Pentagon just before the wobbly flight crashed reported: ” ‘It was 50 ft. off the deck when he came in. It sounded like the pilot had the throttle completely floored. The plane rolled left and then rolled right Then he caught an edge of his wing on the ground.’ There is a helicopter pad right in front of the side of the Pentagon. The wing touched there, then the plane cartwheeled into the building.”

    On an earlier page, Time had a photograph of the west side of the Pentagon, showing the ground which had been torn up by the wing, the side of the building which had been burned by the plane’s fuel, the entrance hole which was still burning, and a vast black cloud billowing from it.

    As for the telephone calls, if you are not persuaded by the I-H T story, read “The Last Phone Call” in the Sept. 24th issue in Time (pp.76-7), Call Jules and ask if Brian Sweeney called him from United Airline flight 175. Or call the husbands of United Flight 93 attendant CeeCee Lyles and Lauren Grandeolas, and ask them if they called before its crash in Pennsylvania.

    “Another passenger on Sweeney’s plane, Peter Hanson, 32, flying with his wife and small daugher, called his parents just before impact. *I think we’re going down, but don’t worry. It’s going to be quick’.”

    So, let’s just keep to what really happened..

  121. Please everyone “Keep an open mind.” or you will lose the advances that you all have here…..you can get real close to the jugular if you “Keep an open mind.” close it and you lose any chance that youve all worked so hard for ……please ……….

  122. Couple points:

    The article is correct in its assertion that nothing outlined by Ventura or Rivera is new. From the very day of the event(s) I began arguing in other online fora that the buildings were visibly demolished by controlled demolition (bottom up, top down, makes no difference except for the logistics employed and sufficient time to rig them). Of course no kerosene fires melted steel and even if in some alternate reality they could, the bulk of the towers were unscathed and unburnt which would at the very most resulted in an asymmetric toppling of the top stories leaving the remainder damaged but standing.

    Similarly with the Pentagon. Publicly available details of downwash effects and wingtip vortices make it clear that no commercial airliner (such as claimed in the official fairytale) could manage sustained flight at cruising speed any lower than one half the distance of its wingspan above the ground. Thus snapped lampposts would be an impossibility let alone the striking of the first story of the Pentagon. Notwithstanding that, any alleged “eyewitness” claims, I and others argued as early as the day after the event(s), would have to have been taken from dead individuals.

    The reason for this is that any plane flying even remotely close to that low an altitude would have thrown everyone and every vehicle right off the highway, violently so…


    People simply have no clue the power of commercial aircraft engines, or simply choose not to have any clue to protect their blissful ignorance. Of course start questioning such things and the Gordian knot of willful self deceit begins to unravel leaving one with the painful heartbreak of having to acknowledge systemic and systematic betrayal of our lifelong cherished myths of “American the land of the free…” etc.

    Second main point is in response to Mr. Niceguy.

    What you have to realize is that within the “Talmudic Cabal” (as it were) there hides a movement far more sinister than even the blasphemous (Khazari supremacist tribal messianic) Talmudic teaching has bequeathed to the world. This movement has historically been known as the Sabbateans.

    Though they were, according to dubious (or deliberate) historic narrative, declared as a heretical movement by “world Jewry” and shunned, eventually to “die out”, they did not. They simply did what they do best and adapted like chameleons into the broader Jewish ethos concealing (as does any secret society) their true face from the public but maintaining their core beliefs and practices amongst themselves as they moved into modern power structures to pervert and undermine them.

    Do some research on the Sabbateans and their Luciferian kabbalist beliefs and you will begin to see how they have so successfully maintained their agenda for hundreds of years, generation to generation in patient incrementalist fashion.

    I would venture that most Sayanim do not even realize the true nature of those they so willingly serve in helping to advance plots and events against host nations and the world. This is what the often vague and largely dismissed references to “Illuminati” is really about. Blood sacrifice is the only the tip of evil iceberg (albeit to them a vital component to sustaining power) that these folks represent.

  123. copy copy on that TJ
    hey dude hows it goin

    Hey I might be down your way next spring
    See if you are around then …..

  124. Holy sh*t Peter do you think that everyone should be as “ON IT” as you are wow man can yah give us stupid ones a break and try to work with us …….

  125. Please Peter yes you have vald points ( all the time) but holy sh*t man try to work together not against each other wow what grade is this ……..

  126. On 9/11/01 a consortium of (renegade?) US agents in various departments of government in league with Mossad assets, fronts, and sayanim destroyed 3 high-rises in NYC and a wing of the pentagon. The leaders of the world are largely complicit, as are most of the power structures worldwide. The lie is used, mainly, as a pretext for continuing a zeitgeist that leaves all but a tiny few impoverished, and made to live with a nuclear sword of damocles forever over their heads. Everything else is details and people trying to get attention.

    P.s. I really hope VT isn’t some kind of controlled op, because you guys are really doing such a stellar job (on a lot more fronts than 9/11 and Zionism), and it truly brings tears to my eyes some days to know that there are still intelligent, well meaning, and outspoken citizens in this country (and the world). And that the people close to me that have lost lives and body parts in this war of terror will not be forgotten, but, in fact, will be vindicated in their belief that this country can be what it supposes to be.

    Just a thought but: could the relationship of the “Jews” to the rest of us be similar to the way the Matrix was supposed to work? Where the revolution (neo) is needed to continue the status quo? Bear with me here… It seems there is a repeating cycle. Jews move in with stories of past persecution, indigenous population gives asylum, Jews corrupt, indigenous population turns on Jews, Jews bring outsiders into conflict, some Jews are killed and some Jews leave, Jews write the history narrative, repeat. In other words… a burnt offering or “holocaust” is necessary for the advancement of the group… A blood sacrifice.

  127. Are you seriously arguing whether it’s a ramjet or a rocket motor??? All that matters is that it wasn’t a plane.

  128. My point was that it doesn’t matter if that video is fake, it’s obvious a missile hit the the pentagon. I just didn’t see your reason for wanting to debunk it. Other then being an arrogant ass.

  129. Gordon,

    Since I took the time to study the available evidence and saw the Ventura video, I have been convinced that the only logical explaination was a missle strike, but this is the smoking engine nozzle we have all been waiting for. Hopefully this will lead to further investigation. Criminal charges are probably too much to ask for, but we can hope.


  130. I don’t know if that’s a fake or not, but if they had video of a plane clearly hitting the Pentagon, we’d have seen it as often as the planes hitting the towers.

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