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Press Propaganda and Lobbying Not Helping Anyone


By Gordon Duff, Staff Writer


The Middle East and South Asia shouldn’t be driving American foreign policy or politics, not the way it is. 

First of all, we have two levels of communication, wild conspiracy theory from conservative websites, I could list a hundred, crazy publications like Canada’s “National Post,” neither national nor “posted,” and the Republican political candidates, most of whom need duct taping. 

We have military issues, our kids are dying, we are running out of money, we are aglut in excess oil with market manipulation holding gas prices in the US at about $3 per gallon when they should have plunged to $2.

When Gas was Cheap and Cars were Real Cars

The Palestinian issue is coming before the UN.  Obama says he is going to veto.  He is asking for Palestinians to have more time to set up a “stable government.”

Wake up!  This is 62 years later, Israel manipulates Palestinian elections, like everyone does every place else, and Palestinians are going to have to grow up, take over their own fate and the issue is going to have to be put away.

This scares the hell out of many Israelis.  Some because of real conflicts which they are significantly at fault in and some for very good reasons.  This isn’t easy stuff here.

A suggestion.  We have 47,000 troops in Iraq.  America claims Israel is an ally.  We claim we want peace there.

Send 20,000 Americans there to keep peace, spend our $3 billion a year, more like $15 billion, keeping that peace.  Israel can get rid of their nukes that they say they don’t have, we can have bases there, nobody in the Arab world is left to complain about it.

America has been there too long anyway, with every conflict supposedly about Palestinians.  Let’s simply settle it now, give full guarantees to both sides, move in troops, and let either peace or war break out.

We have been at war for a decade, are going nowhere fast and the real war, this one, can be ended before it starts.  Timing dictates it and, from a financial standpoint, it will stabilize a number of key world markets

Bahrain and Iran

Bahrain - Can You See Me Now ?

This is a small country with a large American military presence.  It has internal difficulties because it has a horrific government that America is largely responsible for keeping around.

The Saudis and others are supporting them.  This is one of those things between Muslims themselves, some are Sunni’s and some Shiites.  Iran is Shiite.

Back in 1979, when Iran threw the Americans out, they had reason to be mad.  America had put a dictatorship in place, part of our Cold War policy, and Iran suffered.  They blame the US and Britain and are very right in doing so.

It is time to move past this.  Iran built a government based on oversight by religious authorities.  Remember, Iran is Shiite and their religion, although still Islam, is significantly different.

Iran also has a “revolutionary guard” making up the core of their military.  Their old military, the senior folks, all worked closely with America and, at heart, Iran is still close to America.  Though America gave them a terrible government, Iran always liked many of the other aspects of American society.

Two million Iranians live in the United States.  We don’t hear about any of them being ‘terrorists.’

How Did We Get There From Here ?

Iran is big, almost 100 million people, and they make alot of noise.  They are continually blamed for causing trouble in Shiite areas of Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain and elsewhere.

Some of this is right and some of it is wrong.

They are also accused of having a nuclear program, building weapons.  They certainly were up to 2003 and our best estimates, ‘our’ meaning every credible intelligence authority, is that they are not.

Rumors say they have had nuclear weapons for years.  Rumors say alot of things.  They can certainly afford nuclear weapons and we know of more than 10 that have been for sale since 1990, some of them American.

One more point.  Iran and Israel used to do business together and, as countries surrounded by people that don’t like them much, had many things in common.

That relationship is probably repairable.  Repairing that relationship is critical to the security of the region and the economies of Europe and even China.


Back to Bahrain. 

Back during the Bush administration, a group of neocons planned to hire phony terrorists, we call them “false flag terrorists” to attack American troops there and blame Iran.

We have highest level sources and multiple confirmations on this, from inside the White House and the Pentagon.  Two plans to stage terror attacks, Americans killing Americans, were attempted and blocked.  Those who blocked the attacks were retaliated against.  We have everything on this, names, dates, even documents.

The government of Bahrain was assisting in this effort to attack Americans and blame Iran.  They are still “crying for help” claiming the same Shiite clerics they were planning to blame then are the ones trying to overthrow their corrupt government now.

US support for Bahrain, despite our agreements, has to end and all foreign troops have to withdraw.  There is no evidence of any Iranian involvement, that is a lie.  This government is worse than Syria, worse than Libya and, just because they are ‘useful,’ doesn’t mean war criminals should be ignored.

More Iran

Iran - Land Liberty or the Lash ?

Ahmadinejad of Iran and Chavez of Venezuela, accused of being “wild conspiracy theorists” periodically air America and Israel’s “dirty laundry” before the world, usually in the United Nations.

People can believe anything they want, and certainly do, but these two, Ahmadinejad and Chavez, both people with faults of their own, take too much pleasure in exposing hypocrisy.

As a journalist who is popular in Iran, it is probably a bad move telling you that Iran is a dumb as anywhere else, even dumber, is not going to get me one of those fancy paid vacations like the Israeli’s offer.  (Am considering accepting one, BTW)

My point is that 9/11 was definitely an “inside job” which can now be proven, not just claimed.  There is no widely accepted “commission report” or “scientific document” that supports the story the US continues to tell of 9/11.  The term “debunked” is one too often misused.

There are aspects of 9/11, particularly Building 7, which was destroyed with explosives and the Pentagon attack, which prove 9/11 was planned by the White House with help from “others.”

Any sane person expected to have heard the planes involved were shot down by the Air Force.  Once people were willing to get past that huge lie, they would accept anything.  What they got was “anything.”

Ahmadinejad and every other government in the world that has real spies, knows who planned 9/11.  Everyone else keeps quiet.  Nobody wants to humiliate the United States, not many at least.

So, 10 years later, keeping 9/11 secret is still a huge issue.  Israel, with strong evidence, including a secret FBI investigation whose results are classified “off the scale,” work full time to discredit anyone talking about 9/11 realistically.  It isn’t just Ahmadinejad.

The National Post Lays an Egg with This Story..."Badges?...We don't need no stinkin' badges.."

Recently, we caught Israeli intelligence agents going after a college student writing a paper on 9/11.  Israel, were they still sane, would have ignored it and let the newspapers and phony TV news continue to put out government propaganda.

But with Ahmadinejad at the UN and too many believing him, they are retaliating.

The other Ahmadinejad issue is the holocaust.  He says that Israel uses the holocaust as a reason to justify very real war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel claims Gaza is filled with terror groups and they have to bomb civilians because ‘terrorists’ are hiding among them.

Rather than place blame here, and the history most have been told on the Palestinian/Israel issue is a bizarre fiction, pure Hollywood, I suggest we move forward instead.

I suggest we do that very quickly and that Obama be chastised for his poor decision making, submitting to pressure based on promises of election cash.

[Editors Note] This ‘Iran Badges for Jews’ story above was debunked fairly quickly. Anybody with three brain cells should have suspected it. The Post ran it as a ‘Fourth Reich’ story and when caught, blamed the mistake on Iranian “expatriates living in Canada.” If I told you that all the Murdoch papers jumped on this story immediately would you be surprised?

From our experience this is exactly the type of ‘mistake’ that gets made when an Intelligence operation gets control of a media platform. It is used to put out propaganda on key issues and to attack others. We will be looking into the Post a bit more for you, a whiff of something familiar in our noses. I think you know what it is… Jim W. Dean

 [youtube 2bJvWMmrQGU] – No Badges

How Long Til We Look Like This ?

As an aside, this is why America is so useless. 

With crooked elections, anyone, drug dealers, dictators, oil companies, can buy the US government and in doing so, push America into wars, or cover up minor problems like the BP destruction of a good portion of the planet with their “minor error’ in the Gulf.

Or, much worse, the Fukajima nuclear disaster in Japan, quite literally the very real “World War III” that we all dreaded.  It happened there, more radiation than 2000 hydrogen bombs.

Another side.  The world should spend every cent it has on cancer research because of Fukajima.  A generation is going to die of leukemia because of it.  Radiation levels in the US are now 3700% of normal.  Buy a Geiger counter.

As for Iran, there has to be a world conference, settling their nuclear issues once and for all, following up on work already done, getting the story straight and covering the real issue. What is that issue?

The Straits of Hormuz

The Straits of Hormuz - On Right

Nearly 40% of the world’s oil goes through a narrow waterway controlled by Iran.  Islands in the area were taken by Iran from the UAE and are being illegally held.

They should be given back.  Iran has thousands of anti-ship missiles that can control this key oil passage.

This is blackmail.

There is oil elsewhere but with the history of market manipulation, if the Straits are closed for one day, the stock markets in the US, Europe and Japan will crash.  With other pressures, this may well be an “unrecoverable” economic threat.

Thus, the UAE is involved in a major military buildup, as is Saudi Arabia.  They look on Iran as an enemy.  Much of it is “revolutionary” and much “religious” but it is also destabilizing.

This requires a regional solution.  Billions are being made arming both sides, something few Americans know about.  This is why America is allowing Bahrain to go unpunished.  The region is that sensitive, that vital.

Think of it this way, if you are an everyday person, working in China or America or Europe, closing the Straits will cause you to lose your job.  Your family will suffer.

It is that simple.  To Americans, oil will immediately hit $300 per barrel and you will see $9 dollar gas in two weeks.  It will go up from there.  The auto companies will die, some medium size banks in your region, perhaps where you do business, will go under, your house will be worth 30% less than it has already sunk to and your local governments will no longer be able to pay police and fire services.

You haven’t heard this before?  Start asking around.  This is what you aren’t being told.

A Boring Word or Two on Economics

Drowning in Debt - By Accident? - Or Plan?

Those bank “bail outs” over the past couple of years along with the problems you hear about in Greece and elsewhere are far “closer to home” than you think.

No American politician can talk about reforming our monetary system, which means getting rid of the Federal Reserve and replacing it.

America owes too much money.  Vladamir Putin calls America “the parasite of the world.”  He is right.

It isn’t the American people, it is our economic system, meaning a criminal element that has gained control of our banking, our currency and, to a very major extent, our government.

There is no long term ability for the US to survive economically.  Bush killed us.


We can’t tax our corporations.  They all went “offshore” under Bush.  Check on it.

Taxing the wealthy, as before, is a start, and everyone agrees.  After Reagan, those who get the most services from government, the powerful, pay the least for them.  He thought it would make us stronger.  He was wrong.  Bush made it worse, he simply didn’t care and never understood any of it.

We are like a family with a mortgage, two car payments and $100,000 in credit card debt with two kids in college and parents that go on cruises 4 times a year.

This is why Putin calls us “parasites.”

Our entire country needs to call one of those “debt relief” services (all are really scams, if you didn’t know it) and ask for help.  As we are a nation, the biggest economy in the world and “flat broke,” nobody knows how to deal with it.

What the government, those secret committees, those candidates are suggesting, cutting Social Security and such, is a joke.

The Federal Reserve system has to go, Congress has to print our money as law requires.  Corporations have to move back to the US from their offshore hiding places and start paying taxes or stop doing business in the US.  The markets, banking, stocks, bonds, much of it really phony “shell games” has to stop.

There are a million rich people in the US, uncounted millions, even billions, whose money is all, were you to look at it realistically, stolen…and they don’t pay taxes.

And so it goes….   Gordon











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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.