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NEO – Russia’s Awesome Responsibility

F. William Engdahl - It is an awesome responsibility Putin and the Russian state accepted to aid President Assad’s war on terror. Clarity on the strategic goal for Russia and countries within its scope of influence is the next step.

Hot off the Press – Netanyahu is a History Revisionist

In the Hebraic sphere, they like to keep the equation simple – the eternal victim (the Jew) is the constant factor, the anti-Semite is the variable element. The anti Semite keeps changing, it never stops changing.

Duff in Germany, VT Gets “Graped”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor photos copyright gduff Digging through the photos that didn't have a thumb over the lens or those I could cut the...

NEO: Germany to be a Nuclear Ash Heap

Jim W. Dean - The US seems to be playing a two-front war strategy with Russia and China, demonstrating the "terror war on the cheap" destructive power against opponents of regime change, while putting the savings into reviving the nuclear threat game.

Fear and Loathing in the Fatherland, A Few of Duff’s Germany...

Gordon Duff - The photos are from the Mosel region of Southern Germany, taken in late September, 2015. Two towns are featured, Bernkastel and Trier and with a couple of shots in Koblenz.

Churchill Was a Mass Murderer and Worshipped Mammon

Winston Churchill was one of the strategic mass murderers in the twentieth century.

Lock and Load: NATO Deploys Fully Armed Eurofighters to Russian Borders

For the first time since the inception of the Ukrainian crisis, German Eurofighters are set to patrol the Baltic Airspace with full ammunition.

NEO: ISIS, a Partner America Can Live With

Gordon Duff - Very few American attacks have been against ISIS' primary area of operations, nor against ISIS' supply lines or ISIS' transit capabilities, which allow them to move jihadists during daylight over hundreds of miles.

Syria: Germany, France break out of U.S. Alliance against Russia

Suppressed report on EU/Russia move in Syria can be read here.

Germany Needs Migrants as Slaves, Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen has accused Germany of looking to lower wages and hire "slaves" by opening its doors to thousands of migrants and refugees, British media reported on Sunday.

British Fascism: Why British Nobility Hailed Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany

A 17-second video depicting young Queen Elizabeth II performing a Nazi salute has prompted a fierce debate among experts and the public. What other disturbing facts have the Allies swept under the carpet?

Germany, Greece, India and South Africa – TPP Versus BRICS

Both Germany and Royal Dutch Shell have signed deals with Russia

VT Nuclear Education: Germany

The truth about Germany's nuclear program...

NEO – May 9th: Russian Victory, NATO Defeat

Jim W. Dean..."This is NEO's Christopher Black's first cross posting on VT, a good piece on the childish Western countries shunning of the Russian WWII ending celebrations."

NEO – Burying The Greatest Victory for Spite

Ulson Gunnar - The monumental sacrifices of the Russian people during World War II are being marginalized

Crime And Punishment – Holocaust vs. Paedophilia

Unlike German elder Oskar Groening who stands trial for being an ‘instrument in a mass murder,’ whatever that means; Lord Greville Janner is not going to be arrested or charged.

Caught: Germany Bought Israel’s Nukes

Jim W. Dean...In standard Intel analysis the question "why now?" is near the top of the list when some major secret from the past is revealed.

German Security Council approves submarine delivery to Israel

Jim W. Dean..." It has always amazed me why Germany keeps producing these offensive Dolphin submarines for Israel, and at a subsidized price to boot."

Holocaust Denial Laws: Evidence Inadmissable, Defense Forbidden

In cases where defendants are charged with holocaust denial, normal judicial procedures and rules of evidence are in essence tossed out the window, making a legal defense practically impossible...

Truce holding – France, Germany, Kiev and rebels agree

Jim W. Dean..."I just watched a militia video showing Ukie breakout attempts that have been chopped up on the roads. You could hear the shelling in the background."

Lenin, Stalin, and Mao’s Willing Executioners

"What had taken the German nation over two millennia to build, had taken its enemies a mere six years to destroy"

Israel: An Inconceivable Concept

- Israel has now officially entered its final terminal phase. The catastrophic situation has entered into Israeli collective awareness. Israelis are now running for their lives and they have good reason to believe that Europe will soon close its gates to avoid the Hebrew tsunami.

NEO – Will France and Germany challenge NATO?

- "This is a major geopolitical piece on the heart of Europe which is “in play” with the growing West vs. East new Cold War threat."

VT is expanding to Europe…in force

- "Willy Wimmer has served 33 years in Germany's Bundestag with Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union. He goes back to working with Helmut Kohl."

NEO – Cozying Up to the BRIC Wall

- "If Europe and NATO want to foment a conflict with Russia, which we see all of the signs of that happening, no Silk Road is going to be built to Europe."

The Black Madonna and the Swastika

- In 1919, 30,000 enraged WWI veterans stormed Munich, and in viscous street fighting they made short work of a makeshift Red army and its leader.

Crimea Referendum – One Law for All, Only if the West...

- Ferris - Self-determination often does not mean that people had the right to make a decision the winners didn’t like. Once again Russia has called the bluff of those with blood on their own hands, which is exactly why the Western backed government is now seeking to hide that blood behind howls of protest and the rhetoric of American politicians. Double standards double the problem, and always have.

He’s back again and No Holocaust Denier

A new Hitler Satire Tops Germany’s Best-Seller List. Let’s hope it won’t be long before Germans start, once more, to write great symphonies and the best philosophy ever.

NEO – Ukraine: International Law for the Lawless

- What is happening in Ukraine is not right against wrong, good versus evil, cops versus robbers.

Black Sun Rising Part 4

In 1974 I had seen a family I grew up with slaughtered in their beds while they slept the sleep of the dead. My best friend, even though he was only fifteen years old at the time, was suspected of being the perpetrator, until the drug-addled surviving son confessed.

Germany Threatens War

On his recent visit to meet with that nice chap William Hague in London the ‘Jerry’ Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier adopted the language and style of his, with respect, rather more intelligent and charming predecessor Joachim von Ribbentrop.

Dark Shadow of Chernobyl Touches Fukushima – It's Time For Action

The nuclear power industry is an accident waiting to happen and only populist direct action, as demonstrated in Germany, can free a world that is now being held hostage by the nuclear power global corporate elite.

Dark Shadow of Chernobyl Touches Fukushima – It’s Time For Action

The nuclear power industry is an accident waiting to happen and only populist direct action, as demonstrated in Germany, can free a world that is now being held hostage by the nuclear power global corporate elite.

Are American Jews incubating another Hitler?

- M I Bhat - The recent headline ‘White House urges Jewish leaders not to lobby for new Iran sanctions’ - beats every word said and written so far.

Syria Again

It has been a grim and desperate attritional battle, against heavy odds, thanks to poor national leadership. That's enough about the Fifth Test Match the Oval, however. Over to Syria.

Armageddon watch over Syria

"Israel, unable to field credible conventional forces, is attempting to destroy the fighting ability of the Syrian Army through attrition, not simply “shock and awe,” but nuclear, chemical and even biological weapons.”

Why Alex Jones Bashes Nazis

Anyone paying attention knows that Alex Jones has an obsession with attacking Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He does so for one reason and...

Monsanto’s Deception Game on GMO in Europe

On May 31 world media headlines read similar to this from Reuters: “Monsanto backing away from GMO crops in Europe.”