Israeli Guilty of First Organ Trafficking Case in US History


Rosenbaum was identified to the FBI seven years ago as a major figure in a global human organ ring.


International Business Times, By Michael Billera


An Israeli man who lives in Brooklyn pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges of brokering a kidney transplant as part of a black market organ business. This is the first human organ trafficking conviction in the United States. For many years, Israel has been at the top of organ trafficking. Rosenbaum received at least $450,000 for trafficked organs.

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Rosenbaum was identified to the FBI seven years ago as a major figure in a global human organ ring.

Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, 60, confessed to three counts of acquiring human organs for transportation and one count of conspiracy in Trenton, N.J. Rosenbaum also admitted that three ailing people paid him a total of $410,000 to arrange illegal kidney transplants. He was caught in an undercover sting operation by the FBI when an agent paid him $10,000.

Lawyers for Rosebaum, who lives in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, tried to paint him as an individual trying to help his fellow man in need.

“The transplant surgeries occurred in prestigious American hospitals and were performed by experienced and expert kidney transplant surgeons,” said attorneys Richard Finkel and Ronald Kleinberg in a statement reported by the Associated Press. “The transplants were successful and the donors and the recipients are now leading full and healthy lives… the recipients are no longer burdened by the medical and substantial health dangers associated with dialysis and kidney failure.”

Rosenbaum admitted that he would assist the donors and the recipients to coordinate a false story that would deceive hospital officials into believing that the donation was completely voluntary and was not part a monetary transaction.

“Rosenbaum admitted he was not new to the human kidney business when he was caught brokering what he thought was a black market deal,” said U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, according to “A black market in human organs is not only a grave threat to public health, it reserves lifesaving treatment for those who can best afford it at the expense of those who cannot. We will not tolerate such an affront to human dignity.”

Prosecutors say that between 2006 and 2009, Rosenbaum brokered three kidney transplants. The recipients of the organs paid him between $120,000 and $150,000.

Rosenbaum was also arrested in July 2009. The FBI had begun a crackdown on money laundering and political corruption in New Jersey.

If convicted of his most recent crimes, Rosenbaum could serve five years for each count and be ordered to pay a $250,000 fine. Rosenbaum agreed to forfeit his earning and might be deported back to Israel. He is currently under house arrest and will receive sentencing in February.

The practice of buying and selling organs is illegal in almost every country in the world. However, demand for kidneys has grown exponentially, with 4,540 people dying the U.S. last year while for a transplant, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing. There are just not enough willful donors to meet the demand and so the organ black market has increased around the globe.

Art Caplan is the co-chairman of the United Nations task force on illegal organ trafficking. He said Rosenbaum is guilty of one of the worst crimes a human being can commit.

“Internationally, about one quarter of all kidneys appear to be trafficked,” Caplan said according to CBS news. “But until this case, it had not been a crime recognized as reaching the United States.”

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Anthropologist Scheper Hughes -- Photo by Tony Rinaldo

Anthropologist’s ‘Dick Tracy moment’ plays role in arrest of suspected kidney trafficker


(Friday, July 24 2009, 1:45 AM) – The Brooklyn man arrested Thursday for dealing in black-market kidneys was identified to the FBI seven years ago as a major figure in a global human organ ring.

Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum‘s name, address and even phone number were passed to an FBI agent in a meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan by a prominent anthropologist who has been studying and documenting organ trafficking for more than a decade.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes of the University of California, Berkeley, was and is very clear as to Rosenbaum’s role in the ring.

“He is the main U.S. broker for an international trafficking network,” she said.

Her sources include a man who started working with Rosenbaum imagining he was helping people in desperate need. The man then began to see the donors, or to be more accurate, sellers, who were flown in from impoverished countries such as Moldova.

“He said it was awful. These people would be brought in and they didn’t even know what they were supposed to be doing and they would want to go home and they would cry,” Scheper-Hughes said.

The man called Rosenbaum “a thug” who would pull out a pistol he was apparently licensed to carry and tell the sellers, “You’re here. A deal is a deal. Now, you’ll give us a kidney or you’ll never go home.’ “

Scheper-Hughes felt she had to stop Rosenbaum. She met with the FBI.

“I always thought of it as my Dick Tracy moment,” she said Thursday.

She waited and waited for something to be done. The FBI may have been following the lead of the State Department, which dismissed organ trafficking as “urban legend.”

“It would be impossible to conceal a clandestine organ trafficking ring,” a 2004 State Department report stated.

Scheper-Hughes had better luck in Brazil and in South Africa, where law enforcement corroborated her findings and acted decisively.

But the ring kept operating elsewhere. Scheper-Hughes visited villages in Moldova where, “20% of the men were siphoned off to be kidney sellers in this same scheme.”

Back in Brooklyn, Rosenbaum stayed busy. He was contacted by an FBI informant who introduced Rosenbaum to an undercover agent who supposedly wanted to buy a kidney for her uncle.

“I’m doing this a long time,” Rosenbaum was recorded saying.

The undercover asked how many organs he had sold.

“Quite a lot,” he answered.

On Wednesday, the FBI called Scheper-Hughes, who is putting her findings into the upcoming, “A World Cut in Two, The Global Traffic in Humans for Organs.”

“Why are you calling me now?” she asked.

Thursday, seven years after her Dick Tracy moment with the FBI at the Roosevelt Hotel, Rosenbaum was finally arrested.

Source: The Council for The national Interest

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  1. “Very well: satisfying a need is the right thing to do. It is sensible and reasonable to charge fees for this. Rule of thumb: nobody works for free.”

    There are so many holes in your argument it would be too tedious to point them out, You are a sociopath. Hit men and child pornographers, what about them? People like you are why everyone should own a gun for when you start looting if society collapses.

  2. Anyone that wants to understand how the FBI works, please do a little research on the former Soviet KGB. The only reason the FBI stuck their snout in into this case was as a means to assume control. This is exactly how the KGB behaved.

    The theory is simply, once a lucrative criminal enterprise is identified, intelligence assets are deployed to determine who the ringleaders are. Once all or a sufficient majority of the command and control elements are fingered, “law enforcement” sweeps in and makes arrests. The crime bosses are interrogated at length, then sent off to the gulag.

    Then the KGB places its own people in control positions, and the lucrative criminal enterprise magically becomes a state sanctioned “national security operation”. Just ask the CIA how its heroin trade is going if you are puzzled.

    The simplest way to confirm that such criminal actitivies have been “absorbed” by the FBI is the distinct lack of low level arrests. If not one, but two, mayors of cities in perhaps the most densely populated areas in America are arrested, we may safely assume there were dozens or perhaps hundreds of lackeys in on the scam as well.

    By lackeys I mean many city councul members, chiefs of police, police leutenants, beat cops, plain clothes officers, and of course an army of police informants. Why are we not seeing literally bus-loads of perps shuffling into the courthouse? Easy, it is because they are still on the job!

    Only instead of answering to the rabbi or the mayor…they are taking their marching orders from the FBI. As a punchline, we can now expect the FBI to declare a “war on organ trafficing”.

  3. Mr. Jadallah: Fast-rolling heads sell very well, thank you, in the organ trafficking market…… (see comment immediately below.)

  4. Again: the only answer to the extreme scarcity of human organs is to learn how to cause their plenitude instead. This can only be done by research and development, i.e., the advance of science. *Nothing else has ever helped anyone!*

    Once we learn how to regrow anything, which should be accomplished fact by 2050, then all problems resulting from organ scarcity will simply vanish, because scarcity itself will do so.

    Besides, the harsh fact is that they are satisfying an extremely serious medical need, to the best of ability as of 2011. We *do not have* anything better just yet.

    Very well: satisfying a need is the right thing to do. It is sensible and reasonable to charge fees for this. Rule of thumb: nobody works for free.

    Want to help fix this up? Learn how to regenerate human organs, tissues, limbs, and other structures. I’d recommend going to to get your facts straight.

    Science is our only hope. I have known that since I was 6.

  5. Just imagine the reaction if it were Arab people stealing and selling the organs of Jews. Just imagine how many people would be all over that. Ready to start another world war over it. But when Jews behave as bad if not worse than the Nazis behaved the world just looks on and does nothing but yawn. Beats all I’ve ever seen.

  6. Here’s a response to you-
    1. If Jews weren’t such inbred yahoos,, they’d get less wierd genetic diseases (they’re breeding for recessive traits)

    2. If Jews allowed organ donorship amongst themselves, they wouldn’t have to be vampires as much (did you read the article?).

    3. Jews set themselves up as eternal victims, holier than thou, with a right to dictate morality in their host nation. When they have the same racial elitism as Nazi Germans did, it sort of discredits them, dontcha think?

    4. Jews are trafficking in these organs for money and to avenge the Holohoax, not martians and Chinese. The Chinese are the victims in all this.

    Hey a-hole, the world does not have to attain perfection first for us to be required not to murder people, although the Goyim aren’t people to you. Call these organ vampires murdererous cowards, but don’t justify their crimes.

  7. That is just their so-called “holy men”, the rabbis. Why are their LameStreamMedia jumping on this I wonder. If it were a Non-Jew it would be having wall to wall coverage.

  8. Not a bible buy, but I do make it a point to know certain historical and mythological texts that deal with these snakes enslaving humanity.

    Revelation 3:9 I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

  9. C’mon folks, let’s get real. Does anyone expect “G_d’s Chosen People” (the bastards can’t even spell it, they’re so debased) to grow a conscience, morality, decency or respect anytime soon?

    These “people” care NOTHING about real human beings. They’re not human. Smart, yes, in the ways of deception, lying and manipulation, but manipulators of perception, at best, pathological liars, on average. I wonder if human kidneys even have a 50 percent success rate when transplanted into these reptiles. I doubt it, but it’s not like they give a damn, there are always more Goyim to sacrifice..

    Face it, folks. We’re at war with pure filth. Everywhere you look, it’s the same sick story. The scum is everywhere and the scum is the scum is the scum and there’s no getting around it.

    Get used to it, and grow a spine. Stand up for decency (i.e. humans), even if it means justice served in the next lifetime

    Not being metaphorical, either. Serpents (Satan) are Serpents, just like Christ told us.. They’re not human, make no mistake….. and don’t be a fool. They (it) will kill you without displacing it’s yarmulke. That’s what it does.

    While you’re at it, re-read Christ’s warning about the Children of Satan masquerading as “Jews” in John, Chapter 8,. I believe.

  10. The harsh reality is that people need replacement organs, which presently are very scarce and can only come from other people. The harsh reality is that people will do anything to survive. I would too, were I in that situation.

    These facts will remain facts unless and until we learn how to grow new organs from our own tissues in vitro, and then implant them as replacements. This is actually starting (very incipiently) to be done *today* at places such as the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine, which already has lab-grown human bladders. In other experiments, scientists elsewhere have grown new human corneas. Once installed, they work just fine.

    Want to end organ trafficking? Develop organ regrowing, some of which is already learning how to repair organs in place without replacing them: such as recent work on repairing the human retina using stem cells.

    Until that happy day, we will have this perfectly natural response to an actual human need. Whether Jews, Chinese, or Martians, for that matter, supplies the undeniable need, makes no actual difference: all that ever matters is the end result.

  11. An eye for an eye: take out the kidneys and other organs from all those in this ring
    Disgusting satanic evil beings

  12. The accused said the scam began with Israeli donors but switched to Brazilian, Romanian etc which were cheaper. The donors would be “persuaded” to come to SA. The recipients appear to have come from Israel and flew to SA for their kidneys. Organ transplant tourism. Google – “Organ trafficking” South Africa.

  13. The media spin in 2010 went like this…

    “Israeli citizens in need of kidney transplants would be brought to South Africa for transplants at St Augustine’s Hospital. They paid kidney suppliers for these operations,” read the charge sheet, according to the Times.

    Five years ago South African police tried to bring a case against Israeli Ilan Perry, claimed to be the kingpin behind the syndicate.

    That case was never brought forward, but now Perry has turned state witness, the Times said.
    They were implicated with receiving money from wealthy Israeli patients in need of kidneys and “buying” the organs from poor Brazilians and Romanians for about a quarter of the price, pocketing the profits.
    It is thought that the syndicate made upwards of 21 million rands (2,968,827 dollars) exclusively from transplants conducted at St. Augustine’s.
    Although the web of trafficking is widespread – it is believed that the Netcare group alone was involved in several other operations in hospitals across Johannesburg and Cape Town — the state is reluctant to press charges stemming from this incident due to the logistics involved.
    Investigators say it could take up to 18 years to charge and prosecute all those implicated in this case, owing to the extensive and complex nature of medical malpractice litigation.”

  14. “Thou Shalt be Wicked, Selfish and Make Profit from Murder and Gentile Suffering”

    This should be exposed for what it is. How many of these organs came from Jewish donors?

  15. Your article suggests that the same issue was dealt with decisively in South Africa. Not so. The Israeli organ theft and transplant ring WAS uncovered and it was established that the harvesting of organs from children for rich Isaeli’s was being done under the auspices of our finest hospitals and co-ordinated by their Jewish management. All the charges were plea bargained away and the principal offending hospital was fines the equivalent of about $3000. The Jewish doctor at the head did not even lose his job. Other senior Jewish doctors involved in transplanting the organs (always to Jewish recipients) paid nominal fines and are all still practising. Our prosecuting authority has long been dominated by the Jewish community here.

  16. Shimon “Devil Boy” Peres sez…“Today, it is impossible to understand the development of the Negev without the Organ Harvesting University. Be’er Sheva is the capital of the Negev and Tzfat is the Zionazi Organ Harvesting capital of the Galilee.”
    [;article=139138;title=APFN] The Bottomless pit truly is bottomless.

  17. the worst part? the official holocaust story is about 100 times overhyped. there were no lampshades made of tattooed skin, no soap made of jew fat, no shrunken heads, and no gas chambers outside the Ussr. you know what though? jews know this. they would do this stuff anyway, with or,without the holohoax to,serve as their fantasy justification.

  18. In the eyes of Rosenbaum these weren’t human organs, they were Goy (animal) organs, and his profits were just reward for a member of the chosen people.

  19. Nancy Scheper-Hughes: thanks for what you did. I hope the FBI puts you in some kind of hall of fame. I hate to use sayings from military but I have to make exception-“Semper Fi”.

  20. “and the destruction of records”

    speaking of records people ….in general…..all your electronic records that you think are safe and sound …be it “USB”….”Backups”….”External Drives” … what have you ….. be it in a little metal,….lead, whatever box are now at the mercy of the “PTB”….. VIA…electromagnetic pulse emitters……all electronic information and documentation “IS TARGET” if you want to keep it have a paper “Hard Copy” or lose it …………

  21. “with 4,540 people dying the U.S. last year while waiting for a transplant, according to”

    Eating and living properly will negate these Stats. shame shame ……..

    ???? is a jew still a jew …if they accept organs from a nonjew ???

  22. Central-banker planned wars, revolutions, financial collapses, debt-slavery, etc., are depravity magnets for skanks like him. The suffering, confusion, separation of families, friends, and communities, and the destruction of records when terrified or impoverished target populations move to unfamiliar places or become refugees, provide the perfect cover for these psychopaths and a constant supply of this priceless commodity.

    There were many rumors during the Balkan wars about young orphans being found and kept like livestock and stripped of their organs. Of course the Albanian thugs were the official good guys and designated as the poor, persecuted minority, the only ones worthy of sympathy.

    Terrified children earmarked and damned for organ stripping and deaths not seen since the Aztec sacrifices, and with no one to care for them, might be a distraction, so little or nothing got investigated or reported except what headlines promoted the lies of parasites. Impoverished places are in need of vigilance since they have no way of fighting back once they have been selected for this or any kind of abuse.

    Don’t expect this psychopath to give any real names or information, he’s part of a criminal network. He’s not sorry about anything but getting caught. And of course he’ll serve some time to make it look like he will pay for his crimes, but they all have that Kabuki show memorized. After the uproar and routine condemnations his buddies will get him out when no one is paying attention. And don’t bother looking for his assests, he and his disgusting friends probably thought of that a long time ago.

  23. I might be mistaken, but wasn’t a Jew or two convicted of organ trafficing as detailed in the book, “The Jersey Sting?”

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