Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude


by Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel


This article was written for mature and thoughtful people who want to understand today in light of yesterday. It was not written for baboons who start to howl the moment they hear “Hitler” – the way the monkeys of my youth used to howl in front of my window in South America when they heard a thunderclap.

Its author is a relatively young South African banker by the name of Stephen Goodson. I have his permission to post it.

Here goes:


At the end of November 1918, Adolf Hitler returned to Munich and then proceeded to a military camp in Traunstein in south-eastern Bavaria. When the camp was disbanded in April 1919, he went back to Munich, which was still being ruled by a Soviet republic founded by a Polish Jew Kurt Eisner (real name Salamon Kosmanowsky).

At the beginning of May, a few days after the communist revolution had been terminated on May 1, 1919 by the Bavarian Freikorps, Hitler was summoned as a member of the 2nd Infantry Regiment to attend a course on political instruction. The purpose of this course of lectures was to provide the soldiers with a background of politics, which would enable them to monitor the many revolutionary and political movements present in Munich at that time.

One of the lecturers was a former construction engineer turned economist, Dr Gottfried Feder (1881-1941).(1) His first lecture was entitled “The Abolition of the Interest-Servitude”. Hitler was enthralled by what he heard, and this was to be a turning point in his political career. The following quotations from Mein Kampf reflect his initial thoughts.

“ For the first time in my life I heard a discussion which dealt with the principles of stock exchange capital and capital which was used for loan activities. After hearing the first lecture delivered by Feder, the idea immediately came into my head that I had found a way to one of the most essential prerequisites for the founding of a new party.

To my mind, Feder’s merit consisted in the ruthless and trenchant way in which he described the double character of the capital engaged in stock exchange and loan transactions, laying bare the fact that this capital is ever and always dependent on the payment of interest. In fundamental questions his statements were so full of common sense that those who criticized him did not deny that au fond his ideas were sound, but they doubted whether it be possible to put these ideas into practice. To me this seemed the strongest point in Feder’s teaching, though others considered it a weak point.(2)

And again,

…I understood immediately that here was a truth of transcendental importance for the future of the German people. The absolute separation of stock exchange capital from the economic life of the nation would make it possible to oppose the process of internationalization in German business without at the same time attacking capital at such, for to do this would be to jeopardize the foundations of our national independence. I clearly saw what was developing in Germany, and I realized then that the stiffest fight we would have to wage would not be against the enemy nations but against international capital. In Feder’s speech I found an effective rallying-cry for our coming struggle.”(3)

Further, he wrote,

“The struggle against international finance capital and loan capital has become one of the most important points in the program on which the German nation has based its fight for economic freedom and independence.”(4)

A few weeks later Hitler received an instruction from his superiors to investigate a political association called the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Workers Party). At this meeting held in the Sterneckerbrau Inn in Munich, about 20 to 25 persons were present. The main speaker was Dr Gottfried Feder.

Shortly thereafter Hitler joined this party and received a provisional certificate of membership numbered seven. His first act on assuming control of the party was to rename it the Nationalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party).

Feder, who was the principal drafter of the party’s 25 points, became the architect and theoretician of the program (5) until his unfortunate dismissal as Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in August 1934.

Approximately 40 percent of Feder’s ”The  Program of the NSDAP” is devoted to economic and financial policies. Below are some of the highlights.

Adolf Hitler prints its two main points in leaded type:

“THE COMMON INTEREST BEFORE SELF-THE SPIRIT OF THE PROGRAM  ABOLITION OF THE THRALLDOM OF INTEREST – THE CORE OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM.” “Once these two points are achieved, it means a victory of their approaching universalist ordering of society in the true state over the present-day separation of state, nation and economics under the corrupting influence of the individualist theory of society as now constructed. The sham state of today, oppressing the working classes and protecting the pirated gains of bankers and stock exchange speculators, is the area for reckless private enrichment and for the lowest political profiteering; it gives no thought to its people, and provides no high moral bond of union. The power of money, most ruthless of all powers, holds absolute control, and exercises corrupting, destroying influence on state, nation, society, morals, drama, literature and on all matters of morality, less easy to estimate.(6)

“Break down the thralldom of interest” is our war cry.(7) What do we mean by thralldom of interest? The landowner is under this thralldom, who has to raise loans to finance his farming operations, loans at such high interest as almost to eat up the results of his labor, or who is forced to make debts and to drag the mortgages after him like so much weight of lead.

So is the worker, producing in shops and factories for a pittance, whilst the shareholder draws dividends and bonuses which he has not worked for. So is the earning middle class, whose work goes almost entirely to pay the interest on bank overdrafts.(8)

Thralldom of interest is the real expression for the antagonisms, capital versus labor, blood versus money, creative work versus exploitation. The necessity of breaking this thralldom is of such vast importance for our nation and our race, that on it alone depends our nation’s hope of rising up from its shame and slavery; in fact, the hope of recovering happiness, prosperity and civilization throughout the world. It is the pivot on which everything turns; it is far more than a mere necessity of financial policy. Whilst its principles and consequences bite deep into political and economic life, it is a leading question for economic study, and thus affects every single individual and demands a decision from each one: Service to the nation or unlimited private enrichment. It means a solution of the Social Question.(9)

Our financial principle: Finance shall exist for the benefit of the state; the financial magnates shall not form a state within the state. Hence our aim to break the thralldom of interest.

Relief of the state, and hence of the nation, from its indebtedness to the great financial houses, which lend on interest.

Nationalization of the Reichsbank and the issuing houses, which lend on interest.

Provision of money for all great public objects (waterpower, railroads etc), not by means of loans, but by granting non-interest bearing state bonds or without using ready money.

Introduction of a fixed standard of currency on a secured basis.

Creation of a national bank of business development (currency reform) for granting non-interest bearing loans.

Fundamental remodeling of the system of taxation on social-economic principles. Relief of the consumer from the burden of indirect taxation, and of the producer from crippling taxation (fiscal reform and relief from taxation).(10)

Wanton printing of bank notes, without creating new values, means inflation. We all lived through it. But the correct conclusion is that an issue of non-interest bearing bonds by the state cannot produce inflation if new values are at the same time created.

The fact that today great economic enterprises cannot be set on foot without recourse to loans is sheer lunacy. Here is where reasonable use of the state’s right to produce money which might produce most beneficial results.”(11)

Feder was appointed Secretary of State for Economic Affairs when the National Socialists came to power on January 30, 1933, but his efforts to implement official National Socialist economic policy were immediately frustrated by Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, who had been appointed President of the Reichsbank in March 1933. Schacht was an enigmatic character. Although he was born in Tingleff, Schleswig-Holstein in 1877, his family originally came from Hungary. In 1903 at the age of 26 he joined the Dresdner Bank, and in 1908 he became a Freemason.

He was also a student of Hebrew(12) as he deemed that knowledge of this language was necessary if one wished to advance one’s career in banking.

Schacht immediately set out to destroy Feder’s plans, which culminated in the latter’s removal from office in August 1934, after Schacht had been appointed head of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

This tragic dismissal may be partially attributed to Hitler’s lack of a deep understanding of financial and economic matters. He admitted as much when he first met Feder in 1919,

”Thus the judgement arrived at by Gottfried Feder determined me to make a fundamental study of a question with which I had hitherto not been very familiar.”(13)

A somewhat attenuated version of monetary reform was introduced. In order to finance the state’s work and rearmament programs, two dummy corporations called Gesellschaft fuer Offentliche Arbeiten (Offa) and Metallforschung Gesellschaft (Mefo) were established. These corporations accepted bills of exchange from suppliers who fulfilled state orders. These bill of exchange were then discounted at the Reichsbank at a rate of 4 percent. They were issued for three months only, which was clearly unsatisfactory in view of the long-term nature of the various projects they were financing. They could, however, be extended at three monthly intervals for up to five years.

In January 1939 matters came to a head when Schacht refused extension of RM3 billion worth of Offa and Mefo bills, because of fears of “inflation”. On January 7, 1939, he sent Hitler the following memorandum:

“1) The Reich must spend only that amount covered by

2) Full financial control must be returned to the Ministry of Finance. (Then forced to pay for anything the army desired.)

3) Price and wage control must be rendered effective. The existing mismanagement must be eliminated.

4) The use of money and investment markets must be at the sole discretion of the Reichsbank. (This meant a practical elimination of Goering’s Four Year Plan)”(14)

By these means Schacht intended to collapse the German economy, which during the period 1933-39 had increased its gross national product by 100 percent. From being a ruined and bankrupt nation in January 1933 with over six million unemployed persons, Hitler had transformed Germany into a socialist paradise and the most powerful and prosperous state in the history of Europe. He angrily rejected the recommendations of the Reichsbank, describing them as “mutiny”.(15)

On January 19, 1939 he sacked the impudent lackey of international finance.(16) Without further ado he instructed the Reichsbank to issue all credits requested by the state. A form of Federgeld (Feder money) was now in circulation, although the bills of exchange still attracted nominal interest.

A new Reichsbank law, which was promulgated on June 15, 1939, made the bank “UNCONDITIONALLY SUBORDINATED TO THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATE.”(17) Article 3 of the law decreed that the bank should be “directed and managed according to the instructions and under the supervision of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor.”(18) Hitler was now his own banker, but having departed from the fold of international swindlers and usurers he would, like Napoleon Bonaparte, suffer the same fate: an unnecessary war followed by the ruination of his people and country.

Events quickly unraveled. On March 31, 1939, Poland received a blank check(19) from England, which unilaterally offered to guarantee her sovereignty; not only if Germany invaded Poland, but also if Poland invaded Germany! This merely served to stiffen Polish resistance to Hitler’s genuine desire to achieve a permanent solution of all outstanding issues emanating from the Treaty of Versailles.

During the next five months the Polish government progressively intensified the oppression, harassment of and attacks on the 1.5 million ethnic Germans living in Poland. These attacks, in which over 58 000 German civilians were killed by Poles in an orgy of savagery, culminated in the Bromberg Massacre on September 3, 1939, in which 5 500 people were murdered. These provocations and atrocities were stoically ignored.(20) Eventually Hitler was forced to employ military intervention in order to protect the Germans in Poland.

On August 30, 1939, in an act of great statesmanship, Hitler again offered to the Poles the Marienwerder proposals,(21) namely retention of the existing 1919 borders, the return of Danzig (97% German), the construction of a 60-mile autobahn and rail link connecting West and East Prussia (from Schoenlanke to Marienwerder) and an exchange of German and Polish populations. On the orders of the international bankers, the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax, strongly advised the Poles NOT to negotiate. This is how and why World War II was started. The ensuing forced war resulted in victory for the international financiers and defeat and slavery for all the people of Europe.

Today the bankers reign supreme. The European Union with its commissars in Brussels and its so called “European” Central Bank headquartered in Frankfurt,(22) increasingly resembles the old Soviet Union. However, with the recent ongoing “sovereign” debt crisis and the collapse of the Euro, the plan for a united Europe anchored in perpetual debt enslavement has received a major setback and has indeed started to disintegrate.

Notwithstanding the inability of Adolf Hitler to permanently liberate Europe, it behooves us to appreciate that what he achieved was not done in vain. It is incumbent on us to learn and understand the fundamentals of usury and to spread that knowledge relentlessly, until our material and spiritual liberties have been restored.

End Notes

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  1. Isn’t it interestingly ironic that the Gentile’s favorite Jew and the Jews least favorite Jew called non-Jews (Gentiles) dogs. Sounds somewhat Talmudic? See Matthew 15:26 and Mark 7:27

  2. I love it. A series of incoherent rants from you, but you accuse others of it. You must be jewish (racist, apartheid, treat humanity like they are your slaves, but you accuse others of being racist, etc). Hypocrisy of Olympic proportions.

    Ahem. I am standing up.

    I can’t see you.

    I fight with honest men, where we have honour and rules of combat. What you are engaged in is sickeningly dishonest. There is no-one to fight, only a devil-worshipper, sniping from dark hidden places. I do not need arms or words or gloves to fight you, I just hold up a crucifix.

    Stop hiding beneath my soles, it makes an annoying sound when I walk, not to mention the smell.

    You should change that nicky of yours to Golum. Or Mayer Rothschild. As Wotan said, what you are (it ain’t human), why you are here, what you are doing … it is quite transparent. If you want to engage, my next-door neighbour has a goat that is always horny. Smells better than you do.

  3. By acting as one, all people, all nations the world over. They conquer by dividing us. We conquer by remaining united in the same spirit, the same demand for truth, justice and prosperity for all. That simple.

  4. Here’s an interesting fact that we can raise hell about with state representatives:
    “Over 40 US states have turned over control of unemployment payments to the largest private banks such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Citibank. Recipients of benefits are often forced to have a bank account and a debit card at these banks in order to receive their benefits.”
    More a thttp://www.moneychanges.org/2011/08/the-china-deception/ In this article you will find out how all of the banks that just made off with our money are thanking the United States…

  5. Economist Max Keiser has held his own personal war to bring down Chase by telling people to buy silver. Aaccording to Max, Chase issues certificates for silver, without actually having the silver on hand, thinking that they can just purchase it when it is needed for delivery. Keiser has influenced his all-volunteer, anonymous economic army to buy up all the silver they can and not sell, forcing prics up while diminishing supplies. When people who think that they have silver at Chase demand delivery of this silver for which they have paid Chase, Chase has to pay top dollar for it on the open market. If there is no silver available at any price, Chase is done for, even if they resort to robbing people at gunpoint for their silver, perhaps using the NYPD. Judging from daily events, this scenario is not as unlikely as it should be. Here is a good article about why the actual price of silver is much higher than that listed publicly, and how supplies have already run out in UAE. http://news.silverseek.com/SilverSeek/1317908668.php

    Also check out http://www.maxkeiser.com for more on economic strategy for taking back our government. Today he talks about fictional commodities price listing services

  6. I don’t want to enflame participants of the discussion here, especially German patriots but, with most honest intentions, I will in short describe how entangled Polish-Prussian (then German by extention) relations have been, focusing on Danzig and so-called Corridor with, as little as possible, references to other teritorial disputes.
    Danzig is located at the river of Vistula’s estuary to the Baltic Sea. It performed exactly the same role as the city of New Orleans – the port city controlling trade of the whole river’s basin before nascence of railways.
    I will not get back to Adam and Eve’s times.

    With full awareness that I address a fringe tidbit, I will respond to supposed ‘rebirth’ of [the Kingdom of] Poland due to initiative or generosity of the German emperor (Austro-Hungary emperor should be added, but it’s less importand) as sugested by Hans, and earlier.

    What generosity!, one could exclaim.

    Let’s see the political picture.
    After the 3rd partition of Poland (1795), the tsars of the Russian Empire would preserve the title of the ‘King of Poland’ until 1867, since then abandoned.
    Fast forward to WW1. After unsuccesful attempts to stop the war in 1916, the emperors of Germany and Austria issued joint declaration, dated November 5th, to the effect that they wish to create/establish/re-establish the Kingdom of Poland. Teritorially, the kingdom would cover exclusively, or almost excusively (I don’t even bother to make sure), [some!] Poland’s lands once aqusitioned by the Russian Empire – warring enemy of Germany/Austria. THREE DAYS LATER a draft was announced by these two ‘benefactors’, to once again exploit our Polish romantic slogan: [We Will Fight] ‘For Your Freedom And Ours’ (Polish: Za Wasza Wolnosc i Nasza).
    Yes, that was an initiative – the war machine was able to consume any amount of cannon fodder and supplies.

  7. to CogitoMan:
    The Reich was an aspiring nation, a competitor to England as well as to France and they tried to get rid of it and therefore used the Polish-German quarrels about Danzig and the mistreatment of the Germans as a opportunity to incite a war. Also Roosevelt had his fingers in the pie. Unfortunately Poland played along with them.

    Germans captured cables in Warsaw which showed the machinations and entanglements of foreign nations behind the scenes. (“secret Polish documents”).

    Poland vanished for 120 years from the map and was divided between Russia, Prussia and Hungary-Austria. They made a very aggressive policy of reclaiming their old territory (or what they thought what their territory was) after P. was reconstituted (by the German Emperor). This is psychological somehow understandable. But you cant solve a multi-ethnic conflict by going back to Adam and Eve or with ethnic cleansing. In some areas lived more than 90 % Germans for more than hundreds of years. They tried to keep their homes despite what happend 500 years prior in that area.

    The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was Stalins idea. He invited Ribbentrop on 23.8.39 to Moscow and said he want a pact with a secret protocol regarding a guarantee for the Baltic states. As R. was in Moscow he was surprised with a new content, the division a Poland. He didn t know what to do and phoned Hitler who said he should subscribe.
    A German diplomat disclosed the content of the secret protocol to an American diplomat. Roosevelt knew from it but didn t warn the Poles. I have no links as reference, only books, sry. Here is one:
    1939 – THE WAR THAT HAD MANY FATHERS by Schultze-Rhonhof

    It seems to me that the Poles were betrayed by their allies. And that a German-Polish agreement could have been possible without interference of foreign powers.

    GREZCM wrote:
    >>Cooperation, building bridges, commemoration of victims of past conflicts is needed, but we need to move forward
    >>even more.

    Yes, I think that is a good idea.

    Ok Guys, thanks for the interesting and nice conversation. I come to a close here before the threat becomes endless. Good Bye.

  8. to CogitoMan:
    The Reich was an aspiring nation, a competitor to England as well as to France and they tried to get rid of it and therefore used the Polish-German quarrels about Danzig and the mistreatment of the Volks-Germans as an opportunity to incite a war. Also Roosevelt had his fingers in the pie. Unfortunately Poland played along with them and unfortunatlety Hitler hadn t enough patience to bear more stitches, this could have prevent the disaster.

    Germans captured cables in Warsaw which showed the machinations and entanglements of foreign nations behind the scenes. (“secret Polish documents”).

    Poland vanished for 120 years from the map and was divided between Russia, Prussia and Hungary Austria. They made a very aggressive policy of reclaiming their old territory (or what they thought what their territory was) after they were reconstituted (by the German Emperor). This is psychological somehow understandable. But you cant solve a mult-ethnic conflict by going back to Adam and Eve or with ethnic cleansing. In some areas lived more than 90 % Germans for more than hundreds of years. They tried to keep their homes despite what happend 500 years prior in that area.

    The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was Stalins idea. He invited Ribbentrop on 22.8.39 to Moscow and said he want a pact with a secret protocol regarding a guarantee for the Baltic states. As R. was in Moscow he was surprised with a new content, the division a Poland. He didn t know what to do and phoned Hitler who said he should subscribe. A German diplomat disclosed the content of the secret protocol to an American diplomat. Roosevelt knew from it but didn t warn the Poles. I have no links as reference, only books, sry. Here is one:

    It seems to me that the Poles were betrayed by their so called Allies. And that a German-Polish agreement could have been possible without interference of foreign powers.

    GREZCM wrote:
    >>Cooperation, building bridges, commemoration of victims of past conflicts is needed, but we need to >> move forward even more.

    Yes, I think that is a good idea.

  9. As the war started had the Reich 50 active and 50 reserve divisions. A very normal defence army. The main production of armaments as well the developement of the wonderweapons started DURING the war. The war against SU was a preemptive strike. It started before autumn without enough winter clothes. As a young hothead Hitler had the idea of attacking Russia, that is true. But he also wrote that this is impossible without the backing of England. Had he the backing ? No. On the contrary he was at war with England. And starting a second front in the east is nonsense of course. But there was no other possility because Stalin marshalled his troops near the German border.

    But this is another topic, I think we shouldn t stray too much from the main topic. The last peace proposal from Hitler- the 16 points – weren t printed in the newspapers in F and UK. In Poland I dont know. They were cited in the declaration of war against US, I dont post it here it is too much text for a comment area. It starts with “1. The Free City of Danzig” and ends with “16. Germany and Poland will agree to”. I dont think that Hitler tried to make Poland to a satelite state with this proposal. It sounds reasonable in my ears. After Poland received the guarantee from England in March 1939 she marshalled partially her troops (Teilmobilmachung, I dont know the correct english word). The Polish general mobilisation was on 29. August 1939. Nobody can say that Poland was surprisingly raided.

    Sorry but the mainstream version that Poland is completely innocent at the outbreak of the war is untrue. Maybe thats the version of polish history books (it is also the version of German mainstream history books) but this version is unsustainable.

    >>One more thing…. next time you write about alleged massacres of Germans in Poland I expect you first to explain the
    >>role that so called “fifth column” played in countries like Poland.

    Write you. Do you think that all Volks-Germans were secret agents or what do you mean ? In some areas they lived for over 700 years. Of course they didnt want to go voluntarily and seeked supported by the Reich.

    Not that you think I think bad of the polish people. But it is untrue that Germany has the sole guilt of the outbreak. Thats not my fault, dont kill the messenger 😉

  10. Thank you Hans for at least a grain of conciliatory message.
    I believe we would agree that Hitler’s plan minimum was the ingathering of all Germans with lands where they lived in the vicinity of the Reich. This meant undefined trouble if someone opposed the execution of this plan.
    Powers scheemed, read each other’s diplomatic cables, kept many sets of books, etc, like bank embezzlers. Who was more honest, or less mean, may be debated forever with no clear outcome.
    Poland was not isolated and we had this disaster – gigantic war which has turned Europe into the smoking stack and graveyard with dire consequences untill today, with no end in sight. Shifting guilt to and fro is bad idea either.
    Maybe USSR was a genuine danger, but this also may be endlessly debated.
    However persuasive the present-day propaganda is, the future belongs to national states. Maybe it’s time to realize that white European peoples are too capable of fighting and never fight each other? Cooperation, building bridges, commemoration of victims of past conflicts is needed, but we need to move forward even more. When we quarel our enemies only laugh with satisfaction.

  11. Cogitoman wrote:
    “Yet, the basic, simple fact is that Poland was VICTIM of German aggression and Germans committed way more atrocities that Poles. Therefore any complains have to be seen in reflection of this indisputable basic truth. ”

    The basic simple fact is that the Polish government refused all compromise proposals from Hitler and permanently needled the Reich. France, England and Poland ganged up against Germany, they thought that the Germans are still weak and that it will be a easy victory. Especially England used Poland as a tool to incite the war and dropped Poland after she had fullfilled her purpose.
    On 2.September 1939 tried Mussolini to convene a conference (5-power peace conference). Hitler was willing to stop the troops but the Poles denied the Mussolini-proposal.
    In Warsaw war cables captured which proofed that it was England who instigated the war and urged the Poles not to make any compromises with the Reich. The war between Poland and Germany could have been easily avoided. That the Poles here know nothing about the prewar situation of the minorities is probably a result of history school book forging. All history school books are forged, especially here in Germany. I think the situation is not much better in Poland.
    Nevertheless I think that every innocent victim is one too much regardless which nation.

  12. The so-called Little Treaty of Versailles of June 28, 1919 (Article 12), pertaining Poland, had granted (!) every (!) member [state!] of The League of Nations the right to ‘call [The League’s] attention [!] to the infringement, or possibility [!] of an infringement, against minorities’ rights [in Poland]’. This was obviously used by hostile Powers to undermine Poland’s independence.
    As is clearly indicated (by Hans, citing a source), supposedly 15,000 (!) complaints were filed and The League did nothing (!?). If there were 15,000 complaints effectively submited over 20 years (1919-39), that would have been more than 2 complaints per day (~2.054), Sundays and hollidays included (!). Such a complaint needed to be quite elaborate, legalese-loaded stuff, formulated in at least 3-4 major languages, right? Are we talking reality here? It would be enlightening to compare the 15,000 with the number of complaints submited to the United Nations by anybody and everybody after the war.
    1. Jews. I need help to see a country where Jews were treated properly according to them. They were always in want of more rights, throughout millenia. Moreover, judeo-bolshevism (Polish: zydokomuna) was recognized as undeniable fact (and danger) and obviously many propagators of bolshevism were chased very effectivly, even when they hid behind seemingly legitimate activities. Moreover, they are capable people, and exploited every avenue to promote their ‘persecution’, nothing unusual here. As was proven beyond doubt, for me at least, the Jews were primal victors of the ‘revolution’ in Russia. Some, who had to live in Poland (instead of in the bolshevik paradise), were looking Eastwards for ‘re-unification’ so that they could enjoy fruits of ‘revolution’. Boy, they were persecuted!
    2. Ukrainians and Belo-Russsians. These nationalities were living on both sides of the Polish-USSR border. Poland was attacked by the bolshevik propaganda incessantly. With major ethnic contribution on the part of Jews, the Communist Party of Western Ukraine (and of Belaruss, respectively) were formed, then mutated, with one goal – to ‘re-unite’ some parts of Poland with the USSR, ergo to murder, starve, disposess, enslave populations under the bolshevik banner. If I have a chance to meet, face to face, the present-day Belarussian or Ukrainian nationalist who keeps anti-Polish greviances relative to that period, I would ask them one question: what would have happened to your nation, if all of you were under the bolshevik rule since as early as 1918, instead of 21 years later.
    3. Russians. White-Russians lived in Poland unmolested. Even former Red Army veteran POWs of Polish-Bolshevik War of 1919-20 were allowed to stay in Poland, once it was clarified that they were, for example, the Don Kossacks of good character, forcibly enlisted. Obviously, some may have been watched by authorities in order to determine if they were recruited by the bolsheviks. Their fate was tragic after the Red Army overrun Poland in 1944.
    Once there was a country known as Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR). That country, inhabited by Germans, was governed by the bolsheviks, more commonly known as ‘communists’. Actions of the government of that country were not actions of the German people living there. Likewise, actions of The Bolshevik Government Over And Agains The Polish People were not actions of the Polish people. No bolshevik (communist) government should be associated with any people, including the Polish or even Russian one.
    Bestialities of The Bolshevik Government Over And Against The Polish People were paramount, and they include suffering inflicted on the German people.
    Forces governing the world made the German government to apologize for what has happened during the WW2 and, even more, for what has not happened. The German people were burdened with the ‘whole guilt’. Somehow, no nation has apologized to the German people, who were the only one ‘holocausted’, by the way.
    To suggest, that the Polish people, distinctively, did not apologize to the German people for harm inflicted is dishonest, as noone did (the forces are in place). To suggest, that the Polish peopple ‘will never’ apologize is gross underestimation of our, Polish, character.

  13. The Jews are in charge of all this mess and they still try to scapegoat others. Especially Adolf Hitler. By the time the people finally figure out who the real swindlers and nation destroyers are, they either have a pogrom to save themselves from the Kosher menace, of go the way of Rome… Then the international parasites begin anew with their pathetic wails of persecution- as they crawl like fleas onto the next dog to be devoured.

  14. GREZCM wrote:

    That is untrue. In Poland lived after WW1 around 11 million minorities: Germans, Jews, Russsians, Ukrainians and Belo-Russsians. They were suppressed: put in camps, death marches, murdered or medical attention was denied. That was the main reason why Germay attacked Poland, not only because of Danzig. There were about 15.000 complaints by the new founded League of Nations because of the horrific situation of the minorities in Poland but the League did nothing.


    After the War German refugees were put in concentration camps, tortured, raped and murdered (as well as polish soldiers, too) by the communist police UBS (Ministerstwo Bezpieczenstwa PublicznegoZgoda). There were many camps, e.g. in Lambinowice, Katowice or Świętochłowice and many others. The leader of that camps were Jews, e.g. Salomon Morel or Lola Potok. The leader of the secret communist police was a Jew named Berman.

    A multi-ethnic conflict is always a can of worms. Very complicated. The Germans apologised for their crimes, the Poles not. And they never will. That is the difference between the two nations.

  15. Hello,

    this is not the Brian who has been posting here for a long time and does a lot of posts about 911.

    Perhaps I should of added more to my moniker than my first name but I think it’s too late to change it now.

    Could the Brian who made this post about Adolf Hitler please add something to his moniker so we don’t appear to be the same person? Thanks!

    Perhaps a VT volunteer could send him an email about this. I will gladly send you a properly chilled Margarita for your help, thank you. 🙂

  16. In the recent years, I have a whole new perspective on Adolph Hitler. The Western World would be better off today of the Nazi’s defeated the major powers

  17. In order to yet further clarify my position: nowhere in my postings there is ‘anti-German agenda’, neither there is a ‘philo-German’ one, least of all a zionist one.
    Moreover, once the so-called communism collapsed, the division between the ‘all-wise West’ and ‘semi-slave-primitive-cretin East’ is gone, hopefully forever. Attempts to push us (East-Europeans) around will not make us mute, as was routine in the olden days. Substantial, logical proofs, not unproven theories are required here, not idiotic rambings.

  18. Please, Wotan, spare me such remarks.
    The HALINA, yourself, myself, unsere geehrte Frau Dr. Zündel, or anybody here, enjoy the freedom of speech.
    Of course, it’s very important to furnish other participants with something genuine, even if controvercial.

  19. Dear Wotan,
    First, I will respond to my supposed apologia(sic!) ‘for the Russian killing of the Polish intelligentsia and military. in five digit numbers.’
    You see, I’m writing from the 21st century perspective keeping in mind that the well-beeing of nations is most important. When we aknowledge the all-out murder (with 100% extermination of their elites), torture of tens of millions of Russian people, and outright enslavement of the rest of them under the bolshevik rule, what could we possibly ‘get’ from the Russian people for the Katyn Massacre, that symbolizes our Polish peoples’ suffering? How could we, the Poles, possibly explain to them that our loss was so paramount, when they had lost this number of their own people every day for years?! We, the Polish people, will never be able to explain to the Russian people, that they should warship the martyrdoom our leaderhsip MURDERED in 1939 or, that we are entitled to demand their aknowledgement of ‘everlasting, unforgivable guilt’ or something. They will never make pilgrimages to Katyn wearing hairshirts. It’s my strongest conviction that we should move forward.

    I’ll skip the rest of your posting will silence, out of politeness.

  20. 2nd reply to GREHCM: You have received congratulations from HALINA, who is doing on other websites what you are doing here, which is to present a true Zionist anti German agenda. under the cover of being
    anti-zionist. The aims are so transparent….

  21. p.s. I challenge anyone on the contents, including ALL photographs, of this scheise booklet.
    Especially I call on my adversaries, the ‘NotGerman’ and ‘Way past Twilight’, to stand up! You mad, pseudo-knowlegeable, full of true-history stuff ‘NotGerman’ and ‘Way past Twilight’, will you stan up, or you are only capable of incohent raving? You have the opportunity to show your knowledge, insight, integrity of genuine fighters. Do you pick up the glove?

  22. Reply to GREZCM: I have read your above apologia for the Russian killing of polish intelligentsia and military.
    in five digit numbers. Whilst according to some perverted logic once could understand it if such explanations were offered by a Russian it sounds absolutely sick and pronographic to hear such thing from a Pole about his own compatriots. But there was, next to military attacks on almost all their neighbours, a few other pornographic features displayed by the Poles. In their press (Bismarck: The shop window of a nation) they
    led themselves by means of endless hate campains to believe that Berlin and Cologne were Polish towns.
    This reflects itself in the old saying “Deutschland von der Karte streichen, Polen muss bis Holland reichen”
    The murder of at least 12 000 thousand Germans between the Wars and right up to Hitler`s invasion is a crime, which alone and by itself has justified the invasion to bring those responsible for this genocide to court. And I have seen original film reels, where the Wehrmacht has arrested Poles, put them in a line and
    had surviving Germans or Poles, who did not agree with this mass murder, pick out the culprits.Equally pornographic is the fact that the Polish state was founded by the Germans and upon the hissing of the Polish
    flag as first state action a German military band played the Polish anthem. As a thanks for that the Poles
    invaded Silesia and started murdering the German population in Thorn and Poseen, the the land robbed shortly after by way of Versaille. A truly civilised and romatic people, thes Poles! And for those who are able
    to read their way through the contemporary Polis Press (Udo Walendy has done it) they will know nobody in Europe was more blood- and war-thirsty than the Poles and they really believed that when the war would start, they would be in Berlin within 14 days. And one should not forget the Polish mobilisation along German borders in the months before the war! If Hitler would have taken a nap and would have allowed them
    to strike first maybe they would have really made it to Berlin in 14 days.

  23. Hello Mr. Dean, what script was that? A few months ago I picked up an independent film called “Brother’s War”, is that it?

  24. Vielen Dank Frau Dr Zündel

    I found this, and your “Japan in WWII: A Casualty of Usury?” astounding. Many things not mentioned in your article now fit into place: eg. the relentless pursuit of the Japanese Imperial family and an unconditional surrender, even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is no longer just allied imperialism, I now understand it to be zionist imperialism, to entirely squash and demonise the two countries that had working non-usury-based economies. I knew before, that the zionists prosecuted both WWO and WWI, but now you have enlightened us as to exactly why, the real purpose. This of course following centuries of purposeful destruction of monarchies.

    Can we please have more articles of this theme (background, history, Goodson, Douglas, etc). At this time in the world, if human beings (all races) are to survive (any “race” that attacks the human race is, by definition, not human; the premeditated and declared intent [Protocols]; the ferocity [300 million humans slaughtered] is enough), if we are to break out of our slavery, we need to know the mechanisms of false finance, usury, the mechanics of the frauds of those who are not human beings, the devil-worshippers. Iceland is waking up, they are understandably protecting their race/nation from fraud and continued enslavement. America is at a critical time financially, and the ability of every American to work and feed his family, to protect his females from prostituting themselves, to protect his children from pedophiles and cannibals, is desperately needed.

    More, please !

  25. NotGerman
    The multitude of insulst, hurled by you at me, make it clear that your case is very weak, in fact as weak as this column.

    The opening sentence says much: ‘This article was written for mature and thoughtful people (…).
    My comment: It’s nothing else, but an appeal to the reader, that (s)he should show to be worthy of reading the text or go elsewhere. Genuine pearls will be thrown, but be worthy of them.
    Then a narrative follows: In 1919 Adolf Hitler learns how exactly usury works, then he rises to power an in June 1939 he finally kills the beast. Halleluya? Unfortunately, not! The German people will not live their happy usury-free life for 1000 years, neither other peoples will. Why? Because the Poles went mad in their petty country and started exterminating German people!
    O, wicked Poles! ‘Mature and thoughtful’ reader needs no further information, after all (s)he is mature and thoughtful. Adolf Hitler had to rescue his beloved people from inevitable death, disatrous war would follow, and we all live under the yoke of usury.


  26. Non-at-all Grezcm

    See, that’s the thing with you zionists. pure hypocrites. You say exactly the opposite of what you do. The “anti-defamation” is in fact the biggest defamer and destroyer of careers, and human beings. You *say* you are not racist but you practice apartheid and genocide in Palestine, and across the entire world, against every race other than yours. You *say* you are a revisionist scholar, but post like a zionist. You *say* that your mind is open but from your own posts (presumably from that “open” mind of yours) you have more experience as an oyster or seagull or monkey.

    Pardon me if I do not take the bait of the beast, I like to spend my energy with human beings (whose declarations match their actions). (a) After fair warning, you already proved the venture is doomed, (b) you have confirmed, over and over again, the exact category of creature you are, and (c) in case your “open” “mind” has forgotten, you have stated that you *know* where all the source materials are.

    Now, I am off to appreciate beauty (human beings have the capacity for that; reptiles keep repeating the same pattern over and over again) at [i]Way past Twilight’s Last Gleaming and thru the looking glass[/i]’ site.

  27. Europa

    Thankyou !

    Now that is the real essence of the matter. The victors have demonised Hitler, calling him “fascist” and “racist” and everything evil, but the truth is, if you read his writings and listen to his speeches, and note what he actually implemented (not the fairy tales written by the victors), he supported the diversity and integrity of each nation/race, not just his own. Protecting ones race/nation from the continued centuries of fraud and usury might require transportation of the criminals to the East.

    The criminals, as declared in their written intention, conquer human beings by finding divisions, and exploiting them. And we keep falling into that trap, instead of unting against the common enemy who is EVIDENTLY practising genocide of all of us. 300 million human beings slaughtered, and counting.

  28. GREZCM

    No insult intended, just responding to the content of your posts.

    All that is very interesting.

    The problem is that, that (declaration) stands in stark contrast your other postings on this page (action). Perhaps I was mistaken, I should have instead been instructing you on avoidance of in-congruity or dis-integration. Great nickname for the purpose of declaring your intentions, but when your actions do not match your intentions …

    The problem I have now is, which Grezcm to respond to ! The one who has done their homework but still nit-picks and calls for impossible evidence, or the one who writes like a zioinst and won’t answer questions. The “meritoric” banking background should give us a clue.

    It would be good if you read Europa’s comment below.

    And stick to Dr Zündel’s theme.

  29. Dear Europa
    Good (whatever it means) relations between Adolf Hitler and Marshall Jozef Pilsudski should be seen in historical context: when Hitler rose to power, Pilsudski was on his death bed.
    Sadly, very sadly, our beloved Marshall Jozef Pilsudski died in May, 1935. There is only one person of his time, who may be honestly compared to Marshall Pilsudski – Marshall Phillipe Petain of France. Petain was 11 years Pilsudski’s junior, but also died 16 years after Pilsudski (in 1951). Marshall Petain’s conduct after defeat of France by Germany in 1940 epitomizes, in my opinion, the highest level of statesmanship.
    Sadly, very sadly our beloved Marshall Jozef Pilsudski, whose place in forever granted in the first rank of leaders of the Polish nation, was gone, when yet another challenge for our independence arrived. He had always demanded from his subordinates the unconditional devotion to the Motherland. No compromise. Politicians are the same despicable ilk everywhere and anywhere, there was no place for this tribe around the Marshall. His message was: serve the Nation!
    The re-born country needed devoted leaders. Marshall Pilsudski elevated many highest-level officers, especially colonels, to ministerial position, derogatory called “Polish junta”, etc., whereas they were the uncorruptible core of the State – the best of the best. It was unthinkable for a Polish minister of that time not to pay from his own purse for his breakfast or luch, or a taxi. Varietes of leftists grumbled, grumble and will grumble against such leaders, indeed, for obvious reasons.

  30. Yes, and pigs fly.
    The sad fact is that Mr Adolf Hitler, the immigrant Fuhrer of Germans was unable to persuade his supposedly only object of love – the German Volk – to quietly swallow some sad facts:
    1. 16,000 dead soldiers, more maimed for life, for no good reason – the harvest of war against Poland,
    2. Germany in the state of war with France and UK (luckily no casualties so far).
    Where is the greatness or statemanship of a Fuhrer, who puts his nation in such hazardous situation?
    And, one of important rationales to wage a war by Germany was Hitler’s inability to explain to his nation why he shoud remain the dictator beyond summer 1939, when his dictatorial charter should have expired. Quite like president Roosevelt, they both found a war as good tool to preserve power.

  31. Yes, yes, a 16 y.o. signing death sentences. Ok. By the way, a boy, or a girl?

    I’m opening my mind wide now: please peddle b.s. inside, to the brim. I wish to be enlightened with ‘true history’ stuff.

  32. Dear NotGerman
    To start with, I’ll decipher my nick: GREZCM is an acronym of G-ermar R-udolph E-rns Z-undel C-arlo M-attogno. I use this nick, because I have deep respect for their works and the cause for which they fight, etc.. The cause, I daresay, I wholeheartedly share and support.
    I don’t need to be (re-)educated with contents of ‘iamthewitness’ or any other places where detoxicating truth may be found. I’ve listened to many hours of Mr Daryl B. Smith’s broadcasts (I find his discusions with Muhammad Rafeeq best).
    I don’t need to be (re-)educated on the evil of usury and it’s role in history, or on evildooings of a peculiar tribe practising usury for millenia. I have meritoric background in finance/banking.
    I daresay, I’m not a troll, zionist/whatever.
    I found it most disapointing that Mrs Rimland-Zundel has planted wartime attrocity propaganda in otherwise interresting column. Mr Ernst Zundel teaches us, by his honourable example, how to demolish lies with truth and proofs, not lies with lies.
    I hope there will be no more insults from you, NotGerman, veiled as polemics. Likewise, I hope I will not anymore be instructed by you to learn ‘cases’ like Mr Ratajczak’s (R.I.P), or any other ‘true history stuff’ which are seen by you as mandatory homework to be done before entering a discussion. No patronizing, please.
    Please, NotGerman, make wise use of what I’ve written above, especially before composing another jeremiad.

  33. What a beautiful article about the Fuhrer,and The thir Reich.I thank this site.As for the Polish question.Adolf Hitler had excellent relations with he Poles when Marshal Pudulski was alive.The Fuhrer wanted an alliance with Poland!That was thwarted by the Jews in London,and the ignorance of the Polish military junta.One should read David Irving’s books available from his website:THEDAVID IRVING ACTION REPORT.com,and Pat Buchanan’s courageous book:THE UNNECESSARY WAR.The Poles were intrangitant,and arrogant beyond belief in 1939,!.5 million Germans wanted to go home to the Reich.Hitler envisioned a strong Polish’kingdom,’fully independent after the war.But to argue about the tragic,Polish-German conflict- today; only divides us.The enemy are the Jews.Please Polish friends,and German comrades remember that.

  34. Yes, I think that that is very obvious to all of us, thanks.

    The point is, such an action is illegal, immoral, in-human.

    And anyone attempting to justify such action through logic, is thusly so.

  35. You are proving, over and over again, that your mind is very closed, to anything but your own agenda.

    When you obsessively pick nits, while avoiding the main issues, it places you in the category I have carefully described above: either a zionist slave, or a schizophrenic, or a very small child. Also, I notice that monkeys and apes are pre-occupied with that activity, when they are not howling at something that is strange to them (prompt: echo Dr Rimland Zündel’s opening paragragh).

  36. So read the article again, carefully. The answers to your questions/points are all there. You are picking out certain events and completely missing other events (If you are doing that on purpose, then you are just plain dishonest). Eg. you’ve missed the bit that Hitler trusted Schacht (a zioinist/freemason, acting for the zionists but pretending to act for Germany) and let him run the finance, until a certain point, where his trust was broken (“mutiny”). It has always been the weakness of human beings that we trust others at face value, something that devil-worshippers and cannibals take advantage of.

    From the outset (Dr Rimland Zündel’s introduction), it has been declared that this subject matter is for mature human beings.

    The evidence is, the zionists caused both WWI and WWII. The evidence is, Hitler wanted peace. Peace includes freedom from crippling usury. Sure, “he” on behalf of the starving and illegally plundered German people, eventually marched into Germany (er, “Poland” was land confiscated from Germany, full of Germans, not Poles) and took it back from its Polish occupation. That is not “invading Poland”.

    The Poles I know and work with are honest and well-read; they have a strong sense of Polish identity; they want their freedom back. You evidently are quite happy with your enslavement. Are you sure you are Polish ?

    Did you read the link I provided re Dariusz Ratajczak ?

    Do you care about true Polish history, about Polish nationalism ?

  37. ____”What exactly is unclear? Do you want me to bring here 58,000 alive Germans to testify that they were not murdered?”
    How can an adult human being take such reasoning seriously ? Please restrain yourself to reason, not rhetoric, not impossibilities … otherwise this discussion is doomed.

    The events in history that you do not know about are things in history that you do not know about. Once you get to know true history (which means keeping an open mind, and reading information beyond, and in contradiction of the propaganda written by the victors, which every child is taught), then, and only then, are you in a position to brand such events as “lies”. But since your mind is closed, and you will not examine history, you disqualify yourself from ever attaining that position.

    ____”A lie is a lie, even if it comes from best friend, spouse or own mother.”

    But there is a difference between an unexamined event (which has evidence, accepted by historians) which is branded a “lie” because it contradicts the propaganda of a state that has been occupied for 60 years … and something that is proved to be false. In the kangaroo courts operated by the victors, they do several things to produce the results they want: refuse certain evidence to be admitted; and introduce evidence that does not qualify (according to 2000 years of Roman-Dutch law). Thus such “courts” and “examinations have, by definition, nothing at all to do with law or finding the truth. So you will need to look elsewhere. Unless you want to redeinfe “truth” as well.

    ____”‘Right’ means I agree/support/whatever, ‘wrong’ – the reverse.”
    You have a good command of your non-native tongue, which I must acknowledge. But it is not complete:
    “right” means “right”, not “I agree”.
    “I agree” means “I agree”, not “right”
    “right” implies you are in a position of knowledge to make such declarations, beyond the personal “I agree”. You have already disqualified yourself from such a position.

    “I’m entitled to agree or disagree.”

    And if you just agree or disagree, and stop there, there would be no further argument.


    But when you give yourself credit of being an historian, and pronouncing what is “right”, or branding evidenced events as “lies”, you invite a response from true historians. Further, when you disqualify yourself from that very position, by your own hand, by refusing to practise historic research, you invite ridicule.

    Just one example from your many statements that you have made, despite established evidence to the contrary (which can be found beyond the zionist propaganda re the wars, if only one looks):
    ____”German government started the war, because Hitler WANTED a war”
    See, that has SO MANY holes in it, I will address just a few:
    1. Since when would you know what someone 60 years ago “wanted” ? And by what methods/evidence/propaganada ?
    2. History did not start with the Katyn massacre, or the Bromberg massacre, or the moment Germany marched into Poland, or the moment Hitler allegedly “wanted war”. That method of holding up isolated events (facts, no dispute) and examining them whilst ignoring all the other events (facts), is called schizophrenia. It is also common for very small children, to be totally obsessed in some single event, and ignore all other events. If you are going to discuss this or other historic issues seriously, you will have to give that up, and consider the entire context, all contemporaneous events (facts) at the same time.
    3. Not only is that statement in contradiction of true historic events, which may be known only to people who look past the zionist propaganda, it is in contradiction with fairly commonly known facts:
    • WWII was predicated because the WWI treaty of Versailles was absurd and pluned Germany into starvation.
    • WWII was merely a consequence of an unfinished and untenable WWI
    • Six years before anyone did any marching, the Jews declared war on Germany, and implemented an embargo.
    • There is a fair body of evidence that Hitler tried to avoid war, that it was Churchill who pushed for, and manipulated, both Germany and Poland into war.
    • There is a far body of evidence that the war was not between the “allies” and Germany/Japan; that is was the jews (with the “allies” as their mercenaries) against the two countries that founded a financial system against the jewish usury. If not this (Ingrid’s) article then:
    • therefore, if anything, Hitler was fighting the Jews, for fraudulently and forcefully stealing Germany from the German people. Which is really what the article is about (let’s not get side-tracked with minor massacres, and whether they are evidenced). He was honest enough to do so openly, like a true human being, protecting the culture and racial integrity of his people (which is the same thing that Jews and Palestinians and Zulus have the right to do).

    And of course there is more evidence supporting these articles. But you will have to look past the zionist propaganda; keep your eyes open; and stop obsessing about single events. If you are honestly, earnestly interested in the cause of WWII … and WWI, the Russian “revolution”, the French “revolution”, you need to acquaint yourself with the devil worshippers who declared war on the human race, who are simply implementing what the declared, in writing, one hundred years ago. here is something to get you started.


    ____”I will not respond to offenses (‘you are enslaved’ etc), they are sick.”
    Begging your pardon. Please read that statement within the context of my post, not as a single isolated statement, I was clearly identifying the Polish people. The “you” is plural. And of course, includes the singular you.

    Germany is an occupied and owned country, occupied and owned by the Zionists, since 1918, according to my reading thus far. The foreign troops in occupation are merely their mercenaries. The German people are far more enslaved (if there can be degrees of slavery), and enslaved in the same way, that I stated that the Polish people are enslaved. The Americans and Brits are just as enslaved as the Germans, they are all Rothschild colonies, however they do enjoy the appearance of having some “freedoms”. The American and British society has been easier to corrupt, than the German society, so while the level of enslavement is practically the same, the level of success of the Zionist enterprise is different in different aspects of society.

    When you parrot the zionist propaganda, you are proving, by your own actions, that you are a zionist slave, I merely identified the fact (the labels come from zionist declaration of intent, they are not mine). Which can be forgiven, due to your demonstrated lack of knowledge in the subject matter. But that has now been brought to your attention, you can no longer plead ignorance. Now, after that has been explained to you, if you *continue* further argument (particularly nit-picking and isolatory arguments, while avoiding the main issues), you will be proving, by your own actions, that you are a zionist and not a Pole; a devil-worshipper advancing the enslavement and cannibalisation of the human race (over 200 million human beings so far, and counting), for the riches of this world.

    The only question remaining is, whether you are a Jewish or non-Jewish zionist.

  38. Hello Jim.
    The Katyn Forrest Massacre played, in a way, primal role in WW2. Why? Let’s surmise. Preliminary, we should keep in mind that the retreating bolshevik forces murdered every incarcerated (imprisoned) person in every place of detention, as a rule. No conventions applied.
    Let’s assume, that the Polish officers were freed, saved from death by the advancing Wehrmaht. The suffering under the Bolshevik detention might have led the saved Polish officer core to create an army against the Bolshevik Empire (USSR) and even mobilise the whole Polish nation to this end to fight against bolshevism. This was to be avoided, so the bolsheviks exterminated the Polish officer core.

  39. Where is the proof?!
    The link shows a man, standing over 5-6 dead persons of different age (may they rest in peace), supposedly praying. Good. Where is Bromberg city on the photo? Bromberg was a city. The background is open rural neigbourhood. Where are the piles of corpses in the city?
    Description below the photo clearly states that the Poles murdered poor Germans for 3 days (3-5 September 1939), which doesn’t mean 72 hours (it could be 50 hours), in Bromberg city. Mrs Rimland-Zundel cites a book, which states there were 5,500 victims in Bromberg, no less. What the Poles did with the remaining 5494 bodies, ate them?
    My proposition: the man, supposedly praying is not a catholic priest (wrong clothing, no choker – zero credibility), neither the dead people are Germans murdered by the Poles, nor the photo was taken in Bromberg.
    The photo was shot anywhere. The location of the bodies stongly suggests that the victims may have travelled along the road, and were killed by an airplane fire – ‘knightly’ conduct of German air-force in Poland in September 1939.
    The ‘praying’ man is the driver of the bus visible in the background.

  40. What exactly is unclear? Do you want me to bring here 58,000 alive Germans to testify that they were not murdered? The suggested figure is equally true, as 6,000,000 million gassed. Just monumental, blasphemous lie! A lie is a lie, even if it comes from best friend, spouse or own mother.
    The point is, that German patriots have ample ‘ammunition’ to fight for their well-deserved honour WITHOUT RESORTING TO LIES. Clear?
    ‘Right’ means I agree/support/whatever, ‘wrong’ – the reverse. I’m entitled to agree or disagree.
    German government started the war, because Hitler WANTED a war. That the war brought so much deaths, misery and destruction is another matter. Real wars are unpredictable and der Fuhrer vastly contributed to the doom of his nation and many others. This alone diqualifies him as the stateman.
    I will not respond to offenses (‘you are enslaved’ etc), they are sick.

  41. “1. Now if you want to be a true Pole, and not a castrasted zionist nation-less race-less sex-less slave, you will study true Polish history.
    2. Wonder what life would have been like for the Polish people living next to Germany as friends, with Hitler’s and Japan’s debt-free financial system. Dragging this tangent back to the thread.”
    re 1: This is offensive, I will not respond.
    re 2: Author present us with idealistic, nowadays fashionable interpretation of Hitler’s legal action undertaken in June 1939. I can’t help there is a different one, namely Hitler did wanted a war. Of course not all-out war against whole world, just well-sized, short, victorious little war to test his rebuilt military, show the world he is tough guy, etc.. In order to carry wars the central bank, and banking system in general must be totally obedient to the government (matters of gold, hard curriences, unlimited printing of money, etc.). The author suggests that Hitler understood the evil of bank usury since 1918. For 5 years of his dictatorial power he didn’t terminate the central bank usury system. Only 1.5 months before attacking Poland he did. I can’t help I see this, and I’m not very enthusiastic.

  42. 5. I too hilarious to respond to. You obviously have training in Jewish “victim” logic.

    You have heard of Dariusz Ratajczak, haven’t you ?
    The Poles are still t.o.t.a.l slaves. From 1945 to 1999 to the Russians (Zionists), and since to the politically- correct (zionists). In Darius’ words:
    “Everywhere half-truths, lies, propaganda. But it is not at all madness, but a method leading to the destruction of historical consciousness, to the cutting off from the truly Polish historical heritage, without which the nation cannot exist. A nation is, after all, past, present, and future generations. If we break the first element of the triad, the whole starts making no sense. And that is where the “creativity” of the politically correct correctors of history is leading.”

    Now if you want to be a true Pole, and not a castrasted zionist nation-less race-less sex-less slave, you will study true Polish history.

    Wonder what life would have been like for the Polish people living next to Germany as friends, with Hitler’s and Japan’s debt-free financial system. Dragging this tangent back to the thread.

    Ah, but to contemplate that, you will have to give up the propaganda and understand true Polish history. Katyn. Slomensk. Another in-credible cover-up. But the Poles do nothing (because they are still programmed to attack Germany). Granted, Kaczynski was an idiot to some, but one has to wonder exactly what he was planning in the financial spectrum for Poland (freedom from usury?) before he was killed. If it was his own foolish demand to land, or the Russians for his raising the cold war again, then who ?

  43. 4. Would this be acceptable to someone with such certainty that theirs is the only “knowledge” ?
    There’s more evidence, of course. Forensic. Not mere ‘eyewitness statements’.

    You conveniently side-step the issue that that land which was contested (in 1939) was Germany for centuries, where Germans lived for centuries, which was um awarded to “Poland” by the victors of WWI. The same sham, and consequent troubles, was perpetrated at the END of WWII, and the massacres of German citizens on German soil (with “polish” names) was much greater. Not to mention the massacre of German PoWs. Changing the names of towns to Polish does not make them Polish, except in the zionist newspapers.

    One of the problems with being so “right”, is that you are invariably so “wrong”. In any case, you are in no position to make “right” or “wrong” claims against the author.

    And for that reason (the same German land in now “Polish” once again), those massacres are not researched as massacres, because the victims are not jews or poles. MILLIONS of Germans died AFTER the war, as the vanquished, at the hands of the occupying forces, there is scarce research on that as well. Now, I would have thought, as a Pole, who has suffered centuries of the same fate, you would understand and empathise; but no, you still have something against Germany, but not Russia, the Zionists, not your masters. At the root of it, you (your entire post) merely justifies Zionist slaughter of the human race, and you are enslaved to it, gullible to their divide-and-conquer game.

    Anyway, Ingrid’s article is great. These minor issues should not detract from it.

  44. I’m defending Poland in broader terms then her role in WW2.
    Why should be Poland not reborn when all three powers, that once had dismantled her, have fought a war (WW1) until self-destruction? Only little international support sufficed and, nevertheless, it was necessary to pay with blood for the independence (Polish-Bolshevik War of 1919-20).
    And what „German” lands has Poland regained? None. All had been small parts of the Kingdom of Prussia – the viper that had been gaining lands and peoples in all directions, until was destroyed by WW1. Likewise, to what extent Silesia was German? At best, it was populated by immigrants from Germany (at least read wikipedia’s „history of Silesia” to learn basics). Or Danzig – royal city of Polish crown, that rose to wealth and prominence exclusively thanks to being a part of Poland. Mrs Rimland-Zundel, now German patriot, knows well, that her forbearers (Mennonites) had been brought to Poland of all places, where they worked, developed, practiced their faith and prospered unmolested for 150 years. Who made them flee their „Polish” farms (to the Ukraine)? Prussian rulers – „Germans” of a sort.
    Whereas „Germans” wouldn’t have minded the rebirth of Poland on lands regained from the Russian Empire and the House of Habsburg (Austria in short), it was too difficult for them to accept similiar Poland’s legitimacy to regain small parts of „Germany” (in fact – the Kingdom of Prussia). That’s why, since earliest days of the Weimar Republic, in a way saved by ‘the Poles” from bolshevik revolution by the Polish-Bolshevik War, all governments of Germany would carry anti-Poland’s policies that culminated in the assault of 1939. Short periods of released tensions don’t contradict this reality.

  45. While I understand your wanting to defend Poland’s role in WWII, the fact of the matter is that Poland’s “re-emergence” was a creation of the bankers’ Treaty of Versaille. Carving up Germany was contrary to the principles of international law as it existed at the time. Benjamin Freedman, a Jew who converted to Catholicism, was at Versaille and spoke extensively about the bankers role in preparing the ground for WWII, through the Treaty.

    Poland was a belligerent. While Germany demanded the return of the Sudetenland, Poland demanded the Teschen district and invaded on September 27, 1939, two days before Germany took over the Sudetenland. Hungary invaded and took part of the Ruthenia region shortly after.

    No one’s hands were clean. There were ethnic Germans killed in Poland and other countries both before and after the war. There were Poles killed in Germany and other countries before and after the war. The point of the article is to move away from the bs that has been fed to us in the past 75+ years.

    There are three sides to the story, but only one is the truth.

  46. “Let it be food for thought for those who care.” Amen here!!


    Folks, This Katyn Forest piece triggered a lot of reading and new contacts with the Polish American communities and even over in Poland. The fabulous new film had come out so I was able to use some of it’s trailer footage. I was trying to introduce using more multimedia pieces on VT and this one is now a classic.

    Being half Polish I had studied Katyn for 25 years and even had a script treatment for a film many years ago. Finally someone did one.

  47. Fellas, the comment boards have to be monitored. Everybody does this. They have to. Controversial sites, and moreso successful ones like VT have assigned trolls to play all kinds of games. Even when regular readers post comments using language or tone just like the trolls, out they go.

    We are not doing all of this to make it easier for the opposition to bash us. They want to get us on the defensive as it just sucks up resources. We have lots of Jewish folks helping us out, some of our best source and leaks, and a lot of VT people are Jewish to some degree. So it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that we are not about to let angry readers tear down what we are building here just because they fell like it.

    You can say what you want and need to say, in an intelligent way and you will always see it up here. But if you can’t go to the trouble to do that, then we can’t go to the trouble to clear the comments.

    A quick reality check in. 5000 spams a day…around 500 get through the filters have to be removed by hand. You can just imagine how much we love spending time doing that. Sometimes even regular posters get caugh up in the spam filter file, so someone had to review ALL of those. Gordon does most of that as he is greased lightning, and is more familiar with the commentors than anybody else.

    This is all time that could be spent researching and writing. That is why we are having discussions about taking the comment boards into a passcode mode or some other way to enjoy the obvious benefits without the huge amount work for our volunteer and very talented staff who would prefer not spending hours a day on admin grunt work that is mostly behind the scenes and unappreciated.

    Remember, we are not in the entertainment business here. We are in a war…a mutli-front war, and we need to devote the largest part of our time trying to win it, or at least buying time for someone coming behind us to win it.

    Our biggest weakness is time, before we know it, it’s midnight…or in Gordon’s case 1:00am to 1:30am. But Debbie Menon on Dubai is getting up around midnight here for key back up that might be needed.

    We do this out of a sense of duty, and honor for all the work that has been done in the old days when it was harder to do, when there were not platforms like VT. Gordon goes all the way back to the AOL military boards back in 1993 with 300 baud modems. Those were some days as there was no competition. Everybody was on one board them with a lot of WWII guys still around. If Gordon had the time he could write wonderful stories about those days.

    Time, time, time. Without it you are fighting using a gun with no bullets.

  48. Liebe Frau Rimland-Zündel,
    vielen, vielen Dank für ihre zahlreichen überaus wertvollen Aufsätze, deren lektüre mir, in Netz und Rundbrief,
    jedesmal einen geistigen Hochgenuß und moralische Stärkung beschert.
    In tiefer Verbundenheit,
    Daniel Zwartek

  49. “This book was the hardest of all the tasks that our age has posed me to date in my capacity as chronicler: it contains nothing but the naked truth, every name is that of its true bearer, and every account is based on a sworn affidavit. Edwin Erich Dwinger, 1940.”
    [ my comment: Herr Dwinger says: I’m giving you lies, lies, and nothing but lies.]

    Here follows the account of Herr Dwinger, which might be truthfull, for those who swallow any falsehood.

    The mad Polacken (…) after destroying the Bromberg region, turning the entire province of Posen to ashes and exterminating the Germans in the Thorn Basin, the flame also reaches (…) France, Spain and Portugal. No, these bloodthisty beasts wouldn’t set foot on our Holy Reich, but instead they cowardly went South, and re-emerged in France, having encircled the Alps. I was following them all the way and I swear, I’ve been accompanied by a detachment of notaries public, cameramen, photographers and intepreters in order to document everything genau (exactly in English). Ja wohl, all of these professionals were German patriots, whose only allegience was to the Reich, and der Fuhrer, so help me God und der Fuhrer (sorry for repeating myself).
    When the mob reached the shores of the Atlantic, they were perplexed – the primitives. So they began to howl: “we want more German blood” und “we have not enough”. Then, they’ve embarked every vessel within their reach: ships, rowing boats and kayaks, and they’ve shouted “we will go overseas and drink German blood there”. It is nothing but the truth, I swear, so help me God und der Fuhrer (twice). So they set off. I was the only one to follow them from that point. I was determined to document and preserve the truth.

    [my comment: quite like later day “witnesses” Abraham Bomba, Yankel Wernick, Miklos Nyisli, Rudolph Vrba, Elie Viesel and others]

    First, I pretended to be an oyster, clinging to one of the vessels, but quickly I’ve found out it was ungermanic, and I’ve changed my disguise to the one of a seagull, sitting atop of a mast. So the madmen voyaged to the unknown, howling “we will kill every German we encounter”. The flotilla landed in South America. There, the wicked Polacken run around, like mad asking “where are the Germans” und “we want to kill them all”, but there were none, so they went inland asking everybody the same questions. Dissapointed, they’ve reached Cape Horn, once again facing the sea. I’ve seen this all with my own eyes, so help me God, und der Fuhrer (twice). But their bloodthirst was not yet over, they wanted more German blood, so they, the stupid Polacken decided to build rafts, which they did, in their madness. And they sailed, with me disguised as a seagull again. When they hit the shores of Antarctica, again they started to shout-out their lust for German blood, and moved inland to find their prey. I’ve followed them all the way, hiding behind trees, I swear (sorry, no notary public was available with me). But, the further they went, the more dissapointed they were, so they decided one day, that from then on, one of every ten of them should mimick a German, so that others could murder him (presumably as a form of compensation). Thus, they went on, murdering one another, untill the last one of them cut his own throat for lack of prey. Yes, it’s all honest truth (sadly, no notary public was with me).
    Yes, I’ve seen all this with my own eyes, and I’ve collected many testimonies under oath. I have a dream, that my account should be forwarded to our Bolshevik comerades in arms, so that they make good use of it, especially to Ylia Ehrenburg and his ethnic buddies. They are efficient guys, no doubt, you know.
    I swear again, everything I’ve described here is truth (in Russian: pravda), whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me der Fuhrer, Gott, Fuhrer, und mein Fuhrer (sorry for repeating myself thrice). Amen.
    Signed: Edwin Erich Dwinger, 1940 (presently residing in a comfortable villa of a Polish colonel, in Kattowitz, buyed by me quite cheap).
    Please, write me if you need atrocity propaganda (bargain pricing and reduced shipment): [email protected]

  50. (…) after destroying the Bromberg region, turning the entire province of Posen to ashes and exterminating the Germans in the Thorn Basin, the flame also reaches (…) France, Spain and Portugal. But the ever-growing bloodthirst is not satisfied, even grows further. Thousands of ships, boats and kayaks carry the mad mob to South America, and, boy!, to Antarctica, indeed!

  51. 1. a German listening to Polish radio to be in touch with develepments?
    2. “a sixteen-year-old busy signing the death sentences” ??? really? a 16 y.o.? why “sign” anything, why not just murder them and go on murdering others?
    3. “mustard gas”?
    4. “tormentors only wanted to revel in their agonies and have some fun with them”? why waste time for watching? Isn’t more murder more fun for those beasts?


  52. (…) All this was inspired by the principle–which is quite true within itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie (…)
    Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X

    The one, who takes at face value the wartime atrocity propaganda will forever be a piteous ignoramus. In 1940 German government had a lot to explain to own nation relative to the War generally, and anti-Polish bestial polices implemented since tha fall of 1939:
    expulsion of hundreds of thousands Poles from territories annexed to the Reich,
    wholesale executions of Polish leaders (even Janusz Kusocinski – runner, and olympic champion qualified),
    and much, much more.
    It was not an easy task, the small lie wouldn’t have worked, thus big lies had to be employed, to provide excuse consolation for the thinking German public. This took shape of the notorious collection of atrocity stories by one Edwin Erich Dwinger “Death in Poland”, published in 1940.

  53. GREZCM
    Death in Poland
    The Fate of the Ethnic Germans.
    Chapter 7:
    The Massacre of Slonsk

    The great manhunt extends farther and ever farther. Hardly has it run its bloody course in the old German border provinces before it ranges greedily into the open countryside. Wherever there is a German settlement, even if it be deep in Polish territory, the searing sparks take hold. And so, after destroying the Bromberg region, turning the entire province of Posen to ashes and exterminating the Germans in the Thorn Basin, the flame also reaches the three hundred year old settlement in the town of Slonsk, to which a Polish king had once granted many a privilege. In this town, populated by dyed-in-the-wool Lower Saxons, there is only one single Pole among the citizenry – what could have been the reason for the persecution here? Whom had the Germans oppressed here?
    A few days after the events on Jesuit Lake, the estate of Friedrich Elgert, master smith of the town of Slonsk, is visited by a cavalry sergeant and several auxiliary policemen wearing white-and-red armbands with blue imprints.

  54. GREZCM,
    Scriptorium, September 2004,
    the 65th anniversary of the events described in this book.
    This book was the hardest of all the tasks
    that our age has posed me to date in my capacity as chronicler:
    it contains nothing but the naked truth,
    every name is that of its true bearer,
    and every account is based on a sworn affidavit.
    Edwin Erich Dwinger, 1940

    On September 3, 1939 AD, the third day of the Polish Campaign, Warsaw issued a broadcast. It only stated tersely that Order 59 was to be carried out without delay. This was in fact the secret signal to execute proscriptions that had been prepared well in advance. After this broadcast the Polish people, urged on by their soldiers and officers, descended upon the ethnic Germans and murdered 60,000 of them within a few days. Only few of them were shot, most were brutally beaten to death, and even the corpses were desecrated in great numbers. What is the name under which this deed will go down in history – what will humanity call it one day?

    The family of the gardener Schmiede was among those waiting for lunch. Six little children run like foals around their tall mother………………”Just this same call,” says the apprentice, “for an hour already! Carry out No. 59, they say over and over again, carry out No. 59. I don’t understand…..
    With the collapse of the burning house the crowd disperses, but it is not until morning that the woman dares creep out. She hopes to fetch some food for the children from some acquaintances, but only a short distance out she falls into the hands of a patrol. They immediately drag her to the police station. Only young civilians are there, and one sixteen-year-old is busy signing the death sentences. She is shoved into one of the many rooms where hundreds of Germans are already crowded together. She falls unconscious into an acquaintance’s arms, but a terrible screaming wakes her again the very next moment. A Polish soldier has yelled in the door that they would all be gassed to death now. And in fact a pipe is pushed in through a window, and a strange blowing sound comes in from outside. Already they believe they smell the almond scent of mustard gas. A mindless chaos breaks out, many fall to their knees in prayer, a minister’s ringing voice recites the Lord’s Prayer – but none of them sink to the floor from this gas. No gas is kept in this station at all, their tormentors only wanted to revel in their agonies and have some fun with them…


  55. The deportation and expulsion and the mass murder of the ethnic Germans before and at the beginning of World War Two in Poland was by no means confined to the “Bloody Sunday of Bromberg”, a massacre that is all too often downplayed or even denied outright today. Acts of incomprehensible brutality were directed against the civilian ethnic Germans in countless Polish cities, towns and villages and constitute a hushed-up tragedy that is supposed to remain under the carpet where it has been swept because its victims are not deemed politically correct.

    This book from 1940, translated by The Scriptorium and published in 2004 for the first time in English to commemorate the 65th anniversary of these events, lets the reader experience almost first-hand the terrible fate of tens of thousands of ethnic Germans in Poland in September 1939. Many of them were women, children, the elderly – their common “crime” was that they were Germans…

  56. Been a long time since so many,including the German People were fully able to enjoy one of many things that in a sane World would be considered a Birthright, An honest & balanced History

    Death in Poland
    The Fate of the Ethnic Germans

    The deportation and expulsion and the mass murder of the ethnic Germans before and at the beginning of World War Two in Poland was by no means confined to the “Bloody Sunday of Bromberg”, a massacre that is all too often downplayed or even denied outright today. Acts of incomprehensible brutality were directed against the civilian ethnic Germans in countless Polish cities, towns and villages and constitute a hushed-up tragedy that is supposed to remain under the carpet where it has been swept because its victims are not deemed politically correct.

    This book from 1940, translated by The Scriptorium and published in 2004 for the first time in English to commemorate the 65th anniversary of these events, lets the reader experience almost first-hand the terrible fate of tens of thousands of ethnic Germans in Poland in September 1939. Many of them were women, children, the elderly – their common “crime” was that they were Germans…

  57. seems like Jews ‘played hardball’ (ruinous money manipulation and embargo on Germany) and lost. Difference between Germany and modern-day America, is that they have won. Too bad America, drown in debt, entertained by culture-vulture Jew media whores, object and be prosecuted by Jew enforcers (criminal justice system).

  58. Sorry for moving “off topic”, but this comment is too intelligent to be gibberish, while dangerously misleading in its current form.
    Moses was an African, who we are led to believe was the “chosen” leader of Israel by avoiding the censor of newborns. This tradition was so important that Jesus also “needed” to survive a censor of Herod to be of the same or greater status than Moses. Far from being the toil of Pharos, the Israelites were respected masons, craftsmen and engineers. In my opinion Moses, the salesman, sold then a line by encouraging the exodus. All he could offer is power through autonomy. It is unlikely that the Israelite were “slaves” in the tradition sense of the word but may have had some grievance at have no prosperity (power in the sense of ‘recognition through status and history’). The Israelites were sorely needed and their exodus was a disaster for the Pharos (hence their reaction to give chase at all cost).
    The reason the Roman Empire turned Christian was no miracle of Jesus. The Roman citizens were ostensively monotheistic with a favourite, or as it were, head God. In order to curry favour with his peoples the Emperor would back the head God. Yet, periodically, the head God would fail to be replaced by a new one. This made for a precarious period for the current Emperor – who’s enemies were ready to pounce. So the concept of a single God, they thought, was a great idea. Christianity – as a humanist concept was gaining steam in a barbarous world. Intrinsically their world, as is ours, was built on a system of property ownership. Along with ownership comes the job of protection. Saul aka Paul who so “easily” converted to (sic) Christianity in ritual self importance as the “last apostle” actually “explained” Jesus’ message into Diaspora Judaism. Thus all observing Christians are in fact tolerant Jews. This much better suited the Roman Emperors’ quest that was about securing power and not some communist cooperative.
    Indeed the significant difference between Anglo Saxon principals and Jewish tradition was the Starra. As a result of misinformation as to why Jesus attacked the temple money lenders Jews were allowed to be bankers to Anglo Saxons. To finally clear up the nonsense about the Talmud, this was an oral tradition “protected” by the Pharisees. The conflicts shown in the New Testament were over bureaucracy with the ensuing farcical Scriptural debate. That debate is ongoing and certainly has not been assuaged by Jesus.

  59. Fanta soda, IBM, Norton bomb sites, newly invented and patented synthetic oil (good for countries that don’t have their own). All sent to germany. Rockefeller built factories in Russia and China to build weapons against america during Viet Nam, and so it goes. Rumsfeld got holes in the ground for the North Korean nuke plants, Clinton sold all of our nuclear tech to China, Bush gave the Israelis the F-22 and F-35 computer technology, actually he let them steal it. Take the presidents out of it, and what do you have left? Rothschild, Rockefeller, and JP Morgan responsible for all this.

  60. You’re joking Bob! You and I know who runs the schools, right? Do you think for one moment they would permit something Hitler did get into the minds of schoolchildren? That said I must say I can’t help but think Ron Paul is on basically the same wavelength as were the Germans back then. This is why the Jewspapers and TV pretend he doesn’t exist. If he did win the Presidency and begin auditing the Fed they’ll try to have him whacked just like they did to Lincoln and Kennedy.

  61. Dear Halina
    Thank you for your encouraging post. In fact I am a Pole, writing from Poland. Despite linguistic deficiences, I embark upon defense of our Nation here because, apparently, no other, more competent ‘forces’ are present.

  62. So, are the “Jews” still God’s “CHOSEN” people ? When precisely did the Ashkenazim turn into all 12 tribes ? = http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/columns/arabs.htm = Please also listen to the Full on [email protected] = http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/hardtalk/9589899.stm = & This one, ^^ = http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00k0jz0 = ^^ For a deep appreciation for the HELL HOLE “JEWS” live in see also page 123 in FORGED IN FURY by Michael Elkins….a must read. Thanks Ingrid, for providing some perspective to the Tsunami of Lies, albeit that Judahites {Germans} are loathe to contemplate the actual consequences for violating the First commandment, One More time for the Children in the hospital…THERE WERE NO “JEWS” in the Old Testament. The Children of Israel have never been, and are not now “JEWISH”. The Synagogue of Satan “STOOL SCULPTURE” deity cult is a manifestation of the ECONOMIC TERRORISTS who contrived the “JEWISH” religion to spiritually/economically enslave not just the Israelites {White Christian nations}…but also to offer mass murder BLOOD SACRIFICE {s} to their Talmudic “DUNG” god….300 million and counting…in the last 100 years. No One on Earth has to be a “JEWISH”. See Deut 32 & Isaiah 3.

  63. Sehr geehrte Frau Dr. Zündel,

    thanks so much for posting this- very interesting article-

    Hitler often verbalized his loathing of the Rothschilds and their practice of usury- it’s because he tried to free Germany from the international banking system and did so to a certain extent thus turning Germany into an economic wonder is why TIME magazine voted him “man of the year”- most are unaware of this-

    then things began to spin out of control- so who started the spin?

    but the world of geopolitics is just so incredibly shadowy (understatement)- much evidence points to the fact that AH was most probably a bastard progeny of Vienna-based Leopold Salomon Rothschild (!)

    then it gets worse-

    AH was also accused of being a British agent (there was no “closure” on either side at Dunkirk)- whatever- in any case, at the very latest after Stalingrad, higher-ups in Germany suspected a traitor at the highest level and AH was the prime target for assassination attempts-

    or may the the culprits have been Martin Bormann or Rheinhard Gehlen (A. Dulles recruited Gehlen for the CIA in 1947)- or all three?

    enter Project Paperclip- talk about a quick and facile exit…

    proof of how sinister (understatement) geopolitics is-

    read the meticulously researched/documented works of Joseph Farrell and Peter Levenda for starters for more jaw-dropping info on this subject-

    the world “aint” what we’ve been told it is (understatement)

  64. If everything said in the above article & comments are true, this would of course imply that even the WWII Axis Powers with all their might could not defeat the international bankers. The current world seems even more in the grip now, of central banking power – so why/how can you realistically expect to fight, let alone possibly ever defeat, such unbelievably powerful interests today?

  65. Both Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939 and it appears that the Western Allies of both Great Britain and France declared war on Germany only. The only way to stop a nation’s government from becoming enslave to usury from banks is to nationalize all those bank and to put them under government control. The U.S. FED lends money directly to U.S. big banks at favorable rates rather than to the U.S. government directly which would cut out the usurious middle man (big banks) and these big banks go and buy government bonds and treasury bills that pay them higher interest than it costs them to borrow the money from the FED; thus, making an easy profit at the expense of the U.S. government and U.S. taxpayers. Banks now a days try avoiding nationalization by being international banks that are all over the world at the same time. However, the U.S. should have nationalized all of the banks that got saved by the TARP bailout in order to stabilize the economy since the U.S. government owned them by saving them.

  66. GREZCM, whoever you are, thank you so much for the informative comment and defense of Poland, my nation, that suffered so much under German occupation during WW2 and then the Soviet Bolshevism.
    From the bottom of my heart once again, DZIEKUJE!

  67. Dirty Little Secrets – the hidden, awkward origins of World War 2

    The unexpected views of four key diplomats who were close to events

    Just consider the following:

    · Joseph P. Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Britain during the years immediately preceding WW2 was the father of the famous American Kennedy dynasty. James Forrestal the first US Secretary of Defense (1947-1949) quotes him as saying “Chamberlain (the British Prime Minister) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war”. (The Forrestal Diaries ed. Millis, Cassell 1952 p129).

    · Count Jerzy Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, in a report to the Polish Foreign Office in January 1939, is quoted approvingly by the highly respected British military historian Major-General JFC Fuller. Concerning public opinion in America he says “Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands…when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe… It is interesting to observe that in this carefully thought-out campaign… no reference at all is made to Soviet Russia. If that country is mentioned, it is referred to in a friendly manner and people are given the impression that Soviet Russia is part of the democratic group of countries… Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity, but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps…President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.” (Fuller, JFC: The Decisive Battles of the Western World vol 3 pp 372-374.)

    · Hugh Wilson, the American Ambassador in Berlin until 1938, the year before the war broke out, found anti-Semitism in Germany ‘understandable’. This was because before the advent of the Nazis, “the stage, the press, medicine and law [were] crowded with Jews…among the few with money to splurge, a high proportion [were] Jews…the leaders of the Bolshevist movement in Russia, a movement desperately feared in Germany, were Jews. One could feel the spreading resentment and hatred.” (Hugh Wilson: Diplomat between the Wars, Longmans 1941, quoted in Leonard Mosley, Lindbergh, Hodder 1976).

    · Sir Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador in Berlin ‘said further that the hostile attitude in Great Britain was the work of Jews and enemies of the Nazis, which was what Hitler thought himself’ (Taylor, AJP: The Origins of the Second World War Penguin

    etc etc etc http://www.rense.com/general92/dirty.htm

  68. Not mentioned in the article is that Hitler was financed by London bankers for WW2, that Ford USA supplied his tank engines, that Fox Movie-Tone news made his propoganda films, that Standard Oil US gave him fuel to EXTEND the war, that he spent a few months with Brit intel in Porton Down Wiltshire prewar, that he had 2 Brit Intel minders thru the war, that he spared 300K Brit at Dunkirk with the words..we are not in the business of killing..to his frustrated Generals.

    It is ILLEGAL to even mention the holocast in Europe, as one will be assumed to be questionning the 6m figure, let alone questionning whether it happened at all.

    So much for `history`.

    Interesting article.

  69. Actually, there’s a key error here. Britain, as HMG carefully explained to the ruling Polish junta afyer they frantically appealed for British help after the well-warrented German invasion, never ‘guarenteed’ Poland’s territorial integrity, merely its ‘independence’. If the Polish government would like to remove itself to london (which it finally did), that ‘guarantee’ would be considered fulfilled (see the Foreign Office diplomatic records on this, quoted and footnoted in detail in Professor Carroll Quigley’s scholarly book, ‘The Anglo-American Establishment’. The British aren’t called ‘perfidious Albion’ for nothing! After this ‘guarantee’ tricked Poland into aggressive acts which lost it everything, the Brits in turn were tricked by the US money barons (via Baruch and Roosevelt) into declaring a war which cost them their wealth and Empire before the US honoured its ‘guarentee’ to come in alongside them. If the British people really knew what Churchill, Lord Halifax, the Milner Group etc. had thus carelessly caused them to unnecessarily lose, there would be a revolution! Instead, they are contantly bamboozled with references to their ‘finest hour’ and strident anti-German propaganda!

  70. General remarks. There is a storyline in propaganda to the effect that:
    1) the Poles believed in UK’s and France’s guarantees, thus behaved so suicidal,
    2) the Poles stubbornly and irresponsibly refused reasonable Germany’s demands,
    3) had the Poles understood the reality, the war would have been avoided,
    etc, etc, etc. – the usual, sad language.
    Luckily we don’t need to resort to surmise and conjecture, enough is to look at cases of Iraq and Lybia. No leader in these countries had announced that the respective nations would either fall to their knees and beg outside powers for leniant treatment, or be invaded and destroyed. Both have said: if they invade us, they wold be defaeted and we would be victorious. This is the case with present-day Iran as well. Likewise should be seen the grandstanding propaganda of the Government of Poland towards Germany’s demands.
    Poland had no goldmines, strategic geographic assets, or anything of importance to UK’s or French elites who ruled ‘half of the World’ anyway. Every top level politician woldwide had known this before the War, including the Polish. Likewise, no sane person believe that foreigners would agree to fight and die for no good reason in large-scale conflicts. Entering a war of choice is probably the single most difficult political challenge. No sane person, including Polish highest officials, was surprised that Poland was thrown under the wagon in 1939. The other scenario – falling to one’s knees and begging for lenient treatment was out of question, as no nation is worthy of independence if it’s not ready to pay for it with own blood. So it happened.
    Poland had re-emerged on the polical map of Europe. Contrary to critics’ repulsive name-calling (a clumsy creature of the Versaille Treaty, etc), re-emergence of Poland should be seen as the most natural event. In 1918 independent countries emerged which had had no independence at all in recoreded history (Latvia, Estonia, Finland are good examples). But Poland’s resurrection was too much for some, especially for Germany and the emerging Bolshevik Empire (according to critics, therritorially Poland went too far in all directions; should feel satisfied with less). Sadly, both these countries decided to dismantle Poland for 4th time in history. The 4th partition of Poland brought the World War, as other important world actors saw opportunity to play the event to own interrests.
    German, Polish and Russian nations are, in my opinion, by far the greatest collective victims of the War. I mean nations, not states. All three nations have paid for the War the ultimate price – seas of blood, suffering, and lives of their best sons, and all three have lost.
    Let it be food for thought for those who care.

  71. Uh huh, and when I write that article in 300 words or less last week, my post gets banned. Not one mention of the word Jew or Zionist in it either. Or maybe some thunder was going to be stolen…..

  72. A lot of truth with some anti-Polish smear.
    1. Right! Germany’s attempt to set herself free from interest-bearing money [and gold standard!] was the only genuine reason for Judeo-Anglo-Saxon axis to destroy Germany by means of war, if necessary. Italy and Japan were “guilty” of the very same transgression, and subsequently likewise destroyed.
    2. Right! Hjalmar Schacht was the Rotschild’s agent. He would be most leniently treated by the notorious International Military Tribunal after the war and returned to highest level of banking kabal (he was re-appointed the head of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel).
    3. Wrong! UK gave Poland one and only guarantee – that if Poland is invaded by Germany alone (!), then UK would come to Poland’s rescue.
    In footnote #19 author blatantly suggests, that Poland was unaware of provisions of Poland’s own treaty with UK.
    I’ll repeat: the only cassus belli for UK was that Poland would be invaded by Germany alone. Statements to the contrary are false.
    In September 1939 Poland was not invaded by Germany alone, but also by Slovakia (!) since first days of hostilities. By dragging Slovakia to war, Germany procured an excuse for UK not to engage, in case USSR would decline to co-operate as per notorious Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.
    4. Repulsively wrong! “During the next five months (…) attacks (…), in which over 58 000 German civilians were killed by Poles in an orgy of savagery (…)”. For those who care such carnage would have resulted in 385 deaths per day. This is nothing less than a Holocaust! How about a proof for at least 10 victims of this bloodbath (place, date, number of victims, their names, grave(s), forensic evidence) put forward with legendary German thoroughness? Is it asking too much?
    5. Case of Bromberg. Whatever happened in Bromberg in September 1939 has nothing to do with pre-war period. In Bromberg, retreating Polish forces were attacked by armed hot-headed “German patriots” (who were Polish citizens, for those who care), who were subsequently punished according to circumstances and rules of warfare. Yes, killed as well in adequate number.

  73. One of the key reasons Hitler was able to bring Germany to the top of the World Economic Power was the use of DEBT FREE “Labor Treasury Certificates”, as mentioned by Elaine Brown “Web of Debt”, Joseph Farrell “Babylon’s Banisters” and Jim Mars. It is also worth saying that Hitler was the International Bankers creation, but According to Edwin Black, ‘The one man who most embodied the potential death blow to Germany was Samuel Untermeyer.’ “Transfer Agreement” (p 369). This was the culmination of a worldwide boycott of German goods led by international Jewish organizations. The London Daily Express on March 24, 1933 carried the headline Judea Declares War on Germany.

    So like Lincoln and Kennedy, the printing of debt free money is eventually a death sentence by those who seek to control the creation of debt based currency.

    It should be noted that although Hitler was in compliance with the Transfer of Jews to Palestine “Transfer Agreement”, there were numerous attempts to assassinate him throughout his reign.

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