Savagery: 9/11’s Legacy of Crime

His Killers Run Free, His Killers Run America
His Killers Run Free, His Killers Run America

Nothing Dishonors the Dead Quite Like Lies


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Never have I been as sickened and ashamed of being an American as yesterday. In more than 6 decades of life, I have seen America ignore mass murder, put vicious dictators in office, sold its history of heroism and sacrifice to a pack of international bankers and thieves.

America, as almost every American will tell you, is a nation run by a pack of crooks and tyrants who crush a population being pushed into poverty with the help of a censored and controlled press.

This is one thing almost all Americans agree on, they just blame different people for causing it. I suggest Americans blame themselves.

Reporting on the 9/11 anniversary was the lowest point in my memory, pure censorship. The biggest reason, one few are aware of but true just the same, is that “conspiracy theorists,” according to the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) claim to have proof that Israel helped plan and execute 9/11.

This was enough, the fear those in the press have of being labeled “anti-Semites,” the threat the ADL throws around to stifle any honest discussion of American policy in the Middle East, to omit all reporting of dissent on 9/11, even the official dissent of the commissioners who investigated the incident and requested criminal prosecution for many Bush officials who they say lied to them and were covering up some kind of conspiracy.

Then there are the groups, families of victims, the first responders, police and fire, the pilots, the military, the veterans, the engineers and architects who all say 9/11 was a staged false flag terror attack that had nothing to do with hijackings.

Only one real poll has ever been held, in Australia, seeing who supported these ideas. The surprise?

77% held these beliefs, beliefs that didn’t receive a single word of mention on 9/11. That is the nature of censorship, of tyranny, of dictatorship under the guise of democracy.

America is simply a dictatorship with a controlled press, where elections are held between carefully screened candidates and even those are rigged.

How do you define a criminal? How many do they have to murder? How many crimes before someone goes to jail? If you are poor, the answer is “one.”

If you are powerful and control the press, there is no answer at all.

This is the nature of the Building 7 controversy.

On 9/11, one building was not hit, the third tower, known as Building 7. Some believe a plane that crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania was supposed to hit that building but couldn’t. A wild story was invented about passengers taking over the plane.

They made that into a movie. Nothing in that movie can be proven true, not a single fact. It is entirely fiction.

When no plane hit the building, the BBC announced that the building had fallen, announced that while standing in front of the building which was only slightly damaged. 20 minutes later, it fell, in what everyone describes as a classic controlled demolition, one that took weeks, maybe months to engineer, beams cut, explosive charges planted throughout the building, the work of skilled engineers who have made a science of bringing buildings down.

Without this science, they tend to fall over or end up half standing and half collapsed, leaving months of work.

Then we have the interview with Larry Silverstein, the “lessor” who claims he ordered the destruction of Building 7.

We have this on tape, it was broadcast around the world on CNN.

Then, further, we have the destruction itself, firemen announcing the upcoming explosions, we hear them go off.

Then, however, we have the official report that calls all this evidence “conspiracy theory” and claims that the undamaged building fell because of “office fires.”

What we have is murder.

What we can also assume, according to the work of many prominent scientists, is that the twin towers, much larger, much stronger, that were said to “pancake” after fires caused by plane crashes were, in fact, destroyed the same way, controlled demolition.

The scientific evidence for this is overwhelming.

What we have is murder.

What we don’t have is hijackers. So long ago, when a group of the 9/11 hijackers came forward claiming they weren’t really dead, we all laughed.

After all, we saw the planes, we heard the stories, all the same, passports falling from the sky, stories of flight schools, and Saudi money paying for Osama bin Laden’s vicious criminal act.

Then, year after year, bin Laden himself, came forward bragging about 9/11.

Little did we know that those videos, the audio tapes, had been proven forgeries, sold to the US government by Israeli intelligence, now a fact very much in evidence.

What is in evidence? Bin Laden said 9/11 was done by others, he named Israel, he named drug cartels and he named American extremists.

Then we are told he died, in 2001, told by CIA handlers who knew him for years, told by the ISI handlers who worked with him, told by those who claim they buried him, confirmed by newspapers across the Middle East and Pakistan that reported his death from kidney failure.

In fact, dozens of American intelligence agents have come forward with this same story, only ‘disproven’ recently when bin Laden was captured, shot for no known reason and then thrown into the ocean, a thousand miles away, also for no known reason.

Then those who did it, the SEAL team, no, not others, it was them, all died in a mysterious helicopter crash that violated every security protocol known to man.

Back in Pakistan, where bin Laden was captured or killed or whatever, TV reported a helicopter crash and dead Americans everywhere. Witnesses seemed credible and they had film of the helicopter parts strewn across the ground.

American claimed the helicopter was victim of a minor ‘mishap.’

Then again, the CIA claimed, or used to claim, that bin Laden died in 2001 and his body was recovered near Tora Bora, from a shallow grave and returned to a Navy base in the Gulf Region for storage.

I only know this because I interrogated bin Laden’s CIA handler.

I also discussed this with the then Director General of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence services. I also discussed this with the current Director General of Pakistan’s military information services, the ISPR, whose staff confirmed bin Laden’s death. Author Jeff Gates sat next to me during this exchange.

Later we met with the current Director General of the ISI, a discussion covered by security issues involving the governments of Pakistan and the US.

What we do know is that 9/11 was a horrible crime. What we do know also is that crime is being covered up by a conspiracy, we have names of 103 involved against whom we have sufficient evidence to warrant an immediate criminal investigation.

I have certainly lost faith in the US government, no secret there. Not having faith in government is about as patriotic a thing any human can do.

American needs its own “Arab spring.” Even Israel is getting one, demonstrations last week had 500,000 in the street but our press reported little or nothing of it.

Even our good friends in Israel, when they stand up for freedom, are silenced.

Everyone is silenced almost as though this were Stalin’s Soviet Union with a “smiley face” stuck on it.

We are living like pigs in clover, for a while at least, Obama ready to borrowed $400 billion for jobs so American people can live a bit longer before the collapse we all see as inevitable sets in.

The talk in Washington, all of it? Theatre and lies, nothing more.

Our press? The same as we all saw yesterday when censorship reared its ugly head as never before.

Millions, tens of millions of Americans are demanding jail, execution, even overthrow of our own government because the 9/11 murders, Americans killing Americans (mostly), a crime now totally exposed for what it is has been shelved as though we were all cattle.

Some call us “sheeple.”

Yesterday, Senator McCain told us that American will fight no more wars in the Middle East. He is right.

We are no longer capable. We are broke, our military is in collapse, 500,000 of what should be our best soldiers are now disabled veterans, waiting for years to go on a lifetime of anti-psychotic medications or treatments for traumatic brain injuries or lost limbs.

They aren’t going to be replaced, no matter how much poverty American is pushed into. Ron Paul is right, the draft will have to return.

The real issue isn’t government, it is the press. Yesterday was “lie day,” lies of omission, of censorship, of deception and full criminal complicity in murder.

Even Huffington Post, the once “opposition press” showed its true colors, the worst of them all.

Fox News, the network that broke stories on bin Laden and the 9/11 deception, Geraldo Rivera and Judge Napolitano, were silenced forever.


A year ago, they exposed it all as did others.

Then history and time were erased and dictatorship reared its ugly head.



  1. This whole thing is such a mess. I am a pastor, who has been studying about these things for over 12 years. This may sound a bit wacky, but Revelation speaks of a nation that arises from a non populated area that begins like a lamb, ends like a lion. A nation that no one would think of making war with. One that can make fire come out of the sky. Perhaps you are seeing this all come to pass. What is yet to come? More financial problems- complete loss, ruin and even more destruction. I am disappointed in what I have learned about this country, and realize I have not explained enough to be credible. As you see these things continue to unfold, please expand your search. There is a lot more here than meets the eye. Most people are looking at all of this stuff at surface level.. It is much deeper than one can imagine. Ones greatest fear and or regret will not be in what the U.S has become but what is going to happen. Thanks for all of your thoughts and this article.

  2. You´re absolutely right bahmi. And the same uglyness is happening here in Europe as well.
    A global phenomena. And that makes it more scary.
    MIKAEL from Sweden

  3. yes reamonnk thank you for all your support and your insults……what you know best as an American…… your countrys “Pathetic” legacy is spread far and wide for all to see…… will “pay the piper” that much is for sure….thanks again for all your witty insults …Jon Jon out ……

  4. Yes thank you Barrie w….you are all just so much smarter than the rest huh???
    The well known American stance is “don’t apologize for a damn thing.”
    and you know this……hence the sorrow coming……..

  5. How are you involved with that? Looks like an inactive website. Is this a business or a charity?

    Like I said, you’re part of the problem. You are a product of indoctrination and yet you consider yourself some kind of ‘radical’ fighting the system.


    Produce original material and attack the root of the problem. Instead of regurgitating the controlled opposition’s talking points.

  6. i have known g duff for a long time. i get his articles sent to me directly. he apologized in the email that included the link for this article. my above response stands. both of them. so, how does that settle with one who knows nothing about which he speaks?

  7. Drove past a row of flag-waving zombies on my way to Church sunday morning..knew they were pounding the Glenn beck version of “reality” so I yelled out “bullshit”…if I did fly a flag here in NC it would be a CSA battle flag..the St. Andrews Cross…not the Jodeo-Masonic banner that the flag of the USA has become.

  8. Jon, you have no idea what you are talking about in reference to what he’s saying an I’m agreeing with. Best to remain with mouth closed than remove all doubt….

  9. vaporize 3600 toilets…wrap your mind around that concept
    I saw it with my own eyes in a few minutes absolutely incredible

  10. Right on, Mr. Valentine. You are dead right about Hannity and Limpbaugh and O’Reilly and the rest of these soul-less, materialistic, greedy, treasonous weasels – they are evil incarnate. Oh, and lets not restrict this list to just guys – Ann Coulter is also part of this cabal of traitors, and she has sold out her entire nation in exchange for lucrative book deals and for the celebrity spotlight.

  11. I could not watch one instance of the nonsence telecast on the 11th. ..seems the non participants once again jumping into the spot light to show “their” patriotism.
    Has anyone else felt this way..
    1- I have a problem watching so called VietNam vets parading around in jungle fatigues at memorial day parades etc.
    my dad and uncles of WWII always put on Class A’s to show respect for their fellow men in arms…..seems some of the “namies ” are always trying for a sympathy vote.. I havent had my uniform on since the day I came home…and certainly these guys would preclude me ever being in a parade..which I have quit attending..
    2- my neighborhood is now Saturated with Flags set at a precise angle, lining the entire street.. it almost seems like a virus to me.. dozens upon dozens of flags..they are almost threating in nature..
    I fly my own flag on the house and will not buy into the patriots club..Im probably turning into an old nut case..but something just isnt right.. the kid doing it is a boy scout..dont see anything wrong with that..other than the implied super partriotism.. Im sure they will be knocking on my door anytime tell me Im not ” one” with the Neighborhood…. and when do we have to register as “NOT born again”

  12. What has happened to Iraq is a crime against humanity and a stain on the great nations of America and Britain. Let us not forget, even for a second, who was the driving force behind that unnecessary war though, and without whom it never would have happened: the Zionists.

  13. Our news networks is nothing but the mouth of the Zionist beast, they are out to push us all into war of the world, to bring about their dark age dream of a GREAT ISRAEL.

  14. The MSM pundits and our politicians may as well been saying, “hail Satan..” bc that’s what 9-11 has turned into; a Luciferian holiday where Americans “celebrate” lies and human sacrifice..

  15. 9-11 is being turned into a Luciferian holiday where America celebrates lies and human sacrifice..How much more of this are we supposed to take?

  16. God bless you Gordon Duff for another splendid article and bless the beautiful America you represent ,increasing in numbers, yet systematically ignored by a media controlled by those who from Washington’s shadowy corridors of absolute power, orchestrated this high tech false flag operation and the massacre of 3000 innocent people to justify their naked empire building.

  17. Well said, and most timely, Gordon, but I still have other thoughts about the highjackers, and highjackings.

    I must add that I am even more pessimistic about changing it than it seems you are.

    I find average Americans much more cagey about the problems, and their solution.

    At best, most of the critics are so in a kind of deliquent way – willing to talk critically about matters when it seems no one else in paying attention.

    Once it seems to be getting serious, though, they are out of there.

  18. Well….My youtube channels and blog have over a million views. I get death threats from psychotic Jew keyboard commandos on a weekly basis.

    My plan was to be proactive and try to educate as many people as I could. I think I have done some damage to the cartel in the 2 years that I have been active. How about you Jon Jon?

    Criticisms from mildly retarded/do-nothing internet trolls have very little importance to me.

  19. @reamonnk you have plenty of insults huh??? but no real plan to fix your messed up country to bad huh well remember reamonnk “REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN” your comments and insults to all are just a reflection of you Gov……”of the people for the people”…..

  20. Spoken like a real keyboard commando living a sheltered life in a tiny Scandinavian country.

    How about you grow some “Jon Jon”?

    Be pro active. Start a you tube channel and a blog….or continue to leave useless and inane comments on an American Veterans website….anonymously of course…cuz your a gutless and lazy coward. You’re totally useless and irrelevant. A real bottom feeder.

    What a bad ass you are Jon Jon.

  21. @reamonnk ..your true colors show for all to see………get a grip….. grow some …..go to D.C and make a differance ……..stop cowaring at you PC………

  22. What is your mentality you twit?

    You’re an idiotic Norwegian Judeophile(just like Andy Berwick) that trolls this site 24/7.

    You have nothing remotely interesting or relevant to add to this discussion… as usual.

    You’re a boring nit wit.

    Beat it.

  23. No Penumbra many many are with you and your “convictions” by a long shot you are not alone …….
    here and eles where ….it is sure that you are highly respected ……….

  24. @reamonnk
    This is the kind of mentality that brings you down you fool …..blaming the termites for your failure to periodically check your “roof” for “termites” and or damage is this thinking that is holding you back from doing the right thing …….insult me all you like this is your “ugly truth”

  25. I am a bad loser. I did not want to have the catbox media to have an affect on me , so I stayed busy with looking for the Achilles heal that will justify ALL measures to bring down that entity which is having its way with Lady Liberty and laughing in my face. I have been hammering at the fact that I have known of the preset demolition systems installed in WTC I,II,and 7 as well as the Sears tower during construction for fortythree years. These setups were published in a few periodicals, and no mention of ‘National Security’ was mentioned. And since the top government officials spouting this crap on a regular basis have over and over again proved themselves to be racist killers and pedophiles, I shall continue.
    A person, who I do not know, sent me references to something called FEMA- PROJECT GODZILLA which related a story about presetting demolition systems in certain buildings following FEMA guidlines “in secret” to “satisfy insurance guidelines” involved with extremely tall buildings. The rest of the information touched on issues of which I know but have yet to relate. The guy is real. And since this booby trapping thousands of people in office buildings is no longer a ‘national secret’, it would seem prudent to warn people that FEMA has been loading buildings with explosives around the U.S. for some time. I have half a dozen references of Israelis with bad I.D. being caught driving in vans featuring traces of high explosives. It is illegal to carry explosives in a U-Haul or Ryder rig. The Bangor military base in Washington state, in Tennessee involving the son of the leader of the Likud party and top secret submarine fuel, North Carolina at (I think) Newport News naval base, the New Jersey tunnel on the NYC side, A place in the midwest somewhere, and LAX.

    PROJECT GODZILLA started under George H.W. Bush with FEMA which became a tax burden officially with the start of the Clinton administration. Bill moved cocaine for Bush41, so they was tight. Some of FEMA were in on that.

    My knowledge of preset demolitions by a zionist cabal goes back to 1968 when construction was going full-speed at the WTCs. The logic presented THEN for installing the systems matches the presented material for FEMA-PROJECT GODZILLA. Trouble is boys and girls, is that there was NO FEMA in 1968 and secretly installing a totally wired demolition sytem into a 110 story building and trying to fill it with goy workers should rouse suspicions and tens of thousands of indictments for premeditated murder. These charges are still set. Unless the phone call to evacuate the remaining jewish people was a prank phone call and a coincidence. But what would Israel’s motive be for doing this? And having van loads of explosives headed for the Washington bridge? It is miniscule compared with Britannia and the City of London Rothschilds bankers no longer being the center of world trade and no longer having India and China as slave colonies to pay queen lizard’s bills. Likewise with that Anders Biervik in Norway trying to kill off the next generation of Norway’s leaders to facilitate a more favorable deal for Norwegian oil in the future for his leader, the Grand Patron of freemasonry, again, queen lizard. Then there is Lady Diana…

    Researchers Sherman Skolnik and Galen Ross told me personally, and others wrote, “Always follow the money trail.” 9-11 tells me those Israelis were leashed-up and sent to work in The Big Apple on 9-11.

  26. Good article, Mr Duff. I am guessing the rot is world wide, as we had wall to wall 9/11 down here in Australia
    yesterday and not a mention of what may have really happened.
    The same people down here pull the same strings, Murdoch owns 70% of the media, the Zios are telling all Politicians what to do and how far to bend over.
    We had one person (Kevin Bracken) who you reported on, query the 9/11 events, not a word in the media about him now, although the shock jock who refused to debate him is still spouting ridicule of the 77% who don’t believe the official version.
    This old 74 year old will wish you over there all the best.

  27. This has been a set up for a long time. When I was in school, the teacher taught that the first thing you do to take charge of a company is take over the communications. When things were deregulated so that a person could buy multiple newspapers, radio and TV stations, I knew we would never get any other news than what that person wanted to give us. It’s just like dividing the country among Comcast and two other cable companies (terrible I can’t remember them all, they carved the company up into regions). We’ll only get the new they want us to have and that will be whether Lindsay Lohan is still under house arrest or if Paris Hilton wore Armani at the —— awards.

  28. Randi Goldstein “Rhodes” and the rest know that the slime trail leads to Mossad and the assets that they’ve cultivated in this country…If americans became convinced of the truth then bye, bye Talmudia..

  29. Me too, pathetic…We need to boycott the MSM…flood Congressman and Senators with letters…we should be out of control running amok actually…The French have the right idea when their govt gets abusive ( by their definition, by ours it’s SOP ) they use strikes, shutdowns and saboutage…That’s all these people understand…for myself, I’m not brave enough…Maybe before I was married…But that’s all they understand…they don’t care about the bumper sticker on the back of your car, or your comments on the internet..At least I don’t think the PTB do…

  30. Yes, the only dem radio host that knows about the 911 deception is Mike Malloy…all other dem radio hosts, Rhandi Rhodes, Tom Hartmann, Ed Shultz, Norman Goldman, etc are on board with the governments BS story.

  31. Yes, Huffington Post and Raw Story both have gone right-wing…they no longer allow freedom of speech.
    I got kicked off of their sites for cussing fascists.
    I pointed out to them their hypocrisy for allowing fascists to cuss us Americans out, but it fell on deaf ears.
    They are anti-American websites.

  32. Wow.. a hard-hitting but necessary article.
    Good there are some few willing to see harsh truth, analyze it carefully, then report it directly.

    Thank You, Mr Duff.

  33. The broadcasts on MSM yesterday were beyond pathetic. Playing on sheeple’s emotions, recasting the same old lies that have gone on for ten years. Talking about events that were never proven as if they were, continuing the same BS lies that the US Regime has spread for a decade was actually infuriating. Yet the sheeple eat it up and move on.
    If only they knew what really happened.
    If only they knew about the mini nukes placed around the elevator shafts.
    If they only knew about the medium sized nuke placed in the sub-basements of tower 1&2.
    If they only knew about the micro nukes placed in buildings 3,4,5, and 6.
    If they only knew about the”hanging skin” from thermal radiation of some victims…..
    If they only had a scientific clue about what kind of temperatures are needed to vaporize 3600 ceramic toilets, furnature and people.
    If they only knew……..if they only had a clue…………….but apparently, they don’t.
    It’s a sad day to be called an American. I’m truly ashamed.

  34. This is by far the best, most sincere and painfully heartfelt article I’ve read of yours, Gordon. Like all your other respondents, I share and multiply your sorrow at what we as a country, and what the so-called mainstream press, has been reduced to. The only aspect of our current situation that gives me comfort is that we are still a free nation, a free Republic, with a Constitution that has been besmirched but which still exists for those of us who know what it means really to be free. In George Orwell’s “1984” it was the suppression of uncensored thought that kept the populace in metaphorical chains. So far, they haven’t been able to take that away from some of us! And maybe millions more will some day learn to think for themselves.

  35. Well put. But fear not. The rate of change, karma, the first derivative of the status quo, is increasing exponentially. I think you will see justice, very soon. It may get really ugly and we’re still obligated to fight for justice as hard as we can, even if we individually don’t make it, but justice is a’ comin’.

    Grandma said, “We’re all given our share of hardship. We’re graded on how we deal with it.”

  36. It’s true that we may not know all the variables involved in climate change or their relative importance in order to predict just how important a factor greenhouse gasses may or may not be in explaining overall temperature rise. But to say they are not a factor is the mark of an abject idiot.

  37. Another nice article Mr. Duff!

    All I can say is that I am, and have been tired of this CRAP! Enough is Enough for me! Yesterday was one of the worst cases of depravity, and lies I have ever seen, and that was just watching the football games!

    As usual I still stood up, and placed my hand on my heart for the National Athem, but even that was very hard!

    The thing is I can not do much alone! I know there are millions in this country alone that feel as I do, but the question is will anyone else help stop it, or will you just sit back and watch as someone that does try to stop it gets labeled as a domestic terrorist?

    To all the Military Veterans out there, remember you swore an Oath to defend the US “Republic”, and the US Constitution from ALL enemies, foriegn and DOMESTIC! Will you honor that Oath for the sake of humanity also?

    Personally I can’t see myself living much longer in this world with what is going on! I don’t want to! Everything I was taught to believe in, and stand for has been stolen away!

    Remember 9/11, and The USS Liberty, done by the same COWARDS!

    Restore the US Constitution!

    US “Republic” First, Always!

    US Army Veteran,
    Marc C. Daniele
    Herculaneum, Mo.

  38. Ok, “the government” is clearly subverted at every level.

    Our constitution was written so that the press would have the freedom to expose this.

    There’s a problem with this though………

    The same group that subverted the gov’t owns and controls the press. This group happens to to be extremely cohesive and has an “us against them” mentality. They also look at outsiders of their group as subhuman. They look at the outsiders as cattle and don’t have any sort of moral compass when dealing with them.

    That’s the real deal folks…the ugly truth.

    You can scream about “the government” all day long and it won’t do any good. It’s like discovering your roof is caving in due to termites and blaming “the roof” instead of the termites.

  39. “Never have I been as sickened and ashamed of being an American as yesterday. In more than 6 decades of life, I have seen America ignore mass murder, put vicious dictators in office, sold its history of heroism and sacrifice to a pack of international bankers and thieves.

    America, as almost every American will tell you, is a nation run by a pack of crooks and tyrants who crush a population being pushed into poverty with the help of a censored and controlled press.

    This is one thing almost all Americans agree on, they just blame different people for causing it. I suggest Americans blame themselves.”

    Now perhaps you understand what I have felt since the very day of the great act of treason itself, G. A feeling that not only confirmed my suspicions of a lifetime of false presumptions ingrained into me by the US miseducational system, but also which forced me to reevaluate my own moral principles that I had subordinated to the interest of making a buck (the “everyone’s gotta make a living” self-justification) by playing along with the war profiteers overseas. In the end the guilt of what I was endorsing however tacitly forced me to just walk away and burn those bridges, financial insecurity paling in comparison to the suffering and destruction so glibly disregarded by those I once called colleagues.

    Perhaps now you might have an inkling of the conviction that drives me to decry disregard for principled consistency and the failure to take one’s positions to their ultimate reflexive ends (do unto others as you would have them do UNTO YOU, as it were).

    Perhaps also you can appreciate why I so dreaded returning to this insular continent knowing I will likely never be able to return to any semblance of my prior life, such as it was, outside these shores, now surrounded by so much blissful and willful ignorance and utter lack of awareness of the inevitable karmic payback that it drives me to despair.

    All the facts in the world gain no traction when the prevailing ethos is one of disjointed memes and unapologetic cognitive dissonance. It simply wears one out trying to penetrate the diversionary static that rules the American psyche for the greater part at any rate.

    And yet somehow we press on perhaps just becoming more selective with whom we bother to engage on such crucial matters as the agenda now surging forward with no apparent brakes to slow it’s destructive impetus.

  40. Why in the hell am I in the “awaiting moderation” category again?

    Don’t do that. It gives me a dishonest vibe from VT.

    I rarely comment here. 90% of the time it’s “positive”.

  41. Yesterday, 9/11/11, I thought I would mark that dismal anniversary by going to my favorite 9 11 websites, watching 9 11 movies, reading essays. The problem was that when I put “Veterans Today” into the search engine the website did not appear. Then I paniced and went through several other 9 11 websites and got the same result. About half an hour later everything was back up. I think I might go insane if I couldn’t read articles such as the one above. I so appreciate Veterans Today and the other brave people that are willing to confront the media’s toxic lies which like poisoned Halloween candy makes everything suspect. At the end of the day I watched an archived morningshow from MSNBC on the day of 9 11 and I couldn’t believe the difference in quality that we had just 10 years ago. Reporters were responding honestly and in a unscripted way to events in front of their eyes. After 9 11, down came the curtain. I have no idea how big the 9 11 truth movement is, does anyone? I have no idea who in my circle is a neo-con, zionist, truther, whatever. After 9 11 people have learned to keep their opinions to themselves. We no longer discuss ideas. I no longer go to movies, read the newspaper, watch TV. I’m a huge reader but no longer have interest in anything ‘best seller’ because it has to have been tainted with the narrative to make a ‘best seller’ list, which is another way of pushing information on us. I only read what comes from the underground. Period.

  42. Ok, “the government” is clearly subverted at every level.

    Our constitution was written so that the press would have the freedom to expose this.

    There’s a problem with this though………

    The same group that subverted the gov’t owns and controls the press. This group happens to to be extremely cohesive and has an “us against them” mentality. They also look at outsiders of their group as subhuman. They look at the outsiders as cattle and don’t have any sort of moral compass when dealing with them.

    That’s the real deal folks…the ugly truth.

    You can scream about “the government” all day long and it won’t do any good. It’s like discovering your roof is caving in due to termites and blaming “the roof” instead of the termites.

  43. spk – Climate changes happen all the time, temps were higher in the late 1800’s than they are now.
    co2, not toxic, follows warming not preceed it. Warming climate data was false. Legal cases now under way re fraudulent science. Many predict a cooling ice approaching. Our/my winters are getting more severe and our summer sunlight continually obscured by chem sprayers ( yr must be blind not to see them) .And my (possibly illegal) garden tomatoes don’t even flower in summer time nomo!!

  44. Lars, are you saying the Nazis are in control of the media and gov’t?

    Not the J-tribe?

    Why leave all of the holohoax references???

    Sort of reinforces the enemies propaganda doesn’t it?

  45. Pure diamonds Mr. Duff, as per usual. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Goebbels

  46. A visiting Soviet KGB agent once said that he liked our propaganda better because it acted slowly with constant repetition, whereas theirs was in your face, the lie being too obvious for the repetition to set in and have it’s intended effect.

  47. You and Gordon are both right…. the media is to blame. They’re the propaganda division of the zionist syndicate. Along with our sickening, pathetic and zionist rigged “education” system.

  48. The only “clouds” were formed by the marijuana smoke in Stevor’s head when he was skipping his high-school science class.

  49. One look in O’Reilly’s eyes is enough to confirm your wife’s suspicions. Deranged sewerscum is more like it.

    Just remember, there are far more Americans who are onto the zionist crime syndicate than our zionist media and controlled / rigged “opinion polls” will ever acknowledge. My ten year old niece knows she’s being had. She’s not politically or historically callous enough to know from where and whom the evil is coming, but she’s getting close, even at age 10.

  50. The average American is hard-working, generous, moral, decent and honest.

    The problem is that they live within a system and structure that has been totally captured and warped by pure evil, by a racially self-identifying and racist cabal who see them as little more than cattle.

    Their culture has been warped through “entertainment”, their knowledge of the world has been deliberately dumbed down and manipulated through the education system and mainstream media.

    Their politicans parade in front of American flags and say ‘God Bless America’ but care neither for America or God, only themselves.

    Their employers see them as disposal units of production, to be paid as little as possible for as many hours of work as possibe, and to be replaced by lower cost foreign labour whenever possible.

    They fight and die in wars which are in neither their interests or those of their nation.

    Their civil liberties are stolen in the name of an exaggerated terrorist threat.

    Their only hope is to take to the streets and cast off their shackles.

  51. I couldn’t take watching tv yesterday after seeing firsthand how one sided the narrative was ALL DAY LONG. Not one mention of Building 7. Not one mention of the why we never have seen a plane hitting the Pentagon. Not one mention of where the plane parts are from the Penn. field. I couldn’t even watch football without seeing the war criminal George Bush on my TV being treated as a hero. How can anyone be optimistic for real change in a country so apathetic, a country where very few actually read, and a country where the MSM is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Pentagon.

  52. The corporate media certainly had a field day with their continuation of the lies of deception. Just for the hell of it, I asked people at the supermarket, post office and in general what they thought of 911…everyone agreed they didnt believe the official story, and they refused to watch the revival of the horror show on tv. Pundits and so called journalists are embedded with the government and the corporations and will not even add a glimmer of disgust they portray to the citizens. And to Stevor….if you dont believe in climate change your an idiot. Your head is in the sand. Never in my 68 years on this earth have I ever experienced the climate change we are undergoing right now. Too bad you believe corporations who are the vile polluters over scientists around the world who are telling us the truth…we cannot go much longer on this planet without it continuing to heat up…one degree more and most of us are dead….a great legacy for your children and future generations. For your not a scientist shut the hell up and do some research…you obviously believe the lies of corporate american and the Bush regime who had the scientists edit out everyplace in those documents where the truth was vitally needed….

  53. Yes, this is like having people believe Al Gore with his SHAM that we have Global Warming/Climate change from CO2 emissions but the SCIENCE shows that cosmic rays cause cloud formation and solar activity blocks the cosmic rays so it gets hotter when there’s solar activity.
    Unfortunately, most people are afraid to believe that they have a corrupt government because they can’t handle that reality. They have to keep their heads in the sand, believing “official” stories.

  54. Having been a journalist for a lifetime, I agree, the worst criminals are the weasels too afraid to speak up to editors-producers, too insecure to stand up for what they know. I dont know how Hannity or Limbaugh, or O’Reilly can live with themselves. My wife tells me I’m naive; they are evil. Americans abandoned ideals for cheap underwear long ago. You and I, Gordon, are fools to think we can really overcome such inertia in the populace. Yesterday was sick, sick, sick.

  55. Gordon, I could not watch or listen to any of the propaganda yesterday. I avoided the MSM like the plague, which is what it has become. I understand your feelings and share the same pain in realizing that this country has fallen.
    However, It is not over. All those involved in this operation and the coverup should be very afraid. Justice is coming and it will not be kind. Fortunately there is no statute of limitations on murder. Millions know that this was an inside job and for the sake of future generations and all of humanity, all those involved must be held accountable. Thanks to Veterans Today for the excellent coverage and investigative work. Best Wishes, Doug

  56. Gordon, It is indeed saddening and depressing to see that documented facts and inconstancies about 9/11 are totally ignored by the the US Govt, which insists in pushing forward the official version of false events that defy common sense and forensic science.

    We are living in a world upside down gone awry and inverting the principles of logic and real values, substituted by lies-deceit-street smarts-murder-and servility to a the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons for keeps.

    Children and decent law abiding citizens are being patted by strangers in airports, in the name of a cabal of psychopaths, responsible but not yet hold accountable for the murderous events, staged to pave the way for a police state and the domestication of free and proud people.

    One simple test will be enough to show that America is faring on a suicidal path: The SGI Altix VU Supercomputer can be fed with input with the official FEMA-NIST-GOVT version about 9/11 and the scholars-architects-civil engineers documented facts, and let it decide where the truth lies.

    Same Supercomputer can as well predict what will occur in the USA if present deceptive course is withheld from the MAFIA side.

    This task can be financed by free donations, and I am sure that the result will be amazing.

  57. Very well put, Gordon. I have felt the same way for close to 30 years now. As a former professional journalist, I quit that in disgust, too, 15 years ago as news became infotainment and now disinfotainment. As my old friend Bo Gritz used to say, ” I love my country but I fear my government.” These thieving rapacious, murdering bastards, the same ones who actually financed the Nazis, have put them totally to shame since 1945 with their phony wars, support of dictatorships and their death squads with the toll well over 60 million. And the sheeple keep mindlessly paying for all of it to continue. But the Day of Reckoning will come. The sooner they bring on the cattle cars and fire up the concentrations camps, the sooner the idiots will realize they’ve been thoroughly screwed, after allowing it to continue all these years. I feel no sympathy for any of them…..

  58. RE: “How do you define a criminal? How many do they have to murder? How many crimes before someone goes to jail? If you are poor, the answer is “one.” If you are powerful and control the press, there is no answer at all.”

    I’m reminded of Richard Leonard “The Iceman” Kuklinski (April 11, 1935 – March 5, 2006) who was an American contract killer. The 6’5″ 300 pound Kuklinski worked for Newark’s DeCavalcante crime family and New York City’s Five Families. He’s called the Iceman because of the fact that he used to freeze his victims so as to suspend the time of death and throw off the police.

    If Kuklinski is considered “one of the most diabolical self-confessed contract killers in American history, who took credit for over 200 murders…” what does that say about our political leaders? What words describe human beings who kill & injure millions for profit and personal petty power grabs???

    Maybe one day in the not so distant future social media networks will be used to “out” the most sick diabolical psychopathic humans to such a degree that humanity can keep them away from the controls of the planets power structures.

    The history of the human race has always been human beings being preyed upon by predatory psychopath’s who prey on normal human beings. How about mandatory personality inventory testing and “DT-MRI scans” for all elected officials and all civil servants – biological psychopaths & “authoritarian personality ” need not apply…


    “There are people who are far more prone to be “evil” because of their biology, perhaps. If one has, say, a biologically-caused inability to feel affective empathy, well, it may be easier to rat out friends and neighbors when the secret police come by.

    Putting this in the perspective of genocide, those that study it say that genocide is a conscious, deliberate decision, by one or a small group, to wipe out a portion of the population. While there may be who knows how many horrific reasons for genocide, fear (of losing power) and greed seem to be the main drivers. Those who come up with this plan, while I haven’t seen any brain scans submitted at the world criminal court, would seem to have a disconnected white matter component (see here) leading them to believe that massive murders could be a social policy.

    The “authoritarian personality ” survey seems to be consistent with the white matter disconnect (more on that another post, another time, but see here, for example).”

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