Libya and America

Will we ever know the truth?
Will we ever know the truth?

What Does Libya Say About Us?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I received a missive from Franklin Lamb this morning.  He is back in Libya.  He says that Blackwater/Xe has representatives there asking to train the Libyan police. 

Actually, so do I, and I am about as politically far from Blackwater as is possible. 

I would see police trained to treat Libyans with honor and decency.  This would be something very new in Libya, America too as we are noting increasingly.

Richard DeVos - The Man Behind Blackwater

He says this is proof that NATO has taken over.  Blackwater, of course, is closely tied to the Republican Party, its “stealth” owner is Richard DeVos (Amway Corporation), largest Republican donor and former Republican candidate for governor of Michigan.  You don’t get any further from the Obama administration than Blackwater or Amway. 

Why would police need training?  Could it be that, for 42 years, they acted as criminals and thugs, working for the Gaddafi dictatorship? 

As I remind Franklin, who spoke of the vast militia that was going to destroy the “rebels” when they came to Tripoli or how Gaddafi was retaking the country, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

What if this were true:

Libya is the first time the United States has backed a legitimate revolution, the first time it has been on the right side in a conflict, with the poor against the rich, with the just against the cruel, with the righteous against the evil, in our lifetime?  Frank and I aren’t that young either.

Thus far, I am right.  I hope that continues.  If I am proven wrong, Franklin Lamb will let me know, we can be sure of that.  Frank is a “watcher,” perhaps one of the best.  I just filter what he says, I don’t ignore it.

Early on, I am inserting this excellent 21 minute interview with VT’s Josh Blakeney.  Please distribute this as widely as possible, something I suspect anyone who watches it would do anyway.

[youtube 0TcEDWcubps]

The game isn’t over.  Just because no troops ever came in on the ground, as claimed or that only 200 rebels actually took Tripoli in 45 minutes, doesn’t mean the wild stories that came out of the fringe press didn’t have one or two legitimate aspects to them. I just can’t find them.

Gaddafi's 155mm Mustard Gas Shells

First of course, was the “talking points” that came out in March that we have seen a hundred times, about how Libya was a welfare state, freedom and plenty.

None of those who printed these, their own names at the top, ever mentioned the tens of thousands of rockets Gaddafi fired into his own cities, the thousands and thousands of rounds of 155mm artillery or how many hundreds his snipers killed.

Not one word of truth came from any of Gaddafi’s friendly “activist” press assets.

“Assets?”  You can call them nothing else.


Here, the war is over.  What have we learned?

  • There never was Al Qaeda in Libya with the rebels, not one member, despite hundreds of articles, all with the same claims, written by “social activists.”
  • Libyan wealth had disappeared back in 2007 and 2008, when the Gaddafi family and Rothschilds joined together to manage the “Sovereign Wealth Fund.”  All that money vanished years ago, leaving Libya broke.
  • No NATO troops were on the ground in Libya.  Not one photograph was ever taken or published, though I suspect that someone must have at least come ashore and taken a look around.  They must have been very  sneaky.
  • Mercenaries were captured, sent to aid Gaddafi by Israel, thousands of them.  The evidence is staggering and repatriating them has been a major job.  Press “assets” claimed they never existed when, in fact, they made up the majority of Gaddafi’s army.  The rest, as we know now, simply quit and went home.
  • Not one American was killed.  Think of it.  It didn’t last, no American troops, no “NATO” troops aided anyone, the Libyan people did it themselves with NATO planes to help even the score as Gaddafi had, not only mercenaries but a military that cost nearly half a trillion dollars, needed and used for nothing other than parades or, as we saw, against his own people.  Libya had NO enemies other than Gaddafi himself.

Someone shot Gaddafi.  So what?  You say that others probably deserve it more? 

This is the Most Photographed Dead Man on the Planet

I have talked with real Libyans.  Some grew rich working for Gaddafi and others, so many others, felt enslaved and lost family members to his secret police and brutal prisons. 

Gaddafi’s supporters?  He had support from some tribes but mostly his support was bought, secret police, criminals, cowards and press “assets.”

He is dead (probably) and deserves it as much as many.  My own list would have had him on page 37. (5 columns per page)

Can America be proud?  Thus far, despite the farcical nature of the bin Laden killing, claiming credit for the blatant murder of an unarmed man who died ten years ago while working for the CIA, the bin Laden issue is pretty straight forward.

There is no evidence that the person claiming to have killed Gaddafi, if real…was under US orders.


If he were, it would have been from the last administration, the one Gaddafi was so friendly with, the one that started all the wars, stole all the money and enslaved the American people.  George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Gaddafi were, not only very close allies, but political clones.

Here is one way of looking at things.  Soon after taking office, Obama went to Cairo and spoke of America’s new relationship with the Islamic world.  Then the questions begin:

  • Did he close “Gitmo?”  The answer is no.  Why?  There was nowhere to send many of the prisoners there.  Did things at Gitmo change?  We don’t know.  Why?  Reporting stopped.  Why?  My guess is that things did change and speaking positively of Obama is not something the controlled press is allowed to do.
  • Did torture stop?  Maybe?  Probably?  The press refuses to discuss is.  Why?  Guess.
  • Did rendition stop?  Same.
  • Were combat operations in Iraq severely curtailed, troops withdrawn to rear areas and withdrawal accelerated?  Yes.
  • Afghanistan?  No excuses there, something senseless, brutal and utterly dishonest is going on there under Obama.  I see the hands of the Israel lobby, India and others along with lack of leadership by Obama.

Reality check.

When Will the Anti-AIPAC Spring Began? America is Waiting

Obama has obviously “partially” sold out to the Jewish lobby and, to a lesser extent, the “Israel lobby.” Is there a difference?  Yes.  American Jews support Obama, nearly 80 percent, maybe more. 

Obama has agreed to support a veto of Palestinian civil rights in the UN and to keep pouring money into Israel. 

He is obviously unaware of the glaring fact that Israeli Jews have a massive movement going against their own government and that he is interfering in their civil rights as well by taking sides against them.

Obama has been oblivious to too much, drug dealing in Afghanistan, war crimes by Bush, Cheney and others, the idiocy in Afghanistan and his failure to address 9/11.

This leaves the phony killing of Osama bin Laden, someone easily proven as a top CIA asset, a brave and decent man as most of the world sees him, as totally innocent of any accusations of terrorism, 9/11 or otherwise.  Hearing the childish propaganda about Al Qaeda and bin Laden that we now call history dismays me so much.

The Brothers Koch

What we should note, however, is that the seat of what many call “Zionist control” in America, the billionaire extremist Koch brothers, really only one of a group that finance the Republican Party and that helped take control of the Tea Party soon after its inception, spend millions to fight Obama, moreover to have him illegally removed from office.

Thus, we are faced with a conundrum, a reality that doesn’t fit the kind of intellectual paradigms our new “bumper sticker” slogan generations look for.

Everything has to be controlled by a vast “Jewish banking conspiracy.”  After all Hitler told us that.  Of course, he actually was involved directly in a struggle against Jewish bankers, as was Henry Ford. 

Both said and wrote many things that are still controversial and considered by “mainstream academia” as wrong. 

Well, this isn’t 1933 and the facts of that time have long been obscured.  Those who would review them for us are removed from their teaching positions, financially destroyed and even jailed.

Is the truth a “Jewish conspiracy” or a conspiracy involving Jewish members?  Is there a conspiracy at all, then or now?  As discussing it is dangerous, even physically dangerous, it tells us this:

  • There is a real conspiracy, as Hillary Clinton told America when she tried to get health care for a generation of Americans.  It was the right thing to do then and because of this, powerful forces tried to remove her husband, the most popular and successful president of our era, from office.
  • There is a very real conspiracy against President Obama, attempts to “prove” he is a Muslim or was born in Africa, outlandish conspiracies, continually renewed, continually discussed and heavily financed by groups tied to the State of Israel, groups that openly attack a president heavily supported by Jewish voters.  Things aren’t so simple, are they?

What is our issue then?  We only learn truth through discovering lies.  Nobody tells us truth, whatever “truth” is, be it space alien landings or the very proven international banking conspiracy under the innocent misuse of the imaginary term “derivatives,” we only see the lies and they can lead us to the truth.

We call that “backtracking.”

Repackaged Queen Cynthia McKinney - A Gaddafi Press Asset

Gaddafi press assets talked about his “social welfare state” because Gaddafi stole Libya’s money and had to hide the truth.

Gaddafi press assets talked about “Al Qaeda” and the rebels because there is no such organization.  Were there one, they would have denied it.  There was no fear of that. 

All “Al Qaeda” communication comes from SITE Intelligence and is, in fact, written and produced in Israel.  Al Qaeda is a myth. 

This “backtracking” and a thousand other similar lies over the years proved it.

Those of us with mildly disturbed senses of humor, the only way to survive in “the press,” wonder why Gaddafi wasn’t flown out to an American ship and tossed in the Mediterranean, the new “imaginary” form of Muslim burial.  Just a thought.

However, lightning did “strike twice” as it were.  Gaddafi was frozen.  Reliable accounts tell us that, back in 2001, Osama bin Laden was also frozen.  In fact, there is a rather large industry in freezing people.

More often than not, it is to drag them out later for carefully time deaths, bin Laden “died” to help Obama politically, others, many Israel’s killed by “terrorists” were actually purchased from Russia “prefrozen” to be thawed whenever a convenient victim of a Hamas rocket attack or “suicide bombing” was needed.  If only I were making this up….

Thus, we return to the wonderful interview with Josh Blakeney at the top of the page.  Educations are so expensive now.  Why is there a rather large and extremely well financed, well, what can we call it, conspiracy?  A conspiracy to do what?

Blackeney has proven, time and time again, that a conspiracy exists to create a mythology to replace history, to raise generations on disinformation. 

Is this done to create a better world? Not friggin’ hardly!

Phony history sells race hate, religious strife, war crimes, economic piracy on a massive scale and, in the process, promotes ignorance. 

American, Canadian and European generations, certainly Israeli generations, have been raised on a litany of lies and cheap propaganda. How do we know?

There is real history.  We look around us and see it.  It is seen at the gas pump, at the empty homes, it is seen in the war dead, in the endless scandals we hear of that bury us every day, make us feel overwhelmed, have cost us any trust in our governments. 

This is our history and it is our real history, it is the history we live and it tells us that the history we are taught is a lie.

Can I supply a new one, a better one?  I’m not sure, but I know how to ask questions.  Problem is, that’s illegal or certainly suicidal if someone wants to run for public office or teach in a school or have a book published. 

Gilad Atzmon - Is the Wandering Who

Ask Gilad Atzmon, author of best seller “The Wandering Who.”  This is one small book at one period of time that asks some hard questions and the world has fallen on my good friend. 

What is he like?  Gil is an absolutely enjoyable person, honest, kind, I have to admit some of his music confuses me, jazz has always been a mystery.

We sit here, we look at Libya, and we ask ourselves is it possible that an American president actually did something right, something that helps people and did it without oil companies and bankers behind him? 

When no troops showed up, when no “managers” came to run Libya like they did in Iraq, as predicted by the Gaddafi press assets, do Americans have reason to celebrate?

Are those others right too?  Who do I mean?  Those who say that many Americans are worse than Gaddafi ever was. Not many Americans know that, officially, Bush and Cheney are considered war criminals by a number of well respected and authoritative organizations and that they actually face very real arrest were they to travel to many nations.

Some know what they did.  I certainly do.  They ordered torture, kidnappings and executions outside any allowable process in a manner totally consistent with the crimes those convicted by the Nuremberg War Tribunals had done. 

In fact, Bush actually “wrote” (nobody really believes George “W” Bush can write anything) a book admitting full complicity in war crimes, a book admissible in court that would convict him. 

Gaddafi's Former 'Body' Guard Entourage

Gaddafi, on the other hand, has years of public statements, some amusing, some surprisingly glib and truthful, that makes him seem an almost heroic figure.  I always admired things he said.

But meeting people who lived under his rule was something else.  They said, not just a few, that it was like living in hell and that the things the Gaddafi press assets reported were lies. 

The people who told me these things I knew as honest and truthful people.

The Gaddafi press assets told me stories of how, only a week ago, Gaddafi had “reconquered Libya” when my friends there told me he was hiding in Sirte, surrounded and would soon be captured.

One group is proven liars.  Which?  What is my fear? 

If we catch one lie, are there others?  Wikileaks “died” because it was found to be a lie.  So much that sounds like what we want to hear, those who tell us who to blame, who guides them, who pays them?

Imran Khan - Refuses to Give Up Reforming Pakistan

With our history stolen from us, with paid “assets” of, well do we even know, telling us what to think, where do we look? 

A world has been built where no one understands how it works.  “Children’s stories,” albeit evil ones, total myth, fairy stories, replace news, place blame, defend the evil, damn the good.

Those who report, those who teach and, moreover, those who pretend to rule are, in themselves, the weakest of all. 

I close with this video from a Pakistani politician and friend, Imran Khan.  You may not know him.  

In much of the world, he is a celebrity, a famous athlete, highly influential, perhaps the next president of Pakistan. I mention him and put this video here because he is the kind of man Americans are looking for, a man we would have as president. 

Can America be fixed?  I hope so.  What we can do is stop lying, stop blaming, take responsibility for our own lives and begin to honor the truth.  Khan has found the ability to control his anger and disappointment.  I have not.

Edited by Jim W. Dean

 [youtube GF00BtlBqMI]






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